Apprentice sorcerers and pious fideistic women who go crazy on social media? Leaving them to their sad fate is not a lack of charity, quite the opposite: it is an order given by Jesus Christ in the Gospel

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Now we priests are real oncologists fighting against cancer. For the fight to be effective, however, patients must accept our indications and treatments, who observe therapies scrupulously. If certain patients don't listen to us instead, they refuse our care and even give us incompetents, at that point we have to shake the dust off our feet, so as not to run the risk of having private rescue, care and salvation, those who were there at a short distance confident and open, to await the priest-oncologist as an extraordinary gift from God.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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Formidable those years that some traditionalists today so much dream about … truly formidable those years when women were allowed to speak in church with their heads bowed, with your head covered and just to recite the’Ave Maria

Years ago while explaining the meaning of Epiphanyillustrious / surface - a Neocatechumenal mega-catechist corrected me saying that it was more accurate to speak of theophany. As soon as I asked him to explain to everyone present the meaning of theophany, went off on the tangent with illogical speeches. To which I replied: «What does theophany mean?». At that point I tried to help him: «Let's start from the initial term god, what does it mean?». And I explained to him that god it means God, which placed at the root of ϑεοϕάνεια means manifestation of divinity. This is his reaction: he affirmed to those present that one could not reason with me as a "proud priest.", hostile and closed " (!?). On difficult relationships, mine and numerous confreres with the Neocatechumenals, in particular with their mega-catechists who think they can use us priests as their subordinate employees, I have nothing else to add, I analyzed and wrote everything in a book of 2019 to which I refer anyone who wants to deepen the topic [see, WHO].


The example of openness is only one among many which led me to realize after years of experiences that unfortunately it is impossible to relate to certain people and pseudo Catholic faithful. Not because I don't want to, but because it is Christ who in the Holy Gospel indicates to the disciples when to let go of certain people and situations. Which I will illustrate in the second final part of this article, because first it is necessary to start from the analysis of the social and human tragedy we are experiencing, amplified out of all proportion by social media who offered a pulpit to armies of imbeciles, as he stated in 2015 the ultra secularist Umberto Eco with an expression reproduced at the beginning of the book The Church and the coronavirus [cf.. WHO], published by the Fathers de The Island of Patmos in October 2020:


«I social media they give the right to speak to legions of idiots who previously only spoke at the bar after a glass of wine, without damaging the community. They were immediately silenced, while now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. It is the invasion of imbeciles ".


This legion also includes Catholics or so-called Catholics become specialists in the most complex branches of theological knowledge. It is what we have been studying for a lifetime, after being disciples of masters who have passed on to us not only a formation, but above all a study method, these characters instead acquired it all on the spot at the great academy of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. These are the undeniable consequences: today a demented person can publish on YouTube a delusional video, visited by tens of thousands of people, in which he disproves and insults the greatest astrophysicists in the world and all the exact sciences by demonstrating that in truth the earth is not spherical but flat. A little further on follows the video of another demented person, self-appointed with a fancy name, but visited by over one hundred thousand users, not a few of whom are ready to listen to the nonsense of this man with no face and identity who, denying all the basic foundations of clinical science, states that it is important not to get vaccinated against Covid-19, because in the vaccine the strong world powers have inserted a microchip necessary to keep the entire population under control. The beautician could not be missing, angry because she was unemployed during the period of lockdown, strong of her middle school certificate and a certificate obtained at the end of a quarterly course for make-up artists, is giving the best of herself on social media attacking all the most famous virologists, slaves needless to say of the strong powers and terrible multinationals, which conceal how vaccines have increased autism cases. Explain to the beautician antivax and to the approximately two hundred thousand users who listened to his video drinking from his colossal nonsense, that the hoax about vaccines that cause autism has been denied for years by the global scientific community and those who spread it ended up condemned and disbarred from the medical register for having first manipulated and then falsified research data, it will have no effect, because the answer will be: “But it's obvious, that the heroic discoverer of the relationship between vaccines and autism has been condemned, strong powers and multinationals have always destroyed anyone who tells the truth ". And for many Boeotians, only one fact will certainly remain: the beautician furious because she was unemployed during the lockdown he is right and the world scientific community is wrong, because she is a slave to the strong powers and dominated by the pharmaceutical multinationals.


Now I provide a paradigm on which one would instinctively laugh, but if analyzed for what it actually hides it can only lead to weeping. At the beginning of 2000 a Spanish medical team - which turned out not to be composed of doctors at all -, with tax domicile in the Canary Islands after rebound in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, began to sell a small traction device to be applied to the male penis, ensuring an elongation varying from 3 to the 5 inches. It was estimated that the small appliance had a production cost value of 2,50 euro and a potential commercial cost of approx 25/30 Euro. It was instead sold for the stratospheric figure of 850 Euro. The trade continued until numerous urologists scattered throughout Europe found themselves having to intervene on quite a few patients, mainly young people, that severe damage to the blood vessels had been caused by using this device, until you reach, some of them, to real permanent damage. And so the reporting to the European control bodies started from various urologists. If we analyze everything, we will discover that cases of this kind constitute the mirror of the man of the third millennium. A man who no longer believes in God and who rejects any element of transcendence, however, he believes in fortune teller and aliens; no longer believes in science and men of science, however, he believes in the hoaxes of terrapiattisti and antivaccinists. The man of the third millennium is a superstitious gullible technologist capable of being fooled, or severely damage, by the first group of charlatans who make him believe they can stretch his penis a few centimeters with a small traction tool. Hypothesis before which, the enlightened and rational man of the Middle Ages would have laughed like a madman, if anything, Giovanni Boccaccio, from this absurd hypothesis he would have come up with a story that would have remained immortalized in the history of literature for the centuries to come. But this is what basically the man of the Third Millennium deserves who no longer believes in God and who no longer believes in science, who rejects faith and who despises reason: he only deserves that the first scammer who passes on the street sells him a prodigious find to make his genital organ longer, while his brain is getting shorter.


In this degenerated and out of control information system, certainly there can be no lack of armies of ignorant people with serious gaps in the Catechism of the Catholic Church who feel entitled to reject priests they do not like, totally oblivious to the mandate we received from the Church which instituted us teachers and guides of the People of God for a Sacrament of grace instituted by Christ God: the ministerial priesthood.


As always, it is necessary to resort to examples to depict the severity of the problem. I will never forget a person as dear as incorrigible to whom one day, with affection and friendship, I explained that his approach to Mariology was wrong and that it did not lead to faith but to fideism and devotion, especially for the importance given to Marian apparitions and messages, as if they were founding elements of faith. With the affection of a caring friend and a father who cares a lot for the children that God has entrusted to him, I explained to her that the mystery of revelation does not stand up by virtue of the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes and of Fatima, nor on the secrets given to the three little shepherds, nor on the messages of La Salette, nor on the revelations or phrases given at the Three Fountains to Bruno Cornacchiola … and surpasses the "Gospa of the liars", the self-styled Madonna of Medjugorje [see my video lesson, WHO]. Our faith is based on the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God (cf.. GV 1, 1-18) and on the mystery of Christ's resurrection (cf.. The Cor 15,17), to which they add nothing, in support or in support of Marian apparitions, visions or locutions of mystics and seers, to which no Catholic is absolutely bound to adhere in faith. Having said this, I added that it was then appropriate to stop with maddening announcements of the imminent triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary, because the Blessed Virgin is not the Fata Morgana but above all because, in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed Symbol, we profess our faith in Christ God who "will one day return in glory to judge the living and the dead", we do not profess faith in the "definitive triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary", with all due respect to certain hijackers and some superficial theologians who provide insubstantial support for the exaltations of these fanatics of magical-pagan Mariology do it yourself. However, given that the fideist could never be a fideist if he were lacking the two basic assumptions which are blindness and arrogance, in response, the pious woman friend replied that she had been studying the work of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort for thirty years and that she knew very well what he said. And having clarified this, he gave me the peremptory invitation to study the treatise on true devotion to Mary and to learn what Mariology really was. (!?).


The life of us priests and theologians is now studded with facts of this kind. Let me be clear, we do not experience certain offenses and humiliations as "attacks of treason", but as the dramatic ecclesial failures that cannot always be attributed to the bishops and to us priests "no longer capable" - in the severe opinion of the accusation of these people - "to evangelize". Throw all blame on bishops and presbyters, however no one intends to deal with a serious and terrible reality from which some merciless critics flee, because it is the reality that touches them firsthand, this: the number of faithful who do not intend to be evangelized and formed in any way is always higher, so much so that we priests can no longer manage to have relations with a jumble of unspecified Catholics capable of listening only to themselves and their gravely erroneous reasons transformed into indisputable universal truths. And to every reasonable reminder from us their pastors, teachers and guides, here they react promptly in an increasingly aggressive and insulting way, rejecting us as shepherds, teachers and guides.


The dear friend just used as a paradigm, who understood little or nothing of Mariology but who despite inviting me to study the very foundations of theology, is one of those many people who pining thinking of the times that were, who deify the Most Holy Missal of St. Pius V and who quote at every turn the prophecies of Blessed Katharina Emmerick. And even in this it has never been worth reminding this kind of fideists in disarray that the Church has so beatified Emmerick, but he never recognized his so-called prophecies as authentic, which therefore are not. In spite of that they are authentic without doubt for some people, since they contain a phrase that has always sent all of them into raptures; a phrase in front of which all the great Prophets of Israel, compared to Emmerick, they really become cheap junk, rags thrown on the flea market stall. Here is the magic phrase in which, in the opinion of these subjects, a clear reference would be made to a "strange Mass", what they deduce from these words written not by the Blessed but by the editor Clemens Brentano in the highly fictionalized text of the self-styled prophecies: "The Mass was short and the Gospel of St. John was not read at the end". This is enough for certain fierce pious women to believe that they have not a piece, but a real anchor to attack in this way the entire liturgical reform and the errors they say contained in a council, Vatican II, which is undoubtedly pastoral and not dogmatic, also wanting not perfect. However, we scholars who are able to speculate and carry out in-depth research with the necessary preparation and the correct scientific method can say this and placing everything, to begin, in its correct historical and socio-ecclesial context. We scholars have spent years and years learning first of all to read the documents of the Second Vatican Council, however long, articulated, complex, redundant sociologisms and not a few ambiguous steps they required, in the following decades, clarifications and clarifying documents of various kinds, last in series order is the Declaration Lord Jesus the 2000.


Now pay attention to a fact that cannot be denied, because it is very important: people who reject our pastoral authority as instituted guides and teachers of the People of God, paradoxically, they are the same that dream of past times and the celebration of Holy Mass according to the rite of the Missal of St. Pius V in use since 1571 until the promulgation of the new Missal reformed by St. Paul VI in 1969. And these people, with an ease comparable to their ignorance, they speak of the sanctity of the Council of Trent and, conversely, of the problematic nature of the Second Vatican Council, all with the style of the surface that better affirms the sea than the mountain or vice versa. Unfortunately they forget, however, that the Council of Trent was so holy and most holy that after two and three centuries from its closing, some of the fundamental canons had not yet been applied, other than the problems of the post Vatican II Council! And when in the 1869 the convocation of the First Vatican Council was reached, dozens of Fathers gathered in the assembly said they were disconsolate among themselves: "… but how, more than three centuries after the closure of the Council of Trent, now a new one is convened without the canons of the previous one having been faithfully applied?». But, the Tridentine one, in the opinion of the pious women who invite priests and theologians to study while awaiting the definitive triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary, it was a holy council, most holy, in a Church where everything was devotion, mysticism, transcendence, adoration …


Needless to specify in, although the face: the supporters of these peregrine theses, as you may have understood by now they are mostly women, because only female psychology, when he gets to work, manages to reach, through passions and irrational emotions, to the worst waste of reality. It is therefore known that unfortunately, to call these emotional pious women to reason, it's just wasted time and wasted breath. Repeatedly, however unnecessarily, I tried to explain to them some undeniable evidence with historical data in hand, for example by asking: when in the happy times you praised so much, the priest whispered before God in "divine" Latin on the words of the Most Holy Missal of St. Pius V, do you have any idea what would have happened if some "crazed female" dared to utter only half a moan of dissent towards a young 25 consecrated the month before and sent by the bishop as assistant pastor in a parish? I'll explain it right away, o pious women who have invented a past that never existed, what would happen, this: the elderly parish priest, with two paternal slaps he would have put you back three meters away beyond the altar balustrade, reminding you that your place was there, with his head down, with the veil of lace on her head and the rosary in her hand. After that, your fathers and husbands, they would have given you the remaining dose for daring to challenge the last young priest of the diocese who had just been consecrated and sent by the bishop as assistant pastor.


You have understood, my beloved pious women, commit today to wearing bishops and priests, but above all to scold the Roman Pontiff as a naughty schoolboy every time he dares to open his mouth and sigh? I have to explain it to you, what would have happened to you if you had dared to criticize the Supreme Pontiff Pius X in the manner in which you attack the reigning Pontiff today? It would have happened that not even the priests should have bothered, because the faithful, especially women, the following Sunday they would not even let you come near the churchyard. This would happen: they would remind you that your role in the Church was to sweep the floor, to polish the candlesticks, to wash and starch the altar cloths, certainly not to set yourself up as supreme judges of the reigning Pontiff, of the Episcopal Conference, of priests and theologians. Why none of this, it would never have been granted to you in the epochs in which the Most Holy Missal of St. Pius V and the canons of the equally holy Council of Trent were in force. Because when both were in effect, to you, O my dear pious women unleashed today, he would not even be allowed to sing in churches, because female voices were not allowed in choirs, in those wonderful times that were and that you are dreaming so much today. And if women weren't even allowed to sing sacred hymns in choirs, do you think they would never have been allowed to raise criticism, accusations and defamations against bishops, presbyters and theologians, always in the times you have dreamed of so much in which the most holy Missal of St. Pius V and the most holy canons of the Council of Trent were in force, while Clemens Brentano made Blessed Katharina Emmerick whimper to see in the future ... a strange Mass?


Today, this army of pinzochere goes crazy on blogs and groups of social media where the fleas are made to priests with decades of pastoral ministry behind them and to theologians with a life consumed with studies and research. And between one fierce criticism and another, the pinzochere biascica-rosari praise with washbasin fans the dogma of Maria runner, thinking that doing dogmatic theology is like preparing Nonna Pina's tagliatelle.


The tragedy of these people - because it is a tragedy - is that they never had guides and teachers. However, they presume to be able to face complex texts of the doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church as self-taught, speaking of dogmas with the same ease with which the hairdresser talks about this and that with the client during the hairstyle. This is how dangerous sorcerer's apprentices are born, characteristic of which is that they also know many priests, But, if as I did with an analytical scientific method, let's investigate in depth, speaking first of all with the various confreres, we will discover how these people have never managed to establish a serious relationship with a single pastor in care of souls, or with a theologian priest. And in every parish where they have been, they have always and rigorously created problems ending up having conflicts with the parish priest and all his collaborators. My confreres, especially the theological priests, testify how these pious women, and always practice, at a certain point they come into conflict with the theologian priest. Because they can't help but shoot their absurd nonsense, for example, by quoting inappropriately de-contextualized and misunderstood passages taken from the Holy Fathers of the Church, as if, among the various very complex subjects, patrology was a joke for amateurs who dedicate themselves to hobby recreational. Incidentally: a few years ago, one of my trainers, who in his time was my patrology teacher, when he turned eighty he told me that in half a century of research he had managed to study the Cappadocian Fathers of the fourth century, which are four and worth remembering: Saint Ephrem the Syrian (306-373), Saint Basil the Great (330-379), San Gregorio Nazianzieno (329-390), St. Gregory of Nyssa (335-394). This is contrary to the pious woman who, found a yellowed devotional booklet entitled Collection of the thoughts of the Fathers of the Church, begins to shoot nonsense in bursts after having obtained the specialization in patrology along the stretch of road that led her from the Porta Portese market to her computer keyboard. Obviously unaware that, only to frame the complex story of St. Maximus the Confessor on the historical and theological level, it is necessary to study for a few years what was the very complex and tangled panorama of the policies of East and West, of the conflicts between Rome and Byzantium. It is necessary to know by heart the first five councils of the Church and the related dogmatic definitions given and subsequently integrated or reaffirmed in the First Council of Nicaea., in the First Council of Constantinople, in the Council of Chalcedon, in the II Council of Constantinople. Unfortunately instead, the shameless person, that is, devoid of the least common sense of modesty, like Maga Amelia handling a prodigious manual of alchemy, begins to shoot in bursts ... «The Fathers of the Church say that ... ah, do not argue: the Fathers of the Church say so, it is written in black and white!». And if you go and explain to her that the Fathers of the Church don't say exactly what she misunderstood both about black and white, at that point, the pious woman, he will tell you to study the patrology, just like she did looking for news about the Cappadocian Fathers in half a day on Wikipedia.


One time, to access certain documents, one had to do archival research or procure books with published collections. Today, instead, just go to the official website of the Holy See and access all the documents and magisterium records available since the early nineteenth century. And so, every pious woman and every sorcerer's apprentice soon became a great researcher. Hence the plague of sorcerer's apprentices was born copy gluers and especially of pious women copy and glue machines professionals. All with these results: encyclicals of the first decades of the nineteenth century, socio-political and strictly aimed at a socio-pastoral reality of the time that no longer exists today, completely split off from the complex and articulated history of Italy and Europe of those times, are misunderstood, abused and passed off as dogmas of faith as «… eh, I am supreme magisterium!». Needless to say: any dogmatic theologian or historian of dogma, in the face of such things, if in a good mood he will laugh, But, if the pious woman insists and even goes so far as to launch the fateful sentence: «You don't know the documents of the magisterium, so it will be good if you study them ", inevitably the theologian gets mad, being treated like a schoolboy as a donkey by a poor demented woman copy gluer that the texts do not even know how to open and read them. At that point the theologian priest, he will rightly take away the salute to the arrogant pious woman, because insult is not a right and because receiving insults is neither a duty nor a bond of Christian charity.


We then pass over poor San Tommaso d’Aquino, which is terribly liked by those who do not know him and who would not even know where to start reading one of his question. Yet they think they can use and abuse it as if Aquinas were a package of homeopathic pills with cane sugar and dried pineapple stems. To these people who are ill partly with ignorance and partly with fixation, anchored to a past that never existed that must not pass and that consider St. Thomas Aquinas the ... spearhead of the so-called and improperly called contemporary traditionalism, who is it that explains it to him at what levels, the Angelic Doctor, it was a mind, we would say today, deeply progressive, bold and innovative on the philosophical and theological speculative level? If St. Thomas Aquinas were to be defined with improper categories, but in current use today, it should be placed in the currents of ultra-progressivism. A quel point, the good priest and theologian, at first he will try to accept everything as a test and a salutary lesson in humility, as well as a pastoral challenge, feeling obliged to clarify to the wanderer, that is to the sorcerer's apprentice but above all to the pious woman pious, how and why it is wrong, how and why is an approximation, how and why he is unable to correctly quote St. Thomas Aquinas, how and why being devoid of a speculative method and philosophical-theological basis, it is unable to read certain documents of the magisterium but only to misunderstand them and to mislead those who listen to it or the law on social media … But, if done with a pastoral heart and theological dedication, the pious woman finds nothing better to do than to tell an expert theologian that things are not as he says, citing in support of his nonsense passages of the Catholic doctrine misunderstood and of the magisterium of the Church not understood, and then conclude - as happened to me and my other brothers - with an invitation to study certain subjects well, here it is at that point, not anger, but precisely the most exquisite Christian charity, requires that the pious woman be sent to that country, in the hope that in this way he can understand that insulting is not a right and that receiving insults is not at all a duty to which no priest and no theologian must submit.


Any bishop or ecclesiastical authority seated in the world of the unreal who wanted to know the frustrating and humiliating realities that their priests and theologians experience from day to day, it would be enough to dedicate a little more to priests and a little less to Muslim convicts escaped from Tunisian prisons and welcomed by the Caritas of our dioceses as if they were truly refugees escaped from hunger, from wars and famines. Who then wants to know more about this topic, all he has to do is read my latest book: Aspirin of moderate Islam [see, WHO].


Not only sorcerers' apprentices and pious women have lost the light of reason, because there is worse: they don't even want to find it again e, if someone tries to make him recover it, they react with aggression and insults on that uncontrollable outlet that are i social media, where - to return to Umberto Eco's joke - even the last of the imbeciles has the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. Or maybe worse, I add, because a proponent of the theory that the earth is flat and not spherical, will have much more following and listen on YouTube of how many will ever have a lesson on sub-atomic particle physics specially conceived in a comprehensible way for the general public by Prof. Antonino Zichichi.


Accept mortification and exercise the virtue of humility, however, it does not mean mortifying intelligence and wisdom, which are gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit, over which no pious woman is authorized to clean her shoes as on a doormat, because in that case it would be really appropriate to immediately give her back the time she dreams and sighs so much from blog to blog, then give her two slaps, bounce it three meters over the balustrade with the lace veil on her head and the rosary in her hand, after peremptory invitation: "Here you can only open your mouth to answer with the other final half of the prayer: … Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, amen!».


We started as an example from Mariology, many others I could have brought examples, starting from the biblical sciences and then following with the synoptic Gospels, passing through dogmatics and metaphysics to continue with sacramental theology, the moral, canon law ... all specialties for which abounding on social media specialists - but above all specialists - ready to give lessons not only to us priests and theologians, but, if necessary, we will even have patents of poor orthodoxy, if not worse than heresy. But let's stick to the initial starting example: mariology. If, in fact, they want to really and seriously talk about Mariology, with me it can be done starting from its founding arcane: Καὶ ὁ λόγος σὰρξ ἐγένετο καὶ ἐσκήνωσεν ἐν ἡμῖν (GV 1, 14) Obviously, to various specialists who say they have been studying devotional treatises for many years, It is first of all necessary to clarify and translate that we are talking about the mystery of the Word who became flesh, providing for this purpose the appropriate literal translation of Καὶ ὁ λόγος σὰρξ ἐγένετο καὶ ἐσκήνωσεν ἐν ἡμῖν: "The word became flesh and dwelt among us".


Of course, it would be interesting to ask later, to such specialists, why the text of the Blessed Apostle John uses the Greek term flesh, to indicate meat. In fact, this term indicates the fragility of the weak and mortal man, and it is indeed impressive that the Logos, divine person generated in God, do it flesh.


From here we can begin to speak seriously of Mariology, certainly not from the devotional treatises of Montfort, that in front of the Prologue of the Gospel of John really leaves the time it finds, with all due respect to the saint in question. Because Mariology is nothing more than an appendix to Christology, to the mystery of And the word became flesh, of the incarnation of the Word of God. It is in the incarnation of the Word that all four Marian dogmas are contained: Mary mother of God, her perpetual virginity, its immaculate conception, its taking to heaven. Everything is enclosed in the mystery of the Word, Why, like it or not to certain rogue fideists, the Blessed Virgin is enclosed in the mystery of Christ God, who is begotten not created of the same substance as the Father, whereas, Maria, is a created and generated creature and, however preserved from original sin, it is not the Fourth Person of the Holy Trinity, if not the first, as in fact some would like to let it pass. Therefore put Christ God and the Blessed Virgin on the same level, or insist in an obsessive-compulsive way on the fetish term of co-redemptrix, which has always created enormous problems for Christology and the mystery of the Word of God, were it not the fruit and expression of ignorant fideism, it would be blasphemy, it would be genuine blasphemy, pagan idolatry. And who explains it, to these poor and arrogant people, that the Blessed Virgin did not give life to God, but he gave life to God who became man? Because many don't quite understand the basic concept of the Mother of God, hence what Mary's divine motherhood really is, who is the mother of God who became man.


With Mariology we started and with Mariology we came to the conclusion, which then is the heart of this deeply saddened speech made by a believer, by a priest and a theologian forced to experiment, like many other confreres, the sense of total impotence in the face of this army of arrogant and unspecified Catholics. What can and must do, in the face of these realities, the priest and the theologian? It can perhaps abandon the wanderer to error. How to act, in conscience, but above all in conformity with our sacred ministry, mindful of the terrible warning addressed to us: "To whom much is given, much will be asked for; to whom men have committed much, It will ask the more "? (LC 12, 48).


The answer is given by Christ God through this other warning: «Whichever city or village you enter, do yourself whether there is worthy, and stay there until you leave. Entering the house, salute. If the house is worthy, your peace come upon it; but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you. Whoever will not receive you or will not listen to your words, leave that house or town and shake the dust off your feet. Truly, I say, the day of judgment the land of Sodom and Gomorrah shall be more tolerable fate of that city ' (Mt 10, 11-15).


This long article of mine, to those who just did not understand, including an army of bishops who today fret with flattery for migrants, showing little interest in the care of their priests, is my answer given to all the confreres who, day after day, tell me about their ever greater difficulties in dealing with a high number of unspecified faithful who are increasingly hypercritical, aggressive and offensive, gangrenous in error and proud of your mistake.


To a brother of mine of almost seventy years who lives many of the situations illustrated here, recently I replied: “If I remember correctly, you every Sunday, on the threshold of your 70th birthday, you have to celebrate Holy Mass in three parishes, in which until half a century ago there was a parish priest in all of them, in the immediate post-war period there was also the parish priest and the deputy parish priest. Faced with this situation, you think you have time to waste with those who don't listen, does not want to listen and does not accept any correction of the error?». And having said this I have continued to say: "At this point, we priests are real oncologists fighting against cancer. For the fight to be effective, however, patients must accept our indications and treatments, who observe therapies scrupulously. If certain patients don't listen to us instead, they refuse our care and even give us incompetents, at that point we have to shake the dust off our feet, so as not to run the risk of having private rescue, care and salvation, those who were there at a short distance confident and open, to await the priest-oncologist as an extraordinary gift from God.


For this I invite my sorrowful confreres to follow my example, that with the beginning of the new year I ended all kinds of relationships and relationships with sorcerer's apprentices, pious crazed women chewing rosaries with the complex the seat of wisdom and so on. I'm too busy looking after the believers of Christ from the cancer of decay and sin, to waste precious time with those who say that cancer can be treated with homeopathy, or that it is enough just to wait for the imminent triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary who, descending from heaven like the Blue Fairy, will fix everything with two strokes of a magic wand. By happily depriving myself of any relationship with these people, I have not acted with lack of charity, but precisely because he is aware of what today, guides and teachers are more precious than ever. I don't want to deal with certain people because Christ God admonishes us: «Do not give what is holy to dogs and do not throw your pearls in front of swine, so that they don't trample them with their feet and then turn over to tear you to pieces " (Mt 7, 6).


This is what I have been answering and repeating to many of my confreres for months now suffering from the deeds and words of sorcerers' apprentices and incorrigible pious mad women: leave them to their madness. Of course, our doors and our hearts as shepherds are always open, without pains and grudges, like the good father in the parable of the prodigal son, as long as these people agree to be corrected by their mistakes, because otherwise it would be the typical lost time of talking to the deaf. And today, we priests and we theologians, we can afford everything in this very delicate historical phase except wasting time with the blind and the deaf.


the Island of Patmos, 7 January 2021






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    Mentelibera65 says:

    Dear Father Ariel, thank you for this article which unfortunately I read very late.
    I confess that, while knowing his criticisms of the Neocatechumenal Way, I'm surprised you mentioned it in this case, knowing full well that everything can be said about the path unless it is traditionalist , fond of the Council of Trent and nostalgic for the times when women were forced to silence. I can assure you that people who entered the journey with a Marian hyper-devotion and an anomalous passion for visionaries and apparitions after a few years have very much concentrated their attention on Christ and the Gospels. But it does not matter.
    The theme you denounce is clear, and me attending a few blogs “self-styled” Catholics I detect it every day. Frequently one finds those who quote this or that seer or these or those words of a distant pope, but he does not know well either the gospel or the letters of the apostles.
    On the contrary…quote the gospel and the letters (as she did in a comment) seems to be a crime. Much better to quote the words of this or that seer , with such millimeter precision that evidently the seer himself recorded it on digital support while he heard them from the mouth of the Madonna or some angel.
    I don't know if he will read this comment, but I would like to ask you a question : Why the same sites and blogs and commentators that begin and end the history of Catholicism with the Council of Trent, they are also deniers on covid and supporters of the danger of vaccines ? That Christ gets us right with Vaccini ? Thank you

  2. Quentin Gross
    Quentin Gross says:

    This is a joke ? The worst Catholics I've seen are all modernist ! Sorry but in the canons of the Council of Trent we do not find the errors that can be found in the Second Vatican Council and elsewhere if such errors had been found in the Council of Trent never the Supreme Pontiffs of the time did. would have ratified ! Dearest abbot, even I who have a great love for the Pope cannot not be disturbed by his words and actions as being the antipodes of those we must expect from the Pope. Unfortunately the rectification which was made by Dominus Iesu to one of the worst errors of the Council, is for many a zero rectification ! For what ? Because the Conciliar text was not changed to him and so when we read Nostra Ætate and so on, The ambiguities are still there and even I doubt that even many bishops today have read the Council. You cannot fault the “pious women” and I regret it believe me to reject for a large part of them the Holy Mass offered in its Ordinary Form, after seeing all the liturgical abuse, very bad translation, the overturning of altars and all operated by priests ! You realize what the Catholics had to go through ? and the worst thing is that the Bishops guardian of the Liturgy in their Diocese have never correctly implemented the Council and even less celebrated the Holy Mass correctly. Say, where can I find the OF applied correctly ? In France there is the Saint Martin Community and…

  3. Iginio
    Iginio says:

    well, so what do we do now with readers and acolytes of fresh pontifical authorization? 🙂
    However, I would like to say that this type of personage who rightly annoys Don Ariel and his brothers emerges because no one now cares about teaching sound doctrine and instead is limited to inciting a pseudosocial activism based on baby food for immigrants and pats on the back. and winks at bullies, sodomites and various sinistors. While in the so-called Institutes of religious sciences and in the grotesque pontifical universities they often say nonsense or authentic heresies.
    Furthermore, I do not agree with the attacks in Medjugorje and I would not say that the Church has not approved Emmerich's revelations: he simply did not pass judgment on them. They are not the Word of God but they are not to be thrown away. One p. is. he may not even venerate a certain saint, but this does not prevent him from being holy.
    Apart from that, I agree with the condemnation of pseudo-traditionalists and to conclude with irony I ask Don Ariel: what if these things are going to tell her, that I know, to Pellicciari, to Siccardi, to the assorted Plinians, to the Lefebvrians…? 🙂 O a Socci? When will he try? 🙂 I did.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Stating the following, she is joking, vero?

      “I wouldn't say the Church didn't approve of Emmerich's revelations: he simply did not pass judgment on them "

      Because: or she jokes, or she speaks out of turn with an almost total lack of knowledge on the subject. Therefore I proceed to update it:

      «The blessed (Anna Katharina Emmerick, 1774-1824) he left us only three letters for sure. The other writings, which are erroneously attributed to it, have different origins: the "visions" of the Passion of Christ were noted, reworked with great freedom and without any control, by the German writer Clemens Brentano (1778-1842) and were published in 1833 with the title: "The bitter passion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". Therefore, the works in question cannot be considered either written or dictated by Emmerick and not even authentic transcriptions of her statements and narratives, but a literary work by Brentano and with such extensions and manipulations that it is impossible to establish which is the real core that can be attributed to the blessed. It follows that the writings in question are not the true mirror of the Augustinian nun's thought and mystical experiences.. The individual statements, both those who express a healthy religiosity, and those that present quirks and anti-Semitic sentiments, arose from the creativity and artistic imagination of Brentano "

      Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins
      Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
      The Osservatore Romano, edition of 7/10/2004.

      to your question:

      «To conclude with irony, I ask Don Ariel: what if these things are going to tell her, that I know, to Pellicciari, to Siccardi, to the assorted Plinians, to the Lefebvrians ...? ? O a Socci? When will he try? ? I did it".

      I answer: I did it before her, very seriously:

      and in a very ironic way:

  4. alberto
    alberto says:

    Dear don Ariel,
    as a child I was thrown out by a catechist; then I ran away from another because fortunately the bishop had decided to bring forward confirmation by a few months. To my parish priest (not a great preacher or theologian, but he taught me a lot) I am still fond of it after so many years that he died.
    After the catechists, however, I met the laity “catechists”, great professors who pontificate on TV, who distrusted me because (unlike their producing pamphlets) I really study: genia in itself much worse than the catechists, because more presumptuous and (in his own way) ignorant, but fortunately nobody understands, except for some intellectuals who know nothing of Christianity and take them as colleagues (maybe they are). Believe me, presumption, ignorance and contempt also lurk in these catechists, and from above their nonsense seeps down through generations of priests (precisely those who will then teach in seminaries and ecclesiastical universities), bishops and lay people inserted in state academies according to Italic customs..
    Just today, scrolling through the print, I found that, not content with catechizing pope and bishops, they also want to teach Islam!
    Who knows if the imams will bear them with patience like Catholic priests.

  5. Cristina Marcelli
    Cristina Marcelli says:

    Thank you Father Ariel. Unfortunately, the lack of humility and the repudiation of competence are among the worst cancers in our society. All that you have described now happens in all fields. Just think of the antivaccinists, convinced they understand everything about epidemiology after a video tutorial on youtube, that fill social networks with hallucinatory comments. Now any “opinion”, however phony and unfounded, has the right of citizenship and is as valid as any other opinion formulated by experts in the sector. If the vast majority of experts in a certain field of knowledge agree on a certain assessment, shouts the “unique thought” o al “mainstream”. We are prey to a collective delirium, of conspiracy theories, based on the abandonment of the principle of reality and rationality, which will be very difficult to eradicate. The most amazing fact is that unfortunately this irrational attitude seems to be more present in percentage among Catholics than among the general population., and that should ask us what ( and how) it has been transmitted to the faithful in recent years. I am afraid that millennial theories, the thought “magical”, have also taken hold following many alleged private revelations, whose diffusion has been largely underestimated by the Church. Now mention any of these “locutions” private has become the Word of God as much as the Gospel. How will we get out of it?

    • Mentelibera65
      Mentelibera65 says:

      I agree with you Cristina . I am thrilled to see that conspiracies of all kinds take root among Catholics , and I always wonder (as she) where does all this come from and what does Jesus Christ have to do with whether the vaccine is effective or not or whether that certain cure is useful. Maybe as you say and’ the social and psychological effect of the various Medjugories has been guilty for too long .

  6. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Caro father. There is also another factor in my opinion that you have often mentioned. I can assure you this “female psychology”, to simplify, it is also present in many priests who have more or less evident problems of sexual identity, and such priests love to surround themselves with bizarre devotionists with whom they can organize processions and rosaries of reparation to the Heart of Mary as much as possible. The progressive “svirilizzazione” of the clergy caused women to start ruling in parishes. It is not an accusation against the priests, I simply collect a fact that you have documented. Find a manly priest today, man, who knows how to be a father, and who knows how to put “each in their own place” it's a three to eight. I speak from personal and direct experience unfortunately. On the contrary, in some parishes it seems almost convenient to leave the command to the laity and in particular to the laity. This is often the situation. Lay women doing everything and tired priests, sad, sleepy, who for a quiet life let everything run. In my parish (run by religious) there are even opposite cases. Lay women who insistently ask priests to be priests. To make decisions. To coordinate the community. To give directions. Not to leave everything in the hands of four parishioners. But nothing to do. I hope I have been clear but I think you can understand what I am saying.

  7. fabio
    fabio says:

    illustrious padre Ariel
    this article is nothing but the plastic representation of the crisis of the Catholic Church and these “apprentices sorcerers and pious women ” they are but a consequence of the state of confusion that reigns supreme

  8. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Beautiful article Father Ariel. It makes me think of a very short episode last night in which I made a brief speech on a social network simply stating the falsity of the events of Garabandal, knowing the whole story, the events that took place, ecstatic marches back and forth through the village, even in the middle of the night… all the work of the Holy Virgin, obviously.. , Conchita's prophecies turned out to be false etc.….negative judgment of the Church; in response I received a mocking applause with bloodshot eyes from the "blog president" e,with a sarcastic tone, the title "we have a new theologian!"Then follows" dear Andrea this is your personal opinion "… as if to discern the true from the false it is necessary to be theologian, instead, it is enough to inform yourself well about the events, set in motion the little brain and enlightened by the teachings of the Gospel to know how to discern the true from the false, they follow the advice of priests and theologians , then the definitive judgment of the Church which must be followed and accepted. As you well stated, better to close definitively with this kind of improvised theological masters who continue to meander on Facebook and YouTube who give lessons to everyone, Lay, priests, bishops, cardinals….As soon as you throw the fuse they attack you and show their true nature. They are whitened sepulchers.
    May God bless her
    Praised be Jesus Christ

  9. SIMON
    SIMON says:

    Thank you very much Father Ariel. I have the great grace of living with my parents, I try to remain faithful to the faith of my grandparents with the consistency of a whole life. Respect for the Holy Father and all the priestly order, Holy Rosary, Holy Mass. I have grandma's Latin missal and to find it I decided to follow the Mass in the ancient rite without ever neglecting the Italian. It was beautiful, knowing Latin I understood readings and the Gospel. For me it was a great opportunity for unity for all Christians. I don't tell epilogue because it still hurts me to remember. Thank you for inviting us to prayerful silence and to remind us of the absolute value of sweeping and washing the Lord's temple for free, considered an immense honor by all the women in my family. Thank you

  10. Fabio
    Fabio says:

    But he is not a pilgrim, rather, the fact that in vaccines there are cells from aborted babies. I am sorry, but the end never justifies the means. Thanks for the exchange!

  11. Giancarlo
    Giancarlo says:

    Nothing to complain and the quote (Mt 7, 6) fits perfectly.
    I add that the have mercy that rages in that of Rome will only serve to do incalculable damage .

    A couple of personal thoughts:

    It would take courageous prelates like those who excommunicated the Templars in 1312, aware of their power and responsible for their actions and not subject to public opinion and the media.

    Today heretics live peacefully and the saints are excommunicated.

    Former Theodore McCarrick remained a cardinal for years at risk (maybe remote) to become pope before he was exposed and was ousted albeit reluctantly, leaving out, however, those infected with his disease that in decades of activity who knows how many will be.

  12. vincenzo from turin
    vincenzo from turin says:

    Some sites on the internet are also changing their skin in a negative sense. A few years ago I could still read and speak on ” church and post council” It has now become a den of sectarians. Mic is unrecognizable! What do you think? thank you

    • Luigi
      Luigi says:

      I too had the same experience. Until a few years ago, I read and followed blogs of Vaticanists with great interest “countercurrent”, Catholic information sites, history professors “counter-revolutionaries” and medievalists. We are certainly not talking about pro-life associations. Then I woke up, also thanks to the flagrant hoaxes and the annoying winks at various conspiracy theories on covid and company that ran on these sites. I am sorry, also because some of these people were very good e (apparently) prepared in their field, but with certain positions they do more harm than good to evangelization.
      To say, they managed to leave me such a disappointment that I have now become a firm supporter of the need to make serious policies to contrast fake news and conspiracy theories, even if we miss some “censorship” too much.

  13. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    To be silent, he p. Ariel more than opportunely reminds us laymen of a duty as sacrosanct as it is unspoken: respect, the benevolence and in certain matters the dutiful obedience due to priests. However limited or humanly disappointing they may be at times, it is through them that we have the sacraments and the preaching of the Gospel. The care of souls belongs to the priests in communion with the successor bishops of the apostles, certainly not to catechists / animators / scout leaders and more or less sensational lay people. Instead it seems to have returned to the excesses of certain heretical movements of the late Middle Ages.

  14. Antonio Bertuzzi
    Antonio Bertuzzi says:

    There is also another group of faithful, also made up of a clear female prevalence, which shuns dogmatics and theology in general, but it claims the right / duty to reinterpret morality in the light of the "pastoralism" of CVII.
    Examples are found crowded around progressive priests, anxious to listen to homilies filled with good feelings, Fashionable "mercy" and altruism. A figure of such a team is the revival of evangelical teaching in the light of the renewal imprinted by CVII and accelerated by the current pontificate, all gossip and reformism.
    Last summer, during a holiday in Cesenatico, I have absorbed the amenities of such faithful and pastorally updated priests. Free from work, I participated in the S. Mass every day e, although I'm not a biblical scholar, I have noticed real and proper mistreatment of the Word of God aimed at conforming it to the new course; forcing and twisting of the Gospel message that would have been evident even to an atheist with minimal ability to understand the text.
    In other cities, too, I found similar upgrades: all-round innovations that I would define in real time and Covid compliant, until you reach the high levels of disheartening irony of "exchange a look of peace": an exhortation that encourages the participants to give each other complacent glances, winks and masked smiles, in compliance with the socially permitted meter of distance.
    reverend father, I ask her how we can defend ourselves from such distortions that are rampant in ours…

  15. Gianluca Rastelli
    Gianluca Rastelli says:

    My grandmother, who had been educated in the pre-conciliar style, he had respect and veneration for priests, even with those despised who had faults on them. Remembrance of a priest punished and expelled from several parishes “important” and beaten to say mass in the remote mountain villages. My grandmother was badly addressed, but she did not give up: he prepared the church, welcomed the priest, he prepared him something to eat and went to call e “bother” the people locked up in their homes to participate in mass. It was certainly a pain in the ass, but it wasn't superb. She knew more than the aforementioned many pious women. He prayed a lot, he also read, although he could not study beyond the fifth grade as he came from a peasant family. However, he maintained an attitude of humility. This is a problem of our times that I too, as a teacher, I had to face. Rather than spending money, time and effort to study to graduate, specialization courses and so on, it would have been enough for me to be instructed by my parents.

  16. father ariel
    Michele Taboni says:

    Beautiful Article Father Ariel, thank you. Read carefully, but I'll have to read it again calmly.
    Of course when he acts “… It is what we have been studying for a lifetime, after being disciples of masters who have passed on to us not only a formation, but above all a study method ..” it makes one think a lot when there are priests (I don't want to mention names, but these are very much exposed figures on TV) which they have certainly studied, but they convey a message that is anything but in line with the insights she makes, Father expensive Ariel.
    We faithful do not remain , as in any family, to see the glass half full in each one and to move forward with a spirit of fraternal communion in the Church.

  17. father ariel
    Adriana Bonino says:

    From applause. I laughed and cried together. It is not necessary to arrive at the Council of Trent; my old parish priest would not have allowed anyone to cross the balustrade and do ” the ready”.
    Even though it was August and we were dying of heat, socks and long sleeves.
    Thank you Father Ariel

  18. Silvy
    Silvy says:

    Generally and outside of today's theme, I remind you dear p. Ariel that if "insult is not a right and receiving insults is neither a duty nor a bond of Christian charity"…also applies to her .. albeit a cultured presbyter .. refined theologian .. etc.. etc.

    By now his long and cultured "homilies" increasingly self-celebratory and opinionated are full of insults and we reach the end of the reading by remembering practically only those.
    Too bad… because she is really smart, brilliant and very prepared; qualities with which he certainly attracted his audience of admirers including me.
    Among these qualities there is evidently neither humility nor charity (it would be too much) but for some time now it has really been going further…

    I remember the refined with nostalgia,brilliant, blunt and pungent articles ( that with pleasure I spread) through which I met her 2/3 Years ago.
    Readings that enriched by leaving teachings and pleasure through his thought…now there remains a bitter sense of aggression away from those old readings.
    God bless her.
    Praised be Jesus Christ

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      She evidently never had anything to do with it, both as a confessor and as a spiritual director, with priests aged ten years in a year only by certain unmanageable faithful without blemish and without sin.

      You know why confessionals are empty? Because more and more are the “Catholics” convinced that the only ones to sin are the bishops and priests, of which subjects like her rise to supreme judges and beaters.

      Perhaps you have never had anything to do with 60-year-old priests, with thirty years and more of devoted ministry behind him, weeping in front of the bishop to whom they declared disconsolate that they no longer knew how to manage catechists, “animators” various parish priests and pious women who felt they were popes, empresses and queens.
      Because my article is about this.

      Since he makes me a very serious accusation, namely that of "publishing self-celebrating homilies full of insults", you have a moral duty to provide a complete and detailed list of these insults attributed to me in your unfortunate public comment.

      List them all, from first to last.

      If not able to list them, because in fact I don't insult anyone, then stop talking inappropriately and rather try to apply the holy admonition of the Blessed Apostle Paul:

      "I do not permit a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man; rather it be in silence " [The Tm 2, 12]

      "As in all churches of the saints, the women keep silent in the assemblies because it is not allowed to speak; but should be subordinate, as the law also says. If they want to learn something, question their husbands at home, it is improper for a woman to speak in church " [The Cor 14, 34-35].

      And now you can blame the insulting being of the Blessed Apostle Paul, while I am waiting for you to send the list of insults that in your opinion I would have addressed in my "self-celebrating insulting homilies"

      • Ornella Antoniutti
        Ornella Antoniutti says:

        I confess that I have not read the whole article. Unfortunately I'm out of practice, I can't follow arguments that go on, even if the examples proposed are quite “tasty”. But since in this answer you provide a concise summary:
        “Perhaps you have never had anything to do with 60-year-old priests, with thirty years and more of devoted ministry behind him, weeping in front of the bishop to whom they declared disconsolate that they no longer knew how to manage catechists, Parish “animators” and various pious women who felt they were popes, empresses and queens.
        Because my article is about this.”
        I allow myself a timid observation. Having been born in the middle of the last century, I met the pre-conciliar Church as a child, when the parishes were not yet communities of the faithful. The Catechesis was called Doctrine and was given by the parish priest or chaplain, who evidently had time to do so, not having to manage a plethora of meetings, meetings, pastoral activities of various kinds. Not everything was beautiful: the sermons were boring , repetitive, they spoke of Madonnas and hell and mortal sins….. I don't think I have understood much of the Doctrine, I was nine and I especially appreciated the fact that there was a nice party all to myself….. however I believe that what little faith I jealously preserve comes from that little seed sown in due time by the words of Don Armando Berna and his chaplain Don Giuseppe.

    • father ariel
      Don Angelo Rossit says:

      Sig.ra Silvy,

      she is able to understand suffering, the disappointments and betrayals experienced by us priests because of not a few faithful, after years and years of ministry, to the same extent that a rhinoceros can move without harm in a crystal factory, except to feel and therefore present itself as a dragonfly.

      • Marco
        Marco says:

        Dear p. Ariel, you really outdid yourself when you write that S. Thomas Aquinas would now be categorized in the ranks of “ultra-progressive”, practically in the company of the various card. Kasper, Danneels, Martini… I've heard a lot of nonsense in my life but this one beats them all with great detachment!

        • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          You do not know Saint Thomas Aquinas and are less able than ever to place him in his historical-philosophical-theological context of the thirteenth century. This is demonstrated by the fact that, like all professional donkeys, she does not find anything better to do than to call those who know Aquinas well and thoroughly as stupid.

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