The priest excommunicated Alessandro Minutella is not in communion with Pope Benedict XVI who made free act of renunciation but it is a subject that confuses the people of God already too lost and confused

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To many readers that there They inquire about this priest excommunicated is our priestly duty to answer that everyone shares in his sacred celebrations and receives the sacraments from him falls in a state of mortal sin, and must seek absolution to the confessor, after having acknowledged his guilt and doing way not to repeat the same sin. But above, beyond lies of this heretic, schismatic, know that the first to pay tribute "unconditional obedience" to his successor was Benedict XVI himself.


Redazione de L’Isola di Patmos



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remake filmic de The Exorcist, with a priest excommunicated in the role dell'indemoniato [to open the video click on the image]

Many Readers They inquire about Reverend Alexander Minutella, Palermo, a priest who barks on social network on the illegitimacy of the Supreme Pontiff Francis, which recognizes only the title of Cardinal and Archbishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires, but mostly he is turning to the sacred person of the Holiness of Our Lord unacceptable insults. At this priest, after repeated and unnecessary calls the Ecclesiastical Authority has imposed excommunication, although it would be more correct to say that he simply notified that following his heretical and schismatic positions, and its refusal to correct, he is automatically incurred the so-called excommunication automatic.


Although until now the Reverend Alexander Minutella It has not been dismissed from the clerical state, after being suspended before peep, then later incurred excommunication, It can not legitimately exercise the sacred ministry. They know therefore that the faithful the sacred celebrations he officiated and the sacraments administered by him are valid but illicit and that no faithful Catholic can and must take part.


Faced with many demands arrived to our editorial staff, especially after recently this subject has much more exasperated his aggressive tone, It is our priestly duty to inform the large audience of readers who follows that anyone who participates in the sacred celebrations and receives the sacraments from this priest excommunicated, It falls in a state of mortal sin, and must seek absolution to the confessor, after having acknowledged his guilt and doing way not to repeat the same sin.


We must clarify that as every priest excommunicated him do not cease to be a priest, because no one can revoke the Sacrament of Orders. And as a heretic and schismatic priest will always remain, without being able to exercise any ministry until it will be publicly repented and reinstated by the Ecclesiastical Authority in the exercise of the sacred ministry.


remake filmic de The Exorcist, with a priest excommunicated in the role dell'indemoniato [to open the video click on the image]

The Sacrament of Orders fits those who receive it in sacrament ontologically transforming been supernaturally in his very being constituting "sacred minister" and describing it to act in person [can. 1009 §3], then inserting it into the so-called clerical state from which it derives a legal condition resulting sacred ordination; condition that leads to the cleric rights and obligations established and dictated Ordinamento ecclesiastical. And since what the Order is a sacrament that imprints a character "permanent and eternal", it follows that no one can be deprived of the order power [can. 1338 §2]. The clerical state is a consequence of the Sacrament of Orders, although the two elements - the Sacramento and the clerical state that results - are distinct, even though between them are connected. A cleric can indeed decay from the clerical state, or be deprived of the clerical state, but it will never decay from sacred and to be deprived of Holy Orders, because the sacrament he has received is indeed “indelible and eternal”.


Church law split up into three cases in which the cleric can lose the clerical state: the nullity of sacred ordination declared by the sentence or administrative decree [can. 290 n. 1]; discharge legitimately be required due to a crime that provides for a specific sanction [can. 290 n. 2]; rescript of the Apostolic See in which relief is granted to the priest for the gravest reasons [can. 290 n. 3]. In some cases, the maximum penalty for the cleric is dismissal from the clerical state [can. 1336 §1 n. 5], before which we must point out that it will never involve the deprivation of the power of order, because this power is closely related to the sacramental character, an indelible character.


remake filmic de The Exorcist, with a priest excommunicated in the role dell'indemoniato [to open the video click on the image]

of elders Left the Clerical State it's forbidden exercising legitimately and lawfully the power of order [can. 1338 §2], because in forfeiture from the clerical state, besides the loss of rights, of the duties and the state itself, It is inherent in the peremptory prohibition to exercise the power of order [can. 292]. From this it follows that the presbyters discharged from the clerical state for their request or to measure Ecclesiastical Authority, They may not exercise any legitimate authority of sacramental order [can. 1336 § 1, n. 3].


The priest Alessandro Minutella It has not been dismissed from the clerical state, but it was first suspended peep and then excommunicated. The suspension first, excommunication later, fee for the priest suspended from his duties and especially for the priest excommunicated the absolute prohibition of celebrating the Eucharistic Sacrifice and administering the Sacraments. If subjected to this equally exercised the sacred ministry, the celebration of the Holy Mass and the sacraments administered would be valid but illicit, with the result that those who celebrates Mass and those who participate, those who administer the sacraments, and those who receive them, They fall in a state of mortal sin. Unless, by the faithful, does not take over the lack of knowledge or ignorance of the so-called inevitable. Only in one case an excommunicated priest can lawfully administer a sacrament - indeed, in this specific case it is required to do so - he can grant absolution to a penitent real case of danger of death [can. 976].


Visionando his last videos added to this article [see video, WHO], anyone can hear and determine under what terms and with what aggressive charge and insulting this presbyter is the Roman Pontiff, members of the College of Cardinals and members of the College of Bishops, in addition to openly accuse us of cowardice all his confreres priests, guilty in his opinion not to be disobedient to "Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio usurper of the See of Peter" to be obstinate and to celebrate Mass in communion with him [cf. video, minute 19,50 WHO]. Indeed, his wicked say, Mass celebrated in communion with "the usurper Bergoglio", he defined as "false Pontiff", It would not be valid, lacking in it - continues to rant - "the action of sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit", so those who go to Mass one such [N.d.r. celebrated in communion with the reigning Pope] go to Mass with the Devil " [cf. video, minute 5,02 WHO] because "in all that it is in union with Jesus Christ there Bergoglio, there is the Holy Spirit, There Satan " [cf. video, minute 6,38 WHO].


remake filmic de The Exorcist, with a priest excommunicated in the role dell'indemoniato [to open the video click on the image]

The figures attached this excommunicated, by the Pope to the bishops, to follow us priests, constitute an ecclesial body of imperfect people, as imperfect sinners, are always those who by the mystery of grace are called to fill certain roles and perform certain functions sacramental. Anyone can argue about the pastoral abilities of the Roman Pontiff, of individual bishops and all priests; anyone can show their flaws and their moral deficiencies for which will then be called to account before the judgment of God, that with all of us pastors in charge of souls will be particularly severe. Anyone, however, call into question the legitimate authority of the Roman Pontiff and the Bishops, seriously and dangerously attentive to that which is the carrier hierarchical structure of the Holy Church of Christ, and commit a serious crime against the Holy Faith.


From video-catechesis of Reverend Alexander Minutella emerge anthologies and serious doctrinal contradictions, theological blunders and inaccuracies of all kinds, starting from a very embarrassing Mariology. As examples would indeed many, This makes it impossible to make a strictly scientific theological discourse to indicate certain absurdities and remove them one by one, because to do so would require a book. So we are only limited to some clear examples, first of all, knowing it has to do with a Priest who holds two doctorates, as he likes to repeat frequently, while expressing crass ignorance not so much on sacramental theology, but just on the fundamentals of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. And since diversi readers have written to us pointing out that this priest is twice doctor of theology and as such can not say incorrect things like those uttered by members of the so-called "false church" which he condemned, is first of all should be clear that the theological doctorates do not constitute any guarantee of wisdom, place no one receives through a doctoral the gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit that will mark the distinguished doctor with a permanent and eternal character. Indeed, the priestly character, It does not confer with doctorates, but through the consecration of the priest with the sacrament of Holy Orders. If doctorates constituted a guarantee of safe, solid and orthodox doctrine infused with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, we should not adopt minimal questioning what they said and wrote Hans Küng, Giovanni Franzoni, Leonardo Boff and so to follow. And remember, incidentally, that the first two mentioned, In addition to being titrated pluri, They were respectively all'assise expert and member of Vatican II. The award titled Giovanni Franzoni, the Council, He played with the equivalent episcopal dignity, Ordinary time being Abbot of St. Paul Outside the Walls, which until a decade ago it was a territorial prelature of ancient city.


In this moment of confusion many believers have lost, but look for safe driving in a heretic who said that the Holy Mass celebrated in communion with the reigning Pope is invalid, It is to be avoided; and it weighs on us a moral obligation to prevent the faithful from following this ungodly pastor, poisoning and theologically confused, although he offered as a guarantee of being doubly Ph.D..


remake filmic de The Exorcist, with a priest excommunicated in the role dell'indemoniato [to open the video click on the image]

Clarify people the figure of this presbyter, all in all it is easier than it seems, just enough that people lend us listen and then they were asked to the person concerned: with whom she is in communion Bishop? Which bishop gave a mandate to exercise the sacred ministry, in addition to the special powers she claims to have received from the Blessed Virgin Mary in person? Or maybe he does not know, or man made wise by a double Ph.D., that none of us can exercise the sacred ministry in communion with himself, because the validity of the Eucharist celebrated by us depends on the validity of the Eucharist celebrated by the Bishop in full communion with the Bishop of Rome? A quel point, the individual concerned, replicate what has long has been saying and how reiterated in the called video here, namely:


"I celebrate in communion with the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, who is the rightful pope, while the Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a usurper placed on the Chair of Peter by the satanic powers and the international Freemasonry ".


The doubters and those who believe in what this says, They pose this question: you can ignore that Benedict XVI, before moving to Castel Gandolfo to keep away from the Vatican City during the conclave, He declared "unconditional obedience" to his successor even before the latter was chosen and elected? With that statement, perhaps he said that he would obey the Successor that soon would be elected, regardless of who was? And how can, Such wicked spreading poison among the People of God, ignore that the night after the election, when the newly elected called his predecessor a living, these greets him: "Holiness, even now I promise you my total obedience and my prayer "? Does this not mean that Benedict XVI said before the conclave that he would obey whoever was elected and after their election offered his obedience to his legitimate successor?


remake filmic de The Exorcist, with a priest excommunicated in the role dell'indemoniato [to open the video click on the image]

Lately, the columns of this magazine it was written that while all are wondering more or less fanciful issues, advancing hypotheses mostly surreal, none captures the solemn lesson to all of us given by Pope Benedict XVI, which is this: He has moved away from the Vatican before the conclave, already saying before his election his "unconditional obedience" to his successor. Soon after, his successor elected who called him to announce him in person his election, he said: "Holiness, even now I promise you my total obedience and my prayer ". And if the Venerable Pope Benedict XVI, whose ministry, Exceptionally, instead cease with his death ceased with his free act of renunciation, He professed with such faith and all their obedience to His Successor, November, perhaps we should follow his example and do the same? [see section V "There is no other way except obedience to Peter ', WHO]


The followers This excommunicated you ask: whether to recognize the successor to the sacred throne was the first to Benedict XVI, The priest in question is said charge in the "holy battle" by the Blessed Virgin Mary in person, with those who are in communion? Because if he had not understood, the first bishop who pleaded in communion with the reigning Pope Benedict XVI was, who freely made a waiver to the Petrine ministry, reiterating again what freedom was his renunciation, reiterating before the election and after the election his "unconditional obedience" to his successor.


The followers of this unwise priest out of any theological balance, to wonder and then ask themselves: But this priest furious, with those who are in communion? In whose name speaks? Perhaps as he says speaks "to the authority that Our Lady gives me ' [cf. video, minute 10,50 WHO], then on behalf of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who would tell him to rebel against the Roman Pontiff, "to which she has already declared war" [cf. video, minute 23,00 WHO]? And when the Maria, our revered Mater Ecclesiae, instigates to disobey Peter and the College of the Apostles, asking for that purpose under its protection a devilish priest who says all the time, "Madonna told me", "Our Lady has revealed to me"? Until finally announce that "Our Lady [already] consecrated the Shepherd with the attributes " (!?) [cf. video, minute 30,38 WHO].


The answer to the questions put by the Fathers of Readers The island of Patmos It is therefore as follows: those who follow this heretic and excommunicated all participants in celebrations, unless it is not aware of its objective status to excommunicate, or unless it is not burdened with authentic inevitable ignorance that prevents him from also exercise the most elementary critical sense, It must be considered in all respects in a state of mortal sin.


the Island of Patmos, 20 February 2019




De facto, Reverend Alexander Minutella is not the exorcist but just the demoniac …





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20 thoughts on "The priest excommunicated Alessandro Minutella is not in communion with Pope Benedict XVI who made free act of renunciation but it is a subject that confuses the people of God already too lost and confused

    1. Dear Reader,

      between you and us there is a substantial difference: we always present you with our names and our increasingly assuming faces before God and before men responsible for what we say, but she falls into the thick internetici army of heroes who insult behind the heroic guarantee absolute anonymity.
      And that said, Now tell us who are you, licking socks …

  1. dear father Ariel

    I would like to ask: a faithful can criticize pope? This leaves me very reigning pope, We are very much perplexed 6 years that sows confusion and creates doubts,immigrazionista political ago, it seem normal?

    1. Dear Fabio,

      la Chiesa Cattolica non èné mai è stata nel corso della sua storia bimillenariail regime sovietico stalinista, né quello cambogiano di Pol Pot, né quello del dittatore della Corea del Nord e via dicendo

      Durante alcuni concili, diversi Pontefici sono stati criticati anche duramente nel corso delle discussioni; alcuni concili furono anche interrotti e poi ripresi a intervalli di vari anni per far placare certi animi, o per evitare influenze esterne da parte di vari potentati interessati a condizionare dall’esterno all’interno varie discussioni. Durante il Concilio Vaticano I, il Beato Pontefice Pio IX fu reso oggetto di dure critiche da parte di diversi vescovi, some of which, dinanzi allo studio sulla proclamazione del dogma sulla infallibilità pontificia in materia di dottrina e di fede [cf. dogmatic Constitution The eternal shepherd], tra i banchi fecero correre questa voce: «Non gli basta essere un Padre Santo, adesso vuole diventare anche un Padre Eterno?». In seguito al Vaticano I si verificò poi lo scisma dei cosiddetti vetero-cattolici che non accettarono la proclamazione del dogma della infallibilità. Esattamente come in seguito al Vaticano II vi fu infine un atto scismatico da parte del Vescovo Marcel Lefebvre che non accettò alcune delle dottrine di questo concilio, benché tutti pensino che le sue furono questioni di carattere puramente liturgico, cosa affatto non vera, posto che Lefebvre, il documento sulla riforma liturgica, lo firmò.

      Repeatedly, in diversi miei articoli ho ricordato che durante alcune sessioni dei grandi concili dogmatici, i vescovi si sono presi anche a legnate tra di loro, al punto che gli imperatori bizantini disposero un servizio di vigilanza, affinché i soldatiche non potevano entrare nell’aula conciliarepotessero però accedervi se scoppiavano risse tra i vescovi.

      Dunque non solo criticare un Sommo Pontefice è possibile, ma in alcuni casi criticarlo o richiamarlo ai suoi doveri può essere persino doveroso, lo hanno fatto anche diversi Santi, da San Bernardo di Chiaravalle a Santa Caterina da Siena. San Bernardo scrisse anche un libello intitolato Trattato buono per ogni papa che donò a Eugenio III dopo la sua elezione, mettendolo in guardia su varie cose, un esempio tra i tanti contenuti in quel testo:

      «Puoi mostrarmene uno solo che abbia salutato la tua elezione senza aver ricevuto denaro o senza la speranza di riceverne? And the more they have professed your servants, tanto più vogliono spadroneggiare nella Chiesa».

      Criticare un Sommo Pontefice, o metterlo in guardia da elementi non raccomandabili dai quali egli potrebbe circondarsi, non è un’insolenza, ma è un dovere, un vero e proprio imperativo di coscienza, in certain cases.

      Noi preti per primi, che pure siamo vincolati al Vescovo in perfetta comunione col Vescovo di Roma da una solenne promessa di obbedienza, possiamo trovarci a disagio dinanzi a certe decisioni o scelte pastorali del Vescovo o del Romano Pontefice; e verso l’uno e l’altro, potremmo anche non nutrire stima, come più volte ho spiegato. None of us, indeed, ha mai promesso al Vescovostima”, nessuno di noi ha mai promessoil Vescovo mi rimarrà sempre simpatico”. Dinanzi al Vescovo ed ai Confratelli presbìteri riuniti dinanzi al Popolo di Dio, durante un atto pubblico solenne tal è la consacrazione di un nuovo presbìtero, abbiamo promesso al Vescovo in perfetta comunione con il Vescovo di Roma: «Filiale rispetto e devota obbedienza». E quella gli è dovuta. La stima no, non gli è dovuta, ma l’obbedienza si.

      Lei può anche non stimare il Pontefice regnante, o sentirsi a disagio dinanzi a certe sue scelte pastorali, le garantisco che non è certo l’unico. Ciò che non è possibile fare è negare la legittima autorità del Romano Pontefice e l’obbedienza nella fede che a lui è dovuta per il mandato che ha ricevuto da Cristo Signore.

      E che un presbìtero non capisca questo, peraltro dopo essersi come lui dice dottorato due volte, come ben capisce, è cosa molto grave.

      Unfortunately,, in un mondo nel quale prevale il sentimentale, l’umorale and the subjective, le persone tendono invece ad agire in base al I like it the I do not like. Ma un Romano Pontefice non deve piacere, deve essere seguito e ubbidito quando adempie al suo ruolo di supremo maestro e custode della fede.

      Altra cosa che al Minutella sfugge è il fatto che la legge ecclesiastica precisa da sempre che «il Sommo Pontefice non può essere sottoposto a giudizio» ed i suoi «provvedimenti giurisdizionali ed amministrativi non sono impugnabili».

      Perché non può essere sottoposto a giudizio? Per l’ovvio e semplice fatto che l’autorità a lui superiore è solo quella di Cristo Dio.
      Unfortunately,, in questo clima di mondanità, dove tutto, anche da parte dei credenti, è giudicato con categorie socio-politiche, qualcuno pensa che per un Sommo Pontefice si possa ricorrere al cosiddetto impeachment con relativo processo e giudizio.

      La minutelliana accusa che tutti tacciono, vescovi e presbìteri, fuorché l’eroico incaricato dalla Madonna in persona come Minutella si dichiara e impunemente afferma, is a real aberration, that is: una affermazione totalmente priva di ratio.

      Tutti tacciono per il semplice fatto che quantunque un Sommo Pontefice possa essere legittimamente criticato, possa essere anche difettoso e dannoso, non può essere però invece giudicato; e non può esserlo per il semplice fatto che non esiste al mondo autorità umana a lui superiore e al di sopra del suo ufficio.

      Nel mondo del I like it and non piace, nel mondo del ma io sento quindi io penso, nel mondo del sentimentale and of’emotional, tutto questo è forse difficile da digerire, ma è la nostra fede. Una fede che nessuno è tenuto ad accettare, ma se uno si professa cattolico, deve accettarla, in caso contrario si incorre giustamente e meritoriamente in scomunica come il Reverendo Alessandro Minutella, because no one, al di sopra dell’autorità di Pietro, può ergersi a giudice di Pietro dopo essersi di fatto auto-proclamato cattolico a modo suo.

      A chi nega di capire questo, purtroppo altro non posso dire e altro non posso aggiungere, se non perdendo inutilmente tempo a predicare alle sabbie del deserto. Con grande dispiacere per tutti quei cattolici veri o presunti che dinanzi a questa dolorosa e santificante prova di fede alla quale la Chiesa e tutti noi suoi figli siamo sottoposti, agiscono in modo non cattolico, umorale, sentimentale e infine aggressivo-distruttivo, quasi come se la Chiesa fosse una multinazionale governata da un presidente che può non lavorare bene e quindi non piacere, pertanto può essere processato, condannato e licenziato dalla assemblea degli azionisti con l’accusa di avere danneggiato il capitale sociale.

  2. Heresy now rampant, He puts the faithful who want to remain so in serious danger. When the fish stinks it stinks from the head says. Too many do Minutella will be out of a church far away now from faith and tradition. Meanwhile, the slaughter continues. Cardinals against Cardinals. Bishops against bishops. Priests against priests. The completely reversed doctrine. What has yet to happen? If you have to bite, mind at least not tear you. Remind you of anyone?

    1. … of course, though I remember something and someone.
      It would be enough that you read some of my articles, because it would discover how many times I called to this expression of the Blessed Apostle Paul. This I also did at the end of my last article [cf. WHO].

  3. This story was Benedict himself to recognize Bergoglio, and that it would demonstrate the validity, He feels for years. Unfortunately,, but, this fact does not prove anything at all: you expect that a Pontiff forced abdication, perhaps with threats towards you or the Church, the next day hurry to shout urbi et orbi that its successor is an impostor? If Benedict has bowed to bullying, it is logical that recite their part to the full and publicly recognize the Pope as successor.
    The resignation of Benedict are part of a political plan not Italian (and no, This not told me Minutella). And since things have changed since then, probably soon the truth will be made public.

    1. … if things are as you say, good Minutella, in scientifically consistent way, before picking on "the false pope" and "the heretic and apostate Bergoglio", It should take it first, above all and first of all with Benedict XVI, that according to the thesis enunciated by her, It would then be the real and harmful responsible of what occurred, do not you think?

      And this will unfortunately be the next step in this furious: at a certain point, just to keep standing the theater of himself and the hole in which it is fallen, It will end up blaming Benedict XVI himself, in some of his speeches there are already all the conditions, It is that for the moment does not dare to name him and accuse him. For now his accusations are hidden behind the lines and behind the words.

      Who are you referring Minutella when he speaks of "the shepherd who flees" or "frightened shepherd" or "Miss Shepherd»? [cf. video WHO].

      To man Jorge Mario Bergoglio we can charge all defects, lexical and expressive ambiguities and we want all human limitatezze, But if there is an accusation that no one may address, He is accused of "Miss scared ', because of its high rate of male testosterone is beyond any possible discussion.

      So to those who have turned these invectives minutelliane nameless entity specifically indicated?

  4. I think one thing , there are none so deaf that will not hear. She writes that no , he is so, who goes with him…., so many things to striking that only some stupid can be enchanted by what he writes. His could be an artificial intelligence. But why not drop in content? It disproves what he says from the sacred texts, Director of this …..? Newspaper? There belies cones texts of the Roman Catholic Church that says Minutella, and then we'll talk from both professional

    Simone Catalano

    1. Dear Simone,

      I do understand … if someone says – as we did – that when the sun rises and the moon the night falls on the ground, before what she asks us to bring clear and precise evidence that the moon high in the sky is really dark and the sun no longer shines?

      What should I deny them "with the texts of the Church" before a priest:

      1. It denies the legitimate election of the Roman Pontiff ;
      2. She described him as a heretic, apostate usurper and the Chair of Peter ;
      3. denies the validity of the Mass celebrated in communion with the one he names “false pope” and “Masonry puppet”;

      And before this moon on the dark sky and before that by the moon ensues, she asks me to "go into the content" and to deny "the texts of the Roman Catholic Church that says Minutella"?

      Believe me, dear Simone, she is a real phenomenon, I tell him with genuine sympathy, me because she really inspires tenderness.

  5. Don Minutella seems to have gone insane. Things that are not shareable saying goes, particularly with regard to putting a cum, but perhaps Don Ariel what she says has value when the situation in the Church is normal. According to canon law, you are right about everything. Sooner or later, we should ask ourselves seriously whether canon law will still have value in the future, since everything else is jumping. Beyond all ambiguities, contradictions, misinformation, indiscretions, often it lies with which the Pope has troubled the consciences, we arrived at the terminal with the recent official statement of Abu Dhabi, that sounds like a formal declaration of apostasy. If someone weak in faith begins to ask themselves the dramatic doubt whether this pope still has some power of sacred jurisdiction, She wants to send him to hell? Doubts Hamlet without answers. Also because the answers do not have Minutella, but I fear not having even the Don Ariel essay. Remember when he was saying, years ago: Simone who declined to be Peter, set her red shoes, and it will be us who criticize him today to defend etc.. ... in conscience ridirebbe today?

    1. Dear Louis,

      I tell her why she turns to me, But know that the article in question was written by Fathers of The Island of Patmos all together, for a priestly consciousness speech, as they come to us from time many messages of its so-called readers if Minutella.

      As she says, are years that certain things that I'm saying and writing,if I can add that many yesterday while branding me to be “pessimistic”, “tragic” and so, today are the same ones who come to me saying: "You were right, the situation we are experiencing is unprecedented historical '. For my part I reply: "Sincerely, I am not at all happy “to be right”, if the reason we want to talk, because when years ago I wrote some things, I prayed and I was hoping to be wrong ".

      Amongst the questions, I think I have responded in some articles written between the end of 2016 and early 2019. I give them to put them in order below, because in them is enclosed my so-called “evolution on the issue” unprecedented in the history of the Church :

      1. Un eretico non ha alcun potere di scomunicare un sacerdote. Le eresie di Bergoglio sono evidenti ma purtroppo, per un corticircuito che lIsola di Patmos continua a mettere in evidenza, nessun laico ha il potere di sanzionarle e nessun chierico può trarne le conseguenze che per ogni altra persona sarebbero inevitabili.
        Questo cortocircuito è la peggiore cose avvenuta nella Storia della Chiesa, I believe. Finora, perché se Nessuno interviene sarà presto anche peggio.

        1. «Le eresie sono evidenti» ?

          E dove, or better to say: as, when?
          Possibile che a certa gente basti la tastiera di un computer ed un nome che cela una identità non identificabile, per bordare pubbliche accuse di eresia al Romano Pontefice, come se la cosa fosse una battuta tra un discorso e l’altro fatto al sports bar con gli amici?

          Lei confonde delle scelte pastorali con delle eresie, posto che le une e le altre sono cose del tutto diverse.

          Anyone, sia esso vescovo, presbìtero o laico, può criticare nelle debite e rispettose forme certe scelte pastorali del Romano Pontefice, definendole non opportune o non felici, volendo anche ambigue e foriere di disorientamento e confusione.
          L’eresia è però ben altra cosa.

          O forse le risulta che il Pontefice regnante abbia negata l’incarnazione del Verbo di Dio, la natura divina di Cristo, la sua consustanzialità con Dio Padre, la processione delle Persone divine nella teologia trinitaria, la transustanziazione nella Santissima Eucaristia, la risurrezione di Cristo, la sua ascensione al cielo, la Immacolata concezione …?

          Lei afferma infine che

          «se Nessuno interviene sarà presto anche peggio».

          E dov’è il problema? Intervenga lei con la grazia e per la grazia dello Spirito Santo dichiarando che il legittimo successore del Beato Apostolo Pietro è in realtà un eretico ed un apostata.

          La Chiesa ha celebrato sino ad oggi ventuno concili, lei può liberamente e legittimamente convocare e presiedere il suo concilio presso il sports bar.
          And’ cosa del tutto fattibile.

          1. Dear don Ariel,

            Good morning. Mi ha convinto, ho deciso di convocare il primo concilio ecumenico al bar dello sport nel mio quartiere. Naturalmente sarà il concilio delle pecore e non dei pastori, abbiamo deciso, io e altre pecore, di invitarla in qualità di perito. Tra le altre cose vorremo dibattere sull’ortodossia del sommo Pontefice Francesco Primo o Francesco zero, boh .. Al Concilio discuteremo anche la questione del numero. Vorremo allontanare le accuse di eresia e apostasia dal nome venerando del sovrano pontefice. A tale scopo sarebbe opportuno che lei, in qualità di teologo dogmatico, ci fornisse un’accurata relazione dove alla luce degli due ultimi articoli apparsi sulla sua rivista telematica. ” Siate misericordiosi ecce Carlo Magno … chi dite ecc dimostrasse che l’affermazione ufficiale del Dottore di tutti i credenti ad Abu Dhabi, che la diversità delle religioni è voluta da Dio: is Catholic, è coerente con i santi evangeli e può essere abbracciata con fede certa da tutti i fedeli. Se vorrà partecipare alle sessioni del concilio, dovrà comunque soggiornare a sue spese. Si porti da casa cotta e stola, we do not have.
            Cordialmente in Cristo.

          2. fare gli ironici con me, è come pensare di poter andare a compiere un furto con scasso nella villa del capo clan dei Casamonica, nella sicura certezza di mettere a segno il colpo con successo.

            Anyhow, sappia che ho veramente gradito ed apprezzato queste sue gustose immagini paradossali, dietro le quali si cela perlomeno una parte di verità, negarlo sarebbe sciocco.

            Infatti io non ho mai negato certe sortite confuse, infelici e ambigue; e neppure ho mai negato che un padre possa far soffrire i figli, l’ho scritto anche di recente. But it, i figli, non possono reagire negato il padre, peggio ancora la paternità in sé e di per sé. Cosa questa difficile da far capire a non pochi cattolici che pensano di poter giudicare un Sommo Pontefice allo stesso modo in cui si potrebbe giudicarecome ho spiegato di recenteil presidente di una società multinazionale, cadendo in tal modo nei peggiori vizi e vezzi mondani, ossia riducendo un pontificato ad un “I like it”, “I do not like”.

            Mi tip, to Peter, dopo che ebbe rinnegato Cristo per tre volte, cosa che fece giurando e poi imprecando, She, lo avrebbe lasciato in carica come Sommo Pontefice, oppure lo avrebbe deposto per indegnità e per apostasia dalla fede nel Verbo di Dio che gli aveva detto poco prima: «… tu sei pietra e su questa pietra edificherò la mia Chiesa»?.

            Oggi si dovrebbe capire più che mai il seguito di quella frase «e le porte degli inferi non prevarranno su di essa», perché se la Chiesa è sopravvissuta al tradimento ed alle fughe di Pietro, vuol dire che da subito, Christ gave, ha data garanzia che sarebbe sopravvissuta anche alle fughe ed ai tradimenti di tutti i suoi successori.

            Come sempre è questione di fede mio caro, semplice e pura fede

  6. Gesù sapeva bene cosa c’era nel cure di Giuda e per quali motivi si era unito ai discepoli; ciò nonostante lo consacrò Apostolo e si lasciò docilmente da lui tradire e consegnare ai carnefici.
    To us, cristiani di questi tempi forse apocalittici, Cristo Dio potrebbe ben chiedere di imitarlo nell’accettare con spirito di filiale sacrificio il tradimento di un padre snaturato e forsesimile a Giuda anche per un altro aspetto, e cioè quello a cui fanno riferimento i Vangeli quando ci informano su CHI entrò nell’Iscariote dopo che ebbe intinto il boccone nel piatto di Gesù
    Ma anche se così fosse, non dobbiamo forse anche noi accettare il martirio, RESTANDO SALDI NELLA FEDE e pregando affinchè il traditore si penta?
    Mi rendo conto che forse ho esagerato, in tal caso censurate il commento o, se avete tempo e voglia, correggetemi.

  7. Se Don Levi di Gualdo si aspetta che Bergoglio, affinchè lo si possa accusare di eresia ed apostasia, neghi apertamente ed esplicitamente i dogmi Cattolici, evidentemente non conosce come agisce il demonio, cioè il più possibilmente con l’inganno e nell’ombra, ciò che stà facendo infatti Bergoglio. Se poi lui considerascelta pastoralela concessione della Comunione ai divorziati risposati ciò che in realtà è una eresia che profana tre Sacramenti significa che parliamo di duereligioni” diverse.

    1. In quale documento del sommo magistero il Sommo Pontefice ha concessa la Comunione ai divorziati risposati? In quale documento ufficiale del sommo magistero ha dichiarato che l’adulterio non è più peccato e che coloro che vivono in stato di adulterio possono accedere alla Comunione Eucaristica?
      Se lei mi dice che l’esortazione post sinodale love joy può essere in molte parti confusa e ambigua, sappia che sono il primo ad ammetterlo ed anche a lamentarlo. Se però lei afferma che il Sommo Pontefice ha fatto una simile concessione, debbo risponderle che non lo ha mai fatto.

      Per quanto personalmente mi riguarda, io non esiterei a negare la Comunione a persone che vivessero in pubblico stato di irregolarità coniugale a tutti nota e da me stesso conosciuta, a meno che non si attengano a quanto disposto dalla Familiaris Concosortio the Holy Father Giovanni Paolo II, nello specifico al n. 84.

      Qualora poima non è mai accadutol’Autorità Ecclesiastica mi comandasse di dare la Comunione ai divorziati risposati, io rigetterei in comando per imperativo di coscienza, memore del fatto che la Chiesa è custode e dispensatrice dei Sacramenti, no mistress, perché i Sacramenti non sono beni disponibili. Therefore, nessuno Autorità Ecclesiastica legittimamente costituita, può comandarmi cose contrarie al Santo Vangelo ed alla dottrina della Chiesa.

      Questo modo molto sportivoe lei pratica da sempre questo sportdi dare dell’eretico al Sommo Pontefice come si potrebbe strillarecornutoall’arbitro durante la partita della squadra del cuore, non è un modo di essere, di pensare e di agire cattolico.

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