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Divorced and remarried? The word is up now to Peter, on which Christ built his Church



From the speech of the Holy Father Francis: « […] As I followed the work of the Synod, I asked myself: What will it mean for the Church to conclude this Synod devoted to family? It also means you have stripped the closed hearts often lurk behind even the teachings of the Church, or behind the good intentions, to sit on the Chair of Moses and judge, sometimes with superiority and superficiality, difficult cases and families injured. It means trying to open horizons for overcoming any conspiracy or close hermeneutics of perspectives, to defend and to spread the freedom of God's children, to convey the beauty of Christian newness, sometimes rust covered by an archaic language or simply not understood. In the journey of this Synod the different opinions that are expressed freely – and sadly sometimes not entirely benevolent methods – have certainly enriched and enlivened the dialogue, offering a living image of a church that does not use "pre-packaged modules", but that draws from the wellspring of his faith living water to quench parched hearts».


Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



Future 24.10.15 - 4

Future the 24.10.2015, the service dedicated to John Carr from the newspaper of the Italian Bishops

Over the last ten days, the father John Carr and I have debated on some of the hottest topics being discussed at the Synod on the family, just scroll down our latest articles to find all these recent disquisitions.

If we were not men of faith and not live the priesthood and theological speculation as a service, Today we can rejoice with the unfortunate phrase: «We were right!». Falling into error thus criticized by us through the accusation aimed at those who have tried to “dogmatize” their opinions on the pretext of defending the truths of faith.

We have no reason, because nobody has reason, Nobody won and nobody lost. Anyone defend truth from error does not mark his victory, but the victory of Christ. The only victory was in fact that of the body of the Church, through the College of the bishops assembled at the Synod did prevail, in homage and obedience to faith, the pastoral care of common sense.

But let us be clear: is currently nothing happened and no legislation was amended. The Holy Father will have to write a post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation, which it is one of its acts, personal, which may or may not take into account the final report and what emerged from discussions of the Synod Fathers. For the moment, the discipline to which they turn, is that up to now dictated by the Church, without any alteration.

To move the hearts of certain Pharisees locked in the microcosm of their brainy legalismi, He failed even the word of God made man, then there will some of the fathers’Patmos Island, wishing though they torment to an invitation to sense of faith : "The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath! Therefore the son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath " [cf. MC 2,27-28]. In these words and the ones that follow, everything that every pious Christian should know is explained:

"Thus have ye made the commandment of God by your tradition. Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying: This people honors me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. In vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines that are precepts of men » [cf. Mt 15, 7-9].









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  1. readysteadygo says:

    Good answer, really. It contains ineluctable truths.
    But the Pope of the Church of the Poor is also required to shake the dust from their shoes when coming out of the house Scalfari?
    His relations with the prostitutes who she says have abandoned, so, I see them continue. With a particularly, di whore. I do not understand if you do it for career, for idolatry of itself or worse: to thwart the project of God. Perhaps wanting to promote it: if it were necessary to help your man..
    Supporting the unsustainable, giving credibility to the incredible, name all'Innominato, Don Ariel: Her signature His condemnation. He recognizes Priest of God!
    The stop being the priest of the church of the poor. Slay Don Ariel S. Levi of Gualdo with its bombastic and reborn Don Stefano, which it is now hidden behind that point which is dimensionless and infinity symbol. Almost ashamed before God!
    I do not publish, how often did. But think carefully about what I wrote to Mercy Spiritual toward Him as Priest of the Church of Jesus. That call has been? the recalls? Who should serve? The Church of Jesus or the Church of the poor?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader.

      I am sorry that some Catholics have taken the typical terminology of certain sects radically anti-Catholic Protestants.
      I can not go “Stefano”, My beautiful first name, for a simple fact: It would like to ask Paul to return Shaul, or to return to Augustine Aurelio.

      Where Peter, Church was there, And there is no salvation outside the church.

      • readysteadygo says:

        I'm sorry instead are certain priests to have the “Sette” salami, radically anti-gastronomic, in front of your eyes. And they do not see that the Word of God was instead made into slices where it was to be totally Mantener, unequivocally, It integrates to preserve the taste and digestibility of the children of God who in Jesus as brothers.
        Where Peter, Church was there, And there is no salvation outside the church.
        I can also write me, why I speak of the Church of Jesus Christ first; and no other.
        And I speak as a child of God, Catholic, Apostolic, Romano. Consecrated the Carmel and aspirantate to CfD.
        p.s. For what particular indication has therefore retained the “S” bet? He was waiting for me to give me my little lesson 🙂

        • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Very expensive.

          She confirmed the fact with his own words what I just answered, I will explain with another example: Evangelicals, or Pentecostali, They say that we are undoubtedly Catholics, but as such we are not Christians.
          How do you see the music changes but the band is still the same.
          I wish you a happy feast of the dead, and also, as they say in Rome, de mortac them

          • readysteadygo says:

            What pathos in Patmos! Words are stones: I very dearly departed relatives recently and I'm paying tribute between yesterday and today I invite you to a sincere repair, because I have not caught, It is c'era, the comic dream. I also call yet Stefano and stones, to…
            My intention was not to go Off Topic: But she is trying to tug the verbal brawl.
            My comments above were all dedicated to the so-nodal synod. Tale “nodality” I did not happen and I await the effects of new pastoral guidelines of who, speaking as a private doctor, She has established herself not Catholic. Another Doctor, (certainly a little’ more often), Thomas Aquinas, correct me if i'm wrong: He would drive anyone who challenged the indisputable that an apple is an apple.
            Support on this island that nothing has changed? E’ changed everything! So much that you're willing to accept that the apple (which it is Word and Life of Jesus, the Christ) can no longer be an apple, because the Pope of the Church of the Poor will explain how shall not be. The popes of the Church of Jesus, founded upon Himself, when he rolled the rock which is Peter: They never would have succeeded. spiritual too.. little bit…

  2. hector says:

    to understand how varied the thoughts and words of the Pope. You must necessarily read too Republic.
    Even today Scalfari in the second part of his “sheet” Sunday service:
    1) informs us that he had the 28/10 a long telephone exchange in which the Pope would be complimented for the content of the article reported in a comment above,
    2) It develops one of his now typical anthropo-socio-poly-theological digressions in which he explores, interprets and motivates him “high visions” and presents guidelines for the near future of the Church.
    3) reveals yet another confidence received, textual:
    “This was the content of our phone call. With another of Francesco information that told me: in March I will write a long essay on the missionary Church and its objectives. Then, by phone, we hugged.”
    Deep in the heart, I pray that, providentially, any good seeds can germinate among the readers of this authoritative newspaper.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ettore.

      I who am neither a “priest of the road” much less a “priest from the sidewalk” and that every year I always get a gift from my mother a new luxury cassock made by the hands of a good Papal tailor, some things I've always done and I do not play the trumpet.
      And while not playing the trumpet, I wish to tell some facts in simple and purely by way of example …

      When between 2008 and the 2009 alloggiai at the priestly house internazione of the Legionaries of Christ in Castel di Guido (Rome), shortly after I knew, one by one, all prostitutes who worked on the Aurelia.
      The small and foolish rector of the priestly house, once he told me that I was an unwise, needing: "If someone at a distance, with a tele-lens, It makes you a fografia, you realize that could bring to you irreparable damage '? smiles with “paternal” penalty quell'omuncolo never grew up and I answered: «… and is one paparazzo It makes me away to a photo, while he dressed as a priest, in broad daylight, Gift a rosary to a prostitute, that you can do a picture like? Or the public on’Roman Observer, or on’Future, or your Christian family …».
      My pastoral relations with prostitutes then they continued in the center of Rome, When I served in an old church near the Termini Station, although those were mostly prostitutes “d'high board”.

      Well, admitting also that fingessero or that recited – something that I do not think – I can tell you that I have not known a happy one to do that job; and none of them, from 9 his 10 from former Eastern European countries, all young girls, and very beautiful, They had come to Italy to do that job, but they had come with quite different promises and guarantees, then ending in blackmail mechanisms and fearing for their families back in their countries.

      In 2010, after the Christmas Mass, I left the Roman basilica where he had held the Christmas celebration and went to take each of them a small baby Jesus.

      Are – thank God! – I became auxiliary bishop of Rome, maybe it was also because, These and other examples of ordinary “administration” priestly, I never advertised, either directly or through certain Catholic movements radical chic; I refer of course to the poor lover of the poor and the Church with the super penthouse in Parioli and the villa in Castelli Romani.

      My modest experience with prostitutes this teach me: there is a big difference, but not formal but substantial right, between those who are aware of being in error and to live in error – or if we are in sin, more or less attenuated by complex situations such as those just described – and who instead, like Eugenio Scalfari, It is proud of his error, of its rejection of God, to faith and grace. And to better support I'm an atheist and I'm proud, occasionally puts his friendship col Holy Father.

      As teachers and how wise counselors, I have never had Jesuits to specialize in Spadaro marketing of the communications Effect, but I could benefit from the advice and experience of authentic men of God. Enough to apply, in front of the Scalfari of various kinds, the Gospel warning essay: "And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, leave that house or town and shake the dust off your feet ' [cf. Mt 10,14], proceeding towards those who are willing to accommodate you who – implied – brought Me, because "He who receives you receives me, and he who receives me receives him who sent me " [cf. Mt. 10,40].

      Different views of the idea of ​​pastoral, Simple different views …

  3. nonsonobigotto says:

    Madonna Giampilieri Marina 15-09-15: “…I tell you, priests children, that the words of My Son Jesus not discussed but obey. Where there is love, you bring love. Observed the commandments of my son Jesus and changed your life going to Jesus.”

    E’ Perhaps this is the way to obey the words of Jesus'?, e’ Perhaps this is the way to keep the commandments of Jesus?
    I am sorry to see how consecrated to the Lord are ready to sell it off and to question what’ He himself said, I'm sorry but those who “rubbing their hands” in the hope of creating change are likely to remain “scrubbed” forever….
    When I hear and read of the two factions that seem to have come to create me not’ difficult to see which faction “Lodging” the Holy Spirit!

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Please, tell my name to Lady Madonna Giampilieri Marina to mind his own business and not scocciarci with his folly, communicating rather that the Madonna, the real one, the Mater Dei, obeys the Church and has never been a “hysterical apocalyptic”, but in all his posts, those recognized by the Church, always he gave us, first and foremost, words, signs and invitations of great hope, but it was, precisely, from the Mater Dei, not of Madonna Giampilieri Marina

  4. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    with respect to the final speech of the Pope, She cites the text of some steps… but the tone was perhaps not lashing, a little annoyed? Obviously they had other expectations.
    About the closing of the Synod, It is worrying because wrote Scalfari, in the now familiar and limping “homily” Sunday service. alluding to alleged confidences of the Pope and Cardinal. Martini.
    About communion, every Cardinal law to your liking paragraphs of the final report.
    What about the tweet by Salihu “Don't deprive yourself of communion or refrain from these holy mysteries to be stained by sin” Saint Cyril of Gerus., Cath Mist XXIII
    man, have mercy on us all.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ettore.

      We must avoid above all confusion of any kind.
      You did not establish any new rule and discipline. The rules and disciplines of the Church are those in force yesterday and today.
      The summary document drawn up at the end of the Synod, It is not an apostolic exhortation.
      When the Pope will give his apostolic exhortation, It contains and will detail what we we will have to wait.

  5. readysteadygo says:

    If an Apple is an Apple: What was the need to convene a meeting of scientists to define which is indeed an Apple? Some of the guests at the meeting probably would return home, laughing at the stupidity!
    So who is this Pope who felt the need to discuss Rules Royally imposed by the King? The man who built on itself, Rock, where Peter the rock rolled: his Church?
    A place of absolute Wisdom, as you can see even from this Holy Institution name: Who-Is-Sa.
    Who are the scientists among whom nobody is back home, laughing?
    Certainly Felicitandomi that the result was confirmation that Apple is just an Apple: I wonder what effect the perplexity of even 1 of these scientists in front of fruit that for them is no longer exactly that!
    The die is cast! The nut/damage has been launched: We will see the monstrosity before too long.
    There are questions about the media praising the victory of the world, Some still praise… The disappointed of the outcome… cabbage… I thought I except… so it's true: The Catholic God does not exist
    You didn't have to touch the Apple. Once again: do not…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader.

      Nobody can say, assume or analyze anything, until the Holy Father will give his apostolic exhortation.
      If then, the Holy Father, to say that an Apple is an Apple, the limit we ask what was the need to convene a synod to stress; If you say that an Apple is not an Apple, then, with obedience in faith, We will take note that an Apple is not an Apple, also because in that case we will explain all the more reasonable grounds.

  6. Angelo Bellettini says:

    From simple layman I would like to thank the fathers of Patmos island for items with which they discussed – thoughtfully and without animosity’ – so themes’ critics and divisivi. E’ good that there are still around theologians who know a father's heart to a doctor's mind. And not’ easy to keep a cool head in a time when modernists unleashed against the Church media like packs of wolves, While the Pope's alleged traditionalisti scream heretic (Personally I'm not a fan of certain public outputs of the Holy Father and even less certain Eminent Cardinals to Maradiaga, but from here to shout that the Holy See and’ between coils of heresy there passes). It wasn't easy to stay calm and cool but the fathers of the island have done and gave us a series of articles of high value., human and pastoral.

    A thank you and a greeting from a Ravenna as the father Carr.

  7. Manuel says:

    Could someone provide a link to read the interview with P. Carr on the future? Thanks and congratulations!

  8. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    Do I 1+1 that inevitably, and until the contrary is proved not easy, as a result of 2.
    When two days ago I read on Future article dedicated to father John Carlson, I realized something: the official organ of the Italian Bishops (because of this we are talking, not gravure “My Papa”) endorsed what you wrote on the Isle of Patmos.
    But if, for someone, 1+1 fa 3, then prove it.
    I was delighted by reading that article, because I supported toto ASAP your pastoral line, balanced and full of Christian sense, and I used your arguments to give clarification to many faithful, and I was not the only priest to do so, I personally know more 3 only my surroundings that have made equally.

    • father ariel
      vittodon.89 says:

      Don Angelo, I suppose one of the three in the district both to clarify the speech on divorced and remarried I used an article from father Carr and an article by Fr. Ariel, saying of course the people who were the theologians who explained that way and where they could find their written.
      Don Vittorio

  9. father ariel
    srlucy.122 says:

    Effectively, the text of Pope, sounds like written by the fathers of Patmos island, there is little to say: you wrote days before, what then, dad, expressed in its conclusions, and that's a fact, plain and simple fact.

    SR. Lucia

  10. father ariel
    Michele Gazzaneo says:

    … and as it turned, the Group of those who claim that man was created specifically for the Saturday, and not vice versa, already unleashed, between blogs and sites, to scream “AR heretical Pope!”.
    And if he was right the father Ariel, When many months ago wrote that, dad, will return to wearing the red shoes, and what what they mean: the martyrdom?
    I can personally say that, This schizophrenic landscape, where everyone are improvised experts and theologians, you were the only (at least as far as I'm concerned) to help many but many Catholics perplexed by certain propaganda … farisaica.

  11. other @ says:

    Without Parent articles Cavalcoli, I would have made it hard to understand the difference between Sin and the objective condition, sometimes insurmountable, that eases but does not tumble determines. I passed my stomach ache, especially for the I found unexpectedly in what I thought was the enemy trench … then I realized that it’ a matter of trenches but of caritas in veritate, and then one can endure with patience some transitory bellyache. Without you I don't know if I could do it.
    I think it's difficult to overestimate the importance of Patmos island in this moment of confusion … That the Holy Spirit will help you always.

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