Author Father Ariel

Heresy Lefebvrian and the state of mortal sin


[…] those who participate in liturgies celebrated by these bishops and priests derogatory authority of the Church and its teachings and why increasingly subjected to regime Suspension; who receives the sacraments from them; who through books, journalistic activities, conferences and supports various forms of propaganda in the Catholic world the cause of Lefebvre as valid or promotes their heretical interpretations and those of their founder; soweth serious errors between the People of God by saying that the Holy Father Francis' expression modernist heresy "and that the Bishop Marcel Lefebvre had acted in" legitimate state of necessity against the Second Vatican Council and against the Popes Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, as at the time acted St. Athanasius against the Arian heresy "; should not be considered at all a defender of the true Catholic tradition but a soul in a state of mortal sin.

Dear Father Ariel.

I do not participate in the Mass for years according to the novus ordo. I do not intend to argue, even if they do not agree with many things that she, so hard, Father John Cavalcoli, style with softer but also hard, you wrote about the traditionalists. I follow the same willingly, since you people of deep preparation. The wonder: because in recent times he attacked her so hard with Lefebvrians and the Society of St. Pius X? I am a Catholic who has been participating every Sunday at their celebrations at Albano, because I'm comfortable with the ancient rite and not with the antics that we have to suffer in many churches conciliarist. I'm happy and I go out in peace with my conscience from the Mass. Where is the problem? Then, Benedict XVI, Did not withdrawn even excommunication? Andrea B.. (Castel Gandolfo)

Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

I say first of all putting on notice that should not feel at peace with his conscience and to respond to his questions I will use part of a text that the Dominican theologian John Cavalcoli and I wrote recently, drawing from it the necessary elements useful to illuminate it.

Marcel Lefebvre 2

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre schismatic [1905-1991]

The Society of Saint Pius X constitutes a serious doctrinal and canonical problem. It is true that the Roman Pontiff has freed the four bishops consecrated by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre illicitly from the burden of excommunication, in order to institute a dialogue for their full re-admission into the communion of the Church, but we must not forget that at present, Bishops and priests from their ordered, remain effectively Valid ma illegal, ie suspended that fact from the order that received validly ma illicitly [CF. Code of Canon Law, cann. 1382, 1383, 1015], all in virtue of the existence of serious doctrinal problems unresolved, as pointed out in March 2009 the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI saying that they "do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church" [text WHO].

marcello semeraro

Marcello Semeraro, Bishop of the Diocese of Albano

It's true, the Church has lifted the excommunication, but he did it to solicit these schismatics to return to full communion with Rome; has however never canceled Suspension based not on disciplinary matters but on serious doctrinal problems. Therefore it is our obligation to remind the faithful that it is not permissible for them to receive the sacraments from these priests, as recently reiterated the Bishop of Albano Laziale SE. Mons. Marcello Semeraro, on whose canonical territory is home to the Italian district of Lefebvre, with whom she participates illicitly in liturgies celebrated in total disobedience to the Church and to the norms established by the Diocesan who in a decree stated and clarified:

"Any Catholic who requests and receives the Sacraments in the Society of St. Pius X will arise in fact in the position of not being in communion with the Catholic Church. A readmission in the Catholic Church should be preceded by an adequate personal journey of reconciliation, according to ecclesiastical discipline established by Bishop » [see WHO basically full reproduction of the document].

Only if a Catholic were in danger of death can properly be absolved by a priest of the Society of St. Pius X, because the Church, urges the eternal salvation of all souls, in that case authorizes any priest, including a cleric suspended peep, or even excommunicated and defrocked, to give valid sacramental absolution [Code of Canon Law, can. 1335].

The fundamental error of Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, from which follow those of his followers and sympathizers, is the persistent accusation leveled at the Second Vatican Council of "falsifying Sacred Tradition" [see WHO]. Such an accusation is implicitly and explicitly in itself heresy, since it is assumed that with the Council, the Church is out of the path of the truth revealed, which in turn implies the lack of confidence that the Second, in establishing its doctrines, was assisted by the Holy Spirit, against the promise made by the Lord to his Church to lead it to the fullness of truth.

bernard fellay 3

the schismatic Bishop Bernard Fellay, illicitly consecrated by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988 and current superior general of the Society of St. Pius X

My answer is therefore objective since it is based on the acts of the Popes, the directives issued in time by the relevant departments of the Holy See, on the criteria of the solid Catholic doctrine and canon law, certainly not on moods or purely subjective. And the answer that a priest and theologian must take for imperative of conscience is as follows: soweth serious errors between the People of God by saying that the Pope Francis is a heretic modernist [see WHO, WHO] and that the Bishop Marcel Lefebvre had acted in legitimate state of necessity against the Second Vatican Council in its time acted as St. Athanasius against the Arian heresy; who receives the sacraments from them, subject to the provisions of canon 1335; those within the Catholic world sowing among the People of God the poison of error through books, journalistic activities, conferences and various forms of propaganda in favor of the cause of Lefebvre as valid or promotes their heretical interpretations and those of their founder; can not be considered at all a defender of the true Catholic tradition but a soul in a state of mortal sin.

Pope confesses

The Holy Father Francis and administers a confession

The invitation therefore to apply as soon as a confessor to seek absolution after his repentance and firm resolve not to attend most institutions and liturgies celebrated by bishops and priests not in communion with the Roman Pontiff; not to attend and do not pay more attention to all those who spread the doctrinal errors and blatant heresies of these schismatics behind pretexts of an alleged purity Catholic who is not God's work but the whole work of Satan, whose sin favorite has always been the pride, Queen and charioteer of all other deadly sins.

In Italian dioceses there are priests who in obedience to their bishops in full communion with the Bishop of Rome as the Church allows celebrate with old order posted, that embodies an extraordinary heritage of faith and piety that must not be lost. Then there is the Fraternity of St. Peter which operates in full legitimacy with the recognition of the Holy See and also preserves and offers the faithful the Holy Mass celebrated with the venerable missal of St. Pius V [see WHO]. In such cases it may lawfully receive the sacraments in full communion with the universal Church and the Bishop of Rome and said then really at peace with his conscience, drawing from all spiritual benefits for the edification of his soul in this life and eternal life.

dove of peace with jacket

A mural in Bethlehem, near the dividing wall between the Israeli and Palestinian territory, which is depicted in the center of a viewfinder the dove of peace wearing a bulletproof vest. We make sure that this does not happen in certain diatribes get in ed Extras ecclesial

The Island of Patmos not conduct battles against anyone and it is our Christian always good care to distinguish the erroneous deviations from the teachings of the Church and the Catholic doctrine - which as such must be fought with all the weapons of Christian charity - ranging from single errant instead correct and welcomed, place that is the Lord Jesus himself to affirm: «It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick; I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners " [Cf Mc 2, 17]. We therefore have no animosity towards Lefebvre and their individual members, that we must consider in serious error without resorting to any justifying philosophical sophistry; and the care of souls, pastors and theologians if necessary we can not exempt ourselves from remembering the good Catholics what is right and what is wrong, because to God, who gave his people in custody, we will have to respond very seriously the salvation of souls entrusted to us.



– «Letter S.S. Paul VI to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre», 29 June 1975 [text WHO]

– Apostolic Letter of SS. Paul VI, «New admonition to S.It is. Mons. Marcel Lefebvre», 8 September 1975 [text, WHO]

– S.S. Paul VI, «Letter to Bishop. Marcel Lefebvre», 15 August 1976 [text WHO]

– Speech by SS. Paul WE "On the painful story of Mons. Marcello Lefebvre», 1September 1976 [text WHO]

– «Apostolic Letter Ecclesia Dei"The Supreme Pontiff John Paul II in the form of motu proprio, 2 July 1988 [text WHO].

– Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, Explanatory Note "On the excommunication for schism they face the adherents to the movement of Bishop Marcel Lefebvre», 24 August 1996 [text WHO].

– Congregation for Bishops: «Decree of remission of the excommunication latae sententiae to the Bishops of the Fraternity of St. Pius X», 21 January 2009 [text WHO]

– «Note from the Secretary of State about the four bishops of the Fraternity of St. Pius X», 4 February 2009 [text WHO]

Letter of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to the Bishops of the Catholic Church concerning the remission of the excommunication of 4 Bishops consecrated by 'Archbishop Lefebvre [text, 10 March 2009 WHO].


Copy the text circulated to the priests of his diocese by Bishop of Albano on the canonical territory which houses the district of the Italian Society of St. Pius X


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  1. Miriam Ghinassi
    Miriam Ghinassi says:

    Poor pretonzolo. From the hatred with which you worry about demolishing and crumbling them, it would seem that you have quite a lot of this Fsspx’ fear. And you do well. You know that in single combat they would knock and smear them and you would make the figure of the radical chic kept oppressor of those who work as you are. Go backtrack with your fellow pederast Masons & co. I do not sympathize with this Fsspx but at least they have the good sense to avoid shooting boiate 360′ without doing shit from morning to night. The people have learned so much by now that they have to do without you

  2. Timorous says:

    For Don Ariel

    why has not published all my posts, on Don Enzo and His interventions?

    I think it's good for the triumph of Truth refute the arguments and arguments to complete, beyond my unworthy person
    that despite what does not deserve to be silenced, forgive me if I'm wrong, but my love for Jesus Truth and Victim and His Priests to This conformed, allows me to speak to you so because she: a priest!

    • Drafting
      Drafting says:

      We have received this as his only comment and publish it sees.
      Those to which he refers in this message, we have not received.
      E’ sure I have done “sending” after having written?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      I do not reproach, I'm in what the Church says, establishes and orders explicitly or implicitly mercifully without having to resort to the cry of “let him be“.
      If what the Holy Father Benedict XVI has said and written is not clear – although it is in itself clear -, i'm sorry, but I can't help it.
      This is not to scold, it comes to asking questions that she, as a faithful Catholic, is required to ask yourself, or: what it means for you “… do not exercise any legitimate ministry in the Church?”.
      I will explain again what I mean: if the bishop whose canonical jurisdiction over me sign a decree stating that motivated me “no army any legitimate ministry in the Church“, it would mean that they are suspended a divinis and that I can not celebrate Mass, preach, administer confessions, administer the Sacraments.
      Has therefore the goodness and willingness not to exchange “proceedings” e “Facts” to reproach.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Luca.

      Honestly in, I had not seen that site, knows how, I'm a priest and today ended a Friday in Lent. This morning I made a Lenten meditation to a group of religious, then in the afternoon I administered confessions, Then I drove the Via Crucis meditations prepared, below I celebrated Mass, after which I had with an old priest forced for years in a wheelchair, Finally I got home and relax for a moment I started to watch "Planet of the Apes”. Understand however, that I gave up immediately the movie just got her this message, because reading the ramblings she pointed me is far superior in quantity and quality to the movie science fiction.

  3. father ariel
    Catholic Disenchanted says:

    … I could know, in advance, the seat of the diocese which they promised, Reverend expensive, in exchange for these harping papafranceschiste?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Well you, you confess: I was offered a seat, But not a diocese but a titular. They're naming titular archbishop of Las Vegas with assignment of apostolic visitor Plenipotentiary in the Seminary of Ecône.
      I was also called by the Bishop of Albano to resolve once and for all the question of the "Brotherhood" whose Italian district is located precisely in Albano.
      I hope I can count on your prayers and those of all his friends, so that it can carry through this great charity.

  4. father ariel
    Don Elio says:

    Dear brother Ariel, I know the situation is not much of Albano, and not only, because I am a priest, but because they are just a priest of the local Church of Albano Lazio, pastor for the past 30 long years.
    You know how me, and perhaps best of me, As our bishops are reluctant to take certain measures. And I must say that, our bishop, in dealing with this longstanding problem, was really … aseptic, as if to make it as painless as possible.
    As pastor, I can tell you that, the presence of this “community”, has become for us, continuously growing, more and more painful and even … annoying.
    Have in the house, for more on the outskirts of Rome, People and priests schismatics who catechize against the Second Vatican Council, against the Pope and the Bishops, against the teaching etc.. it is not easy, also because then, our faithful disappointed by many of our inadequacies priestly and liturgical, going to look for “good adequacy” e “good liturgy” by lefevriani, and what then, made experience of what really are, come back to us more disappointed than ever, we are priests, we have to take them back and pull them up by so many unpleasant experiences closing first mental, then ecclesial and spiritual.

    And the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin assist us.

    • father ariel
      Timorous says:

      Dear Don Elio, it would be incorrect to present clear evidence of "..ciò that really are -i lefebvriani-" before speaking,
      to sow doubts that the Divine Judge may consider as slander?

      Lo tip, presenting: facts showing what really are the Lefebvrians outside Rome!
      Otherwise it can be said that his is only a talk without proof.

      Why Mgr. Sahib, has not taken action in the time of Benedict XVI?

      • father ariel
        Don Elio says:

        sit, before answering, she read what others write? I explained that “for now 30 long years” are parish priest in the diocese of Albano Laziale. I understand that this, for her, perhaps counts for nothing, so expect it to be her, Dear Mr. Layman, to explain to me, Pastor from 30, What are the lefebvrists in my Diocese, where from 42 years a priest, because believe me, even the arrogance, that sometimes seems to be overwhelming in some, There is a limit.
        our Bishop, what you had to say, He said in his document, If you want to know why it did not at the time of Benedict XVI, take appointment at the time of receipt, go to him, and if they do explain.

      • Drafting
        Drafting says:

        Dear Timorato,

        the editorial staff, included the philosopher Hypatia cat, would have to ask a question: are the modernists, with their well-known heresies have secularized priests and the laity clericalizzato, or – According to tones with which she turns to a priest who is pastor of three decades and priest from 42 year old – I'm sure the lefebvrists, who do not recognize the dignity due to even the most sinful priests?

        • Timorous says:

          Dear don Ariel, look who were characters like Professor. Amerio that defined Mons,Lefebvure novel as Athanasius and not him!

          Then, how can she or even a most divine Pope, certify the case of need of a bishop, when that actually affects only those affected -for obvious reasons, seen THAT NO ONE can investigate internal forum(cf. St. Thomas)- ?;

          and as if one is starving, can eat only if the pope decides that really has an empty stomach after making sure the naked eye!…you don't think so?

          • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            … and who gave similar foolish definition was wrong, including Romano Amerio. Or perhaps it is that the works of Romano Amerio are inserted between the books of Revelation, or that the work Iota Fifth is the canonical Gospel?
            Moreover, if the Pope says to me not to eat I'm starving, rather: I am sure that I will not die right, because in exchange for my devout obedience to His Vicar, Christ the Lord will send his angels in person to feed.
            And if someone does not understand the hyperbole, I feel sorry for him.

  5. George M. G. Locatelli says:

    Rest amazed by those wanting to be the holder of sound doctrine indeed the daily breaks. But they do not know the SSPX priests that because of the suspension of priestly, unlawfully administer the sacraments and receive no spiritual fruit and that their prayers, as St. Thomas says, not take effect? They do not know that their confessions are invalid even if the so-called “common mistake as colored”? They do not know who to appeal awkwardly, to commit such abuses, to a state of need, objectively nonexistent, worsens even more their state before the Catholic Church? And they do not know that he who disobeys the Church will be treated by Jesus as evil and pagan? Know.
    So what are waiting, as duty, not to run but to rush to get in full communion with the Church? E’ an obligation. I hope one day to realize that “The real master stroke of Satan has been to be able to get them to disobey the Church in the name of '”obedience”..and since they do not spare criticism to anyone, should remember that Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus..e that their Church, alone, are not and will not…

  6. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    … and I'm happy to answer questions and to refresh your memory of them.

    What do you intend to tell me, perhaps that is inconsistent?
    And if the apostles, When “and all forsook fled“, consistently did not return ever again, today there would be the Church?
    If St. Paul the Apostle was “consistent”, would it not be a Pharisee remained consistently hard and pure and an indomitable persecutor of Christians?
    Evidently the Apostles themselves have changed my mind, touched by the grace of the Holy Spirit.
    At times, change opinion, is a thanksgiving, or acceptance of God's grace, which often breaks into the lives of her children as a real shock.
    Go and inquire why, St. Margaret of Cortona, was elected patron of repentant prostitutes, there is a reason, visor?
    But if, Daisy, Instead he chose to live in “consistency” with the kind of life he had chosen to lead, I guarantee that after all was neither consistent nor holy.

    Usually people are closed to the grace that never change opinion and living fossilized in their subjective truths that are not, however, kept the truth and announced by the Church. Just like that, like the gentlemen of broken records for fifty years they continue to talk about “popes apostatesconcilaboli hereticsFair protestantiche …” etc … etc… and once it is heard talk one, you have heard of all.

    In this way certain subjects live – I repeat – in a state of mortal sin, inducing others to choose the size of sin, pace of their alleged “defense of the non-negotiable values“.

    I will therefore denies substantive theological, moral and canonical.
    Thank you!

    • yr says:

      Dear P. Ariel,
      I would understand a thing. So you think it was wrong to have made those criticisms to the Pope? But they were not only critical style, totally legitimate? Maybe it feels that it has been criticized inappropriate?
      I ask this because I had not noticed that there had been a change in its positions and would like to know what is. I seemed to understand that he had only changed style and topics, but that his positions had remained the same.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Very expensive.

        There are my articles in which I raise doubts on certain “styles” pastoral of the Supreme Pontiff, some of his speeches in arm, and especially those made with journalists. I do not like that the Pope will face interview by a godless overt as Eugenio Scalfari, I do not like that slip off into the crowd greeted with raised pollicione, makes me smile to see him on the road, taking with him his old black briefcase, several times I found some of his speeches is not clear and therefore subject to ambiguities etc.. etc … in conclusion: I raised concerns, entirely legitimate, on “private doctor” and on some of his pastoral approaches very “peasant” (campagnoli).
        And this is something, all things considered marginal.

        Now on the other hand the key thing and not marginal, which is this: there is my writing, book or article that is, in which I put in doubt and question authority, the magisterium and the doctrines set forth by the Supreme Pontiffs, including first and foremost the reigning Pontiff; and that's because I'm a man of faith, a priest and a theologian with very clear ideas on the concept of authority, aware that Peter, as the bishops in communion with him, have an authority and are called to exercise an authority that received them directly from Christ our God.

        How do you see my position is the same as always: “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church“. And pace of certain disasters, apocalyptic, rebels at the ecumenical councils, to the Magisterium of the Church, liturgical reforms and Popes of the last fifty years, at this location, that is to me a certainty of faith, the safety of the rest of the sentence pronounced by the Lord Jesus: “… and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it“.

        How do you see, still on this basis, who then are dogmas of faith, You can change your mind without being inconsistent.

        • yr says:

          Thank you for your response, rereading my question might seem specious.
          I am not clear, however, on what has changed his mind…

  7. Blas says:

    Don Ariel, those who go to Mass by Lefebvrians is in mortal sin. The Lutherans, Anglicans Pentecostals also are in mortal sin?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Blas.

      The next time I happen to confess an adulteress, follow his logic and answer: “Go in peace with your conscience, dear daughter, basically there are escort who commit the worst sins of your“.
      That says, if I did this way – according to his logic “but the other is worst” – I would be a good confessor?

      • Blas says:

        Dear Don Ariel, May, It was not my intention, I would criticize what she says to adulteresses. Rather the question I made was percapire what they say his colleagues of escort. I accept what you say about the lefebvrists but what should I understand of Cardinals who advise read Luther, by entering to pray with everyone in every non-Catholic temple to his step is telling us that religious diversity is an asset. Only the lefevbriani do not have seeds of truth? OL them are bad? You can take pensareche Ramadan good fruit and go to mass by lefevbriani brings us to hell?

        • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Very expensive,

          I do not have “Colleagues” ma “brethren in Christ” to what Kingdom for sacramental grace from the Redeemer's blood of Christ.
          A Cardinal who is a bishop in communion with the Bishop of Rome and who may want to read Luther – thing that I personally would not recommend ever, if not for study and to people who have ability to judge critical-historical-theological – I offended in any case much less than that of the Bishop Lefebvre, invoking a state of necessity that there was and eleggendosi all'Atanasio of Alexandria that was not, disavowed the Pope and a whole Ecumenical Council accepted by all the Church Fathers.
          However, if he wants to take the speck of Cardinal Marx and keep the beam in the eye of the Bishop Lefebvre as if it was all well and good, go ahead, I'm with Peter.

  8. Guy Villa says:

    While not agreeing that the SSPX circles canonical recognition - as did the FSSP that says the same thing - to be honest, I find this to your tenacity in one direction is at least curious. Personally I am more concerned about the souls under the power of the so-called German Bishops' Conference - given the statements of its President today, Former Catholic Cardinal Marx, it is in effect become a body scismatico - that of those who walk with the FSSPX. If I lived in Germany, and not in Croatia, without the slightest twinge of conscience would follow the SSPX than schismatics directed by Mr. Marx. The rest, I never heard from the SSPX that the Catholic Church must repent and do penance for having frightened for centuries the faithful talking about hell and purgatory, like hand, said Mr. Marx.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Guido.

      I do not pretend that no one read my books, but those who read them know that I am neither the modernists nor of Lefebvre, but with Peter, Peter's boat, in the often stormy sea, or: with the Church, in the Church and for the Church.
      In 2011, in one of my books (And Satan came Trino) I spoke about the situation in Germany as a “facto schism“. Today I can say that in 2012 I was called by a certain body of the Holy See that asked me even more detailed information, about what I wrote in that book, sensing that many things, perhaps worst, I had not written to avoid creating confusion among the People of God.

      We do not know, at the moment, what he said really Card. Reinhard Marx, I urge it not to make the processes to none – including a bishop at the time, and until proven otherwise not easy in full communion with the Bishop of Rome – on the basis of a roll of the agency and newspaper articles that can extrapolate complex things by some kind of long speeches articulated.

      Define a close collaborator of the Holy Father as “Former Catholic Cardinal” What is offensive, because it is the Pope who can eventually withdraw the dignity of Cardinal granted and certainly not her.

      In a speech very articulate and relevant, he card. Marx said that at the pastoral and catechetical, often, in the past, has made use of the images of Purgatory and Hell to terrorize the faithful. What then by journalists “did say” e “put in the mouth” is something else.
      All in the same way in which I, without incurring any canonical censure, indeed procacciandomi approval from several bishops and priests, I wrote that “for too long we have transformed the sex and sexuality in the sin of sins, as if the whole mystery of evil resided only in the sixth commandment”.
      Mine was a pastoral and theological analysis, then, if someone wants to accuse me of having “cleared through customs” lust, go ahead, but I have never said or claimed.

      If you want to follow the bishops and priests Lefebvrians that have put in place a rupture of communion and who do not actually belong to the Catholic Church, go ahead; it is my duty to tell you, however, that she is in grave error and also in a state of sin, much more than what it is instead the Card. Marx for his analysis pastoral.

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