Unfortunately this pontificate will end very badly, while the bishops who please the King Naked playing at “streetwise priest” will end up a lot worse, Meanwhile lose lay New Compass…



Before the apostolic dignity so deeply wounded, the pain takes away the very words, forward to the exploits of certain bishops buffoons …


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo




Who has always venerated the Bishop as a sacred figure apostolic, today can only shed tears of blood, before the current rise of the episcopal chairs of jesters and buffoons, but most of emulators without dignity, episcopate came after he built the image of “streetwise priest” and of “suburban priests”.


In addition to pray for these poor people, which it has long been no clearer apostolic dignity which was conferred to them, you need to pray especially for their priests.


For the very few good priests there remain, having to do with bishops ranging in the balance between the soubrette vain and the figures of the grotesque comic theater vaudeville, is a pain difficult to describe: if it fails Bishop, It fails even the priest, because the priest priesthood is totally linked to the fullness of the apostolic priesthood of Bishop. Does anyone remember, to those in Martha House Sancthae delights to pull out from the cylinder of the juggler broods of crazy rabbits. Rabbits are especially dangerous, because they have a fast and extraordinary ability to reproduce with each other.


A strange and, obviously, pura coincidenza: The New Compass Daily, magazine old-Democrat-CL conducted by Riccardo Cascioli, always so fast and in doing severe fleas and pull the ears to bishops and cardinals whenever they go out of line, a three-day away from the happy event has not uttered a groan before the writer of the bishop rocker. On the other hand, however, one must understand: it is a ciellino bishop since seminar and tied at the vertices of Communion and Liberation. The beauty is that they call pure Catholic journalism authentic and unbiased information, in conclusion: an authentic service to the truth. Just the style of European communists who faced the tanks-armed Russians who invaded Prague in 1968, They turned her face away and did not even half a Comment.


the Island of Patmos, 14 July 2019











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17 replies
  1. Iginio
    Iginio says:

    The point is also another. And if a young person did not like rock, the mass demonstrations in the square, he casino (in every sense), football matches, the beach…? Che fa? Si suicida? Deve “go to the specialist” (as they say the UPS Salesians and as hinted Pope Bergoglio ago)?

  2. Enzo
    Enzo says:

    Dear Father Ariel

    I fully agree with the article on the fate of the current pontificate. I give her a short and simple question that has long will make millions of Catholic faithful. Given the situation that has long been commenting, where he is currently the Church was led by Saint John Paul II, by Pius XII and all the Popes , where it is right now? That is still the famous saying of S. Ambrogio When the place where the church.

    Since for every Catholic Rome and the Magisterium must be inseparable what is the compass that will see the faithful poor?

    I hope I will have the patience to comfort me with an answer.
    Thank you

  3. Antonio Mignozzetti
    Antonio Mignozzetti says:

    Dear don Ariel,
    in the situation where we are Catholics contemptuously defined “traditionalists”, that is, with all the big press (laica, paolina, Jesuit and Bishop's) versus, for me it's comforting to believe there are “rumors” (magazines, blog etc.) faithful to the Church of all time, and I am a loyal and appreciative reader. But realizing that few, vorrei che, at least, They go agree between them, and do not peck as did the famous capons Renzo. So I do not understand its regular attacks on New Compass Daily. Unless they escape his wrongdoing and its director. In which case I would be grateful if you could enlighten about it. Greetings.

  4. fabio
    fabio says:

    The problem today is that the bishops and the priests no longer think the souls are not you dear Father Ariel?

  5. Luigi Saruggia
    Luigi Saruggia says:

    These are the fruits of many seminars today. Priests and bishops who have not the slightest idea what it is the dignity of the priesthood and the episcopate. Un tempo, when he was appointed bishops, the chosen often they began to cry and ran, feeling unworthy of such a mission. If I remember correctly don Ariel recently proposed a reform of seminaries to repair the damage caused by the rectors, trainers etc.. degli ultimi 50 year old.
    Allow me to point out a valuable Aldo Maria Valli initiative on the state of Italian seminars and “formazione” priests and bishops so future:

  6. Fabrizio Giudici
    Fabrizio Giudici says:

    Benson, penso che sia così. Obviously we do not have in general with forms of association and organization within the Church: in the past there have been many, also founded by Santi, meritorious and beneficial. And the “movementism” as it is configured in recent decades it is harmful.

    Don Ariel sometimes uses the term “Council egomenico“: there, maybe even with good intentions departing, there is a kind of fury of many who wanted to rebuild the Church to own measure, projection of one's ego, your tastes and desires; who only wanted to change certain things because they had not invented them (in other areas this thing called NIH syndrome: “Not Invented Here“). The opposite of humility evangelical.

    Of course the whole thing is divisive; The ridiculous thing is that then frequently are the same members of the cliques to accuse of being “divisivi” those who seek to restore order and sound doctrine…

  7. Dorotea
    Dorotea says:

    In listening to the interview video, ill-suited, that a new bishop arrogate to himself the song of Magnificat (!?). His words seem to hear: “everyone will call me blessed…” , God is used to analyze and justify their own tribute, the opposite of what “scomparire” that He might be raised …

    We feel a little before the real load humility of the cross that the Church has loaded. I do not know the subject and so I wish him the martyrdom of the bishop has just been hired, but I can not help but be appalled by the interview seeping one tsunami – as he called him the same – of praise to its history. One tsunami It is never a harbinger of good things, It is a tragedy, if anything could speak of the gifts of grace (this unknown), rivers of the Holy Spirit.

    I understand the youth language, but not the language of childishness in a new bishop. And I'm not judging the person, that I do not know, but what he says yes, as Christ teaches me, reference to Jn 7,24.

  8. Fabrizio Giudici
    Fabrizio Giudici says:

    The movements were the beginning of the disaster. The people who belong to or near to a movement considers more important than the Church, So you can never criticize; It must always be all right, and if anything it turns a blind eye. The Church can also collapse, but do not touch my clique!

    • Benson
      Benson says:

      It is not that the rise of movements, more than a new springtime of the Spirit, is a symptom of the loss of the Church's unity?

  9. Adriana Rioda
    Adriana Rioda says:

    It's right Don Ariel,

    pain before such forfeiture takes your words. As a mother of a priest are increasingly worried about what is happening in the Church.

    Thanks to its commitment to pursue the truth and the dignity of the priesthood. I live in the Diocese of Treviso, where it is no longer needed priests to bring at least “collar” and where, often, the priests themselves have derided it as my son “da prete” because ordained a priest in the Diocese of Venice where, since the first stage of admission to orders, carry the cassock or strictly black suit with shirt with the collar.

    In view video of this new bishop of Imola it was close to the stomach.

    • ornella
      ornella says:

      Dear Mrs. Adriana, are distressed and sorry and esterrefatta, but it does not surprise me that those who defend the truth and the dignity of the priesthood being teased. It will be good that those who mocked his son continue to wear sweaters and sweatshirts and colorful suits. I am not worthy to wear “uniform” del sacerdote, seen that both despise. Shame!!

    • Fabrizio Giudici
      Fabrizio Giudici says:

      Dear Adriana,

      I understand your feeling and that of his son. But tell him this: that there are many faithful, I even, who only see a well-dressed priest, e magari in speakers, It rejoices the heart; and they are grateful to these priests because they insist with this virtuous behavior, despite all the criticism and teasing.

  10. Constantine Oliviero
    Constantine Oliviero says:

    This time I do not share the judgment. I know Don Giovanni, grown in the CL movement , passion of Christ and music. Witness the encounter with Christ saves lives, Music is one of many means to bring together all people to Christ, especially in its mission among the young

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      dear Constantine,

      but I do not know this bishop, for this reason I have not even mentioned his name, but only the fact itself.
      I also love to so many priests, but when some of them are wrong or not perform appropriate gestures, I do not take it from my personal affection finally giving emotional judgments, but I tell them that they were wrong.

      not knowing, I was careful not to give any kind of judgment on the person, which in fact I do not know.

      All priests, and in particular the bishops, They are to "love Christ who saves the life", sending this message with all the dignity of his episcopate and priesthood.

      I do not know if you live in a happy island where churches are full, and in particular of young people, where seminaries and novitiates of religious institutes are full of vocations and so on.

      Come prete “unemotional”, I can talk to her on the basis of the facts, that these are:

      1. since the priests have laid the robes to the winds to occur in low-cut shirt even before the interviewer that inside a cathedral interview the prelate newly appointed bishop, i giovani, shoulders, They have turned the;

      2. since the priests have made to fellow brigade “cciovani” in jeans and sneakers, the series “Call me by name and give me of you because I'm one of you”, le chiese si sono svuotate;

      3. when the priests began to present a watered Christ, to follow that just the emotional heart beating, completely forgetting the sacrifice words, inner struggle, authentic testimony and consistency, the churches, in addition to having emptied, They even ended up offered for sale.

      etc … etc …

      Luigi Giussani, a few months before he died, an interviewer de The Corriere della Sera, He complained that "the Church had mummified Christ and that he was in fact ashamed of him".

      And when, the church, He is ashamed of Christ? Exactly when it has an emotional Gospel Perugina chocolate kisses, a gospel to will’ Follow your heart, whereas, il Vangelo, It brings us to the cross.
      They will also be good, questo genere di sacerdoti, ma di fatto, putacaso, always announce to “cciovani” a Christ companion very sweetened, never the tormented Christ on the cross. Almost as if Christ, after being dead tired, three days later and finally resurrected.

      No judgment on the person – I repeat that I do not know – But I can tell you that as a priest, before a bishop like that, I would be very embarrassed least.

      By the grace of God, up to now I have been saved: the two bishops whose authority and jurisdiction have been subjected in my years of priesthood, They would never have done such dramatics. And my first bishop – to be understood – It was not just a member of Communion and Liberation, ma è stato, together with Angelo Scola, Luigi Giussani one of the first students in the Student Youth movement, formed by him personally. And do not think that Luigi Giussani, today, He would have liked the pop concert of a bishop, especially one coming right from the Communion and Liberation files.

      You can love him and want what is good for him and blame him must want, but the fact remains that as a bishop has given and made a very bad representation.

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