Synod on the family: “so things have changed”? No, He explains the Archbishop Luigi Negri



[…] the Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio Luigi Negri, expressed in a few lines, so brief but clear, what is the current situation and the line that all the Bishops and their Priests are bound to follow for now.



Author Drafting of the Island of Patmos

of the island of Patmos


Dear Readers.

Luigi Negri 3

Archbishop Luigi Negri during a celebration with his presbytery

After the latest discussions carried out by the Fathers of'Island of Patmos inherent issues related to the Synod on the family, discussions also made up of hypotheses and opinions, whose purpose is to strengthen the deposit of faith, certainly not weaken it, the Fathers had to answer many questions, noting first of all that not a few people ask questions to which they have already answered in their articles in detail. Now, no one expects anyone to read writings that are sometimes very articulate, certainly, however, it would be good to avoid raising issues based on a title and a subtitle, especially when it comes to quite complex doctrinal issues …

These days the Fathers, in the exercise of their sacred priestly ministry, they found each other to have to reiterate to certain divorced and remarried that they could not access Holy Communion. Someone replied: «… but the newspapers wrote "! And variously they have replied that the Church has never written, much less sanctioned what they wrote instead and “sanctioned” certain newspapers that are not the authority of the Church, nor are they invested with the Authority of which only the Supreme Pontiff is invested, who is responsible for drafting the Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, in which it may or may not take into account what is expressed by the assembly of the Synod Fathers, dictating new rules and disciplines, or leaving unchanged those in force.

Luigi Negri 4

S. AND. Mons. Luigi Negri during the party for his parents 10 years of episcopate

While the Fathers were about to reply on the matter, the drafting of the’Patmos Island she came across a letter written by the Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio Luigi Negri, which he expressed in a few lines, in a short and clear way, what is the current situation and the line that all the Bishops and their Priests are bound to follow for now, given that - as the prelate from Ferrara states -, certain faculties are currently outside not only his power but that of any bishop.

As an answer to questions from various readers, the fathers of’Patmos Island they chose to use the message sent by the Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio to his clergy, which contains what they would have answered to the numerous questions addressed to them in this regard.




Luigi Negri coat of arms

Luigi Negri
Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio
Abbot of Pomposa


Dear priests and faithful of the Diocese of Ferrara-Comacchio.

so as not to be influenced by hasty and often unfounded readings about the results of the recent Synod on the family, I feel compelled to intervene to clarify that the Synod is an exclusively consultative body, whose works ended with the presentation to Pope Francis of a document that collects the positions that emerged and shared by the synod fathers.
Only the Pope can, and in an absolutely autonomous way, decide whether to one or some of these positions, they will be able to follow operational and regulatory indications. We therefore remain confidently awaiting the decisions that the Holy Father will want or will have to make.
In that moment - and only in it, through the opportune ways - the decisions of the Pope regarding the various problems that are contained in the document will become operative; and our Church, used to obey, will obey without any problem, and absolutely unconditionally, as we have always done up to the last request of the Holy Father on hospitality to refugees.
Until then, therefore, it does not change anything and in particular it is forbidden to grant communion to the divorced and remarried [except in cases already admitted by Catholic practice *], with whom one must certainly entertain a path of dialogue and recovery of one's own identity; I walk that, at the moment, it cannot result in admission to Eucharistic communion because it is a responsibility that exceeds that of the Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio.
Any initiative taken in disagreement with this provision of mine would clearly be illegitimate and therefore illegal, and it could not fail to be sanctioned.
+ Luigi Negri
Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio and Abbot of Pomposa
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  1. nonsonobigotto says:

    Decisions are already’ been taken, the Church is about to embrace the world but in a false and deceptive embrace, it is not’ this is the way to manage “the field hospital”, the sick must be treated and the only doctor who can’ do it and Jesus’ Christ with the only medicine, His teachings! His Word is not subject to the liberalism of any generation, His Word is concrete, a, real, true and is not subject to interpretation. Evil must be eradicated and in reference to the previous article today it is not’ the Pope who are bugging but Jesus, e’ He who must be defended by those who believe they are more’ merciful to him and even believes himself up to being able to question this’ that Christ himself and’ came to tell us. It really hurts to read about priests who waste time checking their prostate have not understood that’ what happens is His Will, what is the use of having a healthy prostate when perhaps the Lord calls us immediately after learning it? Priests must go back to talking about eternal life and about sin from which we must stay away, the idea of ​​a tailor-made Church that accepts you for who you are without ever admonishing you e’ A FALSE CHURCH. I believe that today, more than ever, the time has come to start considering some prophecy that seems to relate to our times..

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader,

      I don't question his faith, also because this would in a certain sense mean presuming to read his conscience, that God alone can read. However, I must take note – and I point it out and point it out – that's his way of expressing himself, but above all to think, he is not Catholic. Therefore its, whatever it is, it is not a Catholic faith, because it does not correspond to the articles contained in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed.
      And today, Unfortunately, abounding commentators, also very noble, who presume to defend their very subjective idea of faith and of church through the manifestation of non-Catholic feelings and spirits.

      I explain the reasons for my statement made far from light hearted:

      1. You begin by launching a lapidary judgment on the Church – which I remind her to be the Mystical Body of Christ – using the aggressive verve typical of the followers or preachers of the Protestant fundamentalist sects.

      2. She separates Jesus from the Church and vice versa, forgetting that the Word of God, the sick to be treated, he entrusted them to the Church, supplied by Him with all the necessary medicines, the sacraments of grace, to proceed with the care of those sick people for whom the Word became flesh.

      3. She says: «His Word is not subject to the liberalism of each generation, His Word is concrete, a, real, true and is not subject to interpretation ". Very serious statement, because these are the reasons put forward by Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus speaks mainly in parables precisely to induce us to exercise faith and reason, because behind the reading and interpretation of his figurative messages we are called to grasp their profound meaning. Or perhaps he thinks that the parables must be taken literally, rather than interpreted to grasp the message contained in them? Because following its logic the biblical precept “you will not feed on your brother's blood”, Jehovah's Witnesses transform it into a ban on the use of blood transfusions.

      4. To affirm that the Supreme Pontiff feels entitled to question what Jesus said, it is a blatant heresy; these are the exact same accusations that Luther raised in a more articulate way, up to calling the Successor of Peter: Satan.

      5. To enunciate a whole series of alleged errors and defects, finally coming to affirm that the current one is a false Church, it is an expression of real impiety.

      I do not know, she, what he has faith in, one thing is certain: you are not Catholic, and his speaking, argue and express themselves, follows in all respects the reasons, the reasons and accusations that have always been addressed to the Catholic Church by the most fundamentalist fringes of the evangelical and Pentecostal sects.

      Hate the Supreme Pontiff and the Church, in the name of “true faith” and of “true Church” it’s nonsense and stupidity, this is why I repeat that certain manifestations of her thinking and expressing herself render her in all respects, de facto, not Catholic.

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