Continues the saga of “useful idiots”. In the Soviet Church exploded the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, with aggravating: to manage the crisis we have put characters like Antonio Spadaro and Vincenzo Paglia

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They think maybe, the useful idiots to Pol Pot orders, to solve the problem baptizing no small army of Muslims who are giving the assault on the poor, old and dying Europe? What to say: best wishes! Meanwhile, however,, to die in the gallery below the crux of the thermo-nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, we are here, to the praise and glory of God, in order to save the much or the little that you can save. Why Paradise, but also a slight Purgatory, It has a price to pay, that absolutely deserves to be paid, at least on our part that we are believers, unlike the atheists who are convinced that this moment of abominable desolation that is sullying the Church of Christ will never pass, that life is one and that no judgment of God and eternal life. Because of this, They try to grab everything they can grab: because they do not believe God's judgment, they do not believe in the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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the company page of Antonio Spadaro, the useful idiot of the East India Company

In this grave ecclesial crisis who is afraid does well to keep quiet, if it decides it can not withstand the consequences that may result to tell the truth. Nowhere is it written, nor commanded the obligation to be heroes, least of all martyrs:


"Accept among you who is weak in faith, without discussing this hesitation. One believes he can eat anything, the other instead, that is weak, eats only vegetables. He who eats not despise those who do not eat; those who do not eat, don't misjudge who eats, for God has welcomed him " [RM 14, 1-3].


The few that God have had the grace of force, along with it the ability to withstand the consequences of an cambodian talk under the regime of Pol Pot and his “useful idiots”, you speak, because it will give refreshment to the weak and the oppressed. Doing, It is, however, always animated by an awareness: the strength and courage, combined with the analysis of lucidity, I am not about her, but gifts of grace. All the more reason must include the weak to whom such gifts, for inscrutable mystery, however they were not bestowed by the grace of God.


The visible Church it is not even a drift boat, It is a waste abandoned in the waters during rough sea banging on the rocks, waiting to be dismissed then back off. And so will continue, until the severe warning "Via, away from me, cursed, the eternal fire, prepared for the devil and his angels " [CF. Mt 23, 41], for many will become reality when, after their death, immediately before the judgment of God will understand that "He scourges and mercy" [Tb 13, 2]. But most of all, as it has often been repeated in these our lines, God's judgment will be very strict with us shepherds care of souls, that much we had in gifts of grace through the sacrament of Orders: "To whom much is given, much will be asked for; to whom men have committed much, It will ask the more " [LC 12, 48].


We start from the first of the useful idiots: Father Antonio Spadaro, prominent member of Company of the Indies It founded in the sixteenth century by St. Ignatius of Loyola with the name of the Society of Jesus, only to fall centuries later in an absurd genetic mutation. This brave Indian She has recently published on his profile social Madonna taken by the Ladies of the newspaper Opera Charity St. Vincent de 'Paoli, that is, the communist newspaper The Manifesto. Apart from this Madonna on the boat, the poor Antonio Spadaro - if he had memory, but above all the intelligence that just does not -, should remember when The Manifesto, in the nineties, He began with a play on the ambiguous cartoon, because he is related to the singer Madonna, Eleonora nee Barbara Ciccone, on which two churchmen were shown saying that esordivano: «Madonna whore!». It should also be pointed out, the brave Indian Antonio Spadaro, the historian de cartoonist The Manifesto, in December 1997 He is sentenced for insulting the Catholic religion through a crucifix mocking who claimed: «Catholics do not do blowjobs!». Of course: no one is obliged or compelled to believe in the divinity of Christ, at his resurrection and ascension into heaven. But there is one thing of which you are required to keep account secularly, When he had to say at the time just a communist atheist, the philosopher Massimo Cacciari: "About an innocent man put up with four nails on a pole, He condemned to a humiliating and painful death, there is little to do satire ».


Just think about what would happen today - hence I repeat: the understanding of which is devoid Antonio Spadaro -, If someone did a satire on the body of a dead refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, or if someone dared to make a satire of Greta Thumberg. Because of a satire on Santa Maria Goretti, at the Martha's House Sacthae They would pass all above, by the butler until Pol Pot, but on the Scandinavian goddess Greta: never! Suffice to say that within the Vatican, in the name of health and ecology, It has banned the sale of cigarettes, except, however, find regular prelates attached to some turgid Cuban cigar, but that is another matter. Now we have long understood that the moral issues of the clergy do not disturb Pol Pot, to upset him and get his harsh sentence must give up 'No carcio ar ass a gypsy harassing you You clings to him like 'na crab and who dares strattonarti the street just to force you to mollargli some money. These yes, which they are mortal sins of the new church!


Over the years The Manifesto, In addition to veiled profanity behind the name of a self-sung pop Madonna nominatasi, It has persisted with cartoons on Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, many of which are rare vulgarity and malice; repeatedly showing disrespect not so much to John Paul II in his capacity as Supreme Pontiff, but towards an elderly man suffering for physical illness. Anyone can make an easy search and find on the Internet these collections of obscene and blasphemous cartoons, from that of Benedict XVI with the helmet as a Nazi soldier in the head chasing a busty girl, saying he was now tired of the sexual continence.


The question is therefore of rigor: that useful idiot of the director of La Civiltà Cattolica, He had nothing better, on which to go fishing? If in fact this Indian It is an image from a porn movie Ilona Staller or Pamela Anderson, What it would have been less severe, because these two ladies have spent their lives making films in red light; they have not spent mock Christ, the Vergine Maria, i Santi, The Popes and the entire Catholic Church exposed to public sedan in cartoon sticker, Article by Article.


The other Golden Palm at about profit idiot It can be assigned to S.It is. Mons. Vincenzo Paglia, an authentic theological void, but also a pastoral disaster acclarato, that lovable only has a fake smile like a goner for zircon diamond, behind which conceals rare badness vindictive, experienced by all those who in some way have tried to oppose him, in exchange for paying the high price of practices imposed by people who are below the human mediocrity, although it finished in sensitive government positions, or if you prefer to power.


The useful idiot Vincenzo Paglia, He called to play a delicate important role the Holy See after he had brought the small Diocese of Narni Amelia brink of bankruptcy, recently he peaked with his speech at the headquarters of the Radical Party, which extolled the "spiritual legacy of Marco Pannella", a true son of Lucifer along with his close friend Emma Bonino. Needless to say, both have pursued, for decades, policies and ideologies that represent the pinnacle of contempt for the law of nature and the basic foundations of Christianity: abortion, euthanasia, genetic testing to embarrass the same Josef Mengele, marriage between same-sex couples, adoption of children to gay couples and so on ... until you got better things to do than to place in the mouth of Pol Pot a phrase celebrating the unrepentant abortionist Emma Bonino as a "great Italian", phrase that is said to have been inspired by leader cambodian its profit for idiot, as well as Indian, Antonio Spadaro. In fact Pol Pot, coming from the other side of the world, ie from Cambodia, what he could know, Emma Bonino? And when he had never known? Hence the beautiful cue of useful idiots court.


could he, the Devil, through his acolytes, choose a better subject of Vincenzo Paglia, to destroy the Pontifical John Paul II Institute on the science of marriage and the family? Said this, without falling into what is the sin of rash judgment, but relying only on the sobering lessons of our Lord Jesus Christ, about the fact that every tree is known by the fruit it gives [CF. Mt 7, 16-20; LC 6, 43-45]; place so that the main fruit is faith, which as such it can only be recognized by the works [Ge 2 1, 18], sadly we can conclude that both 'Indian, is the authentic pastoral and theological void Vincenzo Paglia, are two men without faith. To say it's none of my harsh judgments and rash, but their works, and everything - I repeat - the proven evidence of the facts. Then, Meanwhile if you have simply changed the yardsticks set by the Holy Gospel, that this be clarified as soon as possible with a nice motu proprio issued by the Presidency of the Republic of Cambodia, if the President is not too busy to rage more blows to the Church of Christ with the preparation of Synod Pantedesco passed by Synod Panamazzonico [cf WHO].


For lack of faith and their works produced by a lack of faith, thanks to the people of this genre has exploded in the Church the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The main reasons for the explosion, first of all to be found in the incompetence of those who ran. In short, remember that staff place to manage this center was made up mostly of non-qualified technicians for that kind of reactor. The director of the center had no experience of nuclear facilities, He is having previously worked only at coal plants. Even the chief engineer, but raw, He had worked at conventional plants. The chief engineer of reactors number 3 e 4 instead he had a poor experience with nuclear reactors; and we do not talk about everything else, before a disaster caused primarily by the technical incompetence of those who were responsible for its management.


After the explosion of the reactor took place on the night of 26 April 1986, in times to follow the damage was enormous throughout the nineties, when in Europe he recorded a real epidemic of cancer. Only after many years, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we knew that the damage, already huge, They could have been much more, if the era Soviet regime had not sacrificed the lives of many workers destined for certain death, of which they were aware not only those who hired them, but especially those who accepted. From this you can measure, to the proven proof of the facts, what it is the fair and historic grandeur of the Russian People: the workers who agreed to fulfill those jobs were in fact all volunteers, many of them come from the most remote provinces of the then Soviet Union.


A Chernobyl the danger was formed from the core still incandescent ever nuclear reactor in full swing, that if it were further collapsed in the subsoil would come in contact with the water, causing new steam explosions, but mostly irreversibly pollute the groundwater for centuries to come. From this it would be obtained for an extension of thousands of kilometers you would have had more drinking water or water for agricultural irrigation. It was then that the miners were called, to work manually under the reactor where dug a tunnel to insert cooling systems in the lower levels of the central. The protective masks of which were equipped, in addition to being unnecessary they made them difficult to breathe, so they ended up to work naked, breathing highly radioactive substances. All these miners died within a short time, suffering from such serious tumors and painful face of which the pure morphine administered as anti-dolorifico, more or less equivalent to an injection of distilled water.


It is with this easy to say: we are the miners sent by Christ to die, aware of dying, to save what can be saved can be saved by sacrificing innocent lives. While in, the Antonio Spadaro and Vincenzo Paglia, as well as being the direct responsible for the explosion of the nuclear plant because of their incompetence, revel to sell cartoons, or to magnify the spiritual heritage of Marco Pannella, after having completely destroyed the work and the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, while the heroic miners excavating a tunnel under the nuclear reactor, aware that this is the only way to avoid irreparable damage to millions and millions of human beings, in favor of which someone must necessarily pay with their lives, just as the Lord Christ paid for all humanity.


It may be that we miners mandates and went freely to die for digging the tunnel under the nuclear reactor, It ends up in Paradise, how is it that Antonio Spadaro and Vincenzo Paglia end up in Hell to divine cry: «Via, away from me, cursed, into everlasting fire " [Mt 25, 41].


Expenses, but a useful and indomitable idiot, while a nuclear reactor exploded sowing radioactive poisons throughout Europe, He can try their hand at cartoons against the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, obtaining surely result to get him in the upcoming election close three million votes more? In this sense,, Perhaps you know a clergyman most improvident and narcissus than the facts of it shows the profit moron Indian Antonio Spadaro? Because one thing is certain - and we priests this reality we have it under the eyes -: while the squares in which talks this "dangerous populist" or what you want to "fascist", they are full, the churches are increasingly empty. And while fulfilling the directives issued by the neurotic-obsessive psychosis of Pol Pot, L'Avvenire, The Osservatore Romano, Christian family, the bassettiana Italian Episcopal Conference and company singing, They speak only of refugees and migrants, in the Diocese of the Roman Pontiff increase for five years now, parents who do not baptize their children, while those before February 2013 They had already baptized them, They do not send them to catechism to receive First Communion and Holy Confirmation.


They think maybe, the useful idiots to Pol Pot orders, to solve the problem baptizing no small army of Muslims who are giving the assault on the poor, old and dying Europe? What to say: best wishes! Meanwhile, however,, to die in the gallery below the crux of the thermo-nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, we are here, to the praise and glory of God, in order to save as much or little that can be saved. Why Paradise, but also a slight Purgatory, It has a price tag that deserves to be paid, at least on our part that we are believers, unlike the atheists who are convinced that this moment of abomination and desolation that is sullying the Church of Christ will never pass, that life is one and that no judgment of God and eternal life. Because of this, They try to grab everything they can grab: because they do not believe God's judgment, they do not believe in the resurrection of the dead and in the life of the world to come.



the Island of Patmos, 11 August 2019





Please be advised that immediately after 15 August will be distributed by the end of the month the book Ariel S. Levi Gualdo on Neocatechumenal sect. It is a completely built on positive text documents and authentic testimonies equally documented. In about 280 pages of text is first of all made a rigorous historical analysis, Theological and Juridical of this phenomenon, Although steeped always serious heresies, He could proliferate as a dangerous sect intra-ecclesial, unfortunately also counting on the weakness of recent popes, conditioned against their will by a church and ecclesiastical situation manageable, pouring now in a state of deep and unfortunately irreversible decline. The work of Ariel S. Levi of Gualdo was dedicated to the memory of two venerable priests and Roman theologians: the Servant of God Pier Carlo Landucci [1900-1986] and Father Enrico Zoffoli C.P [1915-1996], who first denounced with prophetic foresight, although unnecessarily, the serious and dangerous heresy of the Neocatechumenal Way.





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22 replies
  1. Luca G
    Luca G says:

    Great article! Thank God there is still light in the (ex) Post-conciliar Catholic Church, now reduced to a charity sorosiana.

  2. daouda
    daouda says:

    Reverend Father Ariel should accelerate, because times are very fast.
    Auks would finally time to look at the history of Jesuit infiltration in every ganglion, taking each pre location 1800 lazy and opposed it , then seeing the fittizzia orthodoxy of which showed off ( we want them to eventually be accused of racism in their instrumental idiocy of fashion…really read their oracle ufficale we have the history of the world no proven science, Angle of their science ), declare them for what they are.

    All Tridentine do not look at the causes, willing to backdate the flaw in some spawning of the moment, whiners on today, when in fact it was the very beginning so.
    I must say loud and clear: JEWsuiti!

  3. were new
    were new says:

    Comments will probably be revised in the form (some also in substance), ma… Chernobyl may correct in its correct form: Chernobyl?…

    • Luigi
      Luigi says:

      Actually, the correct form is Chernobyl’ the Čornobyl '. What are we doing? The race to seize the medal of the nerd?

  4. Daouda
    Daouda says:

    3 notes

    a) if the visit of John Paul II has really facilitated the release of some and favored the easing of “hunting” , well, This all goes to his demerit.

    b) Soviet Church…mmhhhh…Reverend father, you realize that you are writing the reality? I quote Bella Dodd but Poland ouch ouch, He never well marked…

    (c)) these are not useful idiots, are fifth columns

  5. Attilio lot
    Attilio lot says:

    I should add that these continuous interventions in politics are leading to arouse political reflections on Marian devotion.
    According to her where he wants to parry this article shared by the P Spadaro few hours ago?

    It comes out a policy framework of the worship that is intolerable and dangerous, and I read many comments that supported the membership of right on the part of Mejugorie devotees of Fatima and to oppose the South American black Madonna. madness.
    I wonder what ports on social play with all these ambiguities and risks of these politicism. They think they are better than Salvini in politics? should be careful to do a job that is not their

  6. Raptor84
    Raptor84 says:

    Spur your loved ones and yourself above reconciliation with God.. before doing so,ask the Holy Spirit enlightenment for good and holy confession,back in the churches and eat the living bread from heaven!pray the Rosary so that the Mother intercedes and face mitigate punishments that before long will God through His Son and our Lord Jesus! Ben are pero..perché as soon as possible if you think you provident Oh followers of that crazy demon named Kiko along with all sects in the world and other religions inspired by the Evil,Oh you bishops and cardinals followers of Satan that are destroying the millennial work of Christ and the saints,Oh ye men of science,Atheists charlatans who have raised men for some of their phrases and theories arised from their limited and corrupt brain and also voi..Oh you who pull in the middle of the word homophobia to justify your filthiness with that set of letters… LGBT!scandalizzatori of children! Jesus can still letting the breath of life to this world become Sodom and Gomorrah? A short time and then you just…the judgment! I took dead sea life! Greatest Father Ariel!I pray for her!

  7. Attilio lot
    Attilio lot says:

    Dear Father,
    P Spadaro is also active on Twitter. Last night tweet quoting an article entitled ” The books to read if you really want to speak about her” written by a Wired reporter.
    Since it was a gathering of writers to Michela Murgia, chiedo a Wired : ” Have you ever read the True Devotion to Mary of St. Louis de Montfort? ”

    however Replica P Spadaro : ” I read it as a boy, Yes. But before I read the Gospel which speaks of the Mother of God with a reverence that was recently desecrated for vile interests ”

    to note that “ma” adversative that is not random. In a nutshell he is telling us, okay devotion to Mary but today we have to give new meaning more evangelical.

  8. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Dearest Father Ariel
    to me it would be maybe a tough period of purgatory if this might help to this poor bride of our Lord Jesus Christ, vilified, insulted, even violated.
    We pray that, intercession with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, these sad figures are electrocuted on the road to Damascus and come back penitents in the Church, A saint, Catholic and Apostolic (as hypocritically daily recite the profession of faith, lying consciously lies). For these brothers I hope the conversion and I hope for them that they do not hear the awful sentence:”Via, away from me, cursed, the eternal fire”.
    Thank you from the bottom of the heart of all that is doing and please the Spirit who gives her strength and discernment to continue his holy fighting.
    Brother in Christ

  9. Nicola
    Nicola says:

    Dear father Ariel,
    but knows that criticizing the time the helmsman, although reason why the ship sinks, she gets in big trouble? Because I'm afraid for her, let me give you some advice to save and maybe even derive some benefit from his lack of prudence.
    1)Rome Cardinal Vicar seeks 12 “the imbalance fans” by parish. You face forward, They will take it immediately because there is more deranged than one that is critical of the dictator.
    2)otherwise go to Lesbos, Tell him to be one survivor of Assad and gas, if it can prove to be a Muslim, It will be brought to Rome with a papal air and placed under protection.
    3)It may also decide to go to Libya, paint themselves black, embark for Italy (quiet, The grim Salvini is gone) I come here and declare to be gay and persecuted. The will open the cardinal's career and will be under the highest of the protections. Come, He does not want to have to deal with Coccopalmerio? Come on, Napoleon also endured a Mass! You can always negotiate a neighborhood not too close.
    A mons. Straw would ask: per fare coming out, be served fresco?

  10. The word he fears
    The word he fears says:

    About heroes in Chernobyl underground, we want to quote Cardinal George (Jorge does not) Pell, that jailed by Australian courts (Codest yes useful idiots on behalf of Roman hands) He is not afraid to express your own risk judgment of a Catholic pre-synodal church operations glib.
    And here I ask Don Ariel, as the Cardinal points out the “Working poor” the secretariat of the synod, He would know explain the role that exercises the Undersecretary Mons. fabio fabene, which I think is much more sheltered colleague Bruno Forte ? I ask because my wife knows him as a boy, and I met him again seminarian, and today happens that we meet and greet for Montefiascone, and on the one hand it is pleased that a fellow citizen make career, the other would be interesting to know the price.

  11. Fabrizio Giudici
    Fabrizio Giudici says:

    They think maybe, the useful idiots to Pol Pot orders, to solve the problem baptizing no small army of Muslims who are giving the assault on the poor, old and dying Europe?

    And of course not, because one of the great supporters of the Pana-Masonic synod prides itself on not having baptized natives for about fifty years. Moreover, we learned that proselytizing is a solemn nonsense.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      dear fabio,

      ecclesiastical disciplines, formally, They evolve over time, but the substance remains that.
      First we should note that there are two kinds of excommunications: the bishops' excommunication and papal excommunication.
      Many believe in fact that the excommunication is something that concerns only the Supreme Pontiff and the Holy See, forgetting that every bishop, in his own diocese, pope is.

      So a diocesan bishop may impose excommunication for “the crime of heresy” in his own subject, be it a minister or a lay in sacris.
      The Holy See intervenes directly:

      1. or in particularly serious cases, like those the scope of which involves the whole Catholic Church ;
      2. borne by bishops, because only the Holy See can judge the bishops.

      Faced with a ban imposed by the bishop, it may appeal to the Holy See excommunicated, whereas, before the excommunication imposed by the Holy See, there is no possibility of appeal, because it comes directly or indirectly from the Roman Pontiff.

      The task of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, it is not proper to impose excommunication, but what precisely to oversee the orthodoxy and on orthopraxy. Obviously, if the Holy See decides to impose an excommunication for heresy practice and manifest, in this case relies on the study, and judgment to this Congregation, competent in matters of doctrine and faith.

  12. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Thank you for the courage with which you, Don Ariel, It exposes publicly, calling things by their name, and people with such names they deserve. The fact of seeing priests of solid doctrine and unwavering fidelity to the Gospel speak clearly and strongly about the evils of the Church, and the people who promote them, it is a great comfort to all those Catholics who, like me, often they wonder if they are not sinning of pride, disobedience and righteousness whenever they deem absurd, offensive, blasphemous, or just idiots, the words of certain prelates, at each level of the hierarchy.
    I imagine that it takes the same kind of courage that had once those officers who threw first out of the trenches, pistol, to infuse at least a little’ their courage to the poor soldiers who then, would follow.

  13. Domenico
    Domenico says:

    Some questions and answers:
    1) Who is it “Ecclesiastical most improvident and narcissus” the subject in question? Obvious: Ariel Di Gualdo!!
    2) Who was the main responsible for killing Romero? Pol Pot a Bresnev Paolo II? The second course!
    3) Who looked out the window of Pinochet in Chile? Pol Pot a Bresnev Paolo II? The second course!
    For other more reader comments on an article so acid, foolish and provocative!!

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Criticism of me, I take without problems, because as far as I, on me you can express what he wants.
      As for the rest, I tell her all right:

      she is ignorant classic internetico than jumping from blog to blog, as you drink water of truth the most blatant nonsense put about by the network, then presenting them as sensational truth. Strange that it did not mention in his commentary that … “The Vatican holds the world's largest gold deposit” or that “with vaults of the Vatican bank could overcome hunger in the world”, because in internet rivers is written to that effect (!?).

      And I'll explain why, she is an ignorant resounding:

      1. She knows all the acts of beatification of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero?
      2. He studied the reports of three committees, two of the judiciary of El Salvador and a third carried out by an independent group of US scholars? They investigations lasted years and years and involved groups of scholars of the highest levels.
      3. She knows perfectly, what was then the historical social and political condition of the governments of Latin America and specifically that of Chile? But most of all: you are aware, quell'affaccio with the balcony of the Holy Father John Paul II, how many were the people released from prison who were captive for political crimes? How many they were pardoned by the death sentence already given by the special court of Chile? And finally knows, the extent to which the loosened the vise regime?

      etc …

      I will be acid, but there is one thing but I also recognize my worst enemies and intelligent: I do not talk nonsense, but above all I do not speak without proof tested.

      This is the difference which exists between a “acid” and an ignorant internetico reading some half a sentence on the right and left and then improvised old, political scientist and so to follow.

      … ah, I forgot: Forever with you, comrade!
      The trademark is impossible not to recognize.


      The worst and bloodiest regimes that the Latin American continent has known, They are those of the Marxist-Communist-inspired, those so-called right, however hard, were less devastating compared, but above all they made fewer deaths. They say the most respected historians of the world, including those belonging to the currents of the international left, but in any case in shiny honest and truthful analysis.
      Augusto Pinochet, Comparison of certain Marxist dictators of Latin America, It was a shrinking violet.

      • GM
        GM says:

        Besides the useful idiots are just that. If you wanted to follow a self-destructive line, I just put in the key roles the best demented that I find around, because they believe what they do, because otherwise they would not be credible. The demented gloating, thinking they were elected, and in their “ego delusion”, the dose increased the coverage more and more without realizing that they are just poor manipulated puppets. Tactics. From the final results we will see what was the initial project. It is certain that the above idiots will be idiots and will remain, expendable…

    • The word he fears
      The word he fears says:

      Although lines are wasted, I would point out to Dominic that some time ago the South American Pope came out of a visit to the Ancient respectful and admired Fidel Castro said that he had met with no opposition, because no one had turned up to ask for an audience. He neglected the elementary detail that the regime had imprisoned previously all opponents.

      A Don Ariel say that I applaud the exemplary choice of two idiots extracts from large deck. Just ask me: Idiots absolutely yes, but useful because they never ?

  14. ornella
    ornella says:

    An article commendable to say the least. It's true, We are weak and insecure draw strength from the words of those who challenge the wrath of the enemy. Until there is bestowed the grace of the same courage.

  15. Luigi
    Luigi says:

    The image of the Chernobyl disaster is perfect to describe the current situation of the Church. Every day we learn of some radioactive explosion that makes even more difficult the work of the rescuers of this poor church destroyed by his own workers. What, eg, Straw is making the institute San Giovanni Paolo II is nothing short of shameful, imagining too destructive that this work has been entrusted by the Pol Pot.
    Just today I have read an article / survey on (do not) Faith in the Eucharist of many Americans who consider themselves Catholics (I imagine the same results for the Italian Church). Distressing is nothing short. Let me put the link. Other than talking about ecology migrants and such amenities as I read the baffling interview to’ anticlerical Print:
    For me I just have to arm myself and pray the Rosary.
    Thanks Don Ariel, God the…

  16. fabio
    fabio says:

    dear father ARIEL
    because he speaks of Soviet church and not the false church ?Emmerich of the prophecy was fulfilled,he doesn `t think?and that of LA Salette ?I think yes, she?
    Thank you

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