The Papacy crucified

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"Their bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified " [AP 11,8].



Author John Cavalcoli OP

Giovanni Cavalcoli, ON



It is because of the divisions within the Catholic Church if these events occur and you can not denounce the heresies, if not true fathers as the author of the article [Ed. cf. WHO] The important thing is to be in brotherly peace. Now it is more important to physically help humanity, in his vices and sinful weaknesses; mercy at this time is a raging river, He is flooding its banks and wonder: "The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church are ready to act on the closed to contain the flooding»? All'Angelo of the Church of Laodicea wrote John in: "These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the principle of things created by God. I have known thy works, as neither cold, neither hot: oh it was cold or, or hot: but because you are lukewarm, and neither cold, neither hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth " [Ed. cf. AP 3, 14]. Nobody talks, everyone is petrified, only on blogs complaint and light threads, criticism. There is the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith? On these cases, why not intervenes and corrects errors perpetrated, denying and reiterating the absolute truth? For case, using the motto … "Who am I to judge?».

Christ Kingdoms!

(James N.)


«[…] saw a Bishop dressed in White, we had the impression that it was the HolyPope apocalyptic vision Dad. Several other bishops, priests, men and women religious going up a steep mountain, on top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of cork bark; the Holy Father, before reaching, He passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his journey; having reached the top of Mt., his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired several shots of gunfire and arrows, and at the same way there died one after another the other bishops, priests, men and women religious, and various lay people, men and women of different ranks and positions»

[Sister Lucia of Fatima]



shepherd children of Fatima

photographic image of the three shepherd children of Fatima

The comment of James gives me inspiration to respond with a real article. My thoughts go to the revelation of the third secret of Fatima made by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI a few years ago. We have the framework of a humanity and a suffering Church and the extremes, and would almost did say destroyed. One of the works of mercy that we find in Catechism of St. Pius X is: "To pray for the living and the dead". And that's what the Pope, in the vision, He's doing. He along with the pastors of the Church, salt laboriously among the corpses on a mountain, where there is a large cross. The pope kneels down and there is killed.


It is clearly not the deceptively optimistic view of the Church put about by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini. It is rather realistic framework, by the Blessed Pope Paul VI, [the "smoke of Satan" entered the Church], they gave up to Popes Benedict XVI, who spoke of "general crisis of faith". The present Pope has no such alarmed and dramatic, not to create further confusion and anguish. As a tender mother, he wants to show himself calm, comforting and optimistic about not discourage. But only he knows better than us what is going on.


dragon apocalypse

representation of the Apocalypse Dragon Blessed Apostolo Giovanni

The tragedy of the situation It can best be understood by comparing it to the vision of the Third Secret of Fatima, with Ap 11,1-13, which he speaks of "two witnesses" [symbol of few true Catholics remained loyal to the Pope], who will be martyred together with the Pope by a huge crowd of angry apostates, but they will rise victorious, since the gates of hell shall not praevlebunt against the Church.


Pope Francis strives to grasp the positive aspects of modernity, yes condemning some mistakes and sins, but especially practicing mercy across the board, persuading without connivance and correcting the errant with love, because convinced that this poor humanity, more than evil, it is unfortunate. there he is, At that time, follow the example of Christ, "not to break the bruised reed or extinguish a smoldering wick" [CF. Mt 12,20]. Not so much, for him, to send to jail, but to send the hospital.


saint peter destroyed

a fantastic view of St. Peter's Basilica in ruins and overrun by torrential waters …

Come a San Giovanni XXIII, in his famous opening speech of Vatican II, October 11 1962, this Pope does not like "suggestions of some people, pur ardent di very, but not equipped with abundant sense of discretion and measurement. In modern times they see nothing but prevarication and ruin ". Even Pope Francis' seem to have to dissent from these people prophets of doom, who preach events increasingly ominous, He loomed as if the end of the world ". Obviously, Pope Francis knows he will have reached the end of the world, but it does not believe that this is the time. Rather it is to complete the work of reform of the Council.


Except Pope John, that, as is known, She was expecting a "new Pentecost", He did not foresee the misunderstanding of his words. In fact it happened, since the years immediately after the Council, that the confrontation with modernity promoted by the Pope and by the Council, It was not intended in the right direction, ie as a critical assumption of the values ​​of modernity in the light of the Gospel, but as idolatrous and uncritical absolutism of modernity and choice, in the Gospel, interpreted in the Protestant manner, only what is compatible with modernity thus understood.


apocalypse Babylon

depiction of Babylon, according to the Apocalypse story of Blessed Apostolo Giovanni

At the same time, and with perverse logical consistency, always a misunderstanding of the Pope's words, He gave up to fight and to reiterate the errors of modernity, which instead, with unspeakable stupidity or cunning refined, They were brought to the stars as prophecies of a new era, as if the pre-conciliar Church was wrong to condemn them. It did not take other for a resurgence in high modernist style, What has already been denounced in 1966, unfortunately in vain, by Jacques Maritain, who spoke of the current modernism as "pneumonia" to compare the cold-modernism of St. Pius X times.


Now modernism It is so penetrated into the field of theology and Catholic publications, in the dioceses, in religious institutions, in academic institutions of the Church, in the hierarchy, the Holy See and among the employees of the Supreme Pontiff, that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is now in front of a dramatic alternative, never occurred before in the history of the Church. He lost control of the situation, as if ten policemen, alone, They were to regulate traffic in Rome. For some leading theologian, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is a hotbed of reactionary, that would agree to close and replace with direct ecumenism by Cardinal Walter Kasper, recalled to duty.


head in the sand

one of the sports most practiced in this last half century: the ostrich sports …

By not intervening time, circa 50 Years ago, because of a careless stall, minimize and prevaricate, for excessive indulgence, lack of vigilance, of insight and courage, the bishops have allowed to modernism to invade the Church as a kind of metastasis. In the now large number of items contained in our two years of life of the archive’Patmos Island, Father Ariel has signed several writings in which he explains, and insists on the principle of "cancer with metastases in the body of the Church". just as I, in different ways but with the same underlying substance, I have written several articles to explain this problem. This is because both of us are aware of the presence, the effects and especially the fruits of this cancer.


Now there would be only two alternatives: or proceed in accordance with canon law, but then you should try and censor dozens if not hundreds of people including prelates, teachers, theology, religious and priests in the world; or give up intervening trusting in Divine Providence.


weeds and wheat

wheat and weeds …

Let the wheat and the tares grow together waiting for the Day of Judgment, or for better times. "The wicked will continue to be well perverse, the unclean continue to be unclean and the right to continue to do what is right, and the holy still sanctify " [AP 22,11].


The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith He chose the second option. Hence his lack of interventions for some years. Since the situation is humanly insoluble, We just have to trust in the Lord and in the intercession of the Virgin Mary and the Saints, especially St. Thomas Aquinas.


Pope Francis only

loneliness is the intimate and dramatic reality of each pontificate …

It's not a casuality that our online magazine of ecclesial and pastoral theology update has been called The Island of Patmos, so calling the site of the last revelation, where the Apostolo Giovanni, exile, He wrote the Apocalypse. Even name and subtitle chosen by us contain in itself an explanation, but above all a theological and eschatological message of hope; precisely that we hope that we try to transmit, and spread before a seemingly insoluble situation.


We help the Holy Father, do not leave it only to carry the cross, avoid those critical unripe, presumptuous, unjust and Pharisees, which ultimately produce nothing, but only envy, confusion and disobedience and, on the other side, let us not exploit, with a false flattering interpretation, his words for our interests rather mundane and remember the "fate that the hypocrites" [Mt 24,51].


Varazze, 9 June 2016







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  1. Atanasio says:

    « Now there would be only two alternatives: or proceed in accordance with canon law, but then you should try and censor dozens if not hundreds of people including prelates, teachers, theology, religious and priests in the world; or give up intervening trusting in Divine Providence.(…)The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has chosen the second option. Hence his lack of interventions for some years. Since the situation is humanly insoluble, We just have to trust in the Lord and in the intercession of the Virgin Mary and the Saints, especially St. Thomas Aquinas. Is it okay to trust in Divine Providence, but the Church's Pastors have a grave duty to confirm the faith and defend from the mistakes of the faithful entrusted to them. Three times Jesus asks Peter this imperative: "Feed my sheep". Unfortunately, the Pastors of the Council and the post-conciliar, deciding not to report the error and evil with authoritative pronouncements, allowed the spread of modernism, synthesis of all heresies, lacking the divine command, to the detriment of souls »


    That of which the Church and the world need now is a new Syllabus, condemning the heresies and errors of our time, correcting at the same time some steps ambiguous and heterodox present in the texts of Vatican II.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader,

      Also there to romance … or rather, there must be a limit.

      To better understood: she thinks today, to enter into an empty stall, after the horse has already escaped and run in the wild, putting himself to enunciate a syllabus, interspersing every statement with the formula “let him be“, you can scare someone? Or maybe you think that this will bring the oxen, in an orderly single file, in the barn?

      If that were possible, The syllabus would have written Paul VI, He would have written Giovanni Paolo I, He would have written Giovanni Paolo II, I would write Benedict XVI, I would have written the reigning Francis I …

      Given that there is neither the Papal States, nor are there any more the secular powers that put in execution procedures and measures of ecclesiastical Courts; given that the recognition of the authority and its action is based only on the free acceptance by the Bishop, the presbyter, of the deacon, the religious and the lay faithful … well, she thinks that certain rebellious subjects, or as any heretics and heresies speakers, They remain really scared in front of a syllabus and in front of an excommunication? Once it remained, when to be excommunicated by the Ecclesiastical entailed a number of serious repercussions to civil and social level. Today, one excommunicated, the civil power and ultra-secularist society, would give the prize and would pay a high cachet for all its presence at the most followed talk show.

      In the first agreement signed in 1929 between the Kingdom of Italy and the Holy See, the priests who had been struck by excommunication, they were applied, also at the civil level, a whole series of harsh restrictions: They could not hold academic appointments, they could not be taught in schools and universities, They could not rise to any kind of public office and public employment.

      And not for nothing, there were some cases of priests who lived their lives in misery and died in extreme poverty. Finally, they were denied even the funeral obsequies and Christian burial. The first who lived their situation as a disgrace, their families were, starting from their own parents, who regarded his son as a traitor.

      This, for instance, It was the fate that befell Don Ernesto Buonaiuti, considered one of the fathers of modernism. And while considering I modernism as the most pernicious of heresies, as the mother of all heresies, an end like that, to poor Buonaiuti, I never made it to him not to do, even because, when the severity ends up border on lack of Christian charity, then it can happen that the children and grandchildren of certain heretics, have more excuses to come to power and then do it to pay high price for the next 100 year old.

      Today, a priest excommunicated, It would be courted and sought after by all the secular parties to be candidate for the office of senator.

      The thing, Unfortunately, is much more complicated, as explained by Father Giovanni Cavalcoli in this article and how its intervening in the discussion I tried to explain to me, assuming and understanding from his comment that unfortunately, she, did not understand what I just said in this regard the Author.

  2. Gianluca Bazzorini says:

    But you there Island “seven” or we “fate”, in the sense that there are two cases: or really think this is Pope Bergoglio and then it would be an insult to your intelligence as it is clearer than the sunlight that Bergoglio is not the Pope but the vicar of Satan or “you work” Bergoglio as possible to bring more souls to eternal perdition. How do you conceive a blasphemer of Christ and his Church, a vicar His?

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      Themselves. Bazzorini.

      Welcome back!
      No, indeed the Fathers, do not there are ma we do own, driven by interests of the highest order.
      Unfortunately, things are not two, as she states, but three, because the truth 'lies precisely in that third hypothesis that she discards.

      The fathers of’Patmos Island, to help the "Vicar of Satan to bring many souls as possible to Hell ', they first of all need money to invest, because corruption, and in that species of souls, always it requires great use of money, in addition to a team of satanic fotomodelle used and used to entice the young and the less young people through lust.

      And this need for some time funding has been resolved, because the Fathers benefit from millionaires resources that they are received:

      1. by oil companies in Qatar;
      2. from international Jewish Allies (B’nai B’rith / Bene Berith)
      3. the Masonic Grand Lodge of Great Britain.

  3. hector says:

    The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is left in shadow, it's a fact. Every now and then the prefect Mueller makes known its position with polite firmness – often critical – on the agenda exposing themes in his books or interviews often releasing.
    Pope Francis rarely mentions, preferring other theologians – with which it has evidently greater harmony – Instead publicly praised and referred to as reference interpreters of his documents : dall’ gospel joy, alia Praise, all'amore swimsuits.
    After Schomborn, today Magister returns to talk of another:

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      .. So she is willing "to help the Holy Father and not to leave him alone to carry the cross", only when things go well?
      Did anyone ever explained, and the substantial difference that runs abyssal, between the Catholic faith and ideology?

  4. Beppe1944 says:

    “We help the Holy Father […] we avoid – You write – those critical unripe, presumptuous, unjust and Pharisees, which ultimately produce nothing, but only envy, confusion and disobedience”

    But he talks about Pope Francis as a naive poor… and His Father Ariel brother speaks of it as a talking … without really knowing what it says … I do not think that the Island of Patmos is tender with the current pontiff.

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      The main difference that runs between the island of Patmos and she Fathers, is the following:

      The Fathers of the Island of Patmos, worship and obey Him forever – until the contrary is proved not easy – the Supreme Pontiff, and to defend it, if necessary, over the past two years I have taken so many beatings and insults from “intellectuals” e “thinkers” so to speak Catholics, anything but tender towards him; and that unlike her instead – as evidenced by several of his comments have in our various articles – “praises” only his personal idea, entirely subjective, who became the Supreme Pontiff. Occasion this to remind you that the Pope is neither his “Heart football team” nor his “pop star” favorite, It is the successor of Peter, at which the island of Patmos Fathers, before the bishop and through the person of the bishop, They promised devout and filial obedience, They have not promised or “tenderness”, let alone adulation and worship of the human personality.

      • Antonio
        Antonio says:

        Always worship and obey regardless is not’ certainly a virtue’ and since’ Bergoglio is not’ It gave, on a human level I would say that e’ pure servility! Tie the donkey where the owner says ….even if hung by the neck!

        • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          It is she who judges the legitimate Successor of the Blessed Apostle Peter, that God is? Which God gave her a mandate to judge the Vicar of Christ on earth?

    • Antonio sicignano
      Antonio sicignano says:

      I am convinced that,in this bad moment of secularization, the island of patmos performs a great action.
      The criticism, when it's’ sincere and’ it goes up to correct big mistakes that the Church is making.

  5. piertoussaint says:

    Dear Father Giovanni,
    he said, albeit with good grace, unfortunately it misunderstood the great intellectual of the '900, Pier Luigi Zampetti, than with the “consumer society” the man
    1. It was made fully “object” of social life, “beheaded”, made an unwitting puppet at the mercy of power;
    2. that in this condition, He no longer knows how to love.
    This trend has had its obvious anthropological effects not only on humans and therefore the family, but also throughout the rest of the dimensions of life: work, economy, policy.
    Now, in relation to this condition, I would say: if I want to Practice Mercy Church, I would try to evolve the man, degraded by the system, it gives “object” a “subject”, in all its dimensions. In this path of growth also the man in the situation of chronic mortal sin, with the help of grace, recover the lost virility, it will amend the situation of sin, and finally, finally reconciled – because he listened to St. Paul and not rischiar sentencing – He will receive the Eucharist. The ministry of our Church, The joy is in the form of, It seems to go backwards.

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