Irrationalism intolerant of Muslims the West opposes irrationalism only tolerant of atheists

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So the West can not oppose irrationalism of a morality derived from the Koran without any mediation theological much less philosophical - thus ignoring the natural law - another kind of irrationalism, to legislation "secular" without God and the natural right, which is precisely the Of the lex aeterna.


Author Antonio Livi

Antonio Love


I am speaking about the sad events of January 2015 in Paris (the murderous violence of Islamic fanatics and the great demonstration of solidarity with the editors Charlie Hebdo to express an opinion different from that of the other editors of The Island of Patmos. The readers of this online magazine does not surprise you, let alone be offended by this difference of opinions, because we have always said that we wanted to bring every problem topical theological principles of the true doctrine of the Church, i.e. dogma, illustrating it, however with comments and applications which by their nature belong to the field dell'opinabile, there where no opinion necessarily require the unanimous consent. I remembered a few occasions the old motto patristic: “In necessary, Unitas; in doubtful, Libertas; in all, caritas”.

So, without wanting to miss the charity, I express my opinion with all freedom. To be as clear and precise, will enunciate in three points:

1) First of all, I consider "sad events" as the murderous violence by Islamic fanatics as the great demonstration of solidarity with the editors of Charlie Hebdo by French politicians and leaders of many other countries in the Western. Both of these facts - military and ideological - judge them enormous moral gravity, but not as much as it is a third fact, the one that gave rise to the other two, namely the pertinacious publication dissemination of obscene and heavily irreverent cartoons against Islam (with a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad) and against Christianity (with blasphemous depiction of the Holy Trinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Immaculate Mother).

2) The reaction to these cartoons was, by Islamists, of furious indignation, especially for the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, that they believe should not be represented by anyone ever; the most aggressive have resorted to terrorism in France and new waves of violent persecution of Christians (all considered equally complicit in the "great Satan", ie the West) Middle East and Africa, and more and more explicit is the threat to extend the "holy war" to all the West, even threatening Rome, center of Christianity.

3) The reaction to aggression Islamists, by Western, was the exaltation of the alleged indiscriminate freedom of anti-religious satire, to the point that the irreverent cartoons were distributed in all countries, not only with the special editions of Charlie Hebdo (recently in seven million copies, also distributed outside France, in Italy with The daily show) but also with the reckless reproduction by information bodies Catholics, which over everything they preferred to select the cartoons against Christianity rather than those against Islam that had caused the massacre in Paris. The political-cultural magazine Studies, directed by religious Jesuits, has offered to its readers with the absurd pretext of wanting to show that Catholics are not "fundamentalists" and know they also respect the "freedom of satire", laughing gladly of their institutions and their representatives. Even The Island of Patmos, without my being consulted relevant, thought of having to play such horrendous anti-Christian cartoons in support of an excellent article on the subject signed by Father John Cavalcoli. I consider this choice journalistic - despite good intentions, including that of documenting the severity of the facts of which you speak - a wrong choice, because materially constitutes a "cooperation in evil”, involuntary complicity with the sin of others, which in this case - the offense to the Name of God - is even greater sin.

freedom of speechPoint out that the problem of how to reconcile freedom of opinion with the respect of religious institutions and their symbols is a matter entirely secondary in relation to the enormity of the blasphemy act as intrinsically immoral, as an offense against God. Faced with the facts of which we are speaking, a person of proper criterion, and even more a theologian, should not accumulate many socio-cultural considerations but detect what is immeasurably worse than all the rest: that those infamous cartoons Charlie Hebdo contain, among many obscenities and insults irreverent - all despicable things - even curses in the proper sense, ie desecration of the holy name of God, and this is in itself directly and the "matter" of that grave sin from which God warns all men with the second commandment of the Decalogue.

To explain better, I have to remember that "blasphemy", etymologically, mean generically "insult". Now, when the victim dell'ingiuria is only human, it goes against the fourth and the fifth commandment, and the blame more or less severe, according to the dignity of the victim; instead, when the injury is addressed directly to God is blasphemy in the proper sense.

Muslims speak of "blasphemy" even when it is Muhammad, that even they consider God but only his Prophet. And so it is not exactly blasphemy, how to Christianity, the derision of the representatives of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, Including Pope. Not that they are tolerable acts: are desecrating actions against institutions and people who represent the true religion, instituted by Christ Himself. But - I repeat again – the severity of these sins is absolutely not comparable with the gravity of the sin of blasphemy, that is the fault of those who offend the Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (and remember that, by virtue of the union hypostatic, also the insult to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother Dio, constitutes a real blasphemy).

the, since childhood, I have suffered so much for the blasphemies I felt around - and since I have felt several Tuscan -, and sometimes reacted with berating some animosity blasphemers. Then, as a priest, I had to take a calmer I contain, imitating the meekness of Jesus. But the offense done to God in public profaning his name and that of his Mother has always gone a deep pain and the Church I learned to personally make many acts of reparation, in addition to the prayers in repair of curses that are recited during exposure Eucharistic. The reaction against blasphemers went quickly into the background, indeed even then there was more. They too are the subject of prayer, asking God not to take account of their sin, "They know not what they do". In short, in front of the blasphemy, a person of conscience suffers for blasphemy because he knows that God deserves not only respect but also acts constant adoration and thanksgiving by all men. No matter, a Christian who is endowed with common sense even before faith, the fact that blasphemy hurt his ego and he feels personally offended in his belonging to a religion. What really counts, when it comes to blasphemy, not the subjective and sentimental but the objective and moral. Because blasphemy is primarily a sin, one of the most severe, because it goes directly against the second commandment of the Decalogue, so trivialized by Roberto Benigni, that is Prato like me and does what it can, poor thing, but they give too much attention and too much money even when wants to laugh with arguments taken from theology.

This is not an abstract discourse and idle: need to understand that almost all Catholic commentators have responded inadequately to unpleasant facts related to "blasphemous cartoons", because they have only ever spoken of respect for religions, for their followers and their symbols. For example, the bishop of Verona, Monsignor Giuseppe Zenti, in an article published in the diocesan weekly, Verona faithful, titled "How do you reconcile the blasphemy with the secular democratic?”, deprecates simply "the cultural climate" that made possible the publication of the "blasphemous cartoons": a climate, specifies the prelate, who is "that of barbarism, in which there is no right of citizenship for the respect of people and their human and religious' [see who]. Another bishop, the Patriarch of Venice Francesco Moraglia, speaking to the Jews said: "There are issues that can not be treated with literary genres like the irony, especially when this is fierce: when the responsibility is public, our words are heavier stones » [see who]. Too little, I say. Most serious of any lack of "respect for people and their human and religious', and even more serious offenses to the ministers of God, is an offense against God himself, God as a person and not as a reality idea of ​​someone or symbol of something else.

Not even Father John Cavalcoli, in the comment to the facts of Charlie Hebdo, seems to take due account of the terrible fact of blasphemy repeated everywhere in millions of copies, but prefers to recommend a greater dialogue between Christianity and Islam, starting from the common faith in the God of Abraham and practicing mutual respect. Even the Holy Father, intervening on the subject, spoke of the inevitable reaction - he calls unjust but humanly understandable - that you can expect when you causes offense to a person, for example, speaking ill of his mother [see who]. Ma, I repeat, here are not in play the "horizontal" relationships among men in human society, but the relationship "vertical" of men with God. If you stay in the line "horizontal" and we are only concerned to determine the manner and the way to protect the honor and rights of some social subject, but uniform, Also in the West, the typical mentality of Islam, where everything is political, and there is no natural law but only positive law established arbitrarily by the Member.

So the West can not oppose irrationalism of a morality derived from the Qur'an without any mediation theological much less philosophical - then ignoring the natural law - another kind of irrationalism, to legislation "secular" without God and the natural right, which is precisely the Of the lex aeterna. In the West, after all the rhetoric defenseless of freedom of opinion and even satire, they wanted to react to the military violence of Islamist ideology justifying violence of satirical newspaper - all told: “I'm Charlie"-. Then, the contingent fact it has gone to theorize the "right" to insult any religion - but especially Christianity, and of course Islam -, proclaiming the "right to blasphemy" or "right to blasphemy ', that French President Holland has included between civil rights and the achievements of freedom that the West has inherited from the French Revolution. Of course, from a point of view merely cultural-historical, Holland is right: The trouble began with the Enlightenment own anti-Catholic, whose representatives, however, were not really atheists (neither was Voltaire). What did the Enlightenment Masonic - outweigh Catholic Enlightenment, which had among its representatives two Neapolitan intellectuals, Giambattista Vico and St. Alphonsus Maria de 'Liguori - was to replace the worship of God with the worship of Political Power. Like this, Jacobins in France devised the solemn enthronement of an image of the Goddess of Reason in the basilica of Notre Dame in Paris, no more than the house of God but exaltation of revolutionary thought. Like this, in the United States, the Pilgrim Fathers did God the flag of independence aspirations by the Anglican Church, ruled by the King of England, and the dollar bill wrote "In God we trust”. Two centuries later, the Nazis were fighting their battle neopagan keeping the motto of the German emperors: “God with us!"... In Conclusion, history shows us the rapid evolution of an operation ideological secularization, at the height of which is not only God is no longer recognized as the foundation of natural law and the logical holder of the right to worship by all men, but it is even denied in his own reality. To operate this substitution, as evidence of an Absolute is inherent in human reason, Enlightenment modern contemporary drew a grotesque cultural regression, making all'idolatria, the deification of the "elements of this world" as named by St. Paul.

First you should set up the Christian society history records companies who practiced the worship of idols of the nation (ancient East) or the cult of the military chief (the two Caesar Roman Empire, to which the Christians refused to offer sacrifice). Modernly, secularist ideology wanted again deify the Political Power (the "State", the "Country" or the "People"). To impose this deification secularism borrows from Christianity the language of the sacred, which in itself makes sense only when referring to God: here is the "civil religion" theorized by Jean-Jacques Rousseau; here is the altar of the Fatherland Savoian after the fall of Rome; here is "the sacred boundaries" of the Fatherland; here is the worship of the memory of the martyrs (in Fascist you spoke of "martyrs fascists', immediately after the "martyrs of the Resistance"); this is the "apostle of freedom" (Joseph Mazzini); here is the "pilgrimage" to the mausoleum of Lenin etc.. The sense of the sacred is past all the political rhetoric: the Sacred authentic, the Holy par excellence, ie God, no longer has any public recognition as reality itself. If it turns evoked, is only to describe "the religious feeling" of some group of citizens, to which the State may graciously grant some freedom of worship.

That being the case, is too little, I said, simply plead, satire against the blasphemous of Western newspapers, respect for the subjective rights of people who believe in God, and that the sole purpose of ensuring social peace. For example, Compass on the Daily 18 January I read an article by Ettore Malnati titled "The offense to religious feeling does not help coexistence" [see who]. I repeat again: too little! Here it is the respect due to God, which undoubtedly exists even if the state secularist says that is not true, that "is not". State secular anti-religious satire, including blasphemy, is only a lawful manner to express rational criticism of a subjective feeling irrational. But the truth is that blasphemy is an injustice, a moral disorder (that is a shame) absolute gravity, because what is being violated, first of all, is the primary law that God has respect, honor and adoration. Propose, as has been done, that the state upholds the existence of a "right to blasphemy" is equivalent to formalize the implicit premise atheistic secular state, his "material constitution": we claim that the State must explicitly assert - without having any authority, neither logical nor moral - that God does not exist, that what some call "God" is only a subjective idea tolerable in private but not worthy of public protection. While I have other ideas, for example, the idea of ​​being worthy of respect and esteem as gay. For this reason we can not absolutely offend nor criticize gays (is the crime of "homophobia") but you can offend God, because God does not exist. Instead, offending a head of state is the offense of defamation, because the head of state exists, and of course the state knows. This is the logic of speech, if logic is. In reality it is not logic but of mere arrogance on the part of, to maintain power, must continue to impose its cultural and ideological hegemony. The state was formed arbitrarily absolute authority, so explicitly considered the source of all truth and moral metaphysics, and therefore legal (who exists and has the right to respect and who is not).

Positive law has legitimacy only if presupposes and respects the natural moral law, starting from the certainty that God exists as the first cause and final end of all, and therefore as universal Legislator. Before, about the offense to the holy name of God, I was speaking of the first and second Commandment. This and all other constitute the Decalogue, which is nothing if not a codification of the natural moral law of the Old Testament. It contains so fully intelligible fundamental moral norms that every man knows spontaneously and is obliged to observe faithfully, as taught by the great philosophical tradition, and also the Holy Scriptures. No need to know the Law of Moses, St. Paul says in his Letter to the Romans, to honor and love God as creator and legislator. Like this, today, we must say that there is no need of a positive law of civil society not to blaspheme. Of course, a modern state Western, who claims to be "secular", not only did not keep the laws against blasphemy that before had been variously formulated, but even impose a law in favor of the "right to blasphemy".

We must react statist ideology, which is one of the most bitter fruits of idealism and remember that it is rather the state that does not exist: instead there are men and women who make up civil society, men and women who, as citizens of a nation are given or received a particular legal form for public institutions (government, justice, defense, tax etc.), and among these there are some citizens who exercise public functions. One and the other (private citizens and public officials) have an intellect and a conscience, and they know what is the obvious reality for all, and from this knowledge base (which in philosophy is called the "common sense") form their opinions, at large, on immediate issues. By the consent of all the evidence of common sense comes in so many different ways to form positive law, valid if in harmony with the will of the people, but first and foremost with the natural moral law.

Those who still have the ability to think for themselves knows that the metaphysical truth and morality is an achievement that human reason is based on the experience obtained when immediate and universal and then also on critical reflection (the philosophy), which are the foundations of any rational acceptance of divine revelation. Faced atheistic indoctrination state must return to the evidence that God exists, even if those who govern the state does not want to recognize it. Recognizes common sense and philosophy: no true philosopher professed atheism (it showed Etienne Gilson with his book Atheism difficult), and no scientist has ever been able to prove with his tools of investigation that there is no God. An influential Italian philosopher, work in the sixties of the last century, he wrote:

"The route of man to God is presented as the most difficult and the most pressing. Without reference to the Absolute in fact all values ​​remain suspended and the man is exposed to the continuous risk of being overwhelmed by the temporality and of getting lost in the pitfalls of contingency. The various attempts to evade the problem of God atheism in its polyhedral shapes up to contemporary forms of so-called "theology of the death of God", show the dialectic never resolved the drama disconcerting man down here can not draw and possess God, while always felt somehow that they can not live without God " (Cornelius the carpenter, The man and the risk of God).

Atheism State, as that which has prevailed in the West, is conceivable only in a purely political horizon: but not politics as an exercise of power regulated by criteria of justice in sight for the common good, but of politics as a conflict of interest for the conquest or retention of power by an ideological force, economic and military. Such a policy seeking popular support with demagogic speeches, turned to the feeling and not the conscience of citizens; e, when it reaches its goals, here is that the social order is radically compromised through laws which have no connection with the natural right. But laws contrary to natural law are not true laws, have no moral value, but are reduced to bullying, to tyranny, to despotism. No matter, from this point of view, that the form of government is democratic or totalitarian: in both cases it must be recognized that a power management (judiciary, government, parliamentary) ignore the natural law ensures that the political class is reduced to a criminal (huge robbery), as St. Augustine said already at the time of the transition between the Roman Empire and the barbarian kingdoms.

Now, the conscience of a man gifted, precisely, of conscience, will cause it to behave well with God, both in private life and in public, without the need for legal constraints in one direction or another. From the point of view of personal conscience there is no problem. The problem arises when the personal consciousness leads to an interest of public affairs and to take a stand in the face of unjust laws. So many people are the ways to take a stand: with their active intervenento in shaping public, with diversity of form and social criticism (the teaching, the use of mass media), by personal example that it is right or not to observe and, exercising the right to vote when circumstances permit, help to ensure that it is not approved or if already approved will be abolished. Many have done it and are doing it, for example as regards abortion, (question of established law) or public recognition of homosexual unions (question creating the right).
But the paradoxical aspects of this opposition of "secular state" is that the Absolute, ie God, is not considered real, while the State, that is related to an idea of ​​society, is considered real. Relativism, denies any absolute - which is impossible for the basic laws of logic - and ends up shut himself in solipsism irrationalistic. Typical irrationalism is making speeches that continually fall in contradiction (the self-denying discourse), and therefore more wrong that are properly senseless, are authentic nonsenses. The "secular state" professes irrationalism as much as "Islamic state", namely the politico-religious ideology of Islam denounced by Benedict XVI in Regensburg speech.

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  1. Maura says:

    Father Lande , Also I was born in the famous ” red triangle “( in my case and Terni province ) where unfortunately the blasphemy is part of the interlayer Local . Like you I have suffered much . Greater suffering in the house because the pativo’ unfortunately my father , poor , ignorant , he brought with him this example .
    Except then fill your eyes with tears when ,showing the image of the Madonna del Ponte , that he kept in the breast pocket , stated with absolute certainty that only thanks to her had returned to his country after three years of internment in Stammlager XIII D . Reading your article I remembered that she was drawn to a link that published the cartoons in question and I , stupid , I went to see them ! As captivated by this evil watched a cartoon after another without having the strength to interrupt . I stopped when I realized that, image after image , my eyes were swearing and perpetuated the horror experienced ! The thousands of publications have the clear intention to blaspheme God and His Holy Mother. The inspiring and’ the usual proud . Dad , a Hail Mary for my parent.

  2. Orion says:

    if the traditionalists are those that give the “modernist” Fr. Ariel, I now understand why the modernists (the real ones) have swept, and continue to win big.

    go ahead and tear you to azzannarvi like dogs, go ahead to sow discord and division (This is Satan), and you will see that over the SSPX chapels will never get farther.

  3. father ariel
    Francesca Garofalo says:

    Monsignor Livi, the fundamentalists “Catholics” Isis, as rightly calls them vincenzodatorino, are posting comments on his infamous brother priest, and all this on the pretext of the comments in his article, and in view of this I have not read his comment Response.
    If someone had thrown on my younger sister like things, I would have responded, and even with a certain tone.

    • gianlub1 says:

      For Garofalo: Look, Mons Livi is critical of Don Ariel for the article that the latter wrote insulting Cristina Siccardi and other. Also Mons Livi is a friend of Prof. Roberto De Mattei.

      • father ariel
        Francesca Garofalo says:

        The rev. Mgr. Livi is critical, This affirms her, because the person she quoted several times from what I have read has never voiced grievances or dissociation, therefore, she insists to say things are not supported by any objective evidence. As a professional engaged advocacy from 25 years I can tell you however that the Rev.. father Levi Gualdo of which I have read the books and of which I read some years Articles, In his writings he never insulted anyone and the only one in this predicament speficifico was attacked with insults and serious violent configured as such in the case of defamation by means of telematic tools for public dissemination and domain, this is him. E’ a fact proven by the post published on this page.

        • Gianluigi Bazzorini says:

          For Garofalo: If you want to send the reply email that sent me Mons Livi me, which confirms the critical article by Don Ariel.

          • father ariel
            Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

            Editor's note

            Dear gianlub1.
            We would be very grateful if you would post directly here this email to which you refer, and we will publish them, proof that she says the real, otherwise please have the goodness to keep quiet and avoid spreading “truth” established and the penalty ever try.

  4. vincenzodatorino says:

    To read some comments I have the impression that the fanatics are not only those of the Isis. Think to reason with them and seek a dialogue I question the need to just. Simply believe they are assisted directly by the Holy Spirit and to have the truth in your pocket. Thanks Don Ariel for his commitment.

  5. Giuseppe Phallic says:

    Dear fathers Island, but it would be better for all abolish the possibility’ to comment on your articles? Why’ make room for mischief-makers, which disturb readers for good?

  6. minstrel says:

    A brief comment to ensure in our prayers for Don Ariel harlequin smear campaign that is taking place at this time on this beautiful online magazine.

    In this regard, we also wanted us to say something about it on the blog which I enjoy writing.
    Of course Don Ariel knows defend himself, and the large, though obviously we can defend from ignorance blind and deaf but not dumb. I can not thank him for the fact that sardonic smile that gave us during altercations present in older comments.

    Therefore we could not think of “defend” those who are not even accusations in our article, As point to sensitize our readers against what is happening here, perfect emblem of all the reasons Don Ariel, and especially encourage them to make an offer to you!

    That arises from evil useless good profit in short.

    Good luck to all: to the 3 priests at the forefront of course, to the man who is now under fire straw cross above.

    • father ariel
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      THANK friends Pilgrims of Truth
      that from the blog CROSS-STREET they wanted to donate a
      message soliderità Isle of Patmos

      See link


      On this occasion we insert a note

      Dear Readers,

      we chose not to publish answers to these posts and we just publish messages also seriously insulting to launch which was taken as a pretext an article master of one of the fathers of the Island of Patmos, the philosopher and theologian Antonio Livi offering a reading very pertinent and profound facts that this article refers and which is distilled his philosophical and theological science with his sentiment and priestly ministry.
      The authors of several of these posts have attempted to "exalt" Antonio Livi using it as a "cudgel" against the other two fathers, which have always known that all three of the Devil seeks first to sow discord and division.
      The fathers of the island are people of different ages, of different sensitivity and different character but all three are linked together by love for Christ and His Holy Church, dall'ossequio to the Truth and the devout obedience to the legitimate Apostolic Authority.
      So clumsy attempt, to sow discord among the three men also united by mutual esteem and deep affection.
      By talking to each other fathers were in agreement - as indeed are almost always, despite the diversity of views of some formal and certainly not substantial - about the need to recommend certain people to the mercy and grace of God, because before that people with feelings of blind fundamentalism highlight the insult to the Supreme Pontiff, contempt of the doctrine of the Church and a whole Ecumenical Council; who assume the right to accusations of heresy and apostasy in Pontiffs, Bishops and priests in the name of their unspecified "Veritas" and "Tradition" ... before all that fathers can not help but ensure their sincere prayers for the benefit of these souls, that they may repent and believe in the Gospel , why otherwise, tomorrow, God's judgment - "slow to anger, abounding in love" - ​​could also be severe.

      • gianlub1 says:

        Father Cavalcoli says the cxix is ​​infallible; Mons Livi denies that it is infallible;
        Mons Livi estimate people who Don Ariel attacks indecently insulting them (Roberto de Mattei, Cristina Saif, Monsignor Gherardini etc.). Mons Livi recognizes that S Vetus Ordo Mass originates Apostolic while Don Ariel insults this S Mass saying that does not come from any Tradition Apostoclica. These are substantial differences in knowledge of Catholic Doctrine.

        • father ariel
          Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

          Dear gianlub1.

          The editorial staff has received precise instructions from the Father of Ariel “publish any comment concerning him with any kind of possible insult contained therein not replicate in any way“; and no one was in fact replicated.
          Now, not that she merits replication is not given to many other, but if “steps insult“, But it is difficult to get the free and deliberate falsehood defamatory.


          1. About fathers and professors Livi Cavalcoli she would maliciously put vying with each other, the answer is simple: St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio had theological opinions sometimes discordant in areas strictly dogmatic and are both saints and doctors of the Church.

          2. Father Ariel has not “insulted indecently” people who you quote, if anyone has been insulted – da can – this was the Father Ariel which was asked of her mother worked as sidewalk, which was given the womanizer and lascivious, the Mason, of the modernist heretic, etc.. which were charged all seven deadly sins, until reaching the charge that his ordination would take place for simony. The people you mentioned and it never insulted, he has placed only questions to which none of them gave answers, while having all the means to do so.

          3. She can not and must not defame a worthy priest who celebrates every day the Eucharistic Sacrifice stating that he “stroke” that the Father celebrates Mass devoutly and with the Novus that with the old order posted; nor can affirm falsely accusing him of having said that the Missal of St. Pius V “not from any Apostolic Tradition“, because the Father, for knowledge and culture liturgical, would never say such nonsense.

          Said this, Dear Mr Gianluca Bazzorini (said gianlub1), she is now formally warned and warned not to continue to spread around the net deliberate slander on Reverend Priest Stefano Levi Ariel Gualdo; infamies already taken from other sites and blogs, so-called “traditionalists” and in turn diffuse to the telecommunication network.

          May God have mercy on her.

          The Secretary of Editors

          • father ariel
            Roxy. 90 says:

            Solidarity Gianlub1 and all other. The false “priest” levidigualdo is a heretic and apostate as modernist. maybe not a member of the Freemasons but celebrates with the Protestant missal of Paul VI, l'apostate blessed, and enhances, accusing the Tradition and the defenders of Tradition, then the “priest” vaticansecondista-bergogliano levidigualdo is actually worse than other priests and council excommunicated, because the others are at least szitti him instead enhances the aapostasia. the note of the editorial is pathetic, the true defenders of the faith, have not responded, because the priest-Judeo-infiltrated does not deserve response because they are in heaven, and he already heating up in hell, if he does not repent of his heresies. So You Like It …

    • father ariel
      Leonardo G. says:

      Thanks dear Minstrel , also add this comment.

      These distinguished "scholars" (!?!) or assumed must have confused the curve south of Rome or the curve Fiesole in Florence with a magazine young and short course but already present and profound theological dignity, to the point that has already become a major focal point for many. I therefore invite these people to find other places more suitable to their nature trivial, offensive and especially detrimental to the dignity of three excellent priests who are doing what Christ asks him to do: "He who testifies to me before men I will testify before God". But what pains me is not the uproar that aroused these anonymous rude (attacking the Father Ariel in staff so vulgar), but the scary and noisy silence of those who are behind them and that they charge you with their books, their conferences, their articles and their "pious" foundations for these people become a real repository of collection and recruitment for this case of fundamentalists in pitiful version of "Catholic", place their act and interact is the negation of all ... Christian Roots.

      • father ariel
        Luca Rosselli says:

        … but see to heal its roots rooted in the mistakes of “church” apostatic where he worships the devil with the missal Satanic-Masonic Bugnini. Certainly,she, is in good faith, and does not say certain things because of him, but because you have so grown in “church” the conciliabolo, where during meetings ekumenici to Assisi (ie lucifereschi), on the altars of some churches have put the statues of buddha, and in another have a couple of slaughtered chickens. For charity, mica say that the seat is vacant, I say that the popes from GXXIII until VdR, is now Pampero I (Bergoglio), are not valid, because with the CV2 the church has become apostatica.Non are valid bishops conciliarists because sorted apostasy, nor are the priests ordained by bishops of a “church” apostatic, because the whole is a chain. All this can, But, be remedied if the church denies apostazia, This denies the CV2, and if you order VdR valid bishop by the bishops of the SSPX, then he rearranges the bishops conciliarists (who meanwhile have abjured heresy of CV2), and everything is in the tradition of the true CHURCH.
        If you want to discover the true Christian roots, first, find out who has saved a little flock apostasy, what Dr. CRISTINA SICCARDI compares, rightly, the great Fathers of the Church. S. AND. the Holy Bishop Lefebvre.
        then connects to this site
        and see, in its vicinity, where to find a chapel of the SSPX, and approaching one of their priests, valid and Catholics, and you will save your soul.

        • father ariel
          Leonardo G. says:

          Distinguished Lord.

          Sorry I do not understand this sermon full of admonitions and lectio about the validity of priestly and episcopal ordinations. On these teachings that seem to come out of a film by Stephen King, I want to deliberately fly over; However the answer about the look of the chapels with the priests of the Society of St. Pius X: well, I met many people from certain realities, Also close to my person, and in truth I tell you that it came out upset, at best in a deep crisis of faith because of characters who asserts sacrosanct as the Father Ariel in his articles, life imprisonment would send a young man and a young man giving a kiss but fail to see the concrete pylon that eye.
          These poor people outputs from some quarters have later found a bit 'of options and their faith in the Church that she heretically defines apostatic, thanks to priests like Father Ariel, which were launched attacks indecent, all focused on personal and deeply insulting.
          Major Ad!

          And remember that in that … “I conciliabolo” there was Lefebvre who signed the two dogmatic constitutions.

        • Orion says:

          but she knows it or not, that the time of Saint Pius X to Siccardi would not be allowed to even open his mouth to sing in the church choir, let alone to open his mouth to pontificate on ecclesiastical matters?

          You want to make really hard-core traditionalists? Fine, then you start to say to the Siccardi to stop dealing with things of the Church, since as the Apostle says “woman be silent in church“.

  7. andrea good advice says:

    Excuse Alessandro I can explain why I am in his opinion a heretic Pentecostal?
    She thinks with his brain or as a good parrot repeats what others have written about Pope Francis? and why his interest daresay morbid towards a reality that she does not consider himself Catholic? if she is so convinced that the small group of his sect is the only center of truth (I say sect because the word church and a serious thing to reduce it to your circus) why waste time between us poor “heretics” to debate with those who believe in the popes who are actually antipopes, who listen to priests who are not priests valid, following a magisterium (to reconcile) which is a colossal apostasy?

  8. father ariel
    Don Gino says:

    I put here the answer I gave on the article of P. Giovanni Cavalcoli (I read it many years, since he wrote on Divinitas) and send a greeting so dear to Don Antonio Livi (I saw many years ago in Prato with his brother, birth are Prato but I am a priest of the Archdiocese of Florence).

    If it can be of some use: I am one of those priests who discussed (indeed almost quarreled) with Father Ariel. Indeed, his, I spoke of the reach blasphemous and sacrilegious of these cartoons, I tried to calm him by telling him, by Tuscan Tuscan, that we are the first to (Unfortunately) accustomed to blasphemy and irreverence, even though our people have feelings, of always, anti-Christian and anti-Catholic far. And I told him that "it's the end of the nineteenth century that make cartoons against the church, the saints and priests ". So I tried to mitigate. But when I saw the pictures, captions ... oh, Lord God! I told myself: but these are demons!!
    In my view, Ariel, was right to publish those images, Why, people like me and many others, had not seen, could not realize, rather, I repeat: not that condoning, but inclined towards saying "do not treat yourself lor but look and go", whereas, on certain things, you should not just pass over.
    Greetings to all from Florence.

  9. Antonella says:

    Dear you have to ban these trolls who besmirch this beautiful magazine. I am grateful to all of you for the knowledge that you make available and would need it so much.
    E’ nice to deal with charity and possibly correct us but the gratuitous insult and slander have no place here.

    • father ariel
      Bharat Gajjar says:

      Dear Antonella, forgive me but I must say that the trolls of this magazine is the Levite Jew left the huddle that vaticansecondista 1. presents the anti Bergoglio as a dogma of blind faith 2. blasphemes the Madonna by publishing cartoons of those who now burn in hell 3. insults the real world of Tradition which opposes apostasy with unchanging Mass Also in opposition to the Missal of Paul VI Lutheran (for friends Wanda), written by the Freemason Bugnini ….

      • father ariel
        Andrew Buonconsiglio says:

        Bharat Gajjar, how she would react, and how would the world of "real tradition that opposes the apostasy" if in the name of the "true faith" someone should compare Pope Pius XII in a tissue strip the news as you compare the blessed Paul VI to a certain Wanda? As for cartoonists Charlie I would say that they did wrong, who have committed the most deadly sins, who have blasphemed God and the Madonna especially outraged the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, but never would argue that they are in hell, because if I did pronuncerei blasphemy of the worst curses of cartoonists Charlie: I would replace the authority and the judgment of God, and this is blasphemy worst.

        • father ariel
          Bharat Gajjar says:

          … BEH, I can respond by saying that she is a heretic in the wake of the anti petecostale Bergoglio infiltrated in what is no longer the Catholic Church (the real survives only in the SSPX) … react as others do not know … should ask them …

      • Orion says:

        the “Freemason Bugnini” is the same person who made the reform of Holy Week, with the approval of Pius XII.

        Then, we want to give the anti-heretical apostate-modernist well to Pius XII?

  10. Umberto says:

    Dear fathers Ariel , Cavalcoli Giovanni and Antonio Livi that nice to read your writings
    I recently found this “Isola” and I'm happy.
    From you I learn many things dimly felt but could not find words to express .
    Thanks I hope that despite the insults you receive four fanatics you will continue this holy mission.

  11. Andrew Buonconsiglio says:

    All my respect to Bishop. Livi and my respect to the Father Levi Gualdo who took these insults and responded only to explain that they have taken direct insults to the Father saying Cavalcoli: “I can insult me, and your insults to me will be published, but this priest and theologian no senior”. Someone will have to respond with practical, human and earthly “common sense”, if he wants.
    These subjects with their comments have stated antipapa Francis, declared valid only the priests and those of the SSPX lefebviani, broke away from Rome, by Peter and by the Second Vatican Council; and all this because the only thing needed is to defend the "tradition" liturgical and linguistic (ie accidents) and throw away the primacy of the Peter, the sanctity of priests, etc (ie the substance); for me this is THE REAL ONE WANTED BY CHRIST CHURCH MA is a SECT SAYING TO BE CATHOLIC.
    It must be recognized that Mgr. Livi is a great teacher because (using its expression “cooperation in evil”) his article was due, reason and excuse not only to insult and reject the ministry of two other priests, but also of the Pope.
    At this point I wonder what makes us Mgr. Livi in ​​this magazine and what he wants to defend his paper creates or allows these comments?
    Mons. Livi writes against the anti-Catholic Enlightenment emerged from the French Revolution, but he failed to do the same against clericalism atheist traditionalists who have replaced faith in the Church for a voluntarism and a pietism and irrational clericalist based and aimed only at … “tradition” (their).
    The thing that amazes me by the editorial staff and many readers is a fact that seems to many to go unnoticed: the authors of these comments and those made on blogs traditionalists attacked the Father Levi Gualdo for the Jewish origins of his name, do not know well the story of Father Ariel , But yesterday we commemorated the day of remembrance, and then I wonder what has changed? the right more than sixty years ago sent to the ovens million people for a “race” and today it appears from their writings that have remained the same intention and belief, as well expressed in a post just above Gianlub1.
    Now publicly wonder in Mons. Livi: she is on the side of these people who are in fact a sect within the Church? Application to do this even at Siccardi, Guarini, de Mattei&Company: these people constitute the audience of your followers?
    E’ aware Mgr. Livi that his signature and his name are in this magazine where he writes the Father Ariel defined by these people as a “fifth column of Satan”, then by logical deduction implied she is likely to be a “fifth column of Satan” if it does not distance?

  12. Giovannis. says:

    Thanks to the editors to publish all the insults. I do understand how certain 'Catholics’ wield the magnificent ancient rite and the great tradition of the Church for ideological purposes. How would that the Holy Catholic Church is heretical, or that this coincides with the only FSSPX?! What are these satanic abuse against priests and against the popes?! Seems to feel the Orthodox schismatics! I hope that you are a minority among the SSPX, otherwise I see it hard with the 'full communion’ of which I have always hoped. I ask in knee: stop sinning with insults and started to pray that the Lord enlighten you on the Truth and give you humility.

    • father ariel
      catholic says:

      sig. Giovanni, I know the priests of the diocese of "priest" and Levi did not want it to be sorted and I know that it comes from a family with money ... and with money you do everything. It 'an order bought ergo rendered invalid by simony. So is, there is evidence.

      • father ariel
        Don Paolo Menichetti says:

        I approached three years ago S.It is. Luigi Negri to a meeting in Rimini and told him that he had read a book by Don Ariel. Answered: "Is a great priest of a straight life, healthy and deep doctrine ". He added that with that book (And Satan made himself triune) had "rendered a great service to the Church". I doubt that he spoke that way to ... "payment" (!?).

        P.S. in a rectory entrusted to me I have ceased to celebrate with Vetus Ordo missae when I found myself with an assembly consisting largely of people like "kattolico" and "Gianlub1". Certain types are unfortunately not at all the characters "isolated", I understand very well what he writes Don Ariel in some of his articles and approve it in every way.

        • father ariel
          Irenaeus says:

          perhaps the Reverend has ceased to celebrate the true Mass Again with the immutable Missal of St. Pius V because it makes better to celebrate the Neocatechumenal who pay tithing.
          Judas had received the priesthood and he betrayed Jesus … and betrayed him with a kiss!

        • father ariel
          Alexandra P. says:

          Dear Father Paul, normally attend Mass N.Ö., but when I have the chance I go willingly to that in Tridentine rite. I know that you can find everything: Smart people and stupid people, those in good faith and those in bad faith, those who are helped by the rite and the "lace", those full of charity and those who stop to really form: those who attended his Mass will no exception. Now stop for a moment to consider what may have caused deep sorrow to the good little sheep being deprived of this great help. Resume to celebrate, please: do it for the love of good sheep and not pay any attention to the silly. If anything, take pity on them, and with so much love and patience and the help of God educates them, are the ones who need it most. Are they not a "suburban existential"? Not flee dall'ingrato task: charity will bear fruit, is confident. Indeed I would invite all priests to celebrate at least once a week in vo. and to invite the faithful who normally attend commissioning new. Overcoming barriers is also this.

      • father ariel
        Giovannis says:

        Themselves. Kattolico: I did not understand if the ordination of Father Levi invalid for simony or to be conferred after cxix .... If she is well and all priests are invalid is not however a good reason to spread gossip behind the anonymity of the web. I believe in Santa and Unica Catholic Apostolic Church led by the Pope the Vicar of Christ and successor of St. Peter, and by all the bishops and priests in communion with him. If now the Pope is unwise and wrong, this does not change things. If a council contains ambiguous sentences, this does not change things. With humility we must obey and raise criticism with charity for the sake of truth without sinning or worse fall excommunication. If you believe in another religion (false) roof tile- lefebriana sedevacantist sorry, I hope and pray in his conversion.

  13. father ariel
    Christ Rex says:

    I note that the Levi is the Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro. On his facebook profile, that could not miss, says of himself to work at Bonanno publisher, in Rome, as well as in Church.

    Now, provided that in the yearbook of the vicariate of the City does not include his name, even in the clergy foresto who is in Rome, own please look below: (Bonanno, ancestries of secularist and risorgimentaliste, is now editor specializing in esoteric: that there is a priest here? or is it a cover?)

    Because of Don Gallo and criticisms brought to Bagnasco, when relayed the transsexual Luxuria, the Levi suffered a scolding from his "bishop" reconcile Negri, for reasons that do honor to the first, and very little to Negri, is to be believed:

    For this is all the more unexpected, as well as dipped in mud and soaked unruly passions and vulgarity, his attack on the traditionalists. Unfortunately, the crisis in the Church is the crisis of priests, and crisis of Faith. But to enter the heavenly Jerusalem serves the same faith of our fathers and the Church. The fake passport of that reconcile, obscene caricature of the first, not enough, does not apply.

    Hitting modernists and traditionalists, Levi and members terzaforzisti could defend the perennial Magisterium, Tradition and the Church by the many enemies that threaten, beginning with Jorge Mario and the brood of his predecessors conciliar, all "saints" of course, reason conciliaboli. Instead they ended miserably to adapt and pour in the new course vaticanosecondista, which have not become a meaningless stream, so he ends up disgusted all: Hateful to God and to 'enemies on ... (Inferno, canto III, 63).

    The accounts are made at the end, with the Church and with God: when the restoration we will return to the Holy Church no longer disfigured by traitors, There will be good to laugh (for some) and tremble (for other).

  14. father ariel
    Michelarcangelo says:

    Excellent article very good property slap. Certainly she has read the article hateful priest's modernist masquerading as conservative (Ariel) that faith in fulminosa bergogliana discovered how to make career, when bishop? I wonder what in the name of Christian charity or holy punishment accepts the anthology of this dark character who attacked men and women of God as De Mattei, who is a bulwark, Gnocchi which is a alfiero truth, the Sicardi and Guarini that theologians are extraordinary, Manetti who has made public the truth about the persecution of the Franciscans dell'immacola carried out by the usurper of the throne of Peter with his goons. Can a theologian internationally as she confused with certain people? Glelo ask very humbly.

    • father ariel
      Alex90 says:

      … will become the Anglican bishop concelebrate “messe” sacrilegious with priestesses cheerful and prepare sermons taking cues from the articles of Playboy. These priests vaticansecondisti are all of the same stuff, before you delude making false traditionalists and then you sink the knife in the back. The truth is that they fake the real secret of Fatima because there was talk of the apostasy of the church because of the CV2 ee heretical popes after the secret meeting that the church has done all saints and blessed, nice stuff !!

      • andrea good advice says:

        Alex90 would like to ask how he managed to learn the arcane mystery of the secret of Fatima? I really do not know its source and I think that it can only be found in some blog or apocalyptic millenarian…
        One thing is clear: for her priestly figure has nothing sacred or of faith and does not go beyond the image of classical theater actor, that is, someone who reports to the charm of the past. But the theater is a fiction…

  15. LidiaB says:

    Why never, Claudia? I'm just a glaring example of irrationality and instructive ideological mentioned Don Livi in ​​his excellent article; comment talking about anything (fixed on the finger) and ignoring the essential, namely that GOD EXISTS AND VA LODATO HONORED AND LOVED, AND SO THE BLASPHEMY’ SIN MORE’ GRAVE. I think that the preparation has intent educational publishing, a warning to use appropriately the reason that God has given us. 😉

    • father ariel
      Christian Rosy says:

      Mgr. livi remained embarrassed because a priest cialtronesco which comes with a reassuring cassock to scrub certain tradzionalisti naive who fall has proven to be a Satan pretending that scandalizato puts eyes a blasphemy to the Blessed Virgin immaculate. livi but since he is a man of charity has shed a tear of sorrow instead of crying to the priest-rabbi. in short, a gentleman (livi) and the lout (levi). I doubt that Monsignor remain on this island that is not of Patmos but of sewer rats.

  16. father ariel
    Claudia Genovese says:

    I hope that the drafting ceases to publish these insults and, if anything, delete them because they do not think it right that fathers Ariel and John Cavalcoli have to pay this heavy price to allow certain subjects “right” of free expression, be admitted free expression.

  17. father ariel
    catholic says:

    I copy-paste of a post that I found hilarious here

    Bruno writes: 27 January 2015 Everyone 11:26

    Who pays the highest price is the beloved island of Patmos, a paradise, once inhabited dall'Aquila Giovanni Evangelista.
    The cave of the Apocalypse is a place full of divine presence, it is like Fatima or Monte Sant'Angelo.
    (D). Ariel and her bunnies traslocassero elsewhere ...... Maybe in Las Vegas.

    Raffaele writes: 27 January 2015 Everyone 18:08

    Probably, expensive Bruno, THIS "Patmos" cybernetics coincides with the wonderful Fontanellato (Parma), where G.Cavalcoli father is relegated by the Superiors.
    There is a wonderful Sanctuary of the Madonna with the Dominican convent, but the site is unreachable without a car.
    After "warned" several times that he was exaggerating in his solitary and militancy in its complaint of severe skidding of the Hierarchy (he wrote on this site), superiors transferred him there from the convent fundamental Bologna (adjacent Basilica lies the body of St. Dominic)

  18. gianlub1 says:

    Today is “Memorial Day”; ………. and think that if it were not for Ariel Levi between the feet to make the infiltrators could be even more

  19. father ariel
    vivamaria says:

    Article beautiful … only a small “reproach” Monsignor Livi for being too soft to comment inserted by a sacrilegious cartoons “priest” which in fact is a rabbi infiltrated, His Exc. Lefevre (should read St. Athanasius) he would not even come near to the churchyard while the post-conciliar church makes them priests, if they are priests …

    • father ariel
      catholic says:

      you are wrong. All those ordered after CV2 are not true priests valid but could be if you do reorder valid by bishops of the SSPX after having denied all the heresies of the huddle, meetings of Assisi, kisses the Koran giovampaolisti, i “who am I to judge” bergogliani etc..

  20. father ariel
    Giangio says:

    has opened a petition for the forced relocation of Levi and Cavalcoli the Island of Patmos island of Montecristo, along with their friends modernists, assisted by the angelic choir of the departed editors of Charlie Hebdo.
    A warm thanks to Bishop. Livi.

  21. father ariel
    Francesco Ghirelli says:

    Great Mgr. Livi !! and who must understand (Don Ariel) understand, though not necessarily understand why it is necessary to understand the intellect that he did not understand the need for capibile …
    To greater!

  22. father ariel
    Mario Maffei says:

    Monsignor she did not limit himself to say what he thinks, but he explained that the other two (Horses & Levi Gualdo) think its bad. We have long understood but makes us great pleasure to say that she is, congratulations and thanks.

  23. father ariel
    Jester says:

    Cavalcoli father has been silent and it is syrupy all cartoons of "Levite sacrilegious" playing at John's Island of Patmos, but that is a fifth column of Satan, while the big Livi responded with a beautiful sung Mass.
    Bravo monsignor!

  24. father ariel
    Andrew Trojans says:

    God bless you for taking away from that pseudo priest of levi's gualdo theologian-modernist-Judeo-Masonic-womanizer-infiltrated the church to destroy his Holy Tradition and as you rightly writes specializes to cooperate with evil ("The cooperation of the evil"), as recently shown with an article of delirium where seize the defenses of the anti Bergoglio towards which claims even an act of "blind faith" and attacks indecently traditionalists. Revolting also the father Cavalcoli [CENSORED]. Were you in a few to defend the moral and Tradition, only she and Monsignor Gherardini, and of course the holy priests and holy bishops of the SSPX.
    Viva Viva Maria Jesus!


    Dear Reader.

    I respect freedom of opinion even when it is insulting towards me, But I can not publish the insults she turned to the Dominican theologian John Cavalcoli, because they are not willing to approve comments in which it is disrespectful to my elder brother that I worship for wisdom and seniority of priestly ministry as always venerate and respect all the senior members of the secular and regular clergy. About me feel rather free to write what they want.

    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

  25. ap says:

    Father expensive, was moved to its written. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She has so many arguments, and expose them know so well.

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