Because the Virgin Mary did not ask for euthanasia of Jesus Christ on the cross, as it will allow the government of Joseph Conte, child prodigy of Villa Nazareth? But for the Vatican Secretariat of State and the Italian bishops the real problem was Matteo Salvini exhibiting the rosary in the square

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While in Italy he won the satanic culture of death, seguitino also ran after the Supreme modern dogma of the migrant, Cardinals Pietro Parolin and Gualtiero Bassetti, now flirting with the world, Now with the prodigy children of Villa Nazareth head-modernist late Cardinal Achille Silvestrini. But we are there, kneeling in the best place, under the cross of Christ, from which it does not drip death, but the blood that has redeemed us. And all these people, Red political color or red cardinal, We do not really scared, the shadow of the cross of Christ God.


Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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The Supreme Pontiff and the Head of the Italian Giuseppe Conte Government, private meeting after the funeral of Cardinal Achille Silvestrini

Today the Constitutional Court He said the article illegitimate 580 the Penal Code [cf. WHO] who punishes the instigation or assisted suicide, and for which they provided penalties between 5 and the 12 years in prison. The Supreme Court was asked to rule on the issue by the Assize Court of Milan as part of the process in which the defendant a famous Trojan Horse: the leader of the Radical Party, Marco Cappato, involved in assisted suicide Fabiano Antoniani, known to the public as Dj Fabo [cf. WHO] In this way the Supreme Court has opened a door to the possibility of helping a person to die, declaring lawful the entrance of the Trojan Horse, and decreeing that a rule that punishes assisted suicide but that does not take into account the situation of those suffering from unsustainably, It is considered unconstitutional. Therefore, starting today, the Supreme Court ruled in its judgment the "right to die" by stating at the same time:


«Not punishable who facilitates the execution of the purpose of suicide, independently and freely formed of a patient kept alive by life-sustaining treatments and suffering from a fatal disease, source of physical and psychological suffering that he considers intolerable, but fully able to make free and informed decisions ".


At this point the legislature will have to intervene with a special law, namely that very government headed by Professor Giuseppe Conte as supported by the Holy See and the Italian Episcopal Conference. In this, as in other cases, he put his mind at rest good Catholics faithful, because both from the Holy See and from the Italian Episcopal Conference you will not hear the dignified and humble lament: "Pardon, we were wrong". Because the logic of the worst pride, which it is the clerical arrogance, work on the basis of this principle that in itself obviously has the blasphemy: the Divine Father and the Divine Son, they can also make mistakes in advancing the Divine Holy Spirit, but the Holy See and the Episcopal Conference Italian no, They can not go wrong assessment and judgment, ever!


While a Government also formed by members of the most furious radical left It is preparing to toast the passing of the law on euthanasia masked by "extreme case", The Supreme Constitutional Court has opened all the tracks by subjecting the non-punishment:


«[…] to compliance with the procedures prescribed by law on informed consent, on palliative care and continuous deep sedation (goods 1 and 2 the law 219/2017) and to verify whether the required conditions of the Implementing Rules by a public structure of the National Health Service, After consulting the competent local ethics committee […] the identification of these specific conditions and procedural arrangements, taken from existing standards law, It was necessary to prevent risk of abuse against people especially vulnerable, as he had already pointed out in its previous order 207 of 2018. Compared to pipelines already realized, the judge will evaluate the existence of conditions substantially equivalent to those indicated ».


At the hearing It was attended by Marco Cappato and Dj Fabo companion, with them even Mina, the widow of Piergiorgio Welby, d. 2006 after his request had been disconnected the respirator that kept him alive. All have publicly exulted, as if death were a victory. From your hand Marco Cappato reiterated by appealing to nothing less than a moral duty: "I helped Fabiano because I considered it my moral duty" [cf. WHO]. To follow to rejoice with Twitter: "Victory of civil disobedience; now all more free, even those who disagreed '.


These words sound like blasphemies the ears of any Christian spirit during the Easter memory relives the mystery of Christ, who conquered death by his resurrection, to which we are made partakers. But today, from a worthy product of that Mephistophelian party known as the Radical Party, we have to hear that the achievement is rather death, with a lot of reference to "moral duties". These comments of jubilation were followed by those of the Senator of the Democratic Party Monica Cirinnà, on which we fly over, because in the words of Marco Cappato we said just about everything. Only one thing we can add: before our eyes apathetic and powerless Catholic citizens, all of them equipped with ballot, but most of all beneficiaries of the constitutional rights of freedom of thought, speech and expression, that no one can certainly revocarci as Catholics, we witnessed the painful rendition of an Italian Church now fossilized in sclerotic obsessively only on migrants, while in our country we have now entered the Trojan Horse of the culture of death: assisted suicide.


Equally important would be the perfect note repetition what has already occurred at the time in 1978 the referendum on the legalization of abortion: the supporters of certain laws, aiming variously to touch the life of the heart - as if it were a disposable good in the hands of voters, Lawmakers and doctors - their struggles unleashed the increasingly relying on borderline cases, indeed on very rare occasions. Playing on them before they go to hit the collective emotion, then perform a subversion of the fundamental laws by reversing the same legal logic: transform the exception - often rare but extremely rare - as a general rule. Let me be clear: The law takes into account always the existence and possible rare exception livelihood, but at the moment in which it, subject to manipulation, It ends up transformed into a general rule, at that point we are before the actual legal and legislative aberration.


If anything, many do not realized it, it should be clear that we are only at the beginning of the process of radical evil and dehumanizing. The Trojan Horse was in fact just introduced, soldiers still have not come from her womb, but soon they will manifest out. And then, in a future far at all, thanks to the exponents of those present parties shouting at each trifle the fascist and the Nazi, we will find ourselves in a society in this free and democratic point to embarrass the Third Reich Nazi, but especially Dr. Josef Mengele. And tomorrow, the most exquisite accordance with the law and without any consent from interested parties or their family members, perhaps seriously ill people will be killed if they remain alive without any possibility of cure and healing, young or old alike, will not burden the state budget and the National Health Service. Also because our population, growing old and birth rates to below zero for four decades, will soon find out that the much-welcomed and unwanted migrants, They will not be at all in our country for us to change diapers, nor bid us emptying bedpans and parrots, nor to hold and pay with their work, with their taxes and their contributions to our pension system for the future collapse together with the National Health Service.


If we did not live obsessed by political correctness, we should know that the majority of young Africans who emigrate to our country, mostly come from countries where the males have never shined neither desire nor ability to work. This for a purely anthropological and cultural discourse: in the company of some African countries to work are women, not men. For their part, our law enforcement agencies and the judicial files that overflow for certain specific crimes in our courts, show that when these anthropologically and culturally idle males are put to work, often they create companies of this kind: take wives and daughters and bring them into prostitution in our streets. How many, but above all because there are many husbands and fathers, originating from Nigeria repeatedly arrested for pimping, in particular of that child? Yet in his time, that "great scientist" Senator Laura Boldrini, had the audacity to say that if we had not welcomed migrants, tomorrow we would not have had anyone from old diapers he changed us (!?). Soon said: or this senator has traded young Nigerian Muslim-nothing, with a proven propensity for violence and crime, for the hardworking Filipino Catholics, notoriously hard-working and very respectful to the elderly and sick, or was he acting on their own set of a science fiction movie, as for years they tend to make the leaders of the Democratic Party. But there is also a third possibility: perhaps the Senator does not know its uses, customs and habits of some populations of the African continent, however, those that produce the highest migration flows and at the same time the highest number of crimes committed, once you arrive in Europe. That said it noted: to say such things, I'm not after having played the role of so-called racist, Fascist and Nazi, but they are the facts and legal documents. It would be enough to tour in various European countries to find out instantly that even the diligent, disciplined and rigorous police of the Federal Republic of Germany, He manages to hold off certain gangs of violent criminals, mostly from Nigeria.


As we said poc'anzi it is no mystery that the current government was brazenly supported by the Holy See and the Italian Episcopal Conference which entered the electoral campaign for the European elections of the 26 May 2019. And this government is the Prime Minister Professor Giuseppe Conte, a child prodigy grew up at Villa Nazareth in Rome, among her skirts at all mourned Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, Modernist in the round and prominent member of the so-called cardinal Mafia St. Gallen. For ecclesial modesty and love of country many of us have chosen to be silent, but those who know certain characters and the way they act, It included instantly, in the days of the government crisis that began in mid-August, the famous speech aimed primarily attack Interior Minister, Senator Matteo Salvini, Professor Giuseppe Conte [cf. WHO], It was written mostly between the Secretariat of State and Villa Nazareth, located in Rome Via della Pineta Sacchetti, pleasant place where, however, it is much easier to meet and spend time conversing in a completely confidential to Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of His Holiness.


Great fear was shown for the populist Matteo Salvini, while the Catholic press "of" regime discoursed on inappropriate performance by the rosary and its references to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, almost as if they were authentic blasphemies. We are taking apart then on Tweet and inappropriate jokes in which he has experimented Father Antonio Spadaro, now that ranges between The master's voice and the voice of unconsciousness. Now, these same people, They will gather to collect the fruits they have sown and soon, their child prodigy of Villa Nazareth will have to open with his own hands the belly of the Trojan Horse introduced into our city. These are the facts and the results of a Holy See and of the Italian Episcopal Conference which irritated by rosaries and populist appeals to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, It started flirting with the fringes of the radical Left, of which we know always the various instances: l'euthanasia, the abolition of the objection of conscience for doctors who do not want to perform abortions, marriage between same-sex couples, being granted the adoption of children, lawfulness of the uterus for rent, the imposition of education gender in primary schools and so to follow ... But, we repeat again: the problem was the rosary crowns and the invocations addressed to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary by that populist Senator Matteo Salvini.


I fear however that, unfortunately, the big problem It consists of chameleons professionals as the current President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Cardinal Gualtieri Bassetti, that some decades ago, Florentine priest who was, climbed the pulpit in pre-election periods and invited to vote for the Christian Democrats, would cost even hold their nose to smell the. Today, walking towards the eightieth, we see him reduced to smiling at a supporter of the culture of death like Senator Emma Bonino, already previously counted among the figures of the great Italian for the august mouth of the happily reigning Pope [cf. WHO, WHO]. What else to say: … Ah, when I would have preferred, instead of Gualtiero Bassetti, the salvation of my soul and Heaven, a cardinal conquered after missing for a lifetime from a cart to another!


I am aware that we priests and theologians not yet sold to the Prince of this world we turn to a secularized and de-Christianized world that no longer understands either our language or the sentiments and evangelical foundations that animate it. Add to this more and worse: we find ourselves even be ostracized and persecuted in the same church where today, including a shot of mercy and a collegial collegiality blow, we are now reduced - as I have often said - to the Cambodian regime of Pol Pot.


To understand the terrible mystery of death, disease, of physical decay, Pain and suffering, you must start from far away: the creation of the world and of man. The dead, indicated by many as "natural element" and "inevitable" cycle of life, in addition to being quite natural, It is actually about as unnatural to exist. God did not create mortal man, it created immortal. God, giver of perfect and eternal life, the mystery of creation has not conceived neither pain nor suffering, or physical decay or disease. The dead, with all its consequences, enters the world stage when the man, benefiting from the freedom and the free will given to him by God, He decides to rebel against his Creator. It is then that that element enters the world scene completely unnatural that is death, Consequently a sin which has altered the creation itself. This is referred to as Original Sin; a pity that none of us has committed, but that all together we inherited a corrupt nature originally from this same sin.


This is our faith, which starts from the mystery of creation. A faith that gives us believers a completely different perception of death and pain, an element sometimes more unwelcome, and a source of even greater suffering, when it afflicts us, but it strikes through illness of our loved ones and beloved.


In a society that together with Christian principles refuses physical decay, illness and death itself, more than difficult it can sometimes be almost impossible to talk to the men of this world of that great element is education that is saving you the pain. Topic treated by the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II in his memorable Apostolic Letter dedicated to the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering [CF. Salvifici doloris, full text, WHO].


In a society that together with Christian principles refuses physical decay, illness and death itself, more than difficult it can sometimes be almost impossible to talk to the people of this world the mystery of the Cross, which it is primarily unspeakable suffering. Indeed, If a specialist in forensic medicine and a specialist in anatomical pathology is mettessero to explain to the general public who are both pain, both the physical consequences for a death caused by torture of crucifixion - not surprisingly called the Roman Criminal Law An extraordinary penalty, ie the capital ―, perhaps many would not stand up to detailed descriptions.


And yet, under the cross ... Mother stood beside the cross weeping, While her Son [was the grieving mother in tears, under the cross, on which hung his Son]. And the Mother of Sorrows, before the suffering child dying, He not pleaded any centurion to end the torment with a "merciful" spear. Because the Blessed Virgin Mary, as stated in the prayer of St Bernard to the Virgin reported by Dante in Canto XXXIII of Paradise, He was "Daughter of your Son, humble and high beyond, Fixed term of the eternal counsel '. Just so: Daughter was the Son of God, she was not a daughter of Satan like that soul of poor Marco Cappato - except for his sincere and profound repentance -, worthy son of politician Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino, the great Italian, which today celebrates the conquest of death, introduced to the world by the Devil, certainly not from God.


While in Italy the satanic culture of death risks overcoming, seguitino pure a correre dietro al supremo dogma Cardinale Achille Silvestrini. But we are there, kneeling in the best place, under the cross of Christ, from which it does not drip death, but the blood that has redeemed us. And all these people, Red political color or red cardinal, We do not really scared, the shadow of the cross of Christ God, it is they who must fear, even more than tomorrow, the eternal that awaits them.


the Island of Patmos, 26 September 2019



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48 thoughts on "Because the Virgin Mary did not ask for euthanasia of Jesus Christ on the cross, as it will allow the government of Joseph Conte, child prodigy of Villa Nazareth? But for the Vatican Secretariat of State and the Italian bishops the real problem was Matteo Salvini exhibiting the rosary in the square

  1. Forgive me Mr. Oronzo but theology comes after, Allow me to attach a note from treccani which clarifies the different positions between deism and theism.
    deismo s. m. [by fr. déisme, the. del years. God 'dio']. - In general, orientation of thought that recognizes the existence of God as the first cause, Creator and organizer of the world: this belief (that, established by natural reason, immortality of the soul together constitute the core of the natural religion), although not, in many ways, in contrast with theological positions of the Christian churches, historically it assumes - along the sec. 17° and above all in the 18th - a polemical meaning against historical religions, the churches, against the idea of ​​revelation or mystery, in the name of reason and freedom of conscience. The term, often used as sinon. theism, actually it has meaning today sharply distinguished from this, especially through the work of Kant, who considers deism as tied to an idea of ​​God purely rational, without any reference to the revelation, while theism is linked to the belief in a living god whose attributes can be determined according to the analogy with nature

    1. … come on, Bonifacio,
      the next time you send us a definition comes directly from the texts of the Masonic Grand Lodge of the Grand Orient of Italy.
      But please!
      What helps it, look for the quirky point of honor for the irrepressible joy of lite?

    2. Oronzo oronzini be you and all your children.
      Having said this, I do not care deism and theism could care if it concerned the tea.
      If you then want to know why theology is first, I would recommend you carefully study the birth of modern science.

      1. About you, the great and famous mathematician and logician Bertrand Russell spoke of a “huge teapot that circled the world”. If you want to, He can go and read what the Russell argued in this regard.

        1. But God, unlike Russell's teapot, changes your life: if you do not know him, I can only feel sorry for you.

        2. Mr. Domenico, Forgive the question, but cites Russell believes that because orenzo has the burden of proof in one of his statements or because “lol, atheism”? I confess that I would be very puzzled if that is the case.

  2. The narcissist and “stormy” Ariel, by smell superfine, always think to write extraordinary items; Night dreams of being the “Grand Inquisitor” Dostoevsky that the poor Christ who, returning to Earth, It proffers no verb, says:” Why have you come to disturb us?”.

    1. You have some concrete theological argument to affirm what you write or is it just your personal opinion?
      Do you remember the words nothing: “If I said something wrong, witness of the evil that I said; but if I have spoken well, why do you strike me?”

    2. You could also make me a literary review:

      Andrea Gallo
      Luigi Ciotti
      Vitaliano Della Sala
      Alberto Maggi

      etc. … etc. …

      Given his literary vein, also face an inscription on the late Father David Maria Turoldo, who he signed for years articles on the front page of The Manifesto Communist.

      Maybe then you will understand, Who were the real and dangerous interrogators that night dreamed of Marx and Engel and then poisoned by day God's people shooting dangerous crap like crazy ….

      1. He wants a dispassionate advice to stay in this world down-to-earth, without firing ca…..te of communism and anti-communism? Leave for a little study of theology, geta few books astrophysics (knowledge of current space conquests open mind) and Molecular Biology (DNA study , RNA, protein, etc. ..). I am convinced that these “knowledge” improve your over-fundamentalist attitude. She, who possesses intelligence, so she needs to deepen Science: The only way you will open new and profitable Horizons.

        1. … I repeat, I am a minister bosomes and not a seminaretto fearful of the multinational heretical seminars mother of The Redeemer, therefore, advice and above all orders on how to live and impress the priesthood, I take them only by ecclesiastical authority, not with surreal products of two ridiculous apprentices sorcerers Spaniards who invent roads on the border with reality.
          And with that I told everything.

          Write well “bullshits” full, without ellipsis. None of these columns are shocked, especially towards those, such as walkers, of crap live there.

        2. How can studying astrophysics and molecular biology if there were no laws of nature?
          And as you can scrutinize the laws of nature without posing the question of who established these laws?
          Therefore, finally, how I can address the problem of who determined that all that exists is what it is without Theology?

  3. I will return to rilegggere quietly. Meanwhile, it notes: as in periods of violence, under the mantle of popular justice they covered private heinous crimes, Now who will escape under the cover of intolerable suffering the legalized murder of inconvenient relative, father to inherit, wife sideways lover, et cetera ?
    Salvini exploits the Crown ? And what about Spadaro, except that brandishing “sui social” oration of the Mass exploits the Divine Sacrifice, and I do not pay so much blasphemy puts us well falsification of the text, proclaiming that his prayer is forged and blasphemous Lex Orandi, then adding the license heresy .
    I remember, Padre Ariel, she said he had proposed to the episcopate a valid priest, and that his bishop replied: “Never, because it is rigid and plaster”. I took her for a freak, Instead he had figured out how to authoritatively endorsed El Papa. What then does not mind that “rigid” It is an adjective, and railed against the use of adjectives.

  4. Good morning, Father Ariel, hoping not to look like a troublemaker I would like to take advantage of its availability (and possibly that of other priests in the comments intervegono) for groped to find an answer to a question that haunts me for some time.
    God, besides Almighty is omniscient. He already knew that our two ancestors have misused, rather badly, their freedom and that their rebellion would have condemned not only their, but billions of their descendants to experience the pain and death. It seems to me that the whole creation is one, gigantic failure. Why is light given to the world and to mankind knowing what the state would be reduced? Thanks in advance for the time you will want and will dedicate myself.

    1. There is a Gospel passage from which you could more or less indirectly understand much:

      "But of that day and that hour, but, nobody knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father " [Mt 24, 36].

      No human has the ability to fully understand the mystery, then the reasons for God; those who could, He would also be a god, perhaps even more powerful Creator. And this was the first great temptation in which Adam and Eve fell invited to disobedience and rebellion: «[…] and it will be like God " [GN 3,5].

      It must take into account that God created Adam and Eve, by an act of supreme love, their sin was nothing but the result of their negative response to this act of pure love.

      God knew yes, what would the man of freedom and free will; yet he has not given up on creating it.

      That said it should be stressed that sin does not depend in any way by God, but by man. God did not create man so that man would give birth to sin, it created a free and endowed with free, and sin is one thing the whole man.

      Throughout human history, God sent his only Son to remedy the rebellion of man consumed the dawn of time.

      At this point its rightful doubtful reasoning could also be applied to the mystery of redemption: to what purpose the incarnation of the Word, consustanziale the Father, who is God from God, light from light, True God from true God, begotten not made of the same substance as the Father, I was given, omnipotent and omniscient, He knew in advance the end that they would do to Jesus Christ, but above all that, after two thousand years, mankind would have been worse than two millennia ago?

      The reason – as stated in his Fides et ratio Pope John Paul II referring to centuries of philosophical and theological speculation antecedents starting from the first great Fathers of the Church – It leads to the faith. Once the reason to faith, at which point you can only proceed with the faith, because man, which it is a living part of the mystery, It can perceive and understand even very partially the mystery, but he can never fully understand, Because God transcends itself all our human understanding.

      The largest manufacturers of atheists were not the Enlightenment, and materialists of the Marxist, often they were just pseudo masters of decadent neo-scholastic and metaphysical adulterated, who must have and then give an answer at all costs and whatever the cost, being deprived – like all people without faith – of that sum humility that should lead us to say: before the great mystery you can give explanations, but only up to a point. Beyond certain limits, the reason finally gives way to faith, which it is not an act of fideism nor deliberate and unconscious non-reasoning, but rather the result of man's deepest freedom.

      I can I explain that after the Eucharistic Prayer, under the sacred species of bread and wine, thanks to the miracle of transubstantiation, It is truly and substantially present, completely, in soul, body and divinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
      But it, If you ask me to show her in an objective and scientific way that Jesus Christ is truly present in real and substantial way, I can not do that. And with that I'll tell you more: if someone proves it to him instead, please immediately move away and do not listen to the explanations and the “irrefutable demonstrations” that offer.

      1. Thank you for your response. Accept that he could not understand, for effort can be made, it is damn hard.

        1. Dear Emanuele,

          we have been established, by the grace of sacramental status, a service of the People of God as their guides and teachers.
          Not so thank a priest who has done nothing but their duty.

        2. “Foolish is he who hopes that our reason / can percorrer the endless street / holding a Substance in three Persons. / Are you happy, human bags, because al / that if you had possuto see everything / needful was not Mary give birth”. I write it as I remember it from the Liceo remote times, perhaps inaccurate.
          But in Dante's time there were already warning signs of what she calls neo-decadent school, Padre Ariel? Or who he was referring to the great poet Virgil's mouth? If you find the time to answer me, I would be grateful. As they are for this beautiful article and the responses of some Priests. Heartening to know that there are still so many.

      2. Finally an answer “as a priest”, for us poor people who, not being purposes theologians, There often we debate these questions…

      3. I believe that God knew the sin of Adam because Adam has freely chosen to sin;
        if Adam had freely chosen not to sin, God would know that Adam would sin.
        It might seem a silly argument, but is based on the assumption that, in God, It does not exist the passage of time and everything is an eternal present: while in our conceptual reality we can imagine a God who knows the future, we just can not imagine how the past and the future can co-exist in this.

    2. The divine omniscience no mercy would be monstrous, but in light of Grace promise and kept in Christ, it does not nullify the free choice but exalts.

  5. My sincere thanks to Ariel and father to all priests and consecrated persons “in” world but not “of” World
    United in prayer

    1. Yes, in the vocabulary and spoken journalism is said “senator” but it is not correct, indeed it is seriously wrong.
      There are words and titles that do not include the feminine and that are used indiscriminately for men and women.
      A judge, man or woman, It is a judge, you can not use the term “giudicia” the “giudicessa”; a judge is a judge, man or woman, not a “magistrata” … as there is the title of architect, female engineer / ingegneressa, farmacistessa, economistessa, advocate / lawyer, nor any public or private body, including courts, uses and perished peritesse, but only experts, men or women, etc. …
      Proof, then we find on the official acts of the State: none of my former colleagues, the times we were, It is out of college with a scroll on which was written “female doctor”, because in the final examination he was told by the chairman of the committee “in the name of the law I declare you doctor …”, near, the degree, was written: “Doctor Maria Rossi” no doctor.
      The Italian language is not an opinion, nor journalists or politicians ungrammatical, They can enter the vocabulary words that do not exist.


        Senatore s. m. (f. -Trice) [dal years. senator -oris (years. senatrix slow -fcis)

        No journalists or politicians ungrammatical, but the vocabulary Treccani saying the female senator senator: then if you want to challenge even the Treccani let's say that even those of Treccani are ignorant.

          Well look, its staunchest defenders of Italian would not call them…
          The same specification encyclopedia on this page that the profession of female names are something recent, (cito) “the solutions are still open and in the choice collide different sensitivities”. What then put a “senatrix” as Latin etymology is curious (although technically correct, the women you would do well), knowing that it is a word that was never used in that language.
          But maybe I'm me I'm wrong and a ignoranto.

  6. … feel feel.
    And tell me, such ecclesiastical disciplines and what canons of the Code of Canon Law would have violated, to the point of invoking my immediate silenced?
    What I set out heresies?

    I inform you then, closely theological rigor and canon, that the Church is not the Roman Pontiff but Christ. Concepts such as “revolution” the “new course …” They are in themselves completely foreign not only and not so much to the lexicon, but just for the new millennium culture of the Church.

    The Roman Pontiff has a role based on the mandate given by Jesus Christ to the Blessed Apostle Peter. The Church, he is not the master, anything: It is his first servant.
    So can neither affect the deposit of faith, which is the supreme guardian, nor can it give birth to doctrines contrary to Divine Revelation, because the course has drawn Jesus Christ, and that's the course that we are called to follow.

    If you have doubts, ask the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, though when I stated here I am strictly correct, or not.

    Like all those who come from the ranks of the old Communist Party, orphaned after the fall of the Berlin Wall and finally returned in the Church with a spirit that is frustrated by all their communist ideological education, she mistakes the Roman Pontiff for those old cardboard idols that both were dear: Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zetung e Castro.

    Believe me, I smell from a distance and, annusandovi, proof of the facts so far I've never wrong.

  7. This priest is silenced, Once for all, because it is causing serious damage to the revolutionary new course of Francis church, contrarian in all ecumenical spirit and largemouth, so can only do damage.

  8. Father Ariel Caro , I am a Catholic doctor and as such I can only say to be embittered by this drift euthanasia of society '.
    Be the salt of the earth, Jesus said ' . Not only now Catholics in Italy , including cardinals and popes bishops priests, no more 'salt , but rather ,I am damn than by 'fruits.
    L 'conscientious objection for doctors hope is still legitimate.
    On the day when it will not be 'more' a doctor must 'choose from
    his faith and his career. Like today must choose between faith and career very priests. Compared infinitely her to other priests who have chosen faith at the expense of career

    Dr. Maria Cristina Venturi

  9. To truly Catholic priests who have written above, to them, I say THANK YOU Heart. Your testimony has already martyrdom, because you suffer and suffer worldly consequences of your actions, persecuted by bishops (tiny desired) clearly and deliberately wrong, astray by the devil himself. Not so in the sky: your every word, every action of witness to the Truth is grateful to the Lord. Satan now laughs, but God will have the last word. I pray for you, per me, for the whole Church. We have entered the era of evidence.

  10. Certain characters you, Father Ariel, rightly call a spade … “satanic”, “Lucifer's children” etc. … are de rigueur by their very nature terribly provocative.
    Although the sacraments can not interessar their less, but, for ideological provocation and to bend to their whims Church, now we have to deal with the pairs gays and lesbians that they will bring the child to baptize.
    Or perhaps I can, Two gay men and two lesbians, ideologists of gender and so on, ask for the fulfillment of our baptismal promises, asking them to renounce Satan … in all his works … in all its seductions …? When Satan himself are themselves ready to desecrate a sacrament, even to speak: “here, this time we had won!” ?

    Now, although the sacraments can not interessar their less, by pure ideological provocation call us priests to give the anointing of the sick and the sacraments before assisted suicide, asking after the funeral obsequies …
    We'll see … we'll see … What s'inventeranno jumpers from a cart to another, as rightly you call them, we'll see …

    One thing is certain: I baby toy, or the child tantrum, two gays or two lesbians me presentassero, not baptize. If they want to do baptize, they bring the aloof side and I do present a godfather and a godmother who are Catholic and authentically believers.
    Sacraments to those who choose assisted suicide, I not will administer them, because it would be like to carry those who are preparing to make a much greater sin than those committed in his life.

    In such eventuality, if the bishop protested, I would tell him to baptize him with great pomp (why then practice also want the pomp) the son of two lesbians and two gay, and then I tell him to go there, to comfort the sacraments, before his suicide, one that is going to have his life.
    Otherwise, the parish keys, I not even return it to the Bishop, I am sending you directly to the Vatican to the Casa Santa Marta !

    1. Dear Don Angelo,

      I would not just put the knife, which is not only your, but of all of us, or at least we priests still believers but … If you want to check how certain baptisms “ideological” They have already taken place in “great pomp”, you can verify it in the deep joy of this famous gay site announcing the baptism of a child of two lesbians in the Cathedral of Cordoba in Argentina

      while in this other, You can read the record of the fact, including exceptional godmother at the baptism of the child of two lesbians: the President of the Argentine Republic

      Already we … we have already.
      Therefore, we must do is prepare the keys of the parishes to be returned as of now.

    2. … here we are, here we are!
      Premise: every time I made comments I always signed them, I do not now, to avoid involvement of third parties that you should avoid, In fact, what matters is only the fact.
      Two newlyweds as they had their wedding witnessed a gay couple, Italian, civilly united in marriage in Spain.
      I categorically refused.
      They go by the bishop, Bishop calls me, and I refuse categorically even with the bishop.
      The wedding day, it was agreed that I would have a sudden engagement, I left as pastor delegation to the secretary of the Bishop, who welcomed him consent, with the gay couple who were held tenderly little hand little hand in front of people throughout the liturgical celebration.
      But if there is joy, there is always love.

      1. Sin: It would be nice to also use, between the readings of the rite, a letter to “Romans 1. 18-32” and comment.
        It would be a marriage of which he would feel certainly talk.

        1. Dear Orenzo,

          very bright idea, also appropriate, however risky these days. We run the risk that a rigged carnival Drag Queen Race army went to clatter on high heels in the Vatican “the insult homophobe” dell'omofobo author of the Letter to the Romans.
          So we priests, the Lectionary for the liturgy of the word, we would have ended with that reading made to disappear out of the blue in the new reprints.

          insert text to what Orenzo is Don Ciro refer:

          1. Indeed it would have been a bit’ forced and, in a marriage, somewhat off topic: But if it had been used that passage of Genesis where we read that “God created man in his image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
            God blessed them and said to them,: "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth;”,
            He could have been said clearly in the face to the gay couple that marriage is only between man and woman.

      2. Brother Piedmontese priest,

        congratulations! You have done very well, God will make you well about.

        Tremble and fear, to 74 year old, pastor of 3 parishes (a medium-sized and two small), have to say one day a dry “No!” the bishop.
        Disobedience to the one who gave you the mandate to exercise the priestly ministry, exercised in communion with the Bishop of the fullness of the priesthood, It is the worst of failures of an entire priestly life. What this, a priest from Palermo, then excommunicated, It did not really including, and today sowing poisons among the faithful-too poor to the already running wild in themselves.

        But it, if a bishop tries so ambiguous and creeping to pass, and to impose a smile, things objectively contrary to the Gospel and to Catholic morality, say unfortunately no, by the priest, It is a must, and in that case, the colossal failure, it is not the priest priesthood, but all that the fullness of the priesthood of the bishop, that faith must cherish and preserve, not scempiare.
        And today we are unfortunately the massacre, There is little to say: the massacre.

  11. “… a rule that punishes assisted suicide but that does not take into account the situation of those suffering from unsustainable ...”

    it is as a rule were to consider sin as adultery, but that did not take account of those suffering so unbearable for the double bond.

    If John the Baptist had been against Herod's mercy taught in the AL, and had not had a behavior in line with strict rules also preach intolerance by Jesus, he would certainly lose his foreman.
    To be against the aid to assisted suicide to be against the teachings of the New Church.

  12. Thanks father Ariel. A prayer and a constant thought for her and for all the holy priests who remained Orthodox. She writes: “I am aware that we priests and theologians […] we turn to a secularized and de-Christianized world that does not understand neither the language nor our feelings and evangelical foundations that animate”. Not all, dear Father Ariel, not all.

    1. Father Ariel Caro,

      I am a Catholic doctor and as such I can only say to be embittered by this drift euthanasia society.
      Be the salt of the earth Jesus said. Not only now Catholics in Italy, including cardinals and popes bishops priests, They are no longer the salt, but rather, I am damn than by 'fruits.

      Conscientious objection for doctors hope is still legitimate.
      On the day when it will no longer be a doctor she must choose between her faith and her career. Like today must choose between faith and career very priests.

      Compared infinitely her to other priests who have chosen faith at the expense of career.

      Dr. Maria Cristina Venturi

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