Service firefighters. The Holy Father Francis and the new media fire: offerings to the priests



[…] to all the many priests with the function of pastors who live certain situations of economic hardship, I would like to launch both an idea and a summons: when you get an electric bill or gas that you can not pay, send it to House of Santa Marta, addressed directly to His Holiness Pope Francis, Vatican City, accompanied by this note: "We are the priests of the poor Church for the poor and do not have the money to pay the electricity bill and gas of the parish church, so forgive the payment directly to the Apostolic See ".


Author Father Ariel
Ariel S. Levi Gualdo


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emblem of the Fire Department of the Vatican City

In his homily, the Holy Father said morning: "How many times we see that entering a church still today there is no price list: for baptism, the blessing, intentions for commissioning. And the people are shocked ».


Those who want to read the whole report can connect directly to the site of La Repubblica [see which] now become official organ of the Holy See, not least to get a taste of how certain things end up then reported in the mainstream press.


It seems that the Holy Father tent at a certain bias that causes him to see things from the right but not the left. Add to this than just the 'audience tends to decline, the Holy Father comes up with some catchy phrase that immediately around the world; and for days guaranteed the headlines, that his words expressed often with a lack of clarity come to practice what they want and with all the possible benefit of inventory, especially when the Pope says holy things and right, but however expressed in the wrong way, thus creating many problems of communication and reception of its own message, because the media end up making him say what he did not even have thought.


Firefighters Vatican 3
The Fire Department of the State of Vatican City are equipped with the chimney on the roof of the Sistine Chapel before the conclave of cardinals

Since this can not be accidental, one wonders: who is the director of certain advertising strategies, because of these it is?

And "fire" today that you "shoot" tomorrow, if you do not shoot the most Sorting effect in the media addicted to all the worst drugs, so as to require increasing doses of narcotics increasingly powerful, what we need to prepare?


The Holy Father said the right thing But given the wrong way, aiming once again look right without the slightest grasp all the implications that are left. Just like that famous "Who am I to judge?»Left trunk in half, through which we could see for the first time in history the exaltation of a pope on the covers of gay magazines around the world, while priests and theologians, soon forced to immerse themselves in the role of firefighters, explaining what is right, the Holy Father meant by that phrase; and explaining that not only the devout faithful, but above all an army of arrogant and aggressive impenitent sodomites are very proud to be such, that on that sentence badly understood there were lessons to make new ecclesiology and Catholic morality [just one example among many, which] And we explained, all, procacciandoci in response to the jeers of the secularists and verbal certain intransigent Catholics or assumed that instead accused us of "climb on the mirrors', "defending the indefensible" or play "sophistry".


firefighters Vatican 5
Firemen of the State of Vatican City

This new papal sports to take it regularly with the priests, long stride with the fact that then, at the same time, he starts without hesitation from Rome to go to Caserta to embrace heretics Pentecostal, however worthy the progressive emptying of the Catholic churches in the countries of Latin America, where in some regions, Argentina included, there were declines of believers that reach the percentage of 30% …
... I would want to say gravely that this almost cries vengeance to God, especially if we consider that the ferry boat of Peter the Roman Pontiff, the Bishop of Rome needs us bad priests, Dirty and Bad, not sure of the Pentecostal pastors to which the course is open embrace and smiling with the smile on his face, Taking apart among other things entirely on the fact that the members of this sect are extraordinary agent of money and gullible rich by plucking turkeys as Americans before the big Thanksgiving.


I do not know what kind of angelic faithful, the Holy Father has had to deal pastorally first as a priest and then as bishop; I assume that it had something to do with those of Terrestrial Jerusalem, but rather with those of the Heavenly Jerusalem, where there is no need for bread, because in it live only in the spirit of beatific contemplation of the eternal glory of God.


I instead I have always played the sacred ministry with men and women of Terrestrial Jerusalem, I found the face of such forms of ingratitude and insensitivity to the figure of the priest bless God for giving me this day filled with the necessary gifts of grace whereby, if I have to run, I do it mostly for the ungrateful prodigal, misers, selfish ... that after the priest squeezed like a lemon I throw away the peel, because as we learn from the Lord: "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick; I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners " [MC 2, 17]. And for a pastor in the care of souls, groped to treat certain patients often leads to pain, bitterness and disappointments that leave marks on him like sometimes painful burn marks, because there are few patients who refuse medical care and any, or exploiting the doctor only when they need.


Firefighters Vatican 2
half of the Fire Department of the State of Vatican City

I spent hours listening to and pick up from the ground in pieces wives humiliated and abandoned husbands in the way of facts that sixty dime took off with the secretary of twenty-five; to collect the tears of parents with children unmanageable dedicated to the worst vices; to comfort families affected by the serious illness of a close relative, and to visit and comfort the sick in the hospital periodically. I made a few hundred kilometers to go and visit some lifer in a maximum security prison, after having spent time and energy to ask permission to visit the supervising judge, not being chaplain of the prison and not having so by law right of access. I spent days and days in the preparation of certain homilies and catechesis for the comfort and edification of God's people. I got out of bed at night to bring the sacraments to a dying, I made fifty kilometers leg and fifty to return to go to celebrate a Mass - without any good faithful he wonders if maybe there was no need to pay the cost of petrol to the priest - then spending most of the day to administer confessions and finally, almost of practice, the way home I started to work until two in the morning, and then get up in the morning to 7 and certainly not at noon. I never said no to anyone that I've searched for her pressing question, and as far as I know there are few people who - thanks to God and their goodness - go around saying that I am a good priest claiming to do so to have him tested for their personal experience ...


... But there is a sad fact of life: when in need I'm there I, when I pay the bills for the cost of providing that I can not pay, when I have to provide for my needs decent and certainly not to my vices and luxuries, there are only two ports that I can go to cash in: that of my mother and my brother's. I ask myself and I ask you: it is right that a mother 75 years who can see the priest son two or three times a year in passing, should round up all the months my income so allowing me to devote myself to pastoral people in the face of any human need and spiritual feel that for them is all that a law had, but to the so-called “priest-lemon” by pressing believe, however, did not have any kind of duty? I think the only reason my mother - hard woman and character not easy - you will gain paradise, as He has given everything and never ask me anything; but the other, those who claim the priest everything without giving anything in return, benefit from the same happy fate, in that their supreme selfishness that generates an incorrigible lack of generosity? Or to put it another way: is right for me to assist real armies ungrateful ungrateful towards the priest, thanks to the money of honest work of my family that allow me? This is the reason why I would love to ask the preacher of Santa Marta - always assuming it's not too busy talking with the atheist Eugenio Scalfari or Pentecostal sect of heretics - if by chance I became a priest to be a tax life for my mother and my brother, rather than to serve with the necessary means the universal Church and the people whom God has entrusted; the people who always serve without saving myself, and everything until proven otherwise not easy. O, more simply, the Preacher of Santa Marta would ask: how can you live in 2014 with 800 € monthly salary received by the Ente Livelihood Clergy, with all living expenses to pay for their maintenance and the so-called faithful always helping hand for their human and spiritual needs, but have not the slightest goodness of remunarare the heavy pastoral ministry of the priest, always based on the principle that everything is due to them whereas the priest has not had anything? Why, in case it was not clear, the fact that I have never time to visit or to dedicate myself to a now elderly mother who also keeps me, despite having more time to devote to a rather dense army formed also and above all faithful devotees ungrateful, for me it was and is an objective problem that several times has changed to burdensome and painful question for my subjective consciousness, a consciousness that I have and that my life as a priest, I live on my skin and in my blood, and certainly not on popular phrases effect given by a Pope who has chosen to live in a hotel to be more in touch with reality, but that the relationship with reality - being faithful to some of his speeches - seems to be rather more detached than they have ever been his recent predecessors, who lived in the traditional apartment reserved for them in the Apostolic Palace.


Firefighters work

And since even the army has always delicate ministry of confessor and spiritual director of many priests spread to Italy, I know very well I, inviolable secrecy and privacy of the inner hole of the outer hole, sometimes excruciating pain that many of my brethren who live today feel more and more beaten and neglected by those who should follow them and support them … I know I, what I have said many of them, precisely what the Holy Father ran to embrace heretics Pentecostal, after repeatedly slapped his clergy and given to the priests of greasy. Real thing but as always true only partially, because now the bias seems to become a prerequisite for the pastoral care of this pontificate [see which]. Again a question to the Holy Father would be the penalty: the worst place I have always greasy to camp out inside the Roman Curia and up to the highest level in the Vicariate of Rome, in a year and a half, he who has power to bind and cliffs, than it has thrown out from his house, of greasy? Because before you tell the priests around the world that certain priests are greasy, good taste and balance pastoral would like them to be eliminated first of all the greasy luxury that he finds himself in his own house and which to date have not yet been touched. On the contrary, under his pontificate, not a few of the most unctuous absolutely have also amazing careers, others are facing him directly to the central loggia of St. Peter for becoming this real untouchable for a simple overlooking broadcast worldwide.


And do not touch the sore point of “poor” cari alla omiletica both the Holy Father, I am convinced that he totally ignores how often, at the end of the Mass, On arrival, the vestry, We are assaulted and harassed with weeping by professional actors from “poor” who come to ask money in your pocket with cell phones that we have not, that their homes have mega LED screens that we have not, who smoke cigarettes brand which we do not smoke, we are asking to pay his electricity bill while in their homes triumph all the electronic tools of last generation that we do not own, or at least, both I and many of my brothers, we do not have, because we can not afford. And he wants to know, The Holy Father, this kind of arrogant beggars who claim the right to have all the superfluous, you buy the stimulant and then go to Caritas to require supplies of basic necessities, how we bacchettano when rightly say no? Slamming in your face … "Pope Francis is not a beast like you Priests, He loves the poor!». And from me, more than one, he was told: "Well, then go to the Vatican and the money to buy cigarettes and rifarti the office of your new phone by 500 Euro, chiedili the Holy Father, because I use a cell phone for two years, which at the time I bought it in a discount at the price of 48 Euro ».


Something else the real poor instead living with the discomfort their situation that we must be the ones to understand that they need, because they are not even able to call for help; and in front of those people, repeatedly, I am honored to be in the priestly conscience I left without the money to be able to provide for my need, the firm conviction of not having done anything heroic, but only did my duty as a priest.


firefighters Vatican 6
One half of the Fire Department of the State of Vatican City in St. Peter's Square

In faith and truth I can and must say that unfortunately, not only one of the many people who have helped over the years, you never care to ask if I needed anything.


The Holy Father, so touched by the feelings of a people about who should be first determined if he really is the People of God, or if it is simply people just, if not worse people Jacobin, is aware of how high the number of priests who have spent their lives in service to others, often depriving themselves of the need to also, but in old age found themselves sick, alone and completely abandoned? And what people have cried foul, before old priests died without even being to safeguard their human dignity?


Someone explained to the Holy Father why the Italian Episcopal Conference has allocated a portion of the substantial amount of the Eight Thousand for sensing by the state through tax revenues of taxpayers, to cover all the priests with a health insurance policy with the Catholic Insurance? The Bishops' Conference has done so for a very simple reason: because over time were not a few priests who have chosen economic situations far from prosperous, died before being able to have a specialist or before making clinical analyzes. And those who had no brothers or sisters with a good heart who assisted them, have gone through a nasty death forgotten in the lane of a geriatric army of people who all their lives they have seen as true fathers caring.


Firefighters vatican city 7
Fire Department of the State of Vatican City in the courtyard of San Damaso

But let's “tariff” for which has risen from Santa Marta solemn yet another cry of disappointment which has had the effect of passing the Holy Father for just punisher of the bad habits of the clergy, and its priests for the irredeemable filth. It's true: Many dioceses have not established the price lists, but minimum bids to be left to the parishes during certain celebrations, for example for weddings. And the word "marriage" Now we open the chapter sore ...


... The Holy Father knows what is, species from Rome down, marriage? The Holy Father, so worried about an unspecified people who offend, It is informed that no one is scandalized instead brides before they spend no less than average 1.000 EUR only hairstyle hairdresser, the service of the photographer on the average costs of 1.500 Euro, printing photos and albums of marriage which excluded apart apart cost thousands and thousands of Euros; that the recovery of the wedding film is approximately 3.000 Euro? It is informed, The Holy Father, that some brides come to church with a dress that costs 10.000 Euros that will be worn only one time and then never again? It informed the Pope that some married couples spend between 5.000 and the 10.000 € only for wedding favors to give to guests and friends who organize wedding receptions for an average of 150/250 invited to the cost of 80/100 euro to person, amounting to approximately 15.000/25.000 € only for the wedding dinner? It informed the Pope that some spouses spend 5.000 euro only for three minutes of fireworks?


Firefighters vatican city 8
One half of the Fire Department of the State of Vatican City in front of the Palace of the Governorate

The Holy Father, has never been informed by some members of this people scandalized by priests, that people who do these sprees, in which the churches were to attack cameramen headlights day sucking vortex current, poor pastor submitted, inter alia, expenditure and consumption, not even say "thank you!»? And knows, The Holy Father, because many of the leaders of this people scandalized by priests, that even for a wedding they spent the equivalent of the cost of buying an apartment, not even say "thank you!»? Simple reason: but why ... "the Church must!"And" priests do not have to ask for anything, ", indeed "should be poor".


That's why, rightly, many dioceses have established minimum shares bid to leave the parish on the occasion of the celebration of certain Sacraments, especially for baptisms and weddings. And they did not because the priests are Saving Silverman money but to prevent some pastors, in front of people for a wedding burned 100.000 expenses of EUR, They not recognize the priest nor the dignity recognized even at the last provincial hairdresser playing at the great stylist hairdresser, leaving the first a tip for the guy to shop, and second, that is ugly and dirty priest, poor and hungry for money, the electricity bill of the church to pay, and yet again: without even a "thank you", because "the Church must" and because "priests should be poor '.


Ask the Holy Father to many pastors, how many times it happened that the couple have given 1.000 Euros in compensation to organ, violinist and soprano, while the pastor or rector of the church who dared to tell him: "But a small donation towards the cost of maintenance of the church, want to leave the?», respondents going to say around half of the world that "the priest dared to ask even money". And here we close the discussion, without touching even the voice of the florists costs for the decoration of the church.


Firefighters vatican city 10
Pope Benedict receives free and wearing a helmet Firemen of the State of Vatican City

These people, that the people who are shocked and once again found the authoritative voice of protest and condemnation of the priests by the Holy Father that seems really willing to please everyone, especially to non-Catholics, unless his devotees and faithful servants, which dispenses regular lashes who have neither the depth, nor love, or the thickness of a pastoral encyclical written in bold shades and hard, but truly and deeply loving, as the Catholic Church of Pope Pius XI [see which].


Certain pastoral of the Holy Father Francis seem more made to please all the diehard anti-clerical of this world, instead be valuable and effective for the correction of clergy, that especially these days it is not free from shortcomings, errors and vices of every evil kind, greed and attachment to money included.


Vatican post
Dear Pastors, sent electricity bills and gas of your churches to the Holy Father Francis, House of Santa Marta, Vatican City

At the end of last winter my brother, pastor of a church in northern Italy, where the winter weather is especially hard, he told me with great concern: "... In April I asked for a loan from the bank to pay for the gas heating». This holy man of God, with a temperature often below zero, in its canonical kept the heat off and had put a cot in the large kitchen where there was an old wood stove; and practically lived there in the winter, burning the wood he collected around with his hands. But he kept turned on the heater to heat the faithful of the church and that of the two church halls where they made the catechism children. Even the parents of those children who went to catechism were among the people shocked mentioned by the Holy Father in his homily effect; as well as their, to celebrate the First Communion of their children, spent and how much they wanted, but no one has yet asked whether or not the priest had the money to pay the gas bill, always on the basis of the usual principle: "The Church should not ask but just give" ... "the priests have to be poor" ... and then, is the same as the Holy Father led by a great longing immediately said: "Ah, I would like a poor Church for the poor " [see which] …


… and the Holy Father himself conceded shortly after “for rent” the Sistine Chapel in use at Porsche for a charity event for the poor [see which]. Even in this case is, however, a question: the pastors of poor parishes that do not have at their disposal a Sistine Chapel which will be rented to wealthy private individuals for charitable purposes in order to obtain money for the soup kitchens, could get something renting their churches, for example in …


At this my brother who asked for a loan to the bank to pay for gas used in winter to heat the faithful and their children and all the many priests who live certain situations of economic hardship, I would like to launch an idea is relevant is an appeal: when you get an electric bill or gas that you can not pay, send it to House of Santa Marta addressed to His Holiness Pope Francis accompanied by this ticket: "We are the priests of the poor Church for the poor and do not have the money to pay the electricity bill and gas of the church, so forgive the payment directly to the Apostolic See ".


Cover - Ariel S. Levi Gualdo - priest unemployed
Priest unemployed, Homilies on the Gospel [those who wish can also ask by writing to]

Those who read some of my writings and some of my books, I will set out and explained, and so even very severe, what is by nature a devastating priest attached to the money, a priest greedy and stingy, a priest generous, a priest born in a poor family entered the seminary with him and kept the pieces attached to the studies by the good heart of the diocese and benefactors, that his death leaves million dollar inheritance to the beloved grandchildren; and those who want to deepen this discussion can get my book "Priest unemployed, Homilies on the Gospel " [see which], and go read the homily in which I talk about the widow's mite and where my criticism of certain economic and financial malpractices of the clergy are precise and strict, but with a difference: are made with pastoral spirit and aim to induce some of my fellow reflection and the salvation of their souls, are not targeted to ensure that the anti-clerical Republic or that the masonic Print exalt certain shoot zero unfortunately for themselves.


That said But I have to see, analyze and talk about all aspects of the situation, not gloss over the lack of generosity on the part of some faithful or assumed, which to organize the celebrations that follow the celebration of the Sacraments spend some really outrageous sums of money and at the same time, if they are not called or required to do so, do not leave even a penny to the parish church for the many expenses that it should support, on the contrary, as I said: with rare arrogance you do not even say thank you ...
... Well I ask myself and, these faithful or pseudo, The Holy Father does not intend to pull their ears, busy trying to cut them instead direct his priests?


By exercising the freedom accorded to the children of God and given to the priests, in my article I raised all the concerns of the case on the Supreme Pontiff expressed for half-sentences for media effect or through expressions are not always happy pronounced as private doctor; and as such is questionable with all the deeper and more devoted than, never without his apostolic authority is put into question in any way, and especially when he speaks as the supreme guardian of the deposit of faith, which is of course quite different, than hectoring morning packaged to Domus Martae Sactae for the joy and the joy of printing secularist, anticlerical and Masonic, perhaps for the expected work and the devastating suggestion of some “strategist” Jesuit populist Recommend to say the least bad as expert image and communication?




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  1. Browsing for some time on the internet looking for someone to explain to me what's going on in our Catholic Church I came across many sites where I found useful and honest answers to “reorientation” My and my family: I have the impression that in’ “Patmos Island” data freely and are charity tools in order not to lose the compass and strengthening in faith in Christ.

  2. Also thanks to your mom and to other moms who support and help their children priests, as mamma Margaret with her son Giovanni Bosco.

  3. Dear P. Ariel, as always you wrote with clarity, without hypocrisy, and at the same time with respect to a child who is forced to make comments to your Father. I live a disorientation that I never imagined of experience alla mia età (I have 77 year old). I have been getting a “papist” proud of it, and I've always felt inside an impenetrable fortress. Now I live a deep discomfort, and your faith in the indefectibility of the Pope, whoever it is, gives me courage. Today I appeared to be affected by Cephas and not Simon who spoke to the European Parliament. I hope that in a few days we do not get a cold shower, as often happens to us now. However from your article on suffered many pastors and even from your personal experience – and I thank you for having opened the heart as the best friends – I found the need to be more generous with my Pastor and my Parish.
    Thank you very much

    1. (Between a joke and the other one speaks the truth …)

      Querido Daniel,

      a viejo Italian proverb says, riendo y bromeando Pulcinella has confesado.
      (Laughing and joking Pulcinella has confessed)

  4. Probably Leonardo Castellani, italo-Argentinean priest knew the problem (written el 1968):

    “I suspect that the current decline of the society of Jesus (or if you want to, their disorders, they are undeniable) It began when it is put into practice the idea of Suarez in the choice of superiors, preferring to do this to the "practical", or a "the spirited and without lyrics", that says angrily father Mariana. That "axiom" of the current Jesuits: "the elders are to govern" I've heard it a hundred times; with revulsion, at the beginning, as Aristotle and Aquinas taught exactly the opposite: "intelligentis est sort": the order belongs to the intelligence; by which Word the ancients understood the reason not discourse, (que en el hombre de acción puede darse la force) Sino la intuición de principios, y, por ende, the European síntesis de la doctrina. El saber completo de las causas última.

  5. Dear Priests, by zah_2908, unfortunately, they will come again and I'm really sorry because meritatte not at all

  6. dear father Ariel: said and done!
    This morning I sent the Domus Sanctae Martae a light bill last two months that amounts to 1.108 euro and I have attached the amount of offers collections during masses in the last two months, which amounts to 402 Euro. I asked the Holy Father to let me have the missing 706 € I miss to pay Enel, otherwise I come off the light, and so we really … a poor church for the poor!

    1. Dear Brother.

      I hate to think with those – eventually – will blame, perhaps with myself.
      No worries: I am at peace with my conscience to have … instigated many pastors in the Bill but with expiring bills payable.
      Every best good for your ministry rooted in the world of reality pastoral.

      1. The article by don Ariel is interesting not only because it provides a necessary clarification to some partial visions regarding the current church structure but because it allows, from a ministerial standpoint, a careful examination of conscience.
        You can't thank posts like this !

  7. For some time now I follow her online magazine. I take this opportunity to thank you for his acute analysis. I believe that the church is going through a difficult phase. A careful observer that she is, helps us readers to orient and to discern better. I wish you a good day and a good job.

  8. Caro father.
    The balance with which to address certain topics delicate, always safeguarding the figure of the pope and the person always clarifying and distinguishing itself from what is his high office apostolic work is truly commendable and very useful in the present days.
    Pope Francis can not continue to express themselves in a manner so impromptu creating endless problems. For two days the faithful ask me if … can continue to make offers or if were abolished.
    Your provocative idea of ​​sending electricity bills and gas holy Marta …. “evil”, but what makes me smile is that, certainly, some of our fellow priest to despair (and there are who find it difficult to pay the bills) surely it will seriously.
    When you travel on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria stopped to visit, I wait with my parishioners!

    1. Dear Vito,

      She did not understand or simply do not want to understand, because if he speaks of "hatred" and "nervousness" then it means that she answers and sentences without taking care and care to read what was written. Anyway, be kind enough to send us his address and his contact details, because when many pastors will find themselves without money to put gasoline required to visit the sick, will leave the account in his name to the distributor; and when they have difficulty doing the shopping, because their mothers will have died with money in their pension him they shop and cook, will come quietly at lunch and dinner from her. All this in a very very friendly: without any nervousness and without malice, believe me, because we do not live in a hotel inside the Vatican City, the reality we live in the real world.

  9. Roman Church […] by virtue of his office, Full, immediate and universal ordinary power in the Church,, always freely exercise ” (can. 331)

    The Roman Pontiff, by virtue of his ministry, has a power that is unmatched on this earth, and the exercise of this power is not accountable to anyone except God.

    The Roman Pontiff is not so any politician who must continually obtain the consent of the voters through slogans and phrases for effect.

    Holiness, She has no need to imitate Peron. Remember that even the emperors had to bend the knee in the presence of his predecessors. If, therefore, he had news of shepherds simonists, has abundant means to punish them: use them, and let loose slogans like a boomerang turn against the Church.

  10. Article passionate, by loving son, inspired contradictions, Also lexical, the words of our Pope, and the distorted use that make the media, brings to light the poor conditions, tribulations where daily work most of the priests, authentic witnesses of faith, in full, generous, selfless gift of themselves for the benefit of others.
    How bitter today to be a Christian and live in service to others, how much ingratitude on our part!
    Please God, because their pastors give the strength to persevere in this worthy mission, increasingly unpopular, criticized and ridiculed by the new masters of the world.
    A fraternal embrace.

  11. Dearest Ariel.

    As priests (and you know that I am the pastor of a church peripheral poor) we have received from the pope a true and just bolted in full force on the teeth, while the pope seems to ignore the fact that many of its priests do not even have the money to pay the dentist, and now we have to contemplate the pieces of our teeth fallen to the ground.
    Nothing but bad times …!

    1. Dear Brother.

      Indeed you are right, “we must contemplate the pieces of our teeth fallen to the ground”, because our health insurance fund clergy there to cover dental expenses. If the boarded there came on the legs, in this case could be covered for all orthopedic care and the cost of rehabilitation therapies.
      All the best for your precious pastoral ministry and a sincere remembrance in prayer.

  12. For the umpteenth time the father Ariel has had the courage to say sacrosanct without delay what others have done (while still getting great support only after). It did not surprise me, because I know very well the father and in all honesty, this man of God has always had this uncanny ability to put the so-called face almost always for others and not for himself.
    However the thing that saddens me a lot is the fact that priests as Ariel, are put on the back burner and sometimes persecuted by those who have the power to reward this authentic servant of God, who has never sought careers and salaries sounding, but simply has … “FAVORITE PARADISE”.

  13. are three years that Ariel is my father confessor and if I was in the priesthood I owe it to him.
    I have nothing to add, I think I have said everything.

    1. … do not tempt me in the vanity, pity that terrifies me literally. I understand your love and I'm grateful, but I have to answer what I have always said in private: "He did all the grace of God", which if necessary uses of the most unthinkable, even donkeys like me.
      My fraternal affection.

  14. Dearest brother Ariel.

    I do not know what to pay and do not know what you're paying for what you write, because what you write can not be disputed and denied, because it is sacrosanct true, and just when you write and say true things that can not be denied, come the expensive prices edolorosi payable.
    What to tell you … I can take I as well as the heating gas bill last year: I myself I had to do with the faithful who come to the parish with machines fifty thousand euro signed from head to toe and were offended because once at the end of Mass the faithful have prayed to contribute to the cost of gas, having come 2850 Euro. Gas used to heat the church and (needless to say!) the rooms where they catechism and where their children play.
    They said around the country that the pastor “claimed” to make him pay “the rent” the rooms of the catechism and the “admission ticket” in church. Also sent a letter to the bishop (anonymous, of course) against me, “priest attached to the money in a shameful way”.
    When some faithful said that the money I unfortunately I had not, because the two Sunday masses bids amounted to 20/30 of euro coins, responded: “Yes, Oh well, but the Vatican does not give you anything?”.
    Also I like the pastor of which you write, I asked the bank for a loan to pay the gas bill I paid in installments 250 € per month.
    My parents are retired, and thanks to them I spending guaranteed, that makes me my mother with the money of his pension, and the costs of my car guaranteed, because with his retirement my father pays me the monthly payment of the purchase and insurance.
    This year I have not turned on the heater. Outcome? A group of faithful went to protest the bishop, who called me and scolded. But you know what the beautiful? That's when I told the bishop that I had no income to pay similar consumption, he replied “these are your problems that you have to try to solve you like all the priests and that I can not solve you I, or do you think that I can take care of the bills of your churches?”. When I told him that those churches are not ours but his, at that point it was just angry!
    The bishop in his palace air conditioning, warm up, bathtub for hydro, a salaried chef that cooks only with organic products, traveling with a audi a4 etc. … if when it comes to preside at a confirmation does not give him the minimum 500 euro bid, the next time you send one of the Vicars Forane. But though wearing the iron cross silver as Pope Francis and every homily speaks of him and his … “revolutionary” figure.
    What you wrote is the sad reality of hundreds of priests that without the help of their parents, Workers often retirees, could not survive, and for what you wrote making you our interpreter, the Lord bless you and … soprattutto t preserves!

    1. Dear Brother,

      the phrase: "Yes, Oh well, but the Vatican does not give you anything?”, is the most common phrase that we priests we are told in the areas of your beautiful Southern Italy, where armies of more or less Catholic brotherhoods are able to burn within minutes tens of thousands of euro for the fireworks, where for its pagan festivals celebrating saints dear to popular tradition, expenses are exorbitant. To name one of many: the feast of St. Agatha in Catania, before which only the blind deaf and dumb may not be able to grasp that it is a business operated in practice by gangs of Mafia in Catania for amounts of tens and tens of millions of euro. And while under our noses all this happens, and then, the priest like you, find themselves struggling to pay the bills for electricity and gas.
      And if you say anything to the faithful who have given money generously and without any problem for the show of fireworks to a brotherhood carried out by the most famous angels affiliated Camorra, the 'Ndrangheta and the mafias, in that case you respond to demand the money to the Vatican.
      You are deeply in the heart!

  15. I have read, in fact I have been drinking, devoured, your latest article on the sad (let's call it) last externalization of Pope Francis. Let me just tell you that you have articulated perfectly what I also wanted to say I. Approve every comma … we should all write to Pope Francis. Her Panda 4×4 she received it as a gift and recycles for the lottery: I have bought with the help of my parents retired and I pay so much a month to climb from the salary … and I'm lucky because I eat twice a day thanks to the mother of my parish priest who goes shopping with the money of his pension…
    I wonder how he can not realize the danger of some of his outburst that does not approach the people but rather the move away … why are we in the churches and not him…
    A hug and a prayer, Vera trusting in God's Providence that thanks to him not missing …

  16. How many times we see that entering a church, still, There is a list of prices for baptism, the blessing, intentions for commissioning.
    But who has ever seen in a church pricelist for baptism, etc. ?!!
    Instead of attacking without reason priests in parishes, Bergoglio should notice the classical beam in his eye, and avoid in the future to rent the Sistine Chapel at Porsche.

  17. I'm sorry, Don Ariel, she lies surrounded, she like Jesus, handpieces of sinners who claim never to give; I'm sorry that she, like many family men or as many that a family can only dream about, you are to live with 750 € per month; sorry for the ingratitude and the sticks that is having to undergo, apparently, precisely by its Pastor. I hope you find peace and joy in his own 'to exist', that will never comfortable nor glorious; in the supreme freedom and majesty of the Cross, being always useless servant, being an index finger pointing to Heaven, stripped of self and transparency of Christ.

    1. Dearest.

      I believe we should express sometimes due bitterness, believe me: not for personal outlet, but to trick people variously folded on their selfishness and their greed to reflect, especially when then, finding them in need, claim and demand of all and more.
      Beyond certain pulling ears pastoral which sometimes require the faithful, we must never forget that the priesthood itself is founded and structured on gratuity.
      I did not have children, obviously, but I do not suffer some of this lack, because I really have a lot of children. Hence the gratuity is added fatherhood, which is the other cornerstone of the priesthood.
      A true and worthy parent, if this really is, all it does for the children it does free, hoping as the only return their good and their happiness.
      There are also ungrateful children, but sometimes, most ungrateful son is unfortunately, more awareness of the parent – though it may be suffering – is at peace with itself and with God, because they gave everything with nothing much to expect in return.
      Unfortunately,, in many of our devastated and devastating seminars, what I call “pretifici”, is peppered future priests of sociologisms, teologismi and even pastoral strategies organizational, but unfortunately he did not teach the two elements on which you can build a good priest: be caring fathers and husbands faithful of the Holy Church.

  18. Good morning and happy Sunday of Christ the King and Lord of the universe … I often read about this tool is also nice that the internet and I must say that your thoughts are never discounted or trivial … like this for now .. I just saw on television that the Roman Pontiff spoke in Santa Marta I immediately thought: offers are our only source of livelihood – excluding fair course -: if you really veicoliamo the concept that these are an organization that we really then speculates risk of not having the necessary tools for survival … and while I'm writing now is the first “customer” the day to ask for something and to which I could not say I can not, I have nothing, please contact elsewhere … I really think that before making such statements should be an impromptu briciolino of caution in more … Bah, are strange times indeed …
    with affection, Don Fabio

    1. Dear Brother.

      I always remember you with affection, both are part of my personal history alive, when kids ten years we attended both Catholic Action of the parish.
      And today, either, after many vicissitudes, we find the grace of God priests.
      Hope to see you soon transition from your and my part of origin.

  19. It was a touching article, where it reflects the reality in which they live moltisimi priests. Deserves to be well translated into Spanish.

  20. Thank you Father Ariel. Moving. But how bitter, indeed how much anger arouse certain words, certain choices, certain attitudes of this so-called new church. Aspires to be human and finally a church closer to men (like never before, the Church it had been) and actually knows to be disconcerting un'inumanità… Some claims to not ask even the least because of the sacrifices “you do not have to weigh their shoulders”… other calls for holiness and heroism absolute, so absolute that does not even have to deserve the prize that even the most terrible tyrants have never denied to the heroes who sacrificed for them and for their power… ie a medal, a minimum even formal recognition… No, today even that is denied, would have a yield to pride, alla vainglory, to believe good and righteous. In fact most do good things and just and must be whipped and humiliated because certainly do for the slimy pharisaical spirit, to attain Paradise, to believe worthy and better… then in fact you are the worst… No, enough, this is unacceptable, I never even born that priests be equalized to us laymen (so much so that I never even liked the common use of you to give to the priests as if any form of respect due to a dress that you can wear not just after a course or exam, but only if he made the heroic promise to dedicate to God and to the next life, was to be regarded rather as an unjust distinction) let alone how I can tolerate this continuing their humiliating and ungrateful flogging. Anyway, if you are over the Tiber subject you enjoy stupidly to saw off the branch on which they sit, then we will entertain us to attend to their inevitable fall ridiculous…

    1. … if you are over the Tiber subjects who enjoy stupidly to saw off the branch on which they sit, then we will entertain us to attend to their inevitable fall ridiculous …


      for years now with confidence and hope again, many priests rightly disheartened by certain church authorities reached a level of mediocrity that of which you have no historical memory, least recent: “They are dead men walking on two legs”, of zoombies.
      And why are some subjects, living power for power Fuzion immediate power, are paralyzed in the present and without future perspective, meaningless eschatological.
      Are already dead, but do not know it, because to read certain realities must fides and ratithe, must be light and freedom of faith; and those who live in this paralyzed stifled by lust for power for power, can not have lucid reason and authentic faith.

  21. Dearest Father Ariel,

    I just finished reading your article on the recent utterances of the Holy Father Francis. I am disappointed that the Supreme Pontiff traits in this way his sons priests.
    I would like to express, Father expensive, all my sincere affection and I would say the following: are a medical student and a day, God willing, I'll have a decent work. I do not know if I'll be alone or have a family but if you know you will suffer, and I say seriously, that if I did have the honor of making even a small favor I will be the happiest person on this poor planet because I am sure that never as in that case as well as for his priestly dignity would have the certainty of having done a service to our Lord same! Caro Father, she has the courage of a prophet. Tomorrow, God willing, I hope to work in Pisa where the headquarters of my University and I know that he knows. Well, accounts on me! Forgive me if I'm allowed, Although they have not the grace to meet you in person I want a lot of good!

  22. Thanks Don Ariel. I sympathize with her, since they have long been puzzled by the outputs of the Bishop of Rome, that are causing me many hardships and inner conflicts.

    1. Dearest.

      I believe it is right not to hide the discomfort, falsehood we leave willingly to the hypocrites in certain clerical and ecclesiastical career for a red band would sell Christ and all the saints below for even less 30 money.
      As regards the “inner conflicts”, those priests we collect them every day in talks with the faithful. But who should I explain and I always say that even Peter, chosen and willed by Christ Himself, was perfect: anything. The imperfections and frailties of Peter are documented in the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, including his betrayal and his terrifying escape.
      In these times of imbalance must look good:, on the one hand by the papolatria, secondly attacks often insolent addressed by certain Catholics or pseudo those that once we used to call the Augusta Person of the Roman Pontiff.
      Here, let's remember that this person is Augusta since the time of Peter, Augusta has always been and always, whoever the Roman Pontiff, that will still be saddled with all its weaknesses and inadequacies, except when he speaks as the supreme guardian of the deposit of faith in matters of doctrine and faith.
      In conclusion: I always invite some Catholics to go beyond man Jorge Mario Bergoglio to focus on one element of faith which is also a dogma of faith: “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church”.

      1. Thanks for the article, Don Ariel. Individual cases of abuse – that there are – cannot become a reason to speak ill of priests, that even here in Croatia live very difficult situations. Diffonderò your article among the priests who speak Italian and I hope I do translate in Croatian.

      2. He was right to remind us of the difference between a Bergoglio and Peter. Happens to me because I had never happened: i.e. to hear little respect for the Pope, for this Pope. She was right to remind us of Peter.

  23. Thanks Don Ariel.
    When I read of the priest, which heats up the kitchen with wood that he collects is where my thoughts went to all the priests of the villages here where I live … In winter from us is very cold and I was moved by reading.

    1. … Recently we did a collection among priests to buy an elder brother a pair of pajamas that he had and new underwear, because he had to be hospitalized in the hospital for surgery and could not make the figure of the old beggar wearing garments now available to him.
      To buy everything we spent less than they spend some of his parishioners instead on Sunday morning in the bar of the square of the church where they go to have a drink after having left in the basket of tenders cuts 5, 10, 20 euro cents.
      But it, in glass of water colored bar, bartenders to leave one or two euro, but then you know: an old priest who gave his life for all the inhabitants of the country, worth much less than a young barman.
      I hope this old priest who has lived all his life in the reality of the real world has been informed and has not had the opportunity to listen to the last sermon of Santa Marta ….

      1. Moving the idea elder priest. You are that you are the Church of Christ! Thanks a thousand times a thousand …

  24. So am I, pastor in the edge of the edge of my diocese, I was outraged by the words of Pope. Too easy to talk about church poor when you live in the Vatican. I would invite the pope to collect buckets of water that enters from the roof of my church when it rains (covered only by rolls of tar, because a roof tecu we can not pay), and celebrate Mass closing now an industry now another, depending on how the wind blows; or to move outdoors in summer, because the church gets hot… His words have already made the rounds of the country: “but it is true that in church it pays to have the sacraments?”. Thank service, Holiness. Before speaking, know better the Church!

    1. Dear Brother.

      You said everything, absolutely everything, from your concrete and especially real “periphery existential”.
      My sincere best wishes for your valuable ministry.

    2. My deepest sympathy to “Priests” priceless gift for us faithful. are words, lo so, but more that I can do?

  25. How many contradictions we have to suffer ... how many are lost ...
    The question is: when you end up talking lightly? Possible that the Holy Father does not realize he devastating effects of many of his words on the sheep of the flock of Christ, which should feed?
    Excellent article

  26. Great article and nice final suggestion!
    Unfortunately, in the past there was a priest, when the deals were large, which is forfeited for himself and for his family's money, but since the dioceses have forfeited assets of the parishes that are no longer able to verify. If anything occurred mortgages “impossible to return” for the construction of cathedrals unnecessary in some dioceses against bishops megalomaniacs, but then maybe there was serious lack even by those who had to supervise. Paragraph?
    Me too, I swear, in the face of so much gorgeous weddings – and so little Christians – with reduced amount of huge flowers, lights, photo, clothes, etc., see that they dare not leave even an offer to the parish and the priest who officiated the ceremony, is such a rage … Over all it is a lack of respect for those who have dedicated their time to their, which is not only the priest, but also the people who have to clean up after and put everything in place, as if they were at their service. But not ashamed?!?
    And then you also take away all the flowers and complain even if the “dress” of the chairs is not in tune with the dress of the bride or the bridesmaids… Crucial to the sacrament of marrying….

  27. If there were no prices shown one would know what to do without risking a bad impression by offering little or no damaging itself by offering too. After a funeral I made an offer to the priest a little’ high because I did not want to go stingy, but objectively I wanted to put less. The priest told me it was too much but it was careful not to give you back too much and took everything. If there was a table I would follow that perhaps increasing slightly’ but knowing of that order basarmi. That of the Pope seems to me a speech and a little advertising’ hypocrite, I apologize. We know very well that you have to make an offer, it's not a sin, the priest must live and if he does not do him directly has many expenses for the community,the church,the parish, heating,the needy etc..

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