The summer is ending and … “No tengo dinero”




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Dear Readers.

«The summer is ending and a year off he goes"said a canzonetta Righeira brothers also authors another appropriate song of fathers’Patmos Island: «No tengo dinero » [see WHO].

Soon, in October, one year after the opening of’Patmos Island expire paid services of which we use to manage the site of this online magazine. The dell site’Patmos Island is in fact “heavy” for loading data and images, but above all, the number of visits is very high, We arrived at 1.500.000 views in less than a year, which requires a Server business that allows unlimited access to the high number of readers, daily increase in.

If you can offer us some contribution through the convenient and secure PayPal found to the left of the home page, We would be very grateful, because with your donations contribute to the survival of the fathers ' service that is completely free of charge, But besides their gratuity you may not think that they should also pay the costs of operating a service through which give the fruits of their work to anyone who wants to use them.

May the Lord reward you.




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  1. Great site and value worthy of support, Despite often cannot agree. Gerard of Tilbury said the two most valuable religious acts were going to mass and make donations to monasteries.


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