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Donkeys in the chair and accusations of heresy: a cross-section of some of our censors

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More Bishops of various dioceses, in camera of love they told me to have a hard time giving mandate to religious educators, giving reasons for their difficulties with phrases like this: "We have such a sample from not knowing where to fish, in a sea where the fish are often worse than the one '.


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Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



father ariel.

I do not go into the merits of what she and Father Giovanni Cavalcoli have written wrong in recent times about marriage at the close of the synod on the family. I'll just take his latest article from whose rows [Ed. WHO] she denies that the Sacrament of Marriage administered by a priest to marry imprints in them (the spouses) a new permanent and eternal priestly character, and therefore indissoluble, it's this one, if I may say so, Heresy is beautiful and good. I wonder how she is left free to sow such thoughts, I tell him with fraternal correction spirit, as secular and modest as a religion teacher in schools in part to 7 year old, and as a parish catechist from 15 year old. You are a priest, and this can have particular credit, inducing others to err more than the simple.

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Dear Reader.

For years I pray that the state is there to the rescue by abolishing the teaching of Catholic religion in schools of the Italian Republic. Let me be clear: I do not tell her in my reply, and in this particular context, because it is an idea that I keep repeating time and that I expressed no fear at even bishops, including a pair of prominent members of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

It is not a question of generalizing nor do all with the same brush, because I unfortunately touched the distressing level hand that winds among the teachers of this subject; and this does not in particular localities and regions of our country, but throughout our national territory; without prejudice teachers that are properly prepared, however, few and unfortunately always less.

More Bishops of various dioceses, in camera of love they told me to have a hard time giving mandate to religious educators, giving reasons for their difficulties with phrases like this: "We have such a sample from not knowing where to fish, in a sea where the fish are often worse than the one '.

After this introduction I reply to his statement, which starts with an accusation of "heresy" and ends with a "fraternal correction".

I dont know where he studied theology and especially such as have studied, because she demonstrates dramatically to ignore the basic fundamentals of the Discipline of the Sacraments, without touching even the complex and articulated sectors of the dogmatic sacramentaria.

The Christian marriage is a supernatural for the setting up of an only priesthood home through two baptized, a man and a woman, that through baptism - which gives a character - received the royal priesthood of Christ, also called the common priesthood of the baptized.

The marriage union is not a "new priesthood”, because the sacrament of marriage does not leave a character, least of all permanent and eternal, It is the union of two priesthoods in one that lasts only as long is the union, ie for how long the life of the spouses, therefore does not require a perpetual inseparability.

You are confusing the discipline of the sacrament of marriage with that of the Holy Order that imprints instead an indelible and eternal character, because those who have been made partakers of the Ministerial Priesthood of Christ, these remain forever, having acquired mystery of grace for a dignity that makes the upper Priests to them God's Angels, Angels who step aside before the Priests.

Very Serious is then his claim concerning the marriage sacrament administered by the priest to marry, because this sacrament is administered by Priest. In the Catholic Church the ministers of the sacrament, the spouses, so if it is they who administer it. If you belong to the Christian Orthodox Church, in this case the minister of marriage is the Bishop, which he gives authority to his priests to administer this sacrament.

What the Catholic Church are the celebrants of marriage the bride and groom It is considered by the Christian Orthodox Church thing "derived from medieval theological legalism which came to consider marriage with legal categories of the contract '. Indeed, according to the Orthodox sacramentalisti: "From this was born the logical conclusion to consider how the central figures “Contracting”, while the authority that presides - Bishop, Priest or Deacon - limited only to ratify the Church's blessing ". This is the reason why in the Orthodox Church, the Deacons, They can not officiate at the wedding, not having power priestly. Beyond the legitimate opinions of the Orthodox brothers we must recognize that, in order to avoid “confusion”, in the Catholic Churches of the Eastern rite it is prohibited to our deacons to celebrate marriage rites, What are granted to those of the Latin rite, as simple “assistants” of the couple-celebrants.

If you think that my thoughts conform to the doctrine and discipline of the Sacraments are heretical, in this case ask without delay to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and the Bishop having canonical jurisdiction over me, while i, for what it is about what the grave she stated in her capacity as a religion teacher in role 7 year old, not at all I will turn to his Diocesan Ordinary, knowing how time lost contact to the bishops in matters before them, despite their objective gravity, the prompt response and they often date is as follows: "And what can I do?».

The Lord bless you.

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  1. Orion says:

    It is true that this IRC catechist teacher as well as shows to have confused ideas, but at least the ideas we have. More and more of those IRC teachers and catechists who however have not even the faintest idea of ​​the indelible character of the Priesthood…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader.

      You are quite right, or said in other words: “There is never an end to the worst”.

  2. father ariel
    madilo. 1978 says:

    Reverend Father.
    My husband and I, both practicing Catholics, we withdrew our son 10 years from the time of religion in school. The teacher was and is so unprepared, and not only in the Catholic religion, to be become the burletta entire faculty.
    We Genoese, and I need hardly explain that our bishop is the president of the bishops who when faced with certain problems the respondents “and what can I do?”

    Martina Di Lorenzo

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Martina.

      What you say it is true and I know it, it several times, in recent times, I have known cases of Catholic parents who withdrew their children from the teaching of this subject optional, for more or less similar reasons as she described.

      E’ But my duty to also strike a blow in defense of Genoa Archbishop, Card. Angelo Bagnasco, towards which, sometimes, I was stern face of certain facts and situations.

      The Archdiocese of Genoa has a presbytery consists of about 600 presbytery. Already before this number she understands that a bishop can be really very difficult to know one by one all his priests, not to mention all the other situations and people.

      E’ true that the bishop is the chief priest and pastor of the particular Church entrusted to him and that many are his responsibilities under the various aspects, as it is true that he can not, humanly and materially, have everything under his direct control, nor can it be sometimes not even aware of certain facts and situations. It can give precise and wise directives, but it is not said, however, that these directives are then followed and enforced.

      In the past I've picked up in private talks the painful confidences of a retired bishop who found himself at the time embroiled in an unpleasant scandal sheet, from which ensued rivers of mud thrown at him. The only “guilt” of the bishop, He did not intend economy and real estate and financial management, It was only to be charged, in full confidence, The budget office responsible for telling them at the moment of appointment: “I commit myself to trust in your work and the reports then give me, because I am not an expert on economic issues, My job is to be a pastor of souls”.

      He realizes then that, if a bishop, and especially the bishop of a large diocese, He is left with the office responsible for school sport chair sisters, grandchildren, cousins, friends of friends and incompetent various … the “poor” Bishop threatens to learn about them only when the damage is done abundantly; and not always, damage done to, things are then reparabili.

      E’ the right to be strict with our bishops, because often they deserve it, but without forgetting that the understanding and mercy also applies to them and also applies to them, in addition to all the mitigating human due to their certainly not deliberate lack of knowledge of facts and situations, making them often victims of other people's direct responsibility for damage that they do not have.

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