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The anti-dogmatism is not, at source, only an irrational attitude, superficial and inconsistent: is much worse, is something extremely pernicious for the life of faith of the Christian community, because it is a project that aims theoretically well structured decisively to implement the reforms in the Church for years Hans Küng and his disciples, eg Enzo Bianchi, theorized as necessary to "walk" in the history of the Church and have prophesied as imminent realization […]

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Antonio Love

The term that is heard repeating these days, even after the interview of Pope Francesco in The Nation, is the necessity of an adequate “deepening” of the doctrine [see who]. It is the thesis of Gianni Gennari [on Corriere della Sera] the way of the desired "reverse" the Magisterium on natural methods: great changes, but that would be only "depth" of the doctrine of 'Human life. By analogy this interpretive scheme is applied to the question "synodal", that of communion for divorcees who were married civilly. However, this argument is also married to Andrea Tornielli (The Print), that already long ago spoke of "insights" in reference to the new doctrine of the Council on Religious Freedom.


… we live in the world of “labels”

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portrait of Pope Pius XI

Seeing the use of this label that the media are applying the reform projects of the doctrine on the sacraments (Marriage, Penance and the Eucharist) I realized yetin time than would be desirable that journalists were limited to inform on current events ecclesial without continuing to confuse Catholics with their interpretations sociopolitical [see my previous article who].

Any label affixed to the facts of the Church, although it appears journalistically effective, does not help to understand what it is. The label is a claim interpretation quick and easy, “ready-to-wear”, but the effect on public opinion is negative, not only for the inevitable shallowness of this kind of interpretation, but also and especially for the message that indirectly conveys. L '' deepening ', label from which party, is no exception to the rule: with it the message that is conveyed is that the Catholic Church, under the pontificate of Pope Francis, proceeds quickly to a substantial change of its moral doctrine, and consequently proceeds ineluctably toward a radical change of its pastoral practice, with the approval of all, believers and non-believers.

Those that are labeled as "insights" are therefore, in the intention of the sponsors, of substantial change in the doctrine hitherto taught by the Magisterium, and should therefore be labeled rather as a "break" with Tradition. In fact, these are "small steps" in the direction of legislation that would revolutionize the very structure of ecclesiastical discipline, to the point that - if indeed they were adopted by ecclesiastical authority - would entail a radical reform of the doctrine: but not in the direction indicated by Benedict XVI ("Reform in the continuity of the same subject the Church") but in the sense that Pope Ratzinger considered unacceptable, that is of aa real "rupture" with the Tradition, ie with the doctrine of the Magisterium, by the Council of Trent to Vatican II, from the encyclical Chaste marriage of Pius XI to the apostolic exhortation Familiaris company of John Paul II.

family association

apostolic exhortation of St. John Paul II

Of course, we heard during the first phase of the Synod of Bishops about the family, many theologians and prelates auspice to overcome (ie the abolition) the teachings of Paul VI (Human life) and John Paul II (Familar company), and then we heard, on the same occasion, other theologians and other prelates who have pointed out that these changes are in contradiction, not with unimportant details, but with the essential meaning, deep, the message transmitted by the Church in those documents.

Who digs deep, with the theological reason, to find that message in its essence of revealed truth, realizes that a proposal that is in direct contradiction with it is not that his denial. In short, a revolution, a break, certainly not one of the many ways that can be done and is done by the fact that the Church to progress in the understanding of revealed truth, according to the formula, theologically perfect, a "homogeneous evolution of dogma". "Homogeneous" is evolution that leads to a doctrine that is part of the same "kind", ie does not propose a doctrine of another kind, but the same doctrine enriched accidental changes, with pastoral applications. In short, a break can not be called 'deepening'.


The term "investigation" is used by "Vaticanists", in their proverbial psychological subjection to the language from time to time prevailing in mass culture, because it is the term used for the speech and debates on the edge of a news. If the facts are separated from opinion, the views are the '' deepening '. That so called because it promises to deepen the meaning of a situation topical or a news item, without the intention to cancel. No deepening riguardor the "capital mafia" ends up denying that there has been an investigation by the judiciary and consequently a scandal and serious political repercussions. Deepening means going deep, and by going in depth one finds the "aletic core" of an event or a theory, which is what in the course of the analysis remains the same.

If it changes instead, we can no longer speak of "deepening": we must speak of "scientific revolution" (Thomas Kuhn). Applying this criterion to the epistemic ongoing discussions within the Church, you can not label it as "depth" to the proposal for a substantial reform, chand like those who patronizes the advent of the new "universal church" mold "ecumenical" and "humanistic" where are transposed instances of the schism of East andriLutheran form.

These distinctions may seem my quibbles or Byzantinisms abstract facing issues so vital and engaging as the access of divorced Catholics to Communion or the use of contraceptives in marriage between believers. But - I say - if a journalist or a newspaper reader does not like to go into this theological problematic, to take care of another: no one asks him to have a personal opinion on the school controversies between theologians or on the appointments and dismissals of high ecclesiastics. If it is a non-believer, you disinterest of these internal problems of the Church. If a believer, is interested only in what the Church teaches on these and other matters, without bothering to interpret the secret intentions of the Pope or to judge whether the Synod of Bishops are right conservatives or progressives.


the “political incorrectness” the Dominican theologian Yves Congar

No one will take my advice; but then, if one intends to enter into the merits of these issues, the only criterion of assessment is that serious theological, certainly not the socio-political, which is fine just for the record of another kind: financial, parliamentary, Judicial. And the evaluation criteria must be provided by competent persons, the considerations which must be analyzed with patience and with the intention to understand complex concepts, related to theoretical premises not immediately deducible and a huge mass of historical data. If you make this effort, the first thing that you will understand is that every true depth of revealed doctrine is a better com- understanding of his transcendence than the vicissitudes historical and cultural.

Said this, add: the implied intention of those who speak of "insights" is to convey to the public the message of a new Catholic pastoral should regardless of dogma: ignoring not only the facts but also indirectly proclaiming the futility or even worse the negative function, of "brake" to the news that would be suggested by the Holy Spirit.

And here I take this opportunity to repeat once again that this anti-dogmatism it is not, at source, only an irrational attitude, superficial and inconsistent: is much worse, is something extremely pernicious for the life of faith of the Christian community, because it is a project that aims theoretically well structured decisively to implement the reforms in the Church for years Hans Küng and his disciples (Enzo Bianchi) theorized as necessary to "walk" in the history of the Church and have prophesied as imminent realization.

These reforms, which are much more than a mere "deepening", distort the Church of Christ, making them deny that consciousness of himself as a "universal sacrament of salvation", not so much for the adaptations of his pastoral to the prevailing (adaptations that are needed, however,, so much so that there have always been) As for the charism of infallibility (which allows it to preserve and interpret according to the "mind of Christ" revealed truth) and for the promise of indefectibility (thanks to which it has always been and will always be holy, catholic and apostolic, able to administer the sacraments of grace).

modernism 2

… a Pope who had understood everything

I find it rather hypocritical use of the label 'study to propagate a reform of the Church runs to abolish the dogmatic foundations of his faith and his discipline. Because - as I have explained several times - there is a practice that does not call you back, at least implicitly, to a theory, ie in the regulative principles of the action, to the goals to be achieved as considered in itself positive, bearers of progress and happiness.

The anti-dogmatism is nothing but the hypocritical rhetoric whose, while denying the dogma of its function of orientation of the religious consciousness, work in view of certain changes in the Church that it considers necessary for the realization of its political and religious utopia. Catholic dogma, that is the truth revealed by God in Christ, is put aside, not because it is considered an abstract theory from which it can derive a practice "updated" but because we have chosen a different theory, rather the opposite, under which you want to promote a reformist or revolutionary practice. In short, There is declared enemies of dogma as such, but in reality you are fanatical supporters of a different dogma.


… a writer who had understood everything

If one listens to many voices sign of progressive reformer, notice that some, theologians most listened, have the courage to speak clearly of these dogmatic principles, attributable to historicism, declined in a Hegelian dialectic according to the scheme of "passing through the negation" (Repeal) of which I have already spoken on several occasion (see what I wrote about Hans Kung and his ecclesiology, who). But many poor and timid disciples acolytes of these opinion makers Church does not have the courage and the intellectual capacity of the state to which system ideological and dogmatic principles which are inspired in proposing certain mutations of pastoral practice as necessary to the progress of the Church in the time that sitiamo living. So then comes out the vapid speech of pastoral, while respecting the doctrine in words, contradicts the facts. And this contradiction presents hypocritically as 'deepening'.


Octave of Christmas

Jesus child Pinturicchio

In placid night


The article reproduced here was posted on 21 December 2014 in the online magazine

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  1. hector says:

    Four news update theme.
    1) Bishop of Antwerp Bonny, next to the card. Danneels and former contributor to the card. Kasper at Pont. cons. Prom. Christian Unity, States that "overrule the Humanae Vitae is not enough, now serves Yes to gay marriage ".
    2) In all France, In the 2014, Eighty-two were ordained new priests. Lack of vocations, the crisis is frightening. Fewer baptisms, less often the sacraments.
    3) We talk about the letter signed by Pope F. the card recipient. Hummes, former prefect Congr. Clergy, assignment start in Conf.Ep.bras. reflection on ecclesiastical celibacy about Viri Probati: young men,married,conduct of religious and family life exemplary, which grant ordination to make up for lack of priests.
    4) New York,the card. Dolan continues closing program of the churches "to poor attendance". vienna,the card. Schönborn from time implementing sale of churches who can afford and faithful to fill them: Active Orthodox communities. Bleak picture!
    Care about the effects, ignoring the causes. You think men instead of relying on the Providence of God! How to stop the bleeding? Faith,prayer,penance,fast,…

  2. maria says:

    1986 Wednesday, 29 January SAN GIOVANNI PAOLO II: general audience
    …..the truth about the creation of the visible world- as it is presented in the book of Genesis – does not conflict, in principle, the theory of evolution, When the means so as not to exclude the divine causality.
    The Church today is limited to accept what was said by the Holy G.P.II. My question to the author of the article tended to show that sometimes we must have the courage to accept the reality and this may mean even disavow clearly what the clericalese has already called into question by the fact…but without admitting it, as can be seen from the beliefs of the other commenter…who's going to tell him that Adam and Eve have never been to one so? :(D):(D)
    I don't want to hurt nobody,but I like to study my religion ….
    season's greetings in the Lord and the Holy Spirit enlighten us.

  3. maria says:

    for Abdullah :

    Council of Trent Decree on original sin V session of the 17 June 1546 (I): who does not admit that the first man Adam, having transgressed in the paradise of God's command, He lost his Holiness .... and that Adam .... it was worsened in the soul and body: anàtema = both excommunicated
    (II): those who claim that the prevarication of Adam hurt her career to him alone and not his descendants. ... both anàtema. In 1546 the Church believes that all that is written in the Bible is historically occurred and the excommunication is repeated elsewhere but I don't have space to write all. As you know he excommunicates those who do not believe in the dogma of faith.
    1909: Pontifical Biblical Commission 30 June 1909 reply to question. (Iii) "you can put in doubt the literal historical sense in those chapters in which it is made that touch the foundations of the Christian religion and ... creation of man,..formation of the first woman from the first man. ... State of grace ... snake ... loss of the progenitors of the primitive State of innocence and. .. REPLY: DO NOT 1943 PIUS XII, DIVINO AFFLATE SPIRITU ... read
    In the 411 Opens a debate that sees against St. Augustine and Pelagius. He won the position of Augustine AMARTIOCENTRICA real historical origin and not biblical original sin. This point is very long to explain, nothing prevents that the founders of this site would speak them. The fact remains that until 411 NO ONE SPOKE OF SIN ORIGINAL ....
    ... and the fact remains that still beats Adam Jesus 1-0 given that despite the new Adam, Jesus died and resurrected the old Adam is always present with his original sin in every child that is born. But Jesus was not defeated their death entered the world because of Adam? so? …. greetings and best wishes.

  4. Antonella says:

    Dearest, where he read that the birth of Adam and Eve is a dogma? To me are other dogmas of the Catholic Church.
    In any case, Adam and Eve are representative figures of mankind, the Church has never invited to make a fundamentalist reading of the Old Testament. But here are distinguished theologians who can answer better than I to her….confusions.

    • gianlub says:

      Adam and Eve are not representative figures of the human race, but it's really the first pair of mankind in the flesh from whom all mankind,those that are referred to as the “progenitors” historically and really existed.

  5. gianlub says:

    Evidently the exegete “Catholic” to which she makes reference to which has not felt the slightest actually excommunicated Catholic is not as would like to explain the dogma of original sin, if not from the first couple really existed (Adam and Eve) and which has spread the effect of original sin which is the decadence of human nature? Darwin's theory is simply a scam and a “hoax”.

  6. maria says:

    Dearest Father, I agree with you on almost everything …and explain the almost with an example, from which you will understand that I did not understand very, but so at least I try.
    It is a dogma of faith the birth of Adam and Eve, exactly as written in Genesis, and so it is for Cain, Abel etc..
    I took a course on Genesis held by a Catholic exegete, in which, however, was accepted man's birth in another way, maybe not according Darwinists…I will stop here because the discussions were long and exhaustive and no one present, including me scandalized the fact,that the dogma, still in force no longer make much sense, expressed as expressed. Catechism of the Catholic Church is said even “let him be anathema….” A man who does not believe in the dogma….
    Again I found and we did not feel the least excommunicated even if we do not believe in the real figure of Adam and Eve…
    This example to explain why I disagree on almost everything…
    What harm is there to use the understanding of things, even transcendent? Or you talk about other dogmas? But then there are dogmas that can be changed and others not?
    Confusingly your…

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