Author Father Ariel

Christ doesn't take ruffians and courtiers, in fact there calls “servos” ma “Amici”


Once the message of the Church was the Salvation, Today his message became a better specified not poverty that has both the taste of the Evangelical and ideological, to the extent that, to access the episcopate and cardinalate purple, seems to be required as non-negotiable requirements being come and gone from the Rom, or have attended landings of refugees or of too many alleged such in Lampedusa. Saint John Paul II, which was the best of the worst of the Communist ideology directly on your skin, at the beginning of his pontificate did not say: «Open the doors to the poor of existential suburbs », He invited the world to 'Open the doors to Christ and his saving power ». And who canonized, in doing so he just presented and proposed as heroic virtue model to be pursued, not as a “Santino” from popular iconography.



Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

«More call you Not servants, because the servant does not know what his master; but I have friends called, because everything I've heard from Father l ’ I have made known to you»

[The Gospel of St. John 15,15]

On April 1, I made a so-called "fish" [see WHO] It then immediately indicated as such rettificai through an article written in the form of "Supplication to the Supreme Pontiff” [see WHO], that of courseApril Fool remained unanswered. Forse perché il Santo Padre sembra preferire di telefonare ad una celebre accolita di Lucifero, Mrs. Emma Bonino, that along with that famous possessed by Marco Pannella have imposed by referendum the abortion law with please of voters and Governments of the worst baciapile Christian Democrats? Abortion today celebrated by these two antichrists as "diritto civile"And"social conquest”. Afterwards, the duo Pannella&Bonino, He fought in favor of all the worst aberrations: from genetic manipulation to euthanasia, from the culture by Victo NGAI gender. And while my words did the rounds of the Roman Curia and many prelates, in their notorious cowardice, You fregavano your hands or m ’ sent private messages saying: "Thank goodness that you say what we cannot say», the Holy Father, far from inviting the affected satanassa Bonino in old age by a tumor to convert, preparing so through public repentance and Penance to his big meeting with death, that is the judgment of God, with nothing to sigh about all this urged instead to … «keep hard» (!?) [see WHO, WHO, WHO, etc. ..].

Francesco in the chair 2

The Holy Father Francis, the Chair of the Bishop of Rome

A Roman Pontiff will always be the object of my obedience, It is a fact not disputed by me written and explained in numerous articles. Even before an Alexander VI, even before John XII Revenant I shall see and therefore always venererò any successor of the Prince of the Apostles, the mystery of the church built by Christ on Peter. As indeed the Holy Bishop and doctor of the Church Ambrose: Ubi Petrus, Church was there [Expositio in Ps., XL, § 30].

bonino abortion

Famous photos of Emma Bonino who practiced abortions with a bicycle pump. Ever repenting of its past, followed in his mind to call the ’ abortion “great social conquest”.

This does not detract from the fact that the Holy Father, in his private functions the following penalty then from newspapers and from television stations around the world in a more or less fixed, more or less instrumental, ends up being sometimes embarrassing, but not for what he said – or rather often unspoken – but for what mass media eventually let him say what in truth never said. As indeed I have repeatedly written: In "The Church"field hospital”, to cope with the wounded who come to the emergency room; often wounded also by certain ambiguous words and gestures, We us priests, that today, as never before, had been ill-treated and, where appropriate, rebuked by a Roman Pontiff that considers appropriate to encourage two children but of the Antichrist as Marco Pannella [see WHO, WHO, etc. ..] ed Emma Bonino, to which each of us, by the successor of Peter to the last priest of’Catholic world, It can mean only one thing, If anything even to raise supplice kneeling in front of them with tears in his eyes: “Ti prego, converted and believe in the Gospel, otherwise the judgment of God upon you will be very strict, because with your evil works you have created all the conditions for a certain eternal punishment, much you despised the laws of God and the mystery of the gift of life!”.


the fruits of “social conquest” carried forward from his youth until now never repenting from Emma Bonino who should … “sit tight”

Preaching in the desert sands, using my words but in essence making use of certain content expressed other Pontiffs from Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and Saint Catherine of Siena, in a step that I turned to the Holy Father with these words:

[…] We should not ever trust anyone who goes through that confidence by Brocade decorated in gold and silver to a dime a dozen with acrylic rags, because this shows that these transformers are never clerical themselves, then do not exhibit the genuine sincerity of selfhood. Those that after your election to Augusta Sacred Throne have placed in the safe pectoral crosses of gold to show up at meetings of bishops or in private audience by the Pope with pectoral crosses iron, or those who appear to poorer still occur directly with pectoral crosses of wood shaped tau francescano, are the living sign of unreliability most false and dangerous, as well as the paradigm of that appalling mediocrity that today stifles the Church of Christ from the lowest to the highest levels [see WHO].

logo roma seven

the ’ information organ of the Diocese of Rome

I do not watch television, If not very often; I am well aware, however, that there are several comedic programs that help the audience to laugh at a time in which there would be plenty to cry, Suffice it to say that Europe is social and political collapse, with the cutthroats who are breaking through its doors and many old churches of Northern Europe and France ’ now depopulated and to this date in Muslims use to make of mosques. In any case, boutade the most hilarious comedy can be found these days in serious and official messages sent by certain offices and church institutions. Let me point out in this regard an article on, the information on-line of the Diocese of Rome ’, that please read and then answer this question: Roberto Benigni and Maurizio Crozza, at the height of their "delusions" of comedy, We would never get to these new levels by clerical spot Advertiser National-popular?

Paul Schiavon

S. AND. Mons. Paul Schiavon, Auxiliary Bishop of Rome who resigned from the post of ’ 75 years of age

But we did object of this my comment: at the end of 75 years of age s ’ has resigned from the Office of auxiliary bishop of Rome and. Mons. Paul Schiavon, replaced by a fifty, Augusto Paulo Lojudice, priest of the Roman presbytery. I don't know this confrere who in a few days will receive the gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit through episcopal consecration and I want to say without equivocation that penalty will be pious and worthy person to receive the fullness of the Apostolic priesthood and cover so that the Office was entrusted. It is no coincidence this Roman priest – to whom I wish every best and for which I invoke every grace of the Lord – made me laugh, But what was written by the information officer of the Vicariate of Rome with repeated calls to Cardinal Agostino Vallini:

«Peculiar attention to the poor, underlined by Cardinal Vallini, who recalled the visits to some Roma camps in which don Lojudice has accompanied over the years: a reality of "frontier" that the bishop-elect had chosen to follow a few years ago along with a group of students of the Roman major Seminary, where was spiritual father by 2005 al 2014. A sign of recognition of Pope Francesco “for a commitment to charity – diocese said Cardinal – carried out by Caritas, Parish, dalle associazioni” » [See text WHO].


New style – Cardinal Francesco Montenegro, Archbishop of Agrigento, and the new Episcopal greeting: the catalinho_cv9 raised

Before these claims is clear that the Vicar General of his Holiness, today leading discoverer of poor and remained thunderstruck by them over the past two years along the path of clerical rather than conformism along the road to Damascus, lives and has its own Office in a Palace – the Lateran, which is no doubt the poor emblem for the poor dreamed by the Holy Father from the very beginning of his pontificate. Just go into that building and log on if anything in private apartments of certain prelates, or go and look in the folders of the Treasurer's Office spending big bucks for the renovation of several of them. Just so, Why just certain monsignorotti took possession of the accommodation to their assigned, of practice and discipline were to do everything from top to bottom.


New style – “the ocelots” e il Cardinale Montenegro. Bourbon Princes until yesterday, These were until a few years ago the Sicilian bishops, now changed to “boys” in the mood for making jokes National popular

The current Vicar General of his Holiness for the Diocese of Rome He is remembered by many of my fellow brothers, priests for over two decades, living with terror, When they rimembrano the days when it was their Rector at the Seminary of Naples. Elected then Auxiliary Bishop of that city, apparently not spent his days as pious Pilgrim among the "existential suburbs " – that in Naples there is no lack of – or serve meals in canteens for the poor, or visit the slums or Roma camps. In the ancient and noble Partenope no memory of facts like that. Nor does it appear that this Auxiliary Bishop Pai has ever fallen in piazza to snatch the young manpower to those sons of the demon of the Camorra, which govern for decades that splendid city, not only illegal in State legal status, but as higher power at the same legal power the State.


New style from the “Poor Church for the poor”, Cardinal Montenegro with a pectoral cross of wood

Elected Bishop of Albano, mostly dotted diocese in exclusive areas of the Castelli Romani, None of the many priests who celebrated a day that was intended for other Office recalls that he had never seen the villas of the Castelli Romani with an old Fiat-Panda of the early 1980s, coi sedili posteriori tirati giù per far spazio alle buste della spesa da portare agli imprenditori od ai professionisti con le parcelle a sei zeri che si trovavano ad attraversare dei momenti di difficoltà, al punto da essere costretti a risparmiare sui costi di manutenzione delle loro piscine; to the extent that the Caritas diocesana wondered whether it was appropriate to send volunteers to cut the grass of their golf courses.


New style from the “Poor Church for the poor”. Cardinal Montenegro with another model of pectoral cross of wood

Poi fu nominato Presidente del Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica, located in a large and splendid palace whose spaces, What we know, were never changed to dormitories or housing for the homeless of Urbe Quirite, or Welcome Center for those who attack you now Roms like flies in the nearby Via della Conciliazione, profanities and blasphemies pulling you back if not by money.

Finally he was appointed vicar general of his Holiness for the Diocese of Rome, with residence in the Palace of the Lateran, where it does not appear that the Roma rise and fall along the solemn Sadler, also because at the entrance, by Convention with the Ministry of the Interior, was placed to a security police. Nobody is that cops have received disposal by ecclesiastical authority to indicate the Gypsies and the corridor plan in which is located the Office of Cardinal Vallini, at which send children the morning do not go to school to ask directly to him begging, because that – alms – the demand so annoying to Italian citizens who at the entrance of their houses or on their journeys are not protected against policemen and saucy sometimes even dangerous stalkers.

If the poor – and especially to certain Rom svelte hands – is not allowed access to the solemn Lateran Palace also enjoys a special legal regime applicable to extraterritoriality under international conventions, on the other hand was allowed them to develop, under this papacy "poor to the poor", a real racket alms throughout Via Merulana, from San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore, why s ’ was seen before. And the Panhandlers – which again are part of a real racket managed by crime – are all de rigueur placed to sow harassment on the territory of the Italian Republic, of which I am proud to be me priest citizen and they are happy to pay taxes, contrary to certain prelates, ivi incluso il Cardinale Vallini, who can benefit from a police station in charge of monitoring the entrance to his residence and Palace that has the Holy See passport which has also a blue car with diplomatic license plate.


New style from the “Poor Church for the poor”. Another model even wooden pectoral cross of Cardinal Montenegro

It is true that the donkey is tied to the pole where he wants the master, as the old proverb says; but the Evangelical maxim is quite different from certain sayings of popular wisdom, because the Lord has called us serfs, because the servant does not know what his master [GV, 15,15]. It's no coincidence the Lord has called us friends, because he wants our faithful friendship, IE our Christian way, Christological or better, He doesn't want our labor ruffianesimo, less than ever it takes courtiers computers, ready to jump on the bandwagon of new master, or how any of winner, the face of Christ and all his saints.


New style from the “Poor Church for the poor”, yet another pectoral cross of rich wood joinery collection of Cardinal Montenegro

La verità è che in questa Chiesa ridotta spesso a un teatrino made of spot for advertising effect, We find ourselves faced with authentic walking dead on two legs without knowing d ’ be dead. There remains therefore remain cautious and vigilant on deck, While doing everything in our power to do pastoral work to save souls, While waiting for the current drag via these corpses. Because pace of lackeys, of ruffians and complacent courtiers of all time, Christ our God always knows when and how to change the program through the work of the Holy Spirit on his Church. And maybe, the Holy Father Francis, for grace and mysterious God's projects might just be the key useful to reduce the slow agony of our agony, letting us make the big collapse in a short time, so that we can then begin soon to rebuild from scratch over the rubble. And of this, one day, We should be grateful to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Father Francis for being his faithful and effective instrument of grace for the Church of Christ and the people entrusted to it by the Lord.

Open the doors to Christ

… is in Christ, We must open the doors, to him and especially his Savior power. This is something for which we must “sit tight”, until his return at the end of time.

I think deserve mention "last but not least for the fact that the Church recently wanted to proclaim Holy and heroic virtue" model that Saint John Paul II, which was the best of the worst of the proletarian-Communist dictatorship directly on your skin, at the beginning of his pontificate did not say: «Open the doors to the poor of existential suburbs», He invited the world to "Open the doors to Christ and his saving power». Exactly this, He said that John Paul II offered today as viable and feasible model of heroic virtue. And who canonized, in doing so he just presented and proposed as heroic virtue model to be pursued, not as a “Santino” from popular iconography.

We are now beyond the so-called fruit, We are over the same digestive tract. Now we need a powerful laxative, If not a real gastric lavage, to free as soon as the ’ of our poor gut but still Holy Church, that despite the dire poor fools works − which have always been by far the worst of heretical works smart – will always remain spotless bride of Christ until his return at the end of time. This is our faith, This is our hope Christological: «Le porte degli inferi non prevarranno contro di essa» [Mt 13, 16-20]. And we will not cease to open wide the doors to Christ and his saving power. the poverolatrie that Castro only mundane conformism and servile opportunism the leave willingly to clerical hacks, including those Cardinals who have suddenly discovered d ’ as a tool for understanding and as a means of measuring the Roma Supreme, instead of the real value of a ’ Gospel more and more unknown and unheard by the men of this world; including those Cardinals with crosses hanging on wooden chest. I am afraid that these people run the serious risk of increasingly represent itself and its human and from actual dissociations pastorale, instead of the authentic and unique ’ Church of Christ treats us as friends, No servos; It takes announcers of salvation and true tools for fulfillment of his plans of redemption, because this is the mission that Christ entrusted to his church built on Peter.


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  1. Beppe1944 says:

    and I don't think the Holy Father Francis telefonerebbe to if deemed a Bonino acolyte of Lucifer (that happened a tumor), nor telefonerebbe to Pannella if deem a demoniac… the send an Exorcist…

    my language-stage fan? ho ho 70 years and have never been in a stadium… I spoke quietly… We can also close here.

  2. Beppe1944 says:

    The question that she poses is as follows:
    “[…] two characters who call abortion "civil law" and "social conquest", who fought and are fighting for the "right" to euthanasia, the worst experiments in genetics, that promote homosexualism and of gender culture, She – like his say at his home and, as they say, always with his language, How to call them? Ariel's father called them "possessed" (Pannella) and "acolyte of Lucifer" (Bonino)”.

    As I call them Pannella and Bonino? exactly how he called them Pope Francis when he phoned them… I am sure you are not looking at the Ball as “acolyte of Lucifer”, nor to Pannella as “indemoniato”, How does father Ariel… but I suppose, respectively, sorella e fratello in Cristo… So I call them.

      • Beppe1944 says:

        I prefer the language of Francis (It certainly did not turned to Pannella as “indemoniato”, neither addressed the Ball title gratificandola “acolyte of Lucifer”) to father Ariel…

        • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
          Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

          To us, sincerely, no interest with which “language” you are agree more, We are interested that she just does not want to respond: abortion, in your opinion, is or is not a serious crime against life which as such “cries for vengeance before God”? And those who practice it, is with God or Satan?
          This is the basic problem that Ariel's father raised, While she followed undaunted to play on words before a clear problem: abortion, chi lo pratica, who promotes it and who defines it “diritto civile” and even worse “social conquest“, in your opinion how should be defined?
          Another question that we: When she renews the baptismal promises, hereby renounce Satan, or, calls also “Dear brother in Christ“?
          You can choose the language you want, but those are the questions above, alle quali, for now, She replied only with expressions by fan from Stade, not by who knows the Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church, If you are Catholic.

          • Beppe1944 says:

            as Papa Francesco I don't call those who consider abortion a “diritto civile” or one “social conquest” a possessed or an acolyte of Satan, but I turn to them as “brothers in Christ”… lo ribadisco… I personally don't do abortion (better: praticherei not if abortion were a woman)

  3. Beppe1944 says:

    does not approve – mi pare di capire – the Pope calls the demoniac Pannella and Bonino acolyte of Lucifer … but the Pope called them personally… the current Pontiff is using to call Lucifer and to wish the possessed? Can be… But if you think that you can not say that you have the current pontiff in Nice… or are engaging those who entertain loving conversations with demons and welcomed by the devil? I think not, and so I do not have sympathy for either Francis Pope…
    I understand from his article that Pannella and Bonino deserve the appellation of possessed the first acolyte of Lucifer and the second because gay rights activists, for her the utmost wickedness,, that makes two of “antichrists”… yet Francis Pope comes out with this type expressions:a Pope who says: "If a person is gay and seeking the Lord and goodwill, who am I to judge him?” … It doesn't seem that for the Pope, homosexuality is the utmost wickedness,, and anyone who defends the rights is not just an Antichrist…
    These reflections are suggested by His…

  4. Beppe1944 says:

    “the Holy Father, far from inviting the affected satanassa Bonino in old age by a tumor to convert, preparing so through public repentance and Penance to his big meeting with death, that is the judgment of God, with nothing to sigh about all this urged instead to ... hold on”

    in conclusion, Sorry, it seems to me that the Holy Father has urged the satanassa to hold, and the demoniac wishes did… L’ha scritto Lei, to?

    and gods “abusive vendors mats” and "rom", It is always she who speaks in response, approving welcomed, your partner Luke who intervened called for by his intervention, parlando di “Negri” and of “Gypsies”… has complained (as it does with me), saying he had been misunderstood… assolutamente no, In her reply approved…

    ho letto, believe me, very carefully what he wrote, ' spirit’ and ' letter ', e … I renew the invitation to read Matthew 25, 31-45…

    and do note that’ “indemoniato” Pannella and’ “acolyte of Lucifer” Bonino's, Pope Francis personally telephoned, for both greetings… forse non

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      Dear Reader.

      We publish modified his comments like this by not giving a result similar to a simple and reasonable reason: you do not want the confrontation nor the Exchange, or express legally the sacrosanct contrary opinions, just like those deserving of space. She just wants to fight for the sake of the fight, who insisted to impute to others what they have said and written; and when the response were asked specific questions, instead of responding you have evaded totally to argue on pursuing anything, that is about what the author never claimed.
      Then again the question that was addressed as his reply to comments and to which she did not respond. The question was as follows:

      […] two characters who call abortion "civil law" and "social conquest", who fought and are fighting for the "right" to euthanasia, the worst experiments in genetics, that promote homosexualism and of gender culture, She – like his say at his home and, as they say, always with his language, How to call them?

      Ariel's father called them respectively “indemoniato” (Pannella) e “acolyte of Lucifer” (Bonino).

      If you do not answer on the merits, We do not publish these comments, because this is a place of debate, not a humoral sfogatoio in which speakers of “Sun” you reply disputing the “Luna”.
      The Sun contexts, please, No one spoke of the Moon.

  5. Beppe1944 says:

    … and then I was right in talking about his lack of sympathy for the current Pontiff to have phoned to Marco Pannella (per Lei unindemoniato”) e a Emma Bonino (per Lei una “acolyte of Lucifer”)… a demoniac and an acolyte of Lucifer that the current Pontiff telephone and with whom he converses amiably, and makes them also wishes…

    … e “Open the doors to the poor suburbs” It is an invitation that a Pope should not say; “Open the doors to Christ”, This invitation that a Pope should scream to the world… does not suspect that maybe they are the same thing? I suggest Matthew 25: 31-45….

    … is that, perhaps, the same could be said of “Negri” illegal and salespersons “Brothers Rom”…

    This demonstrates that I carefully read what he has written here Father Ariel (with which I disagree on anything)

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      You only read what you wanted to read, the way he wanted to read it, charging through his interpretations of what the author has written, and then never said, up to the point of confusing the reader comment romano [Luca Gentilini, 18/05/2015, hours 22:50] that so funny and not offensive speaks of “Negri” that “sell counterfeit goods in via della Conciliazione”, with the article of his father Ariel. And since it is written, What is contained in them speak clearly, through specific examples and public histories. One example in this regard: two characters who call abortion “diritto civile” e “social conquest“, who fought and are fighting for the “right” all’eutanasia, the worst experiments in genetics, that promote homosexualism and of gender culture, she – as its said to his house and, as they say, always with his language, How to call them?
      The apparently exaggerated call, in the face of all this, a Pannella “indemoniato” and a Ball “acolyte of Lucifer”?
      Be courteous, read what has been written and published and responding on the merits, processes does the intentions of others.

  6. Beppe1944 says:

    She has – very wrongly – took two of my distinguished comments, and arbitrarily put together… The hatred towards the Roma camps, canteens for the poor, and yet the Roma people, they appear several times in this article when you speak of the current Vicar General of the Diocese of Rome, It will have an infinite number of defects, but I do not consider such commitment to Caritas, visits to Roma camps, interest in poodles…

    little sympathy (in the etymological meaning of the term) against the current Pontiff the shows on multiple occasions, also e.g.. in the comment above…

    The other part of my text appear as a comment to another article in its signature in which – with reference to the recent news item reported in the press about the Venetian Church converted into a mosque – feared Islamic invasions and transformation of churches into mosques… Here I noted that we have repeatedly transformed Mosques into churches, and of course their churches into mosques… and I concluded – with reference to his article – that I preferred a church converted into a mosque at a church converted into a night-club…

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      We have posted his opinion as we arrived on our box.
      Non “We put them together”, us is a joint consolidated.
      Anyway can you send them back and we'll put them, But if there was a transmission error has not been our.

  7. hector says:

    father ariel,
    segnalo il link dell' last interview of the Pope, molto interessante per le semplici FAQ, immediate, quasi “Confidenziali”–aoro-IR-a-una-pizzera-y-comerme-una-Buena-pizza-

    A reply oggi fa scalpore:
    And it is above all what is published?

    – No, no. Daily I read only one, The Republic, It is a journal for media sectors. I do it in the morning and takes me no more than 10 minutes browse it. Television do not see since 1990 (take the time to respond). It is a promise that I made to the Virgen del Carmen, on the night of the 15 July of 1990.
    Repubblica rilancia cosi:
    My has hit anche questa risposta:
    – Do you like they catalogued it as the poor Pope?

    – If you then put another word, . "Poor guy", for example... (If vuelve a reír con ganas). La pobreza es el centro del Evangelio. Jesús apreach unto wine a los pobres, SI vos sacás la pobreza del Evangelio no entendés nada, the sacás la médula.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … and there are moments in which I – “confidentially” – I don't confine myself in religious silence, praying and doing.

  8. Beppe1944 says:

    I did not understand many of the things written by you in his article… because this hatred against the Romani people? and because this poor appreciation of wooden crosses? was made of wood, If I'm not mistaken, also that which our Lord was hung… And finally because this lack of sympathy for a Pope as Francis… a Pope who says: “If a person is gay and seeking the Lord and goodwill, who am I to judge him?”… they are words that Jesus would have said…
    Frankly I do not see this danger ... two centuries before the Turks transformed the Hagia Sophia mosque we turned we la Mezquita (or great mosque) Catholic Cathedral of Cordoba ... and maybe better make some church in that Mosque in restaurant or night club ... or not?

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      But she, before “sparare” comments, If you take the trouble and care to read what the author wrote?
      Therefore tell us:

      1. where his father Ariel expressed hatred towards the Roma people?
      2. Where Ariel's father expressed little sympathy for the Holy Father, Since you wrote expletives for weeks and weeks by certain “Catholics” strong and pure for having defended the sacred Ministry, the authority and the person?

      Sul resto soprassediamo

  9. readysteadygo says:

    Dear Priest of our Lord. Beloved son of God the Lord, Don Ariel,
    I am heartened to see it at all so committed to putting your finger in the sore in mali of the Church, without even having understood who is Bergoglio. That is an expression of those nasty attitudes, that sentence does not exist, that deafening silence you points
    E’ been updated on what happened in the Vatican gardens on 9 may c.. and published to the world 13 May? If it was not, I can still understand its position.
    But must go read, must go and see photographs of what was presented to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Emeritus. Have to think whether it is possible that Pope Ratzinger could receive as much as he was delivered, leaving photograph. Get the book that contains 14 years of Revelations sent by registered r.. in San Giovanni Paolo II and himself. At this address:
    E’ just one click away from the truth. You and all who read.
    The Lord of Israel, the triune God, that only works wonders, bless and guide you and your Brethren in the truth…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader.

      To me it is very clear who is “Bergoglio“, that to be clear first ceased to be “Bergoglio” the election to the sacred throne to become the Holy Father Francis: is the rock on which Christ built his Church.
      In terms of perfection, as man is not perfect, just as it wasn't the man Peter, nor were many of his successors and as we are not.
      And this is also part of the great mystery of the Church, holy and sinful, According to the famous definition of Sant'Ambrogio.

      • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
        Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:


        The fathers of Patmos island make their detailed information reported by journalist Andrea Tornielli which relates to statements made by Them etc. ze bishops of Senigallia and Jesi.
        Take this opportunity to invite our readers to not listen to the ravings of this self-styled prophetess who abused the figure of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI and that turned highly insulting invective to the Supreme Pontiff Francesco, Besides all the heresies contained coarse in her messages “profetici” full of very serious Christological and Trinitarian heresy.

  10. hector says:

    Rev. Don Ariel, Ben found. Thank you. An article (including photos and captions) timely and pointed, Maybe incomplete. Emblematic cases, of whom I share the blame, among a thousand other, sottaciuti. Caritas and filial respect prevent "sink shot". Two observations:
    1)Once again, She repeats the claim that the Pope's words and actions are purposely distorted by the media. And just like that? The last two Popes were great communicators first of Christ's Word,heedless of the ostracism of malevolent media.
    Maybe that the current Pope, so different by region, culture, carattere, can't emulate the language, consistency and clarity, and do not have advisers who flank the inform of such misrepresentations? Too many plaudits, stroppiano not!

    2) In "the Church" field hospital ", even more priests, Bishops and Cardinals – "vaccinated" hardened by long study and have endorsed the principles of the Christian faith to treat Christ's flock – are in danger, confused and disoriented the humble faithful, getting physicians "and popular" new style, innovative therapies, medicinesbagliate! Jesus warned us about the things of the world!

  11. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Luca.

    Why in the territory of the State of Vatican City there are abusive sellers and mats “Brothers rom”, I am not able to chiarirglielo. But I can make a suggestion for an answer: talk to Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, who is the Governor of Vatican City. This high priest could she would appear at first glance a surly, not being, as they say, a “Adonis” in appearance; in fact it is a hieratic-looking figure and beautiful as it is still today the octogenarian Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, però mi creda: is a very friendly man, do not cheat by outward appearances, because it is a really lovely Piedmont, such a response will, ne sono certo.

  12. father ariel
    Luca Gentilini says:

    father ariel, as I know Roman’ schifato, and I'm telling you ” dagar”! I accompanied the relatives came in from outside to the hearing Wednesday, … Via della conciliazione has now a market, you have to walk among carpets … OPS! I was going to say “Negri”, I stand corrected: of our beloved brothers and sisters of color, many of them without regular residence permits, selling counterfeit goods, squatting on Italian soil (and not that the Vatican!). From early on until we were Colonnade “assaulted” it gives … OPS! I was going to say Gypsies, I stand corrected: from adorable brothers rom, sons of a great culture that deserves any kind of protection, which they followed whimpering stuck on you, until to take them off by so-called …. (understand me, vero?) We gave him something. Crossed the gates leading to the aula Nervi, Today Paul VI … oh, that enchantment! There was no more needless Middle “brother rom”, How come? Because in Vatican territory there are abusive sellers and mats “Brothers rom”?
    Could you enlighten me?

  13. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dearest Sister.

    I trust really in his prayers.
    Regarding the protections, those I do all right, but really high that higher one cannot: protect me our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Then, What should I do? To some extent dispettuccio prelatizio coffee, but you would never beyond this.

    As we are unfortunately experiencing a clergy daily “scandalo al sole”, not a day goes by that you don't pinch around the priests Italy movies, register or as any clearly caught, for such an unprecedented seriousness before which is to say that reality exceeds really fantasy.

    Obviously, the thing that most “pulls” journalistic level, are the two infamous “S”, or: sex and money, that is, sex scandals and financial.
    And on the one and the other thing, the sad facts, We are giving examples of not evil.

    However, if someone wanted to tantalize one within its closets has linen scented with Lavender flowers – and my cupboards are accessible to all – that knock yourself out, because as they say we find the master, that is, the undersigned.

    All the best to you and your community.

  14. father ariel
    suorframa says:

    Dearest Father, the question comes from itself: ma a lei, who protects? Maybe will not respond, ma … request is permissible.
    I hope to be presented with a Bill to pay salty!!
    The I will remember in my prayers to the Virgin Mary which is consecrated my congregation.

    SR. Francesca Maria

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