"Something is changed". From Jack Nicholson to Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi honorary degree from the University of Catania


«[…] If different opinions are not also welcomed, and maybe even words of dissent, there will be no real change. Today the CEI assembly is a moratorium because there are no longer any significant figures; you could share the positions of Siri or Martini or not, but their interventions were important points of reference. Today only pimps speak, those who want to be seen […]» (from an interview with the Archbishop emeritus of Pisa Alessandro Plotti, former vice president of the CEI)


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Inside the Church today it can happen to feel a bit like on set cinematic of the film, Something is changed, main protagonist Jack Nicholson together with a lovable little dog. For those who haven't seen it, let's summarize briefly: Melvin Udall, played by Jack Nicholson, is a famous writer of romance novels, misanthrope and suffering from obsessive-compulsive neurosis who, through a hilarious tangle of events in which he ends up involved together with the waitress of a restaurant, to a gay painter who is his neighbor and his little Brussels Griffon dog, comes to an unexpected and incredible transformation that leads him to become even a tender and lovable person.

Faced with some facts, say that today Something is changed it's reductive, because we are faced with reversals so radical that they are difficult to interpret. Like when the 12 April the University of Catania awarded the master's degree Honorary in Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Relations to His Eminence Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

I think it's irrelevant focus on the relationships that have been going on since before 17 February 1861 - the date that marked the fall of the Bourbon Kingdom - link this university to the historic lodges of the city's Freemasonry, as a figure from the names of many illustrious academics who were members of Freemasonry over two centuries. Unless the numerous funeral posters with their name and the initials A:.G:.(D):.G:.A:.(D):.U:. (acronym indicating: To the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe) hanging in the city of Etna over the last few decades, they weren't just pranks by the Catania printers or the editorial staff of Sicily it's from The Sicilian newspaper who wanted to play around on the page of their obituaries published for a fee to commemorate the deceased.

Being a Freemason is not unbecoming, nor even a crime, membership of a historical association is lawful and legitimate; unless it is a deviant Lodge like P2, which comes to life from Freemasonry but is not an expression of it at all, but only detour. That affiliation with the Lodges is incompatible with belonging to the Catholic Church, this is yet another matter, linked to that partly Gnostic and partly esoteric system which makes Freemasonry incompatible and irreconcilable with Catholicism.

Without even dwelling on anticlericalism which winds through historical tradition in the University of Catania, our interests being completely different, However, some clarifications are required. Let us therefore start from a truly striking example now fixed in historical chronicles: when in November of 2007 he was invited by the Rector Magnificus to inaugurate the academic year at La Sapienza University of Rome, the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI gave up holding one keynote inaugural following protests by groups of students and teachers who rose up shouting «the university is secular!», while those of many Italian universities supported and supported the protest, including the Catania one.

Before it started today's youth season the bishop of Pecorecci - quite a few of whom would have failed an exam in fundamental theology until a few decades ago -, in Italy we had several bishops who were great scholars and men of profound culture, distributed in all those different areas than in improper journalistic language, because it is foreign in itself to the very structure of the Church, they are referred to as traditionalists, Conservatives, Progressives. Or to put it in the words of the Archbishop of Pisa Alessandro Plotti, who was vice-president of the Italian Episcopal Conference:

«If different opinions are not also welcomed, and maybe even words of dissent, there will be no real change. Today the CEI assembly is a moratorium because there are no longer any significant figures; you could share the positions of Siri or Martini or not, but their interventions were important points of reference. Today only pimps speak, those who want to be seen; the pastoral theme is thrown away with the study groups, which actually last half an hour, and then we only talk about Otto per Mille and money, which could very well be done by correspondence. And to say that, eg, regarding the family there are really big problems to face and everyone is trying to understand what direction the Church will take" (cf.. interview published in Jesus the 10 February 2014, text WHO).

Several of these bishops several times, over the past 30 year old, including Alessandro Plotti himself who belonged to the so-called progressive area, they had to give up invitations to academic structures and universities because the inevitable student agitators, instigated behind the scenes by former 1968 professors, they raised hell (cf.. WHO). The then President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, was challenged and booed in Siena on 24 September 2005 (cf.. WHO) because «it is the symbol of conservatism, of the attack on the secularity of the State and the denial of homosexual rights", as the representative of the Young Communist League of Siena reported in the press conference (cf.. WHO).

Yet we are not faced with different people, because those who yesterday barred the doors to the successor of those Roman Pontiffs who founded La Sapienza University, making it a universal center of culture, science and research over the centuries, they are the same ones who award degrees today Honorary to the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, no longer booed and criticized like his predecessor accused of being a violator of the secularity of the State, but welcomed with pats on the back and called in a friendly way "Don Matteo".

More than wondering Something is changed, we should ask ourselves: who was exploited and why? And it would certainly also be necessary to ask ourselves: who is such a "pimp" - to quote Alessandro Plotti - that he doesn't even understand, due to its own inevitable and invincible limitation, of being exploited?

Let's try to go behind the scenes of the little theater, because doing so isn't that difficult: the trial against the then Minister for Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini was opened in Catania, accused of having prevented at the end of July 2019 the landing of 116 illegal immigrants from the Gregoretti ship, stop in the port of the city of Augusta in the province of Syracuse (cf.. WHO). That under this pontificate, that of migrants, is an element that ranges between obsessive neurosis and ideology, it is a completely incontrovertible fact. As is the imprudent involvement - partly verified and partly yet to be verified - that some bishops had with a communist militant like Luca Casarini, which should be treated with extreme caution and above all with the utmost prudence, certainly not invited to the Synod of Bishops.

Translating from English to Italian graduation Honorary conferred is in Global politics e Euro-Mediterranean relations. Incredible! The doors of the universities were barred to the Pontiffs and Bishops of yesterday, or they shouted at each other when they approached state institutions or foundations, because regardless of their tendencies, whether conservative or progressive, they still said what the world didn't want to hear, by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Genoa Cardinal Giuseppe Siri to the Metropolitan Archbishop of Milan Carlo Maria Martini, otherwise, but both worried about the secularist drift that European society was taking, especially in his at times even hateful and violent rejection of Christianity. Today, who instead decided to whore with the world, through many new bishops who were variously "ruffian" and sheepish, here the Presidents of the Italian Episcopal Conferences are clapping their hands on the shoulders, they are called "Don Matteo" and they are awarded degrees Honorary precisely on political and Euro-Mediterranean issues regarding which the award winners themselves claimed the head of a Minister of the Italian Republic with a more bloodthirsty manner than that of Robespierre.

Even if in fact nothing has changed, in any case we are not idiots nor do we intend to be treated as such by a world that shows it loves us to the extent that we are willing to be ashamed of Christ, you forget that it is written:

"For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels " (MC 8,38).

Embarrassing and dangerous as few as the Blessed Apostle Paul will be today more than ever:

"Indeed, It is perhaps the favor of men that I intend to earn, or rather that of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still pleasing men, do not be a servant of Christ! I therefore declare to you, siblings, that the Gospel announced by me is not modeled on man; for I neither received it nor learned it from men, but by revelation of Jesus Christ" (Gal 1,10 e ss.).

From this company which, following the model and example of France, wants to establish the "great universal right to abortion" in the Charter of Europe, We Catholics should not expect applause or honors. If they applaud us or reward us, it is because we are the first to reassure the children of the Prince of this World that ultimately "the Gospel is not a distillation of truth", as the President of the Italian Episcopal Conference recently stated while responding to an interviewer from The Corriere della Sera (cf.. WHO, WHO). If I wanted, I could suggest to His Most Reverend Eminence, for friends Don Matteo, also another effective expression, by pronouncing which he would soon end up being the second Italian appointed academician of France after Maurizio Serra, but I prefer to remain silent and avoid making suggestions.

the Island of Patmos, 14 April 2024




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