Exceeded the million: Cross and delight of the island of Patmos …



The fathers of’Patmos Island are pleased to inform you that our online magazine of ecclesial and pastoral theology update, opened on 20 October 2014, in 9 months of life to the end of June has exceeded one million visits.


Author Drafting of the Island of Patmos

of the island of Patmos


Dear Readers.

The fathers of’Patmos Island I am pleased to inform you that our online magazine of ecclesial theology and pastoral updating inaugurated 20 October 2014, in just 9 months of life has passed at the end of June a million visits.

Computer experts and the experts of new communication systems have told us that this result is "unusual" and "amazing".

first million

the first million Scrooge’ Scrooge

Together with delight but there is also the cross: L’Patmos Island it is in “deep red“, i.e. in “total bill“.

During these months we have repeatedly invited readers to support us even with small donations. And such subjects we are in many ways naive, as a result of the increasing number of visits and visitors thought, and several times we said to each other: If only the 10% our visitors will send us through the convenient and safe system PayPal some change, our problem will be solved, and we have the means necessary to carry out our work, because it is not true that the internet is all free, on the contrary: to work in a professional manner and take advantage of the programs and services needed, everything is strictly surcharge.

Making you part of that success The Island of Patmos has been and is proving, this time, rather than “requests” O “invitations”, we just make you a promise: until we can do it, even with all the appropriate sacrifices, seguiteremo to offer you the result of our sincere and faithful work; When we can't do more, close as they say “Bottega” in glory, that is at peace with God and with our consciences, for having done everything we could do and offered everything they could offer through the portentous through computer network, that used in a certain way can be a valuable tool for evangelization to reach many members of God's people increasingly disoriented and lost.

Then continue to follow more and more numerous … till death do Us part !



From the 20 October 2014 al 20 June 2015

total number of hits: 1.135.753, total number of visitors: 380.956.

Monthly average:

visit 126.194, Visitors 42.200

Average daily:

visit 4.200, Visitors 1.420.

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