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The praise of the heresy of Paul Pasqualucci

The PRAISE OF HERESY Paolo Pasqualucci

[…] daily at fulfilling my duties I have the sacramental unworthy honor to announce the Word of God to the congregation, proclaiming which I never say - and like me my Venerable Brother Priests do not, including epistemologists - " From Iota Unum according Romano », nor the people of God responds: « Praise to thee Amerio ».

The text of Prof. Paul Pasqualucci to which was given the answer that follows below is readable WHO

Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

Dearest son.

The Professors chronic is a disease from which we often fail to heal and often can lead to collapse in part in tuttologia cosmic in part in the megalomania. For this I start immediately with telling her that if she had seen the blockbuster film The Ten Commandments with the splendid interpretation of Charlton Heston in the role of the patriarch Moses and Yul Brynner in the role of the Egyptian pharaoh [see WHO], this does not empower it to feel an expert in biblical sciences nor to dispense wisdom that shows you do not have the specific merit of the issues that has to deal with alleged in his article the subject of my reply, beyond its inner intentions that I can not read or judge. However, according to what she writes and expresses publicly - not least through extensive copy and paste facts on authentic texts canonical fiction taken from the writings disseminated by Lefebvrian circles - I must take note that from his lines neither good intentions nor authentic Catholic sentiments emerge.

For the mandate given to me by the Holy Church of Christ I was called through the ministerial priesthood to exercise universal paternity on believers of Christ that the Lord Jesus entrusted to Peter and the Apostles the command to feed his flock [cf. GV 21, 15-17]. We priests are the direct collaborators of the Apostles custodians of the fullness of the priesthood who have moved over us part of their sacramental power, teachers and government; and in full communion and devout obedience to our bishops are called to the exercise of the sacred ministry according to our degree sacramental.

evangeliary ariel

the priest Ariel S. Levi Gualdo carried in procession to the Holy Gospel during a celebration presided over by Bishop

By exercising the sacred ministry and sacramental powers and faculty related to it for service to the Catholic Church and the People of God, in my writings I always quote the Holy Gospel; unlike her that calling into question the Lady Maria Guarini that hosted its written in your blog, part instead attack disruptive citing forward all the work Iota Of Romano Amerio.

I feel obliged to inform that every day in fulfilling my duties I have the sacramental unworthy honor to announce the Word of God to the congregation, proclaiming which I never say - and like me my Venerable Brother Priests do not, including epistemologists - «From Iota Unum according Romano», nor the people of God responds: «Praise to thee Amerio». Assembly met for the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, before the priest holla the Holy Gospel, one or more readers proclaim psalms and readings taken from the Book of Revelation. I can assure you that in no church reads the Denzinger during the liturgical action, nor treated narcissistic philosophical aesthetics in which proclaims that "beauty will save us', because it was the blood of the Sacrificial Lamb who washed the sin of the world [CF Jn. 1, 29], not the beauty of certain philosophers ameriani imbued with an aesthetic aesthetic that has almost the flavor of gnosis, in addition to a lack of virility languorous spiritual.

All things that please report Also Mrs. implicated in his written by her, not from me that I said to it in consciousness, for her highest good and for the salvation of his soul, what I was obliged to tell her [see WHO]; because as far as she would be offended to be one that is meant not only the liturgy but also of sola, authentic e true Catholic liturgy, remains undisputed that it is not certain this Gentildonna to celebrate the sacred mysteries in our Holy Church ordered on precise roles, within which each should stay in place and comply with what he is allowed to fulfill in the economy of salvation. Indeed, on time paradisíaco of which this like other ladies of the true "Traditio"Cry tears of nostalgia - for example under the august pontificate of the Holy Pontiff Pius X - not only, would never have been allowed to speak in their theology or liturgy, but it was not even allowed to sing in a church choir. Warns fact St. Paul the Apostle:

"As in all the churches of the saints, the women keep silence in the assembly, because they are not allowed to speak. Obey instead, as the law says. If they wish to learn something, question their husbands at home, for it is improper for a woman to speak in the meeting " [The Cor 14, 33-35].

The Apostle is not a misogynist, be clear, he intends only admonish reminding Guarini era their precise role in the economy of salvation, all in a social situation - that of the ancient city of Corinth - in which women were trying to dominate and dictate even to bishops, presbyters and deacons, invested by divine grace of a role is not granted to women, including those more or less pie, more or less expert in liturgy and theology. Therefore avoid certain ladies and Gentlemen of yelling "Traditio, Traditio! "And then take the Apostolic Tradition and the history of the Church exclusively what makes them comfortable, finally treating the priestly dignity literally fish in the face for the work of the laity “Catholics” that like her, Professor clear, yes true show deficiencies, but not on theology, which is what a lot of deep and serious, but on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is equally profound and serious, with all due respect for its wide copy and paste canonical fiction from the writings of the circles Lefebvrians.

I reject the accusations addressed to me of "deficiencies philosophical-theological" not because outraged, least of all because they hurt, but for the sacred respect that I have to the Bishop that I was ordained a priest and for his successor to the obedience of which are now subject filially, the first place that would never consecrated priest adult ignorant, the second would never let utter impunity errors, especially considering that my writings are read by thousands of readers and often translated into different languages ​​from the original Italian. In rejecting certain unjust and unfounded charges, I therefore do not intend to defend my dignity - which I repeat I am not interested in doing - but that of the Bishop who consecrated me a priest and that of the Bishop whose obedience I am now subject to.

I reiterate why neither my Bishop - That as the Supreme Master of the Doctrine has jurisdiction over me, so precise duties of correction and return to me - nor the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith never would marry this accusation to me revolt, I repeat that leaves me completely indifferent. If you give me ignorant but incomplete may cheer the microcosm of your gloomy Pharisees and your sad Pelagians, in that case face as well, always assuming that you are willing to lend some Catholic listening outside of your ghetto self-referential, beyond which and out of which there is the mystery of the Church with his people on the move, that far from living property, or jump like frogs always in the same puddle of water stale, lives in Christ and continues well beyond your limiting delimited and fences made of a thousand sophistries and commas weighed so paroxysmal.

The fact that she, or who inspired the substance of his writing, proclamations of a famous blog at the speck of my announced but do not try 'shortcomings philosophical-theological ", should not in any way waive its ghost writer from seeing the beam that She&Comrades brought stuck in the eye, for example its actual theological deficiencies, ecclesiological and canonical mere opinions that are not mine, but the data contained in his writings puzzling and mystifying, because structured mainly on extrapolations wildly contexts complex and articulated the previous documents of the Magisterium are antecedent to “' trembling” Vatican Council II, or shreds de-contextualized from the literature of the ancient Fathers of the Church of which she tends to do clumsy collage to produce effect on those simple - unlike me and my other brothers theologians - have not been able to devote years of their lives to studying the patristic texts in their entirety and articulated in the original Greek and Latin. All this combines sad fellowship to those who err as they were moved by the impulses of that pride that prevents them from accepting a given elementary dogmatic: the custody of the faith is entrusted to the Holy Church of Christ that worships in the figure of the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, the living expression of his supreme guardian and guarantor being he called to confirm his brothers in faith [LC 22, 31-32]. It is therefore with loving kindness severe pastoral and doctrinal that admonish telling: who is against Peter is not against Jorge Mario Bergoglio, how she thinks and how his associates believe in fair and public heresy, but is against Christ which Peter, rock edifying of the Church [cf. Mt 16, 18-19], plays for his divine will and mandate as substitute: "He who is not with me is against me; and whoever does not gather with me, scatters " [Mt 12, 30].

To clear imperative of conscience I am required to tell her that her writings are a true repository of heresies, and soon I'll explain why: for years she rejects them publicly in the teaching of the last half-century history of the Church, it questions the authority of an Ecumenical Council whose doctrines it rejects, all with serious and unacceptable allegations of error and deviation from Catholic tradition promptly addressing all successive popes from the Chair of Peter 1958 till today. Allegations, these its, aimed particularly hard in his numerous articles precisely those Popes who have been canonized or beatified by the Holy Church of Christ: St. John XXIII, Blessed Paul VI, Saint John Paul II.

Becomingly then the shelf certain theories questionable del Vostro "divinizzato" Romano Amerio, so talented and intelligent, but so dark and devoid of confident hope, to which you recognize a "infallibility" not recognized instead to an entire ecumenical meeting; and especially this Lent picks up the four Gospels, because those and only those are the Word of God, not the Iota of this great and talented philosopher who has also produced some damage when he principiato to use your meter to make the philosophical theologian and ecclesiologist which in fact is not.

In a spirit of faith, hope and charity I will continue to pray with priestly paternity so that she and Mrs. Maria Guarini can correct you from these serious mistakes with your great responsibility spread such false truth among believers; mistakes that make you closed listening and actions of God's grace; errors poison where you are confirming with each other and urging you so evil to consider the Holy Church of Christ as the first, the worst and the greatest enemy of your distorted and erroneous idea of ​​faith and Catholic tradition, up to consider and present the Successor of Peter, supreme shepherd and guardian of deposit of credit, as a “destroyer” it's a “forger” the truths of faith; and all this make you a dangerous heretics as speaker of poisonous errors between the People of God.

This act is partly foolishness partly aberration, especially for her that in her capacity as legal philosopher assumed to be able to move so smooth on the ground of complex and delicate theological and dynamics of many complex and delicate canonical disciplines, that in the concrete facts shows, however, with his public writings do not know neither good nor thoroughly. Then take to the good “reasons” of Lefebvre who attempt to play on quibbles Byzantine-fetched and targeted primarily to alter the solar truth of the facts and the facts as they are clearly held, know that it can only lead to the brink of that Pharisaism which these subjects are natural heirs. Indeed, when the Pharisees could not deny the Lord Jesus the fact that he had healed before numerous witnesses a man blind from birth, wanting to attack anyway altered to such an extent the reality up to accuse him of having performed a miracle on Saturday, day in which it is forbidden to work, then make even miracles [GV 9, 16].

I commend you and then again to the mercy of God with a special prayer to the Holy Spirit in this fourth Sunday of Lent.



Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo - presbyter

From the island of Patmos, 15 March 2015 – Rejoice on Sunday

rose window 1

I came Creator

Come, Creator Spiritus,
To fill the,
that thou hast made.

Who díceris Paraclitus,
God's gift of the highest,
VIVUS background, ignis, caritas,
and spiritalis unctio.

Your munere septiformis,
Digitus Paternae dexterae,
You Promise of the Father,
speech endow.

Kindle a light,
hearts with love,
our bodily

Guest repéllas lóngius
pacémque women prótinus;
Through you prǽviam
Each harmful.

Praise we the Father
we also know the Son,
You the Spirit
credamus omni tempore.

All glory,
and the Son, who died
Surrexit, and Paráclito,
forever and ever.

17 replies
  1. Paul says:

    father ariel, Thank you for your kindness, know the risks.

    Said this, at least every now and then also my soul needs a well celebrated Mass under all points of view and I'm sure that at the end of the Triduum I'm more into communion with Christ and his vicar and Supreme Pontiff Francis going from SSPX rather than elsewhere!

    Happy feast of the Annunciation!

  2. enrico Lutman says:

    And some that follow this “controversy” between this site and the “Traditionalists”.
    But where will you get, either, with the tones that you have set?
    Place that traditionalist positions rejecting part if not totally Vatican II are incorrect in the light of tradition, What sense is there to respond to a hypothetical cat “Hypatia” theses, even if incorrect, of a man.
    To me doesn't seem respectful.
    What sense does this continue in a controversy of repartee.

    SyMON de Cyrene wonder of his intelligence.
    What sense does it write “dogs are dogs” and sign “in peace”.

    Pope Francis says of approaching to the suburbs, Perhaps that the suburbs are just the poor materials or especially poor sinners.
    You approach it with ridicule?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Henry.

      I take all the responsibility of this “controversy” that I won't be at all this.
      Just because she raises a very reasonable question I have to answer and explain the reasons. But to understand my reasons, must try to immerse himself in my dimension of priestly life and Ministry, especially in my Ministry as confessor and spiritual director.
      The Holy Church of Christ is living a moment of extraordinary delicacy also due, Unfortunately, such a deep loss.
      I get daily, during the confession or spiritual leadership meetings, penitents or devout Catholics who feel lost and discouraged, also and above all for the poor conduct of many priests who make really pagliaccesche sometimes the sacred liturgies; and not to mention of the bishops with jurisdiction over them, in the best case fugitives, Messi almost there in a beautiful showcase, with their MITRE on his head and their sparkling in pastoral, a non-govern the dioceses, a non-exercise their apostolic authority, a non-call and correct their priests also to issues sometimes of unheard seriousness, as well as for the discipline of the sacraments.

      Many of these faithful despondent and killed, they believed often to catch the lefebvrists deep a sense of sacredness, respect of the sacred, liturgical decoration and priestly … that in a sense there is, I am the first to admit it, but the whole thing is based on the error and disobedience to church authority imperterrità, They accused of being even fall into apostasy from the faith.

      That being said you put in my shoes now priest, but especially of confessor and spiritual director: know how many of these people, rightly discouraged and disheartened, I had to resume after resume and for hair?
      Knows how many faithful, by some of our lay movements of haunting with the Holy Spirit to their charismatic service personnel, they made the final jump from the Catholic Church Pentecostals, Recognizing these finally stuffed even more holy spirit of our “laity santoni” wandering unpunished and unchecked in our charismatic movements?
      And once again we return to our bishops unable to exert the authority determined that correction should not omit to exercise, species in certain situations.

      Now, I did not have the power and jurisdiction of the successors of the Apostles but being only their collaborator, wit me by all means, including electronic ones, in return for your hair not only those who risk going to seek solace from the lefebvrists, But even those who are certain their scenes in the renewal of the spirit and the lead finally to “used” completed entering the sect of Evangelicals or Pentecostals.

      These days, do the priest, with over the head of bishops at large that shake his shoulders and they say “… and that we can do?”, virtue of necessity involves ingenuity in the best way.

      All this to say that behind certain articles, everything is there except the sterile controversy taste of controversy, quite the opposite: There is a firm intention to take steps to ensure that our loyal will continue not to abandon the House overrun with filth, water leaks, damp penetration and leakage of methane gas by piping tubes.

      • enrico Lutman says:

        @ Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

        Dear Father Ariel
        I understand his intent and good, Moreover, keep a blog I guess is an effort not just.
        Already just write any comment involves some effort to find the time to do it.
        Maybe his penitents and devout Catholics would respond that if they approach direction and confession, confident that despite their/our miseries, God writes on crooked lines, Similarly have charity towards those who they seem or are incorrect behaviour.
        Praying for ” the poor conduct many priests … as well as for the discipline of the sacraments”.
        Perhaps it would be useful to prepare, neatly, of responses in relation to points of disagreement or concern, the lefebvrists have on Vatican Council II.
        And then praying for them which I'm sure you already are doing.

      • Paul says:

        father ariel, good morning.

        Given that the faithful of the SSPX are giving the worst of itself, I think it's fair to point out to you that if the intent of his articles and his comments is that above, the goal is completely missed.

        The feeling you get in to read it it's more sadness than other.

        Kind regards,

          • Paul says:

            Dad, the sadness about the tone of responses and of certain articles (not everybody).

            And even if “sympathize” for the SSPX (I've been to two masses in Albuquerque and I'll go back for Easter) I also wrote that their faithful here are giving the worst of itself…

            Kind regards, Paul.

          • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Very expensive.

            The suggest you not go absolutely at the lefebvrist Fraternity nor for Easter or never again, Why participating in liturgies valid ma illicit drugs celebrated by the priests of this sectarian aggregation that persistently denies the doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church which they defined as “heretical” O “apostate”, She is in a State of willful SIN, and even serious sin, because those priests celebrants, Despite having received a valid ordination, priests were consecrated illicitly by bishops in turn consecrated illicitly in Episcopal rank by a Schismatic Bishop.
            We are in front of a bundle without any canonical recognition by the Church, i.e. before the painful phenomenon of bishops and of wandering clerics who sow serious mistakes and dangerous heresies by being in antagonism to the Holy Church of Christ in their foolish name claiming to be the true and authentic guardians of right doctrine and authentic Catholic tradition.


            The priests that she says will attend celebrations are suspended from the exercise of the sacred Ministry at the time of their priestly ordination and cannot engage in any legitimate Ministry in the Catholic Church and with the faithful of the Catholic Church.
            Anyone tell the opposite clinging to sophistry and chicanery pseudo and pseudo doctrinal canons completely non-existent assets and that as such they are neither the sky nor on the Earth, tells the fake and if she follows these pernicious falsehoods to know that can seriously affect the health of his soul, Why was entirely warned, you have been fully explained in detail how much there is to know, so could not appeal in any way nor to “good faith” nor to the so-called “unavoidable ignorance”, but they will knowingly accepted and made her a huge mistake.
            See then don't push deeper into the Crown of thorns on the head of our Lord Jesus Christ.

            The day will come, indeed, when they will not endure sound doctrine;, ma, to hear something, men's masters according to surround their whims, refusing to listen to the truth to get lost behind the Fables. But you shall carefully, endure the sufferings, do your work of Gospel announcer, fulfil your Ministry” (II Tm 4, 3-5).

            Not lost behind the tales of heretics lefebvrists.

  3. father ariel
    Simon of Cyrene says:

    Allow me to point out the fact that we have decided to remove the link with Minstrel on our right column with the Church and Post-Council: In fact, we can not participate, also indirectly, the propagation of a site so manifestly against the Catholic Church, proponent of continuous ridicule against the Holy Father, the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and the Bishops in union with the Holy Father.

    Lately that site was noted to try to pull the jacket great cardinal, as Burke, Sarah, Caffara and many others, that have nothing to do with the positions of the person who runs it, in view of the explicit and reiterated his support to the extra-ecclesial reality, schismatic and heretical SSPX, as well defined in 'Ecclesia Dei afflicta St. John Paul the Great hill penalties that result if you claim.

    It is also made clear distinction with the publication of false literary interviews as pseudo pseudo-Carmelite without putting readers duly warned; with the bass drum resonance to be ruminations egotistiche Scalfari uncritically and desire to love the Holy Father: or by voice to improbable "priests" anonymous who express their "fear" of Pope Francis: and so on dozens if not hundreds of blogposts.

    That site is an expression of self-harming paranoid delusions that qualify from and if they have nothing to do with Catholicism, and worthy of the worst press and Protestant spirit and gallicano beginning of the last century.

    Regarding heresy lefebrviana refer to these two readings that systematically summarize our position expressed by years ( then that is the only official position of the Catholic Church):

    For information: the "Bishop" Williamson, worthy follower of the excommunicated Lefebvre consecrated him, has decided to continue to devote the 19 March other bishops of his own (read here: ). Dogs are dogs.

    In Peace

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Friends.

      Thank you very much because you made me really smile.
      Always I love very much being teased by people ironic and intelligent, Furthermore, are so lacking in seriousness and touchiness, that I like to make fun of myself as well.
      All good for your blog.

      • minstrel says:

        Thank you for your work here!
        MI beg to clarify that the comments below, copied verbatim from an intervention of a co-founder of Cross-street and signed with his nick, it was written by Simon.
        I would not want people began to think that you want to do cross-posting or even advertise the blog with these methods… possibly free to leave, but the explanation was a must.
        Good Lent!

        • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
          Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

          Very expensive.

          Thank you.
          We have published this as we arrived, probably some readers turned me.
          In the event to, if the author has no objection, we can leave with your clarification, or let us know.
          Greetings and good wishes.

  4. father ariel
    Alessandra Rosselli says:

    Dear Father, ho ho 32 years and therefore are not Methuselah … all the more reason to do as a Catholic and as a woman. My grandmother who 83 years and is a former elementary school teacher, After that I made her read this article responded (referring textual … textual): “this priest has sacrosanct right to say to certain women that right of the said. When I had 18 years at church we walked with his head down, we remained seated in the pews of women, with lace veil in the head that had to wear women, Long sleeved winter and summer, covered by the neck until 20 cm skirt below the knees, sighing plan responses to the Mass, because even in our responses priests wanted to hear that women too raised his voice in church, Also just to say amen! I do not know how to use this devilry computer, but as you answer him in my name”.
    And I have written as a schoolgirl dictation, with greetings of sympathy on the part of my beloved and wise grandmother.


    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      How to Alessandra.

      I take this opportunity to point out that the Father John and I have never denied that Lefebvre also express discomfort understandable and sometimes shared, for example on an issue that concerns them very dear: the sacred liturgy. Both of us would be willing – and we did it sometimes in our public writings – to say that they are right when Lefebvre denounced abuses, the creativity unacceptable, sloppiness liturgical that exists in many of our churches and sensitivity toward the sacred that in some of our confreres seems at times reached historic lows.
      The Lefebvrians fall but in a serious error not simply, but unfortunately heretical. They attribute this fact to the Second Vatican Council was unacceptable and objectionable things, asserting that right through the documents released by this ecumenical seated and doctrines become binding, the Church is nothing less than the fall in apostasy from the faith (are words of Lefebvre).
      The Lefebvrians have the total inability to see and accept a given overt: what do we see in certain churches or in some celebrations of certain Neocatechumenal rowdy, are not the results of the documents of the Council or its liturgical reform, but are the result of the non-application of the documents and the liturgical reform that does not include, and especially does not allow certain things, just like reiterate statements, exhortations and appeals made by the Holy See during the last forty years, just think of the Sacramentum

      To put it in other terms: Martin Luther was right in many critical, because the apparatus ecclesiastical era, from the Roman Curia, lived moments of great relaxation and great moral decay. The problem is that Luther, to combat certain evils has chosen the most wrong, finally giving birth to a bad lot worse, while shortly after, the Council of Trent, through a series of detailed canons also of a disciplinary, regolamentava the proper education of the clergy, the establishment of seminaries, the manner of sacred orders, the obligation of residence of the bishops, etc …
      If Luther – as hereinafter Lefebvre – had not turned its instances against the Church and had acted in the Church, for the Church and especially within the Church in devout obedience to the Church, perhaps, like many other reformers, would merit recognized by the Council itself.
      The problem is that Luther is not a reformer, and especially did not own any “reform”, although some call it the Protestant movement; Luther has torn the Church to the delight of Germanic princes who had their own political and economic interests to separate from Rome, creating a dangerous and painful heresy.

      To answer in short to his grandmother: In the 1973 I had 10 years and I was an altar boy, I was holding the plate archpriest of my parish who was distributing the Eucharist to the faithful. Suddenly the priest, which at the time had more than sett'antanni, sent via a lady who was covered with a shirt buttoned up to the wrists below the neck, and also had the lace veil in the head, but wearing pants; and why she was refused Communion.
      Only a few years later he was attending Masses “grotesque” celebrated at sunset on the beach, sitting in a circle as the Indians around the campfire, with the faithful in swimsuit, etc …

      In the fifties, several priests were severely reprimanded and even threatened to canonical penalty, because it was reported to their bishops that in the football field of the oratorio had played football with the boys without the cassock on him.
      Today happens instead, for example to me that I always wear the cassock and rigor to celebrate Mass and administer the Sacraments, that some confreres, with a wry smile on his face, mi tip: “But where do you go, tanned in this way?”. And how many times, in summer, I found some church brethren in Bermuda with the slippers at the foot who were administering the confessions!

      Imbalances generate imbalances. What, then, was highly imbalanced that the bishops of 50/60 years ago threatened the priests to canonical penalty for having played football in the oratory without wearing the cassock, and what is today highly imbalanced that certain bishops allow their priests to always dress in civilian clothes and stand with them even in the solemn celebrations presided over by the bishop himself, or allowing them to stay in the church in shorts and slippers to administer confessions; and so on …

      E’ l'balance, what we, at times so desperate, let and invoking: l'balance! Aware that it was highly imbalanced that until a few decades ago, seminarians, had to take a shower with her panties and tank top on him and you were to remove the cassock in bed under the covers; just like today is what highly imbalanced that many bishops have abolished the cassock for the seminarians who have already received the ministries and the nomination to Holy Orders, to which, however, is allowed to travel with TI-shirt on which stands the image of Barbara Eleanor Ciccone, aka Madonna, that at, a nun butterfly, without any reference made to his wicked superior general of the Congregation for Religious, recently sang songs.

      With all due respect to you and to our readers, Finally I would like to report one of those jokes that sometimes vitriolic us priests we do in private between us. I said long ago a priest 78 year old: “We are now so reduced: one part, We priests in cassock, Saturn in the head and cloak on his shoulders; on the other we have the priests under jeans wear red thong in place of underwear“.
      Biting irony by priests, undoubtedly, but it is the real paradigm of our current and unbalanced situation ecclesial, to which only the Church, with strong authority and enforcement authority, can put the brake and remedy, because even two healthy beatings given to those who deserve it, are an expression of true love and true mercy, to correct the error in the wandering and to prevent certain errant sow confusion and scandal among the People of God.

      • father ariel
        Letter Signed says:

        Dear young and wise fellow.
        Son's youngest grandmother who has sent you a message via truthful niece, because the lady in question has 83 year old, I Have 82, and you will understand how stuff!
        They are also a “grandfather” more technological, and I can boast of having been among the first, in the diocese, me email, and I feel a certain satisfaction flirty, when I explain the operation of certain programs in some young priest, like … clumsy with the computer.
        Ah, it would be along in speech! In response to the young Alessandra and her grandmother, have been able to concentrate in the strict sense of the … bitter truth.
        Sifting through your facebook I found out that you are a youngster: 51 year old. Thinks, I was being ordered, a 23 year old, 7 years before you were born, in the distant 1956, priest “class Pius XII” (may God have it in glory).
        Risked while two expulsions from seminar, and for reasons that today would rider chickens. The first, was plucked my letter to a childhood friend,a sister, which ended with a sentence … obscene: “I embrace you with great affection”. I had 20 years old and justifying the rector could not have “impure thoughts” towards a true sister, with the decision pronouncing sentence “I did not write anything bad”, I butchers to answer a slap … a 20 years old!
        The second, intervened Bishop, to save me from expulsion, and for years I had already 22, was the 1955, and there the combinai really big: while I was visiting my family, I went one afternoon with my brother and my cousin to the cinema to see a movie of Toto, film highly licentious because, actress Franca Valeri, recited with bare shoulders, perhaps, if I remember correctly, may be you intravedesse half knee, in some pictures of a few seconds is not cut by the censors vatican-democristiana.L'unico problem was that I had just received subdiaconate, what was the obstacle, to my expulsion.
        For short menarla tell you what you know for sure, but you, not the lords of which Father John Cavalcoli you wrote, and even if they know it, pretend not to know, O, Anyway, risognano that time none of us, would like to see return. The repressive climate in which we have been subjected (and not I tell your readers what it was in those days a confession!), in the late '50s brought many of us priests to understandable reactions. In the '70s, I took off my robe off from, and not put it back ever again. Mi mission il clergyman, then, I took off that too.
        Eh, would long to say, but I admit that, also my fault (because I participated in this), we often thrown out the baby with the bathwater.
        For my so-called “merits pastoral”, a young bishop, after a few months that had arrived in the diocese, me … monsignor. I had already 73 year old, and did not know whether to laugh, before that fifty, full of good intentions (that from them soon would become low in the face of reality), that he had made up his mind to give me a … bonus.
        From an old trunk, days later withdrew out my old habit, importable! Half perforated by moths, then, when I took it off I was dry, But now I was swollen and inflaccidito. I took a little trip to Rome, I went to the tailor Gammarelli, that always existed (with him I did make a couple of new habits as a gift for my order, imagine, In the 1956!) and there I commissioned a, I arrived in time after parcel post.
        No One, he saw an old man 73 year old, solo, front of the mirror, crying like a kid. What do you, the priest is a priest, used more than many others feel the guilt of others, that sometimes, unable even to hear their.
        I never did, cassock by monsignor, figured, I want to make me laugh behind mica! But the priest is, I have redone the, after many years, after 45 year old. Perhaps, someone, have said: “from old has rimbecillito”. But young people treat me with respect, e, I'll tell you, Our seminarians, that does not lead not to attract attention to certain modern educators (or modernists?), in private, I have already whispered: “soon I will be a priest, I'll take”.
        You can correct the errors, right and left, just do not be too busy, in their own absolutes, committed to only see the mistakes of others, who are, Anyway, right and left.
        Incline my treat even the Dominican father Cavalcoli, and tell him that I read, and often reread several times, his writings.
        A prayer for an old priest.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Venerable Brother.

        I entered all your written, although I've stated that I could cut it, if it was too long.
        Thank you for the initial opening words in which I define “young”, pace of my 51 year old. Allow me instead to reject the title of “wise”, while guaranteeing that I hope to become, indeed I will do everything, in my life, to one day become wise. E’ which unfortunately, models of wisdom that I have before, are figures that I sometimes seem almost unattainable.
        Would to God that some people could perceive the historical truths and Church that with all the wisdom of the priest octogenarian present so lovable, ironic, incisive and disenchanted.
        Making also seen Father John Cavalcoli I thank you again for this truly valuable contribution that you wanted to give us.

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