The Supreme Pontiff who is not a province but a quartierale, when he "confirms his brothers in the faith" he is always ignored by secular newspapers and heretical theologasters



The Pope Francis I is not a provincial, It is a quartierale. The latter term does not exist in the proper lexicon, I invented I, more so I provide the necessary explanations: quartieralismo is the worst of provincialism, because the quartierale is a person associated with psycho-social level to the neighborhood of a specific city or urban environment. The problems are so huge and incalculable damage, when it is required to submit to the size of the Catholic universality quartieralismo.



Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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Dear Friend,

but by chance, the Holy Father, legge forse i nostri articoli e poi fa certe sue omelie? Sai com’è, Sometimes coincidences are a bit’ too many …

Ah, If this man were not surrounded by snakes, what it could do! A volte, He seems to me like the poor man who comes to the restaurant last, animated by the best and most honest intentions, but it does not even take a small appetizer, because it just gets inside is beset by management that have to foot the bill for what they have eaten all the others came for lunch and dinner before him. And we know very well how this, humanly, It is not fair.

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, private message to a friend, 21.11.2017




il Cardinale Jorge Mario Bergoglio, immortalized in that its quartierale dimension from which it has never moved and now demands applied to the whole Church, in which the particular should never be applied to the universal

The Supreme Pontiff Francis I è una personalità complessa, a man who does not fail to be convoluted and ambiguous. But how many times we wrote everything must be analyzed the sphere of the precise psychology. But to do that you have to start from a fundamental fact: each of us, including Popes, It possesses magnitudes and limits. All of us are burdened with the merits and de-merits, private vices and public virtues. This applies to all, including saints who are models of heroic virtue, but which they were not perfect. All this also applies to the Roman Pontiff, Successor of the Blessed Apostolo Pietro that - as I have often said and repeated in several of my writings -, in terms of limitations and inadequacies, He did not miss anything. but yet, just as his first Supreme Predecessor, the rock on which Christ everlasting rock, edificò la sua Chiesa, the reigning Pontiff could die as a saint and tomorrow also be a model of heroic virtues, despite all his human imperfections.

In one of my past articles I defined the reigning Pontiff a "argentinocentrico» [cf. article in the 2015, WHO], without missing him respect, let alone insolentirlo. With this expression wanted to give a precise definition psychological, to which I now add another: the reigning Pontiff, It is not a provincial, but it is a quartierale. The latter term does not exist in the proper lexicon, I invented I, more so I provide the necessary explanations: the quartieralismo is worse provincialism, because the quartierale is a person associated with psycho-social level to the neighborhood of a specific city or urban environment.

How many of you have read, to avert the probable appointment of S.It is unhappy. Mons. Nunzio Galantino the Archbishop of Naples, recently I have self-appointed Metropolitan Archbishop of the ancient Partenope [cf. WHO], where as I explained in my self-nomination, You had better send me, instead of a subject doctrinally and pastorally problematic as the Secretary General of the Italian Episcopal Conference, or even other worst done.

In a large and complex city like Naples, that still, at the level both historically and sociologically, It remains one of the great capitals of Europe - in fact, remember that Naples was the capital of a kingdom -, the quartieralismo is part of the psycho-social structure, just like in Buenos Aires, or as in other great capitals or megacities, consider, for example in Mexico City, whose metropolitan area has over twenty-five million inhabitants.

If a Neapolitan meets outside his city another Neapolitan, in making the knowledge of his fellow citizen who is saying he has to be Neapolitan, first asks him: "of Naples, where is that, may be?». Indeed, the large and complex Napoli, which it is a unified city, internally it is made up of many cities within a city. In Naples there are neighborhoods that are real cities in themselves, which they differ from other districts even in the dialect peculiarities, the uses, dei costumi e delle tradizioni.

The man Jorge Mario Bergoglio It is deeply attached e radicato a una precisa e particolare realtà quartierale di Buenos Aires, this thing that makes it more of a provincial closed. Needless to say what problems and damage can produce quartieralismo in what should be a Catholic universal dimension. Indeed, subdue the universal to the particular, at best it ends up creating a great imbalance.

The man Jorge Mario Bergoglio did not hesitate to show to Rome - which is the heart of the universality of the Church and leading historically enclosed within itself the best of the best in the centuries acquired by all the ancient civilizations -, the worst prejudices widespread in Latin America, but you pay attention: not spread by Latin Americans, but the Germans barbarians who used this continent as a place of experimentation and incubation of the worst historicisms, sociologisms and teologismi, being able to benefit from these barbarians, for such misdeeds, economic resources that the German Catholic Church derive from their opulent wealth. That said it is not clear why, just that the pontiff that he at once praised the poor Church for the poor, I never even raised a timid sigh on the opulent wealth of his - and let's face it! – “Teutonic voters”, who do not hesitate even to deny the sacraments to the faithful who are not in compliance with the payment of religious taxes to the German Catholic Church, salvo però giocare poi alle sacrileghe concelebrazioniecumeniche” and the inter-Eucharistic communion with the Lutherans. E qui va ricordato che la celebrazione eucaristica con ministri di culto non cattolici che non hanno la successione apostolica e non riconoscono il sacerdozio come sacramento rientrano nella fattispecie dei sERIOUS oFFENSES, cosa questa che non interesse tedeschi e nordeuropei vari che da decenni la praticano nella incuranza di Roma che sa ma che tace. A tal fine ricordiamo che costituisce graviora delictas the "Forbidden concelebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice with ministers of ecclesial communities which do not have apostolic succession, not recognize the sacramental dignity of priestly ordination " (See. Code of Canon Law, can. 908).

The man Jorge Mario Bergoglio, bacchettare loves the Italian episcopate speaking more or less in private with his various interlocutors, the "princes bishops with whom no reasoning ', or to those "principles bishops before whom my hands are tied". E, in saying this, shows that he is unaware that his time recriminati "princes bishops', if you really want to find them all over their most arrogant and above all snooty "splendor", He must look for them among his electors of Germany, where after false pretenses of progressivism, opening, ecumenism and various doctrinal svecchiamenti, not only you will always find the bishops-principles, but the bishops find colonizers in Barbaresco so conquered and then impose their own rules of the game, from Cardinal Clàudio Hummes of Brazil devastated, who are trying, making use also of their ideological quartierale spirit - namely the lack of clergy in the Amazon region of Brazil -, to impose the universal Church married priests, obviously … to experiment. E noi che non siamo propriamente dei poveri fessi sappiamo molto bene in che cosa poi si trasformano le cose to experiment, because now we have half a century of experience behind devastated, some things to experiment then it becomes much more untouchable the great dogmas of the Catholic faith.

All this makes the man Jorge Mario Bergoglio unbalanced and unable to formulate polishes judgments, that is not able to formulate closed not for bad faith, but for lack of historical knowledge. And all this makes him - that should be the supreme master of impartiality -, a partial subject and humoral.

To circumvent, or as they say fooled a subject of this kind, the game is very simple: pretend to believe that his quartierale size is right and highest good for the Church. Di conseguenza egli eleggerà questi soggetti molto pericolosi a proprie figure di fiducia. Una volta entrati nelle sue grazie costoro — che personalmente ho più volte definito «autentici delinquenti» — lo rinchiuderanno dentro una gabbia, without him even noticing, given that another of the characteristics of man Jorge Mario Bergoglio is its objective narrowness, particularly severe referred by its quartieralismo that leads him to treat the universal Church as if it were a special district of Buenos Aires.

The quartieralismo leads man Jorge Mario Bergoglio a una pericolosa mancanza di analisi storica e socio-religiosa, with its ecclesial and pastoral problems of no small importance, especially when it is a few themes that are dear, but unfortunately could return - as in this case I have often said - in the sphere of real obsessive compulsive disorders. That means: poor, migrants and refugees.

The reigning Pope has in fact given ample proof in its so-called utterances or speeches to arm, not to understand that you can not talk about immigrants with categories related to reality, stories and memories of a context everything Argentine. Moreover - more importantly -, of memories tied to an even very old context, because it anchored to the migration of the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century.

Taking then a dangerous confusion between migrants and refugees, the reigning Pontiff seems to take into account that in his country of origin, immigrants, They were almost entirely all from a Christian-Catholic culture. E, among the few things put at the start inside their poor suitcases, there were holy pictures or statues of santi patroni revered Anthony of Padua in the Veneto and Justina, those of the revered patron of the Piedmont Giovanni Bosco and Mary Help of Christians, the venerated martyrs Sicilian Agata and Lucia, the patron saint of Palermo Rosalia, the revered saint of Calabria Francesco da Paola ...

… how can, the reigning Pontiff, to confuse all this with the Islamic hordes that for years and years, Hidden behind the migration of people to the vast majority do not run away at all from wars, persecution and famine, Europe come increasingly dechristianized programmed to aim to conquer and colonize? Because maybe it's good that someone, to the reigning Pontiff, explain in great historical, sociological and, not last, also pastoral, che mentre in Argentina e in vari altri Paesi del Latino America, immigrants, once they become paid workers gave offerings to the local diocese for the building of churches dedicated to their revered saints and holy, in Europa, Muslims settlers hidden behind the apparent guise of refugees and migrants, with the money of Saudi Arabia and Qatar they are building mosques next to our increasingly empty parish churches, while the wicked of that rag of Future praise the soli juice, soli juice !

Not then tap another painful and complex speech, quello legato ai poveri e alla povertà. Why is the reality of poverty, is the concept of poverty, in our European social contexts it is not comparable to that in some countries of Latin America. Or maybe the reigning Pontiff has ever seen in Italy or other countries in Europe, such as in Brazil and not only, of abandoned children below the age of ten living in herds in the metropolitan sewers, giving themselves to robberies and even murders?

The category of poverty and poor, in our countries it is quite different. Or maybe someone is able to indicate, for example in a country like ours Italy, the poor starving, of abandoned children walking barefoot in the street, degli anziani che muoiono ammalati riparati dietro a un cavalcavia senza alcun genere di assistenza sanitaria? Perché è bene che qualcuno documenti al Pontefice regnante che fuori dalle case dei nostri “poveri” italiani ci sono le antenne paraboliche e al loro interno troviamo quasi sempre gli strumenti tecnologici più inutili e costosi. And when they present themselves at the Caritas to ask that he will pay the electricity bill, after spending all their money to play scratch cards&Vinci ed al super-enalotto, from the pockets pull out the phones of the latest generation more expensive. And we want to perhaps speak of the "poor" who come to Caritas directly with their cars to put the basic necessities in the trunk? And what about the young professional beggars, with their full force of perfect physical health, that instead of looking for a job prefer to bother all the parish priests of the city to ask for money?

Io appartengo a una cultura cattolica di ceppo europeo, non sono un calvinista o un mormone degli Stati Uniti d’America che considera la povertà una punizione di Dio, but my poor brain it works well enough to understand and take notice of a fact upon which you should not be silent: molti poveri veri o presunti non sono tali per colpa della «società ingrata», the "infamous governments", the "failing state", sino ad arrivare persino alla «sfortuna» e alla «cattiva sorte» … molti sono “poveri” perché totalmente incapaci di amministrare il danaro, altri perché non hanno proprio voglia di lavorare, while he is sheltering behind the "drama of unemployment '. How many of these "poor" are, for example ex-traders went belly up because, just cashed money, instead of taking into account that the first things the penalty to be paid are the employees, of suppliers and taxes, leaving employees without pay, of suppliers they did not pay taxes and not poured, but though they went to buy an extra car model to the luxury Mercedes dealership, while his wife and children were going to do shopping Ultra designer clothing in the more expensive boutiques? E sapete, then, cosa vengono a raccontare questi ex commercianti inesorabilmente falliti e finiti in mezzo a una strada? This: that "in Italy you can not live and work", because "taxes" - which incidentally they never paid for but always evaded - "eat you all», because of a state that is "a robber". It is not uncommon to discover, behind this kind of whiny poor who say they are victims of the entire cosmic universe, of those who in their lives have burned splendid opportunities or business social arrangement that many others have never had, although these deeply seconds lead decent lives despite their great economic hardship, without doing the rounds of the parish priests to beg to pay an electricity bill, but then going to spend what they have collected in lottery tickets.

Even in this case merita fare riferimento all’ingegno e al vero e proprio genio partenopeo, even because, since I got elected Archbishop of Naples, I love bringing such this city where, not a few people, per riuscire a far fronte alle proprie necessità sono capaci a inventarsi persino lavori che non esistono. Some examples: do the valets of nonexistent parking, do the paid tour guides without permission, vendere sulle bancarelle senza licenza e senza il pagamento delle tasse sul suolo pubblico, if anything, even taking in some backroom splint of contraband cigarettes. And not only that all these things are illegal, but also precise offenses. It finished the day, these people bring the so-called bread at home. It deals with, as I repeat, of businesses not strictly lawful and non-regular jobs. Ma di fronte a queste persone mi tolgo di testa il mio saturno invernale di castorino ‒ quello che piace tanto al Pontefice regnante ‒, instead of trying at the same time a sense of disgust and perhaps even contempt towards all those who prefer to go whining to beg from one church, declaring themselves victims of an "ungrateful society", the "infamous governments", the "failing state", until you get to "bad luck" and the "bad luck". A questo genere di persone non darò mai un centesimo, while the parking attendant and abusive all'ambulante we look for the not exactly legal maneuvers to gain the day, sono capace anche a comprare una stecca di sigarette di contrabbando per poi regalarla in omaggio a un artigiano che lavora in nero senza licenza; all decent people much of the professionals around beggars for our churches the pastors are always inevitable Obtuse subscribers that rag of Future ready to pay him lottery tickets, presented as electricity bill they can not pay.

In his homily Tuesday 21 November 2017 il Santo Padre ha trattato degli argomenti molto delicati legati alle «colonizzazioni ideologiche» [cf. text, WHO]. E lo ha fatto in un modo così profondo e alto a livello dottrinale e pastorale da indurre a chiedersi: we are dealing with a psychology borderline?

As a man of faith, as a priest and theologian, I think I'm quite able to distinguish a person acting affected by disease borderline, by a person who acts on impulse instead of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the problems arise because certain hordes of Neocatechumenal, charismatic and possessed of Renewal in the Holy Spirit, confuse their spirit borderline with the so-called divine motions, by passing their psychopathology or their neurosis more or less severe obsessive, as revelations or imperatives of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.

The homily in question It is part of the actions and gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit who spoke through the Successor of the Blessed Apostolo Pietro, that with extraordinary precision he has shown there between the lines:

  1. the condemnation of modernism;
  2. the condemnation of religious syncretism;
  3. the condemnation of transformation;
  4. the condemnation of false news;
  5. sentencing dell'uniformismo maverick.

Praising at the same time:

  1. the Defense of Tradition;
  2. fidelity to the law;
  3. Recall the absoluteness of the moral law;
  4. the duty to preserve the deposit of faith.

All this could displace modernist lobby maybe run for cover if anything making announce The Republic what the Pope did not say, or to pass through the top and infallible teaching some of his ill-timed joke made in private arm a few people leaving the cafeteria Domus Sanctae Martha.

In this splendid homily remain two precise points that the Pope should clarify, se egli non avesse come teologi di riferimento il Cardinale Walter Kasper e l’Arcivescovo Manuel Fernández.

First Step: We should not talk about “mia fede” and of “your faith”, because true faith is one and the same for everyone: It is mine and it is yours. If I am in the truth and you're wrong, I need not tell you: «tu hai un’altra fede e la rispetto» ‒ come nello stile venefico del falso ecumenismo di Walter Kasper e affini ‒, but it is my duty and imperative of conscience to correct you by error, because it is precisely for this reason that we are Pope and all of us are Cardinals, Bishops and Priests. Otherwise, the Catholic faith is no longer absolute Truth and the Word of God, indirizzata a tutti e doverosa per tutti, for the salvation of all, it is just a fallible, subjective and relative human opinion. Otherwise you run the risk of falling into relativism and indifferentism.

Second point: the fact that the truth of faith is one and that it should be equal for all, It is not monotonous and flat uniformism, but it is logical necessity, because faith is an objective and universal truth, ed è richiesta dalla stessa fede ["One faith", Ef 4,5]. However, this does not in any way prevent the differences, but the bases and the legitimate, otherwise there would be pluralism, but chaos, just as it is happening today in the Church, where those who until yesterday shouted "more dialogue" and "collegiality more», under this pontificate they have created a real dictatorship of the Soviet regime, even worse, worthy of the small Korean dictator.

Meditating on this homily, sono giunto a una conclusione: lo Spirito Santo sta compiendo sicuramente una grande fatica ad operare sull’uomo Jorge Mario Bergoglio e attraverso l’uomo Jorge Mario Bergoglio; but since the man Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the Successor of the Blessed Apostolo Pietro, which enjoys such a very special care by the Holy Spirit, behold, albeit with difficulty, occasionally the Holy Spirit succeeds, if anything, taking him when he is tired or when it is thoughtfully, and especially in the very important things. Just as he succeeded with that sensational and limited blockhead, This was put to the test and according to the most accurate historical accounts of Santi Vangeli and the Acts of the Apostles Blessed Apostolo Pietro, that he was not elected by a conclave, but with all its more obvious limitatezze he was chosen by Christ, God himself [cf. Mt 16, 13-20], never forget, quando in modo rispettoso e legittimo accenniamo alle limitatezze oggettive di un Romano Pontefice che noi veneriamo e al quale vogliamo davvero bene. And this is the exact opposite of ruffians in Business Today, to become bishops and cardinals, the same way as low-level whores that you grant to drunken sailors, cry so fake, hypocritical and calculated: «poveri, poverty and soli juice !». Least of the reigning Pope is revered and loved by the army of cowards bishops today are silent "cautious", considering it with cynical clericalism that now he has already passed the eighty, expect him to go to the Creator and then go out again into the open and jump on the new bandwagon, because none of them interested in the good of the Church, but only the good of their careers. And I fear that these seconds, Today bowing their part in a spirit of calculated silence, But charging more and more poison day after day, Tomorrow will unfortunately our new directors, affinché di male si possa andare ancóra in peggio, when it inevitably will change wind.


the Island of Patmos, 23 November 2017




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      The St. Paul explains it well: "God is trustworthy and not let you be tempted beyond your strength, but, along with the temptation, It will also give you a way out for to support it " (1Cor.10,12-13).

  1. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    … and what you think of the Pope's support for the French translation of the Our Father?

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      La preghiamo, Orenzo … There does not lead us into temptation!

  2. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    the Rev. Padri,
    what is your opinion on the fact that the letter, until now reputed private, sent by Pope Francis to the Argentine Bishops in response to their guide lines on the application of AL it was published on “By Janet”, labeling it “authentic magisterium” and it requires, therefore, “religious submission of intellect and will”.

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