Rome. On the two sixteen year olds he died on the spot near the Ponte Milvio yet another crocodile tears of a civil society that is unable to wonder: where is that, we parents, we were wrong and then tragically failed?

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sometimes, any of these immortal youth, hopefully dies, because very often instead kill others without them they do a scratch. And when any of these unpunished, invincible and immortal dies, We cry a couple of days, colored balloons are launched on coffins, as if death were a circus, They will lay flowers, signs and puppets at the scene. Then, if anything, is also assumed as a defender and talentata the famous criminal lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, because the parent who does not train disaster, do not care, no guards and gives no solid rules of life to their children, first of all essential to protect the children themselves, It must be always right, He does not fail, and can not fail. The whole world is in error, he and his son no, ever!


Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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The two young men died in Rome sixteen and twenty investor [photo taken from public social]

The death of two sixteen year olds run over by a car in Rome leads me to narrate a fact of which I was protagonist, since it useful to introduce a complex and difficult issue to be addressed.

Three years ago I passed by the square of a certain Italian cities, When adolescents, two boys who were the cockerels with four peers, BLOW me as I passed behind him with this phrase:

"These pedophile priests shit!».

I turn towards the two boys, and even if I had before me a mirror, I imagine that my look, in that moment, would create some sense of fear even a hungry hyena. I ask sternly to the two boys:

"By chance, you have it with me?».

With unspeakable arrogance one of the two, swelling before the four mignottelle in bloom - as these have already made, finished and finished, from skirts to make to follow with vamp hairstyles - replica:

"Yup. So what? what problems did you ... what the fuck you want?».

On the interrogative sound 'want?», part of my left hand a slap deliberately measured. In fact, if we had put strength, the head of the boy would have become detached from the neck. And if you had stuck, He would bring some permanent damage. Or to clarify: when I shake of the valves, or when I close the coffee machine, it happens sometimes that I am asked to unscrew the whole thing, because, if inadvertently not I measure the force, it happens that others do not then be able to open the closures …

... After a few seconds of stunning for the measured received sberla, the would-be "tough boy" runs away from me cautiously and begins to scream:

"I denounce you ... I'll sue!».

With a calm whole seraphic - stuff to embarrass really Fra Angelico with the entire choir of Seraphim - answer:

"Meanwhile you've taken a slap, Now go ahead and denounce ".

In a completely lawful some might wonder if they are not I was a reckless fool authentic, to give a slap to a minor in a public square, around noon on Sunday morning, all in front of dozens of witnesses. Question more than understandable to which answer: no recklessness on impulse risky move: I did so studied, but above all for the greater good of that boy, humiliating him before his friend, all mignottelle in bloom and a whole square that is not filled with looks of disappointment, but complacency. That characteristic complacency of the people these days have to suffer frequently little monsters and the like tyrants, lack of education and the minimum respect for adults, adult, seniors and elderly. And they have to suffer because these monsters are untouchable, as evidenced by the continuation of the story …

... Monday morning I called the commander of the local police station that, knowing me, tries at once to avoid a problem. After a few pleasantries I ask me if I can go at their offices to 15.30. and short answer Cutting:

"Captain, if by chance it is the slap given to the streets yesterday to guy, know that it's all true, Did I dumped it seriously. The rest of her story in person today, when I come to visit you ".

That's what had happened and why that invitation: the police had tried to restrain the boy's father, about to take 17 years next month, who had gone with them with the intention to sue for assault and injury. In conciliatory way the police had tried to convince him that maybe, his son, She had addressed some provocation to a priest, up to make him lose his temper. And while not knowing what had happened, They reassured him that knew me for years and I was not the kind of person to do such a thing, if not before something very serious. In conclusion: They had convinced him to talk to me, they think I would definitely explained, wondering if anything even apologize to the father and the son and, who knows, perhaps even to the Holy Spirit.

What it happened in the barracks between the boy's father and me, It was later defined by police as "a memorable lesson in pedagogy", of course, in private talks between them, but promptly disseminated - always privately -, colleagues from all neighboring stations. so I smile at the boy's father painting by an air mingled in the dark and angry and I invest with a question:

"She called me to apologize, true? Know therefore right now that what the really are very grateful ".

Stunned he replies:

"You're kidding, or you out of your mind? She slaps my minor child and asks me if I have come to apologize?».

We are having already collected the day before all the most accurate information, I answer:

"And moreover, apologize, she should thank me, because with his son, undoubtedly a minor, but some time ago use of alcohol and soft drugs, who comes home late at night, that the guide scooter recklessly and so, I did what she should have done long ago for his own good, but unfortunately he never made ... ".

Unable to rage before police the father searches for words, while I take advantage of his silence to continue:

"... I have no idea what I would do my parents, or what would make any parent worth his salt, learning that his year-old son, a public square, He had insulted an ultra fifty serene and peaceful man who was passing? I tell him at once that I would have done what my father, who he never used physical violence on me: in that case it would change the connotations. And then, just medicate the wounds, would take me by the person offended by me to apologize. Mine was, however, a real parent, as she is a true parent failure, ready to legitimize a child of which you should be ashamed, because certain monsters do not just happen, They are manufactured by men and women like her as his wife '.

Then I inform him of what he had told me his son behind him, insulting me and the entire College of Priests of the Catholic Church, finally concluding:

"Said this, He intends to apologize to me and thank me for the salutary slap given to his son?».

Instead of grasping the gravity of the, He understands that his son had insulted a man unknown adult and an entire institution, the parent tries to justify himself:

"It is not the fault of my son, We know well what do priests, It is written all over the papers'.

Hearing this and fully understood where it came from the natural candidate to violence and crime that had revealed his son, We report:

"You know that in this world there are many women who do the whores? Well, if I met his mother and his wife, and I gave you the whores in the public square, then I think that I can justify saying "... well, you know what women do, It is written in all the newspapers that speak of prostitution ". As if women because these were all whores and rigor, of course, also included his mother and his wife, in the?».

At that point the parent had two solutions: or to rage, but as I said it would not be appropriate and conducive to its intolerable because inside a military base before four policemen, or sketch. So all he said:

"I should denounce the, but I want to be good and I will just tell you to never afford more ».

Two years later I learned that at that same barracks He was taken to the son of this great parent in detention, because at the age he had passed from the use of alcohol and hashish to the more adult and strong cocaine. The police had caught him red-handed as he pushed in a room a few meters from the front door of the barracks, however, cocaine diluted with substances anything but beneficial, the purpose of obtaining ten o'clock doses from a quantity of five. So what is obvious: one that holds and selling drugs a few meters from the entrance of the police station, or is a total lunatic, or a person who feels untouchable, invincible and then impunibile. Or to put it as far grotesque: it would be like if someone came in with swagger safe and absolute certainty of impunity in direct mosque frequented by a group of fundamentalist Islamists with a pig on a leash, He convinced to get away and be especially harder and more powerful than they.


Roman Christmas was bloodied by the death of two girls sixteen [see news WHO], overwhelmed by a twenty to a guide Suv. The image of two girls olds died on the spot is a fact that the majority of people takes away any incentive to exercise the little that remains of human reason in our decadent society, to leave space to the emotional and sentimental. All but a few days, on the street corner where today were deposed flowers, billboards and dolls, flowers wither soon, discolor the billboards will disappear and the puppets, without changing anything in the minds of some children and some parents. Without any emotional and sentimental consciousness is raised those questions that must not even touch the mind of our army of failed parents, as well as dangerous and deadly monsters manufacturers who feel untouchable, invincible, unpunished and finally immortal.


From the statements of the Roman magistrate Bernadette Nicotra, judge for preliminary investigations, reported in quotation marks in the press, we learn that "In the blood of Peter Genovese [N.d.A the driver of the SUV] They were found traces of cocaine and opiates, but it is not possible to determine how long before the substances have been taken. Immediately after the accident the young man was upset, but it did not seem stunned, so that the municipal officers have noted in the minutes that he had only "a winey breath '. Although Camilla and Gaia [N.d.A. the two young men died on the spot] He had conducted a "reckless recklessly" and "prohibited" - have in fact gone through this dangerous road with the red, bypassing guard-rail ―, as specifies the judge for preliminary investigations. The responsibility for Genovese was heavy and aggravates his position there are several administrative precedents and the risk of recurrence ". Previously, indeed, the young investor driver's license had been suspended.


While she is crying on the two sixteen year olds death and the young investor from this incident will surely marked for life, one wonders: where were the respective parents of the girls and the young driver of the SUV? It is legitimate to ask what they were doing two girls of sixteen late night, Saturday night, around a city like Rome, where you can find everything and more, at all hours of the day and, above all, of the night? You might wonder why a twenty problematic, already made subject to strict administrative procedures and inclined to contemptuously violate the rules, It was equipped with a motor vehicle and the necessary money to take to the beautiful wild life? Expenses, I gave the money, if the parents?


I understand that before the two white coffins when two sixteen year olds during the Christmas festivities were closed, to say the obvious and painful it is very difficult, indeed perhaps impossible, but almost always the truth is the one that no one wants to say, much less hear: to lead those two coffins to the cemetery were their parents, gravely responsible for having left two sixteen year olds walking around late at night on Saturday for a metropolis. Officers are parents to have grown daughters who wrapped that complex of invincibility and immortality that characterizes our youth, with rare imprudence have bypassed a guard-rail and crossed in the pouring rain a dangerous road, in the dark and through a red light [cf. WHO]. Officers are the parents of the driver, that despite having manifested all the more serious recklessness, designed to endanger their lives and those of others, He was left free to continue to do what he wanted and how he wanted more in total disregard of all rules of civilized life. And not justified, the parents, He is saying that their son is twenty years of age and is, because the money required for its conduct of disordered life certainly does not come from her work, but from the portfolios of the father and mother. Unless it can be demonstrated that this is an age manager that just twenty years earns handsomely, thus being able to allow the vices and the quirks that better prefers.


No one dares to tell the truth, before the coffins of two sixteen year olds on Christmas Day, but behind the tragedy of these young death is the total failure of their parents now, to feel in place and to find somewhere else responsible for culprit, will launch a lawsuit entrusted to the best Italian lawyers. All this just to say: we have failed as parents, because he had failed to watch over our children or having given them the rules of life, we let them grow in the firm conviction that everything was permissible and granted beyond good and evil. Having said that I add: I hope never be regarded as established as true the hypothesis reported shortly after the fatal accident, about the fact that among the young seems in vogue dangerous game of red light. In fact, according to several testimonies it seems that among the young people who attend the local Ponte Milvio is in vogue the dangerous habit of rushing on the street through a red light while speeding cars at high speed [cf. WHO, WHO].


Not long ago, also in Rome, a young sixteen year old died within a disused stable in the busy district of San Lorenzo, where investigators later found that it was gone - too late at night - to try drugs by the pusher African. This sixteen year later found dead with signs of him had sex with more people widely grown, He called Desiree. Africans, initially investigated for murder and gang rape, They were then cleared of these accusations. The young man is in fact died from a mixture of drugs, it was not a rape, but of sexual abuse of a minor of age at night, inside the stable, He had entered his willingness to try drugs to be consumed, there had been dragged with force and violence [see news, WHO, WHO]. Even then we witnessed the deposition of bouquets, billboards and dolls before the gate of the building in which the poor girl was found dead. Again the question is, however, to say the least uncomfortable, and in a matter of whether they are placed in that of the emotional world and the sentimental soon forget the tragedies and then live other new tragedies: what was she doing a sixteen year Cisterna di Latina, distant location 70 kilometers from Rome, around late at night to the districts of the capital, after he said with a phone call to her grandmother, as if this was the most obvious thing in the world: "I'll be home tomorrow, Tonight I stay at a friend '?


The poor Desiree died in a dilapidated stable seedy San Lorenzo, came from a dysfunctional family and was the daughter of two problematic parents. The two young people died in these days in Rome, They did not come at all from contexts affected by natural disasters, but two families of the so-called "high levels" of high society. Evidence that is something behind these families immediately went out the name of Giulia Bongiorno [cf. WHO], He inscribed as a woman in the pink of the greatest criminal lawyers in Italy, It equipped to the point of a really great and rare gift of being, who was very young at the time, defender Giulio Andreotti in one of the criminal cases of the most complex of the entire history of the Italian Republic.


I cherish profound esteem for Giulia Bongiorno, But I doubt that even a very talented criminal lawyer as you can reassure parents of the two young people that those responsible are other, it is so difficult for some people, before the life and death, take responsibility and say to themselves: we have failed. A terrible failure ultimately paid with the burial of our daughters.


I know the area of ​​Ponte Milvio, twenties because I lived for a time on the Foreign Ministry Hills. At the time the residential neighborhood was a far cry. Today it has become a place of the move for young hippies that they seem to come from the living room of the miserable and dangerous Maria De Filippi, that on the psychological and behavioral disasters that afflict children and young people today, It has its considerable responsibilities, thanks to his television programs imprinted on miseducation and hedonism. That said I conclude by telling you a few months ago, in the old neighborhood of yore, I saved an elderly physical aggression of a twenty year old suffering from megalomania, one of many, among the many …


… I was on my way for a visit at the Clinica Villa del Rosario, which is located in Via Flaminia Vecchia, a few hundred meters from Ponte Milvio, in an area that today is teeming with cafes very trendy frequented by children and young people. Ahead of me, the senior who proceeded driving a subcompact, remains at the height of a historic building known to the Romans as The Castellaccio, because the right and the left were parked "Youth" Smart which prevented transit. I, who proceeded behind, stay stuck in my turn. At one point the old man starts to honk, as long as one of those spaces out a twenty year old, that followed for a while 'talking with friends. And then, calmly, so really mocking and provocative, go in front of their Smart. You might think it's gone up and ran away, never! He pulls out his phone and starts to send a message. Then the old man sticks out his head and screams calling him rude. In response, the young, furious like a beast, He rushes towards him and strillandogli "dickhead!»Shake their fists and intimate" come out ... come on out old shit!». Then I jump out of my car and I take a deluge of insults to be rushed to the defense of the elderly, that seriously risked falling taken to blows. Certain, if I followed my lower instincts would have gouged out crick the trunk and I crushed my knees, sending him for a couple of months at the orthopedic traumatology department to reflect on the meaninglessness of his life, to be converted and to repent of his sins. But as I am known for peace and love, in this society that can not punish because he has to recover what is structurally irrecoverable, can not complain because it must dialogue. A company accustomed to say poor murderess rather poor murdered, poor poor aggressor instead assaulted, poor poor thief instead robbed …


… or perhaps you've forgotten the brave Marco Pannella which together with the "great Italian" Emma Bonino, in the eighties of lawsuits clogging the courts against those responsible for recovery for drug addicts, accusing them of mistreatment and kidnapping? And at the same time they wanted to free drugs, as before they had obtained the legalization of abortion calling it "great social achievement ', to follow the “marriage” between same-sex couples. Today Marco Pannella is dead, however, remains alive "great Italian" that, before also kick the bucket, He wants to see another "great social achievement ': euthanasia legalized. although she, Although ultra septuagenarian and suffering from cancer, He refrained from going to Switzerland to be suppress, Perhaps having planning many more damage yet to be bear in our poor country, before his departure happy to ... well, God the Father of mercies has really pity the poor soul, and like the good thief, this letami, can steal all heaven with his act of pure and sincere repentance expressed in his last two minutes of life!


This young freak it gives happy-hour pontemilviano that gave ferociously toward an elderly and then insulting so unspeakable a priest during his rescue to thwart the aggression of the poor, It is the real paradigm of the product that parents do not know ever say "no", who denounce the teacher for daring to address a rebuke to their son, if they do not go directly to the school to beat! Or that before a school rejection entirely deserved, subissano the Regional Administrative Court of Appeals. And when their children are stopped by the police because they found the drunken driving and drug addicts, they pick on the same intimating: "Blame the criminals, not with our children!». And down to no end lawsuits against police officers and police, penalty by parents accused of having abused their children while in police custody, well if you come out of the barracks and the police headquarters without even a scratch on him, such terror have the employees of the police to raise them only slightly’ the voice. And sometimes, any of these immortal youth, hopefully dies, Instead they often kill others without them you do a scratch. And when any of these unpunished, invincible and immortal dies, We cry a couple of days, colored balloons are launched on coffins, as if death were a circus, They will lay flowers, signs and puppets at the scene. Por if anything is also assumed as a defender and talentata the famous criminal lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, because the parent who does not train disaster, do not care, no guards and gives no solid rules of life to their children, first of all essential to protect the children themselves, must always ragione, He does not fail, and can not fail. The whole world is in error, he and his son no, ever!


the Island of Patmos, 28 December 2019




Dear Readers,

in December he joined distributing my new book Nada s security, a work of spirituality on the martyrdom written in the form of the historical novel set in an era of fierce persecution of the Church. I think that might edify and help many people, especially at this time. I therefore invite you to buy at our store [see WHO] but above all to read.








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20 thoughts on "Rome. On the two sixteen year olds he died on the spot near the Ponte Milvio yet another crocodile tears of a civil society that is unable to wonder: where is that, we parents, we were wrong and then tragically failed?

  1. @Jack

    not to feel sorry for ourselves and just, you could start by giving us to do for the effective freedom of education, through good-standard cost school. The “Family People” He's in his political program:
    Thus, in the meantime, will begin to be schools where the prof. They can take seriously their work, supported at home by families who want their children do not go bad, such as those described in this article.
    And then, one thing leads.

  2. Schiatteranno, or if schiatteranno! life is, all in all, quite long and these characters are, largely, destined to disaster. The problem is: how many will inflict suffering in the meantime at their next (where to next intendesi: their children, all who come in contact with them or their children, the same community that will have to interact with them and their children)? We try to take into account that in those classes, just a couple of these elements to make damage also to all other.
    Thanks for being there father Ariel.

  3. All very true. But also quite obvious, because if there is no God no authority. All power comes from God, but today this has declined in I will have no other gods before me.

  4. I taught in high school where, what I read, were the two girls. Almost all classes filled with boys and wenches spoiled, who they had neither want to study nor the foundation to face a high school (were the parents to have them sent there), but which in any case were promoted. In some classes had a clearly arrogant and rude behavior, not violent way but still making their own business during class (lesson so to speak). I objected to that in a third class in high school many did not know the meaning of terms such as artillery, intrinsic, fallacious, The headmaster said he did not ask me “ideal types too high”. No coincidence that in several high school capitavano rejected by other schools. But it is not that it is better elsewhere. I do not speak p. is. of a middle school in Monteverde where rude and spoiled children were almost always backed by parents, were distinguished professionals or ignoramuses thugs. I say nothing then the reality of the province also in the North, which it happens to be told they are out of school as a favor to the teachers. Hooray for progress!

  5. Ok. All shareable. (A final part of the digressions Pannella, Bonino etc.. on which we can discuss at another time.)
    So what do we do?
    A new law on criminal liability of parents morally harmful?
    What do we do?
    We get to give slaps on starboard and missing?
    I'm sorry but we are all responsible, with our political indifference, and civil; responsible for this disaster, designed by a school without resources, lobotomizzante a television and a world of slot machines.

  6. Don Ariel, his pedagogy reminds me very much that of Don Camillo and Peppone. The only difference is that Peppone, and then, understood…
    I would like at least its readiness in the responses with the parents of some of my pupils who claim to determine their vote children.

  7. Great analysis of the situation , Padre Ariel
    I would say that already 'the most' keep eta 'and the elementary schools the parents abdicate their role as educators of their children and always bring you to take their parts, even when frankly indefensible. . I remember the mother of a fellow second grade my son , complain to me of 'teacher as if the teacher was a monster because' 'had dared to suspend the son, angelic little baby who had "just" kicked in the shins above the teacher and from the bench then launched a hardcover diary seizing on the front of the 'teacher had provided a cut, which then he had to be sutured with three points . I remember thinking, : It is both my da 'both, if at eight kicks and hurts the teacher, sixteen that will ' , if parents always defend, become 'a serial killer?
    And 'since most' tender eta'che immoral familism produces monsters.

  8. Anarchy '68, applied with perseverance generation after generation. We can only imagine what will happen when this generation will give birth to and dis-educate the next.

    There would then be to write a separate chapter on lax applied within the Catholic Church, after "poor, we must understand…"Uttered by mothers and fathers-sissies-eunuchs.

  9. Caro Father,
    I'd like to clarify, to her and interested readers who do not know the current school, as would have happened if the fellow had followed the procedure indicated by the judge, it would unquestionably been the only correct one. Of course I speak in terms of probabilities, since I know not the institution nor its executive, but I know the legislation and the widespread practice.
    The fellow would have affixed to a record in the class register. Then he spoke with the coordinator and requested the convening of an extraordinary class council for disciplinary reasons. It is likely that the coordinator would ask him to consult his colleagues in the class to find a date and time that suited everyone. It is also likely that at least some of them would have considered a nuisance that forced them to waste time.
    If all had gone smoothly, after a week or so, in which the boy would continue to come to school and watching the teacher defiantly, It would keep the class council.

    In this, with a good chance, the head teacher would call his colleague and asked him if he had put in place all appropriate strategies to make the student understand the need for rules for civil coexistence, or some statement like, Missing only Antani. Then he recalled the need for measures that are more rehabilitative and never punitive, and the meeting would end, in the most likely case, imposing three days of suspension. But, si badi, with compulsory attendance, because you can not deprive a student of educational opportunities, etc.. So something like a fast-based lasagna and Florentine steaks.
    In all likelihood, the pupil's family appealed the organ would guarantee, he would have to meet the same calling. The organ, almost certainly, He would have confirmed the measure, but in the meantime it would be spent - always in the best of cases - about three weeks, during which the student in question would always maintained the air of a winner in front of the whole class. Of the three days required to attend many would not even notice.

    At the final assessment it would have raised the question of reducing the voting behavior. Certainly not a 5, that would lead to rejection (pardon, no promotion) with consequent appeal to the TAR, but a simple 6 the 7. Most likely it would prevail the principle of not trying grits. On these votes persists conduct a kind of exclusion depends on the fact that, some or geological eras are, in fact involved the non-promotion. Eventually the boy would be promoted with its 8 conducted in as many other class.
    If anyone was wondering: but really we are reduced as well? the answer is: Yes. This justifies a violent gesture? certainly in, according to law; but if by one the so-called run, I can only pray for him and ask to never find myself in a similar situation.

  10. Dear colleague,
    You can count on my prayer. I share , in my experience (32 years in secondary state), your analysis. I was in high schools and professional, professionals in underserved areas and suburbs. I must say that I still prefer the professional and the suburbs. The arrogance of certain spoiled children is unbearable to me much of the problematic nature of the township teenagers. But the educational institution, unfortunately, he dropped his pants. I do not know if you will be more successful in reversing this trend that is destroying our civil society (other than Education for Citizenship).

  11. Thank you dear Father, You are quite right, She tells him a teacher with 32 years of experience in public high schools. Which unfortunately, often, even she is no longer able to perform its educational function.

  12. Father Ariel Caro,

    prudently put please “letter signed”, because I have always criminal proceedings, I am having appealed after my guilty verdict of the Criminal Court of First Instance.

    They are the same age, class 1963, teacher role from now 18 year old.
    At first, entering school, I taught at various secondary schools, and then, starting from 5 years after, always in scientific and classical high schools.

    They are Calabrian and, I must tell, I was very happy, when following a competition, I moved from Calabria in the north. The situation was indeed untenable for me when in recent years, teacher at a grammar school, I was forced, together with my colleagues, to promote a considerable number of students who came to school diploma totally devoid of bases. Let me clarify: I'm not talking about gaps, or deficient training, but its lack of bases.
    However, the parents of these students decided they did the classic, because according to their “It was really cool”.
    Bocciarli? some, But if we had done so we would change anything? No. Nothing would have changed, But we would have obtained the wrath of families over us; anger that in some cases, by certain families, It can also be quite dangerous.
    Maybe I was an accomplice for years of high school diplomas undeservedly given away? No. Like other colleagues were alone, lack of support and protection, placed in a situation where we could not do anything, absolutely nothing.

    I admit that the North me have fared much better, I found it more manageable students, more manageable parents, of school areas in which there were no certain fears, where necessary they could give inadequacies and even reject without running the very serious risk of being left with the car on fire, or at best with four wheels ripped and totally rifled bodywork, including hood and roof,.

    In the northern area where for years I live and teach, many of the boys, and their families, They were about the same as those you described in your article, But in a situation, like … manageable. I taught in classical and scientific high schools of the province, Students were mostly children of families of workers, employees or belong to small traders bourgeoisie.
    Everything good. As long as I was moved to a so-called classical high school “historical” and so-called “pretentious” Full metropolitan center. There, the students, They came from other kinds of families and social classes. Never forget how air of haughtiness and sufficiency, we teachers, we were treated to some parents, who were known lawyers, Notary of confidence of large companies and industries, great entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Many of these parents, on receipt, They sent their secretary (!?). When I called one of these parents, to inform both the poor school performance that the bad behavior of the child, He arrived an hour he decided, forcing me to interrupt the lesson, because if I had not done, the problem that would follow would be guaranteed, with the involvement of the dean etc. … He, annoyed with air, He looked at his watch and said,: “I say well, I have 5 minutes”.

    Finally disaster … During class, a student who was a spoiled teenager, rebel, devoid of respect and also education, He continued to send messages with your mobile phone. I called him back the first time. Shortly after he began again, and I called him back a second time. The third time I went to his bench, I took his cellphone, I laid it on the desk and told him … “it will be rebuilt at the end of lesson”. A minute later he gets up, He is the chair and, challengingly, It shoots the phone and return to your desk. I will intimate to put the phone on the desk and then take it back at the end of lesson. On my second call launches cell phone on me, hitting me in the head. I get up, I go to his bench, and soaking a slap.
    A few days later I was suspended as a precautionary measure from teaching.
    I was denounced and then later convicted at first instance, therefore obliged to meet the costs. If I'm ordered to pay court costs to the plaintiffs, assisted by a famous and expensive lawyer, I'll most likely, or sell the house, or take out a loan, if the bank will give it to me. Thank God I have family and children. Thank God, so to speak, because my girlfriend, just before we got married, He died in a road accident, and since then I have no more “rebuilt a life”, but that's another story …
    The judge, in my conviction, He specified that the behavior was less severe and totally unqualified, but it was also serious and inexcusable that a teacher had used physical violence, instead of resorting to disciplinary measures provided, starting from the suspension.

    Then I was sent as a teacher in a middle school in the country, A former farmer context, in which, but, there always remains a peasant mentality. Honestly, I was well received, well-liked and respected, both by kids from their parents.

    In all careful readers, It has not escaped, Reverend Father, that so delicate and subtle, between the lines, she points to two different problematic: problems relating to the family calls a lower-class time, reigns sometimes ignorance and unconsciousness, especially in the management of children, and the problems arising from high class families, reigns at times a frightening arrogance and hubris.
    The first kind of families, produce cases like that of young dead Desy in a building of the Roman Quarter S. Lorenzo turning at night for the capital; the second kind of families, produce subjects as young as she narrated that, He had not been for his intervention, definitely he would take to blows an elderly poor.

    Non so, What will decide the appeal tribunal, for now I can say I was sentenced in first instance to have slapped a boy 17 years after being warned twice, classroom in front of everyone, He launched from the desk phone in his head.

    For the moment, I can say only this, asking a prayer for me.

    1. Dear Professor,

      I am grateful on behalf of the Fathers of The Island of Patmos and Readers for these explanations very important, offered by one who for years lived, as she, the school from the inside.
      I would like to rip, to her and to others who read us, a smile, the series … how times have changed!

      I was eight, so we're talking about 48 years ago.
      And’ well that sometimes make these accounts – I say to myself, – in case of a commitment to another I forget that I'm getting old, which I consider however beautiful.

      … So I said, eight years I had, I decided, to the elementary school, to make a joke to a rare child dislikes. The classic perfect child, the perfect parents, born from the perfect family, destined to supreme perfection and so to follow.
      Things then went differently, afterwards, because when he was only twenty years old detoxed from drugs, thereto, ex perfect child, He replaced a swirl boyfriends, lovers, married men and so to follow. Or rather: a drug, He replaced another form of drug. And, this life of “perfection”, He remained at this point that marked, three years ago, meeting her by chance after three decades and not recognizing it absolutely, sadly I could see that she looked like my mother, I his son, although we both had at the time 53 year old.
      When he asked me the question “but how do, so to keep in shape?”, I think I gave her the very worst response: “… It is the perfect chastity, that keeps me fit!”.

      Digresses you digress, back to 48 years ago, when during recess at 10 in the courtyard of the elementary school on a spring day I, at that time already candid soul and unimaginative, I caught three crickets, I returned to the classroom before the others and put the animals inside the elegant box of pencils, deposed in a perfect way, on a perfect desk and so on.

      Shortly after the teacher nun makes us do a dictation and so, the perfect girl, by his perfect case laid on the neat and perfect counter, He opens the zipper to tear out the pen. The screams were so many and such, when they jumped off the crickets, realized that the teaching nuns from other nearby classrooms, to see if by chance, one priest of the ancient religion of the Aztecs, He slipped into the school and was slaughtering a creature for a ritual sacrifice.

      Some might wonder why, on 18 boys and girls that we were, the nun comes up to me and without fail, without asking anything, He dropped two slaps, then putting their backs to the wall behind the blackboard.

      Well you know, which was, 48 years ago, my one and only concern? One and only one: that the teacher did not say anything to my parents.
      And so it happened.
      Once the lessons, the nun said to me,: "You had your shot and since I want to be good to you, I know that I will not tell your parents ". And I would like to thank so much, for having granted the authentic grace.

      Only many years later, When some time had already finished high school, I learned that the sisters, among them, they were literally scompisciate with laughter and my teacher, the mother superior, He said: "Ben was, that little petulant and disagreeable!».

      If the nun had told everything to my parents, they would in turn severely punished me, but then, among them, be who knows how many laughter, I would, however, come to know not until twenty years after the consummation of that fact.

      This kind of world I know well that no longer exists and, from this, Also I gain the serene knowledge that are aged, and that I'm Avvinando towards seniority, ever closer. which, I repeat, It makes me very happy.

      I wish I had twenty years, today?
      Absolutely not, because my question would: if giungessi average age of over 80 year old, over the next sixty years of life to live, what should I do, in a society mired in an irreversible decline which has long exceeded the threshold of no return?

  13. I share and endorse fully what is written by Father Ariel.
    Not only, but also I approve of what he has done with His Father Ariel, highly pedagogical, concrete and risky interventions of reproach to the two boys who, deaf to any specific recommendations, they will have continued, and certainly against their will, to feel invincible and immortal.
    I am convinced that “ramanzine” Father went subject, however,, although their “sign” It will not be instant in time….

  14. Ariel Thank you Father for His awkward words and stinging, because in time universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ...

  15. dear father Ariel

    We can say that behind the breakdown of families and educational failure c is the devil?
    and the legions of demons?What do you think of demonology?

  16. Thank you Father Ariel,
    always sharp and truthful in his words! I have great respect for her, the Lord will long preserve!
    Andrea Scasso

  17. Educational Reflection giant Father Ariel, of this tragedy, the day of the Feast of the Holy Family. Thanks.
    Add in a constructive spirit, to also give the political sense of the matter, This contribution today Agostino Nobile of stilum Curiae, the historic political design of the demolition of the father figure:

    and, about the possible political solution to the issue, through the acquisition of “sovereignty of the people of the families” (JPII, Letter to Families, 1994) compared to the current one of the strong powers, and then the full restoration of the parental figures, the spectacular working hypothesis of “participatory society” according to the Social Doctrine:

  18. Excellent article Don Ariel. If I can, I have a request to make. I have noticed that often in his pieces hints at sidewalk level which decreased the modern woman (Paradoxically, while the same says it will fight the alleged objectification which he was subjected by patriarchy). Could (obviously when you have the time and inclination) pursue the matter in a future article? I ask because I am convinced that in the last century, the devil has used the same technique that was served with our first parents: corrupt first Eve and then, by her, Adamo.

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