the "boys" of Patmos

Jesus Christ you are my life



Author Antonio Livi

Antonio Love

Metaphysical philosopher and theologian

Dean Emeritus of Philosophy Pontifical Lateran University

Managing Editor of Issues Leonardo da Vinci

President of the International Science and Commonsense Association

Founding member. From 26.02.2015 It ceased its cooperation with The Island of Patmos



Author John Cavalcoli OP

John Cavalcoli, OP

Dogmatic metaphysical philosopher and theologian

emeritus professor of metaphysics in Dominican Philosophical Study of Bologna

and of Dogmatic Theology at the Theological Faculty Bologna

Ordinary member of the Pontifical Academy of Theology

Co-director of the Island




Matilde Giuseppina Nicoletti , S.D.B.I.

former teacher and educator

Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Beata Imelda Bologna

Collaborator John Cavalcoli, OP and editorial secretary



Author Ariel S. Levi Gualdo

Ariel S. Levi Gualdo

Dogmatic theologian and historian of dogma

Director of the Island



Jorge A. Faccio Lince

Thomist philosopher and theologian

Collaborator Ariel S. Levi Gualdo and editorial secretary




Alexandrian philosopher of the fourth century.

Mascot Island

Return ... the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Catacombs of Priscilla, a

small abandoned cat screaming. Said my co-worker: "Let's take him home,

otherwise it dies under the cars of the Via Salaria ". I replied: "It is, but within

tomorrow must come out, otherwise no longer leaves. Call the nuns, they have

space and garden ». The result was a kitty cat, weighed four ounces and not as ...

say: never left home. Being female and living in an environment where they live

Philosophy and Theology, was named Hypatia, in honor of the Alexandrian philosopher.

Padre Ariel

Luzzardi Manuela Webmaster





Manuela Luzzardi


Creator and curator of the site of the Island




To penetrate the arcane mysteries of God is always

need a smile, as he taught a holy priest

who was a great teacher and educator of Catholic youth:

San Filippo BLACKS

7 thoughts on "Drafting

  1. The masterstroke of Satan was
    to be able to make disobey, to
    obedience, to the whole Tradition.


    1. … and this disobedience Bishop Marcel Lefebvre has practiced and traveled first ahead of all

  2. It was and remains a DISOBEDIENT!!! It must be treated accordingly he and all those who follow him!

    1. doting law, so humoral and false.
      The moodiness and falsehood produce blindness.

      No ecclesiastical authority, from my Diocesan Ordinary, to follow with the highest ecclesiastical authority of the Holy See, They never accused me, scolded, accused let alone canonically punished for disobedience.
      To anyone who may approach, that is officially unofficial, my bishop will answer that myself, as a priest, I never gave doctrinal problems, pastoral, moral and patrimonial.

      You are a liar motivated by one goal: throw mud if you do not have disproved arguments.
      And his work is pure Devil: invent false and groped to spread it having no other possible topics.

  3. Thanks to the Truth I found you at last!
    I will read carefully your site certain to have finally found someone who matches my search for Christ.
    For the moment, Greetings

  4. Good morning, I wanted to know the editorial email because I want to comment and ask Father Ariel some questions about his latest video on the Summorum Pontificum, but the text exceeds i 1000 characters.

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