The “winning card” One part. Alessandro Minutella: making false statements to people who do not read official documents


In the space of two minutes, Mr. Minutella uttered very serious falsehoods and reiterated twice that everything is written in the Instrument of Work of the Synod. So he assured: "I'm not making anything up". Instead, everything was made up: what he claims is not written in the Instrument of Work and neither blessing gay couples at the altar nor conferring the diaconate on women is a topic for discussion, also because they cannot be discussed.

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Simone Pifizzi


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It's not a mystery, because what is publicly known, that when two years ago Mr. Alessandro Minutella toured the countries of Latin America, our Father Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo he informed the Apostolic Nuncios, that having received the news they alerted the bishops of the regions who immediately communicated to their clergy the presence of this presbyter incurred excommunication and in dismissal from the clerical state for heresy and schism, arranging that he was not allowed access to any Catholic ecclesiastical establishment.

Likewise in Italy, when he began to frequent the rich areas of the Triveneto to reap victims, but above all to reap money, the Patriarch of Venice who presides over the Episcopal Conference of Triveneto issued a statement, the Bishops of the Region did the same [see WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO]. Thus fulfilling their duty as Pastors placed at the head of the People of God, they warned the faithful that anyone who follows an excommunicated person incurs excommunication in turn automatic. The result was that for weeks he mocked and insulted all the bishops, manipulating facts and situations as usual.

In Italy people are informed that this subject first incurred excommunication and then the extreme and rare measure of dismissal from the clerical state. Therefore, who wants to follow him blindly and stubbornly, he will do it in any case and regardless of the communications of the Bishops and the exhortations of us Priests.

But you can't go over it to other kinds of things, for example the manipulation of facts and documents. In this case we have an obligation, for imperative of conscience, to inform our faithful.

In his delirium of August 1, Mr. Minutella said textual words that you can hear from her speakerphone on video:

"Tonight's title is "The Cursed Synod and the Future of Catholicism" […] this synod is part of the Masonic strategy of destruction and change of Catholic identity […] what is called was prepared Instrument of Work, that is, a sort of thematic plan on the questions to be thrown on the table at the Synod, which have all already been decided. With a lie that is typical of the Devil they are making believe that these requests come from below, by the people […] L'Instrument Labour that has been created serves to table the issues. What are the issues on the table? Go read theInstrument of Work and see if I invent anything, this is why I speak of a "cursed synod". The issues on the table serve to demonstrate what the project is, if you go to read theAn instrument of labor you realize it. I'm: the rainbow agenda, then the blessing of gay couples at the altar […] the Synod proposes the abolition of ecclesiastical celibacy, because the priests are few, Pope Francis has already said he agrees […] women at the altar, the deaconesses. I don't know if you realize what we're getting into […]» [see video WHO].

In the space of two minutes Mr.. Minutella uttered very serious falsehoods and reiterated twice that everything is written in the Instrument of Work of the Synod. So he assured: "I'm not making anything up". Instead, everything was made up: what he claims is not written in the Instrument of Work and neither blessing gay couples at the altar nor conferring the diaconate on women is a topic for discussion, also because they cannot be discussed. It would suffice to recall that the Holy See, through the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, strictly prohibited the blessing of same-sex couples [see document WHO]. Moreover, the Holy Father Francis, for several times, during his pontificate, he reiterated that he does not intend to question priestly celibacy in any way.

Manipulating and distorting words Mr.. Minutella states that the Holy Father Francis, interviewed by Daniel Hadad of the Argentine newspaper of infobae, declared himself in favor of the abolition of celibacy. Which is absolutely false. Let's see what the Holy Father said and how Mr. Minutella has manipulated and distorted his words. The Holy Father, to the question about celibacy, he answered:

“It's a temporary prescription (N.d.A celibacy). It is not eternal like priestly ordination. Celibacy, instead, it's a discipline". The interviewer asks: “So it could be revised?». The Holy Father answers: "Yup". [see excerpt in Italian on ANSA].

Minutella repeats obsessively always to be twice a doctor of sacred theology. Another false thing given to believe those who do not know the system of our ecclesiastical studies. The doctorate in theology is in fact one and only one, one is not twice a doctor of sacred theology. Or that maybe there could be someone with a double medical degree who goes around claiming to be a double medical doctor? Or an architect, an engineer, a lawyer who are twice architects, engineers and lawyers because they graduated twice? Even more so, just a great bi-doctor like him, he should not misunderstand these words of the Holy Father who said the obvious: celibacy is not a dogma of faith but an ecclesiastical discipline that has its origins since the first apostolic era, but a discipline is not eternal, as instead is the sacred priestly order, which is an indelible sacrament that makes us priests forever.

How is it possible to manipulate the texts and consequently lie up to these levels? Soon said: Mr.. Minutella is aimed at people who would never read this public document of the Instrument of Work, partly because they suffer from functional or digital illiteracy, partly because they belong to the worst gullible species: the lazy gullible, those who do not even make the slightest effort to go and verify that this long and articulated document does not contain written and does not say at all anything that is totally false Mr.. Minutella attributes to him.

Mr. Minutella points to the ignorant gullible people, many of whom, for example in the Triveneto, yes they are culturally and ecclesially ignorant, but at the same time they are full of money.

While proclaiming "I don't invent anything", Mr.. Minutella instead invents everything, shamelessly manipulate and lie, relying primarily on ignorance.

The document of Instrument of Work is translated the six languages ​​and is visible to anyone on the Official website of the Holy See. Just go and read it, to understand how and with what bad faith Mr. Minutella invents everything that has never been said and written. Indeed, a working tool contains questions, questions and objects of discussion on all the most disparate subjects. Who, on the other hand, confuses questions and work topics with answers, or worse with permits or new rules, of the two, one excludes the other: or is ignorant to paroxysmal levels, or is it in total bad faith.

There are people who are duped, but there are people who demand to be duped, they are just looking for someone to scam them. So much so sometimes, when they end up in trouble, to feel Christian pity towards them it is necessary to make a great effort of heart and faith.

Florence, 3 August 2023


Episcopal Blessing of the priest excommunicated and dismissed from the clerical state with sentence given by the Apostolic See



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