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[…] the elders of the schismatic sect of Lefebvre accused in their official statement Bishop Richard Williamson and the Benedictine Jean Michel Faure, he consecrated bishop on 19 March 2015 in Brazil, of … "No longer recognize the Roman authorities'.

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BPD or bipolar

Is defined borderline disorder characterized by excessive emotional experience subject to frequent mood variability that creates personality disorders in degenerative diseases that generate instability that affect interpersonal relationships, image of oneself or one's group, with serious pathological consequences that affect the behavior. In these subjects was a noticeable tendency to oscillation of judgment between opposite polarities resulting therefore reactive forms of incoherence and decisive rejection of reality.

faure williamson
the 19 March 2015 at the Benedictine monastery of Santa Cruz in Nova Friburgo (Rio de Janeiro) Jean Michel Faure, pictured left, has received consecration by Richard Williamson, to his right.

A similar pathology I found in the official reaction of the sect Lefebvrian, known as the Society of St. Pius X, unable to grasp that the rupture of communion creates mechanisms chain through which we continue in breaking non-communion; in practice to destroy what was first affected and then destroyed, namely the invitation to be perfect in one [GV 17, 23]. Based on this principle already schismatic Bishop Richard Williamson, Marcel Lefebvre illicitly consecrated dall'eresiarca along with three other, including the current superior general of this sect, once ousted by it in turn has created a cult of the sect consecrating a new bishop, the Benedictine Brazilian Jean Michel Faure [interview WHO], then calling to the fracture of the fracture - needless to say! - The ever-present "state of necessity" [see WHO], Lefebvre just as he did for his fracture that is at the origin of this schism. All - of course - in the most exquisite spirit heretical Protestant: In fact, when Martin Luther gave birth to the rift with Rome, from then on Protestantism is in turn fractured in a myriad of different denominations.

St. Agnes, virgin and martyr

We see now through facts that only Lefebvre and members of their fans club may deny, in which is the size borderline. After the illicit episcopal consecration made by schismatic bishop Williamson in turn consecrated by schismatic bishop Lefebvre, the Society of St. Pius X has issued an official statement that a superficial reading might seem drawn to seven hands from all the holy virgins and martyrs mentioned in the Roman Canon: Felicita, Life, Agata, Lucia, Agnese, Cecilia, Anastasia ... and all the saints below.

The elders of the sect Lefebvrian which in Italy can boast among its ranks of great minds like Don Pierpaolo Maria Petrucci priory of Albano Laziale, whose homilies and catechesis are available in text, audio or video on the computer network [WHO, WHO, WHO] and which seem to prove how he metaphysics, theology and canon law seem almost a cross between a Sicilian gig and a grapnel Friulian, in their official statement accusing schismatic heretic Richard Williamson and the Brazilian he consecrated bishop on 19 March 2015, of … "No longer recognize the Roman authorities'. They write it in the official:

The Society of St. Pius X denounces the episcopal ordination of Father Faure who, despite the claims of consecrating and consecrated, not the least akin to the consecrations 1988. In fact, all statements of Mons. Williamson and Don Faure prove with evidence that they no longer recognize the Roman authorities if not in a purely rhetorical. The Society of St. Pius X reaffirms that the current state of necessity in the Church legitimizes his apostolate in the world, without recognizing considered exempt from the ecclesiastical authorities for which the priests pray at every Mass. It intends to continue his work of priestly formation according to its statutes [full text WHO].

Brazil, 19 March 2015. Richard Williamson imposes the episcopal ring to Jean Michel Faure.

The Lefebvrians accuse the bishop consecrated by Lefebvre and the new bishop consecrated by these no longer recognize the authority Roman. Just so, dear readers, and readers of the beloved 'Patmos Island, not a typo, you read it right: accuse them of not recognizing the authority for which they pray instead at every Mass; that is to say prayers for the Roman Pontiff called "heretical modernist" the superior general of this sect, as you can see for yourself by reading his foolish statements posted only in the official website of the Society of St. Pius X [see WHO], then to pray during the Eucharistic Sacrifice for the bishops of the Catholic Churches Orbe at best accused of apostasy from the Catholic faith as “modernist heretics” and “violators pro-Protestant liturgy”.

faure episcopal consecration
the consecrating bishop Richard Williamson and consecrated Bishop Jean-Michel Faure

The Fathers of the Island of Patmos I questioned in their capacity as Catholic priests they assured me that in the canon of the Mass would remember ever not the Patriarch of Constantinople, nor Lutherans and Old Catholics with the ranks of their carnival vescovesse, because with all due respect and more cautious openings ecumenical them as heirs of various heresies; just like Bishop Bernard Fellay head of Lefebvre considered “heretic modernist” the Holy Father Francis, while remembering however consistently borderline in the Canon of the Mass, except to deny his teaching and that of all his predecessors to San Giovanni XXIII, declaring the Catholic Church out of the truths of faith because of “climbed apostasy” contained in the Second Vatican Council, according to all that the verb heresiarch with Lefebvre praiseworthy consistency [see WHO, WHO, WHO].

On the same official website of the Fraternity where he appeared this press borderline, scrolling through a few pages back are synthesized at specific points the reason why "we are not united" with Rome and the Roman Pontiff by them devoutly remembered in the Canon of the Mass; and the points are as follows:

1. Why teaching authority of the Church is present on many points does not conform to the Catholic faith. We have no right to collaborate in the loss of faith and self-destruction of the Church. On the contrary, we must work for the restoration of the Church in the sense of Tradition, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls;
2. Because experience shows that the meeting leads to muteness: all communities who have found a canonical solution with the official church remain mute in the face of scandals and the doctrinal errors of Rome. Now, according to St. Thomas, pastors have the inescapable duty to shout loud and clear when the faith of the flock is in danger, although this danger is by. We have no right to remain silent.
3. Why ceremonies ecumenical and interreligious constitute serious offenses to Our Lord Jesus Christ, one true God; and we want to show that we do not endorse these scandals.
4. Because we want to teach our children the Roman Catechism and St. Pius X, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that is contaminated by modernism.
5. Because the New Mass is bad (dangerous for the faith ed.) and then we do not want either celebrate or assist actively, even on an occasional basis, nor with our silence to imply that it is harmless.
6. Why do not you want to appeal to a modernist bishop to confer the sacrament of confirmation to our children.
7. Why do not you want to appeal to a modernist bishop to confer the sacrament of our seminarians [full text WHO].

bernard fellay 3
Bernard Fellay, current superior general of the sect Lefebvrian

If all this were not tragic it would be comical: these schismatics - or if you prefer these extraordinary comedians unaware of his hilarious comedy - have accused their sister into heresy to be responsible for having given birth to a break in the break and not to recognize - heard, heard! - The Roman authorities (!?). Just so: not to recognize the Roman authorities that the members of this schismatic sect consider apostates and who for four decades accused of having fallen into apostasy from the Catholic faith in when slipping in modernism - remember that it is not a heresy but the synthesis of all heresies - and in Protestantism, Due to the “diabolical” Vatican Council II. Despite all these true champions of consistency in the Canon of the Mass, however, remember these “modernist heretics” and “pro-Protestant”, guilty of “apostasy from the faith” and the authentic traditio catholica, accusing the necessary schismatic Bishop Williamson to have done what these heretical factions have always, as evidenced by past and recent history: fragmented internally, which consequently quite obvious and inevitable fracture of ecclesial communion.

This means for psychologies affected by borderline disorders, and in that sense we take again the opportunity to renew a heartfelt invitation to all the faithful Catholics not to attend the priories of the Society of St. Pius X in Italy, at which bishops and priests schismatic not in communion with the Catholic Church, well as indomitable deniers blatantly heretical doctrines of an entire ecumenical council and the teaching of the last half-century history of the Church, can not legitimately administer Sacraments [see our previous article WHO], while praying in “non-communion” with the Supreme Pontiff recalled in the Canon of the Mass after being defined by them as a “authentic modernist”, ie as the “Supreme Receptacle” worst of all heresies today Assizes - they say infamous - the Chair of Peter for the work “unlucky” the last five Popes, including of course the sixth, which is the successor of the Prince of the Apostles today reigning.

To all my dear readers and beloved readers a friendly and devoted miao !


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    1. Do not think anything, because being a cat lay consecrated devoted to the study of philosophy and theology and care of cats poor suburbs existential feline, During Lent demands rigor penitential and avoids readings background comedian.

  1. We are now close to the Palm Sunday. It would not be the case, for all, to abandon any controversy, right or wrong, to get together with Christ in Jerusalem?
    And then accompany him in the heart with the suffering along the Calvary to finally enjoy the great glory of the Resurrection?
    Happy Easter of Resurrection to all!

    1. Dearest.
      Fair Enough. If anything, without forgetting that Christ Incarnate Word, then via, Truth and the Life, also for the Truth is dead, then to save us from sin, unfortunate that epitomizes all of our human errors and all our closures to the actions of the grace of the Holy Spirit of God.
      I Had a masterful Easter Triduum and a Exultet flamboyant to be involved in the death and resurrection, everything would be much simpler.
      The warning: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; have not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Mt 10), is one of the main reasons of the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      1. speeches are useless Fellay will sign, This has led williamson to ordain a bishop who collect all dissidents opposed to the brotherhood between acordi’ and Holy See

        1. Dear Reginaldo.

          With sincere and deep respect: this “urban legend” who took a turn after “schism in the schism”, is not really standing, why sign means to accept unreservedly the doctrines of Vatican II. If Bernard Fellay did a thing, time a week there would be other divisions in the division of divisions … then other episcopal consecrations and so.
          Here it is “in game” a speech “political strategies”, unfortunately this is treated by many this painful phenomenon; “in game” There are very serious doctrinal issues.
          Sign, as you say, would like to first of all say that Bernard Fellay should go penitent kneeling before the Holy Father and ask forgiveness for having publicly defined as “an authentic modernist”, that is, for accusing him of being the repository of all the worst heresies, because this is modernism: the synthesis of all heresies, as defined by St. Pius X on the basis of criteria that are still valid, on the contrary, perhaps the most current and most dramatic yet than they were a century ago, because meanwhile, modernism, has developed, strengthened and solidified even within the same church and theological studies. The solution to modernism, is however not the lefebvrismo.

          1. hello don ariel,This urban legend as you have defined it did not take a turn after the "schism in schism" but are several years that priests of the fraternity’ especially the French and Americans are leaked ,personally I do not like to speak from hearsay but my friendship I call highly credible and that in these years and not’ never exposed on qello that could happen to me said that williamson ordered the bishop to make a seminar to gather all the exiles and those who will come after the agreement that will sign’ Fellay,objectively what she says and’ that is true and’ true that Fellay has insulted the pope calling modernist but the streets of the ladies are endless and nothing prohibits the fraternity’ will return’ in full communion with the Holy See and as’ was for the FSSP in different ways obvious……….I think that this scenario should cheer ,Please personally because’ happen.
            sincerely yours

          2. Dear Reginaldo.

            Not only do we rejoice, but we hope and pray especially for this to happen, because fractures of ecclesial communion are always dramatic, as evidence the story, They always have the one and only produce painful results of other fractures fractures.
            Who knows, therefore, that the next feast of Pentecost we reserve some unexpected surprise?

          3. Good evening Don ariel, time and manner not leaked but we continue to pray for the return of other brothers,the misfits mental continue to do the Zealots-nihilists building another church atuocefala

  2. Why can not a pope “heretic modernist”?
    Do not answer me, however,, with the usual simplistic readings of the Gospel who would deified the pope always possesses infallible only because ( almost in a magical and superstitious) without talking about what are the modernists in the reality of ideas and facts. And’ inconceivable that you do not talk about the specifics of modernist Enc. Feeding, when it says eg. ” Modernists must be sought within the Church, contrary to His top” and then a ostendando autolaurea in Psicopatalogia, There bestows remote diagnosis, without thinking: that His primary duty of luminary unspeakable theology but especially a pastor , is to protect from poison modernist. About psychopathology, priests would be needed more crazy that dialogists to avoid “sbattezzi” if -as says s. Agostino-:” fools and children tell the truth” and if those sbattezza, instead of finding truth crazy but fascinating, located dialogists demented!
    Your Welcome,responds to Guarini, instead of preaching without listening to the torments of the flock http://chiesaepostconcilio.blogspot

    1. She speaks of “simplistic readings”, believed to be able to sit on a stage together with a scholar of dogmatics and history of dogma, to meet and discuss with him, before 200 People who listen, on Pascendi Dominici Gregis and the problem very articulate modernism defined by St. Pius X as the synthesis of all heresies?
      You understand that the only say “executive summary” involves, only to start a speech on, the essential level knowledge of all the historical and theological evolution of complex and numerous heretical schools of thought developed in the nineteenth centuries of history in East and West, then put them historically and theologically in comparison with modernism? And if the va, all through the history and theological production of numerous Fathers of the Church.
      If modernism and the modernists are the imaginary enemies that she has created with four formulas confused because he needs someone with pigliarsela, in this case is likely to get out of that confrontation as a speck that after reading Mickey (ie Articles of semi-serious Church&Postcouncil), has seen fit to go at the academy of astrophysics to discuss with physical theories about the expansion of the universe.
      To this his father replied elsewhere, to his commentary to another article, with amiable irony, in part to defuse in part because he could not take it seriously, because she is so determined to place himself in the position of not being taken seriously for what he says and how he says it, showing the first element of the blatant lack of knowledge of what presumebbe on which you can attach easily bothered …

      1. I do not want to compete with any scholar! although "the donkey of Balaam" can teach to these illustrious.
        Modernism as a "synthesis of all heresies" says, I have reviewed all the Dogmas reading them with principles(?)taken from: Immanentismo, Relativism, Storicismo, Rationalism, etc., and to say: ONE THING: "The dogmas are evolutionary" POINT. I do not need anyone pigliarmela, I do not know why I should; also because, Mercy that I hope, I think I get it before giving it to others, that is: all, modernists including, Therefore, S .... Paulinus of Nola urges to seek inspiration from the herd - and I think also from "Mickey Mouse"- then you can not escape the "drama" of anyone, so!. His brother with irony, and I see with: irresponsibility, has not spoken documents I mentioned, to know first, because one and the seedy part of the Church mentions them and the other party no? Not to silence the other, for inferences, as your: "Pick a fight" is not my style! My teachers, repeated one thing: "The real master is one who is able to communicate its culture, and in a targeted way for the less receptive ".

        1. ... And the true masters forgiveness even in spite of their valuable time with her to explain - until now unfortunately inultilmente - following:

          1. that Vatican II is not an act of “diabolical apostasy from the faith” but an action of the Holy Spirit in the Church;
          2. that the Church today is in perfect continuity with the Church prior to Vatican II;
          3. that all the Popes that have followed from 1958 to date there are “in grave error” but are the legitimate successors of Peter and the guardians of the deposit of the Catholic faith;
          4. that the liturgical reform and the promulgation of the Missal of Paul VI did not in any way betrayed the earlier liturgical tradition, and that the substance of the Mass that celebrates and renews the Sacrifice of Christ has remained unchanged and that today in the churches is not celebrated at all a "Mass Protestantism“;
          5. she, if he wants to be a devout Catholic, must accept the doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church and the authority of the Supreme Pontiff is now the Holy Father Francis.

          Etc ... etc ...

          She continues undaunted to send comments where one questions these and other key issues related to the teaching and the teaching of the Church, just going to re-read what I wrote earlier, to say nothing of what we have not published because we can not and we must not give way to free insults to the highest authorities of the Church and of his supreme magisterium.
          At this point you should ask yourself a question: in which pro use this space for comments as a personal "sfogatoio“?
          This is the reason why she has been called a attaccabrighe losing time - at the time - for the sake of wasting time, and all in a time of penance and conversion important as this Lent that is coming towards the end, a valuable time that could use much better, instead of fighting that Church should love - whether it is a Catholic - and the Supreme Pontiff who should revere as the legitimate successor of Peter, supreme teacher of doctrine and supreme guardian of the deposit of faith.

          What else do we need to add?

  3. In his place, We first evaluate the kind of boss that the cat looks back, to Christian and charitable order to avoid the tragedy: it's her, to make a bad end.

  4. I wanted to let you know that Don ariel williamson has consecrated a bishop because’ Fellay sta’ signing agreements and inside the Vatican fratenita’ for this reason there will’ a split between’ who will return’ in full communion with the Holy See, and who will do’ a kind of Ecône 2.0 with the new bishop-
    sincerely yours

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