Author Father Ariel

I ask forgiveness to His Holiness for the “April Fools” offering a reflection on careerism-chameleon



Who hopes to get something never tells the truth, limited only to try to please in every way the boss to get every possible benefit from it. And in the Church today, unfortunately, we have not nor a St. Bernard of Clairvaux or a St. Catherine of Siena that address to the Roman Pontiff so decided, wrapped in love and sacred respect for the August Person of the Holiness of Our Lord; I fear, therefore, that in these times of lean Your Holiness should settle for half scrap like me.


"No one sews a patch of cloth on an old garment; otherwise the new patch tears the old, and a worse tear '

[Gospel of St. Mark 2, 21]

Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

Most Holy Father.

Aware that a "patch" can bring about a "worse tear" [MC 2, 21] humble and sincere I ask pardon for having made his debut on April 1, followed the online magazine The Island of Patmos with a kind of joke known in Europe as "April Fools» [ed. see WHO], the same kind of joke that the lands of origin of Your Holiness is known instead as "jokes dia de los Santos Inocentes» [Jokes of the day of the Holy Innocents], that in Latin America falls 28 December.

Trust also in the smile of S.It is. Mons. Guido Pozzo that by the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei was promoted apostolic nuncio in the Republic of Nauru, because also in his church life will perhaps received or made some "joke as a priest”, starting from the days when he was a student at the old Collegio Capranica, from which came out during the last decades of cordate subjects of jokes to the Church have made several and heavy; many of the bishops donated to the Italian diocese of quest'Almo College under the previous presidency of the CEI. they are in fact clear evidence.

No one can say that I have the hidden feelings of careerism, scourge against which I have often fought and wrote in harsh tones in my books and articles; that whoever seeks within himself to anything is careful not to promote himself as a joke to a bishopric, much is known and recognized that even one who aspires to become pastor of a church in the country would make jokes like that public.

The careerists have not disappeared, they only changed as: under the pontificate of your Supreme Predecessor were all taken into boastful of attention to the sacred liturgy and its major equipment, so much so that at the time the tailors ecclesiastical vestments and factories of artistic did brisk business. Today, however, the same tailor shops and factories crying poverty, because the new style inaugurated by Your Holiness is all based on simplicity and a Franciscan poverty that even St. Francis of Assisi never knew, saw that his brothers were so poor, but their churches were equipped for the glory of God the most beautiful vestments and furnishings more valuable. The glasses crock began to use recently for ostentatious "poverty" those certain Friars Minor who then pushed his Order into bankruptcy by reckless financial speculation with Swiss banks, while joyous singing the praises of Lady Poverty and placed at the same time the Body and Blood of Christ in terracotta pottery decorated with the colors of “peace flag“, which arises, however, in the field of esoteric and occult, as is now well known and often unnecessarily repeated to several priests who insist on putting it on the altar from which time they removed the crucifix from the central, so that the shadow of our Lord should not tarnish the image of the “priest-protagonist“.

I am therefore certain that with the grace of your state and the wisdom of which you are the Supreme Master will be prudent and far-sighted enough to not trust these Camaleonti, perché i carrieristi che oggi parlano di poveri e barboni sono gli stessi che sino a due anni fa spendevano somme esorbitanti di danaro solo per organizzare una sontuosa cena per celebrare il loro anniversario di consacrazione episcopale, in the presence of gotha the old aristocracy and members of the orders of chivalry that during certain festivals worthy of the Renaissance courts shed tears of nostalgia for the old Papal States. But then suddenly there they are found before totally transformed, and just two years after then, Today every opportunity to talk about the poor and homeless at every public occasion propitious.

Perhaps it would be good to inform Your Holiness that there are bishops who in their homilies have now placed into the background the Word of God made man to speak to the faithful of the homeless, showers and barbers that the Roman Pontiff has made available to them. As far as we can tell, however, none of them has made available to the homeless nor its super-penthouse in the city, nor his villa, nor the precious country home that you are prepared with great care and waste of money to be able to withdraw quiet life when they are "retired bishops"; nor does it seem that any of them have made available to the homeless the substantial savings accumulated during the years of his episcopal ministry.

My modest experience teaches me that you should never trust those who passed with such ease from brocades decorated in gold and silver to rags cheesy acrylic Synthetic, because this shows that these clerical change artists are never themselves and then never manifest the genuine sincerity of his being. Those that after your election to Augusta Sacred Throne have placed in the safe pectoral crosses of gold to show up at meetings of bishops or in private audience by the Pope with pectoral crosses iron, or those who appear to poorer still occur directly with pectoral crosses of wood shaped tau francescano, are the living sign of unreliability most false and dangerous, as well as the paradigm of that appalling mediocrity that today stifles the Church of Christ from the lowest to the highest levels.

Those that joke very seriously are a lot more reliable than these transformists, because as we were taught that playful saint of Philip Blacks they truly serve the Church and the Roman Pontiff even to the shedding of blood, while i Camaleonti always betray; and do not just betray the living, betray even the dead.

I wish that during the blessing Urbi et Your Holiness is presented seated on the golden throne with the papal choir dress, after celebrating the Solemnity of Easter in the vestments of the most beautiful historic that abound in the papal basilica of St. Peter, because at that point, those who ride a picture of poverty by marketing media and offering homilies solely based bums, describing our many faithful who no longer know even the basics of the Catechism of the Catholic Church the importance of showers and barbers placed at their service; modernist heretics on the one hand and on the other hand heretics Lefebvrians, would put all of them in total confusion; and we will put them in more confusion, most will take them into the open; most will take them into the open, the better chance we will have to liberate the Holy Church of Christ in these tumor cells scattered in his Corpo Santo as metastasis.

These days, to preserve and to save the Holy Church of Christ we must not bring peace, but a sword [Mt 10, 34], which if necessary can also be a sword of sound and useful Christian irony to expose those who are ready to change very easily flag and to instantly jump on the bandwagon of new winner, in order to remain the same as always, trying to get all that you can be able to get in benefits and ecclesiastical offices even after some radical changes of government. And they, from which Your Holiness is unfortunately surrounded, are the modern incarnation of Judas rebuked Mary had anointed the Lord with a precious nard oil which in the opinion dell'Iscariota could be sold for 300 money to then give it to the poor [GV 12, 5]; are the same after that accompanied the Lord in his triumphal entry into Jerusalem shortly after abandoned him before the danger and fled [Mt 26, 56], while the crowd yesterday, come quella di oggi, chose Barabbas and cried into the judgment hall of Pilate: "Crucify, crucify!» [GV 19, 6].

My heart rejoices before the mercy and tenderness repeatedly invoked by Your Holiness and that makes me confident that together we will be able to receive these benefits even bums us your sons and devoted servants of the Church, rendered unworthy to share the mystery of grace to the ministerial priesthood of Christ, although we priests increasingly deficient both in mercy both tenderness by our Church authorities.

Your Holiness has ever thought — and with you those Your Venerable brother bishops devoted today to the preaching of the new Gospel of bums send these lovable bums to celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice, to give the sacred rites to a sick, to absolve the faithful from their sins, to drive in various ways the people of God on the path of faith in all those regions of the world where the lack of priests is increasing more and more, and where the age of the clergy is always higher? Because we too priests who serve the Church with our lives and at the cost of our lives and that we are often a lot more alone and abandoned the homeless, we need to “showers”, Of “barbers” and various other attentions but nobody gives us.

Who hopes to get something never tells the truth, limited only to try to please in every way the boss to get every possible benefit from it. And in the Church today, unfortunately, we have not nor a St. Bernard of Clairvaux or a St. Catherine of Siena that address to the Roman Pontiff so decided, avvolti d’amore e di sacro rispetto verso l’Augusta Persona della Santità di Nostro Signore; I fear, therefore, that in these times of “lean” Your Holiness should just settle for half scrap like me.

Prostrate at your feet kiss with devout obedience the Fisherman's ring, with eyes illuminated by the gift of grace in faith through which I shall never cease to worship You in the Mystery of the Church built by the Word of God on the rock of Peter.

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, presbyter

From the island of Patmos, 1 April 2015, hours 23.00
Eve of Mass of the Lord's Supper

Pope chrism

In the picture: Pope Francis during the Chrism Mass of 2014

Redeemer, receive song

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9 replies
  1. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Friend.

    The hot should respond: “At the next request for help, tell her parish priest to go asking for money to bums”. But some of the answers do not give much less hot so Moody, therefore, Until next time, tell your pastor: “Given that a demagogue like you doesn't deserve even a penny laundry, but since certain families and children I hold dear, I will help them for what they are worth and not you for what proves unworthy”.

    I would like to say a few words about bums then that today are all the rage, because I've known, While those who live in curie sincerely inviting I don't know …
    Years ago I served in a charming Roman basilica complex within walking distance of the central station of Rome, la stazione Termini.
    The owners of the bars around the area, I can report to anyone without any particular problem how tall was the number of bums whose average daily spending of only alcohol oscillated between 30 ed i 50 Euro per day.
    Myself I can testify to having seen over and over again bums withdraw cash coin Bancomats.
    I met a wandering was carrying two dwarf bunnies, for which acquired pharmacy homeopathic vitamin complexes whose cost was 42 euros for a box from 6 ampoules. He graduated with full marks at the Luiss and with great desperation of parents, entrepreneurs of the Triveneto, they had, inter alia, only this daughter, He had chosen to make the life of barbona. Il padre, who repeatedly tried to convince her to go home and that needlessly went several times to beg her to Rome, He spoke several times with me in tears, and literally to pieces.

    Behind the stories of homeless people and there are also quite a few stories of people who have made this precise choice of life and who come from situations far from poverty and who often have families that keep them behind.

    A paradigmatic case: Philip Odescalchi, the homonymous family of Odescalchi princes and son of Princess Lante della Rovere, still owners of the beautiful castle of Bracciano and the patrician residence of Piazza Santi Apostoli, in the eighties he chose to live as a tramp.

    Every so often you read in some newspaper: “cold wave, a homeless man dies in the arcades“. In any newspaper, however, it was never written this real news dating back to 2011: “Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, Catholic priest, likely to end up stabbed by three tramps near the Termini station for attempting to persuade them to go to the dormitory Caritas, where they could have been washed, refreshment and where they could stay warm in the cold evening”. And find yourself in the dark with three tramps, two of them with a knife in hand, behind the station Termini, I not wish it on anyone, especially to the Holy Father.

    A me, Dear friend, the complexity of the thing is always clear, as it is clear to me that often, Unfortunately, at the base of the poverty of certain families there is the reckless management of money. This, too, should say to the Holy Father: as there are poor people who go to the parish to ask for payment of a light or gas bill, or to ask for basic necessities, but at home they have the technological tools of the latest generation of more sophisticated and expensive, or i just left a few days mobile phones on the market?

    The poverty of the poor Italian – or what purports to be – is not that the poor of slums, and apply certain criteria to the field of subjective knowledge Italian, more than wrong is surreal.

    Once harshly you scolded a young pastor who at the end of the Mass gave the proceeds of the offerings to the gypsies said after the meeting: “And after the Mass we will share the offers with our brothers Gypsies”. It chided him harshly because those gypsies, inside the houses illegally occupied by them in the old town, They had the big TV screens with satellite connection that neither the priest nor I would have never been able to afford, most all the other rest; and in the morning, outside their doors, there were bags full of empty liquor bottles that cost 50/60 l'euro one.

    And I do not go well …

    Whatever, I wish that the demagogic nonsense of some priests and some bishops did not encourage them to do charity in favor of the real needy, including especially the parents of that child that she has tragically lost and for which I assure you of my prayers for his soul.

    • father ariel
      Don Mario Vincenti says:

      Dear brother, a happy Easter Monday and a profitable octave of Easter.
      As always you have identified and publicly slammed face the truth. Unfortunately I fear that the truth is even more worrying … the truth is that you almost feel like you have to do with bishops who do not live (Instead we live as we) in contact with reality, is that, to reality, They have replaced a large advertising company Catholic Church commercials, which it seems at times to go forward with blows of advertising.
      In the parish I had to fight with a group of mothers and catechists, those pious women in other writings (to be understood as referring to lefevriani and Guarini) you indicate how those who would undermine the priest to make them the priestesses, or you teologhesse … cause of litigation: I refused to do the washing of the feet 6 boys and 6 girls saying that the apostles were 12 men, chosen not only for the washing of the feet, but for the priesthood. Obvious reply “But Pope Francis …”, I shut the mouths of all saying that they should take their daughters and bring it to the Rebibbia prison and did do the washing of feet by Pope Francis, because I did not do it to him.
      Of course they threatened me that they would have told the bishop that I was “against the Pope” (!?!)
      To what purpose all this … in which pro, I wonder?
      Perchè poi, in contact with the real, there are some bishops (including that of Rome) but we are there, with all the problems that certain bishops (including at times the one in Rome) They create with their blatant gestures.
      Perhaps because of these words we will pay all … we will pay much, but I hope that this will save the soul.
      Di nuovo. Happy Easter Octave.

  2. father ariel
    Letter Signed says:

    Rev. and dear father.

    First of all,: God bless you and … the protect, always, ne ha bisogno!
    I belong to the category of rich mistreated, and besides being rich Catholic, fan and practitioner.
    Believe me if I say that the masses have become a penalty, just as you say …
    Sermons of Pastor: poor, barboni, poor, barboni, poor …
    Bishop's homily for the feast of the patron saint of the parish: poor, barboni, poor, barboni, …
    The poor in the first place, next to everything and everyone?
    Dad, mi tip, but since, being poor, has become synonymous with goodness and Holiness? Because to me it does not appear that all the poor are good and saints, and I don't even know that they're all Saints ' Shins just because poor, as I understand that not all rich people are selfish, bad, exploiters …
    But the wonder sopratto, How come, We ugly and bad rich, today often treated as such in sermons by priests and bishops, We are then those that must immediately pull out money to just command the Parish has a need, including the needs of the families really poor (Italiane), for the purposes of which, at Christmas, in memory of my son died of sudden illness years ago, I ditched 50.000 euro on the nail to Pastor pauperistic dimension in order to ensure the dignitoste festivities in their children, family?
    E se un giorno, preaching in sermon, scocciassi me?
    The Lord accompany always.

  3. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Stephen.

    In fact, the Holy Father took immediately all media secularists in the world saying in one of his first hearings: “How much would a poor Church for the poor”.
    In my humble opinion here we interdersi just about the concept of “poor” and of “poverty”, because at least according to my personal pastoral experience, the poor poorer that I have known are those belonging to the highest social classes and haves; I have classes missing in Argentina, country where there are people with great wealth and worrying levels of poor, as in Brazil, where the contrast between wealth and poverty rampant particularly in the eyes immediately: from casual worker who runs with a rusty old bicycle to European enriched by magic in Brazil that will move to the city with private helicopter.
    I will never forget a conversation with a Lady of the highest Italian society, a beautiful fifty year old lady that I confessed his sin of envy telling me: “I envy my housekeeper who has a husband who loves her and that after 30 years of marriage comes to pick her up at the end of the job as a boyfriend, but I have a husband that cheats on me with all his young Secretaries, and I have to pretend not to notice, because the purse strings them bag holds him. I envy my home because he has a son working and studying graduated with full marks and not finding a job suitable to his studies he accepted without problem to make a modest job, He has a girlfriend who is faithful and that also you from going to work; my two sons are loafers and practice all existing vices, you are first graduates at expensive private schools where the school-leaving examinations were a farce, then we sent them to graduate in the United States because in Italy would not have been possible to take graduation, and we basically bought their paying college degrees 30/40.000 apiece to academic semester, not to mention their extra expenses. One of the two we had to ricoverarlo in late summer in a Swiss clinic for a cocaine Detox therapy at a cost of equilente 80.000 Euro per 45 days of stay”.
    And crying continued to tell me: “I envy my maid, sometimes even the hate and sometimes the bad stretch to anger, because she had from life everything I had I”.

    How many times I would have liked to ask the Holy Father, Since the Church is the mother of all: those of us who we should deal with this kind of poor; really poor and deeply suffering, belonging to very different “existential suburbs”, much poorer than other kinds of poor in material goods?
    It is the poor who will pass in front of ten thousand euro with designer clothes on, with a gold Cartier Watch from 30.000 and with a Ferrari costing half a million euros. And every time someone of these, now at the height of despair, It stands in front of the death in the heart and life of human failures, affective and moral behind.
    And I can say that they are the poorest of the poor, and they are sons and daughters of the Church; and God only knows how difficult it is to, indeed difficult to, retrieve the grace and salvation.

    As a man and priest of 51 year old, I can tell you that these poor people are the hardest to assist, to help and bring the authentic Christian sentiment. And maybe, precisely this kind of poor, all in all, the Church should be a little’ grateful, why then, When every time someone of them converts, so the Church can open centres for abandoned children or hospitals in developing countries, schools for children from poor families, aged care centers abandoned etc. … often built with the generous donations of these former poor, who in the right mindset of the Holy Father, are those responsible for the poverty of others, as they become wealthier at the expense and to the detriment of the great bands of poor existing today in all corners of the world.

    And who wants to understand understand, always assuming it wants to understand.

    • father ariel
      Stefano says:

      … dad, that I must say? masterly! Explained everything there was to explain, Let me just say that I hope that this reply is read by others as well as me and the readers of the island. Thank you!

  4. father ariel
    Stefano says:

    … It seems to me to understand that she's not quite agree with the idea of “poor Church for the poor”, as the Pope outlined immediately in his early speeches by beginning his pontificate …

  5. father ariel
    Don Paolo Menichetti says:

    Let me explain to you what will happen to a person like his father Ariel, this: one day he will perform the phone, He will answer, and the other side will hear the voice of the Pope who communicates to have it chosen for a certain position, but his father thinks that Ariel is an imitator, and respond with a burst of colorful words sure whether it's a joke.
    Take some time, and then tell me if I was right I.

  6. father ariel
    Varun Bajaj says:

    dearest father, I speak as a parent of 64 year old, father of three sons of 32, 29, 26 year old. If my son speaking to me personally in this way would be first of all deeply moved, then I would say to myself that perhaps together with my wife we did some good educational work. I pray that the Lord will protect these days from “chickens” and last but not “Eagles”, as he wrote in the following article by “apologies” ai lettori, that I don't think we need any excuses.

  7. father ariel
    Giuseppe Phallic says:

    Caro Father, Thank you for this article that perhaps will be indigestible to those too hastily had recruited as project leader of the ultra-theological and pastoral progressivism (as a result of his notes last whacks one way) but that on the contrary, it is pleasing and reassuring to those who believes simply Catholic (without adjectives) e: 1) consider an indispensable value the integrity of the doctrine expressed by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2) considers that attention for the poor, correct itself, must not make us forget that the greatest love for the next it is expressed in the wish their eternal salvation and try to help them in this way because the spiritual good is infinitely more important than tangible property. I wish, Dear father, that you will continue in this pastoral proper balance, no more put anathemas by one part or at least turning them with hardness altrattanta even on the other side.

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