That communist consistent pattern Vauro Senesi to whom I narrated: "Before I would have protected the communists sought by the fascists, then the fascists sought by the Communists "

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A Vauro, sincere and consistent communist, fit is an episode narrated by the Holy Gospels which must always keep alert all of us Catholics. I am referring to the episode during the transmission of Straight and Reverse I mentioned smiling tone Giuseppe Cruciani, I am addressing myself to what I said: «Giuseppe, like the good thief of the Gospel, She threatens to steal the Paradise to everyone in the last two minutes of life '. Thus remain incomprehensible as insussistenti, the controversies mounted on Paolo Del Debbio and the conduct of the program itself.


Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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the cartoonist Vauro Senesi [to see the program click on the image: 01:30]

The famous cartoonist Vauro and I are not intimidated - indeed, unfortunately, we're not just - from printed cartoons over by the cigarette packs psychological terrorists, that link cancer and cardiovascular diseases, up to urological threats: "Smoking causes impotence". Thus, Giuseppe Cruciani cigar lover we found ourselves a quiet corner outside the studio 11 the citadel of Mediaset Cologno Monzese to go to smoke before and after the direct Straight and Reverse.


Padre Ariel S. Levi of Gualdo in the second part of the evening [click on the image to see the episode from the second hour: 02:06]

I went on the air in the late evening final and I was in the studio with Vauro, when the scuffle occurred between him and a certain Brazil, carnival borgataro whose brain seems to be below that of man, and a little above that of the monkey. Subjects like to live are always risky, having the propensity to emit noises from the mouth in the form of words without first having activated the brain that have little. And since Brazil he does not speak nor reason but emits sounds rough, He has come to express themselves badly with the journalist Francesca Fagnani in the studio, to which he said "come (in township) I'll show you that I ". Vauro gave so in outburst, roughly as said in outburst I when in the previous episode Thursday 31 October I found myself before the “ex” Catholic priests who constituted very rare cases and beyond all limits, not only and not so much because homosexuals declared, but why “happily” married men.


the controversy that from the day were unleashed on Paolo Del Debbio leading the program are not in heaven or on earth. Video record is a document that leaves no reasonable room for doubt, approximately exemplary manner in which he conducted and managed all, I think the best way.


the debate between the journalist Francesca Fagnani and borgataro Brazil

Hor always misjudged our country than eight decades later followed to speak of fascism and anti-fascism. This prevents you from doing lucid analysis of the Fascist period, inserted in a very complex European history. To analyze the Italian Fascism and German Nazism different political phenomenon should be from the period before the First World War and then analyze what follows. Indeed, the conditions for the emergence of what will be the evil phenomenon of Nazism, They were created at Versailles to the peace negotiating table at the end of World War I., from which the fair and dangerous Germany was made to stand up and liquidated in a manner humbling to say the least.


the borgataro Brazil

I think that talk about Nazism and Fascism It is incorrect as it would combine Marxist Communism and Liberal capitalism. These political movements born at times close but different connotations from peoples from psychologies that produce quite dissimilar distinct stories. Fascism and Nazism have in common only one thing: are popular movements inspired by Socialism, It would say today leftist movements.


Vauro and borgataro Brazil

I consider it an anachronism who in their twenties ignorant of history speak of Fascism, anti-fascism and partisan struggles as we were in the days after 25 July 1943. Experience that I've done that in the past studying in two Italian universities with strong communist presence. I also remember a dispute that touched the brawl, When discussing the historical and legal issues, a student tried to take off strillandomi word "fascist!”. Well, place that the children are not responsible for the sins of the fathers, let alone grandparents, before all I remembered that his grandfather was the fascist mayor of that city and, while his grandfather and his cronies in black shirt manganellavano dissidents to singing Duce, Duce, my parents were among clubbed, not among the manganellatori, forward to all my great-grandfather, sentenced to exile in 1927 after the promulgation of fascist laws. Therefore, a reconciliation between contemporary minds and a wise proceed further without getting trapped in the past, it would be helpful to many, especially at certain Italian who they may be forced to admit the kind of ancestors who had in their family trees, or otherwise sentirseli remember from their interlocutors. Better to let it rest in peace fascists and anti-fascists, avoiding in this sense not a few embarrassments.


the conductor of the program Paolo Del Debbio riaccompagna Vauro in place

Over time I have changed in part opinion. (C)ome fact said Vauro during the cigarettes off the air: "I realize that when Italians begin to experience fear, They tend to move towards the radical right. Partly because they need security, in part because they hope that a strong figure give them those securities that they can not find in themselves, then in force, changing their collective security ".


History is not an opinion, with respect to those who now wants to rewrite the past in their own ideological use and present consumption. So you must start with a fact that nobody can deny: Fascism in Italy, Nazism in Germany, born from the free and determined will of the voters who expressed through elections, They are not the result of a revolution, as it happened in the former Russian Empire in 1917. And then, Fascism and Nazism, had the vote of the electorate through the mechanism of free elections, have made the popular vote what we know and what the criminal history documents.


the borgataro Brazil

Putting all these terms I understand the fears Vauro, that eight decades after his downfall speaks of fascism and anti-fascism moved by its own logic which combines a fear motivated by the knowledge that the people of Europe, when they feel insecure, They tend to support certain movements or parties. But this comes upstream from the inability of the parties and the liberal or socialist governments to give guarantees and security to citizens, just as it did in Italy in 1919 and in Germany in the early 1930.


Vauro Senesi He is a sincere man has a quality that in our country of chameleons and change artists has always been a rare commodity, particularly today: consistency. Vauro deserves respect and appreciation, Communist because he was born and lived his life believing in the ideals of Communism. And with sincere passion'll explain why in his opinion that today's always worthwhile being a communist.


Memorial stone of the twelve Carthusian monks murdered by the Nazis in September 1944 the Certosa di Farneta in Lucca area

Of course both: the European scene the Italian Communists had always precise connotations in relation to the Catholic culture and Catholicism present in our country. If in fact in Italy, especially in "red regions", the Communists had not brought their children to be baptized, and they had not sent them to catechism, kindergartens of the sisters and many even in Catholic schools, most of our institutions in the areas of Lazio, Tuscany, delle Marche, Umbria and Emilia Romagna could swing shut. Myself, like Tuscan-Roman born in low from the Roman family Maremma and lived between Rome and the Grosseto area, I was a witness and spectator of episodes sometimes hilarious. I remember more vividly when my classmate, in the distant 1976, while from the school building we went at a nearby gym touched iron and made the horns to the passage of an elderly priest dressed in his black robe and head saturn. He was the son of the head of a crowded section of the Italian Communist Party. In the afternoon of the same day his father, holding him by the arm and mollandogli a kick every ten meters in rhythmic and synchronized, He brought at the accommodations of the adjacent cathedral church clergy, where he lived quest'anziano, so he should ask pardon for the irreverent gesture made towards the priest. And here he goes explained that elderly priest risked being shot by the Germans in 1944 for having first hidden, then favored the escape of a group of communist partisans. It definitely would be shot, if the two officers in command had been suffering from old Lutheran Protestant romanofobia, instead of Bavarian Catholicism that gave in to the insistent demands of the bishop who stood imperiously commanded saying: "If you take my priest, you also have to take me with him ".


monument to the Lucchese Aldo Mei priest, killed by the Nazis at the age of 32 years in 1944 [see service WHO].

In Italy itself where today we speak mostly of pedophile priests and gay priests, the various Don Euro unfortunately real and existing, priests vicious pinched in gay saunas and so on, how many were Italian priests honored in postwar highest honors for civil valor for saving even entire populations, during the German occupation of 1944? Paolo Del Debbio which is Lucchese certainly knows the story of his fellow gold medal to the memory of the civic value, With Aldo, a young priest of thirty years in which the SS. They did dig the hole in the wall around the city and then shot him. Also in lucchesia a firing squad of the SS. fucilò in September 1944 all the monks of the Carthusian Charterhouse of Farneta, guilty of having given refuge and shelter to partisans. Limited to Tuscany alone taken as an example among these lines, remember that between 1943 and 1946 They were killed 75 members of the secular and regular clergy [please refer to this service, WHO]. Only in the Diocese of Arezzo were 34 the members of the secular and regular clergy who lost their lives between 1943 and 1946 [please refer to this service, WHO]. Altogether, all over Italy, the priests who followed the same fate during those years amounted to about 480.


a group of priests murdered by Communist partisans between 1944 and 1946 in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla

In certain contexts the priest It becomes not only a particular figure, figure but high-risk, because it does not belong to a current or ideology, least of all the winners of the group got excited on finite captors defeated. The priest belongs to the Church Mother and Mediatrix of All Graces, with a consequence paradoxical: before the priests were beaten by the fascists to have protected the communists sought, then shot in red triangle Emilia Romagna by the communists sought to have protected the fascists. For the priest exists the man understood as a creature made in the image and likeness of God. None of us, before a human life in danger demand political affiliation, prior judgment given on the right ideology or belonging to the wrong one, why give licenses to righteous dead and unrighteous dead, of good killers and bad murderers It is very difficult, as well as a lot of dangerous. We can talk about just war as defensive and unjust war as offensive and aggressive. We can make the necessary distinctions between the death of human beings who died in self-defense actions, where it was not really possible to do otherwise, from those that have been instead the killings and massacres committed by useless revenge. Among these are particularly serious ones perpetrated by the SS. to the detriment of innocent civilian lives, which it remains the paradigm of the Fosse Ardeatine massacre in Rome suburb, where the logic was applied: killed ten Italians for every German dead. At such criminal purposes they were rounded up on the streets of passers-by at random, then killed. In addition to the Fosse Ardeatine, however, there are also Foibe of Istria and Dalmatia, where no less ferocity Communist partisans killed unarmed civilians.


in Ferrara, in the town of Argenta, the priest Giovanni Minzoni was the first priest killed by the fascist squads with a stick in 1923

Vauro possesses intelligence and human sensibility to understand this, because it is historically educated man and he knows that the communist partisans were hidden sought in ecclesiastical stable, the same way in which they were hidden years later, in the same stable, fascists fleeing communist partisans. And when things went wrong, the priests were beaten to death by the fascists, then shot by the Nazis, and to follow murdered by Partisans. In wars, especially in civil wars, The position of the Church and the clergy is always difficult and high-risk.


On Thursday transmission 7 November Vauro acted and reacted with the communist passion for life he believed in an ideal that many others may be debatable and questionable from a historical and political point of view, but without detracting from the good faith, the human quality and consistency of the person who believes truly and sincerely in what he believes.


bust in honor of the priest Pasquino Borghi, shot by the Fascists in 1944

A Vauro, sincere and consistent communist, fit is an episode narrated by the Holy Gospels We must always keep alert all of us Catholics. I am referring to the episode during the broadcast I mentioned smiling tone Giuseppe Cruciani, I am addressing myself to what I said: «Giuseppe, like the good thief of the Gospel, She threatens to steal the Paradise to everyone in the last two minutes of life ' [cf. LC 23, 39-43].


In one way or another consistency always pays, because it has always been God is very merciful to those who erred in good faith animated by sincere consistency, will instead be very strict with everyone who, come cortigiane impenitenti, They have spent his life jumping from one bed to another, looking from time to time of paying customers increasingly rich and generous. No one can blame anything like Vauro Senesi, nor Giuseppe Cruciani, two people loyal and consistent. The Church has always condemned sin, not the sinner, towards which it is always cozy, because otherwise it would betray the mission which Christ God has entrusted to men and to the salvation of mankind.


the Island of Patmos, 9 November 2019



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18 thoughts on "That communist consistent pattern Vauro Senesi to whom I narrated: "Before I would have protected the communists sought by the fascists, then the fascists sought by the Communists "

  1. That communist consistent pattern Vauro Senesi to whom I narrated: "Before I would have protected the communists sought by the fascists, then the fascists sought by the Communists "

  2. Watch Don Ariel I am Roman, but not suburban township, and for this purpose according to his worthy example, I according to another point of view weave the praise of this “Brazil” I discovered that only exist in recent months.

    Now we all know what said our Lord Christ, Jesus-God, callers stupid his brother and I'm writing it as if you could not judge (something that some people like to brag) As a matter of fact.

    so I do not want to push it at all reprocessing, nor to seek what, in this borgataro, There was good just in his words, in addition to what he was alluding(quell'inviata is known to disguise criminals and mafia-borgatare events, But maybe that's the breed).

    Father, therefore, these savings praise, especially that pimp Cruciani, praises you already understand what they should help us to discern giust'appunto – as rightly comments below and below, and approve – but I have no doubt that it is better Padula irony educated or well expressed to timely content, because the situation is worse than you think.

    Be attentissimissimo pleasure.

    “Blessed is he who takes refuge in Him” Amen.

    1. To say that a person, the proven evidence of the facts, It is not smart, it is not an offense or an insult, but a finding of fact.
      then applying his logic that a Christian has nothing, accompanied by the Gospel citations made inappropriately, it follows that men like Shaul of Tarsus (St. Paul the Apostle), Aurelio Thagaste (Sant'Agostino), until reaching Saint John of God and St. Ignatius of Loyola, would never converted, becoming men by the grace of God later became.

      Singular the fact that I may warn “Be attentive to please”, then adding “blessed are those who take refuge in him”, all throughout the text of a message that speaks for if.

      1. Don Ariel I need: what little there was to understand what this Brasil expressed she could not catch him and it seems futile to point out why, perquanto I did mention earlier the journalist was referring.
        But if we speak of stupid, the game is unequal. Except that over fascism has never agree on what it actually is, support a composite view and generally opportunistic as that is always a sign of mental retardation less than being liberals or communists…remembering that reason and intellect are distinct, and culture leaving things as they are.
        But the fact that was not: you know very well that human consistency does not exist and if you see consistency in Vauro does not know who, or better, ignores why he's there. Cruciani is an ass-licker , an animal from television, and so endorse?
        If then she, Don Ariel, He inferred that I have sanctioned the irrevocable hell being impossible to convert them as if I were God, I hope to have induced me with my rambling syntax for this esternazione.Di sure if I want to believe in heaven cryptic nothing, This question is quite peaceful to be.

        Be more careful and God protect us.

  3. Father Ariel Caro,

    I can not – and I do not want – criticize your benevolent attitude towards Vauro; I can only say that you threw with incredible ferocity in the past said the cartoonist in a transmission of Santoro against Via Crucis, raping the verge of blasphemy of Our Lord scenes on the Way of Sorrow, among the chilling laughter of the people left.

    Obviously, It is not for us to judge, However, certain liberties they take the trombones of the left, They are really bad…

    That said, I thank you for examples and models that can bring even in the darkness of television entertainment.

    With respect and affection.

    1. Dear Luca,

      you are not right but a hundred times.
      On the way to the 57 years then I'll try to explain, But to do that I need to enter the personal: among the 25 and the 35 years I refused me not only to participate in the life of the Church, not only I walked away from the Sacraments, because for ten years I refused even to set foot, in churches.
      And’ It was a dark period of my life?
      Sincerely, thinking back now, I do not believe, if we consider that among the 35 and the 39 years undertaken a profound journey of re-conversion, before 40 years I felt the call to priesthood, to 45 years old was ordained priest.
      All, incidentally, with all due respect to certain “Wives”, mostly priests to which I am not particularly nice, who go around saying that a bishop, after having picked up practically in the street, in a couple of years he made me a priest.
      Just to clarify: my training for the priesthood lasted 10 year old, while that of a twenty year – I note – it usually takes about 5 the know. I add also that I was a grown man, and already formed historically, philosophical, humanities and legal, I had also acquired a first theological training in the field of fundamental theology, before moving later to insights and specialized studies.

      These experiences lead me to be especially kind to certain people and figures, because I know, having experienced, what is able the grace of God for many of those who have strayed from the Church, or who have always posted or very critical of the Church.

      A favor that nevertheless requires a constant, rigor and practices, prudence and lucid realism. Lacking in fact one or the other thing, you can drop in disequilibrium, make judgments daring and doing so damages.

      1. Father Ariel Caro,
        I thank you for the wonderful and exemplary history (your, staff!), you've decided to talk to me and others, and in a particular way for the words of Hope, who are the beating heart (“…so, having experienced, what is able the grace of God for many of those who have strayed from the Church, or who have always posted or very critical of the Church…”).
        With unchanged esteem and affection, Good together in the Battle for the Truth of the Church of Jesus!

  4. Salve father Ariel
    I would like to ask but the excommunication Pope Pius XII on Communism is still valid today?
    Or it was abolished by Paul VI?
    Thank you.

    1. Warning, say “the Church has excommunicated Communism” It is not really correct: the Church has condemned the Marxist ideology of atheism, did not condemn Communism as such, let alone individual members of the Communist Party.

      The Holy Father John XXIII wrote in the encyclical Pacem in Terris of 1963:

      "It should also be kept in mind that you can not even identify false philosophical teachings regarding the nature, the origin and fate of the universe and of man, with historical movements for economic purposes, social, cultural and political, although these movements have originated from those teachings and have drawn and still draw inspiration. Because the teachings, once elaborated and defined, remain always the same; while the movements, acting on historical situations in constant evolution, It can not but be influenced and therefore can not not go also subject to profound changes. Besides, who can deny that those movements, insofar as they conform to the dictates of right reason and are interpreters of the lawful aspirations of the human person, There are positive and deserving of approval items? Therefore, it may occur that an approach or a practical meeting, Yesterday deemed inappropriate or non-productive, but today it is or may become tomorrow. Decide if this moment has arrived, as well as to determine the manner and degree of activity of any consonance to achieving economic purposes, social, culture, political, honest and useful for the true good of the community, are problems that can only be solved with the virtue of prudence, that is the guide of the virtues that regulate the moral life, both individual and social. Therefore, by Catholics that decision belongs primarily to those living or operating in specific areas of co-existence, where those problems arise, however, always in accordance with the principles of natural law, with the Church's social doctrine and with the directives of ecclesiastical authority ".

      The Holy Pope Paul VI, in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church The joy and hope of Vatican II, writes:

      "The church, faithful to his duties toward God and toward men, can not help but try again, as it did in the past, with all firmness and with pain, those doctrines and those hurtful actions that conflict with reason and the common experience of men and that degrade man from his innate greatness. However, it tries to find out the reasons for the denial of God that lurk in the minds of atheists and, aware of the seriousness of the issues raised by atheism, He moved by his love for all men, He considers that they should deserve a more serious examination and deeper ".

      The context in which those convicted of Popes Pius XI, Pius XII and confirmed by the same John XXIII in 1959, they do not refer to the various Communist Parties, but only ideological atheism.

  5. Caro father Ariel,

    thanks for the very valuable work you do with your other fathers of this island.
    I almost can serve here is my testimony: I have an Emilia priest 81 year old.
    I entered the seminary at 11 years in the now distant September 1950.
    Me and my other peer, also he became a priest with me in 1964, we were both fatherless.
    My father, that was a socialist, He was beaten with sticks by the fascist dying three days later for aggression physical trauma; the father of my fellow seminar was Fascist, a few days after the fall of fascism it was taken from his home by Communist partisans and shot in the town square with four other men.
    Both, premium S. Mass, the celebrammo: I for the repose of his father, him for the repose of my father.
    When the bishop learned of days later, said: “what better and holier peace could never be?”.
    I do not know what it's talking about fascism and anti-fascism in 76 years after his fall, if anything, even in spirited tone, but maybe I'm wrong.

    1. In my family there was a similar story, told to me by one of my elderly aunt.
      My grandfather, an estimated notoriously fascist professional, one day during the war, while around the country to attend to his business, He was arrested by two partisans, that led him to a secluded place to shoot him. Providentially the trio came across the mother-in-law of my grandfather, che li vide, He took the hint, and the situation, knowing the two partisans, he cried: “But be ashamed! My son is a good and honest man! Yes, it is fascist, Everybody knows! But he helps everyone and everyone knows, and you know you well well, you are his countrymen!”. At these words, the two partisans were ashamed and left them my grandfather.
      After more 20 years my grandfather, always respected professional and always intimately Fascist, He conducted a major deal with a partner. For ongoing affair, the confessed partner: “Before this deal, I did not know you well and I judged you wrong. Do you remember that day when we stopped to shoot you? You'd sent me them. I was wrong, forgive me!”. My grandfather heart forgave his repentant partner and successfully concluded the deal…

  6. His article is very nice, But honestly it confuses me a bit ': prefixed limits mental Brazil, reviewing the footage seems to me that Vauro not expecting anything but yell potergli “shit Beam” on some pretext or (the misunderstood phrases, in the specific case). Personally until a few years ago I was in an ideological position I think very similar if not identical to that of Vauro, and I know the level of contempt you feel for not opposing ideas but for the opponent, which is often reduced to subhuman why not in favor of social progress that is in fashion at that time. In addition to this contempt are many evils of which you become totally complicit in good faith, like the one (I believe) tempers the presumption of his homosexual brother present among the guests . I wonder if you can really do a eulogy of a coherence that does persist in this type of positions and that may very well be stubborn, the, nowadays (I do not think in the case of Vauro or Cruciani) also conformism; It is obviously not a controversy, possible only if a request for clarification, maybe I missed something.

    1. Dear Iacopo,

      surely you will have noticed that I speak of people, not ideology, up to conclude with a principle that the Church is a real pillar: the difference that runs between error and errant, sin and sinner.
      Having witnessed the whole scene in question, I think I can say that Vauro was not there as a sniper waiting to shoot, but who found himself in front of an unforeseen situation and not at all engineered or designed desk.
      Vauro belongs to the kind of good communists, and in their own way motivated by sincerity of purpose, who so well he depicted in his work Guareschi, who knows how, one part is made of them insult, but the other did not fail to launch critical due to the landowners and landowners, that by the mouth of Don Camillo addressed him "selfish" concerned "only your interests».

      1. Thank you very much for your response, I had in fact given the right importance to the concluding part to interpret his speech, and I admit that trace the limits of the difference between sin and sinner or ideology and user it is still complicated, probably because of previous bad mental habits. I sincerely hope that all those who may more sincerely than I try to do good (maybe the wrong road) I pass into the kingdom of heaven, also because the sincerity and consistency believe are the minimum requirement to be able at some point to love the Truth, but sometimes it plays bad like speeches (being a newly baptized as adults in catechism classes that I have followed it have abounded style speeches “how good everyone else, we instead as we are ugly”) and one ends up wondering “but if I was going so well as an atheist / agnostic communist concerned about the NGO / LGBTQ rights / other, who made me do it?”; wrong thinking and mischievous, but unfortunately sometimes it happens.

        1. Dear Iacopo,

          all the more reason to follow Christ, God and his Holy Gospel, tender worth trying and praying for those who today – bishops and priests in the head – They seem to confuse Christ with an activist no-global and water down the Gospel because they fear that the high quality pure wine is too strong for the weak palates that are pulling up to our disgrace and ruin sum.

        2. dear Jacopo, I think I share your thought. Not since yesterday that the so-called Christians “adheres” They feel targeted and subjected to criticism for their supposed presumption of being in the right place….
          Lately it is becoming a real fashion. Sometimes I really wonder what you should do to have a minimum of spiritual tranquility. Male do, have no fear, says the pious woman of my aunt Berta. Unfortunately no theology of us who studied the Catechism of St. Pius X we know exist even the most grievous sin of presumption of salvation without merit, and the damn tempting awaits us , lurking, until the last breath.
          The rest, to have certain securities, you should be Muslims, so what…..

  7. A true and wise balance and realism.
    In a few lines have clarified the position of the Church is not easy and priests in high risk situations and remembered what is our mission in the world among men.
    As I am sure you know, Emilian in our areas from '43 to '46 of priests red partisans have made out several, it is true that before many priests have been beaten to a pulp by the fascists.
    I agree that Vauro should be praised for its consistency communist, we can not say the same of many in our country have traveled the lists of candidates of all parties and come finally to despair have come at times even at the sacristy, or curie …
    Bella closed on the good thief that robs us all heaven in the last two minutes of life.

  8. A demonstration of how they were politically related fascism and communism, Nicola Bombacci, a founder of the Italian Communist Party, He ended up hanging together with Mussolini in Piazzale Loreto.

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