Statement from the Bishop of Padua regarding the presence of Mr. Alessandro Minutella in the territory of his Diocese

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This morning the schismatic heretic vomited poison against the Bishop of Padua [cf.. WHO] that by fulfilling his duties as a shepherd he has put on guard the clergy and the faithful from participating in its "shamanic-madonnolatrici rites"


Editors of The Island of Patmos


Repeatedly we demonstrated through his videos and speeches [cf.. WHO, WHO, WHO] that Mr. Minutella is an aggressive-violent narcissist, affected by pseudo-mystical exaltation, as well as dissociated from reality, which creates in people fragile relationships of profound dependence and just as much dissociation from reality. They are not our risky opinions, but analyzes done by multiple psychiatrists who examined his video materials. Especially Mr. Minutella incites people to hatred by turning them into machines which in turn spread hatred in an aggressive and violent way against «The false church of the false pope emissary of the Antichrist».

Phenomena of this kind they should never be taken lightly, because sooner or later there is the serious risk that some exalted person may commit an act of physical violence to the detriment of some bishop. An attempt that has already been made in the past, when if. Mons. Michele Pennisi Archbishop of Monreale disavowed the pseudo-mystical activities of the then Reverend Alessandro Minutella [see document HERE]. With the result that a group of his possessed people tried to attack him as he left the archbishop's palace [cf.. WHO]. precedents in this sense, also recent, unfortunately there are none, just remember the case of the attack to Cardinal Giuseppe Betori Metropolitan Archbishop of Florence.



December, 2022

The Bishop of Padua, Mons. Claudio Cipolla, in the light of some information received through the social channels used by Mr. Alessandro Minutella, learned of his imminent presence in the Padua area - and therefore presumably in the territory of the Diocese of Padua - in the period 15 December 2022 ― 15 January 2023, also accompanied by Fra Celestino della Croce, born Pietro Follador, currently incardinated in the diocese of Patti (Messina).

In this regard the Bishop, Mons. Claudio Cipolla, report to presbyters, deacons, consecrated men and women and faithful all that Mr. Alessandro Minutella, former presbyter of the Archdiocese of Palermo, was excommunicated 18 August 2018 (with Decree 15 August 2018) for having committed the crime against the faith and the unity of the Church, as schismatic; and was dismissed from the clerical state (out of office and for the good of the church) in data 13 January 2022 (by decree issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith).

Furthermore, as regards fra Celestino della Croce, he communicates that he has received from his bishop the prohibition to carry out the priestly ministry in public due to his positions openly in line with those of Mr. A. Minutella.

Bishop Claudius as pertaining to him in the territory of the Diocese confirmation the measures taken against Fra Celestino by the Ordinary of Patti, to which he adds the revoke the faculty to hear Confessions and to impart Sacramental Absolution to the faithful, within the territory of the Diocese of Padua. forbids also to parish priests, to church rectors, to parish administrators and superiors of religious institutes, to grant the aforementioned Alessandro Minutella and fra Celestino della Croce places of worship and both internal and external spaces owned by ecclesiastical bodies.

Prohibition that assumes the value of a heartfelt invitation for any faithful Catholic who has ecclesial Communion at heart.








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