The Scalfarotto-Zan law on transomophobia? Puritan clerics speak a sham language that society no longer understands, I say bad words instead because I am a priest who evangelizes

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An LGBT activist friend joked: "If after the approval has already taken place in the Chamber, this bill will also pass to the Senate of the Republic, I inform you that finally "we will" be free to take it up the ass in accordance with the law. As if in the past, the Italian law, had prevented, to anyone who wanted and desired it, to take it quietly in the ass ".


Ariel S. Levi Gualdo


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16 thoughts on "The Scalfarotto-Zan law on transomophobia? Puritan clerics speak a sham language that society no longer understands, I say bad words instead because I am a priest who evangelizes

  1. I apologize in advance for this comment.
    If God is (as we all believe) the Creator of heaven and earth and of all creatures including man, then know the “operation” (I will pass the word) of all creatures, it is not itself a revelation of God to man? Then, for decades now, science has affirmed that sexuality is not only for reproduction but also serves to physically express affectivity. Hence the sexual practices of homosexuals would be perfectly legitimate and absolutely not immoral. Not so? Perhaps it is not the Creator himself who is telling us this? This means that Sacred Scripture must be interpreted in a different way, in particular the sixth commandment, which in fact I sometimes see rendered with “Do not commit adultery” and not how “do not commit impure acts”. Didn't Jesus Christ say “there are no impure things, but it is the heart of man that makes things impure”?

  2. This political situation arises greatly from the sins of our predecessors.
    That the papacy says nothing about frogi satisfies the necessary prudence with respect to Matthew 23 “And you say: -If we had lived in the time of our fathers, we would not have associated with them in the killing of the prophets-. So saying, you testify against yourself, that you are children of those who killed the prophets! You fill the measure of your fathers! ” since the papacy made extensive use of castrati in the Sistine chapel in contravention of the canons ( of which nobody ever gave a damn since the examples to be adduced on various themes are manifold and you will notice in various fields a simple praxeology of power ) so well so!
    And’ a joke in a way, si badi…but also an open rebuke against those who politicize the Faith and forget the flaws of their predecessors ( which they are…Pius X lashing out at the innovators when destroying the traditional breviary for “fix it” from the problems he had in place he created a liturgical disaster and then opened the doors to reformers of every ream ) : this is a battle of natural law and that's it.
    Right, dutiful, but pitiless remains the judgment of those who every three-two put the Faith into it as if it were an ideology , a membership, un'estetica , while it is since Roman times that our fathers and mothers have never advanced religious claims in a world perhaps less degenerate but just as pagan and idolatrous.
    Bah. However, we will see who will be well disposed and who will remain the usual scoundrel.


  3. What about…
    Like in tennis… game, game, meeting!

    Thank you Father Ariel for your work

  4. Good evening, Father Ariel. One question. According to her, how European Muslims will behave?
    I am asking this because a Syrian client of mine who had studied and worked in Germany for over 20 year old, one evening at dinner in Aleppo many years ago he told me (they always talk about politics and religion apart from work) than them, the good Muslims, relatively to Europe they were simply waiting for the passage of our bodies by the river. Our civilization was practically over . This in the 2005.

  5. Father Ariel Caro,

    be calm, a well-known politician would tell her.
    In fact, our bishops do not know only how to say popò and silly Billy but, using the virtue of prudence (virtue not called cardinal for nothing), they have already taken steps not to have to put her too much in conflict with Blessed Paul or to have to write him down as a known “desk moralist” legalist and integrist.

    In fact, in what was once the land of Sant’Ambrogio and San Carlo Borromeo they went ahead with their work and, with the well-known Milanese efficiency, have already put their hand to “Word of God”, for example by carefully and mercifully removing the verses from the Lectionary 26 and 27 of the chapter 1 of the Letter to the Romans.

    Which verses, in fact, they clashed a little not only with the new Scalfarotto-Zan law but also with a lot of biblical exegesis, for example on the ignominious end of Sodom.

    Therefore, Father expensive Ariel, should he not want to antagonize Blessed Paul – because of some of his (I mean by Paolo) initiatives it is not clear how much authorized – ask for hospitality in the Ambrosian land.
    He will be welcomed with open arms because, and to, “Milan al ga el coeur in man“.

    Good Advent for now, which starts with us as early as next Sunday (I told him no, that here you don't sit idle? ?

  6. May God protect true priests like you Father Ariel who defend sound Catholic doctrine. She is a sure guide for souls. Praised be Jesus Christ

  7. …Ha..ha..ha.. Padre Ariel, I'm still laughing… We must speak clearly as she did. Vittorio Sgarbi would be happy to read what you wrote here, no half terms “politically correct”which only serve to conceal the Truth. The truth is that most of the political class is homosexual and therefore the aberrant drawings that you have posted here (Thanks) they are just the beginning… massive LGBTQI propaganda will continue (and whoever has more letters, put more) in favor of the different. And therefore because we people are governed by the majority political class, any political minority is destined to lose. The Zan-Scalfarotto law is certainly a gag law. It is seen and considered that believers or non-believers, Christian or non-Christian, in short, every person is corrupt, she is a sinner, it follows that only a few will not accept these changes. The current clerical summit is in scandal because it is inadmissible to promote “stand with two feet in one shoe” , in the sense that, whoever is interested in staying in the Church must follow Catholic doctrine, and the doctrine does not change, who instead cares and wants to have fun doing what goes through his head, as far as I am concerned, he can safely remain outside the Church. This I say that I am not a good Christian, but I'm so clear-headed and honest that I understand it. You can't grab everything, you can't take it all! Either in or out! Those who want to take it inside are asked to stay outside 🙂

    1. Dear Vittorio,

      I keep this piece by Cardinal Giacomo Biffi aside, just in case some new entry of the Italian Episcopal Conference turn up their noses and invite those who exercise legitimate canonical authority over me to force me not to swear.

      Indeed, vulgarity is not mine, that I made a joke about take it in the ass, vulgar, indeed very vulgar is Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi who dared to sit down at a table to debate in public with Niki Vendola who “married” with a man and who bought a baby commissioned from a rented womb. These are the authentic vulgar, not me that in an impeccable speech, also and above all on the theological level, I make the joke that if this law passes:

      «[…] we will be free to take it in the ass according to the law. Almost as if in the past, the law, had ever prevented someone from taking it in the ass ".

      If anyone dared to cling to a literary and provocative expression, so as not to answer on the merits of the fearful silence, or the half sighs of our weak episcopate misericordista and includentista, while there is a serious risk that this liberticidal law will be approved, I guarantee that I will make the public hell, with any clergyman who dared to be a Pharisee who sticks to the word, in order to escape the responsibility of the horrid real contained in my article.

      It is not a threat, is just a real statement of “preventive war”.

      1. God must help her Father, he must help her, rightly so, God will certainly help you. Unfortunately we have seen, however, that those who disagree and do not comply with the “New Church” is removed, excommunicated, in short, he is hit hard. Talking about these issues can unleash the clerical wrath of the “Sexy-politically correct new church”. Unfortunately, there is this risk, this must be taken into account. Here you have named Cardinal Zuppi one of Pope Francis' favorites (I am aware that Enzo Bianchi was too anyway). In my view, the Priests who will rightly continue to dot the i's, sooner or later they will be forced to leave the Church, because the Church will transform itself more and more despite the doctrine, despite the True Gospel, the true Priests will necessarily be forced to become all gods ” alias don Minutella.

      2. The video of card. Biffi it will be better to save it somewhere because I don't see a great future on YouTube…

  8. Padre Ariel, most of the priests, when you read the passage you cited, will fly over, others will say that St. Paul did not have our scientific knowledge, not a few will lash out against. If the hierarchies are silent now why should they speak later if not to say that we must obey the provisions of the law. The law will pass and the Catholic Mattarella will sign it.

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