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We absolutely need not visit porn sites for cats, because what is bad, quite a lot of; as you should not visit or take seriously certain articles published Levied Christian [see WHO], site now specializes in taking the apparent good and change it in the supreme evil of destructive criticism and outrage towards the Holy Church and the Pope [see WHO].


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Roman cat Hypatia

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the meditatorium where Hypatia is dedicated to metaphysical speculation

In recent days I have much applied in theological studies. Father Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, along the first great councils of the Church, since the Council of Nicaea, made me different lessons dogmatic theology centered on the mystery of the Person of Christ. I then continued with Father John Cavalcoli, decisive in helping me to the philosophical part indispensable to clarify the metaphysical concept hypostasi [1]. For as I have explained both, the fact of faith in human nature and the divine Word of God made man contained in one person, was so great that the Fathers of the Church, having to define this ineffable mystery, is found primarily in trouble because the dictionary does not even exist terms of definition, why drew the philosophical lexicon greek modulating a term that would "make the idea".

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Cats poor suburbs existential, an angle of mission made gentle by the presence of a strong syncretism, see the presence of the dog in the middle of the Pentecostal Catholics cats

I would like to achieve even the theological doctorate, for this I am working and I recommend it to the prayers of the dear readers and readers of the beloved 'Patmos Island. Once acquired a solid doctrine I would leave for a difficult mission, the danger of which is comparable to that of the evangelization of the tribes of cannibals by the missionaries of the sixteenth century: the evangelization of cats Buddhists who live in the island of the Japanese archipelago Tashirojima [see WHO].

Sometimes being animated needs to move from the serious to the ridiculous, even because, how to teach us some saints particularly witty, for example Philip Blacks and Felix,, can reside in the joke really serious, mentre nel serioso — tipico di chi presume di essere sempre in serio servizio incessante ventiquattro ore su ventiquattro — può invece risiedere l’apice della comicità più spassosa. Nobody manages to be funny as the comedians unaware, who are those who take terribly seriously. And so facetious my Tuscan teacher scolded me recently when I reported this article Levied Christian [see WHO], blurting:

"But in short, cat Hypatia, I want to understand it or not it is morally less serious visit Cat porn [famous porn site for cats, see WHO] who read the articles written on that site Lefebvre's fan club? [see WHO]».

At that point I had to put up with a comprehensive lesson in common sense and Catholic morality centric lesser evil and the greater evil. The conclusion was as follows:

"You should never choose either the lesser evil nor the greater evil, because often, quello del lesser evil - In this case the vision of porn sites for cats - can be a treacherous to fall into evil by appealing to pernicious forms of "justification" based on the fact that there may be still worse, for example, certain articles of misleading Levied Christian for human beings ".

In essence my Master enlightened me and stated without equivocation worth:

"We absolutely need not visit porn sites for cats, because what is bad, quite a lot of; as we should visit and take seriously certain articles published Levied Christian for humans, essendo un sito ormai specializzato a prendere l’apparente bene e mutarlo nel male della critica più distruttiva e oltraggiosa nei riguardi della Santa Chiesa e del Sommo Pontefice [see WHO]».

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Hypatia follows the daily press review, however, always taking the papers with due benefit inventory

Per them facie Lefebvrians ed il loro fan club, the mystery of evil seems to lie entirely on two elements: liturgy and sex. The link between these two elements used to give vent to various psychopathologies, possiamo farcelo spiegare — se un giorno ne avrà tempo e voglia — da un uomo di grande scienza e pietà, Father Raffaele Talmelli, valent psychiatrist, exorcist of the Archdiocese of Siena and the author of several valuable treatises on demonology [see WHO]. The Liturgy, indeed, for certain subjects is a real obsession, we talked several times about this magazine, because in it they see, behind false pretext of protection of an unspecified Apostolic Tradition, a past that does not pass. Like Peter that before the transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor, taken from said momentum: "Man, it is good for us to be here; if you want, let us make here three tabernacles, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah " [Mt 17,4]. Namely: it's so beautiful, then stop time forever and we remain on Tabor. But no, there were other mountains that awaited Christ and all of us in communion with Him: latest in series of Calvary, great "gateway" to the empty tomb of the Risen. And that there says a lot about the fact that the Church is the body of a people on the walk with Christ her head alive, not the mummified body of a fossilized Popolo on a rite property, perché immutabile — come più volte è stato spiegato sullIsola di Patmos — is the substance of the Sacraments, not their external accidents in itself and of itself changing.

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wrapping only in the heat of the grace we can preserve us from temptation

Then there is the other sin, or rather the sin of sins: sex, that for these subjects apparently center and engine of the entire Mystery of Evil. Needless to explain that in the list of the Seven Deadly Sins Lust is the place quindo [n. 1866, see WHO], because at first there's pride, Queen and base that holds all the other deadly sins; the infamous lust is in fact preceded by pride, avarice, envy and anger. Nothing to do: read the agency Correspondence Romana to ascertain how sometimes seems to read a real war report sodomy [see WHO, WHO, WHO, etc…]. Although to snub the “terrifying” doctrines of the council “Pastoral only” and therefore “not infallible“, ovverosia ilfamigerato” Vatican II, Editors have bothered to go to rispulciare a text “great relevance” drafted a millennium ago by St. Peter Damian, the Free Gomorrhianus [see WHO]. I hate to think what they would do if they found out the launch edition and the meticulous and not a little itchy book, This is in fact The Manual of Confessors pubblicato nel 1837 dal Vescovo Jean Baptiste Bouvier.

La sodomia è peccato, obviously, and is also a grave sin, though not the only, and especially not the synthesis of all sins, thing different columnists of this news agency should know, visto che pare siano stati in relazione per motivi di studio e di lavoro anche col fior fiore di certi politici italiani che, far from being sodomites, have spent their lives in public commit far worse sins of lust. Sins for which our entire country - that certain politicians has been variously sodomized as they say - is still paying very high prices in terms of ethics, dell’economia, work and so on, not least because of politicians who showed up several times as barkers before certain naive fringes of Catholic voters to qualify as champions and defenders of the "non-negotiable values", but then some of them end up on trial, convicted and sometimes even jailed, Ironically: also to have violated “certain non-negotiable values“. That said, Now tell me: whom he meant our Lord Jesus Christ when he spoke of the Pharisees hypocrites that filter out the gnat and then s'ingoiano camel? [CF. Mt 23,23-26]

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the true grace of faith always brings us up and protects us from falling down

It is in this spirit that Levied Christian without saying a speech published the full text of a famous confidential report addressed at the time the Supreme Pontiff Paul VI, la cosiddetta «Report Bacci-Ottaviani», to instill in readers through it - then those who are good faithful that it is our duty to defend from the clutches of these people - the doubt about the "validity" of the "horrendous" Missal of Paul VI, usually referred to in some circles as "missal protestanico», «missal packaged by Mason Annibale Bugnini», «missal that de-sacralized Mass"And so on [reference is made in this regard to these our recent articles WHO, WHO].

Some individuals would be able to use a book as a devotional The ten stimuli to the love of the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Communion et frequency drafted in 1673 by Jesuit Carlo Casalicchio, to transform today in a text anti-conciliarist and especially anti-bergogliano. Sappiate allora, Dear Readers and beloved readers of this oasis of intelligence that is Catholic The Island of Patmos, that Eminent Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani and Bacci Antonio wrote a profound and certain aspects shareable “critical note” during discussion and preparation of the draft of the so-called reformed Missal. But use this critical note today, like the characters we're talking about, to sow doubts among the People of God, What is intellectually dishonest and Christian, as well as detrimental to the blessed memory of these devoted bishops and cardinals. Because applying the same method, we could tear out the archives studies, relationships and interventions of fire made in assise ecumenical councils of the Church or during the exchanges that took place between the bishops, theologians and the Pope, where many holy men of God rejected - and repeat: during the phase of the free threads of study, not after, as does the lefebvrist fans club Of Levied Christian - The idea that the Church could proclaim the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven; to say nothing of the dogma of the infallibility of the Pope in matters of doctrine and faith, perché in quel caso, not only there were currents of theologians and bishops very adverse, but there was even a schism, that of the Old Catholic, precursors in all respects of the current Lefebvrians.

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even the saints and doctors of the Church, going up to the truth, sometimes had to commit errors of assessment

Several of those who in the past opposed in the early stages of the preliminary studies to the proclamation of certain dogmas, today are even saints, someone well Doctor of the Church. Let us mention only one among several: enough that certain gaps subjects knew what he wrote in the thirteenth century as a titan Thomas Aquinas about the Immaculate Conception. The future Doctor Angelicus considered the Blessed Virgin resplendent holiness, however, did not provide the Immaculate Conception, but she had been purified from original sin after the infusion of the soul. Because if the Blessed Virgin "was conceived without original sin, would have had no need of Christ's redemption, and so Christ would not be the universal redeemer of men: which impairs his dignity " [2].

Applying the same logic of some of today's incomplete and devious speakers “Report Bacci-Ottaviani“, with impeccable "consistency" you could pull out from the archives certain studies and reports, among other things far more fiery, and on issues closely related to the tenets of faith, for questioning in an equally devious on the legality and validity of certain truths of faith, from some conceptions Mariology of Aquinas, devoted to the Blessed Virgin and the son of an Order to which the Church and the People of God are the worthy spread of Marian devotion and later the svilppo of Mariology as theological discipline.

In the encyclical letter Glittering crown 8 September 1953, in which resuscitating the theological reasons in relation to the Assumption of the Immaculate Conception Mater Dei al cielo, among the reasons for the dogma, the Venerable Pope Pius XII also quotes St. Thomas Aquinas. In this context, the Supreme Pontiff could quote the Blessed Duns Scotus, but instead refers to the words of St. Thomas who also would not have "guessed" the precise terms of this truth of faith and this not promoting them or treating them explicitly [3].

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is the truth that covers us, we can not cover us the truth in the name of our idea of ​​objective truth mystifying

Those of Levied Christian can write what they want and how they want, we we have better things to do than argue with people so sterile that at this point can be remedied by their stubborn incancrenimento in error by only one of those interventions of God's grace that shake the root. What interests us is to protect our good Catholic faithful from the spread of such errors, first illuminating on what the editors of Levied Christian has run well guarded from writing as right presentation or comment on this report with which - and peaceful - you want to question the Missal of Paul VI. And the truth, which is an entirely different, in fact this is: Cardinal Ottaviani, for St. John XXIII, Blessed Paul VI and John Paul II below for San instantly would give their lives. The Cardinal Ottaviani, if he had heard those today who revile with rare pride and insolence the Pope and the Magisterium of the Church of the last fifty years, would be precipitated by the Holy Father pleading for their excommunication. Cardinal Ottaviani has been a devoted and obedient servant of the Popes and the Church, but especially scrupulous applicator of the liturgical reform, as it was in his own diocese, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri [see WHO]; and with the Missal promulgated by Paul VI all these have celebrated for the rest of their days the Eucharistic Sacrifice. This is the lesson that gave holy man of God Cardinal Ottaviani; lesson that those of Levied Christian and of course they look similar from giving. No problem, to inform us of the Catholic faithful we provide 'Patmos Island, that Catholic Apostolic Romans because we are in perfect communion with the Church and the Pope, undoubtedly defective, burdened as we all do from small or large human limitations, but out of the question legitimate Successor of the Prince of the Apostles and the Vicar of Christ on earth.

hypatia profile

Hypatia, a philosophical mind in the service of truth and the island of Patmos that with the grace of God intends to spread

In extreme Miao I go back to state how come I feel certain dangerous messages devious that for two years now abound on this kind of magazines: because many members of the People of God are quite shaken and confused and therefore looking for guidance. Da vari decenni abbiamo infatti l’impressione che i figli dell’eresia modernista che si sono accaparrati cattedre universitarie presso le facoltà teologiche, or even entire universities; that among their ranks now include bishops and cardinals who were trained on the worst modernist doctrines, have the upper hand at the moment almost the Body of the Church. Abound in the clergy priests poorly trained, not prepared properly, liturgically sloppy, often disrespectful towards the sacred mysteries, capable of transforming the sacred liturgies in their show Personal. All this hurts deeply our good faithful who thank God always have a sense of the sacred and who want to live adoring the sacred mysteries. The operation of these ideologues para-Catholics or pseudo-Catholics, even more insidious is the fact that luciferin: to believe the faithful lost or prey to discouragement understandable that the origin of these ills lies in the liturgical reform, in Holy Council, but worse ... lies in the full council, and to demonstrate this here they serve the public in a completely de-contextualized and so dishonest "the report Bacci-Ottaviani».

From this spirit that I repeat to be dangerous in itself and of itself Luciferian, we intend to protect our people too baffled by modernist theologians, by bishops pro-modernists, by priests at the altar that behave like acrobats; because the solution is not that proposed by certain agencies print now specialized in Liturgy&Sodomy. In fact these people, far from offering a real solution and authentically Catholic, lead us to fall into the error of worst evil, not in lesser evil represented by porn sites for cats, which however should not be visited because it is very bad. Take therefore good for certain items offered by these sites, magazines telematics and news agencies anti-conciliarists e anti-bergogliane, means falling morally worse worst, and our faithful from this must be protected.


[1] ς, term derived from ς "under" and As a "stare", that for Neoplatonic philosophers and Plotinus is the hierarchical generation of the different dimensions of reality belonging to the same divine substance, which creates everything for enactment. Christianity in the process of hypostasis refers to the union of divine principles and human, the incarnation of the divine represented by Christ or simply the process by which the absolute concept of God is necessarily derives its existence substantially. The Council of Chalcedon 451 define the dogma of faith stating that for the Holy Spirit takes the mystery of the "hypostatic union" of the divine nature and human nature, of the divinity and the humanity in the person of the Word-Son: Jesus the Christ.

[2] CF Sum of Theology, III, q. 27, artt. 1-6.

[3] See the discussion points'The Blessed Virgin of St. Thomas d'Aquinthe », di Cristoforo Charamsa, Rome 2009 [text WHO]


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2 replies
  1. Irapuato says:

    I read here: as Thomas Aquinas about the Immaculate Conception.
    I do not agree much of this obsession that St. Thomas was against or contrary to the Immaculate since its conception. Santa Caterina, disciple of St. Thomas very marrow, in commenting on the Passion of Jesus, writes: ” Reasonable thing was that, as his own, She does dolesse, for He, the Beloved Son had taken from you that flesh immaculate ", and does not express what was already here theologically hired by the whole Church with regard to a broad conception sull'Immacolata same? The immaculate flesh was assumed by the Son of the Mother….
    St. Thomas was not against the purity of Mary from conception, but much more simply had not been commissioned for this purpose, in fact did not write anything against the immaculate. Attached to it that “was contrary”, but based on something then you do not understand, because it was not and it was not his task. It could not become what it has become if in his heart, while writing anything, was contrary to the pure conception of the Mother of Him of whom wrote angelic expressions that we know…

    • Drafting
      Drafting says:

      How to Caterina.

      Nowhere in the article was written and said that St. Thomas was “versus” the Immaculate Conception, it only makes reference - and with all due rigor historical and theological - to those who "opposed phases of preliminary studies".

      Let me clarify everything with an example of "opposition" within the disputations or preliminary studies: il Patriarca di Venezia, Card. Albino Luciani, future John Paul I, was not favorable to those who later will be the contents of the Human life. Just though Paul VI spoke out and established a precise discipline of the Church in matters, he summoned his clergy and said: "Many of you know what I was thinking during the debates on the subject, but now the discussions and debates are over, the Pope has spoken with a Encyclical and what he has established is binding doctrine of the Church ".

      Dogmatic theology is a complex matter to which you can not have an approach "devotional" or "catechetical", why do or speculate in dogmatic theology is another thing and requires other assumptions, otherwise it can happen, as in this case, that you take two words, and fraintendano, do not read the penalty that has been written – although clearly, precise and documented – and finally meets the merits of what was not said.

      The article was reported faithfully translated into Italian (seen that many readers do not know Latin) the textual expression that encompasses the concept of St. Thomas, exactly this under:

      […] The future doctor Angelicus considered the Blessed Virgin resplendent holiness, however, did not provide the Immaculate Conception, but she had been purified from original sin after the infusion of the soul. Because if the Blessed Virgin "was conceived without original sin, would have had no need of Christ's redemption, and so Christ would not be the universal redeemer of men: which impairs his dignity» [Sum of Theology, III, q. 27, artt. 1-6].

      Caution, because the concept of “purification” from original sin, avvenutaafter infusion of the soul“, requires further clarification. St. Thomas in fact follows the Aristotelian theory (Book of the generation of animals, (II), III, 736A35), he specifically mentioned (QUESTION, III, 33, ob. 3), secondo la quale “in subsequent times the body is formed and prepared to receive the soul”. So the matter of the body is humanly animated - ie receives the human soul - not the instant of conception, but around the 40th day after conception. We first fact the living reality - the vivum -, then reality animal - l 'animal -, and finally the human reality - l 'homo – (therein), that “absorbs”, includes and “oltrepassa” previous (therein, I, 118, 2, 2m)”.
      Post then this conception Thomasian, affirm that the Blessed Virgin would be “released” from original sin after the infusion of the soul, mean to say that this would happen around the 40th day of life.

      The fact that in the past, the Dominican theologians, were adverse to what would later become the truths of faith and dogma proclaimed, I don't say it, Telling the story; a story that certainly can not be canceled through a devotional phrase of St. Catherine of Siena quoted out of place in the precise and specific historical context-dogmatic to which this article adheres scrupulously and clarity.
      At the bottom of this paper was also annexed the text of the study of a Thomist philosopher and theologian dogmatic, Mgr. Cristoforo Charamsa, who is a devoted Marian and a Thomist in the round; invitation to read it because it is really enlightening.

      Initially St. Thomas, in his "juvenile phase" was in favor of the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin, But when several theologians began to assert that the Virgin Mary would not have been redeemed by Christ, he "shuddered" and reacted by denying its exemption from original sin; and this is a historical and theological-speculative documented, not however as you say a “obsession”.
      With impeccable logic speculative philosophical-theological own St. Thomas that because it became the largest that still is, the Doctor Angelicus remade in St. Paul says that as in the sin of Adam all have sinned and therefore all had need of Christ's redemption: «Through the disobedience of one man the many were made sinners» (RM 5,19). It's still; «As a result of one man sin entered into the world, and through sin death, and so death passed upon all men, because all sinned» (RM 5,12).

      Aquinas stated, then, that Mary, soon after conception, received an extraordinary sanctification in his soul, that erased the original sin.
      Historical sources Dominican report that towards the end of his life, St. Thomas, during talks that he held in Naples, demoted from his position and went back to her that instead had matured in his youth.

      Was not the only St. Thomas Aquinas, devoted to the Virgin Mary, because even other saints equally worshipful denied her Immaculate Conception: St. Bernard of Clairvaux and St. Albert the Great, also doctors of the Church.
      Sant'Anselmo d'Aosta, which basically goes back to Aquinas, argued that the Blessed Virgin was conceived in original sin as everyone from which was prematurely redeemed by Christ before his birth. The thesis of the "early redemption" is also applied in the speculations of Bernard of Clairvaux, Alexander of Hales, di Bonaventura di Bagnoregio, addition to the aforementioned Albert the Great and St. Bernard of Clairvaux.

      The Church has taken into account the sum Aquinas' thought to the point that in the definition of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, occurred under the pontificate of Blessed Pius IX, was written very clearly that "Maria, in view of the merits of Christ, redeemed in a unique way». In other words: for the Blessed Virgin Mary has been implemented a pre-redemption, ie was preserved from original sin from the first moment of her conception: without original sin (concepita senza peccato originale).

      This is the dogmatic teaching of the Church, gained after many centuries, because only in 1854 was proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception as such established a truth of faith that closed, from then on, all legitimate and rightful theological discussions on the subject took place earlier.

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