Supplication to the Supreme Pontiff: "Holiness, do not go to pay homage to the evil master Lorenzo Milani "

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Pass bishops mediocre and those pimps, which they represent a serious and depressing phenomenon, because a private visit to Barbiana promoted by the Archbishop of Florence Giuseppe Betori and Michele Gesualdi, student of Milani and President of the Foundation headed to the Prior of Barbiana, It could turn into a real “beatification” of this bad master, with political consequences, social and pastoral worse.



Ariel S. Levi Gualdo


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video message of Pope Francis I of don Lorenzo Milani – to open the video click on the image

The island of Patmos It is not only an online magazine, but also the instrument through which two priests and theologians exercise their sacred ministry, It made up mostly of many public and private relationships, many questions examined and resolved, so many spiritual requests processed, many theological questions and doctrinal clarification. This, behind the lines and beyond the lines, is The island of Patmos, including first of all the spiritual assistance and proximity offer many priests who are in difficulties of various kinds.


Among our many readers, in increasingly frequented this island marching for some time on an average of a million visits per month, There is a Florentine, Pier Luigi Tossani. Tossani is a Catholic who an interest, albeit not as professional or specialist, religious, culture, politics and society, He has conducted research on the figure of the prior of Barbiana, his personality and the fruits of his pastoral activities. Our reader sent us the fruits of his labor, joined to supplication he sent last Wednesday 14 June 2017 by e-mail to the Holy Father Francis, by the Vatican Secretariat of State, in which he asks the Pope to do not go on a visit to Barbiana, Tuesday 20 June, to pray at the tomb of don Lorenzo Milani. The Pope evidently would thereby its unequivocal endorsement and its approval to a figure of a priest and "dramatically negative educator", as revealed by the same words of the Prior Barbiana, regularly cited by the Tossani supplication. The supplication it is directed, as well as to the Roman Pontiff, also three cardinals who are, for various reasons, involved in the affair milaniana.


I consulted Cavalcoli with Father John and the young philosopher and theologian Jorge Facio Lince, reaching all three to the same conclusion: none of us understands the figure of don Lorenzo Milani. Ours is a largely superficial knowledge.


Alberto Melloni the presentation of the work of don Lorenzo Milani – to open the video click on the image

Research Pier Luigi Tossani We impressed us, because it took place first of all very seriously. It is in fact a study is not intended to denigrate a controversial figure, but rather to shed light on it; especially to separate the true from the unlikely, dall'alone reality of legend created around the priest and educator. Tossani, analyzing the figure milaniana, out with Christian and charitable care of the error to report to the people, dall'errante to correct, to recall the state of grace and then to forgive.


After premise and admitted my ignorance, esprimo one Pensiero in hesitantly, which soon will summarize: I started middle schools between 1974 and the 1975. I always remember that one of the first readings of the Italian teacher suggested there was just one of Letters Don Lorenzo Milani. It was just a teacher out before the season of forbidden to forbid and imagination to power, who expressed his visceral anti-clericalism with the use of false historical coarse, transmitting black legends about the Catholic Church instead of objective historical data. But was he loved beyond measure the figure of don Lorenzo Milani. Later I learned years later that this teacher had been, and it was at the time of his teaching, a militant in Lotta Continua file.


The figure of don Lorenzo Milani It was revived in the third of middle school class, where it was even being considered. Then again after the grammar schools.


A recent decicato event a few days ago, the 7 June, a don Lorenzo Milani, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, the middle note and cultured education minister of the current government …- to open the video click on the image

For the third time I repeat - at the cost of being long-winded -, I have never in-depth knowledge of this figure who never aroused my special interest, But one thing I remember well: teachers who proposed don Lorenzo Milani as banner, were all militants in the then Italian Communist Party, except in the most extreme fringes of the radical left; and don Lorenzo Milani as proposed in a more or less subtle as a flag against "ecclesiastical power" and against the system at the time said "catholic-fascist".


Taking as an example myself - but only because in this speech I could not help it -, I ask our readers: How many times, of these columns, as before elsewhere, including a book which in its time had a certain echo and diffusion, I have written and talked about naked and in no uncertain terms of the moral decay, doctrinal and spiritual clergy? How many, and in such harsh tones, I pointed out the flaws of the visible Church? And with that I ask: How come, the enemies of the Church of yesterday and today, They were never used as their flag? So let me give that answer that many already know: why certain critical evidence based, born from my love for the Church of Christ and by the knowledge that I am a priest forever; I will never accept to become a lone wolf in the Church surrounded by a retinue of fawning or would-be intellectuals of the Left, in praise of myself as a 'breaking priest ", as a "priest against the trend", to a "priest outside the box '. Today instead should be all the rage "street priest", and "suburban priests', but the old story is always the same: He comes from a part don Luigi Ciotti for the show one of its Messe sociopolitical, and rushes at once jubilant and sculettante Niki Vendola with her in tow to applaud the 'base priest ". Why Is That, The Vendola and his, do not come to applaud me, which also, with the clergy and Church hierarchy, I was often a heavy severity? … Because they know very well that first of all I would urge them to repent of their sins, from that of sodomy. And with this it is obvious because these people need various don Luigi Ciotti mentioning that with the tear to the eye “great prophet” Milani noted as' basic priest " …


… here are the models of priests who were always ready on his lips the quote from don Lorenzo Milani from them regarded as a prophet: don Andrea Gallo in church, at the end of the Mass, that as a final song sings a hymn of the communist resistance waving a red handkerchief – to open the video click on the image

The hippies the Left Radical-chic, need of Andrea Gallo, of Paolo Farinella and Vitaliano Della Sala, but not an Ariel S. Levi Gualdo, who would never make their game, indeed unmask their games, in case anyone had the stupidity - but did not - to invite me to debate with some people in a live television. Indeed, Masons, need the unctuous words of Gianfranco Ravasi [cf. WHO], they need a Alberto Melloni and a Marinella Perroni that go to a symposium organized by the Grand Orient of Italy in false and pretentious honor of the Holy Father Francis [cf. WHO, WHO, WHO the. 6], they do not need an Ariel S. Levi Gualdo would say in their faces that Freemasonry is esoteric pay as well as denial of those principles of freedom, equality and fraternity of which they fill the mouth for the sole purpose of infinocchiare fools, including the wealthy on the one hand, and eager to brilliant careers, clinical and academic, followed by an army of Freemasons who aspire to gain more commercial conveniences, business and political. And with that I said in short that I - that I speak well of immorality spread among the clergy and the Church drifts visible -, are not a donciottesco "Priest of rupture" which praise, because I am a priest ready to “break the head” at anyone who tried to split the communion of the Church, or to make the Church of Christ more by what it is.


the unusual and embarrassing case elect auxiliary bishop of Palermo, Another great admirer of Don Lorenzo Milani pedagogy, who renounces the appointment struck by declaring "totally unfounded slanders". Even more so, if indeed the allegations were unfounded and slanderous, never should resign – to open the video click on the image

Alberto Melloni has already done far too much damage, by going directly or through an intermediary to Martha's House sactæ with lists of new bishops to be appointed, and its output has entered another subject no less harmful with the same list: Andrea Riccardi. The results of the bishops melloniani But we are already seeing a short distance from their appointments, as Archbishop of Palermo who recently, in this world without memory did news that pass the next day, he had chosen as his auxiliary bishop a subject discussed so that various parts of Italy, after the official announcement of his appointment and the papal decree signed by Pope, They came to the Holy See reports accompanied by awe for that choice. And so it was first requested a diplomatic 'further investigation' [cf. WHO], and then, a month and a half later, the newly elected Auxiliary wrote - in a completely spontaneous, is intende! —, that it renounces to the appointment as bishop. While, his worthy Capuchin Province, he tore his clothes pained, with the friars its members in the role of vestal virgins grieve as they suffered from poor brother. But in doing this they were wrong, because if their high brother to the episcopal dignity was spotless, He should never have to give up the nomination. Doing it ran the risk of giving to understand that perhaps he was not so immaculate, always with due respect of the vestal virgins of the Capuchin Province of Sicily [cf. WHO], probably unaware that the Holy See the most serious reports sull'eletto auxiliary bishop of Palermo, They came just as many Friars Minor Capuchin, by religious of other religious families and from various religious who complained about his questionable psychological methods. And before that we have to give a reason to the old nineteenth-century anti-clerical, when the columns of the newspapers spoke anticlerical and ironizzavano the proverbial ingenuity of the Franciscan Friars …


Alberto Melloni, one who sees the "injustices" only according to its ideological and political convenience – to open the video click on the image

Among these lines, we painted one of the most illustrious sons of the Episcopal Melloni and his School of Bologna, that is the school of the speakers of the Left political salons and conference rooms with super luxury accommodation in five-star hotels at which speak of "poor Church for the poor" and "epoch-making revolution to Francis'. We painted a Melloni pauperistic ideological, who dares to speak of "injustice remedied" - that went to don Lorenzo Milani -, by the great compassionate heart of the Holy Father Francis. Now, one wonders: Melloni has no idea of ​​the suffering and injustice are ever to many priests, Dissenting from that firm by the thought of Giuseppe Dossetti and Giuseppe Alberigo, the founders of the School of Bologna, which it was the Venerable Father Divo Barsotti, who spent all the first years of his priestly ministry in the house of his parents, without any pastoral task entrusted to him by the Bishop of the Diocese, that of San Miniato? At least, a don Lorenzo Milani, after the damage he had made in a Florentine parish, They gave the parish church of Barbiana, but at this holy man of God Don Divo Barsotti, They did not give even that! Why Is That, Melloni, not invoke that restored justice for the wrongs suffered by this authentic man of God? Simple answer: for the Father Divo Barsotti was not one that was left by then manipulate or big and powerful Italian Communist Party, nor those pacifondisti seventies that with iron bars in hand shouting "make love not war", "Put the flowers in your guns" and so to follow. All this shows just how much the Melloni is a figure of dubious honesty, he measure seeming injustice with different meter, according to the tendency of political victims, real or alleged that they. And that subject as Melloni, even exert influences on Pope, It is very serious thing that can not but disturb us …


another great citatore Don Lorenzo Milani: Don Luigi Ciotti, during the “meeting” held at the “funeral porcini” Don Andrea Gallo in a small church in a small theater sacrilegious radical communists, hooligans of the social centers, transsexuals, transvestites, abortionists, eutanasisti, ideology part gender and so … to open the video click on the image

… but because the pieces are worse than tears, After this unfortunate statement by the Primate of Sicily, favorite son of the Bologna School, that the choice of an auxiliary bishop has embarrassed the Holy See, in addition to the Sicilian bishops who approved the proposal that candidate, here it is that the Sicilian bishops tried in recent days to rebuild their virginity before the reigning Pontiff with a gattopardesco attempt to lure: the granting of Communion to remarried divorcees after careful discernment [cf. WHO, WHO]. That is to say: “Holiness, do not think bad, because we, mythical children of the Leopard, for this reason we are even more avant-garde of the same German episcopate!”…

… therefore just peek, as we did, under the tablecloth in appearance linda dell'altarino, to see the fat crust that is underneath and understand that all this, if it were not tragic, it would be really funny. How tragic that, while the Melloni comes and goes, directly or indirectly from Domus Sanctae Martha, It has time, in the circumstance of “delivery” to all Italian schools reading of don Lorenzo Milani by Minister Public Education Valeria Fedeli, throw mud, in a venomous speech, the memory of the great Archbishop of Florence Ermenegildo Florit, already diocesan ordinary Prior of Barbiana. And here I correct amicably Tossani: the speech Melloni [the text of which is reproduced in full WHO it gives La Repubblica], It will not be pronounced next Tuesday in Barbiana, the presence of the Pope, but it has already been held in the occasion of the solemn "delivery" of don Lorenzo Milani by the Minister True to Italian school. That's what l 'event to which it refers La Repubblica, not the Holy Father's visit to Barbiana. The substance of the speech, moreover, does not change one iota.


Certain, pensavamo - wrong! —, that even the flattery gattopardesca there was a limit, but in fact we were wrong, because in reality there is always those who believe - just like the Sicilian bishops have just taken as a paradigm -, that the world is made up of people completely unable to understand, discern and analyze the real reasons that drive certain events, some cloths placed on altars, and finally some colossal licking ... what you know [those wishing to deepen this read my previous article, WHO].


another great citatore Don Lorenzo Milani, the Genoese priest Paolo Farinella, that the stage of a political forum, saying it presents … 'Professional do the priest', then begins its rally … – to open the video click on the image

Pass bishops mediocre and those pimps, which they represent a serious and depressing phenomenon, because I fear that the social consequences, policies and especially pastoral for a private visit of the Roman Pontiff in Barbiana promoted by Cardinal Giuseppe Betori and Michele Gesualdi, as mentioned pupil of prior and President of the don Milani Foundation, resulting in a real “beatification” this bad teacher, They could be much worse.


We therefore votes so that the supplication our Florentine friend is accepted, that the Pope Francis I and the Archbishop of Florence Giuseppe Betori - the supplication It is in fact also been paid to him! – do not go next Tuesday in Barbiana and that they want to censor strictly Melloni - Tossani as required -, for defamatory accusations launched by him to Cardinal Ermenegildo Florit, described as un'assetato power and ruthless vessatore the "prophet" don Milani [see article by Alberto Melloni, WHO], whereas today, the Archbishop of Florence, of blessed memory, He is remembered as a true man of God, many of the faithful of the Church in Florence.


I invite you and leave you to read supplication to Pope signed by Pier Luigi Tossani, inviting you to also read the exhaustive dossier, also sent to the Pope and to the three Cardinali, in which he explores in detail the reasons for his request, without any prevention regarding Don Lorenzo Milani, for which we ask that God may have had mercy on his soul, as he said Blessed Paul VI learning of his death: "We hope well!…». But here lies the heart of the problem: Paul VI and Giovanni Paolo II have them beatified and canonized, But we have not heard …


By doing so our clarifying a happy expression of Marcello Veneziani, we believe we can say with him that don Lorenzo Milani "is not a bad teacher, but a bad master " [cf. WHO].



from The Island of Patmos, 17 June 2017

Feast of Corpus Christi



To those who want to explore the theme, refer to a publication of the 1977 a distinguished Dominican theologian:

TITO S. cent, OP – "ENCOUNTERS AND CLASHES WITH DON LORENZO MILANI" [and. Civilization Brescia, 1977]




Pier Luigi Tossani



Most Holy Father,

Eminenz respected,


Pier Luigi Tossani

it is known that, as part of celebrations marking the fiftieth anniversary of the death of don Lorenzo Milani, It is expected on Tuesday 20 Next June Pope Francis coming to Barbiana, privately, Prior to pray at the tomb.


In the face of such an event, the undersigned There transmits an articulated dossier from which are multiple characteristics of thought, teaching and the prior of Barbiana works, which suggest that visit out of season. In particular, It can be inferred from the words of the prior, even in his most famous, that:


1. Don Milani, far from being the "obedient rebel" to the Church, as it is currently defined, He lived instead in a state of permanent mutiny towards it [cf. capp. 1, 3, 6, 10 the attached file], to the point, for instance, to describe his superior, Archbishop Ermenegildo Florit, in a letter to his pupil Francesco Gesualdi, as "A man possessed deficient '.


2. The prior proves supporter of revolutionary violence of Jacobean mold [cf. capp. 3 and 4 the attached file]. For example, he writes in the famous Letter to John : "But tomorrow, when farmers wield a pitchfork and submerge in the blood along with that bad even large asset values ​​accumulated by the university families in their minds and in their specializations, remember that day not to do injustice in the historical evaluation of these events. Remember not to mourn the loss of the Church and science, of thought or art for the destruction of so many heads of thinkers and scientists and poets and priests ".


3. The prior is also a supporter of the class struggle of the Marxist-Leninist [still chaps. 3 and 4 the attached file]. If ban, eg, when he writes in Letter to the Tuscan military chaplains : «…And if you have the right, without being attracted by the Curia, to teach that Italians and foreigners can lawfully indeed heroically squartarsi each other, then I claim the right to say that the poor too can and must fight the rich ".


4. Don Milani explicitly supports the shedding of blood of the enemies of the people, as stated in Chapter. 4 the attached file, when the Letter to Ettore Bernabei he writes: "... For the good of the poor. Why do street without blood flow. And even if the blood would flow again, because at least it does not flow in vain for them as hitherto all times ".


Lastly, don Milani also manifests homosexual impulses and pedophile [see the cap. 5 the attached file], when in a letter to Giorgio Pecorini he writes:


"How could I explain that I love my parishioners more that the Church and the Pope? And that if I run a risk for my soul it is certainly not what he had little loved, but rather to love too (ie even take them to bed!)». and that "... And who will ever love the guys to the bone without ending up with even stick it in the ass if not a master with them also love God and Hell theme and desires Paradise?».


The undersigned argues in detail in the attached dossier:


The set of disturbed aspects of the prior psyche has obviously influenced his educational project [see the cap. 2 the attached file], attributing to it an ideological character and class, which has severely affected the level in the quality and content. This has turned into a loss, paradoxically against the poor and those last he said he had at heart and want to help, ie in the first instance his students. Secondly to all those, teachers and students, which were inspired by his example educational. It is apparent from the fact dossier, even in chapter 2, that all Italian schools has been widely contaminated negatively led by milaniano, which as you know has had many admirers and promoters.


– The unfortunate legacy milaniana, as well as having had a negative impact in the social and religious fabric, in particular in that Florentine [see chapter 9 the attached file], it was also translated into negative experiences that it is explicitly mentioned, as that of Forteto [Ed. WHO, WHO]and that of the chaplain Florence Community of Piagge, don Alessandro Santoro [see the cap. 8 the attached file] [Ed. WHO, WHO]


The undersigned takes this occasion to report to His Holiness and to Their Eminences the possible alternative to the class and revolutionary thought milaniano, as well as the thought of the Servant of Dio Giorgio La Pira (question just mentioned in the dossier attached to this, in the chapters 7 and 9), unfortunately politically it characterized by statalism, welfarism and the accession practice to perverse mechanisms of consumer society. this alternative, illustrated in the cap. 7 the attached file, It consists in the idea of participatory society according to the Social Doctrine, admission drawn up by Pier Luigi Lombard scholar Zampetti, already he appointed a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences from San Giovanni Paolo II.


Lastly, prof. Alberto Melloni, Secretary Foundation for religious sciences John XXIII, He was in charge of a speech to be held next Tuesday 20 June to Barbiana, the presence of His Holiness Pope Francis. In this speech, already made public in the press, Melloni, Prior supporter, attacks vehemently Cardinal Ermenegildo Florit, former Archbishop of Florence and upper Don Milani, portraying him as a sadistic vessatore, power-hungry. Whereby, according Melloni, In his speech on Florit repeats the same words don Milani, well made prior to characterize it in terms of "a moron possessed" [see the cap. 11 the attached file]. The reality is rather obviously - apart from insults Melloni – his don Milani, both the Archbishop Florit that his predecessor, Venerable Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa, They were right. The undersigned speaks in the attached file with this, the chapter 1.


In the light of all the above and further elaborated in the attached file, I am obliged to myself to His Holiness and to Their Eminences the following


S u p p l i c a


– A Pope Francis, humbly he asks to want to check out His judgment on the figure of don Milani and, way if the grounded arguments in the dossier attached to this, not to go to Barbiana to pay homage to the memory of what the examination of the facts shows unmistakably like a bad master. If this happens, if the figure of don Milani should still be presented as an example to the people by the highest authority of the Catholic Church, it is evident that the consequences would be extremely serious, and protrarrebbero for many years.


To His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Betori of Florence, the undersigned humbly proffers the same instance: if the arguments of the dossier were convincing for him, a pro the good of the people, asks not going to Barbiana, I want to dispose of the spread of the unfortunate lesson milaniana, and, the undersigned allows in circumstance, also that La Pira. For the good of the people there would, If anything, to promote the rich social teaching inspired by the principles of subsidiarity and participation, expressed by the Servant of God don Luigi Sturzo and Pier Luigi Zampetti. Finally, the undersigned begs Bishop. Giuseppe Betori that wants to also cater to the people of Piagge, which has already suffered too much in the past, and it is still suffering.


– At the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller. From each of the revaluation of the figure milaniana, It shows that it was prompted by a favorable opinion of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, about the rehabilitation of the book by don Milani Pastoral experiences. For that work, at the time of those events there was a notice given by the Congregation Archbishop of Florence, Elia Dalla Costa, in which it was suggested to withdraw from the market the book, and not to reprint or translate. Today it appears that for the Congregation "circumstances have changed, so that intervention has no more reason to exist". In light of what is mentioned in chapter 6 the attached file, then the undersigned humbly begs the Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, want to check, and where appropriate withdraw, His positive assessment.


A Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, recently appointed as President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, known estimator of don Milani and La Pira. The undersigned takes this unusual opportunity to extend also humbly to Him the same petition addressed to Cardinal Betori, for the disposal of the spread of milaniana lesson and that La Pira. rather promoting in their stead, for the good of the people, the social teaching expressed by Sturzo and Zampetti.


At last, in all four authoritative recipients, the undersigned humbly appeal one last plea for an immediate and severe censure of prof. Alberto Melloni, who has so shamefully besmirched the memory of our was Archbishop of Florence Ermenegildo Florit.


The undersigned, for transparency, inform the SS.VV. that the dossier attached PDF, that is sent today by e-mail and by express recommended, It is a preview of what will be published tomorrow on the website The philosophy of the TAV, he managed, and also informs that the dossier and the same plea to revolt They will be announced at media at a press conference to be held tomorrow 15 June in Florence, at 11.30, at the Gran Caffè RCMP in Republic Square.


Florence, 14 June 2017

Pier Luigi Tossani




To open the file on don Lorenzo Milani click below:









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28 thoughts on "Supplication to the Supreme Pontiff: "Holiness, do not go to pay homage to the evil master Lorenzo Milani "

  1. Alfredo Caro,

    I can only answer with all the prudence that the penalty should use those unfamiliar with a given subject, or a specific figure, because as so-called speculative, I was trained and taught to speak only of what I know. And I've never met this fellow priest, viepiù but I never studied or investigated on his writings, which are many, numerous, controversial and contradictory. Which is not a problem, There are large productions of saints and fathers of the Church which from one another is written are variously contradicted or denied; including men today venerated as saints who have fallen into heresy, and heresy that were later amended, latest in series order the great Antonio Rosmini, today Blessed.

    In this case I can answer by applying my modest experience in the postulation for the Causes of Saints, for which at the time I received the planned training.

    Certain figures must be placed “all in all“, ever “in a complex“, is never “overall it makes us comfortable“. And sometimes, to do this honest work and goal, it may take even years and years; and it is not said that the work gets.

    As you will understand, I will not go into the merits of the person of Don Lorenzo Milani, I am limited only to express, for that I know little or nothing, that before in middle school, then in high school, It was the penalty presented in a certain way and some people ideologized; and this made me very funny, at the time that I was a student. Today I say “I like it” the “I do not like”, but only say the truth: I do not know him.

    As a priest, as a theologian, as a scholar of the history of dogma and as people always careful to objective historical facts, I am very disturbed by the fact that a person of obvious and proven intellectual dishonesty as Alberto Melloni has made door-flags of Don Lorenzo Milani. Indeed, Melloni, It should be a historian, but the evidence shows missing and was found to be free of the cardinal prerequisite required to the true good old: freedom from constraints imposed by ideology and special interests.

    Don Lorenzo Milani, it's a bad master or a bad teacher?
    perhaps, who knows , or not …

    One thing is certain: if it was a good teacher, unlikely to emerge as such a Melloni trying to giocarselo and that if it is played as a pawn in their favor with brash political interest, establishing first, with the air of a typical left-modernists in power, on this side there are good, from this other bad.

    And, as she points out, we instead seek by all possible means the intellectual honesty, we must admit that to take Don Lorenzo Milani what he wanted and to leave an ellipsis on the remaining sentence the August celebratore He did not like, was unfortunately also the Pope Francis I. And this is a fact that she correctly points and that we must accept as an objective, remaining perplexed both “capocomico” both “celebratore“, while Don Lorenzo Milani is a complex and controversial figure whole to be studied very seriously, But I see very difficult thing – if not impossible at the moment – in a country where, as our, Sixty-eight of the Movement is still going on after forty years; where remote 72 years after the fall of the fascist regime, it continues to speak ideologically, and excitedly of fascism and anti-fascism. And this makes it impossible to dramatically, a ben 72 years after his fall, make a lucid and objective historical analysis on the positive and negative aspects of this former regime. How is it impossible to make a clear analysis and objective of the Italian Risorgimento built mostly on legends, including legends really kind of pathetic … which “heroic” desperate landed at Marsala – allow me the euphemism – “the patches attached to the ass”, guided by a “Hero of Two Worlds”, certain Giuseppe Garibaldi, that “Father of freedom” carrying humans on ships along the streets of the slave trade, that put the most powerful European army era knees: the Bourbon army. That is as if, hundred Swiss Guards of Vatican City State with the halberd in hand or thirty guards in full uniform and with plumes in the Most Serene Republic of San Marino head, respectively, they had defeated the Soviet Red Army and the Army of Republic of China.

    Here, the poor Don Lorenzo Milani, thanks to’ “honest old” Alberto Melloni, It fell into this cauldron of ideologies and legends, unfortunately!

    Thank you so much for his valuable and stimulating wrote.

  2. I saw that you have posted a piece of one of your devoted reader on the figure of don Lorenzo Milani, that I have never seen or known. In recognizing your intellectual honesty stating you poor connoisseurs of the prior of Barbiana, I would like to offer my interpretation of Pope Francis visit to Barbiana, begging you deigning a short answer (without any hurry).

    I am attaching a reflection of mine that I sent to “milaniani” among which I recognize myself I.
    22.6.17 Those ellipses ...

    Even when we are faced with an apparent rehabilitation of the figure of don Milani by the Church Bergoglio, I find that remains irreducible difference between the Florentine priest and the Jesuits, the fiercest critics of his work, the proponents of this theory universal love amiably unmasked by don Lorenzo, and now represented in the highest degree by Pope Francis.

    It remains the hope that you realize what the Pope told those present letting Barbiana "pray that the example of this good priest I also take".

    And finally give up the bad habit of denigrating the Church, for don Milani always he remained the mother that you accept although it is not as pretty as we'd like, and not happen again that anyone who refers to the Catholic doctrine – one that led to the conversion don Milani – are all of the Pharisees, whited sepulchres and you love a bit 'more of the flock which is found in the fold instead of devoting themselves to find consensus and treats in the world between those who have other interests that the bread of life and eternal life, of which believe they can do without.

    And don Milani should not be censured even by a pope when he seems to want to take remedial action and cites the writing of don Milani bishop Florit "If you do not honor me today with any solemn act, all my apostolate will appear as a private matter…” Today it does the Bishop of Rome.

    These ellipsis, This break is not even allowed to a Pope.
    Which does not seem to share the Catholic orthodoxy of which don Milani was proud, because the sentence also said Florit "... all my apostolate will appear as a private matter, something like the work of a pastor ". What now quite out of place in an atmosphere of ecumenism and generic quite confusing.

    Don Lorenzo would never adapted to be confused with either a Protestant pastor, or with a secular intellectual salottiero, environments that refused firmly rejecting attempts to make it look like one of them, work that continues today with the various Alberto Melloni and Enzo Bianchi who with their speech and their slogans council corny reduce the figure of don Milani dear to pure social action to the left of the clerical thought (which over time have replaced the right-wing clerical), flatterers of which now likes to surround Pope Francis, yes a wall that would be within its jurisdiction break down and remember that the staid and ridanciano that often fails to conceal never attitudes that have made great neither popes nor Christians, but they are the stuff of resentful people, from men of the world.

    Embarking then in a new crusade to excommunicate mobsters and corrupt, forgetting mischief makers who have produced and multiplied them ( in don Milani find terrible pages in this regard) I do not think an idea conceived but yet another slogan easy-grip on the rod moralism of the merciful AC, which like so much autoassolversi with the faults of others.

    Dear friends milaniani, keep your eyes open and never forget the testimony of Eda, which was much better than some commentators this.

    Alfredo Mori

  3. Saturday afternoon, after a nice stroll through the hills not far from where I live, I stopped in a pretty shrine dedicated to Beata Vergine. Having a little’ Time stopped for commissioning. The readings were those of St. John the Baptist Feast. The priest, after a nice speech about the prophets who are sent continuously from God, Abel until today, He held us to let people know who intend him as prophets not heard by the Church. A nice list: Mazzolari, Milani, Boff e Tonino Bello.

    Not too happy this morning I went to Mass, usual in the church that I attend. There was a wedding anniversary. Of course, the priest, that from that which I think is a very good person, He has boosted the altar dall'offertorio spouses up to communion (and of course all the relatives to the Lord's Prayer).

    Now, with everything humanly possible respect for priests, I think I'll go for a while’ Sundays where the rite is celebrated in the use oldest. Just to get some’ oxygen.

    By praying to St. Joseph “return from Egypt” the Saviour. Because now we really sent into exile.

    1. Dear Paul,

      an advice … “diabolical”.
      Try to approach this priest, and to tell him that she has found great spiritual solace in reading the homilies of St. Albert and St. Leone Magno, which he found excellent ideas in the writings of Saint Anselm of Aosta, St. Bernardo di Chiaravalle and St. Thomas Aquinas.
      And then – but please, the commitment to riuscirsi -, do the airhead and tell: “The authors you mentioned: Mazzolari, Milani, Boff, Tonino Bello … I do not know them. But it, if you think you can get rich by giving me something more than I've done readings, Please show me their texts. For instance, I was going to pick up a book that was recommended to me by an elderly confessor and called Imitation of Christ, thinks is fine? Or do you have something better to advise me?”.

      Then let us know, if he wants, what you said this amiable priest, always remembering the campaign launched by The island of Patmos: «pigliateli not seriously, pigliateli my ass'. Indeed, it is my duty to inform, if the uninitiated, that the “Prophet” Leonard Boff, fell into multiple heresies, He has abandoned the priesthood, He has left the Catholic Church, he married civilly etc. … the poor Vescovo Tonino Bello, he thought a little worse’ emotional poetic mood for doing theology, He has fired the most blatant heresies on Mariology of everything the twentieth century, etc. … etc. …

      1. I find your campaign against some very deserving people, But I would not be able to deal in this way a priest, more so if they are not in confidence…

        Especially now that I made a very bad idea of ​​the seminars and not feel like perculare poor priests who knows cos'han had to study…

        I trust and hope in a quick intervention from!

  4. Rev. Father,

    it should be noted that the friend Tossani has just published on his blog this post:

    With heartfelt words expressed her bitterness at the way the whole controversial affair was just happily misrepresented, Which would suggest that the authority to which the petition has been forwarded, they have not considered worthy of consideration ... Actually lacks even the reality check - the times were pretty tight - the letters are weighty indeed received the attention of the recipient or have stalled - along the way ...
    Needless to mention here the fate of other pleas or similar recent episodes ...
    We are in God's hands, Christian said with resignation: Will be done.

    We recognize once again due honor to the ungovernable Pier Luigi for his reckless, praiseworthy initiative, for his spiritual strength, Better bold than prudent or indolent, No one can reproach him for lack of trying and certainly - it promises - will try again ...

    From me, a big hug to Pier Luigi.

  5. A sympathetic priest, he actually said that yesterday the Pope, pointing Lorenzo Milani as a virtuous example to all the clergy,

    The same appears to reaffirm the card today. Stella: Interview on the figure of the priest

    It seems to live another era, only eight years ago, Benedict XVI proposed as a model Giovanni Maria Vianney, the Holy Priest of Ars, as patron of pastors throughout the world.

  6. I felt at the time don Milani just a self-centered ideological utopian that the Salvation brought by Christ had understood little. Nothing imagined his Homeo-pedophilic impulses, and read what he writes in Letter to Giorgio Pecorini nevertheless he hurts me.
    They are expressions that horror, manifestations of a vulgarity consciously willed, put pen to paper and signed.
    What must have thought “his boys” (and their parents), before so much squalor poster? have thought: that great man, He did not even raped?
    It was a revolutionary priest, if instead of a don Milani it was a priest or a master of the normal ones or old (the so-called “cattofascisti”), as media coverage and curial would receive?

  7. A move me two weeks ago was a tortuous eulogy of Tarquinius in Avvenire of that mess demagogic titled "Obedience is no longer a virtue" (an extract of which was published), I answered with a comment on the newspaper site fb, I now realize that echoes the criticism within the Church were made on time to don Milani. "poor and even rude Track. Don Milani does not want the world is divided between Patriots and Foreigners, and this could be good depending Christian universalism, though of course that does not mean delegitimize the existence of states and borders, but it means not to make the absolute values, as before is the human brotherhood. But then he claims ambiguously (so if you reasoned, I take example from you, But…) the right to divide it, this world, between disinherited and oppressed by a side, and privileged and oppressors on the other, to fight a noble battle and non-violent. The poor are her homeland, says. First, this concept of "poor" has nothing to do with the Gospel, but it's all focused on material things, even in a broad sense. Politically speaking it is like to denounce the demagoguery of a violent nationalism to convey the demagoguery of a soi-disant socialist non-violent, ie pacifist only on paper because rhetorically divide the world between rich and poor is a task that can only foment hatred. And yes, my dear I do not pretend to understand it. Let us then stand the usual conformist reminder of the most beautiful in the world Constitution, that now in some laity and even some Christians seem to become the subject of a fetishistic respect similar to that of Muslims to the Koran. "

  8. read all, including the Centi booklet and attachments: such an amazing job of collecting and interpreting materials, maybe a little bit’ weighed down by the calls to “philosophy of Tav” which the author holds much ( although I know that he will vindicate the perfect relevance to the topic in question) but on the other hand they give a personal touch and therefore felt and true to the effort of Tossani. Coi Patmos Island editors instead share the relative lack of interest for the figure of Milani, that basically was predictable inevitability up: boring, in its essence, but a symbol of an era.

  9. …and the tomb of Don Milani, addressed those present, Pope Francis asks: "Pray for me, because you take example from this good priest ". Don Milani a bad teacher?

    1. … and, for me is a “bad master” and it will remain so until, with a clear and precise act of teaching, his Letter to a Professor It will not be included in the literature of the Holy Fathers and Doctors of the Church.

      A private tour then leaves things as they are, especially in a Church in which you now deride the dogmas and ignoring the fundamental canon law.

      Otherwise, I should take it as a truth of faith, dogmatic and infallible, the San Lorenzo is the best team in the world football.

      1. It was much more than a simple “bad master”, Ariel expensive gift, as it is clear from “Letter to George”. In that text emerge, not too undercurrent, elements attributable to pathological deviations of forensic interest. The tribute all'estensore of such a letter from a Roman pontiff, albeit as a “private doctor” (“private” that it is not difficult to deduce), It is a real scandal.

  10. Pope Francis on the grave of don Milani: "I can not hide the fact that the gesture that I made today is a response to the request repeatedly made by don Lorenzo to his bishop, namely that it was recognized and understood in its fidelity to the Gospel and in the righteousness of his pastoral action. In a letter to the bishop wrote: "If you do not honor me today with any solemn act, all my apostolate will appear as a private ...”». Today, this recognizes the Bishop of Rome.

      1. private private … I hold greater account of recognition “private doctor” Jorge Mario Bergoglio of non-recognition of “private doctor” Ariel S. Levi Gualdo…

        1. .. but she does well, the Roman Pontiff has a grace was far superior to my, provided that she does not use it to despise relatively elegant grace of sacramental status of all his faithful servants; and I repeat: servants, non adulatori.

  11. Don Ariel, to point out another gem. There seems to be a documentary edited by Melloni of don Milani with the soundtrack made by the songs of De André, “whose songs seem to unintentionally draw the profile of Lorenzo Milani” . What do you think of the combination?

  12. the father Ariel which has the right to sell, starting with the fact that Card. Ermenegildo Florit was a man of God. I met him and how, at the time he put his hand on the head in 1967 when he became a priest.

    God only knows, this particular our poor church in Florence, gl'immani damage that they have done the various don Milani … and I say “many” because after the opening of this flaw on the dam, Now we must wait for the rehabilitation, with lots of “Liturgy of excuses”, Don Mazzi “hero” dell'Isolotto in protest, Don Ernesto Balducci …

    I bless God that now I 76 years and are very health bruised …
    Nice article. Bella, but unfortunately useless, supplication.

    don Elio (Florence)

  13. Don Ariel highlights the paradox that underlies the myth of don Milani; his admirers were communists to and in public school, while don Milani in fact ran a private school!

    Moreover, the famous teacher against whom don Milani had lunged left and taught in state schools!

    From the academic point of view, the myth of don Milani does not hold, then, he was publicly criticized by prof. Rita Calderini (who earned glared of Turoldo and charges of "not understanding the prophets") and then a school record Inspector Roberto Berardi.

    an anecdote: Once I gave a copy of this book to a UPS Salesian poppy, who as soon as he saw the cover threw it aside smugly.
    Don Ariel, what do you think? I can criticize the UPS Salesian?

    Returning to don Milani, is subtly mentioned by Tuscan Rodolfo Doni writer recalls how after the war where he sought priestly figures to be his guide but left to lose one who put himself in the foreground instead of Christ: It does not make the name but I was alluding to Milani.

  14. Beautiful shining!
    The inevitable reactionary priest fascistello has two gift Sunday laughter there!
    Incredible, but there is always some people?

    1. In truth, to exist, are the bischeri like you.
      E 'is likely that while my great-grandfather died in exile in Paris in 1936 and while his son, my grandfather, He was clubbed in 1939; and while his wife, my grandmother, She fled with her two children to the border with Italy, one of them my father, perhaps your ancestors wore black shirts and sang "Duce, You are the light, leading us …».

      They were not "communist heroes", were just “poor” Members of the movement of popular Catholic.

  15. What sends me literally “into a rage”, is the fact that, to defend the truth from error, and Catholic doctrine from heresy, apparently were only the two Fathers of Patmos Island.
    On the one hand always I admire their courage, I tell myself the other … but is it possible that all silent?

    Of course … heartfelt congratulations to Dr.. Tossani author of supplication.

    1. Thanks, gentile Giuseppe,
      to be fair, no doctor, yet simple accountant, although it sounds a bit’ fantozzi… I did thirty years, the bank teller.
      a cordial greeting to you

  16. Come Fathers, are not the good souls of the dead who are in need of prayers, but instead of bad ones.
    If the visit was decided by the spirit of mercy, nothing will make him desist.
    And if the pope taking into account your straight and finally leaving drag by the Holy Spirit then understand that the planned visit by its enclave would create embarrassment among the faithful and give up.
    We pray for him so that it informs and deepened on all matters before ruling, having regard to its recidivism.
    Perhaps in this way it understands who is surrounded.

  17. Inform of this begs the Holy Father or remain in the maze of the State Secretariat? Coming least to the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith? He will have the power to stop this monstrosity? Paying tribute to an individual who has dared to say those things about children? This church does not believe that the punishment of God, but that does everything to find them as soon as possible is really a paradox and a walking disaster.

  18. I thank the Pier Luigi friend for his courageous, rather daring initiative although documented by years of research and study on the controversial case …
    An unequal battle, unfortunately.

    The rehabilitation of Don Milani is a long way and has always had many supporters and godfathers powerful. To praise his pedagogical social activities and its ecclesial disobedience his former pupils are always moved, Tuscan politicians, bourgeois and catholic-communist press, but Financo the predecessors of Archbishop archbishops. Betori they were proud of sponsoring as you can read here:

    And now – in the era of the demolition of the past acquisitions of the Church, in the era of revisiting, rewriting and reinterpretation according to the standards of today's world, This rehabilitation is crowned, indeed hailed, with setbacks and suffering of a few…
    Quid est veritas?

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