Rete4 “Straight and Reverse”: Padre Ariel S. Levi Gualdo is not one who loses his temper, if it does not for emotional impulse but calibrated choice. And if you invite a lion in an arena it is unlikely that they face domestic kitten

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... being in a real arena Father Ariel It has in practice proved to be a "stage animal", perhaps even without knowing him. In fact he could not, "Conscientiously", as clarified, silent and defer before those rare cases and limit, acting as a silent appearing before a parade of "former" priests who proudly showed off their "husbands", complete with a "former" priest visibly disturbed psychologically and stating your "husband" he repeated over and over again "this handsome guy ', "Look how beautiful '.


Ivano Liguori, Ofm. Capp.



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Thursday, 31 October, Padre Ariel S. Levi of Gualdo was a guest of the journalist Paolo Del Debbio the television program Right and Wrong its Rete4. By clicking on the image you can access the vision of the complete program. The second part which was attended by Father Ariel starts from the minute 02:11:00 and ends after 50 minutes.

I look at telEVISION infrequently. From the entrance to the convent - almost twenty years ago - the rhythms are standardized to some form of life that led me to change a lot of habits. Thank God this was a good thing that has helped a lot to my spiritual health and my human intelligence.


Among these new habits it includes television so that I do not watch, so I looked like a boy, after dinner, home of the late lamented my parents. Always in constant search of an episode of Discovery Channel, of a film horror or a fistfight Bud Spencer that did amuse me after a day at the university. This despite the 31 October, to Straight and Reverse, Mediaset transmission conducted by Paolo Del Debbio good, I got to know all the early debt that among the guests there was also our dear Father Ariel S. Levi Gualdo, soul of our beloved magazine The island of Patmos. For this reason I could not fail from watching the program, braving the late hour and sleep. Having said that I must point out that just received the invitation, Father Ariel has consulted with us first of all his brothers and collaborators for the apostolic work of this magazine, asking advice on whether or not to participate.


always Storco nose When I hear of priests involved in television or radio broadcasts. They are ancient, lo so, perhaps vintage, but do not blame me for this. notoriously, when priests are invited on television, never make beautiful figures and, in most cases they are depicted as representatives of a certain thought obscurantist, retrograde and grotesque the worst done. From this television niche they are obviously save the Catholic stations as TV2000, Tele Radio Padre Pio and a few other.


The immediacy of television language, the suddenness of his time with direct and tight schedules are an insidious trap in which the priest falls very easily. There is in fact little to do: to be on television must have the physical role, you have to be wild on stage, have a ready wit, know how to defend when necessary and even “attack” by way of “self-defense” stakeholders who aim to divert speeches or dominate others. Few can do it all admirably well, in particular priests and religious. Immediacy is not a characteristic of the priest, he moves at the pace of God, with the time trial of the One who does not differentiate between the minute and the Century. For the priest, the weather is a concept more clearly the theological and physical, It is a metaphysical event that brings the calmness and contemplation of God.


You want proof of this? Among younger, the priest and religion become synonyms for slowness and boredom: Mass is long, the homily never ends, the songs are wasting time and go with all the usual sample. That's why I consider useful and wise to the priest to abstain from certain TV talk shows, simply because they are not suited to his role and his person. It never was completely aware of what to focus the interview, on what guests will intervene, what will be cut which will be presented a certain topic.


Perhaps it would be appropriate to introduce a canonical norm that would grant permission to take part in television or radio programs after informing their diocesan ordinary or religious. too many priests, unfortunately, They are turning to the television studios to give the image of their subjective idea of ​​the Catholic Church, not to mention those who are declaring themselves as priests or counter-trend from the pack. It has to be freely priests in trend and in the choir of the Catholic Church, of course! That said it is good to make share our many readers of what we Fathers de The island of Patmos we know: Father Ariel has a very deep sense of belonging to the Church, equally profound his reverence for the sacred priestly order which constitutes for him the dignity of a divine institution, compliance with which does not compromise. He knows he is not a "free citizen" and, as such, never behaved. You feel intimately part of the Church, the current of the Church and in the choir of the Church, therefore bound by choice and solemn promise of obedience to the bishop, which immediately alerted, after consultation with us, informing him that he participated in this TV show. All these are steps that primarily denote a correct conception of the idea of ​​the Church, the Priesthood and Authority, it is good to clarify and accentuate, because that should be for all.


Father Ariel enters a Straight and Reverse the last part of the transmission evening, in deepening the Amazon Synod and the question of sources try and on priestly celibacy. With him are also involved Mario Adinolfi, Giuseppe Cruciani, a Campania priest and a priest who asked for dispensation from priestly obligations and that happily has contracted marriage with a woman. In conclusion, to see her so, There are all the ingredients for a comparison evening and dialogue on a difficult issue but that can be dealt with seriously, so with that philosophical competence, theological and historical that Father Ariel can only be denied by some anonymous members of the Neocatechumenal Way that, irritated by his last book on The Neocatechumenal Sect, they're still subissando of insults, hundreds of whom had come to our editorial and published in three articles submission to this. In this way they try to call him a incompetence, even without having read even three lines of that work, instead it deserves to be read, both as built document related to both as it is written [cf. WHO].


In opening, the topic of celibacy It was introduced by love story a priest who married his catechist after asking dispensation from the obligations of priestly celibacy. This witness was obviously functional to encourage dialogue on the possibility of the marriage of priests and the change of ecclesiastical law regarding priestly celibacy.


For clarity the law on priestly celibacy concerns only and exclusively diocesan priests, to speak: the so-called secular clergy that makes celibacy promise to his bishop on the day of ordination. For religious priests the speech is completely different in that they have uttered a vow that binds not only to celibacy but to perfect chastity for the Kingdom of Heaven. If one day the Roman Catholic Church diocesan priests to grant permission to marry, thus modifying the ecclesiastical law, This permit does not in the least concern to the priests of the mendicant and monastic orders and congregations and societies of apostolic life which are notoriously legally framed as religious and therefore as people who are bound to God through the pronouncement of solemn vows. Having said that I conclude that, pure if I would, Now I do not intend to explain the difference between canonical promise of celibacy and chastity, in this context it is not important, Suffice to say that the vote is binding for themselves the promise.


That celibacy is not just a purely legal but essentially theological touches spirituality and faith. The condition of celibacy and chastity that derives from it is taken as identification to the person of Christ, to which the priest is inextricably linked and associated. The priest is lacking in his duty or celibate chastity, It not simply performs a sin or a crime according to the Church's canonical discipline, but manifested a weakness from the point of view of faith and sacramental grace was that with sacred ordination has received and who are called to respond on a daily basis through the docility to the Holy Spirit.


The centerpiece of the speech is very complex and specific, and it is really very difficult to address this issue in a television broadcast in the late evening, otherwise the audience cala, you lose the public, money and resources, and the transmission becomes a flop. Therefore, What does that mean in a nutshell? Simple, It means taking a different editorial decision to increase the popularity rating and gifts to people what they want: a certain verve media.


When Father Ariel takes the word After the priest dismissed from the clerical state and now regularly married, It begins by pointing out that "our friend", then adding "indeed, our brother, although he dismissed from the clerical state, and remains married priest ". By then explains, quoting and translating: "Why you You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek, Thou art a priest for ever ... ". The only Latin quotation induces conductor expert to point out that we are not in a theological academy and, starting on certain issues, home people "change the channel and goes to watch the games". Far from being naive and devoid of dialectic, Father Ariel refuses to be removed and the word "requires" explain with a simple example saying to Paul Del Debbio: "Then I clarify in simple: as she, who received the Sacrament of Baptism, that no one can take away, our friend received the sacrament of Holy Orders from which will always be marked '. Then Father Ariel accentuates the explanation adding: "You know that there are some who make the so-called" sbattezzo ". In those cases, the pastors, They can only write in the margins on the baptismal register that Tom say they do not want to belong to the Catholic Church, but no one can take away their baptism ". As he spoke, we who know him deeply, before the home screen we said: he understood at once that every theological and canonical nature of speech can not be pursued, now act accordingly, as then was. Indeed, After the first skirmishes of celibacy yes, celibacy, it has come to deal with the issue of homosexuality, introducing as guest star some priests who chose to marry a man. In conclusion: some cases not only very rare, but the really extreme cases.


Understand well as the theme of starting It is suddenly replaced by a twist, and this is now one of the trump cards of the most effective modern television. It replaces the debate useful and enriching to which the public was prepared from the start with other more palatable. Investigate on priestly celibacy is one of the great challenges and differences between the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant communities and the Anglican Community, between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches and, to a certain extent, between the Roman Catholic Church of the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches. Set in these terms, the debate would have been interesting and challenging, also as a study to better understand the situation at issue in the synod. But, as I just explained, This was not possible, and Father Ariel has understood instantly.


I admire and respect very much Paolo Del Debbio, I consider him an intelligent professional and prepared, surely it has a thorough understanding of religious issues, although I do not understand the need to make a turn of this kind within a subject as serious and delicate as priestly celibacy and the Synod Amazon. To understand, in fact it is necessary to know very thoroughly the complex of television communication mechanisms.


Far speaking "ex" priests who have made the choice of same-sex marriage it does not make sense, not only has no means clear the discussion on priestly celibacy, but reaffirmed in subtle ways the dangerous modern concept that establishes marriage as instituted legal no longer based union between a man and a woman. And then, the arrival on the scene in the late gigolo homosexual who was enlisted for "professional services" by priests and seminarians of southern Italy and subsequently from this have been reported to their bishops, It reached its culmination trash of the evening.


A quel point, Padre Ariel, lying in a real arena It has in practice proved to be a "stage animal", perhaps even without knowing him. In fact he could not, "Conscientiously", as clarified, silent and defer before those rare cases and limit, acting as a silent appearing before a parade of "former" priests who proudly showed off their "husbands", complete with a "former" priest visibly disturbed psychologically and stating your "husband" he repeated over and over again "this handsome guy ', "Look how beautiful '.


With what is obvious: if Father Ariel has a certain correspondence and affinity with his name, which means "Lion of God", it can be suggested that someone goes to pull his tail thinking that the lion remains stationary to make the helper gladiators that revolve around inside the Colosseum? therefore, to think that at that point the fiery Tuscan-Roman Father Ariel has lost his temper, think really bad, but above all do not know him. Father Ariel decided, so thoughtful and really scientific, at that time, to protect the honor of the Catholic Church and the Holy Orders, He had a duty to lose his temper, because in that arena he had no other system. In this way, It has resulted to be able to clarify and give the audience some basic points that all have transposed, namely the following:


  1. celibacy is not a dogma but a church law, but, celibacy, It has its origins from the first apostolic times;
  2. a priest, Also dismissed from the clerical state, Also excommunicated, remains a priest forever, because he received an indelible Sacramento, It is not an employee who quits or is fired by the;
  3. in his screams addressed to Priest with husband, He showed deep love and affection, because he first called "brother" and said that in any case, remains a priest forever and pray for the salvation of his soul considering what aberrant did;
  4. clarified - disproving this priest's all false love Christological -, "God can not create evil", and this after he had said that God had created and loved so, while Father Ariel clarified and made it clear to his listeners that certain situations are not at all normal tendencies of the new company, but are real aberrations;
  5. Father Ariel did repeatedly and variously call for freedom, including freedom that man has to sin, and those who expected an attack on the gay world and its powerful lobby He was disappointed, and as proof of what this “Priest-feline” It is not an instinctive humoral unwary, It reiterated that not only everyone is free to have and to exercise sexual orientation he wants, but it has just the right, but, in such cases, you can not do the priests and exercise the sacred ministry. Put another way proved: I who am a Catholic priest, I belong to a American society which it is much more tolerant than some people and certain lobbyists gay ideologues imaginable, why I impedirei a man to commit sins that wants to freely commit, God did not do it that did not prevent Adam and Eve committing the original sin, maybe I can do it myself? when I could not do a lesson on the Book of Genesis, It launched the message otherwise.


finally we clarify a fundamental point: that the priest should not react, lose your temper and get angry, It can not be an absolute. If in that situation Father Ariel had not done, He would run the risk of acting as passive presence and dangerous omission, while the figures were presented to a couple of million viewers “ex” priests “beyond the boundaries of reality”. Therefore, with so much calmness claimed that some accuse him now of not having had, Father Ariel would only mean a sort of real approval. What absolutely impossible for any true priest and for any true theologian, and we know that when our brother is deeply the one and the other.


Put aside the beginning to end all 50 minutes of the end of the evening program segment, then I challenge anyone to say that things did not go the way I have summarized.


I'm not a bigot, However I think that each topic is a matter of debate but always maintaining and using a certain grace, common sense and above all sense of limits. We wanted to satisfy the prurient curiosity of the cathode people and bring up the fact that there are priests who have homosexual tendencies? All right, let's do it well, but is this the way? We have seen how all the king has no clothes, and now? We put in his underwear weaknesses of that part of the Church that is made up of consecrated men, we are satisfied? And on the subject of widespread homosexuality among the clergy, no one better than Father Ariel has the right to speak. Ahead of their time, in a book published now 10 years ago and published again in the second edition of our Editions The island of Patmos, he not only analyzed the problem, but even she explained what the Church would encounter gone had they not been taken immediate and serious measures, which of course they were not taken [see WHO].


In conclusion of the evening, its closing on Father Ariel words, referring to gigolos our brother has made a claim that should give pause to some very ecclesiastical consciences, because, if you have only one hint of humility, They should grant him a minimum wage of reason, especially before these words spoken live: "The questions of Mr. Mangiacapra (N.d.A. the gigolo in the studio) I have a detailed written ten years ago, with a thick book of analysis, entitled And Satan came triune». He asked Paul Del Debbio "How did it go?». Said Father Ariel: "The only one who paid it was me '. It concludes sadly Paolo Del Debbio: "I do not hesitate to believe!». And we all know that we know what a high toll Father Ariel paid in ostracism and real persecution, for having denounced not yet suspect the powerful and dangerous times lobby gay ecclesiastical, in anticipation of the serious damage that it would have been. But when it comes lions can not become rabbits, even for quiet clerical life, or to make a brilliant career in the church that our brother could have done more and better than many others. Sliding by motorway that leads to Hell he has chosen to follow Christ along the Via Dolorosa, with all that this entails.


From the hottest and accalorate Father Ariel words addressed to his brother (ex) priest: "I pray for you, for the salvation of your soul, "we understand what matters most to the Church and that we must always keep in mind: la heal souls. It is indeed the salvation of souls who moves the heart and the Church's hand in delicate situations like these, is the salvation of souls that mitigates justice with mercy and allows us to look seriously at the mercy and justice, and not as a joke for the consumption of our cravings.


Today we are faced with brothers disoriented, in a crisis of faith, fallibili, who they have made certain choices that only they know why, some of them have rightly had to account to the Church or in the external forum or in the internal forum, but beyond all is their soul that is important to us. Even in this regard, Padre Ariel, He made it clear from the beginning to know well this delicate matter: "I work a lot with the priests and I followed it and I follow many as confessor and spiritual director, I myself was, in certain situations, to tell them first to take a step back and let the ministerial priesthood ".


The scandal does not convert any, sensationalist denunciation of the offender does not lead to any recovery, the imposing humiliating punishment does not lead to repentance but hardening of the heart. Christ on the cross, naked and flogged to death, humbling himself he has paid for all the sins of men. But if men continue to offend and oppose his love is the Church's duty to put a fair remedy the scandals, protecting the weak, away the birds of prey, but constantly communicating with his hand extended toward the sinner so that he convert and live.


that 31 October 2019 eve of All Saints, on television holiness of churchmen came less, before certain appearances so tragically diverted and fairs to have deviated from the right path, but standing another holiness, that of God that can not fail, and that among the many tricks of men still constitute the sweetness of a Father who never abandons his children waiting for their repentance to start to party.


Laconi, 2 October 2019 – Feast of All Saints




… with an affection of particular, at the end of Ariel Father transmission has entertained outside the Mediaset studies with the priest released from the obligations of celibacy and now regularly joined in marriage with his lovely wife, he said goodbye and hugged [Caption Jorge Facio Lince]…
… with equal affection he met outside the Mediaset studies with the famous radio host Giuseppe Cruciani, that Father Ariel has always considered an undoubted talent professional. They had never known, but they sympathized immediately. When Giuseppe Cruciani asked if he knew the program he conducted, laughingly she replied: "What do I hear, when I make long trips in the car? Obvious: I listen The mosquito»! [Caption Jorge Facio Lince]

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42 thoughts on "Rete4 “Straight and Reverse”: Padre Ariel S. Levi Gualdo is not one who loses his temper, if it does not for emotional impulse but calibrated choice. And if you invite a lion in an arena it is unlikely that they face domestic kitten

  1. Don Ariel has done well to go and I is not sorry, anything. Why not go back ?

  2. Although I wish that broadcasts such as those disappear and not look at them any more, I believe that the presence of the Father Ariel has had a positive effect: Also the general public was able to see that there are still priests healthy mind, Orthodox, who wear the cassock, who refuse to be intimidated by anyone, and that, above all, they're young. These things they demolish a large number of urban myths.

  3. I am not good with words…
    simply I express my thanks to Don Ariel…
    He said the truth in a television program where you do not hear her pronounce aspects.
    I hoped that vibrated in the hearts of all listeners…
    Epper not everyone has ears to hear…

  4. Dear don Ariel, according to me as she is engaged, the message that is passed from the transmission is that the Church is a repository of perversion and aberrations, that almost all the priests in the studio, “married and single” were agreed and that only a “poor crazy” very much in the minority still thinks”old-fashioned”. The message that the authors wanted to get across is exactly what has gone. The church apart from a few meager and insignificant pocket of resistance, is intended to “modernize”. This is certainly not the way to evangelize.
    Massimiliano Conti

    1. only a "poor fool" absolutely in the minority still thinks "old-fashioned"

      In fact this is true: we are in the minority, mica hide. If this is so we must take note, mica ony. But the important news that has passed is that this minority exists, because many think it is gone. I know Ariel's father for years (electronically) and I'm not surprised that he does or says, but every time I see the papers (once on TV) a strange priest who tells it like it is, I rejoice. So I think a lot of people who did not know his father Ariel will rejoice to hear the other day. And now you can find a point of reference for understanding what is going.

      1. Dear Fabrizio,

        Mr.. Massimo Conti is a neocatechumenal Lasted&pure he held me to criticisms based on falsehood and not infrequently in the comments insulting to the two articles in which it was presented my book critical of The Neocatechumenal Sect.

        This, against the other, denotes that The island of Patmos not only public comments in which we defined good, certain, beautiful and wonderful … which in itself speaks volumes, on our way to give voice to all, including critical voices, including voices even insulting. But to appreciate what, must not have intelligence that certain.

        We are therefore subject before-humoral so illogical and so prejudiced towards me angry to the point that, if according to the most orthodox doctrine and flawless criteria I should make a keynote the dogma of the assumption into heaven of the Virgin Mary, getting it to the acclaim by the International Theological Commission and an invitation to breakfast at Martha House Sancthae by Pope, he and his settaristi would attack me in every way, at all costs and whatever the cost, for bias, because everything I say and do is attacked, because I dared to criticize their patently heretical sect. So, if I difendessi the Christological dogma by screaming Arian heretics that Christ is true God and true man, begotten not made of the same substance as the Father, be certain that and of the tekiti They would find a way to make me fit and fleas, just like the old Pharisees, to which they have given back to life so well.

        I wish the members of this intra-ecclesial sect had towards me deep respect and sincere to me that showed most amiable man of Giuseppe Cruciani, which leads the radio program The mosquito , which is all to say. Indeed, Giuseppe Cruciani, not going to play with your “Holy Spirit” infused personnel to settaristi by Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez heretics, had towards me than during and after transmission.

        All comments Mr.. Accounts can find them here below at the end of these articles:

        1. In conclusion, an example of preclaro … “by fruits ye shall know the tree”.

        2. Kind (so to speak) Padre Ariel,
          In my comment, as everyone has to see I have not offended, as well as ever I did (I invite guests to this blog to find an offensive remark written by me). In all the comments to his post have been critical of him but never offensive, as opposed to her who never misses a chance to topple his envy and hatred of those who think like her, or he does not have his academic qualifications. In the commentary to this article, which obviously did not understand, I praised his good will, but this was not enough in my opinion to pass a message other than what the authors wanted it to pass. Anyway thank you, with his previous comment they all got to know her better.
          Massimiliano Conti

          1. None of his mega-catechists neokatekiki one has ever taught that due to people – in this case to me – what I have never said and written, evading questions, changing topics, scrambling and, at last, overthrow everything and accuse others of not responding, It is the absolute worst insult?
            Yes, the worst: the insult to human intelligence.
            What of which she has given proof in dozens of comments: were addressed repeatedly clear and precise application, she never answered, It overthrew the questions and finally has repeatedly accused the interlocutors not to answer.
            Until it intends to continue with this shell game?
            He has not yet realized that her three poor cards has now discovered under the eyes of all?

      2. Obviously Mr. Fabrizio, this minority there and I myself I have the honor to be part of, but in my opinion these drives are designed to table much more cunning than any of us authors and guests well calibrated, surprise guests and the host of a certain type, they manage to get across the message that they want. In this case it is commendable zeal demonstrated by Father Ariel (which for me has only words of hatred…), but in the end the image of the church that has passed is always the same.

        1. … They have taken lessons in this regard by the founders of the Neocatechumenal Way, that called to Rome by the Popes and their prefects to be reprimanded and asked to fall in line, They came out and announced to all their people: “We have been approved … the Church approves it”.
          In conclusion: you have made school!

    2. Dear Conti,

      It seems that she has a grudge against Father Ariel because everything he says or does not returns just NEVER.

      Is this, It is impossible, It is typical personal un'insopportazione.

      The I point out that his idol, Kiko Arguello did something similar to Family Day of 2015 when, in the minority, He made whole tirade about femicide and you osannaste boldness against everything and everyone, considering he was bringing the truth (according to your thoughts).

      Soprassiediamo on considerations about that intervention, I do not want this to arouse controversy, but only to emphasize that in this case the claims unpopular expression by the minority were not criticized, MA applaud. see her.

      The modernization of the Church of which you speak is one of the worst tendencies of recent times, In fact, the Church pours into chaos as ever. Every innovator, even inexperienced, He can tell her.

      The Church is “rest” because you do not care numbers (like you), but the doctrine of Health: what is the “rest”.

      Where researching and flaunting the number, already reeks of false.

    3. Everyone listens and understands the sensitivity and insight that.
      The poor fool looks impressively to Jesus Christ, who called crazy and worse.
      The evil is always more noise and buzz of good; This is known.
      Although for us to be a minority… a “rest”; Fair Enough? And’ an absolute pride.

      I've been many years in the journey, Kiko not defined “the rest”, by the way, now that I think of it? You should know that!

      As, it is also forgot about this, Now she loves to flaunt success and numbers: (all vanity and vexation!) and make census and counted and ricontarsi, I forget the terrible punishment that struck David and, because of him, all his people for the damn fixed census! Yet even David had been warned!
      More prosaically add, better few and that many good and bad.

      But I still thank Father Ariel for his courage, for his uncompromising commitment to defend the truth of the Faith and the Sana and Right Doctrine.
      And with Arbore: unless we're better and we're proud of.
      resistance bag and call it a auspichi for the Church “modernization”.
      The Church is alive and young forever his, in the image of the Virgin Mary, It should not be modernized the Church, related concepts and crossing, The church must always be renewed!
      Watch a little.

      But I still thank Father Ariel for his courage, for his uncompromising commitment to defend the truth of the Faith and the Sana and Right Doctrine.

      1. Pax, free and other anonymous, your response denote comments have a prejudice against me. No worries, definitely do not make a good showing respect for the reader, because anyone can realize that you have not understood what I wrote, you were so busy writing foaming at the mouth with hatred towards me.
        It is true Mr.. Fabrizio: “by fruits ye shall know the tree” and recent comments to me are an example.
        Massimiliano Conti.

        1. “Pax, free and other anonymous”, They collected by the grace of God, a precious fruit, and extraordinary: due to chemotherapy of the true Catholic faith, They are freed from that dangerous sectarian cancer called Neocatechumenal, a tree recognized for half a century – this tree infected – just by the fruit it gave.

  5. About Yoriko, who but some clowns could participate in such a television program “cul-tural-popular”? Dear my friend Ariel, Only a narcissist might be tickled by a fox as the creator and host of that crap and be able to fall in trappolone who tended you. Accepting participation has produced something good? No: each of unscrewed, sitting in front of cameras, heterodirected from piper-conductor, It expressed its case badly, with the conclusion to be arrived at “nothingness” regularly accompanied by fake applause, as always befits.
    But the important thing is that all participants, the day after, they gloried in “having gone on television”: but to do what???? clowns!!!

    1. Therefore, in your opinion, I was not able to pass, in that high-risk situation, messages that were passed and the only way it was possible to pass them?
      And yet, His article in this, Father Ivano him so well explained, those who want to understand.

      Next time I will go somewhere Ghettarello tradi-Catholic, to talk to 10 people, in closed rooms. I will make a keynote on the great moral-theological production of the holy Bishop and Doctor of the Church Alphonsus’ Liguori. I'll throw in copious Latin quotations and references to Greek and Latin Fathers of the Church, since the Cappadocian Fathers.
      And I will speak softly, softly with narrowed eyes, in a state of semi-ecstasy.

      I am assured that doing so, the general public which is located outside the Pio ghettarello, He will understand that the moral Catholic priest who left the priesthood to marry a man performs an aberration that can not and should not be accepted, Despite the trends of this world.

      She is doubly hard: Brain and heart.
      But that's his problem, not mine.


      The audience cheered on command, this statement is totally false.

      1. Leave them to their fate, dear father Ariel, these contrarian at all costs.
        Others can not do that groped to accuse her of leadership, say that she is the fame and notoriety hunting, who wants to make a career, and more. The only sure thing: She, and his brothers, It is for them to stumble. Because for the very existence and being as you are brought to light and reported their bad habits. Compared to its open complaints and to all his work in defense of right doctrine of the Church and her Magisterium, they oppose that she would be a narcissist. And I do not I take just any connection.
        I have a feeling that these now are getting their, the usual cheering worshipers of that peacock Kiko Arguello. Other than narcissistic!


  6. Rumor has it that our dear father Ariel has been contacted by RAI to participate as an actor in a new and interesting TV dramas: “Career of a simple priest”, which he tells of the miraculous rise of a priest who became Pope. It seems that our beloved Ariel has already signed with great interest after reading the script; the only condition laid down by our great actor can bring his cassock, the Saturn and the red shoes. We look spasmodic waiting for the trailer. To greater!

    1. Dear Lord,

      the rumor is true but incomplete.
      It must indeed know that this Pope – in this case I – transform the apostolic palace in a cheerful Renaissance court, in which role will have privileged space and the figure of the court jester, in this case she, Mr. Domenico Sasso, I have proposed to the production as a condition to sign the contract.
      Would I please not refuse, Just be contacted, because otherwise it would jump all over.

  7. I long since I do not watch television anymore, exceptions, and certainly I do not watch the broadcasts such as those set. I do not have the stomach to see andarmi registration, So my comment is certainly weakened by this lack.

    That said, I believe that priests should raise his voice when necessary and even pull some loving slap, as it would make a good father. Don Camillo docet. the Mr.(in)and who believe that Christianity is reduced to Msgr manual. Dellacasa contributed greatly to the destruction of the Church.

    So I express my closeness to Don Ariel.

    A little word of Retequattro. I do not think the big surprise of gay priests was devised only to listen to logic: throughout the month of October, “Family Month”, They tell me that Retequattro has aired commercials with “gay families”. Mediaset RAI indeed anticipated decline in morals.

  8. I thank Father Ivano for the enlightening article, written with heart and sensitivity, that helps to contextualize the intervention of Father Ariel transmission.
    Father I thank Ariel for the courage and passion to bring the Church, He also managed to wrest the applause more than once: a sign that people expect and shares this passion hotly in favor of Truth. I felt outrage, but a form of relief from the audience, and sharing.
    I thank you because today more than ever we need this: courage and strength, full awareness of their mission and vocation, in a time of uncertainty and reckless permissiveness.
    Thank you for giving us believers infuse your strength and you are there reference, also this rare thing these days. We are not alone, we are not out of place or out of time. We show that we are where we need to be, although often under attack.
    Thank you very much.

  9. Yes, excellent talk of the Father Ivano. Thanks.
    I saw myself the entire transmission, and add a couple of things compared to what has already been said.

    1. I think the biggest problem is not the miserable human figures, more or less macchiettistiche, of married priests and / or partners who were taken in the studio, but the leaders of the Catholic Church who ordained them. Took, as they say, dogs and pigs. I am reminded, making a historical comparison, Don Lorenzo Milani, with all the problems attached to his story: he, that, a right that its Ordinary Time, Bishop. Ermenegildo Florit, that Don Milani made green in every way, It was a deranged. One that NEVER EVER – this I say – It should have been a priest. See Island, which:
    I and, History must always go in a certain way.

    2. They even frightened the faces of the audience in the studio. How bad shape our people, that goes to programs like this.

    1. Don Lorenzo Milani was not free from human limitations and ideological prejudices which inevitably has conditioned his priestly ministry and his educational work. In his own way he recognized him. Having said that the one has to recognize that you never dreamed of leaving his cassock and misery of Barbiana. And not they would miss several and brightest prospects.

      1. @Andrea

        …I just said, Don Milani, that they had better not do that priest.

        This because, as it explained in detail in the linked text, his thinking was characterized by the systematic Mutiny on the upper, the apology of revolutionary violence, of the class struggle, the shedding of the blood of the enemies of the people, the armed struggle of the Red Brigades and even die - but that his superiors Dalla Costa and Florit were not aware - the proud claim of homosexual and pedophilic impulses (the whole thing is of course documented in the various chapters of the dossier).

        More, Mons. he wrote Florit, rightly, it was an unbalanced. Indeed, once unluckily made priest, After what he did in Calenzano – Also documented in this dossier – since it was a dangerous ideologue, They were better spretarlo, not to send him to do damage to the people of another place. But there were other times, it is seen that it was not possible.

        I know better than to make a fault in Dalla Costa and Florit, that both have suffered from the affair milaniana.

  10. Gent.mi Padri,

    inspired by reading the article that introduced clear and enlightening way the intervention of Father Ariel in the TV show and watching the action on TV, I could not feel refreshed in spirit for recognizing the beauty, ardor, the zeal and the infinite power of the truth that is proper to the Church, Mother and Bride of Christ.

    And of this I want to thank: in these difficult times for the Church and also of difficult personal combat, I could see the realization of the words of the ” lift up the inert hands and the feeble knees and walk right by your feet, because the foot that limps will not be maimed, but rather be healed”.

    May the Lord sustain you in this good fight and in your priestly service, as a harbinger for me and for many other spiritual support, the care of the soul and the resurrection hope.

  11. This article Ivano father who defends and justifies ignoramus Mr.. Ariel comportatosi like a madman tangled drug that works as a bouncer at a nightclub is worse than the transmission itself.

    1. Dear Mr. X.je11,

      she simply wrong to select between the pages of our magazine.
      The articles in which anonymous Neocatechumenal insult for two months Father Ariel S. Levi Gualdo for his book The Neocatechumenal Sect finds them to the pages indicated below. Therefore, insults neokatekiki Father Ariel, there should be written, I already have several hundred.

      Thank you for your kind cooperation, and a prayer for all of us in Santa Carmen Hernandez virgin and martyr.

  12. Rev. Father Ivano,

    Ariel's father is a man who has passed, within the Church, through hard trials and tribulations, He is understood by reading his books, beautiful as content and writing style, and I read them all.
    I do not know him personally, I hope one day to have the great pleasure to know him, But I am sure that such a man, get close to if, and working, with priests as she, Father Gabriel and the hermit monaco, It is very important.
    From your writings you understand that you are deeply united, You understand that you work hard for the Church, for us his followers to follow you and, by reading, we are not lost. I write “we are” because, how you have helped me to do so, I am sure that you have helped many others. who knows, how many thousands and thousands of people, you did a great asset.
    In this program, Ariel's father proved what: also loving and above all when he decided it would be prudent to be severe.
    With those … unspeakable priests, who flaunted their … “husbands”, What else should do?

  13. Dear Father Ivano,

    that your article is useful and valuable in all its descriptive parts, It seems written by an expert of science communication that explains the workings of the medium of live television.
    Can I tell You that all priests with whom I spoke, in principle if they have made merry, as if they felt redeemed honor the priesthood by Father Ariel.
    No One, He showed discomfort and disappointment, at least all those with whom I spoke.
    Dialogue / warning screamed Father Ariel angrily toward the poor priest left the Catholic Church, “married” with a man and passed to an unspecified Church “Cattolica” progressive, It was a poignant tenderness, that only we priests of a certain age (I have 71 year old) we can understand. In the father's rebuke Ariel words were profound love.
    Riguardatevi the scene and notice the sad look that, suddenly, the priest took “married” when Father Ariel yelled “brother” and then “I pray for you that you will always be a priest, forever”.
    I can not know what the audience at home and may have understood, but these words pierce like a sword any priest, even the worst. Indeed, the poor, He had a very sad look.
    I am sure that if one day he had an afterthought, the first one will definitely try Father Ariel.
    Thanks so much for this father Ivano Your article really enlightening.

    1. Don Claudio,

      I also noticed that you have shown. The first of the poor priests verbally assaulted by Father Ariel (one “married” the Canaries) It not defended, he managed to say just two words, He remained helpless before his reproaches all based on references to the salvation of his soul. Maybe, in the depths of his priestly consciousness blurred or, perhaps, totally dormant, even if only on a subconscious level it has been touched by those words, before which, his air, He was deeply disturbed, her sad look, just review the video to notice.
      Quite another thing another, one that showed off their “handsome boy” … desolation!
      This second, really it looked like a demon possessed, proud of its shameful sin and with the haunted look.
      I too am afraid that a guy like father Ariel, out of a live television, Perhaps he would put his hands on, and also it did very badly.

      Father Ivano, with the depth of his spirituality of cappuccino and a priest monk, It has made an important contribution to all, explaining how certain things take place, and that no one can be shocked if, dragged into an arena, a lion does its “craft” lion.

  14. … the fact that the “ex” priest, As striking showy “fag bell”, He has dared to say to Father Ariel “We do not know what you have underneath that robe”, It showed the hysterical inability to measure the tomboy before him.
    Being obviously a live television merely say “I do not want to know … I do not want to know …”. And when he insisted ordered: “If you knew the police would come to take me away”.
    If Ariel's father had not been to a live television, from his mouth would outputs poems as to blush “er Carbonaro” put in place of the Marquis del Grillo to make fun of all the noble family.

    1. Caro don Ciro,

      I see that you know well Father Ariel.
      I think if it had not been to a live television, to the “priest” extolling how beautiful was his “husband”, him to become heterosexual slapped.
      Did you notice that the hands have blades, the … Seraphic Father Ariel, on its physical size?

  15. …”Whether or cold or hot, because the lukewarm vomit you from my mouth”..
    All participants in the transmission, the aberration and blasphemy, orthodoxy and fidelity and love for the Church were incandescent or glacial.
    All but the unbearable and weary figure of the priest Campania, the worst of all, senseless and insipid.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, edifying and comforting.
      The next time she is, a live television, with difficult issues and unexpected high risk people, to illustrate, through his uncommon talent, as it must juggle in a very delicate situation.
      We will all treasure his example and his teaching.

      Ariel S. Levi Gualdo

    2. if the “arena” to defend what little remains of the dignity of the church and the priesthood, There should not be a tough guy as a father Ariel, Who should go there? Perhaps some secular (I do not do names, for the sake of my cardiovascular system) that speaks of the church as if it were his property, and all, of pure personal political purposes?
      Themselves. Angelo … is serious!
      Father Ivano Many thanks for this article that explained everything well, to all those who at least want to and want to understand.

    3. Father Ariel Estimated,
      gentle Don Bruno Fini,
      place ”you should only write or think for those who are better than us” I'm afraid that it was not clear, I will try to explain better.
      interpretation i ”hot” with fiery zeal as those who defend the Bride of Christ without fear, as indeed did the father Ariel.
      I call those cold, albeit in aberration and immersed in sin, have the courage (or cockiness?..) to act in the open and without apology face; this shows, at least in principle, who possess the ”attributes”, even if-feminine; It is the case of the poor priest who lives in the Canary Islands.

      The warm, instead, He appeared as the Campanian priest dressed in the light blue and gray clergyman whose intervention was, in my humble opinion, quite…tasteless.

      The Father Ariel reproach made me realize that maybe though, my judgment, I have expressed in too hard, without charity and without regard to who were also necessary prudence and restraint when dealing with cases there exposed…
      In this case I regret and I'll say in confession.

  16. Thank you for this valuable article.
    Thank you for giving fundamental interpretations.
    I had seen only a piece, the transmission of Del Debbio, and I confess to being upset and sore output. The former priests stories, they call the same-sex partners “my husband” , you can not hear.
    Article it emphasizes one thing that I found enlightening and profoundly true:

    The priest is lacking in his duty to celibacy or chastity in fact shows
    “weakness from the point of view of faith and of sacramental grace that was with sacred ordination has received and who are called to respond”.

    I thank Father Ivano and the journalists and all the priests of your communities to exist.


    1. Many thanks to the wise and deep Ivano father that made us this important report. In the first part Ivano father explains that we priests are not made for certain television space. And’ true!
      In incisively, our valiant cappuccino reminds us very well and we explained to everyone:

      "The immediacy of television language, the suddenness of his time with direct and tight schedules are an insidious trap in which the priest falls very easily. There is in fact little to do: to stay on television must have the physique du rôle, you have to be wild on stage, have a ready wit, knowing how to defend when necessary and even "attack" by way of "legitimate defense" parties that seek to deflect speeches or dominate others. Few can do it all admirably well, in particular priests and religious. Immediacy is not a characteristic of the priest, he moves at the pace of God, with the time trial of the One who does not differentiate between the minute and the Century. For the priest, the weather is a concept more clearly the theological and physical, It is a metaphysical event that brings the calmness and contemplation of God ".

      This is the heart of the problem, Father Ivano has focused in the best and most accurate.

      And’ It was just the participation of father Ariel? In my opinion, yes, because in fact it proved equal. I covered many times the program, in order to better study the whole. I think it can be inferred that the father Ariel has first given the image of the virile priest. And in that context absurd, grotesque, if you allow it was a panacea, also and only a visual image level. Think about it: Ariel's father has paid tribute to all those priests who by that “theater of fags”, as he called it, no han nothing in common.

      This in my opinion counted more than many theological discourses that Father Ariel is perfectly capable of doing, well and at the highest levels, but that was not the context.

      Think for a moment: in that context, is unmistakably male priest, with its beautiful black cassock, who vociato to priests who flaunted gay marriage, husbands and former altar boys then they became lovers and companions, It was more useful than any high moral theology speech, that, in that context, It would still not have been able to do.

      For this, dear father Ivano, I believe that Father Ariel, all of us priests Italian, did do just that and nothing else good impression, for showing a male and virile priest in this world in which the priest is reduced more and more grotesque and caricature, unfortunately, Alas, also feminine.

      Don Giovanni (Bologna)

      1. Excellent article the father Ivano.
        I agree totally and groom what he told Don Giovanni: Ariel's father did very well to go and I hope you invite again, even in the situation … high risk, because he knows how to stop it.
        And then: Holy Church, It is desired or not to enter a straight leg in the so-called media world, picture?
        There are now several decades that cardinals and bishops frolic for televisions, and often, many of them, It was broadcast two hours to a few talk shows without naming Jesus Christ once, always careful to speak as he wants the world and how the world like.

        Father Ariel could not make moral discourses, theology and spirituality, but he did what had to be done, and he did it well: 1) former priest who spoke of love by saying God made me this way, He said that God can not create evil; 2) before those horrendous cases of priests joined in gay relationships, He said that this is absurd. And he did it with determination and authority.

        Is there anyone who thinks that he has done a disservice to the Church? Nooooo! He served and honored him better of the many cardinals and bishops and TV studios have never mentioned the word Christ and the word gospel.

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