From Scandinavian neo-pagan nihilism that stands as a banner of the eco-gretina the call to faith of an explosive priest from Friuli mountaineer: to me the eyes, please!

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Greta, invested with a mystique from Mother Earth Gaea, as news Priestess is the one who summons the little, the some of contemporary society to a purification mission, pacification and total recapitulation of all that is not green. This reassuring semblance of innocence some however, degenerated into a poverty of ideas and expertise, soteriological creating new paradigms in which the poor - the pauper (spirit?!) - coating the tattered clothes of the very dear to past ideologies Sixty and some left, They are destined to perish miserably.


Ivano Liguori, Ofm. Capp.




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Friulian priest Alberto Zanier

We live in a world where the frankness and parresia seem to appreciate qualities only if you profess, and if you practice within a well-defined socio-political or ecclesial context. It appears that the requirement of the road One way It has also affected the logic and human reasoning or, rather, some human, including ecclesiastical.


Sincerity and honesty in speech or in proclaiming the Gospel is not always seen willingly by some intelligentsia, especially when they go to undermine and erode the false ideological myths and what to some seems pure vanguard for others it is just demagoguery, rhetoric and self-destruction mechanism.


The free thought the young priest Alberto Zanier It is not bound by one-way streets. Pastor of the Val Resia communities in the Udine province, She relies on her church bulletin pastor thought of souls in opposition to the thought of paladina green Greta Thunberg climate. He hin no doubt the advantage of being characterized by an authentic and profound zeal for God and for his people, although his youthful exuberance - that made him compare the findings of the thighs teens to Mass with prosciutto di San Daniele [cf. video, WHO] - you can sometimes find some raised eyebrows among the souls most chaste and puritanical of a Catholicism that has now forgotten the authenticity virtue and merit to call with their name things. Without ever forget that the House of God , where they celebrate the sacred mysteries, demands decorum, therefore, those who enter, It is obliged to enter in the appropriate manner and decent. As he noted by this young priest with clear and incisive example about the ostentation of prosciutto di San Daniele.


Italian, people of saints, navigators, poeti e … satiri!

The text of the parish bulletin clearly she says:


"Saturday Morning 18 May, TG Rai News. A member of the Greens says bluntly that we must do everything to change the fate of the climate because "it's what he wants Greta". Jolt chair. What? A political party takes orders from a girl 16 year old (which also has autism and is used by you and his parents) as if it were only you to save the world? As if she was the champion of humanity. But Greta Thunberg will save the world? I really do not think so. Also because we can not blindly believe in catastrophic climate change. Of course there are more seasons etc.. etc. .., but science tells us that all of this has already happened and that climates change from one decade to another. Era 30 years we had not so cold in May. Yes true, February was very hot but you can not say that we are boiling! The snow is all still in the mountains. In any case it will not be fighting for the weather to save the world, will not be fighting for the environment is not the problem worldwide. It will be Jesus Christ to save the world will faith in him. The Lord Jesus is the Creator of the world and of man: He will save humanity and the world. We should always remember. Everything is in God's hands, and when you want to escape from his hands the outcome can only be disastrous. And that creation is sustained by divine providence, it also highlighted by the Church, eg, with the pious practice Rogation in which he asks God, creator of the world, to save us from the scourges of storm, hail, of the earthquake, etc.. Faced with new diseases of crops, scientists try everything and in every way to solve problems, many times in vain. Try going in Apulia and to ask how long the olive trees suffer from Xylella annoying ... And a beautiful Rogation, No? Or it may be that we should all go to Sweden to take lessons on how to save the environment with the gears, events, conferences, books? It takes prayer, and it takes faith because only Jesus Christ is the Lord of the world " [cf. WHO].


Alberto Zanier warned his parishioners storyteller by the new climate and new environmental think it confuses the creature with the Creator, proposing an antithetical worship and parallel.


Italian, people of saints, navigators, poeti e … satiri! [Page Free, overwhelmed shortly after complaints]

The media image Greta Thunberg, as well as the character of Peter wink legendary showman and salesman impossible brought in by Gigi Proietti scene [cf. WHO], It proposes solutions to environmental problems often trivial in a mode other irrational times: all this in total silence of the true experts in climatology, physical and environmental sciences. This is the point that you can define everything as a real effect Pietro wink.


One must be careful, however,: creating a problem is not the small Greta - fragile creature and suffering from a serious neurological disorder known as autism, as is well known that generates communication gap, narrowness of interests and repetitive behaviors -, but his character and ideology that accompanies it at every turn. At Greta Thunberg, that just lives the autism disorder, It must necessarily be protected, defense and kept their dignity and weakness. In the media mishmash that turns around this child turn out to be - in the hands of a well polished dominant thought - mystical connotations that very well remember the traits of that series of events, between the real and the legendary, known as the Crusade of the Children [please refer to this historical description, WHO]


that gretini first learn consistency since teenagers and they really respect the environment. Everything depicted with a Alfio Krancic cartoon

Greta invested with a mystique from Mother Earth Gaea, as novel priestess is the one who musters small, the boys of contemporary society to a purification mission, pacification and total recapitulation of all that is not green. And this reassuring semblance of innocence boys, however, degenerated into a poverty of ideas and expertise, soteriological creating new paradigms in which the poor - pauperorum (spirit?!) - coating the tattered clothes of the very dear to past ideologies Sixty and some left, they are intended, as in Crusade of the Children, to perish miserably.


Greta, in his admirable environmental activism, very reminiscent of the Hayao Miyazaki thought, animator and director of the long series of cartoons Future Boy Conan [cf. WHO] that has depopulated and delighted a generation of children born in the late seventies and the eighties of the last century. It is worth remembering that in fact the dynamics of ideological indoctrination are modulated through time and take on various channels and contextualization, and what we now define the term of compare, It was once known under another name.


… certain that "should not change the weather but our habits», then, to begin with we take away the people of gretini all the technological tools of last generation, from mobile phones to computers

But back to the good pastor Tree Zanier, that none other than - heard, heard! - the arrogance to declare the superiority of Jesus Christ as Savior of the world and call faith in Him true God and true man. Between the lines of the parish bulletin reads like the great catastrophe resides in refusing knowingly God and experience those pangs of suffering that creation suffers when man, so reckless and arbitrary, disfigures the work of God doing the sin.


At this point he cites the pious practice Rogation which aims to ask God, creator of the world, to remove the scourge of the storm, hail, the earthquake and all the climatic changes that constitute a danger to human life and for his work ….


… and here the rub. First of all because it refers to a liturgical practice of the past that is reminiscent of a traditionalist matrix and then because Alberto Zanier asks impunity to pray and beg God. The Latin verb rogo it means to pray with supplications, dun.


Italian, people of saints, navigators, poeti e … satiri!

So we are really fruit - would say the modern gurus of political correctness -, a priest who points to Jesus Christ and asked to pray with insistence, not proposing student strikes, demonstrations with revelers compare enraptured in Via dei Fori Imperiali and Via del Corso, written with colored chalk and marches multicolor, in short, this seems like a priest today? Of, non no more religion! And then, even dares to talk about Rogation …


… the Rogations - distinct in more and minor - are known to the Church since the fifth and eighth centuries d.C saints and pastors who encouraged this practice intended to entrust the man and the Creation to God that, in his Providence, He exercises the role of guardian and protector of the work he accomplished.


Specifically there are four main purposes for which the Church, across the function consacration, It accomplishes in seasonal times defined the procession of Rogations:


  1. To profess to worship God, recognizing him as Lord, creator and administrator of human life;
  2. Thank God for all the benefits that bestows constantly to man;
  3. Recognition of sin and the sins committed against God with the firm intention to make a journey of conversion and repentance;
  4. Offer to God fervent and constant prayers, it is granted what is necessary and indispensable to sanctification and salvation, the triumph of the Church, for the return of the erring faith, for the conversion of distant and also implore those temporal things that are useful to the life of the body such as health, his blessing above harvests, protection against natural scourges, like lightning, i terremoti, them over, hailstorms, etc..


These four purposes alone - if taken seriously - can convert an entire community, rebalance the priorities of civil society, restore freedom to the man who is still not the author of creation but God's collaborator in charge of his custody.


Italian, people of saints, navigators, poeti e … satiri!

right converrete that little Greta with his yellow rain, her braids and little face all sugar and cinnamon, breaks through the screen of a mountain priest invites the faithful to pray to God. In conclusion, it would be nice to see the leaders the political and religious world stand in awe in front of a humble mountain shepherd who tells them the goodness and generosity of God towards man and creation, as long as you return to put God at the center of every heart, of each family, of all European insurers and repair the wound of original sin that creates suffering and slavery to a creation not exempt from the contagion of guilt [cf. CCC n° 4000]. To heal this wound is necessary for man to cooperate with the grace of Christ and being submerged in his redemptive Passover since the Father never abandons his work in the power of death and sin, but in His mercy reaches out to all who in truth and contrite heart. As God, He is the only good and the author and finisher of all life and gives origin to the universe as a manifestation of a love that extends to all creatures bright [cf. Eucharistic Prayer IV].


This would be the talk that should gladden the hearts of many men, the true green style is that established by our Divine Savior on the cross and Easter Sunday. Would you like to view it? Your Welcome, approach … to me the eyes: please! "This is my body and this is my blood" [cf. Mt 26, 26-28; MC 14, 22-24; LC 22, 19-20; The Cor 11, 23-29] He says the Lord Christ giving us the ineffable grace of the Sacrament of His living presence: "He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day" [GV 6, 54]. And when man turns his back to the mystery of redemption, the Body and Blood of Christ incarnate Lord, dead and risen, the minimum that can arise are the gretine. The problem of going from church, It is not so much desert the Church community and the sacramental life, that in itself is a grave matter; the real and serious problem, It is that the man and the woman "evolved", "Adult" and "free from taboos", out of the Church to enter the study of the fortuneteller, or to applaud Greta symbol, that embodies the new "priesthood" green and the "sacrament" of Mother Earth Gaea.


And remove it the Christianitas in Europa, inevitably revives the oldest and worst paganitas


Cagliari, 1 June 2019





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20 thoughts on "From Scandinavian neo-pagan nihilism that stands as a banner of the eco-gretina the call to faith of an explosive priest from Friuli mountaineer: to me the eyes, please!

    1. Caro Klement,

      is more lenient, if anything even mildly ironic.
      The young girl is a creature who suffers from behavioral disorders related with relationship difficulties, is typical of autistic disorder is the disorder caused by Asperger's Syndrome.

      Parents and those behind them, should avoid its exposition to this way, because by doing so they primarily hurt her, suffering from diseases that lead to having relationship difficulties and relationship, with all that ensues.

      They, They are responsible: parents and those behind them.

  1. Thanks dad Ivano. Fully agree with what you wrote. The dell'ecoligismo problem like many other isms is giving an absolute value to an important aspect, but not of primary importance. Care of Creation makes sense only if it subordinates the salvation of souls. Conversely it is off course.

  2. Father Ariel Caro,

    I think a wonderful initiative to write a catechesis on these issues, I will read with pleasure.
    Last night I had also written a second part of my comment (But maybe that was lost in the process of publishing), in which I said that we should not allow others on the unique ecosystem protection, because it is also our theme.

    Thanks again for the time devoted to this activity!

  3. Let me add a simple scientific consideration:

    The second reason is the usual conspiracy: "It is not true at all, tamperature Average Earth is not increasing, it is all a plot ... ". And proof of that is reached by the fact that in Italy (not in the world), in May, It was cold.

    No, Mrs: the opposition to certain theories is not the case surface. If anything, these arguments appear in the newspapers to support the opposite, every heat wave. quite simply, the theoreticians of anthropogenic global warming have failed to make any serious prediction in recent years: while the CO2 is increased, the temperatures have gone about their business. Everything that is served up by newspapers are models, or assumptions of what might happen, without validation. Over a series of blunt bales, such as polar bears would be endangered.

    If you want to start to read up, It can for example starting from

    1. Fabrizio Many thanks for reporting this site, I did not know.

      I began reading, and already in the first page visited, which speaks of climate changes, referring to +0.85 ° C, which is recorded by the 1998 to date, there is literally wrote:

      “On the + 0.85 ° C trend INSTEAD WE CAN NOT EXCLUDE THE INFLUENCE HUMAN ALL TIED’ GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSION OF MAN-MADE (carbon dioxide, methane, protossido d’azoto) where they overlap natural phenomena such as solar activity. In this sense we mention that among the possible interpretations of Ziskin & Kshviv (2012) which by applying an Energy Balance Model, estimated that 60% the growing trend of the temperatures observed in the twentieth century is man-made and 40% and solar origin. Although science does not proceed as a rule to "majority shots", it should be noted that evaluations of Ziskin & Shaviv are comforted by the fact that the 66% of 1868 researchers working in the field of climatology and interviewed by Verheggen et al. (2014) It expressed the idea that human activities are responsible for more than the 50% the increase in global temperatures recorded since 1950 to date.”

      that statement, the site that she herself pointed out to me with an invitation to BEGIN to document (I am assuming that so far I would not adequately informed, a proof of the attitude that I mentioned in previous comments), It alleges that the rise of CO2 could be a contributing cause of rising temperatures. As I wrote yesterday, there is no evidence that this is the case and the scientific community is not unanimous on this (although most scientists - 2 on 3 - favors this hypothesis), but given what's at stake (the balance of the ecosystem), It would not be appropriate to apply a principle of prudence? What would happen if those 2/3 climatologists were right?

      Mathematical models (I know something, since for work I do the math) They are the basis of the scientific progress of the last century.

      It 'obvious that the "validation" of the model for phenomena that develop over a long time will not be any time soon, and thank goodness! If we were to wait for the validation of the increase drastic temperature would be too late, does not believe?

      1. Two things.

        The first: the site I reported've known him for many years and know some editors. It is a skeptic site, in the sense that believes that no one is able to make predictions in the climate field (so neither those who predict rising temperatures – alto, bass, human and nonhuman – or who provides the opposite). As such, publishes articles of various trends and subjects them to criticism. Do as you did, or take the first article that says what she wants and come here to flaunt not only unserious, but it indicates that it has a poor understanding of how the scientific method.

        The second: read and try to understand what others say. If he had understood my observation “no one is able to make predictions”, would not arise as rhetorical questions “if we were to wait for the validation”… To go to the moon, NASA did not fire
        Random astronauts in space to die until he hit upon the right mission: It proceeded gradually, proving to be able to predict (except for a few incidents) better what happened. I repeat: studies how the scientific method.

        1. I do not know what job she plays, but I am a research mathematician. The answer simplifying the because it makes no sense to compare the expeditions to the Moon and climate forecasts: in the first case the physical system is governed by linear equations, and it is therefore “deterministic”, that is, you can make very accurate predictions also long lived; Instead the atmospheric physics is governed by nonlinear equations, and is therefore a system “chaotic”, very sensitive to even slight variations of the initial conditions. We do not believe, but it is much easier to send satellites into orbit do Accurate weather forecasts 20 days. Not your site to be skeptical, but it is the nature of the evolutionary system that makes it impossible to accurately forecast. Despite this difficulty “intrinsically” of chaotic systems, researchers develop models to predict, without the degree of reliability and accuracy of deterministic systems, realistic scenarios. Check in 2/3 climatologists (experts of Atmospheric Physics, not ordinary people) They believe that CO2 emissions could have caused the increase in temperature, a powder’ does not hurt caution.

          At last, about studio, thanks for the exhortation, but on business I never stopped studying, even after the Ph.D.. Instead, I venture to suggest a popular book published recently, the reading of which is also suitable for non-experts, entitled "Why is it difficult to predict the future" by Luca and Angelo Gammaitoni Vulpiani, two well-known physicists, one of which is a dear friend, in which it is explained well the difference between deterministic and chaotic phenomena.

          I apologize to Father Ariel and the Fathers of the site for "busy" these pages with topics outside the context.


          [N.d.r. Cara Cristina, He does not have to apologize. She is a very welcome guest and even competent, the more she started to speak with one of our first hour of the player which is a much loved and a sensitive, devout Catholic ]

          1. I have a degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate in computer engineering. I too have never stopped studying, otherwise I would be unemployed. However, I believe that the exhibition of academic degrees is totally useless, because what counts are the arguments. I know the difference between linear and chaotic systems: if only because of ClimateMonitor, if not we will just read a random article, It is explained very well. Sometimes then certain qualifications leading to an exaggerated focus on the details and they lose the sense of comparisons. Without going too deep, this is not the appropriate: if one wants to argue that in fifty years the temperature will rise by degrees tot must first prove to make correct predictions over a shorter horizon. If it is not able, go back to the blackboard. If the system is not linear and very complex, worse. Everything could invent a catastrophe to predict the world is a very complex and nonlinear system and anyone, hide behind the excuse of complexity and, giving himself the license of “I salvamondo”, demand certain political decisions. This is not science: it is quackery.

  4. Dear Father Ariel and Father Ivano, thank you very much for your answers. I totally agree with Father Ariel that the responsibility should be sought primarily in the behavior of each of us and not imaginary subjects (“occult powers”, “multinationals”,…); for this reason I would like the theme of the defense of creation will not be underestimated within the Church, but come on, along with all the wealth of the truths of faith, in the formation of small. What I wanted to say in my comment is that in recent times been known for a certain part of the Catholic world (I do not mean in particular the article by Father Ivano) an attitude of annoyance, if not complete aversion on these issues (not only global warming, but also pollution, the huge amount of plastic we are choking the oceans… ), to the point that those who try to focus attention on these issues is mocked, accused of being left-handed, or at least unwise. In some Catholic blogs he mocks even he is careful to make the collection, because there is always “much more” of which…

    1. Dearest Cristina,

      She touches a sore spot for us priests when he says:

      "He who tries to focus attention on these issues is mocked, accused of being left-handed, or at least unwise. In some Catholic blogs he mocks even he is careful to make the collection, because there is always "something else" that…» [his final sentence came monca, but I suppose he wanted to write "to attend to", or something like that].

      One time, making fun of this kind of Catholics to which she alludes – and please understand the terrible tragedy of my statement below – I said: "In some Catholics, for which the concept of moral and evil is only and exclusively related to human sexuality, the only plastics and pollutants and sinful tires are condoms. But Just do not use condoms then, as far as everything else, you can also download tons of plastics and rubbers pollutants into the sea, without sin, as long as you do not throw overboard a used condom, because only that constitutes sin plastic or rubber ».

      If as I think she reads me, I understand and know that sometimes I make use of paradoxes – always and rigor – Also particularly irritating, so irritating is often the truth.

      In Scripture there are some beautiful pages on Creation and on respect for creation. Therefore, the question who were the first real and large ecologists, we could answer with complete peace: the inspired authors of the Bible.

      I promise that as soon as possible to publish an article dedicated to ecology in the scriptures, because you are in this regard of the truly beautiful pages.

      Father Ivano, which is not a “Franciscan accidentally” but it is for deep and authentic vocation and way of life, is particularly sensitive to this issue that is part of his religious culture in which, the concept of creation and of creatures, It occupies a very important place.

      This exchange between her, Father Ivano author of this article and me, He was very fruitful, because from her I took this idea, or rather a catechesis to do:

      1. as the Scriptures invite us, and indeed require us, in all the literature the Old Testament, but also novo testamentary, respect of land, of creation and especially of the same animals;

      2. what was the conception of created, creature, nature and animal world, the spirituality of the Seraphic Father Francis of Assisi.

      then when, as soon as possible, we published these works, we await with great pleasure his comment.

  5. Father Forgive, but I just do not understand all this aversion to the Catholic world toward environmental issues. Why do we despise both those who want to reduce harmful emissions? And’ perhaps this in contrast with the Gospel? They are usually two reasons given:
    – the first is that you have to deal with more important things (the transmission of faith), Thinking variant of the known “benaltrismo”. Why stigmatize or ridicule as they were deficient (the “compare” who cares about the weather variations which also, If you follow this way, could trigger conflicts?
    – The second reason is the usual conspiracy: “It is not true at all, tamperature Average Earth is not increasing, it's all a conspiracy…”. And proof of that is reached by the fact that in Italy (not in the world), in May, It was cold. As if this proves something, besides the great scientific ignorance of who supports it. Ever heard of “media”? And’ the annual average temperature of the planet is increasing and this is independent from any cold local peaks. Most scientists claims that are increasing extreme phenomena ... (such as snow in May). Another indisputable fact is the melting rate of glaciers. Now, it is true that there have also been extensive in the past climatic variations, but scientists claim that now are much faster, suggesting as a cause (but it is not a test) human activity. I concederi least the benefit of the doubt ...
    The other thing that I find very unpleasant is the contempt that permeates any discussion. Why do we use a term so offensive as "gretina" or "gretini"? Frankly, it seems to me not a style befitting of Christians, specially, as you say (but it is not exactly so) towards an autistic girl. I say that's not exactly so because Greta suffers from Asperger Syndrome (called high-functioning autism), a variant "light" autism.

    1. Cara Cristina,

      she misread the article Father Ivano, or she wanted to read only one hand. And mind you that I tell him politely and even with human sincere affection. Obviously the answers Ivano Father who is the author, I introduce myself as a mere commentator, because the issue touches me.

      We - and by we I mean she, self and society in general - with regard to the ecosystem tend to behave and interact as if it was all the fault of others. And these "others" are variously referred to as "occult powers", the "large corporations", the "industry", etc …

      They are guilty of environmental damage and climate disasters, we are the victims and desolate, above all, powerless.
      No, Cristina face, we are not victims but accomplices; and we, these, in all and for all.

      We live surrounded by pollutants for which we can not and will not help. We are those who in a family of three have three cars and two scooters and when we go to take the kids to school in our large cities, We do not hesitate to leave your car parked in the second row, because we can not take two steps, and because you have to get right up to the stairs of the school, oblivious to block traffic or make it uncomfortable. Scenes such that at certain angles of Rome I see every day, including public transport which remain blocked by machines left in the second row in both directions of rotation. After that, the boy, If anything fans compare, in the car already attached to his smathphone, the screen of which is realized with the coltan, that is extracted from the mines of Congo, through the work of two men paid money and even children under ten years, used to reach tunnels in which an adult would not pass. And how many die from work-related accidents, because these mines are deprived of elementary security structures? But the death of underpaid workers and children is still required in order for the Fan compare its latest model has a smathphone.

      In addition to smathphone, the Fan compare, with his father or his mother ecologists and naturists in words, from sneakers to the backpack she has a range of accessories brand products in China, in factories where workers, including children, They are exploited in work schedules also 15 hours a day to produce below cost products for various brands cry that much like our fans compare and such is not meant to do without.

      We could continue with no end appliances, including unnecessary, with warming, with air conditioning which I first ahead of all I could not do without, especially then if there humid heat. To follow with our city bursting with cars and scooters that to overcome the row they throw themselves on the wrong, the series: "Or you move, or you stop, or I will come on him ". I'll tell you that several times I had the temptation not to brake, to take the scooter He threw me against traffic on him, then ask him then all the related compensation due to me for the damage to my car caused by his reckless driving, but I always gave up and braked, for now …

      O said theologically: us and only us, we are responsible. There is no political or financial hidden enemy of which we are victims. We are victims of ourselves. Or to put it in theological language: if the climate situation is as you say - and perhaps it is definitely well - in front of all of us, far from being innocent souls, in front of the created exactly are we guilty as were Adam and Eve committing the original sin.

      But, as you will recall, The two tried to justify himself by blaming the Snake, in practice the symbol of the ancient “hidden power”, of “large multinational” era ...

      And how do you see, between then and now, nothing has changed, so much that we needed a teenager with Asperger's syndrome that we remembered him, that is the fault of the snake.

      VA’ I know da: nobody joked about girl, but at the moment when the girl was turned into a symbol, in a flag, It can also make fun with all due politeness on the symbol. Unless, the irony, It is granted only on religious symbols most dear to the Catholic world, to which we do not use gentle irony but irreverent spirit-insulting, from “Madonna crying sperm“, a “Madonna with menstruation“, to follow with crucifix immersed in a glass box filled with urine and exposed at an exhibition “Auctions”.
      In that case, judges and courts, answer that is a free expression of the legitimate exercise of freedom of thought, of opinion and even art. If it does not joked about Greta Thumbel, but the symbol Greta – and I repeat gracefully -, in that case yes, you scream sacrilege, because – poor creature – He suffers from Asperger's syndrome.

      And Christ put to soak into the piss, on the cross, what he suffered, for the redemption from our sins? It does not even deserve the respect due to a little girl exploited in the way it has exploited the young Greta?

      Let us not fall into these traps, at least we Catholics.

      1. Dearest Cristina Marcelli,

        his father's response Ariel S. Levi Gualdo, director of this magazine, Now I add my, in reference to his pleasing comments above Article.

        Some right premises: my answer will be given in reference to my article published in this magazine and the genesis that produced my reflection by on the theme of Creation and accidentally on the character of Greta Thunberg; the answer will be given as a priest, therefore, I do not arrogated skills and knowledge that I do not have but I will stick to theological science and the teaching of the Church bimillennium; rispenderò point by point to its stress looking, as far as possible, to be as comprehensive as possible.

        She says:

        "I just do not understand all this aversion to the Catholic world toward environmental issues. Why do we despise both those who want to reduce harmful emissions? And 'maybe this is contrary to the Gospel?»

        I reply that the issue of the environment is a part of that great reality which is known under the name of protection of Creation. This is not contrary to the Gospel or divine revelation, rather it is a theological theme. The Created in itself includes the environment and for a Christian this discussion refers primarily to the reality of God as creator and provider of everything. Augustine says:

        "Nothing exists that does not owe its existence to God the Creator. The world began when he was out of nothing by God's Word; all existing beings, all nature, all human history are rooted in this primordial event: is the genesis of the world was constituted and time " [Cf Sant'Agostino, On Genesis Manich, 1, 2, 4: PL 35, 175].

        When it comes to safeguarding creation in the Catholic Church we recognize the reference to the One who created all things. Pope Benedict XVI on this issue cites the figure of St. Francis of Assisi who recognizes the presence of God in creation, much to praise and thank him at all times. The Pope says:

        "The Canticle of Brother Sun or the creatures have a happy parallel in Psalm 19 - The heavens declare the glory of God, the work of his hands announces the firmament - Brother Francis, faithful to Sacred Scripture, It invites us to recognize in nature a wonderful book, that speaks to us of God, its beauty and goodness ".

        The Holy Fathers and Doctors of the Church saw in Creation, nature and environment proof of the existence of God and a testimony of his action. For this reason, I say without fear of contradiction that the Catholic Church when it argues on these issues does not manifest it in veiled, It manifest a loose aversion but rather leads back all the unity of the faith in the triune God the Creator and Lord of all things.

        The genesis of my article originates from the parish bulletin of the young Friulian priest Don Alberto Zanier. I emphasize with pleasure the zeal of this pastor who intends to carry unity of the faith his parishioners from theological issues that are often trivialized or adulterated by conflicting thoughts stray from the faith and revelation. I'll explain: if the man's behavior towards the environment is so unfortunate as to entail negative consequences - for example the atomic contamination as a result of nuclear tests - which can not be solved for a Christian by simply accepting that man is a scoundrel and ruined the house in which he lives, but it is a consequence of a shame - as the responsibility and absolutizing human intelligence and mortifying the gifts he has explained well the father Ariel in the previous comment - clouded received from God the Creator. In addition to, before the sin is always good to indicate the hope arising from the grace of Christ. Divine providence, declines in the today starting from the action of Christ and his Spirit working in men who believe in him and who are called to be caretakers and healers - with responsible and mature attitudes - of Creation.

        Then so be it pastoral work of Don Alberto if it serves to bring the faithful to an environmentalist discourse, however, it originates from a mature and responsible faith.

        As I said before, I am not an expert on climate issues, However, on the web it is easy to find expert testimony on climate, ambient, physical and earth sciences that can explain better than Greta real problems and solutions about.

        As for the character Greta Thunberg, just a misguided person can believe that this dear little girl has managed alone - with his face clean and without a task force ideological - to realize what he has done without the consent and connivance of certain government bodies. This is not conspiracy or do you follow just complottismi only know how to put two and two.

        I can guarantee that by working in the parish and in the hospital I could hear from the mouth of babes, especially sick way, true pearls of maturity and wisdom that originate from a non-contaminated heart and still close to God. Unfortunately, these children, at Greta difference, They were not invited to speak before the parliaments to sensitize public opinion about cancer, on fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis or the beauty of having a father and a mother who pour over them the boundless love and I decided to take care of them instead of against abortion in the time established by law.

        The Greta Thunberg is, unwillingly, the flag of an anesthetized world, as the sloth by Dante, He is forced to chase a banner prodded by lashes of the dominant culture. Unfortunately, illness and disability can be used for political and ideological purposes, with the result of having a sick series, b or c.

        So I ask: It can accommodate a Christian and corroborate with his activism a depressing logic of this kind? I agree with her when granting the benefit of the doubt but as philosophers know well, the suspension of the doubt leads nowhere except to sterile still images that make us mulling over ideas with the risk of never come to a conclusion.
        I quote his statement that I was very surprised:

        "The other thing that I find very unpleasant is the contempt that permeates any discussion. Why do we use a term so offensive as "gretina" or "gretini"?».

        dear reader, if our little Greta had called Brigida, probably the journalistic and media world have coined the term "brigidini" referring to those who identified themselves with the ideas of this young girl.

        Then, if the Libero newspaper ran the headline on the front page: "Bergoglio Vatican: "Some compare avanti», with the intention of playing on the similarity of the film comedy 1982 directed by Luciano Salce and starring Lino Banfi … well that perhaps we can not know, We should ask Victor Felts.

        Of course I can agree with you that it easily expires in bad taste, in reference to a sick girl, but when it becomes public figures fierce satire and criticism are part of the game. So in summary: in my article the term "gretina" or "gretini" only identifies the group of activists inspired by the Thunberg, exactly how I used the terms "Brigittine" or "brigidini" if it were called Brigida.

        If anyone were to think otherwise, This connote bad faith.

        I hope to be exhaustive and wish her every good bless you with all my heart.

  6. This article by Father Ivano touches of the themes that are terrible nerves, and how much, what true!
    Our teenagers do not believe in the basic mysteries of faith, and many deride them, But they believe the Ouija board [N.d.R. WHO].
    Parents who send their children to catechism for First Communion and Confirmation, because then in May they will have a traditional family celebration, They are often the first to make the irony children about what they have learned from catechists, because they do not believe in the resurrection of Christ, But they believe in karma, the psycho-spiritual benefits of yoga, the fortune teller, etc.…
    Relevant and guessed the parallel between the small Gretina and Children's Crusade.
    Thanks dad Ivano.

    1. A fraternal greeting to Don Alberto I share all content, Ivano thank Father for his always interesting articles and a source of inspiration and profound reflections.

      I can only add a, but only one thing among many, because our dear Capuchin Father speaks, against the other, the rogation.
      When years ago I suggested I, during a period of great heat and drought: before, I was mocked by various priests, and then (as rightly say Father Ariel) I was "taken for a ride" by those faithful known as "adult Christians", "Mature Christians", "Christians evolved in the faith"…

      I must say that, days later, Bishop, during a meeting, He heard about this manifested his displeasure and, patting him on the shoulder, He said ... "unfortunately, when one no longer believes, you know that you always end up believing in everything ".

      Later I learned, by one of the interested parties, that a small group of farmers had called directly from Austria a famous psychic ...

      Already: "Unfortunately, when one no longer believes, you know that you always end up believing in everything ".

    2. Dear Reverend Father Ivano,

      read article comments I have shuddered at the word "Ouija board" referred to by Don Alberto.
      You do say a father Ariel (some who practiced exorcisms) What happened to my nephew (time 19 year old), to have used this instrument since he was 17, and what we have suffered, in our family.
      It was a terrible time.
      Why Is That, Padre Ariel, He does not write an article on this subject?
      He has faithful reader by the Sicilian 2015
      Letter signed

      1. Dear Reader,

        It is above all a pleasure to hear it again, when in the course of the summer I will go from its parts, I am certain that like last year and previous years will not fail to visit her.

        I answer on the part of Father Ivano page because the question came to me. Looking then briefly summarize a bit 'what she has it, stating that the case to which she refers is not new but dates back to the summer of 2014.

        First, a necessary prerequisite canonical discourse about exorcism ...
        ... but unfortunately we pox from "lay praticoni" who engage in strange "liberators" rites and so to follow, We instead we Ministers in sacris, we must have to practice exorcisms – rightly! – license and mandate from the bishop. This license and sent, to me, Bishop, I gave in May 2010.

        The license and the mandate received from me is then bound to specific canonical status: the right to be able to practice exorcisms in the diocese of belonging without any authorization from the Diocesan Ordinary; but the possibility of being able to practice elsewhere, only with the authorization request and given by the local bishop.

        In time you you turned to Father Gabriele Amorth, of blessed memory, which at the time I had as a trainer when I attended in Rome in the training courses for exorcists in 2009.
        when in 2014 Father presentaste to your case, he was already well advanced with age and knowing, so knowing that I had the opportunity to attend your areas, He got in touch with you, also because, nephew in question, He could not be brought to him in Rome.

        I introduced myself then from your Bishop in July 2014 during my stay in Sicily, I explained that I was put in touch with you by this distinguished and senior exorcist and asked permission to be able to visit. And with that I note: I did not ask the bishop for permission to exercise any ministry, I asked their permission to be able to visit your family, because if he had not allowed me, I would not have made you even visit. Having received authorization to do so riservai me to report to Bishop, after meeting with you, what in my opinion had emerged.

        This is the proper act of a priest, very different from that of certain "lay praticoni", type, for example, certain charismatic, capable from Genoa - Genoa say for example - to go do what they want and how they want the best in Catania - Catania always say for example - .

        The boy - I reported shortly after the bishop - had all the characteristics of the so-called wearing. Explain to our readers: the wearing, which it is not the extreme case of possession – they are not rare cases, but really rare – It is a sort of siege to the person who can be external or internal. When it happens to occur outside movements of objects, there are unexplained noises, or unpleasant odors that may not come from any source present, type sewers, Wet-speed etc. walls.. When it is internal, the person has vision changes, can have visions, see or hear what others do not see and hear.

        First I asked, before any my speech, a thorough psych consult. The young man was visited twice by an eminent psychiatrist and then a neurologist effected in the course of two days all clinical diagnostic examinations of the case with the latest equipment. The one and the other certificarono that the patient was not suffering from any neuropathology.

        Having established and reported everything to the local bishop, these authorized me to exercise my ministry. If instead it was a priest instead of a lay charismatic filled with all the special gifts of the Holy Spirit, I did what I wanted and how I wanted, because, as they say these unwise and dangerous subjects: "Who has the Spirit, It has everything”. Therefore, Authority Ecclesiastica, It is irrelevant, for those who have the Holy Spirit in your pocket. It is, however, for them, but not for me.

        The bishop asked me just to be forewarned, even with a simple telephone communication, in case I had to celebrate the greatest exorcism sacramental, but I answered immediately, saying it was not necessary and that there was no need to have recourse.

        Usai minor exorcisms and preci leonine and for many days, making use of the prayer for the living contained in the Roman Canon celebrated the Holy Mass for the boy, inviting family members to pray for him, individually, the rosary every day and the reduced form of the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, that up to 1964 We recited at the end of the Mass.

        In addition to the speech of the table ouija - which it was one of several elements - the young man had joined in a round of spiritualists and occultists; nothing to do with Satanism, it was only people who were practicing spiritualist and psychic arts. During these various meetings, I assume that an evil entity was attached to the young, perhaps because, between all these participants, he was the weakest and basically as good of mood and feelings.

        I will follow your suggestion, dear Reader, and the sooner I will write an article on the subject, overcoming my spirit reluctant to deal with certain issues, usually treated in several sites and blogs so improvident, sensationalized and therefore harmful, in order to trigger curiosity and morbid itching in people. Or, as it used to do one of semispecie Novella2000 "Catholic" by Aleteia, every time they mention their visitors to drop, here they are pulling out devils, exorcists and so, because they know it all just itching and generates large morbid curiosities.

        But I belong to another class and school, I hope you understand.

        Greetings to his nephew, that soon I will have to say goodbye again myself over the summer.

  7. Beautiful article Father Ivano.

    Thank you very much, because I will use it soon in my parish catechesis, Obviously I do not “approprierò” content, but I will use them citing the Fathers of Patmos Island.

    In union of prayer

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