What is a kiss? The apparent homophobia in the land of Cesena is not as serious as the crass historical ignorance of the mayor DEM who uses the term inappropriately “Middle Ages”


In the face of historical hoaxes such as those uttered by the Mayor of Cesena, the average listener of our century has very few weapons of defense. The rest, as Don Camillo said to Peppone: “If they believed in Carlo Marx, whatever dance you tell him will do!». And we're still here telling each other the lies that LGBT people, the Democrats of the Left and the various compagnucci bloggers they come to tell us, including perfect Catholics who flirt with LGBT circles and who would like to introduce the "rainbow trojan horse" into the Catholic Church

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Ivano Liguori, Ofm. Capp..


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It's the news these days of a parish priest of the Diocese of Cesena-Sarsina who communicated to a young collaborator of his at Grest (Catholic Summer Group) the inappropriateness of continuing his role as educator of the parish summer center since on Instagram would appear in a photo that showed him in the act of kissing a boy.

Definitely the news it will have offended the sensibilities of more beautiful souls belonging to that group of perfect and democratic Christians who cannot remain silent, of those who are more good and merciful than Our Lord Jesus Christ himself and who tirelessly live to seek and affirm the well round Truth, whose iridescent heart could candidly borrow the poetics of Edmond Rostand that he says:

«And what is a kiss? A pink apostrophe between the words I love you, a secret told from his mouth».

A kiss, in conclusion, what is a kiss? Maybe nothing but in this situation the kiss is not the problem. Under the tip oficeberg there is much more than the kiss. And it is precisely this other thing that needs to be investigated and which is not convincing to me, for this I would like to briefly discuss the fact with our readers to try to give a transversal reading of the whole story which in my opinion raises many doubts and questions many consciences.

The first thing that doesn't convince me is that the young animator has not had the slightest hesitation to post on Instagram a photo in which he is portrayed kissing his boyfriend. And that's because? His homosexuality was known or this was just meant to be a provocative gesture? And if his homosexuality had in fact been known - which would have crossed not only the private and family aspect but also the social and therefore parish one -, why the surprise for a normal show of affection? Mind you, everyone is free to use i social as it sees fit, albeit within the limits prescribed by law, as well as expressing one's feelings towards another person. However, one would expect a different style in the use of gods from a Christian social as well as in the affective approach towards another person. And I say this by taking into account the normal contradictions and fragilities that constitute the struggle towards Christian perfection. Let's also admit that the boy didn't want to be a provocateur and thought it right to do so coming out instead of remaining in privacy and living his life in serenity. I wonder and I ask the Readers: this was the most appropriate thing to do, to post a photo on Instagram of a convict kiss which for obvious reasons would have been read or considered problematic? Since it is then a parish animator, of a person who, we hope, he followed a Christian path within an ecclesial community, this choice had no other alternative? I make a guess: Wouldn't it have been better for him to talk about it with his confessor or spiritual director and address the matter privately, in that internal forum that allows Christian conscience to grow and direct towards human and spiritual maturation? Today, many people assume that they are Christians without the help of any guidance, but in doing so, situations of embarrassment and confusion multiply, which are not the exclusive prerogative of homosexuals but of all men, because the root of this mentality does not lie in sexual orientation but in that lust which wounds our decision-making and makes us stubborn and often refractory to the spiritual docility which leads to an encounter with God.

That the young man then showed resentment and gave flat rate at Grest makes me think even more, just as his words in the Whatsapp chat are not clear to me:

"Good morning. I ask you personally to avoid any kind of incriminating or accusatory messages. This matter concerns my private life and must not affect the joy and happiness of the children in participating in the summer camp" (you see WHO).

I see myself as sceptical to believe that the boy was unaware that his choice would not lead to any reaction, both good and bad. I say this because it is not a discriminatory event against the homosexual world and gays but simply an event that affects all men in the world: every choice and position can be shared or not; endorsed or blamed.

After all, we know of cases in which - in front of the will of a boy to enter a seminary or convent - the parents, relatives or friends often delivered the teasing joke: "better dead than a priest or a friar". As far as we know, no one has ever been silent about clericophobia these people, on the contrary, they have often seen themselves strengthened in this teasing behavior, believing that becoming a priest or friar was really the greatest misfortune in this world. Faced with these assumptions, aspirants to a priestly life or one of special consecration have simply gone their own way, not caring about the judgment of others and pursuing their own intent, even when this would have led to a certain difficulty in managing family and friendship relationships.

You have no idea, we priests and friars, the insults that we sometimes hear thrown at us in the streets and public squares, if anything, even by teenage brats, when we cross them with the cassock of the secular clergy or with the habit of one's own religious order? Insults sometimes even very serious and defamatory. But we are not gay activists, because in that case lawsuits would be triggered and the powerful LGBT associations would also form a civil party in the process. Seriously insulting a priest or a friar on the street, on the other hand, seems to constitute a free and democratic expression of thought, the crime is triggered only if you make an ironic joke about the Gay Pride or on a tall transvestite 1.60 per 120 kg of weight that, ugly brother style of Lino Banfi, walks down the street in a platinum blonde wig, fishnet stockings and stiletto heels, perhaps just in spasmodic waiting for someone to shout "freak freak" at him, so that he can go cry of talk show in talk show against homotransphobia with all the LGBT activists screaming.

I consider the majority of homosexuals serene and intellectually free and devoid of any ideologization, do not worry in the least about what the Catholic Church thinks. They simply live the expression of their affectivity and of their being in a peaceful and reserved way, accepting the pros and cons of their own status, at the same time taking care to stay well away from the allegorical and blasphemous floats of the various Pride disseminated in the month of June of every single year.

If, on the other hand, we refer to homosexuals who have a faith and seek the Lord, the situation changes, above all they are called to love the Church and do not smear it with viperish insults, accusing ― even by means of social e blog - dad, the bishops and priests to be homophobic, as the custom of certain perfect Catholics who cannot keep silent. The Catholic homosexual is aware of the fact that it is necessary to carry on a journey of conversion - which begins in baptism and ends at the moment of death and is the same for all the disciples of Jesus who have certainly not been chosen among the best (cf.. Mt 9,36-10,8) ― which is made of prayer and spiritual accompaniment; of victories and falls; of temptation and grace; of torment and ecstasy. And how spiritual battles exist for the management and harmonization of one's genitals for a Catholic homosexual, so this is true for a Catholic heterosexual.

If, however, the paradigm of spiritual direction and accompaniment of homosexual people is embodied in the wretch - that is, devoid of grace - American Jesuit James Martin and not in the Magisterium of the Church and in Christ the Word of the Father, here we fall into the paradox of the Cesena affair whose results of an ideological colonization and lobbying are certainly not veiled, so much so that he can make the claim and the luxury of shouting scandal and becoming the injured party.

When I read about such piqued positions who cry foul in the face of alleged cases of homophobia, most of the time they seem comfortable positions to me. Often the same paladins gods Rights have little interest in homosexual people, if not on the basis of a functional use of them that tends towards the achievement of an objective, which requires a wise policy of symbiosis, so as to achieve victory and annihilate the imaginary enemy, so much to have - to put it with a Romagna proverb - the egg, the hen and the hot ass.

Thus we will find ourselves in ecclesial contexts full of LGBT activists and sympathizers who consider the Church a political majority to be opposed by democratically dismissing the things they don't like and going to occupy positions of power in order to be able to affirm omoeresia [on the subject I refer to the work of Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo: And Satan became triune and to my work and his From Prozan to Prozac]. But the Church, know this dear fellow Readers, it is not a democracy and absolutely does not need to rainbow suffragettes that go crazy on social media and on the videos of YouTube as perfect Catholics who cannot be silent, to which the epigraph written by Paolo Giovio on Pietro l'Aretino can be applied: «He spoke ill of everyone except Christ, apologizing by saying I don't know him".

It is worth remembering that there is a homosexual world, perhaps the most numerous, who manages to use reason and who knows how to recognize, with an uncommon sense of objectivity, the Church a welcome that very few places can boast, Houses of the People included. In fact, ask a gay man if in the seventies or eighties of the twentieth century he could even just set foot in a Casa del Popolo, when a certain left defended the traditional family with lots of party posters on display and stigmatized Pierpaolo Pasolini for his lifestyles resulting from the "typical pederasty of the upper middle class". In fact, this is what L'Unità wrote, official organ of the Italian Communist Party, in the edition of 29 October 1949:

«Let's take a cue from the facts that led to a serious disciplinary measure against the poet Pasolini to denounce once again the deleterious influences of certain ideological and philosophical currents of the various Gide, Sartre and equally praised poets and writers, who want to pose as progressives but who in reality gather the most harmful aspects of bourgeois degeneration».

While about André Gide, well-known French man of letters and homosexual, Palmiro Togliatti signing in 1950 a piece up Rebirth he wrote:

«To hear Gide, faced with the problem of relations between parties and classes, give everything as resolved by identifying the absence of opposition parties, in a classless society, with tyranny and related terrorism, I feel like inviting him to deal with pederasty, where is he a specialist, but leave these things, where he doesn't understand anything at all".

But let's go back to the young animator whom as Fathers we love, who has decided to express his freedom and his vision of affectivity together with the firm decision to pursue and defend it. For this he is worthy of our respect and we can only recognize his courage. But in the same way, the parish priest and the Diocese of Cesena Sarsina have the same freedom and the same right to decide to discipline their animators, trainers and catechists demanding a certain fidelity to the Church and to the magisterium regarding moral and faith questions.

In fact, it is not homosexual orientation who has been discriminated against here but the fact of living and publicly defending a dangerous LGBT activism within a context of the Catholic Church. Yup, because according to the Courier of Romagna (you see WHO) we learn of fractures within the parish following discontent brought forward by some parish activists (?!) to whom the magisterial thought of the Catholic Church on homosexuality is still not sufficiently clear. In that parish there is undoubtedly a basic educational emergency, a situation of confusion that in the future will have to be recovered and informed with a correct catechetical formation and with a charitable vigilance. Well done the parish priest who thought it best to discuss with the Diocese and ask for its support to reach a synthesis on the matter. At least for once there was a Bishop who knew how to exercise paternity by demonstrating that he kept the bar straight, at the same time demonstrating closeness to the young man for a situation that has become unfortunate since it was deliberately staged as a tabloid case. Behind it there is only the umpteenth attempt to affirm the LGBT ideology within the Church with the usual suspects who shot balls and chains on the obscurantist and retrograde priest, resorting to the by now worn commonplace of the Middle Ages: the Arcigay, the honorable Zan and the mayor of the Democrats of the Left of Cesena Enzo Lattucca.

From this whole thing, we reiterate it once again: the young man was not deprived of the possibility of organizing the Grest and of participating generously for the good of the little participants, he was only pointed out the inappropriateness of continuing as an animator and educator in the context of a summer oratory that is not sponsored by the Democratic Party, by Arcigay or the LGBT lobby, but by the Catholic Church which has the sacrosanct duty and right to consider what is right or wrong for anyone preparing to carry out an educational function which coincides with the proclamation of a creed of faith.

To conclude, i like to state that the apparent episode of homophobia in Cesena is nothing compared to the crass historical ignorance of its Primo Cittadino who uses a hackneyed argument borrowed from Black legend with the pretension of hurting the Catholic Church. You don't necessarily have to have the curriculum of studies by Franco Cardini or Alessandro Barbero to understand that what the Mayor of Cesena declared about the Middle Ages is clearly and profoundly false and intellectually unjust. In the Middle Ages to which the politician refers, the uncultured and illiterate people knew Dante Alighieri's rhymes by heart. A young merchant from the city of Assisi, he too came from the people and then rose to the rich merchant bourgeoisie, he composed the first poetic text in the Italian vernacular. The same people of the Middle Ages had mnemonic and speculative and reasoning skills that are completely unknown to the desolating masses of young and very young activists who follow the idiocies of Fedez, of Ferragni and the various influence, youtuber e TikToker and that the only verse committed to memory is Love is love. The people of the Middle Ages went willingly to listen for hours to preachers of the caliber of Anthony of Padua, Bernardino of Siena, Giovanni da Capestrano and Giacomo della Marca. That simple people but willing to admire and visually study Giotto's frescoes inside the ancient basilicas and which constituted the The Bible of the poor which not only educated to the faith but to social life, which exalted virtues and stigmatized error and vice. If there was today a minimal historical high school culture, it should be hoped that our populations affected by functional illiteracy and digital illiteracy can return to the Middle Ages as soon as possible, a long season that marked a great development of culture, of the arts and sciences, in addition to the recovery and conservation of all the classical philosophy and literature that has come down to us thanks to the men of the Middle Ages.

In front of historical hoaxes like those uttered by the Mayor of Cesena, the average listener of our century has very few weapons of defense. The rest, as Don Camillo said to Peppone:

“If they believed in Carlo Marx, whatever dance you tell him will do!».

And we're still here telling each other the lies that LGBT people, the Democrats of the Left and the various compagnucci bloggers they come to tell us, including perfect Catholics who flirt with LGBT circles and who would like to introduce the "rainbow trojan horse" into the Catholic Church (See. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, WHO).

Laconi, 23 June 2023


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  1. brunoortenzi
    brunoortenzi says:

    Dear Father Ivano,
    you defined the Jesuit James Martin "wretched - that is, devoid of grace" and in contrast with the Magisterium of the Church.
    However, one cannot fail to notice that, repeatedly, Pope Francis addressed words of praise and appreciation for the work of his American confrere, towards the LGBT world.
    Already the 21 June 2021, (J). Martin had received a letter in which the pontiff had written to him:
    “I want to thank you for your pastoral zeal and your ability to be close to the people, with that closeness that Jesus had , and which reflects the closeness of God” (https://www.americamagazine.org/faith/2021/06/27/james-martin-lgbt-ministry-pope-francis-240938).
    And last 14 June a new letter from Pope Francis was released, in which he addresses the following words to J. Martin:
    “Thank you for all the good you are doing. Thank you!”
    Now I ask her, kindly, Father Ivano, how can a Catholic priest be defined as "deprived of grace" and in contrast with the Magisterium of the Church, when the highest authority of the Church itself, Peter's successor, thanks this presbyter and praises him for the way he carries out his ministry?

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