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The Antichrist and the prophecy of Vladimir Soloviev



"But if you really want a rule, here's what I can tell: Be strong in faith, not for fear of sins, but because it is very nice for an intelligent man to live with God " [Vladimir Sergeevich Solov'ev, The three dialogues and the story of the Antichrist]




Author Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



a beautiful photographic image of St. John Paul II

In his second visit to Germany, Saint John Paul II said back in 1984: "... Today the world is experiencing the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation of the Apostle John». Statement that should lead us to a specific question: if the Holy Pontiff expressed thirty years ago in this way, today, which would be expressed in terms?


But as the facts show, it appears that from a bit’ of time in this part of the Augusti Pontiffs is easier to proclaim saints and blessed rather than listen to them and follow them, worshiping in them and in their supreme magisterium of the mystery and the dogma of the faith of the mandate given by the Word of God to Peter [cf. Mt 16, 14-18]. It is well known and common knowledge that make a nice canonization basically costs nothing. As it costs to set up foundations dedicated to St. John XXIII, San Giovanni Paolo II, to Blessed Paul VI. Some banks with a board of directors composed of Masons always happy to foraging barrel of money the irrepressible arrogance of some bishop and cardinal, in order to hit and destroy as much as possible from within the Church, around Italy is always, what seem rather scarce are bishops and cardinals that taking charge of all the dangerous risks involved agree to be lynched by the square no longer willing to listen and incorporate certain gospel messages. Or worse: to be torn apart within the same ecclesial world to have invited the army increasingly busy modernists and apostates to put into practice what certain saints and blessed pontiffs urge to practice through the acts of their teaching, written for the glory of God and for the salvation of man, not for the glory of man, that from century to century is able to use God as an excuse, his Church and all his saints to the glory of egocentrism.


Benedict XVI waiver

Click on the image to listen to the waiver of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI with the translation of the Latin text

Today we have the media capable of transmitting images in real time, the memory of the ceremony of beatification, below that of John Paul II's canonization, should lead us to reflect, because they had never seen before until all the principal sources of degradation condition in which today the Church of Christ immortalized on television as stars to what they themselves called "big event", steeped in worldly clericalese and now devoid of adequate ecclesial languages. To celebrate the new Blessed and holy pontiff have so marched, in red and purple, on the catwalks of honor, even those on which rests the responsibility of having thrown the Bride of Christ on the sidewalk like a prostitute. The same because of which the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI will make withdrawal from the Petrine ministry a few years later, declaring no longer able, by age and lack of physical forces, to hold certain situations, which in other words is to say: the inability to source certain people, place that “situations” - if anything escapes someone - it means “people”, ie those who have generated such situations and which still hold the feet using the worst of the worst authoritarianism and harassment against those who dare to denounce evil just because they want to revive his beloved wife from the sidewalk where the scoundrels have thrown, certainly not for the useless pleasure to denounce evil end in itself.


Stoning of Saint Stephen, pictorial work of the sixteenth century.

At the ceremony of beatification of John Paul II, for real paradox linked as such to that mystery of evil that deceives us since the dawn of time, in practice hath witnessed this: … as if those who had assassinated the deacon Stephen throwing stones [CF. At 6, 8-12; 7, 54-60], a few years after they had declared protomartire, participating in first ahead of everyone to his beatification ceremony and extolling to newspapers, televisions and a swarm of Vaticanists without historical memory, the heroic virtues. And to think that many romantics believe that prostitutes are exercising their ancient craft only inside the brothel and not in the ecclesiastical buildings …


Vladimir Soloviev

portrait of Vladimir Solovyov [Moscow, 16 January 1853 - Uzkoe, 31 July 1900]

Soloviev disappears in the early twentieth century, century in which he was leaning after living the nineteenth travails and prophesied a future of many Browse: philosophy, liberalism, modernism, communisms, psychoanalysis, sociologisms, theologians. Ethen the ranks of the world Belle Epoque, in years when the man was certainly the rise of a happy world, inspired by the new major thrusts of technological progress that sometimes comes to real forms of idolatry of technology; a technology in whose name often, modern thought, tried to evict the very idea of ​​God from society. All atll'ombra oriented and inspired by the new religion of progress, the evangelical principle of charity patronage became emptied of feelings and supports metaphysical, in a safe world to march towards an era illuminated by the freedom of a new social security.


titanic 1

A copy of the old New York Times announcing the Titanic disaster

In the first decade of the twentieth century, the world was touched by an incident that shook public opinion: the sinking of the Titanic at inabissatosi 2.20 on the night of 14 and the 15 April of 1912 in temperate waters around zero degrees. Of 2.223 passenger 1.523 died dying for frostbite. All were equipped with life jacket and could have been saved thanks to the rescue, that when they arrived they could only collect hundreds of bodies floating in the icy waters. This disaster, considered the largest in the history of navigation, produced a copious literature, which hath then joined the cinematography.


titanic 2

click on the image to see the footage of the wreck

The Titanic was the expression of a man certain to dominate on the laws of nature, invincible and sure to give life to things indestructible, unassailable. Then there is a strong symbolic element, to quote a famous teacher and student who later became famous with his opponents: Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung: ice. This titan unsinkable and invincible created by a man self-proclaimed as invincible, It is not affected by the hot passion of the sun, but the ice, frost which had begun to create the modern man who can do without God. I nentre the masters of modern thought pushing locomotives to ice barriers, Soloviev do not let yourself be enchanted and announces in a lucid and prophetic evils that would be born by the metastases that man was putting into circulation; evils that then, the concrete evidence of the facts, one by one came true.


lenin e stalin

Lenin and Stalin, Soviet painting of the Fifties

Discoursing in 1880 According to the above speech Dostoevsky, it almost seems like that Soloviev intuit the brutality of Communism after the October Revolution of 1917 principieranno to affect humanity, giving the world a completely different attitude after the end of World War I. The man is depersonalized in social and political project of Real Socialism, becoming leading biblical humanity created in the image and likeness of God, anonymous cog victim of an ideology created in the image and likeness of a man socially and humanly corrupted, through which we come to known processes of dehumanization carried out by Lenin and especially Stalin.


San Michele Vatican gardens

Statue in San Michele Arcangelo elected patron of the Vatican City, desired by Pope Benedict XVI and then placed near the Palace of the Governorate, with the inscription below to Lucifer pierced by the lance: “And the gates of hell would not prevail“…

In his last publication, The three dialogues and the story of the Antichrist, finished work on Easter Sunday of 1900, it is striking to note the clarity with which Soloviev It provides that the twentieth century will be the era of the last great wars, of strife and revolutions [CF. Ed. Marietti support. 184]. After that says that everything will be ready to lose meaning because the old structure into separate nations and disappear almost everywhere the last remnants of monarchical institutions [pag. 188]. We will then arrive to the Union of the United States of Europe [pag. 195]. It is indeed amazing perspicacity with which Soloviev It describes the great crisis that hit Christianity in the last decades of the twentieth century, depicted through’Antichrist who manage to influence and condition a bit 'all. In him, as is presented here, it is not difficult to see the emblem of the confused and ambiguous religiosity of these years our: he - followed narrate Soloviev - Will be a convinced spiritualist, an admirable philanthropist, a committed pacifist and diligent, a vegetarian looking, an animal determined and active. It Will Be, against the other, also an expert exegete: its culture will create a framework the biblical even a degree Honorary faculty of Tübingen. Above all, will prove an excellent ecumenist, able to communicate with words full of sweetness, wisdom and eloquence [pag. 211]. Against Christ will not in principle hostile [pag. 190]; indeed, I appreciate the high teaching. But it can bear - and therefore the censor - its absolute uniqueness [pag. 190]; and therefore does not resign to admit and to proclaim that he is risen and alive today.


Marietti Soloviev

The Three Dialogues and the Antichrist Stories published by Editrice Marietti

In these lines takes shape criticism Christianity of “values”, of the “openings” he was born in “dialogue”, where apparently remains little room for mystery of the person of the Word of God made Man, crucified and risen for us. Everything seems absorbed in molasses sentimental tenderness of vaporous. Of course, we have something to think, if we think of the militancy of faith reduced to a humanitarian socio-cultural; the Gospel message identified in comparison with irenic all philosophies and all religions; the Church of God mistaken for an organization of social promotion in which they multiply “events” built on strategies marketing. We are sure that Soloviev has not really expected what actually happened and that it is precisely the trap today's most threatening “holy nation” redeemed by the blood of Christ? It is a very disturbing question that for this should not be circumvented; and instead for this is rejected, sometimes violently, within the Church and outside the Church.


martyrs of 2014

crimson one gets the impression that the world is on the brink of madness is too busy defending the “rights” the worst perversions proprinate by the culture of gender, to turn our gaze to a massacre of Christians in recent years has exceeded that of the early centuries of Christianity

Soloviev He has fully understood the twentieth century, perhaps we are that we did not understand him, or we do not want to understand for a reactive-defensive closure, so much so that he had not ever listened. This is demonstrated by many attitudes of many Christians today who consider themselves educated and engaged on the side of the Church, or who consider themselves “Christian adults”. Let's just think about the forms increasingly exasperated and exasperating of selfish individualism determinants our customs and our laws by which it is gradually subverted the natural order. You just need to analyze the “culture” the gender which is increasingly taking on the characteristics of a devastating dictatorship, with a lot of complaints in accordance with law and sentencing courts against persons recognized guilty of having expressed through freedom of thought and speech a peaceful dissent, considered but no more right to freedom of thought and speech but crime, if somehow touches the powerful mafia and social policy of the Sodomites, that already in most states have imposed protocols through which you teach “values” of the worst sexual perversions right from elementary schools, disguised under the false label of luciferin “right to diversity“. In some countries of decadent Europe - which now sick with hatred towards itself and from its Christian roots is gradually handing Islam -, Some say that the dished by certain powerful mafias of pederasts and lesbians with hate is a poisonous culture of death that will lead to the collapse, as has happened throughout history in many ancient civilizations sunk from glory to decline and therefore swept away, now likely to end up convicted of homophobia. To follow with pacifism often turned into violent pacifundism and the non-mutated violence often ideological aggression imbued with contempt for others.


The ideals of peace and fraternity I am no longer read in an evangelical key but Enlightenment and as such structured on Jacobin fury, ie in ideological anti-Christian, with the consequent result that the face of the aggression and to the worst bullying, many of our pastors end up giving weakly and running now to deal with masters of this world, or, like Esau, undersell the legitimate birthright for a plate of lentils [CF. Gen 25, 29-34], leaving without any defense the weak and the oppressed, in a particular way if they are Catholics and Christians persecuted for their faith, in the House of God and out of the House of God, because today, the worst persecution, are not those of the persecuted for the Church, but those who are persecuted inside the church at the hands of churchmen.


In all this lie some powerful strands of modern theology that, after having confused the absolute metaphysical concept understood as absolute faith, with the concept entirely different socio-political absolutism, have made a real de-construction and destruction of the dogma, after having undermined the concept of the absoluteness of faith by which Christ is for us the Word of God incarnate, dead has risen, and as such is the center of our present, our being and becoming future, then the ultimate goal of our entire eschatological humanism.


day of the Mason

Of the series ” e you’ that m'envento pe’ rise ” – Father Geraldo Magela de Silva, priest of the Diocese of Pesqueira in Brazil, celebrates a Mass for the Masons who parade in the Parish of Our Lady of Conception, receiving the Eucharist and climb onto the presbytery with squares and compasses.

What to say about the theological virtue of Charity, the most important, as defined by St. Paul [CF. The Cor 13, 13], which gradually has replaced one of the most cherished concepts culture Masonic: solidarity? I will not repeat, and I will only refer to my article on Newspeak I speak the words emptied of their meaning and filled the other [see who], all in the wake of a tragedy today that sometimes seems irreversible: we have lost our language, which is the metaphysical, to meet not to “new words”, but meaningless concepts that undermine the foundations of our faith, who needs to express clear and precise words, a common vocabulary that allows us to seek perfection in unity [CF. GV 17, 20-21.23].


But what is the reality that many of our ecclesial bishops e cardinaloni pretend not to see, to avoid having to run for cover as soon as possible? Narrated by people like me who lives far from inside the Church's life as a member of the College of Priests, the bleak reality is this: if we put together three or four priests discover that each of them has a “his” language, a “its” ecclesiology, a “its” pastoral … and all this often ends result in a “its” doctrine. In one thing these priests will be united in a nefarious common element: in the spirit clerical, in malice clerks, minutehé when it undermines and destroys the spirit of the Church stands in its place the worst of the spirit clerical. If we take as a paradigm of the Diocese diocyes, that of Rome, Episcopal seat of the Chair of Peter, and we go around the parishes during the celebration of the Masses, choosing for example ten to the event spaRSE through L'Urbe, discover in them ten priests who celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice in dIECI different ways, Some also moved by the evident spirit of …”e mo’ that m'envento pe’ rise “? We fly over the whole of certain groups Neocatechumenal and charismatic that now have de facto “rites” own, including rites, animists and finished in syncretistic Catholic ritual; but we overlook the same way about certain so-called traditionalists, under which the number of those who “they adore” accidents outside of the sacred liturgy rather than substances immutable and eternal Memorial Vivo and Santo, is unfortunately very high. In short: sometimes seems to be in an open field without any possibility of shelter with grenades raining down from all sides.


Dolce and Gabbana

If they were not clear results “mythical” and the sexual revolution “liberation” woman, here is an advertising company of designers Dolce&Gabbana in which simulates the rape of a woman authentic object of the XXI century, daughter of the woman finally “released” four decades before the wrath of feminist movements

After a sexual revolution who experienced a riot of selfishness that has not liberated women at all, but he really made “object” more than it has ever been historically and socially, and that has split the human sexuality from love, Novecento is finally reached such levels of institutionalized perversion that it is difficult to find equal historical adequate, even going to borrow the images of Sodom and Gomorrah, But that does not make the idea, especially not make “justice” the reality of our present.


The twentieth century was the century of oppressive history, no respect for human life and without mercy; and certain instincts now circulating for a century in the blood of the new generations not resolve cinetelevisivi invitations to tender, because the work that is required is much more complex, but especially more drastic, because it is based on a risk that you can not avoid running: not the pleasure to the masses and elites Power. Not to mention the true mercy, that correctly understood, implemented and practiced according to the Mystery of Revelation, exposed and summarized in numerous passages of the Gospels, Let us take only one among several:


"If your right eye to sin and cast it from you: fact you should lose one of your members, rather than your whole body be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, tagliala and gettala way of you: fact you should lose one of your members, rather than your whole body go into hell " [Mt 5, 29-30]


diabetic foot 2

which wise doctor, will be so criminally “merciful”, to let the gangrene assail the whole body, instead of saving through amputation infected?

If within the Church Contemporary someone is convinced, however, that before a body beset by a devastating degenerative diabetes that caused gangrene in the foot, is instead very merciful not amputate, because it is not good to deprive a human being of a limb, in such a case is obvious: We prepare the inevitable consequence of gangrene that from there soon assail all the other limbs of the body.


The twentieth century was the century that witnessed the extermination of the Jews, that was not the only, although few remember the Armenian genocide at the turn of the First World War. No one commemorates the tens and tens of millions killed under the Soviet regime and few venture out to count the victims sacrificed in the various parts of the world communist utopia. In the course of this century has imposed on entire populations atheism State, while in Western secularized has spread atheism hedonistic and libertarian, until you get the idea of ​​the grotesque “death of God”.


Soloviev foto

Vladimir Sergeevich Solov'ev

Soloviev he was a prophet and outdated teacher and unheeded, Long relegated to the visionary literature. It was actually in appassionato defender bashful man to every philanthropy. He was a tireless apostle of peace and opponent of pacifism. Advocated unity among Christians and was harshly critical of each irenicism. He was in love with nature but totally detached from today's ecological infatuations, or to put it briefly: friend was in love with the revealed Truth of the Word of God and hostile enemy of every ideology and every socio-religious theology pseudo. These are the guides of which today we desperately need, together with the true mercy. We do not need, never a body infected with gangrenous limbs will be saved with the distilled water of the vaporous tenderness, nor with the mutated mercy mercy, because it is only with the great mercy of the scalpel, that a body suffering from gangrene can be saved …




Jesus child Pinturicchio

Octave of Christmas 2014: Silent Night! By Andrea Bocelli


Author DRAFTING of the Island of Patmos

of the island of Patmos



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35 replies
  1. hector says:

    Ariel Rev.Padre

    Thank you for the answer you gave me. I also see from the comment that Roberto's theme to the different moments of the Mass, including the distribution of the Eucharist, say raises some concerns. Not the least, interpretation of some, “the rapidity” of the next steps to communion, Fast reading of prayer and final blessing. To whom it is communicated, shall not have the time to thank the Lord.
    Would take a short break of silent meditation, not only personal, but the entire assembly or a song more prolonged. It seems that we all rush to return everyone to their chores! Just some old priest gets to sit still for a minute or two before the Concluding Rite.
    Appropriate, perhaps a little nostalgic this reflection:

  2. hector says:

    Rev. father ariel,
    attending different churches, or even seeing television, I noticed recently that every officiating “Personalize increasingly” many aspects of the celebration of the Holy Mass. I do not speak much of the “news”, of style,del dell'eloquio heat, the interior participation, the sense of God: distinctive characteristics of the individual man-priest, but rather the differences regarding the gestures of deference and respect that the celebrant makes to the Lord: kisses the altar, bow down (deep or simply mentioned with the head) and genuflessioni (o Quick indugiate), some officiants perform them even more than ten times, someone maybe two. And just allowed this variety of choice? From solemnity… in a hurry! What are the consequences on the sacredness of the rite?
    Can you please remember what prescribes in this respect the liturgy of the Roman Missal: what types of gesture, how many and in what key moments (begin , Offertory, I believe, Consecration, Communion of the priest, Communion of the faithful with the opening and closing of the Tabernacle, end of Mass )? Thank you.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ettore,

      Holy Mass in the pre-festive tonight, preaching the Prologue of the Gospel of St. John, I did a sermon in which I laid in relation the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God in the sacred liturgy, understood as Eucharistic Sacrifice, as a living memorial and holy, not as a canteen Friends, cheerful banquet, fraternal banquet …
      In this sermon I also answered, cumulatively, to many of the faithful in the internal forum and external forum complain increasingly liturgical antics of certain priests and those even more unacceptable to some lay people who move around the altar as masters and master often doing what they should not absolutely do what, or taking the floor during the liturgical action in which only the priest is allowed to preach and teach God's people, or in some cases prescribed and allowed the deacon, but not to lay men and women possessed who presume to speak for sometimes direct mandate of the Holy Spirit, the person of the Holy Trinity very often abused these days.
      This has led to an apparent imbalance, complained and wrote in his time also by the Venerable Pope Benedict XVI, who spoke of an increasingly secularized clergy and laity increasingly clericalized.
      Liturgical abuses are as crimes, there's all kinds of, and list would be very long.
      As a priest I can tell you that sometimes I stumbled upon disconcerting situations, some of which are recounted in my book 2011, where about liturgical chaos explain for example what happened to me in a German church in which the sacristy, already saved and ready to go to the altar, I had to shoot (which means to take off the vestments) and go away without celebrating, because a would theologian claimed, as he was used to doing, to give the homily in my place after the proclamation of the Gospel. Always in a German church, finding in the sacristy of beautiful girls ultra twenties already dressed in white coats ready to accompany the celebrant at the altar, I said they could take off safely gowns and go sit in the assembly because I would not have gone to the altar with women-altar boy, not only grown but also very appreciably provocative. In response, accused me of being a “Romano retrograde”, I replied: “You have not understood anything. I am Catholic, are you that you act like the Protestants, as well as those suffering from romanofobia Teutonic”.
      In some churches where I was to celebrate I quarreled repeatedly with some women who have stopped to give Communion to the faithful, unconcerned that the pastor had used to do it while he was sitting at home. I instituted ministers of Holy Communion may assist the celebrant only in cases prescribed, that is, when there is really need; not, however, that the priest is sitting while the omnipresent and omnipotent “pretesse” do what they should not do, because this is forbidden by the Church in this regard has written and issued documents clear and precise, for example en Instruction Sacramentum, which can be found here:
      Another time, in a church in Rome, no one had warned me, during the liturgy of the word a layman began to speak between the first reading and the responsorial psalm, saying among other things the big crap and even a couple of blatant heresies. I was silent out of respect for the Assembly because the church was full. But when the player succesivo, after reading the second reading, took back word, at that point I interrupted by the celebrant asking: “Who gave you permission to speak and how dare you do that?”. He replied: “But I'm doing my resonance!”. And I note that just said: “my resonance”. At that point I say: “from now on that all respond as prescribed by ritual to the words of the celebrant if you do not want to run the risk of receiving back the resonance of my beatings”.
      Who does these things usually sticks to “liturgical styles” arbitrary, unacceptable and reprehensible even canonically; the most crazed appeal instead directly to the Holy Spirit, speaking through them or that inspires them on the spot.
      The sad reality is that the presbytery is often profanely changed in the stage of certain priests or laity walkway certain that every Sunday give the best of the worst of themselves.
      To give vent to extreme forms of narcissism and exasperating priestly or egocentricity secular, it is so necessary to resort liturgical abuse, or other alteration to the fixed structure of the liturgy, within which, certain terms and words, have their own way, for example the word “canon”, which means fixed, stiff, invariable, such as the “Eucharistic canon”.

      What we need to do, and the way we do it, is written on the Roman Missal, where is that “in black” are written all over the celebrant must recite; “in red” is written in a way that, with such gestures, genuflections … it should all be recited and performed.
      This rigidity, which should be scrupulously respected, serves to give first a universality to the liturgy devoid of personalities, Referees, localism and setterismi of church groups or movements; then serves as a reminder to those who celebrate and to the congregation that what is entrusted to the hands and mouth of us priests is a mystery so great that no one should afford to make a sigh or a gesture out of place. For charity, then if one mistake does not fall the world, a wise proverb states that fact “misses the priest at the altar”. It is one thing, however, commit an unintentional human error, an account to use the liturgy for their show instead of serving the Church and realize the sacred mysteries through the liturgy; sacred mysteries of which we are the servants and instruments devotees, no masters or worse creators.

      Going to this link of the Italian Episcopal Conference, PDF will find the Roman Missal and the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, and there will be a clear answer to all his questions, because there is written, “in black” e “in red”, what to do and what words and gestures we have to do. And who does not, seriously wrong, often creating even disorientation and discomfort in the People of God, who needs guides who are devotees, credible and authoritative servants of the mysteries of faith, not of improvisers or sloppy celebrants.

      • Roberto says:

        father ariel, if I can I would like to take this opportunity to ask what can be done in front of repeated abuses of this kind: the extraordinary ministers distribute systematically in every Sunday and feast commanded the Eucharist, in tandem with the priest and the deacon (do not tell her how wonderful to see them when they wear a nice jacket red fireman… ). According to the Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum this is possible, if not mistaken, only where there is a huge crowd who takes the Eucharist, certainly not to shorten the row of a couple of minutes (if there are other cases, I would welcome if I illustrate them). But my problem is: what to do? We assume that the word of a lay person has a value of ‘0’ Why “if the priest lets you make can not be wrong” and there is no Holy or document capable of understanding the opposite interlocutor. If I did this to the pastor, I know perfectly well that the maximum in the third sentence of response I would feel quote “Freedom of the Sons of God”, and how they are made, I know that if I do not avoid the controversy, the mi arrabbierei, or gallop would leave the language more than they should. So,…

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Roberto.

          If the pastor was deaf on the right call about things objectively wrong done to him by the faithful devotees, in this case the faithful or the faithful should speak to the bishop as commands Sacramentum.
          Laymen and laywomen who were established extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, event that they would be required to carry out the ministry when it is not necessary, must refuse, exactly as they always indicates the Sacramentum.
          As for color firefighter jackets and similar delicacies, I can tell her how on one occasion I acted I: I celebrated in a sea area a warm July morning, there were about 250/300 People at Mass. They arrive on the presbytery three ministers of Communion in shirt with short sleeves, pants to the knee and flip-flops. When one of these had to go to the tabernacle took off the key of the hand and said,: “Go ahead, I do”. So it took about 15 and more minutes for distributing Communion.
          When the end of the Mass were in the sacristy to even groped a protest … “bombing of treason”, I explained the reason related to their clothing is not appropriate; they said that it was hot. Then I pointed to my vestments: I was wearing the cassock, over which I had worn the shirts, above to coat the stole and chasuble, and I was completely sweaty, because many priests, in their sum foolishness, while often spending unnecessary money for futurism, when it comes to sacred vestments are able to buy chasubles cheesy acrylic, which is to put a plastic bag on him. And since there is no end to the intelligence, are also able to illuminate the church with lights warm light, so that the effect is oven-total.
          Explained everything, I went back to where I was staying and 15 minutes I stood under the shower with cold water.

  3. vincenzodatorino says:

    Ignazio. I happened to know a person who converted to Jesus Christ by reading the Catechism Dutch. I leave you to judge how true knowledge. I do not doubt that she did have a spiritual path that considers valid through the Neocatechumenal. However I think it is always important to be vigilant and careful, when you are in groups where the temptation of sectarianism is always very strong. Do not drink it all and compare that to the documents of the Church with regard to the doctrine, maintaining its intellectual independence. Try to read the manuscript of Zoffoli that accurately criticizes many parts of the verb doctrinal founder's taken from his articles and words, concluding that it is…Protestant. As can be read on the blog “observatory on the Neocatechumenal Way” responses from the direct experience very little positive. Compare. It seems to me that, as the abuse of the name and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, there are many things to be corrected in this movement. The influence and the work of catechists is abnormal compared to that of the Priest with results sometimes true of plagiarism. I do not want to argue, ma…

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Ignazio.

        Excuse me if I do not issue six long post that sent me where followed to bring "incontrovertible" explanations without logic and common sense; writing with the stomach things humoral and without reflection. What is clear to me - and I regret very deeply for her - is that she lives in a sectarian dimension, with a hermetic closure to comparison, presuming to live a faith that requires, teaches as an encyclical of John Paul II, also and especially the precious instrument of "ratio”, hence the name: Faith and Reason.
        She is a person dramatically devoid of Christian critical sense.
        To embitter is then his superb attitude and arrogant. As for the pride I'll tell you that from this deadly sin I have always been terrified in my heart, so much so that my spiritual director and my confessor, I have often wondered if they had ever FOUND in me some instinct of pride, even slight. In fact I know that if the Evil One can take through the cardinal sin of pride prince, we can do anything he wants, because this sin is pulled behind hereinafter also all other.
        She, on pride, state than writes unfortunately there has even built a journey of faith that does not allow comparisons and healthy discussions of any kind. God have mercy on her then, and especially catechists who have pulled up this way.
        All this adds ignorance, because she is a Catholic, doctrinally and theologically ignorant; and despite having been repeatedly put on notice to do so by my answers, followed undaunted in trying - just ignorant - to disprove with blatant and ridiculous mistakes instead who has dedicated his entire life to the study of the truths of faith and, above all, the first attempt to apply them to his own person.
        Bringing such holiness of John Paul II in evidence that she - or whoever she - right, is a colossal stupidity. I could in fact make them a list of different holy fathers canonized and declared Doctors of the Church, that in the course of their lives have repeatedly fallen into heresy, from which you are obviously and humbly repented; wants him cite just one of many? St. Augustine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church. Or if he also wants his teacher, Sant'Ambrogio, who as a young man, with the blade of a knife at his throat, seconded the Arians. But if we want to bring as well as Antonio Rosmini, I much admire and venerate, rightly beatified, although in the course of his life has fallen into several doctrinal errors to the point that some of his writings were put to the index, but without any effect on his holiness.
        The apostles themselves - as Benedict XVI said in his speech - were not perfect, in fact they were burdened by human limitations also considerable:
        it is useful to reflect that the Twelve Apostles were not perfect men, chosen for their moral and religious irreproachability. They were believers, Yes, full of enthusiasm and zeal, but at the same time marked by their human limitations, sometimes even serious. So, Jesus did not call them because they were already saints, complete, perfect, but in order for it to become, that they might be transformed to turn so the story” [see text here: ]
        She confuses holiness with perfection that is an attribute of God and as such belongs only to God and lives only in the mystery of God. She lives openly in error and even despite attempts with its erroneous statements and non-Catholic to correct others and impose its subjective and arbitrary "truths" of faith, sprawled before the Holy Spirit, Now even the saints, as conclusive evidence that the Word of Truth resides in you as belonging to “most holy” Neocatechumenal Way.
        If, then, these are the results of his Way of conversion, with sincere and heartfelt sadness I must say: Lord Pietà! For her and for those who have driven in this way.

        Know that this will be in my prayers while wholeheartedly bless the Lord with the best wishes for this new year 2015.

  4. Francesca says:

    Good evening Father Ariel, Good evening to all.
    I refer to the discussion between Ariel and Father Ignatius.
    I attended a Christmas Mass with "run Neocatechumenal" in a parish other than my, parish of my mother. To "run" I mean mainly the songs (alas ungainly, urlati's Stone, I have to say but do not be offended please ... it's just that, my humble observation, a little distracting from the Mass ....). Being celebration open to all the faithful, Also not in the Neocatechumenal Way, so it was not classic celebration "among them", personally have not noticed liturgical differences - except in two, but mainly one: The time / gesture more significant was that the consecration of the Eucharist in which the entire, great, church except for a few rare faithful (to es. I) is left standing, attention. Later I asked my mother the "phenomenon", since she had followed in the past for a couple of years the Way .... and explained to me that in the Neocatechumenal communities are taught, I report the concept, "Christ is risen, we are all resurrected then you must remain standing ".
    I then did a quick search on the internet and found, it seems to me, a good explanation by a professor of liturgy on kneel during the consecration
    In practice, the teacher says that only health problems or logistical or particular situations or to limit, I assume I Article, ignorance of the Catholic can justify failure genuflection. So, yet I conclude, Decision DELIBERATE and systematic teaching, by Catholics Neocatechumenal other Catholics, NOT to genuflect, to change themselves a liturgical meaning, we would enter directly into other issues, about a "rite Neocatechumenal".
    Second "change", however, less important, that I noticed. For several years, in different parishes to pray the Our Father with your palms facing up, a gesture as "opening-host". I saw that the Neocatechumenal instead raise their arms and keep your palms facing outward and the front (type westerns "hands up!”).
    My mother (I promptly heeled) told me that they took the gesture from a biblical passage now that she no longer remembers, but that even that gesture, such as non-genuflection, is explicitly required and explained in the communities with their timely basis "scriptural".
    Effectively, knowing some of the events in the family, the attitude of certain (I don't generalize) Neocatechumenal puzzle me. But it is not my intention here to argue with a spiritual reality that definitely sparked conversions and good things. I do not think that the Neocatechumenal voluntarily place themselves outside the Catholic Church, but tend to fall anyway in the usual defect of all the groups a little closed ... .ovvero consider a certain spirituality as the only true. While it is only one true Church of Christ. From this starting error also born, in my opinion, decisions to make changes liturgical, etc. etc.. Changes that one would wonder "what for" ?? what use?? You can not express a specific spirituality / charisma while observing those two simple rules, mica random, delivered by the Church?
    With this comment I take this opportunity to offer my congratulations to all the initiative of the Island of Patmos. Personally I prefer rigor in dealing with certain issues, so usually I find myself in the line of the Island. Although sometimes I hit to the heart when you express (Also Father Ariel) that bit a little too hard on Pope Francis ... .Its until it is clear compliance (and it is) to papal authority is fine with me.
    Even in dealing with all the other arguments here on the Island, for me all ok until Truth and Charity go hand in hand. Charity with an inch above the Truth, if I may say so ... .no, the expression is not completely right but yes, by ... .Since that Truth is not we who possess, Supreme Leader I always give it to Charity. (hoping not to have written one blunder)
    Thank you


    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … mia way, not only she did not write howlers. She wrote things of rare wisdom and balance, the face of which the priest must first bow our heads and give thanks to God.
      In the church where I celebrated throughout the Advent, preached the Christmas Novena and celebrated the Solemnity of Christmas, There is the elderly mother of a nun who is very simple woman, speaks only in his dialect and is no education … but I call it “la mia theologians”.
      E’ a sick woman, full of all kinds of physical pain, no teeth in the mouth because diabetes prevents her to be able to hold a hearing, yet always smiling and every time I see fills me with motherly blessing in the name of Jesus and Our Lady. A woman who has fallen in its own being and existence yearning Pauline: “It is not I who live, but Christ lives in me”.
      If the most influential members of the International Theological Commission and the Pontifical Academy of Theology not chinassero before the faith of this woman, would mean that their studies and their titles are not served at all and that despite their “alleged” know they still have to understand what true faith in the Word of God made Man.

      The lively discussion among our reader Neocatecumenale and me, stems from the fact that “I know I do not know” and for this I am ready to learn from all, from the little ones who are the source of purity until you get to the old that are a source of rare wisdom. But when I find myself in front of these Catholics who pull at stake and that the poor scramble Holy Spirit – and coincidentally! – always and rigor in favor of their statements and beliefs widely in their groups, I get irritated because I have to be angry, is a pastoral duty irritated to some subject which perhaps, their “ubiquitous” e “indisputable” catechists, not have given a fundamental teaching, that is to “Do not take the name of God in vain”.

      Let's face also in other terms: these gentlemen think that sometimes hold the deposit of truth; to these “direct wire” with the Holy Spirit, no one has ever taught listening and respect for priests established and responsible for guiding the People of God? Why assume that a priest, established pastor in charge of souls, has received the sacrament for a certain grace of state for education and even a small theological preparation. Of course: I do not say that the priest should not be contradicted, criticized and if necessary also reprimanded, wanting too hard. What I say and that lament is that now you have lost the roles and people tend not to stay in their place within the Church, entering with great ease, and in tones sometimes even peremptory, in discussions of a strictly theological, doctrinal and pastoral but did not have the means and tools of adequate knowledge to do so, which apparently are however unnecessary, because both have the Holy Spirit blowing on them, c he is strictly on their side, or even that “speaks” through them (!?).

      If the priest is expressed by those who are the criteria of the doctrine of the Church, its liturgical and canonical norms, reiterating what the Church teaches and commands; if as a faithful instrumentum Of faithfully celebrate the sacred mysteries as the Church commands him to do, some lay lords should have a minimum of decency, follow him, and do not claim the right to real antics liturgical and catechetical. If the priest expresses his personal subjective opinions, at that point we can also make black from head to toe with our criticisms and objections, indeed it is only right to do it, if necessary. O with said another example: if the Holy Father gave an interview to a journalist at arm doing a generic speech, I can also criticize the content and the opportunity with all due respect to him due, because it is the Church itself through its laws allow me; but if the Holy Father acts or is expressed in the exercise of their high ministry or in the exercise of his apostolic Magisterium, I shall speak never a sigh, Subject to fail in my duties as a faithful priest.

      Is not it, how to teach ambiguously and incorrectly in certain circles Neocatechumenal, that “we are all priests”, because the royal priesthood, with the participation of all the baptized is not the ministerial priesthood of Christ with the participation for the sacrament of grace only priests, elements that do not have to take orders or directives nor the lay lords appointed as catechists in the Neocatechumenal Way, because the shepherds in the care of souls, and we are not their.

      I never made any secret of having many reservations on certain movements, in particular on the Neocatechumenal and Charismatics; and it is legitimate that I expressed my reservations if based on the rigor of the doctrine, of theology, the liturgical and canonical norms, that not infrequently, in various fringe groups of these movements are severely and persistently violated, sometimes with unacceptable arrogance.
      Then, enough to talk to numerous pastors experienced that on hearing the word “Neocatecumenali” whiten face. Come May? Maybe because they are not only priests touched by the grace of the Holy Spirit?
      I know what I have had to endure and suffer many of my brothers with groups Neocatechumenal unmanageable that put the verb and the authority of their catechists forward to that of the priest accused of being more or less closed to the grace of the Holy Spirit, if not agreed to do what the catechists – of lay lords often also with doctrinal far from adequate and deep, but rich in return for security and sectarian spirit – demanded that the priest did. And who wants confirmation of these my statements, go to seek guidance to bishops, not a few of which, behind closed doors, during the meetings of the clergy have strongly called before all the members of the presbytery some priests who had made “hostage” of all the worst antics of certain groups Neocatechumenal; and before all the presbytery some bishops strictly prohibited certain forms of celebrations do not comply with the disciplines liturgical and canonical, also using tones that a bishop should use the penalty as appropriate by its priests: “otherwise you change parish” … “if you continue on this road you sanctioned canonically”.

      This is the reality of the Church is not always pleasant and especially not always easy to manage by the priests on the one hand and by the bishops on the other hand. And I, as a priest, I live by the Church rather from inside, although certain laymen would teach what the Church really, because through the word of some catechists have received all the lights of the Holy Spirit in their Way. And if someone tells me: “You do not know and do not know the things”, pulling well in dancing the Holy Spirit, in such a case to replicate the rhymes is a pastoral duty to which I can not and I must not escape.

      And who has faith and intelligence has followed this thread, has more or less understood with what kind of problem we have unfortunately not really just to do when we talk about movements desired by the Holy Spirit, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and through which the Holy Spirit speaks through its members …

      Thank you very much.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      ... Sits, if you want to "play" with the "Holy Spirit" low market, pulling like a "rag" in support of his idea of ​​subjective Church, please: does not do so, however, with the theologians (in conclusion, a bit 'of humility) let alone bringing up the archbishop emeritus of Bologna, that just to certain ecclesial movements has raised over the years many doubts, and also gravely.

      Given then that she likes to quote all the popes of the last fifty years, here is what he recommended and requested in 2014 the last successor of Peter, the reigning Pope Francis, addressing the Neocatechumenal.

      The Holy Father urges clearly to maintain communion within the particular Churches. Communion is essential, and sometimes it may be better to give up living in all the details what your itinerary would require to ensure the unity of the Church community, of which you must feel part. A second indication is the attention to the cultural context in which it operates on a mission. And finally the Pope has recommended to always take care of others. The freedom of each should not be forced, you have to respect those who are looking out of the Way.

      Between the lines, but not so much between the lines, he said in a clear and unequivocal: please stop “neocatecumenalizzare” the parishes, to the coup within them and to force them to move away from all those who rightly do not intend to comply with the Way, to its catechists, etc…
      That said, the Supreme Pontiff, that she like it or not.

      Then repeat: As seen in the movies that follow below he is not Catholic, these celebrations in private salons, with dinner tables like we were at a banquet, carried out intentionally by spaces consecrated, inappropriate in a swarm of symbols of the Jewish tradition (all applicants as can be seen in other movies here also included in the Pentecostal sect) and especially with all the referees liturgical applicable, represent serious, willful and repeated violation of ecclesial communion, as well as the liturgical and canonical norms. Why the liturgy belongs to the Church, not to the founders of the Way, that can not make it the object of arbitrators.



      MASS AT A COMMUNITY 'Neocatechumenal

      And with that I have nothing to add. Only one thing could you please: Avoid reply – pulling at stake if anything even the Holy Spirit – the celebrant in the movie that breaks this focaccia beautiful thick and without any care for the fragments Eucharistic, administering the Eucharist to people seated giving them holding the chalice with the Precious Blood of Christ, is a metropolitan archbishop and present among the shareholders to attend the whole there is also Cardinal Marx, archbishop of Munich, because the ecclesiastical office of the presiding celebrant at the Eucharist this does not make it immune from error, indeed it accentuates and makes it much more serious yet, seen that a bishop is supreme master and guardian of doctrine and liturgical traditio, not complacent performer aberazioni liturgical result of arbitrary inventions of secular Kilo Arguello and Carmen Hernandez secular.


  5. Ignatius Contini says:

    Unfortunately I typed the wrong key and I mistakenly sent the message without being able to conclude the reasoning. I wanted to make a last consideration. But she really believes that it has no doubt about the goodness not, to put it mildly, of the Neoc Way. when Pope beatified and sanctified you are in an enthusiastic way? I am a good Christian by virtue of such proclamations papal some doubt, on mine however good and justified certainties, I would begin to have him, or not?

  6. Ignatius Contini says:

    There are none so deaf as those who will not hear. Answer to your question is too simple. We celebrate every Sunday in our parish and who is the presiding pastor who uses the Roman Missal. And this happens in all the parishes of the world where there is the Way NEOC. Inform yourself well and see that it is as I say. Besides, I do not understand what we have to refer Missal. In conscience I say that we love our parish priests and bishops. Rather answer me instead my question : the Pope is yes or no, the Vicar of Christ ? If your answer is yes as I hope, So why think that all Popes Paul VI Pope Francis are heretics as unable to discern the fruits that come from the Holy Spirit to those who come from the devil ? I give advice to go to reread everything that these Popes have spoken on the Way and will see who will get answers much more tough on my Missal of the Roman Rite. With a simple click on the Internet, if you want to send the link in order to facilitate the task. Last consideration and then I were you is areiil mere fact of thinking that are sanctified and beatified Popes

    • gianlub says:

      Ma, if as you say, the Neoc Way. S celebrates Mass with the Roman Missal, why Pope Benedict XVI has asked that the liturgical celebrations of the Cam. Neoc. are closely monitored and evaluated to see and identifying his realte adherence to the liturgical norms of the Catholic Church? perhaps the Pope Benedict XVI IS NO absolutely convinced that the celebrations in Cam NEOC. are fully Catholic.

  7. Ignatius Contini says:

    Ah, one last thing me if the public : sees me surprised that someone like you used to deepen each theme or topic she treated, did not notice that as the same Church founded by Jesus , so also the Neocatechumenal wanted by the Holy Spirit ( do not say no because otherwise denies all the Popes who have praised) , during his Way is strongly attacked by the devil, and is present there especially where the more you bother. Now if I walk inside there are bad apples, as indeed there are in the Church, not for this , hopefully, say the whole Church is rotten. Then we carefully before you make judgments that do not reflect the reality of the facts. If you have recognized and lived moments certainly not idyllic with some catechists of the Way NEOC., not the face of a lump. To conclude , she that, I believe, I hope, loves Papa Francesco, after his speech to the Neocatechumenal (go in Squares, bring good notizia..etc) is convinced that he was intermeshed network by Kiko ? I don't think so, then it says anything is possible in this world!!

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ignazio.

      I've brought the whole series of examples rigorously documented, closing of which I asked a specific question to which she did not respond. In return, I posted a rant of comments, writings of jet and without any spirit of reflection – which says a lot – but especially not respond to a clear and precise my question, which then repeat again:

      in conscience, she bring himself to say that the Neocatechumenal, in their celebrations, open the Roman Missal and, word after word, sigh sigh behind, gesture after gesture, do everything in black and red is written above the Missal given by the Church to every Catholic priest Orbe?

      And I repeat the opening words of the initial application: “in conscience…”.

      Not only, I do not speak “from the throne”, but I'll tell you more: despite having unworthily received all the gifts during the sacramental action of my priestly consecration, I know better than to bring up inappropriately Holy Spirit, or worse to use the Holy Spirit for my personal purposes, this do not just catechists of the Neocatechumenal Way, often with immense damage on the psychology of those people that often we priests must then pick to pieces, working with them not just, indeed of practice always long. I try to serve the Holy Spirit, not to use this material to the purposes of my “seven”.
      Overflight on authentic “heresies” she concentrated in so few lines, I just only to argue a point: Padre Pio was not absolutely persecuted by the Church, which as you should know is one holy catholic and apostolic. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, of which Christ is the Head and we limbs, which is to say: men of the Church can be defeasible in all respects human and moral, but the Church is indefectible. Therefore know that Padre Pio was not persecuted “from the Church” which is a, holy catholic, Apostolic and … indefectible, but by some men of the Church. And believe me, both theologically both doctrinally speaking, between church and churchmen, or ecclesiastics, there is a big difference, as there is between “ecclesial body” e “ecclesiastical body”, as there is between “Sacrifice Eucaristo” e “joyful table” of the “brothers who break the bread and share wine in joy”.
      If he wants to come to me, I guarantee that the catechism as you have to teach him that I've studied the texts of the perennial teaching of the Church and all that I sent to teach it as a pastor in the care of souls, with all due respect to “resonances” by Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez, which are not the voice of the Holy Spirit on earth.

  8. Ignatius Contini says:

    Look at my answer does not count , count the word of the Pope!!! Happy New Year and many beautiful things to her and her family that compressed parish!!

  9. Ignatius Contini says:

    There are many families in this world progressed, rich, opulent who lose their unity, lose communion, lose the roots. Here you are itinerants to bring the witness of these roots; this is your catechesis, this is your testimony Neocatechumenal: so we speak of fruiting of the Sacred Baptism. We know that the Sacrament of Matrimony, the family, all this grows in the Sacrament of Baptism, from its wealth. Grow from baptism means to grow from the paschal mystery of Christ.
    AND SUBMISSION OF FAMILIES FOR “New Evangelization Feast of the Holy Family – Port S. Giorgio

    I can not stress, with deep joy, that your anxiety evangelizing spur you especially to families. Does not it need to be the family in this time again because evangelized rediscover its role as the primary cell of the Christian community, domestic church, within which it is possible to live the primordial experience of the encounter with God?

  10. Ignatius Contini says:

    We are pleased to know that you animators of these occasions of consciousness in many parishes. We are pleased in particular to know that in all your projects you are supremely conscious dependence on your pastors and communion with all brothers. This ecclesial sensitivity – which is always a guarantee of the presence of the Spirit Edificatrice – We extend our encouragement.
    And then certainly for a parish such a community, such a group is really a yeast, because as you said really there are so many who have come from afar but also many who live far away,(…) They too are baptized, overwhelmingly. (….) And once baptized that Baptism has become more or less dead, is as dead! It takes another, with-parishioners, that come and revive the Baptism in their friends, in their neighbors, etc.

  11. Ignatius Contini says:

    Here is the answer : How much joy and how much hope you give us by your presence and your business! We know that in your community you you strive together to understand and develop the riches of your Baptism and the consequences of your belonging to Christ. (…)
    Living and promoting this awakening is what you call a form of “after Baptism” that will renew in today's Christian communities those effects of maturity and deepening, that in the early Church were realized by the period of preparation for Baptism.
    You wear it after: before or after the, I would say, is secondary.
    The fact is that you aim at authenticity, the fullness, to consistency, the sincerity of Christian life. And this is great merit, I repeat, that consoles us enormously and that suggests to us and inspires us greetings, vows and blessings more abundant for you, for those who assist you.

  12. Ignatius Contini says:

    See Don Ariel, I saw her from the, for me in the Faith count the facts, then what happens within a movement or church interests me up to a certain point. She brings me so many examples that go to seal his theses, I found myself a priest, to pick apart people literally traumatized… I saw "loaves" of bread prepared….. also the theology of Karl Rahner goes on for four decades and more…etc. apart from that on the latter objection,I could answer it for years that the Church persecuted Padre Pio and then did the Holy. As I said count the facts and the facts tell me that we are all sinners, all needy before God,she also, dear Don Ariel, does not put you among those whom God has chosen to save the Church, this we thought Jesus Christ. She always talks about former chair, I have almost a monopoly of the Holy Spirit, these people always say : landing, otherwise you might do harm to stay at certain heights !! By this I mean that he who is without sin cast the first stone. The facts back to say, are that the Way has put me in the Church and the Church I feel loved. Asked reply…

  13. Ignatius Contini says:

    father ariel, but where does this his judgment on the reality of the Neocatechumenal Way ? She says :”We fly over the whole of certain groups Neocatechumenal and charismatic that now have in fact the "rites" own, including rites, shamans and syncretistic finished in Catholic ritual;” . E’ possible that this fact, from Blessed Pope Paul VI up to the current Pope , including numerous parishes where this group is present , the devil has managed to cheat everyone, thus including the Vicar of Christ ? And how do you explain the many fruits (vocations, Conversions , seminars,etc) attributed to the Holy Spirit ? If it was a fruit of the devil could hardly survive more than 40 year old, does not believe ?I was very surprised by this his judgment, I expected a reflection of this reality much less superficial, especially by a priest as she, scholar and deep in thought, of which I appreciate his articles, including the latter. I assure you that whatever the Way NEOC. brings forward was examined and confirmed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, including the liturgy, so much…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Very expensive.

      First of all, you will agree that I always accurate “certi”, eschewing any generalization, because I know and I know many people truly worthy even in these movements.
      Let me also tell you that the priest and I do not she, although in the Way is said and taught so ambiguous that we are all priests, without making due distinctions between the royal priesthood of the baptized [i laici] and the ministerial priesthood of Christ to which only we participate instead to the mystery of grace [consecrated in the priesthood]; suffice it to see the kind of attitude that different Neocatechumenal have to priests. So it was me, as a priest, to find myself in some painful and serious situations and not her that instead paints a reality so idyllic.

      For instance: happened to me priest, that a Palm Sunday, in that of Castel Gandolfo, where I celebrated Mass at a religious institution, I arrived before the sacred celebration of all the staff of the catechists who accompanied the group to wonder Neocatechumenal – moreover also peremptorily – if I could “celebrate according to the rite Neocatecumenale”. I replied that I did not know that “rite” and that I celebrate as the Church commands me according to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, because I take orders only from the Church and not by Mr. Kiko Arguello and Ms Carmen Hernández. They remained outside, did not participate in the Mass and also disturbed the assembly inside the church because out whooping and yelling.

      I found myself a priest, to pick apart literally traumatized people to have suffered, by catechists, or to lay, examinations of conscience made through questions deeply invasive; while I priest, army that the ministry of confessor, I would never dare to put a question to a penitent, or to dig deep investigations in the most confidential intimacy of his conscience.

      It's still: i have seen “loaves” bread prepared for the Eucharist made with mixtures of milk, honey and raisins … I saw him shake after the celebration the altar cloth – pardon: from the “canteen” – outside the door of the church with the fragments of the Eucharistic bread inside …

      As for the delicate relations with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to me the file shows that whenever Mr. Kiko Arguello was called, punctually was spread the news among the adepts “The Holy See has approved!”. To me the file shows that both Benedict XVI and to the then prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Cardinal Francis Arinze, the “issue” Kiko Arguello was seen as a thorn in the side and that only two years ago, in April 2012, with a personal message sent to Cardinal William J. Levada then prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Benedict XVI ordered to determine whether the Masses of the Neocatechumenal were compatible or not with the doctrine and liturgical practice of the Catholic Church.

      The Way goes on for forty years? Even the theology of Karl Rahner goes on for four decades and more, also that of his pupil Hans Kung has gone on for four decades and more, Also Liberation Theology, also aberrant Theology Death of God … She believes that this is enough to make them Catholic and Orthodox?

      In the history of the Church swarm movements and congregations that have had large adhesions, numerous followers and especially many vocations, until the day in which the Church had however sconfessarle and suppress.
      The numbers do not make the faith, Forty years have barely a breath, the real results you can only see in a long time.

      But I do not go over, I limit myself only to ask you a question: in conscience, she bring himself to say that the Neocatechumenal, in their celebrations, open the Roman Missal and, word after word, sigh sigh behind, gesture after gesture, do everything in black and red is written above the Missal given by the Church to every Catholic priest Orbe?
      Only then should respond: if word behind word, sigh sigh behind, gesture after gesture, do everything in black and red is written on the Roman Missal.
      Thank you and wish you well.

  14. father ariel
    Anna Vanness says:

    Dad, explains why I have not yet made bishop? One of my diocese has already accomplished 75 year old, we can hope for her? In many we would be happy.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Ragazzaccia mocking!

      ... I have not yet made a bishop because I can assure you that it never occurred to anyone, and because I would not accept, I would find it quite uncomfortable in the middle of a large number of dwarf devoid of authority resulting from the gifts of faith and developed the talents of the grace of God put to good, But that compensate these dramatic deficiencies posing as giant acquired by virtue of the high office, if not worse perhaps ripped. Indeed, I know some of the worst subjects with “Scientific” determination have planned and programmed the episcopate since they were seminarians, always attentive to their every move, whenever an even minimum sigh … but the really tragic thing is that several of the worst priests I met there are really finally arrived; and do not speak with them, resulting in damage to the Church …
      Then, try to imagine myself forced to listen to a meeting of the Italian Episcopal Conference Nunzio Galantino that when he speaks it seems that even he does not understand himself, with the bishops who pretend to listen with interest but do not wait to be out of the classroom for sparlargli “bravely” behind worse than they would the gossips who wash clothes in the river.

      She believes that I have committed such serious sins to expiate such cruel punishment on this earth?

      But if we go back to the days when being bishops would involve serious risk of leaving the skin, in this case I think it would be to look for people like me, because meanwhile the dwarves would have fled, since no one scappellerebbe more before them by calling them "Excellency" but braccherebbero them to flush them out and hang on the gallows. In such a case would accept willingly, if the episcopate entail the real risk of being hanged on the gallows as the first bishops of Christendom, time when the episcopate was not reduced to a theater of dwarves and jugglers, neither of friends of friends who make gang and that when they are in a good mood to say nice round: you come too, that there is no place! And the dioceses are increasingly to the dogs. But then you know: a friend of a friend, worth a, indeed ten o'clock, or rather one hundred dioceses for a fall.

      Hope to his diocese the grace of a holy pastor of souls. These days the holy shepherds are very rare but sometimes someone can pull it off, if anything, only "mistake", for if the mighty or the powerful Cardinal Archbishop at that time were nakedness of some devout flatterer, some segretarietto to place, some vicar general to be freed or some priest who was just satisfied in every way, So it happens that escape out a good bishop. I myself know of good bishops and I can testify. Of course, I know a few, indeed actually very few, because unfortunately the good are always less; But I know, because we are in bad shape, but we are not lost, since the Church, although threatened by the mystery of evil, remains the Church of Christ.

      • hector says:

        Dear don Ariel,
        This reflection and quiet for her his confreres.
        God sees and God provides! We all – consecrated or lay – We are at your service, We are always at his project. God knows the heart of every creature, God good Shepherd – wise and righteous – know how to best use those talents in his immense goodness we have abundantly bestowed, while leaving us free to respond to her call with all our limitations, our uncertainties, our weaknesses. God calls us to where we can be “powerful” for our good and his Holy Church, not to appear “powerful” in the eyes of the world, to satisfy the vainglory of men. Bad lending, and worse things are prepared? Meanwhile, with the help of God's grace, faithful to the priestly Ministry received, you continue to sow the gifts of the spirit, driving on straight path, correcting yourself and all the lowly sinners God inviativi. As promised, receive reward in heaven. Always pray the Lord to give us soon many Holy priests, bishops, cardinals, Novelli Apostles of faith in his flock.

  15. hector says:

    Dear father Ariel,
    Two comments routine, almost discounted: two small drops.
    Torrential, bursting, liberating your answers, expressions of a feeling, of an opinion long unspoken.
    The diagnosis in the judgment of the world is unanimous: the clergy and the curia are "dens of vipers that poison and produce sores".
    Two factions in the field, from different perspectives, with accusations mutually twisted: one o'clock today sees this black yesterday reputed white, the other argues just the opposite. Most deafening, troublemakers claim innovation; the silent uphold the tradition. Before there was a German pope, senior, weary and tired; Pope prays an Argentine, somewhat unpredictable and unusual driving, in the words, actions, accustomed to please many, to club rather than to correct fraternally those who supports him.
    Dark times, times of suffering, of penance, Repair for many of us.
    And the Church of God? Entrusted to His will, in the prayer of His faithful people, to Truth. We pray humbly, trusting in the wake of Peter! Christ conquers

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ettore.

      the devil knows a thing: being defeated departing. And because he knows better than anyone knows God, having found before him and having known his love. So God knows he can not win, I know beforehand that St. John the Apostle wrote the Apocalypse on the Island of Patmos to tell even the inexorable defeat the Antichrist.
      For this there is showing and there will see the worst of every kind, because it is incattivito also from the awareness of his defeat.

      Repeatedly, my brother Antonio Livi, Giovanni Cavalcoli and me, we gave healthy, pastoral and healthy lashes to the world of so-called Tradition, in pastoral and priestly knowledge that many of these subjects, blinded by vanity and self, are making the game just for the one who say they are fighting, falling into the trap worst in this regard: do not defend the Truth, as they claim to do, but defend their idea of ​​truth that rhymes precisely with vanity.

      Also, and not least to these people we have tried to show with our writings that does not defend the Church struggling against the Church; not defended the Truth attacking the teaching of the Church and a whole Ecumenical Council, indicating in either even the source of the error.
      The Devil must first sow confusion and division, and also thanks to these people he is succeeding very well.

      And do not tell me that's worth making these people, always ready to count the fleas on the surface of all, to quibble about the lack of another's purity Catholic, including that of the Popes, but later reduced to living in concrete facts not properly attached to the pants of a neat “devout atheist” as Giuliano Ferrara. Ah, poor world of Tradition Dura&Temple, that a party challenges the authority of an entire council and the other has shrunk to pull the chain complacent flushing atheists who give him space on their newspapers.

      Here then is a church now divided into small gardens in which each one tends to promote himself, or your own group; and all this will lead us to greater ruin, because too many want to defend at all costs their idea of ​​Church, few are willing to pay up to the blood to defend the true and only Church: that of Christ, now given to the Holy Father Francis, that like it or not.

      To me often in private demand … “But this Pope likes?”. I have always replied: “I never raised the issue, because a Supreme Pontiff, not to like”.
      This is another of the key points that defies political scientists, historians, Sociology, which not only bring you to do a job that is not their – that of theologians – but also that censor theologians on Catholic magazines, as happened to Antonio Livi, Cavalcoli to John and me; But as you can see that, We happily survived the service of truth – and not of our vain truth – here on the Island of Patmos.

  16. father ariel
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Very expensive.

    I remember that in February 2013, commenting on the image of the helicopter flying over the Vatican City led the defeatist Pope at Castel Gandolfo, I wrote that before leaving the office, perhaps the Holy Father would have to pick up at least a dozen cardinals porpore. In response, I was severely and unfairly blamed for the opinions expressed, through which not asked myself some questions the truth of faith that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, but maybe I was going to touch what for some is a “dogma” higher-ranking, namely the “holy dogma of faith” the cardinalato. And so, Bishop having jurisdiction at the time on me, invited me to not write anything, trying to force myself to that end a kind of blind obedience to a command illogical and especially based on nothing, or better based on the fear that some high priest could do some grievance to him for my sake.
    Without failing to obedience promise and always respected, I said - and I did just under canon - that before inviting a Catholic priest, faithful to the doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church to stop writing their views Catholic conform in all respects to the deposit of faith, were not invited, but just suspended a divinis the many, untouchables and celebrated Hans Kung everyone on the loose, that the last two popes in particular have turned into tones deeply insulting, claiming the right to express opinions not Catholic, but to sow genuine and serious heresies, supporting them and circulating it with rare and diabolical arrogance. Before heading off to me, I always express in terms Catholics and in defense of the doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church, was necessary to proceed to ensure that certain seminary rectors, or even some bishops, cease to invite false prophets and bad teachers as Enzo Bianchi to preach to their seminarians and their clergy. Before sighing over me, you had to do as they say black from head to toe, the then living shame priesthood Italian Andrea Gallo who turned Holy Mass in rallies that were concluded with the singing of old songs communists and the waving of handkerchiefs red. Etc … etc …

    The command of a bishop, that always goes and devoutly respected, however, can not be dictated by instincts nor humoral nor from his personal fears to certain potentates, must instead meet and correspond in all respects with the laws of the Gospel and to the code of canon law that regulates our relationships, our duties and our rights through the codified laws of the Church, to which I have always adhered according obedience from me freely promise to me freely and always paid to the legitimate ecclesiastical authority.
    Obedience to which do not adhere instead public heretics, both priests and laity, to which no bishop and no ecclesiastical authority of the Holy See, however, has not yet said and ordered not to write and not to spread more heresies, that is something completely different from my free, respectful and orthodox Catholic views, that sometimes give quite bothersome because they are respectful, true and, above all, catholic.

    Not to mention the common sense of proportion that should always be applied with logical rigor. As you may recall a priest animated by undeniable feeling and Catholic doctrine, while Pauline Editions, belonging to a religious congregation, have never been called by the Holy See through the Congregation for Religious in when clearly responsible to spread through their bookstore chain “catholic” Publications of heretics as dangerous as unrepentant, including Vito Mancuso, priest dismissed from the clerical state and theologian peppered the worst heresies?

    Apart from this episode and singular, I repeat the whole, I can tell you - indeed I can reassure her that his lady - who currently have the grace to be first assudditato the canonical jurisdiction of a bishop who is a true shepherd of souls with great pastoral experience arising primarily from its lovely human nature enriched by four decades of priestly ministry as pastor; a bishop who immediately showed kindness towards all its priests, just being a pastor of souls, not an official or a gray those professors in kicking career in hopeful expectation to move to a better location or soon to be covered by the purplish red to purple.

    For the kind of ministry that I carry not always live in my home diocese, which are, however, associated, as in similar situations to my several priests dedicated to particular activities. I have been for years in Rome and for periods of time longer or shorter guest in other dioceses, in which I never had problems with the local clergy and bishops who have been always my object of devout respect, and I respect their. Several bishops have become sometimes friend, sometimes reserved confidant; a considerable number of fellow priests scattered in various Italian dioceses have chosen me as a regular confessor, others as spiritual director.

    Undoubtedly are a priest with their books, articles, conferences ... often raises questions on topics not particularly comfortable, and if necessary I do it well so scathing, But I have never failed in my duties of respect and obedience to the legitimate ecclesiastical authority, that is why he never had any reason to call me back, in any form or in any way, having never been a so-called “priest problematic”.

    It is a question, his, I've heard often and to whom when they are in the mood for jokes with friends I am delighted to respond in ways too colorful, of the type … okay that we live in a dimension to the imbalance now ecclesiastical, but as far as can be in imbalance, those who take the responsibility to recall the values ​​and duties of virginity Santa Maria Goretti while provocative Venetian courtesans of the sixteenth roam without limit and canonical censure in the house of God?

  17. father ariel
    Andrea Naldoni says:

    Dear father Ariel,

    it is always a pleasure to read the articles of “Catholic trio” Livi-Levi of Gualdo-Cavalcoli. I do not know if it is appropriate to ask you a question like that in public square, if anything does not feel obliged to answer me, and in fact I'm sorry.
    My wife and I, we read and we reread his articles several times, there, we wondered … in conclusion: for what is true writes, has never taken a puff of ears by his superiors?
    Happy New Year to you and to the fathers of the Island of Patmos.

  18. father ariel
    Littorio Seventy says:

    Caro Father,

    I might make some reflections on his article: I believe that Pope Francis is fighting the good fight in the Church, few days ago I listened to Radio Maria wishes he did to the Roman Curia, by creepy! the hardness of recalls, why do not we let him to take care of the cleaning of the Church as it does so well and with all the authority of the case? regarding the predictions of this philosopher-theologian are delayed by 2000 years, "When the Son of Man will return, will he find faith on the earth?» (LC 18, 8) The On the timing of the Apocalypse seems rather risky to make predictions even by the Holy Pope John Paul II. But of that day and at that hour, But, nobody knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Peace and Good

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Very expensive.

      To assert: "Why do not we let him to take care of the cleaning of the Church as it does so well and with all the authority of the case?», could be a dangerous statement. With the same logic I could in fact support: "Why do not we leave that to take care of the Church and its members is the bishop who is pastor and leader?». Good, and the “my” priesthood, that emanates from the fullness of the priesthood of the bishop, what is it for: perhaps to stand at the window watching him systems things you need to fix, or to ensure that I am instead a zealous pastor in charge of souls and a faithful collaborator of the bishop?
      In the economy of the Church each one has its own utility and none of us is called to stand at the window and watch while others take it upon themselves to do “dirty jobs”, type for example cleaning a sewer, that is what needed to be, but it is not at all pleasant thing. All the more reason we have to run to get their hands dirty with the bishop, rather, if you need to make sure that his hands stay clean apostolic, tainting us our for him.

      I never doubted the intentions of the Holy Father, which essentially repeated what his predecessor Supreme began to say before being elected to the sacred throne, starting with the famous Way of the cross the 2005. Benedict XVI has repeatedly used the harshest tones indicating the various internal wounds of the Church, particularly the Roman Curia. Please go and read (located on the Vatican website) his harsh and dramatic Pastoral Letter to the Catholics of Ireland, to grasp not only the harsh tones, but the directions on what to do and the solutions to the serious problem related to the clergy sex scandals that have crippled the Church in that country.

      But when the vipers that poisoned and produce sores have got wind that Benedict XVI was somehow preparing to move from words to deeds, we know how it ended; and this is a historical fact.

      Now is the Holy Father Francis to meet within this authentic den of vipers, before which he will know what to do and how to do it, with his grace and the gifts of state of the Holy Spirit who assist him in his Petrine ministry made particularly difficult in this time of great crisis get in ed Extras ecclesial.

      One thing, however, I think to be able to say with all the bitterness and realistic common sense necessary: vipers is necessary to cut the head.

      In my book of 2010 I wrote and explained that the Church is experiencing a dramatic shortage of authorities. If you think about it, everything is summed up in the dramatic climax of the pontificate of Benedict XVI: he gave up the ministry, while the vipers were all in place; and soon after entered the conclave to elect his legitimate successor. So much so that at the time I said writing: "The popes go away, while the vipers, stronger than before, remain in place ".

      For the moment I only known proclamations effect on priests “clerical” e “greasy” and curial “dirty”, without any clear and decisive word is instead expressed on the dangerous and aggressive potentates of pederasts and lesbians furious that are imposing education to gender in primary schools in many countries of Europe; and everything not only while the bishops are silent: worse! Some bishops are giving troubling sign of having put even frolicking, with these drifts devilish.

      See for example this article published today by our friends at La Bussola:

      With certain proclamations anti-dirt-curial you run the risk of dangerous and serious pleasure only reporters secularists, or to Eugenio Scalfari that after having known the Holy Father feel more than ever proud and empowered in their atheism.

      What I look like a priest is then that the Holy Father, in the supreme and legitimate exercise of that authority which he can not fail to exercise, begin as soon as possible to cut the heads vipers, which is to say: remove the purple a few cardinal, dismiss several unworthy bishops and kicked out by the Roman Curia different monsignorini nothing short of scandalous, from those - and there are many, Unfortunately! - That sway as ladies or how certain vintage men that move instead as dame blazed from climacteric. If you will not do any of this, its strict proclamations will be only good merchandise to the headlines of The Republic, while in the Roman Curia will continue to swarm around and more, including gay and joyous old homosexual pathetic Prettified.

      The Bride of Christ reduced in these conditions, I do not want to see, since the Church is my beloved bride. As instead regards the Holy Father Francis and see him face, being custodian of that supreme apostolic authority of which the undersigned is rather obviously lacking, since some heads can only be crushed by the foot of Peter, which have been given the keys of the kingdom together with the full, absolute and immediate authority over the universal Catholic Church.

      • Giancarlo says:

        Dear don Ariel, but do not you think that Peter goes in the opposite direction from the one you hoped for? Mons. Rich, protagonist of shameful scandals homosexual, was promoted, mica thrown out or dismissed! The most scandalous statements of the synod were made by Archbishop Bruno Forte (promoted by Pope Francis), mica by card. Burke ousted and chased away from Rome!

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Giancarlo,

          the Holy Father Francis was not a theologian. This is not because I say so, but because he has repeatedly said he. Nothing bad, his job is to govern the universal Church.

          A Roman Pontiff is not necessarily a theologian, is not a requirement for its high apostolic ministry; indeed I will tell you: throughout the history of the Church, some of the most beautiful pages of our doctrine or some documents that unequivocally reiterated some fundamental truths of faith, were wanted and signed by pontiffs who had not received any theological training.
          These popes, besides possessing undoubted ability of government, they also had another far-reaching capacity: just choose theologians and councilors best, avoiding like the black plague certain cardinal of Honduras much more suitable to play the saxophone that do ecclesiology.

          As for Bishop. Rich, in fact, the story was not pleasant, but I think it can be read in view the whole linked to a great virtue: humility. Probably, the Holy Father Francis, is so humble, but so humble, that if wrong, perhaps not admit a mistake. Because that would be such an act of great humility to create in him a kind of awe: “It is not by chance that, being too humble, I can risk falling in the vanity?”
          And to avoid this risk, perhaps it is highly mortified renouncing the joy of making an act of humility, and the whole, as they say the Jesuits: the greater glory, for the greater glory of God.

          E’ a theological discourse really complex, very much, I don't know if you know what I mean …

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