NEW - The aspirin of moderate Islam. When Europe invents what does not exist and denies the real danger

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The new Muslim colonizers have discovered a more effective system than the sword and war to achieve the conquest of the populations of the infidels: make use of democracy and those intangible principles of secularism of states which they also reject, but which they make extensive use of to establish themselves in Western countries.


Jorge Facio Lince
President of Editions The island of Patmos



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Book dedicated to the memory of Oriana Fallaci "Terrible girl and unheard prophet", these pages are above all an act of courage. For much less we have recently witnessed the tragic events of the beheaded heads in a Europe no longer able to control the phenomenon of that violence that comes to life from Islamic culture.


Islam is violent in its structure and cannot dialogue with Christianity, nor assimilate the principles of democracy and the secularism of states, incompatible with its very essence. The new Muslim colonizers have discovered a more effective system than the sword and war to achieve the conquest of the populations of the infidels: make use of democracy and those intangible principles of secularism of states which they also reject, but which they make extensive use of to establish themselves in Western countries. In an identityless Europe that despises its Christian roots out of self-hatred, which has erected the right to abortion and euthanasia to intangible values, same-sex marriage and the possibility that two men may adopt children or purchase them from a rented womb, the Muslims have already won. Because they know who they are and what roots they come from, because they possess that pride of belonging that we Europeans do, drunk on secular dogmas, we destroyed.


From the island of Patmos, 3 November 2020



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12 thoughts on "NEW - The aspirin of moderate Islam. When Europe invents what does not exist and denies the real danger

  1. Mi scuso ma non potevo saperlo.
    Eventualmente andrà meglio la prossima volta

  2. Non pensavo che il mio “naive” intervento, redatto sul tema della relazione tra Cristianesimo e Islam, fosse considerato tanto indegno da non meritare un cenno di riscontro, visto che poi esso non è frutto di una escogitazione individuale ma di un riscontro documentale

    Rispetto la volontà del Moderatore ma non lo comprendo

    Mi permetto solo di rettificare un errore intervenuto nella stesura a braccio del breve elaborato, laddove ho scrittoFratelli musulmani”. La locuzione è da intendersiAssociazione Mondiale Musulmana”. Preciso che concetti da me stringatamente espressi in ordine a questa circostanza sono contenuti nel paragrafo (Silvano Panunzio, Metapolitica, flight. 1 and. Iduna) intitolato L’islam di fronte a Cristo e a RomaPio XI pag 195 -202 anche se diffuse considerazioni di questo tipo sono ampiamente diffuse in entrambe le quasi mille pagine dei due volumi che compongono l’opera
    Non aggiungo altro

    1. Nessuno ha “censored” il suo intervento, non è stato pubblicato proprio per non fare torto a ciò che lei ha scritto. Lei ha infatti inviato tre commenti divisi in pezzi giunti separatamente che non ci è possibile attaccare assieme perché non sappiamo quale è il loro ordine e perché alla fine di ogni pezzo mancano delle parole. Se mettiamo a disposizioni un numero di caratteri per scrivere commenti o domande, ma alcuni lettori ci inviano commenti divisi in vari pezzi, noi abbiamo serie difficoltà ad assembrarli assieme, also because, quando i caratteri sono terminati, se chi scrive non se ne accorge e prosegue a scrivere, poi invia, a noi arriva un commento incompleto nel quale mancano due o tre righe, seguito da un altro nel quale mancano altre righe.

  3. If he permits it is something that you will have to see among you prelates, the “Franciscans” against the rest of the world.
    To answer your question, I say no, I haven't read your book. A little because I have a very long list of things to read and I think death will catch me before it's finished, a powder’ because my ideas on Islam were formed mainly on Massignon, Corbin, Filippani Ronconi, Dahmhardt, Ventura, Burckart and some subtle readings by Ibn Arabi and Rumi. Referring to Corbin I doubt but I really doubt that the Koran can be read and understood by means of an exegesis “Scientific”, given the stratified multiplicity of its meanings and its own “operation” specific. The practices of the Sufi and Shi'ite brotherhoods are born from the Koran and the hadiths and there is a detailed correspondence between the seven exegetical levels of the Koran, the seven prophets and the seven subtle centers. I certainly cannot dwell on this.
    Of course I can be wrong and I'm ready to change my mind, since I am not faithful to the Islam of which, the rest, I certainly do not hope for an uncontrolled spread in Europe to the possible damage of Christianity. Corbin, author that I particularly love, he taught in Tehran for many years and wrote unforgettable pages on the themes of skiing, that I have read and loved very deeply, however, he remained a Christian, like his highly cultivated pupil Filippani Ronconi
    Good evening

    1. Un padre salesiano che è stato per quasi 30 anni insegante nelle scuole cattoliche in Palestina, dottore in teologia islamica con laurea conseguita presso l’università mussulmana del Cairo, ora rientrato in Italia con problemi causati dalla paura che gli incutevano le minacce degli studenti mussulmani cui insegnava (gli ultimi tempi dormiva col fucile sotto il letto), mi dice sempre che è molto arrabbiato con papa Francesco per l’idea buonista che cerca di trasmetterci riguardo alla religione islamica.

        1. Chiedo scusa se non mi sono spiegato bene: gli ultimi tempi nei quali insegnava nelle scuole palestinesi dormiva (not only him) con il fucile sotto il letto. Anche adesso che è in Italia da parecchi anni non ha ancora del tutto superato le paure di allora.

  4. In recent days I made a purchase at the holy land editions. Scrolling through the catalog I came across this text which is not the only one in the Catholic environment on the subject especially in the Franciscan context. I do not express opinions or judgments but only the perplexity of an observer who sees the object viewed from two conflicting points of view”
    Bartolomeo Pirone In the name of Merciful God What is sung of mercy in the Koran
    A precious book, accurate and enlightening that helps to identify in love and mercy the principle that Muslims and Christians share to discern what is good. "Will we ever be able to grasp the strength of the faith of authentic Muslims to understand the insane justifications advanced by those self-styled believers of 'Isis, to understand how far they are from the spirit of their Book if they drag other human beings into death? Their is not the authentic face of divine mercy!». The now long presence of Muslims in our countries and the sad news of recent years in the Middle East require us today to know, to better understand each other and live together, the doctrine and tradition of Islam. The need for confrontation must overcome the presumption of a clash that only erects walls and destroys bridges. An approach to the sources of the Islamic creed and its cornerstones can only help to open windows on often unexpected truths, to the detriment of prejudices that are more widespread than ever: Islam itself essentially revolves around the axis of divine mercy, for Islam God is…

    1. … and if in my book – that perhaps he has not read – I prove otherwise, relying with scientific fidelity on the texts of the Koran and on the Islamic tradition?

    2. Mohammed, for his worldly designs, he got hold of biblical materials in founding his religion. The Bible conveys the idea of ​​a universal God, which places every man on the same level. Excellent starting point for a “revolutionary” who wants to subvert a tribal society. He gathers the discontented and overthrows it. He casually merges poorly digested biblical materials into the Koran with his earthly design. And’ obvious, but, that even educated people or people of good will, especially if ignorant of Christianity, may be attracted to Islam if some spark of biblical wisdom remains in the Koran. Let's think of Communism: anti-Christ perversion of the foundations of Western Christian society, yet bearer – where Christianity has never really arrived – of a universalistic idea (however perverted, note) of justice that may seem sacrosanct and revolutionary to those who have never even hoped to see it appear. This does not mean that the malignant roots of Islam and Communism fail. And with the root the consequent fruits. And’ this reality that the Pirone do not want to see, even if they have it under their eyes. However, since God also uses evil for his providential designs, and since it is not a sin to make humble assumptions on the matter, one might think this: than in history Islam, before the collapse, it is destined to fertilize many parts of the globe with that universalistic-monotheistic idea that brings men together and de-sacralizes every earthly authority (without delegitimizing it): idea that underlies Christian civilization.

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