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Now more than ever, in a world and in a Church without memory, too taken to enhance the “streetwise priest” on page, real or presumed, they forget, or worse they do not know some of the most important documents of the contemporary magisterium. To go to the root of the problem of the terrorist attacks in Paris would be enough to inspect a text of the Holy Father John Paul II, that if read today appear as a tragic prophecy, as a real Chronicle of a Death Foretold. It is of the Post-Synodal Ecclesia in Europa the 2003, whose highly recommend reading, because it is a text written twelve years ago in which unfortunately is enclosed our present [cf. full document, WHO].



Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo









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  1. hector says:

    Quante snakes in Seno!
    Aesop's fable (VI century BC) An old farmer during the winter season, having found a snake numb from the cold and having had compassion, He took it and put it in his breast. That then, warming and recovering his own nature, He wounded his benefactor and killed him. Then he said dying: “I have what I deserve, for I have had mercy on the wicked”. Morale: The fable shows that the wicked are immutable, even if they are treated with extreme goodness.

  2. father ariel
    Father Pier Paolo says:

    Send this comment article by Father Ariel (Ecclesia in Europa), and that of Father John (Islam and the Christological mystery)

    … At that time, dear Fathers, Some weeks ago I came to loggerheads with my bishop, because when from’ … supercelestial of Santa Marta was widespread request to accommodate a family of refugees in each parish, first of all, I said that my, like many other parishes, I'm, nowadays, traveling on “red numbers” and forced to squirm between debts and payments. I replied that though, with pleasure and sacrifice, I could sleep, with the help of the parishioners (welcoming and generous before humanitarian cases) a family of Syrian Catholics persecuted by Islamic fundamentalists, but I never hosted, May, in the parish entrusted to me, a Muslim family.
    In our northeastern Italian people are very affected by an army of false refugee solar, landed on Lampedusa and come up here with us, all of which are strong and stalwart, young and in perfect physical health, who stamp their feet so arrogant, throwing away quality food offered to them … and that all, all rigor, they are Muslims. Perhaps because few Christians on board barges have thrown them overboard before arrival?
    When Bishop, angry, he told me “I want the Holy Father”, I answered “we're not talking about the doctrinal application of a dogma of faith, then wants them, he puts them in the house”.
    Outcome? The threat to remove me from the parish if “do not you put yourself in line”.
    I greet the bishop saying that “to put in line a priest it takes little, is that, Unfortunately, we can not put this line army that is invading us day after day”.
    To you, Fathers, someone has even threatened you to get in line, for what sacrosanct write?

    Father Pier Paolo

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Brother.

      I share your bitterness by understanding all the underlying problems. Now the thing is done, but if you'd told me before I would have suggested you to act much more ironic. For instance: You could offer to host not one but three families, But not in your parish but in the episcopal palace, after he offered to bring to you at the same, with a group of volunteers parishioners, remove crucifixes, statues of the Virgin Mary and various saints, so that the sense of faith Mohammedan likely was not troubled by the symbols of our “idolatrous faith”, and so that they could pray facing Mecca on carpets in the halls of the Bishop.
      In short, in my opinion, what in itself and of itself is not seriously, và not taken seriously, if necessary, should be teased.

  3. father ariel
    Letter signed says:

    Dear Father Ariel.
    I read his writings and those of the Dominican Father John Cavalcoli for a year and, every month, I try to send a small contribution, and invitation with the other players (It seems very numerous) to do it, because you need to be supported. Your work should be supported for us, not for you!
    I Got 45 year old, They arrived in Italy from an Arab country at the age of 4 year old. I did all the schools in Italy, from elementary to university, then the two clinical specializations. She knows I'm specialist, but precisely to readers who may not know about my past that she knows. Italian citizen and have been married for 16 years with an Italian, a practicing Catholic family.
    My parents were not practicing Muslims, and I, teenager, I started going to the oratory, it's at 15 years asked to be baptized. I was baptized on Easter night, then the
    Communion and Confirmation. My three children attend Catholic schools.
    From the town where we lived we moved because it causes increasing presence of Muslim immigrants I started receiving threats. The threats also followed me in the new city. Eventually we moved out of Italy, after two Tunisians afraid my eldest son, 12 year old, while he is playing in the soccer field with more friends.
    Italy is my country, I am a citizen, There I grew up, I studied there, I got married, I have done my profession. but someone, without knowing, He decided to pick on me because of being guilty “born a Muslim” and became a Catholic Christian.
    If you happen to talk to the Lampedusa cardinal who continues to speak of welcoming many of those for whom I had to leave my country to not run potential risks, please, tell him two words as she can do …
    Thank you father, I hope one day to have her guest of my family, the wait.

    • Angelo Bellettini says:

      Working in the oil industry I spent a few years of my life in Arab countries, of which a pair in Saudi Arabia. Having known closely the Islamic culture, I am even more taken by admiration for the courage, a truly Christian courage, by the author of the “Letter Signed”: unfortunately I do not need to remember what threatens those who abandon the religion of Mohammed. Not being able to shake his hand and express in person my esteem, But I can pray for him and for his family.
      I also met some non-practicing Muslim who looks forward, if not with sympathy, to the Church. Particularly among the Iranians, most feel the weight of that regime of crazy fanatics who governs them, I noticed almost a “nearness” to Christianity, that sometimes I would almost hope for a chink open to conversion. From my little vision I would like to highlight two fundamental aspects in this regard:

      – for those who like their looks Christianity without hostility, but “from outside”, Christianity is the Catholic Church. They do not have the slightest consideration (rightly) for various community or cliques of the Protestant galaxy.

      - The second aspect that I noticed talking to non-practicing Muslims (as I was saying, Iranians in particular) It is that the Church has the potential to attract them to himself only when "doing his job", only when it presented with the authority, the tradition, and the rites of the Catholic Church. We who live the reality of the Church from the inside may not realize it fully; but those who are outside the Church and looks forward to, He does not want to find a rosewater NGOs, He does not want a photocopy of the International Red Cross. The Christian message passes when it is proposed by the Mother and teacher, with fatherhood, gently and firmly together.
      Not water down the wine of the Gospel in a generic gooders: It is not a good service to many souls who would be ready perhaps to a path of conversion.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Angelo.

        I am about to publish an article in which I speak of the priest's robe. Article in which he will find various answers to the relevant questions here raised.

  4. father ariel
    Giorgio Ghergon Mastropasqua says:

    May the Lord enlighten this wretched herd that would be us: those who have had the highest gift, that of baptism and are throwing to the winds …

  5. father ariel
    Marie Antoinette Garbi says:

    After this beautiful account made by you my soul anti Mohammedan feels cleared of any blame racist.

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