Father Ariel returns tomorrow night on Rete 4 program “Straight and Reverse”. On the question raised by many readers who asked if he was worried responded: "I have to be, because they belong to Christ and not of the world "

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If in certain contexts mistakes, it's not like when you write a draft of an article on the computers, you can not go back, fix and fix everything before you publish … in a direct say what is said and what is done it is done.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo




Dear Readers,

the program hosted by Paolo Del Debbio on Rete 4

tomorrow night in the late evening I will be back among the guests of Paul Del Debbio program Straight and Reverse its Rete4.


Last Thursday we have not given any ad in our magazine The Island of Patmos during my first participation. I do so now to respond to numerous people who sent me messages wishing me that all is well. People who asked me if I was worried I answered:


… Of course I'm worried, I must be. But I trust in the assistance of God's grace that I never missed, just ask for it, but above all accept it and put it to good.


In these very delicate circumstances, which should be measured not only the immediate but also the sighs words, you should never feel safe. That security that often rhymes with arrogance if not worse with the capital sin of pride, It can lead to slip in the worst mistakes, with serious consequences that can last over time, especially for a priest, that he could rimanerne also marked for life.


If you fail in certain contexts it's not like when you write a draft of an article on the computers, you can not go back, fix and fix everything before you publish … in a direct say what is said and what you do is done.


Just, however, to think of God and the mystery of grace, not at all rather ' “I”. Above all, be always borne in mind the teaching of the Holy Gospel: "There: I send you as sheep among wolves; so be wise as serpents and harmless as doves " [Mt 10, 16]. It's still: "Your talk is yes when it's yes and no when it is not, because the more comes from the Evil One " [Mt 5,37]. And in some areas and situations where the Devil can be very home, But sometimes you have to deal with it, but always and only relying on the grace of God, because with our efforts alone it would be impossible to even hold his breath easy. If, however, with the Blessed Apostle Paul believe and say: "It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me " [Gal 2, 20], even the most insidious danger can be avoided: "You will walk on cobras and vipers, bruise lions and dragons " [Shall 90, 13].


Thank you very much my brother and our Father author Ivano Liguori for the wise article he wrote on our Patmos Island after the episode last Thursday 31 October [cf. WHO], how to thank my brother and our Father author Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci for his valuable advice.


the Island of Patmos, 6 November 2019



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41 replies
  1. CC
    CC says:

    You're right. But it's worth it, to finally see on TV a priest in a cassock and to understand that there are still.

  2. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    I believe that the famous phrase, “who am I to judge a gay”, helped to make that very rotten in the Church, believing now morally justified, it came to light: if this is not the work of the Holy Spirit that is coming around to what is good?
    One note to Father Ariel: some of its short and effective barbs as they lost because topped by others' voices.

  3. Attilio lot
    Attilio lot says:

    The broadcast was interesting. They were the figures given type ” 9 threatens the 10 I'm gay “.
    I do not think these figures because they have no scientific because respondents have no reason to do outing publicly and not even a chick on the phone asking you ” Excuse she is gay?” or by alleged gay.
    I believe they are many but I can not think that the Vatican is gay to the point. They will be more tolerable but phrases like ” we close the vatican” I puzzle me.

    Father Ariel was thoughtful and effective, I also enjoyed when he kept his cool in the face of the clownish jokes gay nudist offending without knowing.
    Shrewd even when he alluded to the fact that Nuzzi wanted to go for a victim of the process when it is a solemn nonsense.

  4. Giuseppe
    Giuseppe says:

    He was struck by the wonder of learning Cruciani of life in chastity Father Ariel after ordination: for a Christian, and even more so for a priest, show that virtue is possible, indeed desirable, who even conceive of an existence without the impurities, is the only way to be taken seriously.
    In a sick world of disenchantment, the ability to arouse wonder and attraction has it only the sanctity; Here because, reflecting on what was discussed at the synod called Amazon, mi sono domandato: how do you not understand that a priesthood that also renounce asceticism on the ideal plan, which betrayed its raison d'etre and sucked by the end of the century spirit, would be ” God regret, it's at’ enemies on” , and it would not last anyway?

  5. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    I could not see because the entire transmission to the 22,30 It jumped: what has intervened Father Ariel?

  6. Paul from Genoa
    Paul from Genoa says:

    father ariel,

    compliments about last night, Thursday 7/11. I loved his short answers, clear and relevant, especially when they did understand (without telling) other guests: “I have studied, seen and heard in person more than you, then flies low”. The other guests are respected, because he kept them in respect, another in his place would have been torn to pieces, or he dropped his pants. If there were more priests with attributes like her, our poor Church would be holy and would better reputation. God preserve long!

  7. Manuela Fadda
    Manuela Fadda says:

    Thanks father Ariel, I know some groups of gay priests – mea culpa passata – and I know the traps and the huge viscidezza and activism, always put our feet in both camps, because they want it to say Mass, that the night to hunt the duty prostitute. A plague that it was necessary to stop a long time ago. The gay lobby is very rich and powerful but… not praevalebunt, thanks to courageous priests like her. It's not that only (how certain Vatican modernists think)… we are waiting for a priest give us a signal that the true Church still exists.

  8. gabriele
    gabriele says:

    Errare è umano, persevere… In my opinion it was a mistake the first time participate, but a second… It seems all too obvious that the kind of programs are not suitable to talk about serious subjects, It has everything to make hoax, as he himself admitted last week Del Debbio, saying that the goal is to make audience laugh and putting commonly on the phrase “Are you a priest…”, with the stupid joke of “conductor on forever”. The subject of the ordination of married men in general or of celibacy and chastity is certainly worthy of investigation, Also on television, but if it seriously addressed. Now, call to talk an ex-gay priest to be married to a man, it is obvious that it does not serve to speak of ecclesiastical celibacy seriously, but only for revelry and casino, to whet the most itchy impulses of the program's authors and listeners; in those programs, nothing is left to chance, and even the vehement reaction of a serious priest like Father Ariel is budgeted from the beginning and is part of the script and thought provided by the authors, and it regrets that a serious person lends itself to be part of such a farcical comedy.

  9. father ariel
    Don Luciano (Florence) says:

    Dear brother,

    last Thursday 31/10, in a “arena” not easy but feasible thanks to the professionalism of the talented Paolo Del Debbio, You said what was transmitted and can transmit, and you did it well and effectively. Nine out of ten of us they would not be able.
    Make equally, wishes and prayers.

    • Asia
      Asia says:


      if the purpose was to show to raise the audience, well, Obviously they succeeded. If you believed, making you lose patience, nicking your charm, then they are due to change his mind. Even as pissed (really pissed!) retains the elegance that marks you.
      You have been caused, Certain. It will probably happen again. But you just be yourself: you do not need another.
      The television underhanded tricks they can do nothing to a man like you.
      See you tonight! ❤️

  10. Domenico Sasso
    Domenico Sasso says:

    It includes a special appearance by Don Minutella for a face-to-face with our hero. Apparently Dagospia assume a share of 49%. In this case, Monsignor Del Debbio television will launch a future synod whose theme will be:” Where is the new-ruino salvinian-meloniana church?”. We are rewriting the new History of Italy! Eia, eia! worry '. Since D'Annunzio to Gualdo: maybe?

    • La Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
      The editors of The Island of Patmos says:

      To make ironic need much intelligence combined with style and fine art, otherwise you may like her to manifest itself for what it is: offensive and destructive persons.

    • father ariel
      Don Ciro (Naples) says:

      and the subtly give acidly “fascist” Father Ariel is credible as it would give the “drug dealer” San Giovanni Paolo II.

  11. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    Its presence in the media, Father expensive Ariel, is very important.
    In a world that is able to communicate only through media channels, the courageous defense of the Church's Doctrine and unusual, but it can reach much more people.

    I pray for her certain that, if the Lord has given this opportunity, It is for his greater glory.

    You can see and hear only ever news and situations that devastate the vineyard of the Lord, passing ideas and concepts such as altered “innovations” of our time.

    What you see that even in “nostro tempo” the Gospel message remains the same and that the doctrine.
    Thank you good service that the Church, although I know personally this can cost the.
    I am comforted by his courage and his love for the Church.
    Thank you.

  12. GPA
    GPA says:

    I saw the broadcast, and I did not see anything wrong. Indeed I am sorry that gave little space to Father Ariel .

    Unfortunately there are groups, poisoned, who spread hate and misinformation. What father Ariel has risen from his chair is all well and good and, if I remember correctly, I know there is a passage in the Bible where it says: stand up…. So I would not do I take from headwinds, we are Christians, no people in the world.

    E’ chiaro, It is not that we have to destroy things (It is an example), but if we animate to an important fact, This is a sign of zeal and love for the things of God. It lost the ability to discern what is good from what is poisonous, now they bombard us with programs of all kinds and studied at art, In fact there was a person who gave the immoral and homophobic Father Ariel, but if we go to see the reality, so here it is the opposite, he himself was attacked violently on words and pointed the finger.

    Secondo voi? That person how did you know (capitene sense) his altar boy? If there was a relationship between the priest and altar boy, here it is that nothing would happen, evidently there was a duplicity.
    And you can imagine how much damage did that person within the Church, because he did not have a free heart and only turned towards the Lord. Can you imagine how many distorted confessions, how many lost souls into Sin. Because if one does not mind what he is doing in the confessional, and exchange the bad for something good, like the doctor who mistakes poison for medicine, here you can understand how many people have sent to the Graveyard.

    the, at this point, I do not have much with those who did those things, ma, in my opinion, He has more faults who put it in there, that is, who did it enter the Church, and you want proof, what I say, behold, I put it, It is obviously understood the meaning:

    "8 When they heard these words, Pilate was the more afraid 9 and he went again into the praetorium and said to Jesus: “Where are you from?”. But Jesus gave him no answer. 10 Then he said to Pilate: “Non mi parli? You do not know that I have power to release you, and power to crucify?”. 11 Jesus answered: “You would have no power over me, unless it had been given you from. Therefore he that delivered me to you has the greater sin ".

  13. father ariel
    Andrea Sandri says:

    Tomorrow the Reverend Father Ariel S. Levi Gualdo face on Rete 4 (the Debbio) deservingly, a Catholic priest who married his male cat

  14. father ariel
    Pinus Cembra says:

    Father I thank Ariel for his courage and invite everyone to raise a prayer to support the arena tomorrow.
    The low blows are around the corner but, as such a said, we follow One who knows the way out of the tomb …

  15. father ariel
    Tamara Marani says:

    She, dad, It is too polite.
    It takes more energy and determination…
    I'm sorry but Adinolfi was more convincing and sure of her…
    thanks anyway and courage.
    Jesus is with you…

  16. father ariel
    Letter Signed says:

    A priest in a context like the one last Thursday does not raise his voice remains silent scene to do all evening, while under his eyes pass the most absurd things are said and the things most contrary to the most basic principles of Christianity.
    Its substance was flawless?
    He was.
    Then attacchiamoci to form … and, But he is angry.
    Not only father Ariel was a perfect communicator but he did what had to be done and the way it had to be done.
    I worked 35 over the years the RAI studios in Rome, and a priest so “badass”, If you pass the time, speaks at the right time and in the right way, wearing high right tone at the right time, I've never seen in my profession.
    Whoever does not understand this, back to the theater well lit with oil lamps, But they do not speak out of turn.
    Catholics want a church that screams if necessary, gracefully weighted, not a church that meows in high salons to get bread, salami and china plates.

    (former executive Rai)

  17. father ariel
    Antonella Iasi says:

    Dad, I watched the video and I was literally icy. I turned in my turn. Thanks to his intervention vehement in defense of Christ and His Church so devastated!
    The accompany our prayers.

  18. father ariel
    Gina Tassotti says:

    Some do not share his views but this time he did very well !
    Only certain programs are created on purpose to ridicule Christianity. It should however be put forcefully the truth : listen or do not listen .
    But in the hour of every man who knows that the Virgin Mary did not help them remember !

  19. Paolofise
    Paolofise says:

    Good evening Father Ariel

    personally thank you for your service in this new occasion, the Lord will give to His Church and to us faithful.

    It fills us with hope to hear voice with strength, humility and freedom to Truth.
    My wife and I follow her and pray for her!
    God be praised

  20. father ariel
    Don Ciro (Naples) says:

    Some church was perhaps offended in the last episode (31/10) because Father Ariel has raised a voice against the priests scandals that have exceeded all limits, forgetting that in that case Christ would have picked up the whips and shouted that he would have done better to put a millstone around his neck and throw themselves overboard?
    But some clerics so susceptible and easy to cry scandal, They should be scandalized by those priests pinched in circolini and gay saunas, not for Father Ariel showing, where appropriate, virile and priestly c …….
    Instead they have always tried to protect and cover the top and take it if anything, with the second, to the right.
    Eh, that shrinking violet who were in our comparison the old Pharisees!

    • father ariel
      Don Luca, military chaplain says:

      We know more or less all of us who read it for years, and we read his wonderful book “E satana si fece trino”, What Ariel's father had to pay for standing against the branched, rooted and powerful gay lobby ecclesiastical, If anything while we reason we gave into our “closed sacristy”.
      So I would say: if they were to attack again, let's go outside ourselves to his defense, otherwise right Giuseppe Cruciani (which by the way toward Father Ariel she is really very kind shown in transmission) when he calls certain people “were-rabbits”.
      Greetings to all the confreres who have written on this page.

      • father ariel
        Don Claudio Grassi says:

        Dear Don Luca,

        in our ecclesiastical history glorious and often inglorious there is always “one” that is in the open for the benefit of all and that pays for all, and if it is then slaughtered the others are silent, But then after his death they revere as a defensor fidei, and, if anything, as a martyr and saint.
        I'm 2000 years that we never disclaim, perhaps it is written in our DNA of priests.

  21. father ariel
    Antonio Caragliu says:

    This time claiming the directing and the authors seem not to be the interlocutors from behind. One can imagine that to think the worst thing is intended to induce her to get her up from the chair and thus dramatizing the debate.

  22. father ariel
    Rosellina Diluna says:

    I have read completely its earlier share and I thank God that day for his presence in the studio Father Levi Ariel Gualdo.
    I'm nobody to give advice but wonder heart that he had no human fears. For the first time I saw a priest react in a television studio to serious testimonies that were given and the demonic attacks on the Catholic Church.
    certainly I will follow.
    Rather I wanted to ask what is the book you mentioned that caused problems to his person. Thank you.

  23. father ariel
    Don Paolo (Modena) says:

    In this world consists of a growing number of suffering from megalomania that much worse than the ancient Pelagians think they can deal with everything and all with their own strength, Ariel's father gave us in the few lines of this announcement of his upcoming participation in the program a wise prudence and humility.
    A wish and a prayer.

    • father ariel
      Don Bruno Fini says:

      … Don Paul I “stolen” text anticipating what I was writing.
      Then I join, approve and pray for the dear father Ariel.

      It estimates much always Paolo Del Debbio

  24. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    Readers do not miss his prayers so that everything is for the greater glory of God and according to His inscrutable plans.

  25. father ariel
    Don Carlo - Lombard ecclesiastical Region says:

    I do not know if after Thursday's episode 31 October some quick-thinking to shout “scandal” it is irritated because Father Ariel stood and raised his voice.
    First we say one thing: we realize in front of them “ex” priests found himself?
    No, I say: think about it.
    One who left the priesthood, He has made apostasy from the Catholic faith, he married a man in the Canary Islands and continues to celebrate Mass.
    The other exhibiting to the public its “beautiful boy” today his “husband” presented as his “former altar”.
    What should he say the virile father Ariel … cosa?
    He had to say: peace and love?
    Yup, and if anything to add … Unite and multiply?
    The next day in my diocese were gathered in council of priests, and we talked at the end of the meeting “Straight and Reverse”, Bishop was the first to say verbatim: “Ariel's father did very well”.

    • father ariel
      Don Daniel (Me) says:

      I think if the Roman rite p. Ariel decides one day to go to the Ambrosian rite, Milan would be welcomed by the cheers of many priests. Among other things, it understands that the bishop who ordained him priest was just one of our Milan doc

      • father ariel
        Don Francesco Messina says:

        Our ecclesial situation has become so untenable and out of control that, or sing and clear strilliamo, or soon we will become an NGO under the total control of the now world-establishing the department of religions working at the United Nations building under the control of the Masonic lodges.
        Many (or the proper authorities) They do not seem to realize it, this is to say … "Can the blind lead the blind?».

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