The Sicilian Catholic Action of Castel di Lucio, the lust and the prophecy of Zucchero: "Save the young person from stress and Catholic Action"

- the cogitatorio of Hypatia -


[…] Only a healthy and conscious lust, saves the young from stress and Catholic Action


Roman cat Hypatia




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9 replies
  1. Feeling
    Feeling says:

    reading the comments under his article is clear about your level of Catholicism.
    I will pray for you brothers… but you get help from a good one, Jesus Christ chess, for instance.
    Learn from him to love and you will see how the world around you will change for the better.
    Obviously the editor is included.

    p.s. I am a casual visitor to this site. so insult me ​​as well, delete my message, or vent your worst instincts. I won't be going back again. So let's say I'm an internet troll, but in spite of everything you will not take away from me the freedom to pray for you and for your inner peace (which you need very much)
    Christ Kingdoms… especially in our hearts hardened by fear of the different.

    • stefano
      stefano says:

      “Our level of Catholicism”?!! Look, we Catholics don't have levels of initiation like the sect you probably belong to. Our level is walking on water, taking care not to make the waterline rise too much. She, Rather, from what initiatory degree does he speak to judge others with that Grand Master tone?

  2. fabio
    fabio says:

    this is another proof of the heresy and apostasy that exists in the Catholic Church

    A prophecy says ” ROME will lose the faith and will become the seat of the antichrist”

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    It doesn't surprise me. As a boy I already attended Catholic action. They were so many repressed. The girls are all ugly. A diocesan leader who walked around with a shirt: thank God I'm an atheist.
    Zero political stances.

    • Wandering soul
      Wandering soul says:

      Zero political stances? Maybe
      The Treviso Catholic Action is a huge fan of Professor Calò, whose only merit is having made migrants / illegal immigrants / asylum seekers live in his home, and then moved to a parish rectory …
      He toured the groups of the A.C.. local 'evangelizing’ on reception regardless and bullshit like that.
      Obviously then he ran for a party whose initials were P and D

    • stefano
      stefano says:

      What a hideous parody (as well as pathetic because it was made by self-styled Catholics) of Isaiah 49,16. Obviously the boys are not to blame, they are ignorant and do not know what they are doing, Or maybe they have a fault, they too, the one who never grew up as aspiring adult Catholics.

  4. wandering soul
    wandering soul says:

    I allow myself two stupid remarks:
    – looking at the photo it seems to me that for many of them the wording 'DDL ZAN’ on the palm of the hand has been added later with some program, using the quattro font, and therefore probably by those who posted the photo on the Facebook page of the local CA. E’ excessive to assume that someone has manipulated the young grapes, simply asking to send the photo without saying why it is then adding the writing?
    – sincerely all those who call their opponents' Pharisees’ they literally do it like fucking dog, as there is often zero analogy between the Jewish group of 2000 years ago and those who are accused of Phariseeism. many are unaware that the Holy Father, like its predecessors, he lashed out against the use of the term as an insult

  5. Giovanni
    Giovanni says:

    ??? Bell’Articolo e bel Gatto.

    Personally, I signed the petition on the platform several months ago “CitizenGo” against the bill ZAN-SCALFAROTTO and I did not know these “signori” . Then seeing “the Honorable” Zan on TV speaking precisely, if I remember correctly with Father Ariel, it was all clear to me.

    I had never been interested in politics and could not believe it when a friend several years ago told me that the political class was (and it's) formed by a majority of Fags (sorry maybe I should say Checche, Ricchioni), and is made up of Lesbians, “Men”(as we say in Naples) maybe I should say with different names maybe … but as much as I say it I say it the meaning does not change, so always that is, always homosexuals remain.

    You have to believe me, I have always defended and found most of these people nice too, but now with all this they want to do, what are they doing, change everything, “acopp meat and macaroni asótt” (always as we say in Naples), introduce i “Queer” in schools to teach…… THAT'S ENOUGH!!! They are having the opposite effect, they are making me unpleasant.

    Bah… Buona e Santa giornata a tutti???

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