A good priest is such if he waits for the end of his mandate to praise his Bishop: Andrea Turazzi, from today Bishop emeritus of the Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro


«Venerable Bishop, I want you to know that during your episcopate you gave me the ten best years of my priesthood, this is something for which I will always be deeply grateful to you"

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From today H.E. Mons. Andrea Turazzi he is Bishop emeritus of San Marino-Montefeltro, my Diocese of belonging.

My Bishop for a year, after meeting me he told me in that distant May 2015: «You were born to be a hunter and I was born to be a veterinarian». He smiled at me fondly and continued: «Both hunters and veterinarians are needed in the Church, just please don't shoot with heavy buckshot, if anything use smaller pellets".

For a priest, not loving a Bishop who presents himself in this way is impossible. And I loved my Bishop, even though I have never said it publicly, because it would not have been appropriate and prudent.

Last year, while a controversy was raging into which I had directly dived with my cassock on without even undressing and putting on my bathing suit, mi said: «I don't question your reasons, impeccable on a doctrinal and theological level, I just ask you to try to be a little more moderate". After extending this invitation to me he added: "Sure, no one can say that you lack courage, maybe you even have too much of it. For this I don't feel like addressing you in any way, for this is your nature and the character God has given you, no one can ask you to be different than you are, I only ask you for a little moderation in the legitimate controversy, nothing more".

As always I listened to him. And a few days later I sent him a private message in which I thanked him in these terms: «Venerable Bishop, I want you to know that during your episcopate you gave me the ten best years of my priesthood, this is something for which I will always be deeply grateful to you".

If to use these words of affection he's someone like me, that I did not hesitate to publicly call a powerful Cardinal a criminal, stating that I would have preferred to deal with those of the Banda della Magliana rather than with him and his henchmen (cf.. WHO), this means that I had the grace of having as Bishop an authentic man of God and a true model of a Pastor in the care of souls, something that is increasingly rare in these sad times that the universal Church is experiencing. In his life and in his episcopal government my Bishop was an elevated model and living realization of the teaching of the Fathers of the Church who exhort:

«All the priests, in union with the bishops, they participate in the same and unique priesthood and ministry of Christ, in such a way that the same unity of consecration and mission requires the hierarchical communion of presbyters with the order of bishops […] The bishops therefore, thanks to the gift of the Holy Spirit which is granted to priests in sacred ordination, they have in them the necessary collaborators and advisors in the ministry and in the function of instructing, sanctify and govern the people of God […] For this common participation in the same priesthood and ministry, bishops should therefore consider priests as brothers and friends, and take care of them, in everything they can, their material and above all spiritual well-being" (See. By decree of the Presbyters of the Order, n. 7).

Only now who no longer has the power of pastoral governance over the Diocese and over me, I can publicly say how much I revered it, appreciated and loved my Bishop. And how difficult it wasn't for me at all, with a Bishop like that, put into practice this exhortation of the Fathers of the Church:

«I presbiteri, for their part, keeping in mind the fullness of the sacrament of orders enjoyed by bishops, let them venerate in them the authority of Christ the supreme shepherd. Let them therefore be united to their bishop with sincere charity and obedience. This priestly obedience, pervaded by the spirit of collaboration, it is based on the same participation of the episcopal ministry, conferred on priests through the sacrament of orders and the canonical mission" (See. By decree of the Presbyters of the Order, n. 7).

To the bishop It is due filial respect and devout obedience by the presbyter, We solemnly promise this on the day we receive priestly consecration. And I respected and obeyed my Bishop, because it was due to him. Then I also respected and loved him, but not because it was due to him, because neither esteem nor love is due to any Bishop as such; if I poured them on him, it's because he deeply deserved them.

Sorry for the Brother Priests and it hurts believers of Christ of this Diocese of Feretra that the mandate of the Bishop has not been extended. One would almost scream "wasteful".!” in front of a man of 75 years in perfect physical health, equipped with all the necessary human and spiritual strengths, of knowledge and wisdom. But on the other hand, the Rome of the "field hospital Church" and of the "existential suburbs" seems accustomed to it, today even more than yesterday, to decide on the dry cards, especially when it comes to the much vaunted "suburbs".

I have no idea who his successor is because I don't know him, I only know that his name is Domenico Beneventi, 49 year old, priest of the Diocese of Acerenza, a Diocese particularly dear to Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, very active and industrious in recent times in presenting new suitable candidates for the episcopate. From now on I wish the new elected Bishop not only to be respected and obeyed, as due to him by sacramental bond; I also wish him to be loved and esteemed as his predecessor was. But the love and esteem of the clergy and the faithful must be earned at a high price, often even at the cost of tears and blood, precisely because they are not necessary things. This is the hardest work for any Bishop, which always translates into success only in authentic men of God, ready to conform to the mystery of the Cross of Christ the Lord.


the Island of Patmos, 3 February 2024




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