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Catholics and erotophobia: "The virginity of heretics is more impure than adultery"



Some Catholics cupi very similar to the Sadducees and the Pharisees, are grown with an idea of Christ not died but rose again, with an idea of ​​sexuality whole Manichaean; I am fixed on arid legalism and concepts imbued with Pelagianism, and similarly to Luther they have serious problems on the Pauline concept of predestination, then on the theology of justification that often threaten to reduce to an idea the whole Calvinist, albeit in the form of Catholic moral rigor.


Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

Shortly after the exit interview to John Cavalcoli made by the Vatican correspondent of The Print Andrea Tornielli [cf. WHO] It has unleashed a welter of controversy following heavy accusations against the Dominican theologian; accusations to which I do not answer specifically, why he did it in a masterly way the direct question, that does not need my "office defenses" [cf. WHO].

I do, however bitter confirmation and reaffirm a concept emerged in recent months: on the pretext of the Synod on the family armada of Pharisees followed to change the Sixth Commandment in sin of sins, as if it were residing the whole mystery of evil. And just to support their outlandish theories, They are ready "politically" to all, even to raise the African bishops as a banner in defense of orthodoxy family [cf. WHO, WHO, etc.]. What really makes this pathetic certain “politicians” who bring out what they care only pretending not to know that several of these champions of defense non-negotiable values, the family and the sacred marriage; these defenders of the true doctrine that thundered against adultery and concubinage, Fathers are often results of several children around the world, which the Holy See has always knows; and specifically know those of Congregation of reliable advertising, whose main problem, when it comes to electing a new bishop in any diocese of the Black Continent, It is able to select a candidate who has not concubines and children scattered around, venture far from easy.

Or to clarify a concrete example: in Rome, the end of 2009 spent two days together with a great Archbishop of the diocese of Africa who asked me for help to the reading of the Latin missal of Blessed Pope Paul VI. A few days later he would be gone in a private audience by Pope Benedict XVI, he concelebrated with him and that it then had talks over breakfast. The archbishop had learned that the Pope used in his private chapel, this Missal and wanted to refresh his reading of the Latin. Before you go, to me and to another priest, he said: "I want to tell you why I asked for an audience with the Holy Father. Celebrities, mine is a very extensive diocese but poor, in which we have a big problem: we totally lack the necessary means to support all the children who were brought into the world by our priests around the villages. And we, towards these creatures, we as a Church have moral obligations and we can not leave them abandoned on the streets. Why I go to the Holy Father: to ask him for financial assistance '. He concluded by saying: "And I hope that the Holy Father, as those of the Congregation of reliable advertising I did not listen to me, accept my request and remove my auxiliary bishop, which he has three concubines and do not even know how many children were born around ».

A boost perversion the intended sex as sin of sins, which is in itself something far more sinful adultery or cohabitation of divorced and remarried, are lay people without Christian humanity supported by some theologian specializing in pulling the stone, withdraw the hand and instigating people quite ignorant of theology - and therefore easily manipulated - to "arm themselves and go". Is this, in my language, It is called cowardice, sometimes typical of priests who have spent their lives to speculate on the clouds of the greatest subjective intellect systems, up to sink into authentic mother of all heresies: replace ' "I"Of his own thought thought of" God ", which is no longer, through the Incarnation of the Word Mystery, the beginning, the Centre and the ultimate goal of our entire humanism, but the pretext on which to build their own homocentrism intellectual. And it was John Cavalcoli to give us the columns of this online magazine dedicated to an extraordinary item Apology of pride [CF. WHO], that sin by myself several times as a diabolical queen and charioteer of the Seven Deadly Sins; a sin - pride - that the list occupies no coincidence that the first and that as such it is to be feared more than lust, that it is not neither the queen nor the charioteer of the Seven Deadly Sins, for this is placed fourth in the history of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Some Catholics cupi very similar to the Sadducees and the Pharisees, basically They grew up with an idea of ​​the dead Christ, but not resurrected, with an idea of ​​sexuality whole Manichaean; I am fixed on arid legalism and concepts imbued with Pelagianism, and similarly to Luther they have serious problems on the Pauline concept of predestination, then on the theology of justification that often threaten to reduce to an idea the whole Calvinist, albeit in the form of Catholic moral rigor.

If before articulated pastoral themes with complex theological and doctrinal implications certain characters should be quiet, for no other reason that modesty stemming from an objective lack of deep knowledge; some reference theologian who behind the scenes had to charge them modesty and do not open their mouth, unless it is unable to prove that he really made the priest for life. And to a priest she does not mean to have split between academic classrooms, conference rooms and libraries, pastorally speaking because a priest does not mean having celebrated a Mass daily, but having spent much time in the confessional, He has taken upon themselves the pain and the discomfort of individuals and entire families, He has attended the oncology departments of hospitals, be entered and exited from prisons where young people in their early twenties, for a "stunt" or worse for "madness", They have taken a sentence of twenty years for murder; and so on.

I who live on the other hand the pastoral dimension, while devoting myself to insights and theological speculation, I do not accept the pastoral lessons accountancy by certain characters that are, I repeat, the eminently political figures; as I do not accept certain theaters staged by purely academic priests who unlike me do not go to look for a young face ill with cancer in terminal phase, to administer the anointing of the sick, to celebrate Mass in his home because he can not get out of the four walls within which is awaiting the death overnight, and to which you can not offer as consolation some good lesson epistemology as an alternative to painkillers made from morphine sulphate. Not to mention the fact that this poor young sick has the "terrible guilt" of being married to a divorced. But, given the irreversible disease severity, not being able to have sexual relations peccaminosissimi, she and her husband divorced, remarried, They can be considered more or less in place a moral level? What only it counts so essential and "absolutely" unavoidable in some legalists is that there is no middle the sin of sins: sex. Though, at the level of morale epistemica it was not yet clear if the sin is represented by the member that penetrates the vagina or if you just wish to consider the orgasm, because in this second case, we could establish that the genital penetration is granted, provided, however, that there is no ejaculation, but especially that there is no part of both no pleasure, because certain moralists rendered immoral by their inherent inhumanity, You can expect this and much more, as they are able to create on one side of the impossible dream manuals Sexual Ethics, the other to deny the mystery of man's creation, because basically they are always, still the same incorrigible:

Woe to you too, lawyers!, you load men with unbearable burdens, and those weights you do not touch with a finger! [cf. LC. 11,46]

And in recent weeks of the liturgical year we read in the Gospel of St. Luke feria, where shows diatribes and criticism of Jesus with the Pharisees; well if we read those lines seem to find ourselves in front of the inhumanity of certain characters fragrant legalisms, before the motivations of which comes back to mind the wise motto of a great Father of the Church, St. Gregory of Nyssa, who said that "Virginity of heretics is more impure adultery ', and is an impurity that through the street and spit-Pelagian eventually leads to atheism clerical, to the atheism of religious beast, atheism understood as a denial of the mystery of God Incarnate Word destroyed in the worst way: through its reduction to a purely speculative phenomenon and legalistic.

With a zeal that rivals the Highway Code of the Federal Republic of Germany, those who think in those terms stated that the divorced and remarried should live as brother and sister, in perfect chastity; because of course - it goes without saying - the whole mystery of evil resides, as far explained, in sexuality. Who indulges in such statements and decided to read first so tragically lost sight of the fact that chastity is not a stoic sustainable waiver using only the power of the human will - and what I really think it can be said for direct concrete experience -, but a gift of grace. And who has studied in depth the Of nature and grace of Sant’Agostino, which it is a big debate against that Pelagius in his own way that we could consider the father of a precursor voluntarist, He knows what we're talking about. Therefore, a married couple that was closed to the action of grace but applied with care and zeal all the moral rules, by natural methods until the perfect continence, It could result in all and for all worse than a cohabiting couple, while he is living in sin, first of all aware of his sin, But they moved by a sense of openness towards themselves and towards others. It's right in front of these people which the Lord Jesus warns:

Truly, I say: the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God. Is John came to you in the way of righteousness, and you did not believe; the tax collectors and the prostitutes believed him instead. Butter, on the contrary, though she had seen these things, you do not even repent and believe him [cf. Mt. 21, 31-32].

If we instead focus everything on genitality as many are doing in this debate and also in ways flush with the obsession, It is likely to slip into unclean virginity of heretics. Or as he wrote Blaise Pascal in his thoughts about some nuns: "Caste as angels, superb come demoni ".

And I, as a man and as a priest, I should perhaps take lessons from that certain gentleman who thunders against the divorced and remarried and ranting against adultery: Holy Communion for divorced and remarried no, never, no, otherwise it will eventually be schism? All with following the theologian of confidence before some objective evidence of immorality, however, suspended by magic all kinds of judgment and also beating his feet on the ground he says that "these are other issues" and that "our task is to speak of theology and not socio-political issues "? I will do therefore, understanding: if one dares to touch the highly immoral life of certain moneyed and powerful munificent, those matters are "socio-political" that "does not concern the theologians', the duty of which, and especially on the level of moral rectitude, It is perhaps to take a thrashing instead only the weak who can not lavish on our rivers of money works and foundations?

Like it or not like it, It remains a fact that certain institutions of hard-core moralists have kept up with the money donated by the American extreme right made up of people who - the most moral absolute - are married at least a couple of times and made merry with girls below twenty years younger of them. Or do we really want to relegate in questions without theological and pastoral interest, but above all the moral interest, the fact that these characters, between one and the other revelry, then bear with the halberd chivalrous in his hand and with the tear to the eye to the Mass in the ancient rite, for thunder between a we pray and the other against adultery, concubinage and the Communion for divorced and remarried, as if everything were luxuries that can not be granted to ordinary mortals from low-income, but only to the great profligate with accounts to nine zeros, before which one side takes, the other did not even see those sins which really cry out for vengeance before God, far as to assert that "certain issues do not concern the theologians' and feeling spite of the consciousness epistemic ed aletica shipshape?

Giovanni Cavalcoli, than as a man, priest, confessor and theologian has the purity of an angel, before the sins related to the Sixth Commandment is always sinners with great humanity, never throw at them the burning arrows of moral judgments merciless. I that I come instead from another experience, and that in a previous life to the priesthood I walked the affective and sexual dimension in the length and breadth, before the confession of sins, much lighter than that at the time I was committing, always reflect with joy on grace, finding myself today ineffable mystery to fulfill through the ministry of sinners Church, on which deep as devout instrumentum Gods Christological tenderness and mercy.

Come to the grace by different routes: the Father Giovanni by the angelic purity, I through the in-depth knowledge of certain sins, we both live the perennial charm of God's grace. This is the reason for which each day, in US, do not renew certain concept the supreme law of the highest injury [the supreme law is supreme injustice] but the charm of the Paschal Mystery: «or felix blame, , which gained for us so great a Redeemer» [O happy fault that we did deserve for us so great a Redeemer]. It is in this that lies the substantial and formal difference which exists between the small Pharisees made ruthless in the heart for their closure homocentric to grace, the shepherds in the care of souls and men of God made pure in heart to the extent that they have received and made fruitful in himself the gifts of grace that has thrown them into a being and becoming all focused in a Christ-centered dimension, within which harbored feelings like love, pity and mercy.



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  1. Corrado Massa
    Corrado Massa says:

    @ Vittodon.89 – I bet the “movement” you do not want to mention is the Neocatechumenal Way. The use of monthly tithes (compulsory, as I understand it) It is typical of the Way. The tithe is a tenth of the monthly earnings. From what I know, there is no public accountability and no one knows how they used this money.

  2. Atanasio says:

    Thank you for the answer because it clarified to me about the fact that the discipline of the sacraments may vary subject to the substance of the same, something I have very clear before. I remain, however, doubts about the admission to the sacraments of the divorced and remarried, because it is not clear how pastoral choices of this kind can only undermine ecclesiastical and liturgical laws and not the doctrine of the sacraments. Indeed, admit to the Eucharist those who are not in a state of grace does not affect the doctrine of the sacrament of the Eucharist? (“Therefore everyone who unworthily, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord, It will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.” 1 Corinthians. or S. Pius X Catechism says “who communicates knowing of being in mortal sin, He receives Jesus Christ, but not his grace, rather, committing a horrible sacrilege, it is worthy of damnation”). If we speak of the sacrament of reconciliation, It is not affected by granting the doctrine valid absolution to those who are not sincerely repented and is not intended to put an end to their sin? It seems to me that these changes are not only disciplinary but also doctrinal.
    Then the catechism of the Catholic Church to the number 1448 he claims, about the sacrament of reconciliation that "Beneath the changes in discipline and celebration that this sacrament has undergone over the centuries, discerned the same basic structure. It comprises two equally essential elements: one part, the acts of man who undergoes conversion through the action of the Holy Spirit: namely, contrition, the confession and satisfaction; on the other side, God's action through the intervention of the Church. "stating later that" Among the penitent's acts, contrition occupies first place. It is "sorrow of the soul and detestation for the sin committed, together with the resolution not to sin again ". Then he states on the Eucharist: "Anyone who is aware of having committed a mortal sin must not receive Holy Communion, even if it experiences deep contrition, without having first received sacramental absolution,unless you have a serious reason to communicate and it is impracticable access to a confessor. "

  3. Atanasio says:

    I am assuming that I have never written on other sites and that this is the first on which I leave a comment, and also the premise that I would never dare to judge no pope as a heretic because he Vicar of Christ and I layman, I would like an answer from her about my question: It was a Pharisee penalty taker S. John Paul II when he explained to the divorced and remarried, and the way of separation, if there were serious impediments to it, to live in continence like brothers and sisters?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Athanasius.

      First of all I'm sorry, but both the name, it is his style, It was very similar to that of another Athanasius, so take note, by his words, the similarity and pure homonyms.
      Excuse me for still believing that you were the same person.

      E’ a question, this his, to which it is legitimate to respond with a series of responses dictated by simple common sense, on which she and anyone can reflect and draw the logical conclusions and Christian:

      when the church settled, without affecting the substance of the Sacrament, that the absolution of sins could be a repeatable sacrament, although for several centuries it was possible to receive a once in a lifetime and never again, committed a errore, compared to the discipline for centuries adopted and respected by the Church and its popes?

      You see, dogmatic sacramental, in my opinion – but not only in my opinion – is the most sensitive area of ​​the entire dogmatic.

      What many of those who cry out to’ “heresy” e “the betrayal of the faith“, certain eminent theologians included, ignore and lead us to ignore, It is that the discipline of the sacraments has been time and again changed over the centuries.

      The Church is seriously considering whether it is possible to modify a disciplinary practice without in any way affect the substance of the Sacrament, place that the Church has no power over the substance of the Sacraments, but instead he has it on their discipline, that without prejudice to the substance is changing, azitutto and especially for pastoral reasons, but always subject and never affected the substance.

      Also take into account that Pius XII before, Then the Blessed Paul VI with Human life, have denied e contradicted, to use the phrase books of certain penalty takers, the previous positions of the Church; indeed, before some of their acts of the Magisterium, the sexual union between husband and wife that it was not aimed at procreation, It was not covered by Catholic morality, whereas, these two Pontenfici, recognize the legitimacy of sexual union between husband and wife is not aimed at procreation, in harmony with nature and its rhythms, no use of artificial methods to prevent any pregnancies and without that union of love between spouses was dictated by the refusal of the opening to life. Not surprisingly it also speaks of “natural methods” through which it is permissible to join without having to procreate.

      Pius XII and Paul VI, have “betrayed” and I'm “failed” to the previous one “intangible” e “immitabile” magisterium?

      The point is that the Venerable Pius XII and Blessed Pope Paul VI, They were not even touched by the legalistic cloaked rigor of smoky theologies that instead wrap some theologians of … right.

  4. Atanasio says:

    I quote Article:”With a zeal that rivals the Highway Code of the Federal Republic of Germany, those who think in those terms stated that the divorced and remarried should live as brother and sister, in perfect chastity; because of course - it goes without saying - the whole mystery of evil resides, as far explained, in sexuality. Who indulges in such statements and decided to read first so tragically lost sight of the fact that chastity is not a stoic sustainable waiver using only the power of the human will, but a gift of grace.” then S. John Paul II was an inhuman penalty taker when he stated in Familiaris Consortio: “Reconciliation in the sacrament of penance – which would pave the way to the Eucharist – It may be granted only to those who are sincerely ready to undertake a way of life no longer in contradiction with the indissolubility of marriage. This involves, concretely, that when a man and a woman, for serious reasons can not meet the requirement of separation, "Undertake to live in complete continence, by abstinence from the acts proper to spouses "” ?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Athanasius.

      She is a professional hypocrite, thing I'll explain why: she, for case, It is not one of those “traditionalists” hard-core than in many other blogs delights to impute to San Giovanni Paolo II of “crimes” and of “blasphemy against the Spirit”, such as ecumenical meetings of Assisi and “destruction of the liturgy” against Untouchable “Mass of All Time”?
      Because in that case, believe me: she has very serious problems, if on our columns instead using it as a club to which a Holy Pontiff, elsewhere, He is delighted to give of’ “heretic”, not to mention what she wrote on the site Maria Guarini on Vatican II.

      And now, please, tell me that it is just a case of coincidence and to write those things, with his own style, is another Athanasius, if anything Athanasius.

  5. father ariel
    vittodon.89 says:

    Dear brother, first of all congratulations! Apart from the clarity of the article and the unexceptionable motives, as pastor with experience 4 various parishes made 18 years of priesthood, I can say that the most uncompromising loyal, hard and obtuse, They are often the ones who have hidden irregular situations far worse than those who publicly denounce, not to mention the “parochial helpers”, variously movements executives, or catechists, sons and daughters who have divorced and remarried or cohabiting. Chiesi and octenes 10 years ago by the bishop to be removed from a parish where the leaders of a movement, I'm not to appoint, They had for much of divided families, enlarged … extended, etc… etc … But, as you wrote, teaching catechism had, above all with teens, forms of rigor that did not correspond, then, to pedagogy and pastoral with qualeio I approached the confessions with them. The bishop gave me reason, but it is telling, however, that it was easier for him to accept my resignation, rather than get in friction with certain lay. Only later I learned that, these “lay masters”, They wore every year tens of thousands of euro to the bishop as “tithe”, according to theirs “rules”.
    In a different way, but according to the same financial reasons that you clear in your article.
    And God help us and Our Lady protect us.

    Don Vittorio

    • Corrado Massa
      Corrado Massa says:

      @ Vittodon.89 – I bet the “movement” you do not want to mention is the Neocatechumenal Way. The use of monthly tithes (compulsory, as I understand it) It is typical of the Way. The tithe is a tenth of the monthly earnings. There is no public accountability and no one knows how they used this money.

  6. father ariel
    Kattolico says:

    I hope that the bishop who ordered you are always biting your hands, provided that the order is valid, as the majority of those made from the 60s then.
    She is the epitome of modernism, a concentrate of all the most dangerous heresies.
    She is an immoral that boasts of its immorality and leading the gullible poor who listen on the road to perdition, Bergoglio with the antichrist and his partner in the Dominican business.
    And I say no more …
    Censor what he wants, but this will not save it from hell.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Thank God that says nothing! We just needed to say that the police have caught me one night during a raid, while on high heels and a red wig on his head I was walking on the street with the stage name of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
      What grotesque and improbable, This shows a mo 'paradox, to which anyone who knows me can believe in the same extent that it would be willing to believe what she has just said.

      • father ariel
        Don Francesco Messina says:

        but you're really a great!
        Seriously, and for this I have real admiration towards you.
        Can you as a few to dismiss the seriousness, with irony, what it is not seriously, particularly those who take always very seriously.
        Mainline, truly, your articles and the last of the great Cavalcoli.

        • father ariel
          Don Andrea says:

          you always struck me one thing: the way in which you can pass from the theological depth, by equally profound mystical and prophetic utterances, to forms of unbridled humor, and just when you dive in its ironies often grotesque, remove anything, May, your seriousness bottom. Maybe this is it, the difference between the “Seri” e i “serious”, and I have to recognize it: this difference, you have shown me you concretely, that you are able to do irony, first of all, on yourself, or to use yourself to make the worst ironies.
          Happy birthday to the Isle of Patmos and patmosiani fathers.

  7. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    The interview, Then the Father John Cavalcoli response, They are a tribute to the wisdom, in charity and true mercy.
    The article by Father Ariel is also wise, and worthy of the prose of a prophet of’ A.T. that, like Jeremiah, thunders against those who dared to replace those of God the precepts of men.
    To arouse in me bitterness, are so many silly comments, by many, too many people who treat (or they think they can treat?) the lives and human lives, “with criteria by the Highway Code of the Federal Republic of Germany”, writes Father Ariel.
    And the arid spirit, decisive and merciless of these people, which say they are directly or indirectly Catholics of one piece, it scares me, especially as a priest.
    Use so inhumanly, so dryly, the Eucharist and marriage for pure ideology clashes, it is scary, I dare say devilishly scary.
    Go on like dear Fathers, Many are the priests who pray for you and with you identify.

    • father ariel
      Don Stefano says:

      You are not alone, dear fathers and dear brother priests, you are not alone, and you are esteemed by so many priests. Just to say … in my diocese longer speak of seggezza of your articles that of “carina” pastoral letter written by our bishop, “carina” …

      • father ariel
        P. Luciano says:

        Dear fathers and brothers, I unite myself to “presbiteral choir”. this Island, for us priests, It is truly an island on which to meditate seriously and thoroughly.
        You know what irritates me, since the beginning of this Synod on the Family? The fact that it immediately started talking, by certain press, and certain Catholic (and give it up!) filolefevriani to the core, of crazy chess, of coups, the upheavals of the doctrine, of theorems …
        I quote from memory because I do not remember the article in which Father Ariel explains in a masterful way that, of always, in the church, specifically nei Council, but also in the synods, must, necessarily, talk about everything, serenely and freely, evaluate all assumptions, also, to the limit, the most absurd.
        there, I wonder, because at some point, this course, He began to frighten, and to scare an area of ​​very specific and circumscribed Catholics?
        Sincere prayer for you.

        father Luciano, PART

  8. MatteoVeca says:

    Here it is not to identify the sin of sins, It is responding to the duty to lead souls to flee from sin rather than to favor him, justify, facilitate it, excuse him.
    A desire to be better people of Christ is not a good figure, increasingly if you are priests and / or religious.
    Not repeat the hardness of the Gospel passages about the sin of adultery, I'll just point out that even if you can not be sure that someone is in mortal sin, you can certainly recognize what are the near occasions of sin, and which are not.
    The church, and of course about the pastoral aspect, her pastors, They have a duty to expel and keep away the souls entrusted to them, right from the occasions of sin, not being able to objectively know what only God can know about the heart of everyone.
    This is also the exclusion from the sacraments is derived and to be derived in terms of pastoral and teaching, right from the unacceptability of a voluntary choice which encourages and struts to sin rather than exclude it, or fight it.
    This I think is the meaning of the first comment of ALb3 player.
    Now “baptize” from even fool me Rev…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      I do not 'baptize a fool anybody ", I just want to get out from’ … “obsessive” sin of sins to lift another moral issue, before which it awaits its clear and precise response:

      CASE “A” – A building contractor faithful to his wife does work 20 Workers in black, underpaid and uninsured. Also thanks to the exploitation of black labor and not paying the contributions to employees was able to afford a villa with pool, a powerful cars park and so on.

      CASE “B” – a building contractor, divorced remarry, during the economic crisis of the construction industry, It sold before the third and then the second house, and has also asked for a loan to the bank to regularly pay its 20 everyone regularly employed workers and covered by insurance against accidents at work, aware that the 20 People had all of his wife and children.

      Here tell me: which of the two is putting at risk the health and eternal salvation of their souls?

  9. Ermanno says:

    By the Magisterium of the Holy Church, whose children we have learned that in marriage can also be continence, because sex is not just a pleasure but something very high and sacred say, Now the Church so far and was so stepmother to charge us by a so unbearable burden?
    Because it is true that it is unnatural but perhaps this mother loves me so much to encourage me to get where it seems impossible because it is them who resides really best for me to be alone can not ever lighthouse malo are not only!!! Treat me well as a Pharisee by what she wants I'm just trying to figure out for now in these your writings I have witnessed so many insults and just

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      And in addition to stoico sacrifice of continence, there can not be the case also for joy and passion?
      In Human life of Blessed Paul VI speaking: both the procreative union, because sexuality is obviously aimed at procreation; both the unitive tenderness between spouses, because sexuality is also a moment of union and joy, by respect for nature and its biological rhythms.
      We not then transform sexuality in sackcloth, please!

  10. Ermanno says:

    Good evening Father,
    I read with dismay the latest articles. She rightly boasts of its pastoral know what it means to be married? It wants to be looked at with a sense of compassion and a lot of derision, and what it also does more harm within their parish community and also by ordained ministers. Because it is almost foolish to think to stay together a life with ups and downs with the weight of his sins, marriage has become a constraint weight, and bigots remain united life! He knows what we expected, us that we are not above the mundane whirlwinds of our time, but we feel the breath of this monster called “divorce” on but we resist because we love our wives and our husbands and love as a gift of grace the bond of marriage with which our Lord made us one flesh? We expected no as you think a crusade against those who scorned the beauty of marriage, with all due respect, but it was once again proclaimed the beauty of the marriage bond. We Pharisees or Sadducees us?

    But do not go to Communion and coercion of the person or respect for Our Lord?
    Cohabitation is a direct affront to the church and to God, and as you well know! Marriages do not end because it is too great a burden to bear, but because the ego has taken the place of God and c so why I have to stay Count all life? because I have to smooth out giving up something for you?
    And how many of these brothers feel a need so strong to take communion? When a sinner and wounded by love of God, the first thing you hear and need to shout "Lord, stay away from me for I am a sinner," then you really feel the merciful love which brings you to the state of lost grace, at least to me it happened so, what sense does the claim of a Sacramento? But the sacraments are points of arrival or departure? and the previous marriage that what we do? Sa Father, I think like her we too have taken a call that of marriage and this road is no less complicated than his trust me and know what keeps us going? not our skill it our holiness but God's grace inherent in this sacrament!!

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      sit, but she, so full of faith and grace, the Parable of the prodigal son one has ever read?
      Because his brother was at home with the Father, He raised exactly similar to its questions.
      [CF. LC. 15, 11-32]

      • Ermanno says:

        It explains why it is so aggressive? But how he can judge ironically my Faith if even know me!! I have not tried any of the doubts I have only advanced but I see that she prefers instead of helping appioppare labels legalistic Pharisee right and left and often, as I think I read you apologize if I'm wrong, also it defines who should go to hell but beware that not all Members seeking clarification have you lost love or traditionalists. Anyway thank you now I feel more in the dark even though I still want to believe in the beauty of marriage

        • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          What do I need this answer? For what reasons, and reasons?
          I I only recalled the Parable of the prodigal son, without imputing anything of what she is writing and complaining; Did I called and because the faithful son stayed home with the Father behaving properly, He raised the same issues that she raises.
          Only this I said, None of what I have said instead she complains.

          • Ermanno says:

            I just wanted to say that perhaps it would be more useful to strongly reaffirm the beauty of the family that is bulging both economically and morally we really need.

          • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            So we do not put a spoke in the wheel to the Fathers of the College of Bishops who are trying to do just this task of protection and salvation, but to get to a pastoral line that may constitute protection and preservation of the Christian family, They must first of all be able to consult and discuss freely about various issues, no one from outside shouts “this can not be discussed” or without others threaten “then it will be schism”, because this is not conducive to the good work of the Synod Fathers.

  11. alb3 says:

    St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina: “Divorce is the straight road to hell”; in response to the nonsense you wrote in the article

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      The mother of idiots is always pregnant and I am pleased that once again given birth.
      therefore grant me, beloved son, the honor of keen administer the Holy Baptism.

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