The Rainbow Trojan Horse of Perfect Catholics, Sora Maria closed for homophobia due to the grattachecca and the foeniculum at the fruit and vegetable market instead of the outlawed fennel

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Many among us belong to the so-called generation young paulist, many of us later became priests struck by that call launched by the Holy Pontiff John Paul II at a time when we were just teenagers: "… do not be afraid, open: open wide the doors to Christ and his saving power!». And to open up to Christ and make him reign in his Church, if necessary, it is necessary to forcefully bar the doors to the gay rainbow Trojan horses that claim the "sacrosanct right" to sin.



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Faced with the bankruptcy of the Ddl Zan Father Ivano Liguori and I published an essay in November of 2021 titled From Prozan to Prozac. A book that has not lost its relevance, if anything, he bought it, like our other works where the authors have looked to the future without letting themselves be trapped by the social emotions of the present and analyzing certain bankruptcy tendencies in the making.

This book was dedicated to the memory of the great theater actor Paolo Poli, of which we reported on the back cover a very strong mouthful expression. Phrase that constitutes the paradigm of those subjects who feel like perfect rainbow Catholics and who as such cannot remain silent, to the point of claiming the right to have the hen, the egg and the hot ass, how does this go wise saying of Emilia-Romagna popular wisdom (An s’pol brisa aver galina, ov is a hot ass).


Concerning certain perfect Catholics rainbows that cannot be silent Paolo Poli commented:

«I see a lot of homologation, a flattening of one's individuality;, even in appearing: all dressed alike in a pseudo-masculine stereotype, logically straight […] Gays may have the chance; to express their own uniqueness; and diversity; in the strongest sense; true of the term. But no, they want to play husband and wife and have the Pope's permission to fuck each other! Come on! Never mind" (Paolo Poli, interview of 17 December 2003)

That is the question, depicted twenty years ago in a plastic way by this artist who he was horrified from the Gay Pride parades and that he made habitual use of terms such as «fags … fags … fags … fagots … queers …», therefore a very dangerous homophobe disguised as one of the greatest and most famous homosexual artists of the twentieth century.

Today we viewers of various dangerous imbalances linked to the violent denial of a Christological concept which is the foundation of our Christianity: the task of the Church is not to flirt with the trends of the world, but to fight them. It is therefore creepy and dangerous that around the Dioceses of Italy they are multiplying meetings and prayer vigils against so-called homophobia under the banner of political correctness. On the posters announcing these initiatives there is an ostentation of acronyms that make various references to "LGBT Catholics" or groups of "Catholic homosexuals" [see WHO, WHO, WHO, etc …].


Let's clarify: it is not a matter of being neither rigorous nor intransigent, because if a Catholic is such or wishes to be, cannot claim the right to practice homosexuality and to form LGBT associations of Catholics, because committing sins is part of full human freedom. However, it should be clarified that the sin committed - although permitted by God by virtue of the freedom and free will given to man - is not a right. And among the various serious sins, sodomy still remains a sin that cries out to heaven [See. Catechism NN. 2357-2359]. Then, that there is no sin greater than the grace and mercy of God, this is a foundation of our faith. At issue, however, are neither grace nor forgiveness, but that certain unspecified "LGBT Catholics" or "homosexual Catholics" are now claiming, in established and organized groups, the right to exercise a sexuality that is in total contrast to all the principles of Catholic morality. But it gets worse: these groups, far from seeking God's grace and forgiveness, they are infiltrating our ecclesial structures, diocesan and parish churches to claim on the one hand the "right" to sin, on the other to explain that in concrete facts they are not the ones who are wrong, but the Church. And this is unacceptable, because the Church of Christ, mother and teacher, in matters of doctrine and faith he is not wrong, because it enjoys a special assistance of the Holy Spirit sent by Christ God at Pentecost, who rules and governs it.

We are faced with a gay rainbow trojan horse let many of our bishops enter the Holy City in a villainous way, with all the devastating consequences that will soon ensue. The bishops who, in order not to have problems of unpopularity, are supporting or tolerating this invasion, they are enveloped in grave confusion about our precise foundation: the Church rejects sin but always welcomes the sinner, especially the worst sinners. If she didn't, she would betray in the worst way the mission that Christ God has entrusted to her. Precisely in this, however, lies the confusion and bewilderment, I've been saying and explaining it for years, but I never tire of repeating it: today we run the risk of no longer welcoming the sinner - which I repeat must always be welcomed ―, but institutionalized sin, up to fearful genuflect under the banner of political correctness before the various LGBT groups who claim a strange idea of ​​catholicity, up to demanding that the Church declare that evil is not evil but good. Even worse: accusing of homophobia those who indicate evil and sin as such, organizing for this purpose even prayer meetings to ask God for the conversion of the poor homophobes who indicate sodomy as a vile sin, refusing how "wonderful" it is for two males to mate, declaring they do it out of pure love and feeling precisely for this reason with their eccentric "Catholic" conscience in perfect order.

I already raised this question years ago: when a couple of lesbians who have manufactured a child with artificial insemination, or when a gay couple who bought it from a rented uterus show up to ask for Holy Baptism for their baby, our prudent and farsighted bishops, how they intend to act and react? You want me to describe certain scenes beforehand? Soon done: on similar ominous occasions we will meet in the churches all the elite of the LGBT lobbies, to whom nothing will affect the baptism, because their purpose will be only to demonstrate, through the public profanation of a Sacrament, who bent the Church of Christ to their perverted whims. Or we want to deny how perverse and inhuman it is in itself that certain couples "manufacture" children? And in front of a lesbian couple, or a couple of proud and proud sodomite men, which priest will have the courage to welcome these subjects as parents and then make them pronounce the baptismal promises? How can you ask them to answer: «You renounce Satan ... and all his works ... and all his seductions?». Some really think they are asking Satan to give up on himself? Why are two homosexuals who "married" and then "bought" a child from a rented uterus and who, declaring themselves "parents", lead him to be baptized for the sole purpose of bending the Church to their diabolical whims, I am Satan himself mocking a Sacrament of grace, to which one would go to ask in concrete facts: Satan, promise to give up on yourself?

In cases of this kind, perhaps the Catholic "by chance" or the Catholic "so to speak" ready to thunder that the creature, regardless of who submits it, she is not guilty and must in any case be baptized to be freed from original sin? I fear that the Catholic "by chance" or the Catholic "so to speak" will miss this theological fact: the ordinary means of salvation exist, that is, the Sacraments given to us by God and administered through the ministry of the Church, to follow the extraordinary means of salvation, which are those exercised by God, beyond the sacraments and regardless of the sacraments themselves, which God has no need to save souls, which he can redeem when and how he wants, without having to ask permission from Catholic doctrine or morals, much less to perfect Catholics, because He can derogate by choosing other ways, please ask for.

So it will be good to deny decisively and categorically the Sacrament of Baptism to the children of these couples whom the Church cannot accept as parents, as models and as educators to the Christian life, as perverse and perverted. If then the creature, reached the age of reason, she will freely ask for Baptism herself, in that case we will have a great celebration by having it administered directly by the bishop during the Holy Easter Vigil. But the Church cannot bend to the whims of the devil, never and in any case.

Always in our house then we have another category of perfect Catholics: those who support homosexuality sadly widespread even among priests, many of whom have brought this plague within our clergy, constituting the one that in my book of 12 Years ago, And Satan became triune, I indicated with profound analysis and ahead of its time as an ecclesiastical gay lobby. A lobby now very powerful, influential and quite harmful.

Seriously wrong, some might think that the many gay priests who pollute the clergy are protected by the so-called progressive fringes, but it is not so. Supporting them are mostly those perfect Catholics intoxicated by baroque lace and masquerading as conservatives with an excited gaze towards traditionalists, ready to make fun of a bishop who wears a miter that is not of their aesthetic taste, to then yell a little later at the homophobe towards anyone who dares to speak of the scourge of homosexual priests, that within the Church they should not have citizenship, because a practicing homosexual priest constitutes the worst profanation of the Catholic priesthood. Above all, when certain gay ecclesiastic queers reach government roles, can do enormous damage, produce terrible injustices and hit worthy and holy priests unwilling to bow to the whims and moods of certain gay clerical despots in power.

These perfect new Catholics have now given themselves to the public hunt for the homophobe, they see homophobes everywhere. With sometimes even ridiculous and grotesque results. Here are two different examples: days ago, in Rome, I passed through Via Trionfale and to my amazement I discovered that the hut of the legendary Sora Maria who produced and offered the Romans the scratchy from far away 1933, is closed. It seems that poor Sora Maria is currently on trial for having offended the LGBT community with her scratchy, complete with a cheerful and fierce radical association for the defense of unspecified rights that even filed a civil party in the trial. But it gets worse. Wandering among the stalls of the fruit and vegetable market in Campo dei Fiori, I noticed that Sor Ernesto had written the name and price of a vegetable on a crate: «Phoenix 4 euros per kilo». I approach him and tell him: «’a Sor Ernè, what are you doing pija perculo? You didn't even take middle school and now you even became a Latinist?». Sor Ernesto was scared to death, he invited me to speak in a low voice, then, pulling me aside, he whispered that some time ago a complaint was filed with the Public Prosecutor's Office in Rome by an LGBT association because the word "fennel" was a homophobic term and should no longer be used in the fruit and vegetable market. Even in this case, the same gay and fierce radical association for the defense of unspecified rights had also filed as a civil party in that trial.

Many among us belong to the so-called generation young paulist, many of us later became priests struck by that call launched by the Holy Pontiff John Paul II at a time when we were just teenagers: "… do not be afraid, open: open wide the doors to Christ and his saving power!». And to open up to Christ and make him reign in his Church, if necessary, it is necessary to forcefully bar the doors to the gay rainbow Trojan horses that claim the "sacrosanct right" to sin.

We intend to remain indomitable Romans, free to be able to say itchy and fennel without fear, pace of perfect Catholics who massacre a bishop for a miter that is not to their taste, but which a few lines later bless the abomination of desolation: widespread homosexuality among the clergy, which in the Church can never and in any way be tolerated. Because the Church has always welcomed the sinner, especially the worst sinners, but it cannot and never will be able to bless sin, especially if the gay viperellas disguised as perfect Catholics who shoot at everything and everyone ask for it. While we, as experienced men that we are, as well as by true and real connoisseurs of that Roman curia that so excites the insane libido of certain aesthetic gays who really don't know it and for this reason they don't know how to analyze it at all, we stand on deck in brooding anticipation, knowing how many there were in number, especially the smarter ones, powerful and bad, that we have seen pass underneath dragged away by the water of the river. Imagine if we won't see even a silly little viperella pass by shortly.


the Island of Patmos, 20 May 2023


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    These things should also be explained to the illustrious president Sergio Mattarella, who just remembered that “Homophobia is a social plague”.

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