Response to an article by Maria Guarini: “Get converted and believe in the Gospel”.


[…] the provisions of S.It is. Mons. Marcello Semeraro, Bishop of the Diocese of Albano Laziale Suburbicarian, attendance at relatively faithful to the Society of St. Pius X, are fully legitimate and understandable, then his "Incoming"Not" improper, unfounded and unsustainable ", quite the opposite, it is only right.


Giovanni Cavalcoli, ON
Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

Pope Francis receives ashes from Cardinal Tomko during Ash Wednesday Mass at Basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome

Cardinal Jozef Tomko puts ashes on the head of the Supreme Pontiff Francis.

Dear Mrs. Maria Guarini,

we can not but answer the merits on its subjective interpretation about why Monsignor Antonio Livi has left our association. We would then point out in response to what she wrote in her blog very well known and followed [see WHO], that the note of heresy to the criticisms made by the Bishop Marcel Lefebvre to the doctrines of Vatican II can be seen easily by the statements made by Blessed Pope Paul VI, by the Holy Father John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, all reported recently in an article by Ariel S. Levi Gualdo on our online magazine The Island of Patmos [see WHO].

For which reason this, the provisions of S.It is. Mons. Marcello Semeraro, Bishop of the Diocese of Albano Laziale Suburbicarian, relatively attendance at Catholic faithful to the Society of St. Pius X, are fully legitimate and understandable, then his "Incoming" it is not "improper, unfounded and unsustainable», as she asserts, quite the opposite, it is only right.

As for the expression 'readmission to the Church» used by the Bishop of Albano Laziale and about which she questionnaire improperly on the ecclesial, canonical and pastoral, we do this that it is justified by the fact which is addressed in a consistent and relevant to Catholics who have left the Church communion with the Roman Pontiff.

Therefore, she makes the comparison with non-Catholics, of which speaks Reintegratio, can not stand at all standing. It is stated there, to n. 4 [see WHO], that non-Catholics should be "fully incorporated in the Catholic Church». This is different. Indeed, there is a difference of expressions motivated by the fact that, while Lefebvre were Catholics, who dropped out of ecclesial communion, non-Catholics of whom speak this document on ecumenism, I'm born non-Catholics, and must therefore not return ma enter in the Roman Church.

The fact that prelates have recently had contact with Lefebvre is cause for sincere satisfaction for every good Catholic and shows the thoughtful maternity of the Catholic Church toward these scattered children that for now they continue to persevere in error; but these contacts that should never be interpreted as meaning that Rome has resigned to endorse the heresies of the Fraternity of St. Pius X.

With all the most sincere good we feel obliged to urge finally to abandon the road that has taken. His continuous, punctilious and wrong questioning the legitimacy of the doctrines of the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Church of the last fifty years; his offer space and sounding board to hundreds of comments “Catholics” imbued with hatred in forms that often insulting despise the Authority of the Church and the Roman Pontiff, goes first serious damage to the health of his soul and, through it, to many other souls who can assimilate and pursue such right way similar serious errors and deviations from the Roman Catholic Apostolic Faith.

In this time of great reflection and purification of Lent please ponder the serious responsibilities that she followed to take persevering in error and inducing error also other souls. It is a strong appeal to this which is charging, with serious risks to the health of his soul that one day will be called before the judgment of God.

At the beginning of this Lent, imposing ashes on the heads of the faithful, we priests have pronounced upon them the sentence: «Get converted and believe in the Gospel». Therefore cease to believe only the reasons for herself, begin to truly believe the Gospel and to serve as soon as the Holy Church of God in truth and justice, does not continue as it is doing to fight against the Church, his doctrine and his teaching in the name of his subjective idea of ​​Church. His subjective idea of ​​the Church is not the Church of Christ, him express knowledge and belief, but above him express in a tone of supplication as pastors responsible for the sacrament of grace to the care of God's people, for the good and for the salvation of his soul and the many souls through it can fall into the abyss of the error, obstinately persevering in which you could run the serious risk of surrender freely to hell fire.

Where Peter, Church was there.

Giovanni Cavalcoli, ON – Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

the Island of Patmos, 4 March 2015

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  1. Attilio Mallardi says:

    do you know which is the main “weak point” of FSPSX? Lies in the fact that shares with VAT. secondisti a reading and a vision/interpretation “minimalists” Papal infallibility.
    The sedevacantists, on the contrary, have and give it a reading infallibility “maximalist”.
    Whoever is closest (or less away) from the right interpretation of documents of Vat. I? E, so, from the truth?

  2. Glorious Cross says:

    Thank you Don Ariel of the post. I share in your vision and opinion blog of Mrs. Guarini that to me too, Despite initial sympathies, caused a progressive sense of loss especially for the tone from the throne the curator and many commentators. Sincerely, living in France, I always seemed to find the same feeling here reigns at the faithful of the SSPX: elitism, grandeur, climate “Certamen ciceronianum“. I state that I am not, nor I have ever participated in work at FSSPX. My personal and Parish is celebrating The old order as well as the Novus in perfect with the local diocese, and foremost compliance with and communion with Rome. The Parish Priest, leaking of the SSPX in 1988, He also wrote his doctoral thesis on the salvific mission of the Church. Finally as source can't ambrosiano that subscribe to l “Where Peter, Church was there“.

    In Jesu et Mariae Corpus

  3. Simone martini says:

    Dear Father Ariel, It is now several months that follow the articles that published on the island. I must say that in this time of such extreme friction within the Church, your position seems to me balanced and correct. In recent times and’ is more and more’ fierce criticism ( until the injury, and more acrimony’ sprawl) to the pope, even in environments up to the day before yesterday considered more’ faithful. Dear father Ariel tries to take a ride on the facebook page of Antonio Socci, and take a look at the comments that are provided for in articles of the same Socci, soon will fade the lefevriani more’ Avid. What's going on in the Church?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … I am afraid that is coming to light, in some, the faith that actually there is, in other, the faith that perhaps there was, or if there was, He was so weak from being slammed as a Reed shaken by the wind.

  4. joan says:

    What should do, Maybe ... "wash the dirty linen at home, discreetly and above all quiet "?

    Ma no, of course not, never said or thought. Your article I read, included (!) and shared even, ma, I repeat, context the personal and public reviews, Although motivated by pastoral intent. Meanwhile, because I am not required to assert the truth of things, correct errors, inform correctly. Also it is impossible to predict the consequences or evaluate the effects not only on those who are direct object, But even on many who read. They reap distrust, suspected, Division, indiscriminate Backbiting. It's worth it? It is useful? In my opinion no. It is of course only my opinion, You can make what you believe.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Giovanna.

      Know that your opinion, like those of our readers, I'm always very valuable and thoughtful and sincere reflection.
      Continue to follow us and get our magazine.
      Thank you.

  5. joan says:

    I am convinced, perhaps naively, You can witness the truth, or just express their beliefs, sharing knowledge and expertise, without bending everything personal size, without pointing the finger at people who still, They also legitimately, express their point of view, No matter how wrong you judge. In particular the invitation to conversion for souls who believe in a State of grave sin, would have sense, and certainly different effectiveness, If done in via privata, even better if a tu per tu. Expressed so publicly, It is sad that subtracts light, to my eyes at least, to this site that I had met with some sympathy. Now no longer seems that island from which to proclaim the authentic Catholic doctrine to overcome confusion and ambiguity, but rather than become another front opens in the war that is being fought between children of the same Church. Frankly if they felt any need. Feel like really turn it off this damn pc and return to old sani smoke signals! When enough of the Gospel and a cassock lisa figuring out where he lives the truth.

  6. Sacred Tradition says:

    Ave Maria!
    I share the analysis Vs Beloved Fathers, Although many times are not in line with your thoughts.
    However one thing I ask, to understand souls can live in the traditional way faith without excess, without Tradizionalismi, also attending the Mass in the ancient rite. Should you start to create communities of people who live a Traditional spirituality as they were provanfo to make FFI before their unhappy’ Special Commissioners.
    E’ in this way you can isolate these drifts, that I can assure you they are a minority in the traditional world, just all depends you Priests, Pastors of souls, you have the strength to get in the game, not only celebrating behind closed doors, in my opinion, wrong, but also catechizzando the people as all souls can enjoy sound Doctrine in the spirituality to their most appropriate, in Union with the Holy Catholic Church and the Roman Pontiff.

  7. father ariel
    Aurelio says:

    Lady Guarini, hoping that this Island I publish a post a while’ personal, I would tell you that I have known the two fathers who have written. Ariel's father in Castel Gandolfo where he celebrated and made beautiful catechesis every month for two and a half years, and those who attended the High Priest could say that is. The father in Cavalcoli 2014 the shrine of Our Lady of Fontanellato I visited going to find my daughter married in Parma, we went there to put the first Sunday in December, and before commissioning I confessed to him. If a priest m'invitasse me to save my soul I'd questions, if two like these fathers told me to save my soul I'd put needless questions, I would just.

    Aurelio, Rome

  8. father ariel
    Milena T. says:

    Esteemed fathers, I got to know the Guarini,before which I, poor parish catechist,with a small degree from accountant behind,I felt a “water flea”, she being a doctor of theology. Taking (Unfortunately!) almost at face value some of his writings and statements,and doing daily indigestion on his blog and other similar,I entered the crisis with the Church. Unfortunately I started talking (I say this without any irony) in language “Guarinese”,finquando the pastor of my parish no longer allowed me to teach catechism,without explaining the reason,and in that case was wrong,like all priests that solve problems via cross,without saying anything. This made me become (I repeat it without any irony) more “guarinesca” still, And since I would not be censored in this comment,I avoid explain certain duplicity of language in private correspondence,where Guarini offers the best,directing towards the SSPX,giving as models priests as Don Curzio Nitoglia,making eyes at “sedevacantaroli”,etc…etc…
    8 months ago I commented on a post father Ariel, in style “guarinesco”,and I received an answer that left me in private stucco.Non know if the recalls, dad,these are his words on that: “In your teens,you never knew those / those who fall in love alone,without the loved one,usually distant and unattainable,type a famous actor or actress,not even know,and that of a love that does not exist in practice,you create a world of their own,convinced that it is really real?You like them you created an idea of ​​the church that there is”. It concluded using the same words used by his father Cavalcoli this your invitation:”your church,is not the church of Christ”.
    so began our correspondence,father ariel…
    then she got in touch with my pastor (I learned this only after!),who called me,and asked if I could help another catechist,an elderly lady,that care of the boys of Confirmation,and already told me that after the summer will give me back a bunch of kids first communion.
    Her father Ariel often insists on pride,calls “Queen of the deadly sins” “driving force” of all other,and he's right,like the time he told me that “If the devil can and catch us in pride,can one of us would do what he wants”. I lesson (I think,I hope),I got it. Your Welcome,I hope,I hope to understand who pushed me towards lefevriani,sedevacantists,priests who hate popes and councils,who spend their lives to question the liturgy, etc..etc.. well I will pray,in this Lent,who understands the lesson who should understand…
    thanks dad,thanks again so much,thanks for everything.

    Milena (Rome)

    • father ariel
      Don Paolo Menichetti says:

      Gent. Milena sig.ra.
      To really understand, what we feel, we priests, when we are told that we have cooperated to “to save” O “resume” a sheep that was lost, must be within the heart of a priest, Why, certain things, are not easily outerwear, not even express in words.
      Continue on the road that has taken, and that in the Lord accompany.

  9. father ariel
    Alexandra P. says:

    months ago Ariel father told me in private things different but more or less similar, and do not thank you enough. Different is that I, I listened to, and I realized that I was on the wrong track. I was one of those who Blog Maria Guarini wrote some of the strongest comments. Thanks again father!

    • father ariel
      matthew virga says:

      … kind alessandra, So I am pleased that I was not the only! we hope not wrong to say it too loud, I would not want the father would pay at the end of the ariel dear, if you were to understand that tore much … “clientele”.
      thanks again ariel father and also a big hello to his father John, great Dominican!

      p.s. sorry but I have problems with the phone to get their case!

  10. father ariel
    Don Andrea Fanciello says:

    Dear Fathers / Dear brother priests.
    I have confirmed in the belief that “It is worth” be priests, despite everything, great disappointments including, often…
    This your written brief, compared to those articulated and longer, who usually write, not only, And, for us priests, a true lesson of pastoral style, but it is also a lesson in true mercy, not to be confused ever (mercy), with misericordismo, or with the “mercy”.
    Thanks go, for the lesson.

  11. father ariel
    cdsm2010 says:

    Rev. Fathers Ariel and John.

    This your last article was for us a knife. My wife and I have read your latest articles, remaining perplexed. You have sown in us doubt. Then, the doubt, started roderci. Before lunch, My wife made me read this your last. Then, we had lunch, in silence, without telling us anything. Then, we got to sit on the veranda, and then ..., then suddenly, looking at us in the face, there we are told: those two priests are right!
    From this Sunday, we will return, after 11 year old, Mass in the parish to which we belong. The pastor does not even know, we shall, explain to him that 11 years we have attended the SSPX in Albano, ask him for confession, explain how the Fathers of the Island of Patmos convinced us, with their writings.
    We will, enough words, to thank you?
    For now there comes our most devoted esteem.

    Luigi and Maria Francesca Hunt Sammarzano
    Grottaferrata, Rome

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