"One of our sample becomes priest". We invite anyone who wishes to participate in the priestly ordination of Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci, Order of Preachers, the youngest of the Fathers of The Island of Patmos



With all the affection they can feed older brothers, we can only rejoice and say with true purity of heart that a sample of faith, amiability, of great pastoral heart, of great philosophical and theological culture, become a priest, to the praise and glory of God and His Holy Church..


Editors of The Island of Patmos


Receive the offers of the holy people for the
Eucharistic Sacrifice.
Understand what you will do, imitate
you celebrate, conform your life
the mystery of the cross of Christ

[the rite of ordination of priests]



Father Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci, Order of Preachers

Dear Readers,

Saturday 29 June in Rome, the solemn feast of Saints Peter and Paul, at 11 at the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, straight Order of Preachers, the Dominican Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci will be ordained a priest for the prayer of consecration and the laying on of hands S.It is. Rev.ma Mons. Matteo Maria Zuppi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna, now Auxiliary Bishop of Rome to the center field.


For the Isle of Patmos of which Father Gabriel is the author and member of the Scientific Committee on Issues The island of Patmos, It is a great feast.


a group of Catholics Lazio fans wrote to us to thank Father Gabriel for having always given assistance whenever they turned to him for spiritual talks and meetings

We invite our readers that so wished, and in particular those who are in Rome, to participate in the solemn celebration.


In a few days We publish a letter from Father Gabriel to the readers of The Island of Patmos, to which he extended his thoughts before priestly ordination.



Rome, 20 June 2019

On the feast of Corpus Domini



Father Gian Matteo Serra, o.p. Rector of the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, It illustrates these spaces that greeted Saint Catherine of Siena






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  1. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    For Father Gabriel: I'll give you my best wishes and that the Lord filled the thanksgiving.

    For Anna Maria: the beautiful silence was never written. I hope always that little sisters speak and do a lot and that they do very well…I hope!

  2. a seminarian
    a seminarian says:

    Dear Father Gabriel, at this crucial moment that will live shortly, I would like to ask my most felicitanti card with the promise that I will pray the Lord for her, so that he can have the sole desire of his ministry the salvation of souls. I have a deep admiration for the Dominican Order, also doing part of the Angelic Army of St. Thomas Aquinas.

    I take this opportunity, this being my first comment in this site, I offer my heartfelt thanks to all of Patmos Island fathers for their beautiful and educational articles that I always read with great pleasure and interest. I entrust you to the protection of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, for there to protect you and keep you.

    To the greater glory of God!

  3. father ariel
    Thomas Aquinas says:

    Dear Father Gabriel,

    I am writing to them my best wishes for the upcoming ordination, all as long as you take me seriously, I do not laugh on my name and knows, first of all, which it is my real name …
    … Yes father, I'm just Thomas Aquinas.
    Nothing I have of the holiness of this titan, But I bear the surname and, as used in my house, All the first males have always been called Thomas, so it was called my father, My grandfather and my great-grandfather. I had two daughters, the third, the male, I called Thomas, today has 17 year old.

    What St. Thomas Aquinas always protect.

    • The word he fears
      The word he fears says:

      o.t. I welcome your family ... but I believe it is legally forbidden to give his son the same name of the father. How it worked ?

      • father ariel
        Thomas Aquinas says:

        Dear Sir,

        The question is very, very relevant and right.
        Although everyone calls me Thomas, anagrafe are marked as Tommasino. My father's name Thomas, I Tommasino, my son Thomas, and his son, God willing, Tommasino, unless you are using the Anglicism never used Jr.
        In practice we always played with “Tommaso” e “Tommasino”.
        I extend my greetings.

  4. father ariel
    Sebastiano Genovese says:

    Dear Father Gabriel,

    a dear wish for his order by two devotees of San Domenico from the Sicilian city of Augsburg.
    In our city there is always your ex convent, very nice and with a large very well restored church, we hope someday to visit and come to find so many devotees of St. Dominic, who will find in this area.

    Best wishes.

    Sebastian and his wife Cettina

  5. Luigi Saruggia
    Luigi Saruggia says:

    A prayer that the Holy Spirit, the Holy Virgin Mary, St. Dominic and all the saints of the Order accompany you every day of your priestly ministry.
    These days I am reading a biography of Father Tomas Tyn, a precious gift that God wanted us to give.
    I wish to be like him to shine the light of truth to the world.

    Luigi Saruggia
    Lay Dominican fraternity
    Santa Maria delle Grazie

  6. father ariel
    Maria Pia says:

    Dearest Father Gabriel,

    a prayer guaranteed by Bologna on the day of his priestly ordination, and a prayer, that day, on the tomb of a bishop in the crypt of the cathedral of Bologna, bishop who for me is already a saint of paradise: the card. Carlo Caffara.

    Maria Pia
    Dominican tertiary

  7. father ariel
    from Marco, cappuccino says:

    Milan 21/06/2019

    Dear Among Gabriele,

    a foot from my white beard Capuchin, 82 years of age and 55 years of religious profession, I'll send my sincere and fraternal best wishes for your upcoming priestly ordination.
    The religious charism, between a Dominican and a cappuccino, apparently it can be very different, But, if you think about it, together we brought the holy gospel to even the most remote corners of the world, and today, in many remote parts of the world, there are Christian communities, thanks also and above all to your confreres and to my confreres.

    from Marco
    old Capuchin missionary … never at rest!

    • Thursday
      Thursday says:

      The Capuchin friars are the Alpini of the Church! ?
      (The Dominicans, instead… are the Carabinieri: always faithful! Best wishes to Father Gabriele!)

  8. Laura
    Laura says:

    Dear Father Gabriel,
    God bless you and always accompany you.
    I am a faithful secular.
    I assure my prayers!

  9. father ariel
    Don Federico (Modena) says:

    Dear Father Gabriel,

    from hot Modena (I do not think that hot Roma actually staying there the best!) I wish you all the divine warmth of the Holy Spirit gifts that in a few days you will receive.
    Seguiterò always read you with great pleasure as I always, then, in these days, when I will go at your sanctuary Fontanellato, I ask for your intercession of the Madonna.

  10. father ariel
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:


    “tradition” e “traditionalism” They are not bad words, not by chance, the magisterium of the Church of all times, always makes reference to Catholic tradition, especially when it relates to the production of the great Fathers of the Church, the dogmatic theology and the natural law.

    Anyhow, the nun hysterical formed between Bose and Enzo Bianchi, I the smell from afar, just as anyone to pass at a distance by a stall can smell the stench of cow dung.

    in its unfortunate joke inopportune, she is so sour that if you put a finger in a glass of milk would make him instantly yogurt.

    If he had not yet sforata menopause, I suggest you look at this website, because it might find valuable remedies to psychosomatic disorders resulting from climacteric.


    I offer meditation in a sentence of the Holy Father and Doctor of the Church Bishop Gregory of Nyssa:

    "The virginity of heretics is more impure than adultery".

    • father ariel
      don Luciano M. says:

      You could avoid the publication of such an unfortunate comment, but I understand that, unless one does not write profanity and obscenity, uncensored comments, and do good.
      I feel sorry for the young, Gabriele dear and excellent father to whom I send fraternal greetings card for his ordination.

      For the rest … Ariel cardinal prefect of the congregation for religious, right away!
      Although this should not happen, we priests, If we want, we can create difficulties for bishops, serious and large. But, If a bishop wants to row a bad priest, It has a hundred different ways to do it, and if you decide to do it, It puts him in line, and how, if you put it!
      A poor nun, who decides to be really bad, You can not put in any row, the superior of the house to the general superior of the congregation.
      In a preti, among them, Sometimes you eat, the nuns, among them, They will devour, and then do not find even the shreds of the bodies to the forensic.

      We are sincere and clear all the way: until a few decades ago, until the '70s, Diocesan bishops were pilgrims to Rome in the various General Houses to plead superiors general to send him a little’ of sisters, They are offering great accommodation, efficient institutions and ristrutturatissimi, if anything, with the heritage and guaranteed income … in conclusion, the bishops were going to kiss his hands in supplication to the general higher.
      Today (Let's face clear!) when in many dioceses a female religious institute closes, and the three or four oldest surviving nuns leave, the bishops, and priests, they party.
      So is, and it is because we do, they know it and it is good, at a certain point, that we do not deny.
      Someone try to wonder why, bishops and priests, today, react well …

    • father ariel
      Don Ciro says:

      When I sin I repent, I confess and ask for forgiveness of my sins, hoping to become a better priest, then if anything I sin again, sometimes even worse than before.
      Sai, where there is no difference, between me and thee sinful priest Sister sinful?
      That you, your wickedness, fair go, It is probably, rather than regret, you take pleasure in well.
      Ah, "What joy when they said" (salmo 121) that ... in just over ten years they will be gone several dozen religious congregations, waiting for what "already are firm our feet thy gates, Jerusalem!"To sing" to the Lord a new song, he has worked wonders " (Salmo 97), Yes: He made them disappear, Finally!

      Don Ciro (Naples)

    • The word he fears
      The word he fears says:

      put it this way: a Christian woman (we do not know whether or not a nun) He feels the need to read the Isle of Patmos, and perhaps other readings, and also please also. A little’ at a time, with prayer and with good will, “advantage of the wisdom and grace”. As for’ “age” hopefully not turning sour more.

  11. father ariel
    Anna Maria says:

    A sincere prayer and grieving, a consecrated, for a more traditionalist who becomes priest …
    The Lord bless you.

  12. father ariel
    Caterina Savelli says:

    Dear Among Gabriele,

    we exchanged some greetings when you were a guest at the convent of San Domenico in Siena in the summer last year..
    I follow you forever and I was anxious to make you reach the best wishes on behalf of myself and of the Third Order Dominicans group of Siena.
    Do we remember in our prayers the day of Saints Peter and Paul.

    Caterina Savelli

  13. father ariel
    Don Ciro says:

    Dearest Father Gabriel,

    the Lord will full of grace and blessings and the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary, so dear to your Order, always intercede for you.
    Although we never got to have a word, few times I saw you away years ago in your convent in Naples, where I know that the brothers of your Province spend a period of training.
    I go for many years to thy brethren that our monastery in Naples for my confessions. Maybe one day, yourself, by lying in these parts, you can grant absolution to a sinful priest, for me it would be a honor.
    They are really close.

    Don Ciro (Naples)

  14. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    Father Gabriele,

    I assure you that the 29 June in the feast of Saints Peter and Paul will make use of the Roman canon and I will remember you in intercessory prayer for the living.
    In the meantime, from this moment, a fraternal priestly dense embrace of profound respect for what you write and what you are

    • father ariel
      Don Francesco Messina says:

      Me too, Father Gabriele dear, I follow you since you got started on the Island of Patmos, and I that I take cues from your homilies and those of his father and the father Ariel Ivano would ask you to publish at least Saturday.
      This is certainly not, But, the reason for my comment.
      I join with festive sincere prayer.
      If you were pastor, and if I were not far from Rome 500 km, I would be very happy for the feast of Saints Peter and Paul to your order.
      I will be present anyway, with so much respect and affection for Priests.

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