La domenicana alia the true joy of love: open letter to Prof. Andrea Grillo

Father Giovanni



Cardinal Carlo Caffarra no way opposed to freedom of conscience, She accuses him how to do, but it opposes, rightly, the subjectivist conception, its modernism, that is the individual conscience, dell’ “I”, the meter, the principle and the ultimate criterion of truth.



Giovanni Cavalcoli, o.p.



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The marital status is called "regular", as it is supposed a valid marriage, while the concubinage or state of divorced and remarried is called "irregular", as their union is illegitimate. The question of regularity or irregularity touches the outer hole, not the interior of conscience before God. In fact, one can be in a regular state (such religious) and be devoid of grace and, conversely one may be in a state irregular and be grace.


We must therefore distinguish it was legal and canonical from It was the will. The first is an external appearance of the person or a state of life, socially visible, and can be regular, ie according to the rule; or irregular, ie against the rule. A religious, voted to regular life, It can lead to an irregular life. A layman, not required to follow a religious life rule, It can be more regular than a bad religion. The state of the will is an inner state, for only best known to God and to the subject. It can be good - good will - and is supported by grace; or bad - ill will - and then it is devoid of grace. The latter is the state of sin […] The divorced and remarried can be in any state or situation, that, on reasonable grounds or force majeure, It can not be stopped. However, they Peccano, instead they have the possibility of interrupting the state of sin by penance and recover the lost grace [It follows the full article …]


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  1. Carlo says:

    Obviously not satisfied with what has already been “shot” Grillo has “skipped” even higher, reiterating the position on his blog and accusing Saint John Paul II “moral maximalism”

    I tried to answer him that a theologian can not “Selectable modes” popes and pieces of the magisterium to obey and reject others (because it does not remain much “Catholic”!), but my comment was never published, I wonder why…explains it well here ( Lorenzo Bertocchi!

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      But Grillo says something that many refuse to even consider: AL is decidedly opposed to what is spregiamente called the "moral maximalism" Casti Connubii, The splendor of the truth of human life is out of the.

  2. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    Rev. father Cavalcoli,
    He teaches the CCC (1451) that “Among the penitent's acts, contrition occupies first place. It is "sorrow of the soul and detestation for the sin committed, together with the resolution not to sin again. "”
    A partner “more uxorio” with an illegitimate spouse who does not intend to abstain from sexual intercourse can be lawfully and validly acquitted?

  3. with no fear of the word says:

    Dear Father Carlson, his doctrine does very well to us, but it is intended to be entirely wasted Codest Grillo, to which the only way to understand something it would be a healthy hammered Pinocchio style.

  4. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    With regard to the card booklet. Coccopalmerio, when p. 5 I read, purpose in the head. VIII AL, that "was, in a certain way, put aside, recently examined and therefore less subjected to careful and analytical exegesis ", I seemed to have seen another film ...

    But what leaves me speechless are the words with which, commenting on the note 329 AL , it is stated the obligation to live "as brother and sister" not be more binding in accordance with point 51 delta, Gaudium et Spes; is in fact specified that:
    – although the Pastoral Constitution reaffirms that, in a sacramental marriage, It does not conform to the will of the Creator to use sexuality solely for procreation and not even those unitive,
    – while in a situation of coexistence the unitive end would be used solely in order to prop up union, for the process of discernment undertaken, one is conscious not conform to the will of the Creator,
    – ends (page 24) "That this difference is not relevant for the correct application of the aforesaid".

  5. father ariel
    Gunter, Catholic priest in Innsbruck says:

    [Enter my opinion written in German and Italian, you correct the Island of Patmos my script wrong if Italian ]

    * * *

    I wish to testify that ten years ago my bishop sent the Ateneo Sant'Anselmo me to do a specialization in liturgy and for me to live in contact with a more orthodox environment.
    Here in Austria, as in Germany and other northern European countries, especially in countries with high Protestant presence, the situations are not so serene.
    After the first half, returning to the diocese for Easter, I told the bishop that the teaching given in the Roman quell'ateneo was unorthodox, and that was very much in line with the fundamentals of Protestantism and “reform” of Luther. And asked if he thought that I needed apprendessi in Rome things even worse than I had already learned in my country.
    One of these teachers, was Prof. Andrea Grillo, which you have already written several times.

    My estimate to Cavalcoli Dominican Father John and Father Priest Ariel L.d.G.

    Gunter, Catholic priest in Innsbruck



    Reverend Brother Priest.
    Thank you for your text. I faithfully translated yours written in Italian.
    God bless your apostolate.

    Ariel L.d.G.

    Reverend Brother Priest.
    Thanks for Your text. I have faithfully translated your text into Italian.
    God bless Your apostolate.

    Ariel L.d.G.

  6. father ariel
    Don Salvo (Palermo) says:

    Father Giovanni, father ariel.

    Thanks for everything, thank you so much.
    Maybe you do not even imagine the good that you have many priests … to the many priests who today do not know really more (including yours truly) which way to turn, because the winds copious confusion among the faithful, It depends on the confusion and the most serious crisis that we ourselves are living, mainly because of bad teachers presented as models.

    • father ariel
      Don Stefano Bellobuono says:

      … add: you do not imagine the good you do in those priests who by their fidelity to Catholic doctrine have for some years undergoing generous discharges “merciful” beating.

  7. Matthew24 says:

    Rev. do p. Horses,

    Thank you very much for this so its clear contribution in identifying the winding trails of thought prof. Cricket that, most of the time, result in real defamation so significant personalities (as Caffara, John Paul II or Benedict XVI) without presenting “serious matters” in support of its arguments, as otherwise she does in this Article!

    As a teacher and educator then I can not but agree with her about the mission that – learning from Jesus! – It should cover any Christian: never give up on submit “high ideals” the revealed Truth which defeats sin, however embracing simultaneously with “wide Mercy” the horizon of all and every sinner (as it has happened to me personally)! So, hate the sin and love the sinner, This is the only way to hold together truth and mercy and not constantly oppose each other, that in Jesus they have found perfect consonance and harmony (as in the case he cited several times of Jesus and the adulteress to which it is addressed the invitation “sin no more”)!

    So thanks again, I ask a thing…

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