The Roman Pontiff is against the Church and her Holy Predecessors who according to the mantra of the Neocatechumenals "approved us … they approved us!»

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To understand the danger of this sect you need to know a bird and his way of acting, the cuckoo, belonging to the birds referred to as “parasites”. This bird species does not feed its young, that do not build their nest and prefer to lay their eggs secretly inside the nests of other birds. If the other birds recognize the foreign egg laid in their nest and eliminate it, may face what humans are known as "severe retaliation".

Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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On the Neocatechumenal Way, founded by bohemien Kiko Argüello supported by that concentration of arrogance and crass ignorance of the late Carmen Hernandez, assisted by Father Mario Pezzi who with rare shamelessness humiliated the sacredness of the priesthood by reducing himself to servant valet to two lay practitioners of the doctrine fai-da-te and with proven gaps in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, I have long formed a critical judgment based on facts and deeds, but above all on the dangerous omissions of the Supreme Pontiffs and Ecclesiastical Authorities, that acting over the years with condescension and weakness have allowed the development of metastases of this cancer within the Church of Christ.


After careful research I gave it to the press in 2019 a critical essay on this para-Catholic movement: The sect Neocatechumenal. Before me, severe criticisms on the doctrinal and ecclesiological level were made by two Roman priests: in 1983 by the Venerable Servant of God Pier Carlo Lad and in 1991 by the Passionist theologian Enrico Zoffoli. This latter was the victim of the anger of that dry velvet-covered bone of Cardinal Camillo Ruini, because thanks to him, then to his successor Agostino Vallini, the Neocatechumenals filled the palace of the Vicariate of Rome with their lay adepts and priests. These are the results: today, of 332 parishes of the Diocese of Rome, the Neocatechumenals have some in hand 91. The few truly Roman parish priests who survive among what is called Roman clergy - made up mostly of Polish refugees, African, Indian, Latin Americans and so on - suffers the bullying of the Neocatechumenals in silence and a spirit of omission, except to find otherwise with monsignorotto on duty placed in the chancellery, or other similar placed in the various diocesan offices, than with the honeyed voice and the poisonous eye, from behind their beard in perfect condition Kiko Arguello cut they address a two-way sermon on humility. Obviously none of these threatens kiki has never invited that concentration of impudence of Carmen Hernandez to humility, that during an official meeting in the courtyard of San Damaso in the Vatican interrupted and corrected the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II while he was speaking. The prelates present commented that not even Napoleon Bonaparte, who also had the Supreme Pontiff Pius VII captured and translated prisoner, he never dared anything like that. And this applies to the various monsignorotti of the Vicariate who smiling behind them barbetta kika, to anyone who is hostile to the Neocatechumenal sect they preach on ... humility (!?). However, the whole is equivalent to a killer of the Camorra who invites us not to kill or a militant of the LGBT lobby who calls for chastity. Then everything else follows in acts of empire and arbitrary injustices towards anyone who has dared to disagree. For this reason, no one in Rome dares to speak out against the Neocatechumenal sect, especially in this historical moment of heroic priests defenders of the faith and sound Catholic doctrine.


To understand the danger of this sect you need to know a bird and his way of acting, the cuckoo, belonging to birds referred to as “parasites” [cf.. to my aforementioned work pag. 135 and following]. This bird species does not feed their young or build their nest, they prefer to lay their eggs secretly inside the nests of other birds. If the other birds recognize the foreign egg laid in their nest and eliminate it, may face what humans are known as "severe retaliation". In fact, the researchers explain: the cuckoo, in addition to being a parasite, he is also what in the human species is referred to as "mafia", a real Camorrista. If he returns to where he left the eggs and does not find them, he takes revenge by devastating the nest of others where he laid them, destroying its entire brood. At that point the other bird, understanding that if it touches the eggs laid by the cuckoo inside its nest it will suffer the devastation of its entire brood, it will begin to accept its eggs. Situation that over time will give birth to a new kind of balance: on the one hand parasites will increase and on the other the birds that unconditionally accept foreign eggs, knowing that otherwise they would face severe punishment. This is how parasitic birds destroy thehabitat natural of other birds, laying as many eggs as possible in their nests. The Neocatechumenals adopt the cuckoo technique, almost always succeeding in the undertaking they aim for, from the invasion of the parishes of Rome to the placement of their laity and faithful monsignorotti serventi in the Vicariate.


My long discussion ends with these words: "I would like to be called tomorrow to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and to be told that I am wrong on the theological and ecclesiological level. I would be the happiest man and priest in this world. God only knows, in certain analyzes and the resulting judgments, how I wish I was wrong. The extreme apex of my joy would not be being told that I am right, but that I was wrong and that I am wrong ".


Nobody called me to ask me for anything, nor for my severe criticisms of John Paul II, to whom the responsibility of having allowed lay movements to dominate the Church is historically attributable, or worse, to create real churches within the Church, all this took place after the ground was prepared and prepared in this sense by Paul VI.


Since its publication, my book The sect Neocatechumenal it has had good feedback and diffusion in Italy and in Spanish-speaking countries. For now, I have only received an avalanche of insults from praetorians of the sect, while several deformed and deforming figures of the Catholic priesthood manufactured in the Seminaries mother of The Redeemer still continue to respond to the sectarians who ask for light on my work built with scientific rigor on evidence and documents: “Don't listen to that priest, It is a hater, it is necessary to pray for his conversion! We have the cards. Yes, we have the papers and we are approved… approved! Whoever is against us and our Initiators is against the Church and the Supreme Pontiffs who approved us… approved!».


In an introductory note added in the second reissue released in February 2021, I launched another question, perhaps destined to remain unanswered too: what generous rewards have been lavished on Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, at the time private secretary of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, for having introduced Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernández to the Vatican with a frequency and familiarity never granted in twenty-six years of pontificate to all the other founders and foundresses of the various lay movements? Or perhaps it appears to some that Chiara Lubich or Luigi Giussani had free access to John Paul II whenever they wished., or that they dined frequently with him, with Carmen who then boasted in all Neocatechumenal circles that she was the only woman who was allowed to smoke cigarettes in front of the Supreme Pontiff?


When before the Neocatechumenals and to all their staff the reigning Pontiff Francis I began by affirming:


«[…] confirm your call, I support your mission and bless your charisma. I do this not because he (Ed. Indicates with the hand Kiko Argüello) He paid me, No! I do it because I want to do ' [6 March 2015, text of the official speech fragment video].


He was perhaps in the mood for jokes, or rather it sent a precise and severe message, knowing what the Neocatechumenals are capable of and how they bought priests, Bishops, cardinals and entire dioceses then ended up totally devastated during their five decades of savage piracy? I am waiting for an answer. In the absence of which I will feel entitled to apply the legal principle of silence assent, typical of those who have nothing to argue in the face of truth and clear evidence of the facts.


By treating the Neocatechumenal Way with decisive severity and to follow other lay movements, I lacked in the analysis? How long to stop at, because June 11 2021, the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life The associations of the faithful that govern the exercise of government in international associations of the faithful, private and public bodies and in other entities with legal personality subject to the direct supervision of the same Dicastery, it seems to have taken into account, from first to last, of all the problems expressed by me and contained in this book. With a special Decree which I invite you to read, the competent dicastery tries to close the stables - I fear in vain - after the oxen have fled and run today in the wild producing the damage of the wild boar that devastates the vineyard of the Lord. All thanks to the Holy Pontiffs Paul VI and John Paul II, the undoubted holiness of which, however, did not exempt them from committing errors of evaluation and pastoral errors, sometimes serious. With all due respect to the neocatechumenal sectarians, convinced that, with the canonizations of Paul VI and John Paul II who “approved us… approved us!», their confused Path was not simply canonized, because it was absurd for them to think that their confused Way would have been really dogmatized.


The Pope Francis I, through this Decree, however, he says the opposite, or better: to the test of facts it says exactly what I wrote two years ago. Now, i neocatecumenali, they intend to shout their painful mantra at him: "Whoever is against us is against the Church that approved us through two Supreme Pontiffs who are Saints today"?


Your Welcome, I urge it, their mantra, to the man Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known for smiling in front of the cameras and on the public square, but at the same time capable of breaking the backs of rebellious opponents with sticks inside the closed rooms. Sit down, take a seat ...


the Island of Patmos, 15 June 2021



The Neocatechumenal model is a manipulator so devoid of critical sense and receptive spirit that from a speech like this one pronounced by the Supreme Pontiff Francis, which is all a reproach from start to finish, isolates and captures only six words: «[…] grateful for your good fruits ", all the remarks contained in this speech do not exist, they are in no way perceived and received, by people who, as Giovannino Guareschi said: "They threw the brain in a pile".





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33 thoughts on "The Roman Pontiff is against the Church and her Holy Predecessors who according to the mantra of the Neocatechumenals "approved us … they approved us!»

  1. Caro father Ariel, as you know, I too have often been an accuser towards you and your collaborators but at least I have never had any advantages or referring groups to defend, at maximum, solipsisticamente, I was an accomplice of the demon of pride who seduced me , however, citing at least an excerpt of motivation in this regard.

    What drives me to write is that , if in kikolatri followers this is always unfounded present state, now even among paratraditionalists or exalted progressives the style is this.
    Endless bias with attached fanaticism.

    Now it is not that I want to take back my judgments on some of your methods or ideas proposed and for this I write that it seems to me that I was precisely for this reason a deer that says horned to the ox towards you, all the more so because my deep thoughts are unknown and unexposed.

    Having said that, I remain more and more shocked…it remains disconcerting how we can no longer reaffirm the reality of things even before the truth itself.

    Oh well. Good day

  2. I'm glad Ariel knows more than six popes……….
    yes I know now you will attack with the catchphrase the Pope corrected you………………

    1. A few empty words of wisdom and wisdom that fully express the POISON in which, be careful, it could rot. Yes “school” as long as he has the iniquitous strength, but be calm, and rather have recourse to the grain of intelligence that dwells in you to convince yourself that p. Ariel is well armored “other” energy and that fortunately SOMEONE SPAN IT

      1. Certain! Sick brains who follow the broadcasts where they like so much to be seen in a skirt are spinning

        1. … and she has never wondered why I wear it up to my heels (hence the name cassock, from the Latin talus heel)?
          Above all, Have you ever wondered what I care about, all speakers?
          And’ a very complex metaphysical question, I don't know if it gets there, she who does not go beyond the kika song rhythmic between guitars and bongos «… drowned cavaaaaaallo and cavaliereeeee ".
          Careful rather that God's punishment does not drown her, because he has always been jealous of His priests.

        2. Fearless Nfjs (His name is shabby but there will probably be serious reasons why many love to communicate like rabbits…), it is frighteningly disheartening to see how the Ben of your intellect leads you to express yourself only on “a skirt”, rather than induce it further, where the merit of the energetic interventions unfolds, frank and COURAGEOUS of Fr.. Ariel… ….. … in those favorite broadcasts by “diseased brains”…….. . But I wonder why you waste your time visiting certain television sites for insane people, rather than enjoying the agreeableness of broadcasts for “perfectly healthy brains”; networks abound!

        3. Fearless (so to speak ) Nfjs (shabby his name… but there will probably be serious reasons why many love to communicate like rabbits…), it is frighteningly disheartening to see how the Ben of her intellect leads her to express herself only on “a skirt”, rather than induce it further, where the merit of the energetic interventions unfolds, frank and COURAGEOUS of Fr.. Ariel, always long awaited in those broadcasts that it defines “favored by sick brains” . But I wonder why she wastes her time visiting certain television sites for “demented” (in his unpleasant opinion), of which, if anything, I criticize the wild and uncontrolled overlapping of comments, instead of enjoying the pleasantness of programs made to measure for her and for them “perfectly healthy brains” of which networks abound!

  3. Said , attributed to Zosima of Palestine, father of the desert of the 6th century .
    ” If one accepts within oneself the memory of those who have afflicted or mistreated or saddened or damaged him, he must remember him as a doctor sent by Christ and must consider him as a benefactor. The very fact that you feel afflicted by these things is a sign of a sick soul: if in fact you weren't sick, you would not suffer. And you have to rejoice in your brother , because thanks to him you know your illness; you must pray for him and welcome what comes from him as a medicine that the Lord has sent you to heal you. But if you are indignant against him, it is as if I were actually saying to Jesus: I don't want to accept your meds, I prefer to rot in my wounds

  4. As good masters of lies, the neocats will scream: “Thank you holiness for these dispositions of yours, we will obey immediately. Long live the Pope!” and then they will do as they please.
    No more charges for life?
    Fine. It means that all the leaders and leaders will become emeritus: “if a Pope did it, imagine if we can't do it”.
    After that they will name a little’ of half figures who nominally will have to replace them but which in reality will count as the two of trump cups.
    From the alleged Paul and true insulting neocat I ask only one thing: because lies are needed to defend the path?

  5. Father Ariel Caro, I know the Neocatechumenal Way closely and for a short time, many years ago when I was a kid, I frequented them. There is something good in their experience that attracts many souls in search of truth even if the negative aspects that you and other theologians have highlighted are much heavier and darker.. What has always rejected me about their experience is the grave attitude taken by its most convinced followers (fortunately not all), many of which change the masked face. Same words, same mimicry, same accent. In addition to parasitizing the parishes, also parasitize hearts. Uncritical adhesion to the aesthetic canon, architectural and musical dictated by Kiko, combined with the contempt of ancient churches where faith flourished, disfigured by alterations and expanses of carpet. An old parish priest, where I come from, after so many years that made them spread to the parish, one day he decided to throw them out and he succeeded. When he saw that the premises where he wanted to carry out useful activities for the parish were inaccessible due to their dominion, he opened his eyes. It would be enough for the parish priests to resume truly proclaiming the Gospel and taking care of the liturgy to make them evaporate.

  6. ….confirm your call, I support your mission and bless your charisma…..
    Why should this Ariel add even a single comma to the words of the Holy Father?

    If you are not in line with the Pope, because you still call yourself a Christian and a Catholic?
    It is not by chance that the SETTA is you dear Ariel?

    Do not ask yourself why no one has summoned you ... because it is not enough to appear in a petticoat on TV or to copy some theological text to put yourself on top of the Pope…did you know that?
    If you are not in line with the Pope, go your own way but no longer be a CIARLATANO on TV claiming that you are a Catholic……because you are a SCAMPER and you give a truly disgusting image of the Church!


    In the CHURCH either you obey or YOU GO…I got it????

    1. And before and after this sentence, the Supreme Pontiff, what did he tell you? For her, of 14 minutes of speech in which the Holy Father Francis made you fur and counter hair, there is only the phrase “I confirm your call, I support your mission and bless your charism "?
      And all the rest? He warned you not to make closed circles, not to invade other cultures with your beliefs, to seek collaboration and unity in parish communities and not division, he told you that it is better to give up certain habits and ways of doing things in order not to create fractures, he reminded you to be docile towards bishops and parish priests, etc. …
      But for her these 14 minutes of reproaches do not exist, because there is only the sentence: «I confirm your call, I support your mission and bless your charism ".

      The worst and most bloody dictatorial regimes of the past and present have existed, have proliferated and exist thanks to brainwashed people like you and deprived of the rudimentary capacity for reason and critical sense.

      And then, a neocatechumenal who intimates me “obedience”, he belongs to a movement that has proliferated us for half a century on disobedience to the liturgical and doctrinal provisions of the Holy See, she is the same as a brothel keeper who goes out in the morning for a walk and throws accusations of lack of virginity at the good girls from the city she meets on the street.

      1. I don't know dear father. Let it be one “sect”, and they behave as such, it is evident to those who have a minimum of common sense. Not all for charity. I do not doubt that in the journey there are also people in good faith and balanced, also known personally. There is no doubt that the fact that, in a climate of widespread denatality and attacks on the family, the adherents to this movement were not afraid a “give birth” (forgive me for the term) while the other Catholic families limited themselves to having one, when two children were fine, using artificial contraceptives in an absolutely normal way. This was their strong point, who made them well liked by John Paul II, who saw in them i “defenders” of the family and birth rate in crisis a little’ everywhere.

        1. I reply to Andrea.

          And already dear Andrea I think your examination is spot on. who knows, maybe they all happen to me but the people of the “I walk” (who knows where they go?) that I know, they had many children yes, but with the result that almost always none of these children has approached the spiritual sphere and of any kind, instead they approached (and with excellent results) exclusively to the earthly sphere, to the distorted reality that surrounds us in the immanent, to that proposed and inculcated by the main media, to that way of life as it is suggested to us, we know we live bombarded by bad examples…

          As far as I am concerned, in this sense the “Neocatechumenal Way” it has done very little, on the contrary, perhaps it would have been better for a couple to have only one child to raise, because it would have been easier for them to get it right with fewer problems on their shoulders, less worries, their relationship as a couple would also improve, also with regard to the sexual sphere. And so if I could I would ask Pope John Paul II, if these really were rewarded here, so much even by having only one child, it's not like we would be extinct ? ???

        1. My mother as a young man worked along the Via Casilina, then he made a lot of money and opened a house in a villa on the Appia Antica which he still manages at the tender age of 81 year old.
          And yours, where he works?

        2. how many years of walking it took you to articulate this profound consideration?
          Evidently the first heat has hurt you, see to give you calm down.

          1. ALE-CT la [CENSORED] most famous of Sicily!!!
            I see that the haters are always the same captained by "ariel the charlatan".
            Thanks for existing guys….you are a bit small but I love you anyway!!!
            PS ariel……when you talk you sound like a flower on the radio….you're a myth!!!!


            Note from Father Ariel
            About the insults directed at me, there are no problems, fate pure, but we do not intend to publish insults aimed at other people by subjects always and strictly anonymous

      2. Praiseworthy father Ariel with whom one feels serenely in line. It is a personal consideration of course, from me who know so little of this path.

        In a, two occasions, I occasionally found myself in the church in the middle of “colorful gestural communications”, animated by noisy instruments and disharmonies. After, I had the unfortunate curiosity to view a site that offered conferences of the two “Illuminati” founders of the path. I don't dwell on a comic scene of her clumsily removing the microphone from him, and vice versa, without the sudden reciprocal interventions bringing anything more valid to the so banal catechesis.

        I don't even want to debase the nervous gesture that prompted kiko to nervously clasp her forehead and face in her two hands, which conveyed not a little uneasiness. On the other hand, I cannot refrain from expressing the profound disappointment for not having received messages of loving kindness and humility, such as to be comparable to those that come to us daily from Pope Francis; nor have I listened to words full of hope and joy comparable to those “of life” leave us from the mild, and grandiose at the same time, Chiara Lubich whom I was lucky enough to meet. I find it seedy, repugnant and disrespectful certain comments “regurgitated” to defend beliefs of faith and DIVINE MISSIONS that, with a very different mildness and verbal sweetness, they are expressed by Christ in the Gospel.

        1. Important!!!
          The first paragraph lacks the subject “Analysis” (praiseworthy), inadvertently omitted in confirming my comment. I would like to clarify it as precisely your correct examination, Father Ariel, without false news, he solicited my consideration. Excuse me and thank you.

      3. I am a neocatechumenal in the church that orders a charlatan OUTSIDE the church to go fuck himself….nothing strange

        1. Nothing strange that years and years of walking have produced nothing but vulgar and miserable people. The comments in this article are a prime example.

        2. I answer to “ss” (the two consonants, associate, already reveal a worthy profile) :

          I have well understood the comment in which you are self-enclosing in my CHURCH ? The same CHURCH of that CHRIST who did not utter vulgarities similar to his executioners, not even mangled on the Cross? I want to express myself with the best part of me and affirm that, if more “the milder Kiko” read your trivialities, however, addressed to a priest, It would kick her out of the “straight way” . Instead, show yourself worthy of your repulsive note and BRING IT TO THE KNOWLEDGE of Pope Francis (could use one of the many social contacts ); it would be an admirable action, responsible and exemplary, to show that of the meek path you know how to show the worst spirituality. An action that La “would qualify” , anyway, after throwing a stone anonymously and withdrawing his hand.

  7. On the neocat I agree with you. However, he would be sorry that behind the rotten fruits of these possessed, the whole world of the laity would lose out.

    1. True. But “laity” ≠ “movementism”. Personally I wish for a “return” to the world of parishes, without “parallel realities” inside the church. This doesn't just apply to neocats. The movements seem to me the triumph of pride.

    2. Sorry? List the good fruits of your tree for me?? I have some difficulty finding them…

  8. I also believe that the decree of the Supreme Pontiff, if it will be applied with the necessary energy, can be a very healthy measure. Perhaps it is time to make strong distinctions in the vast forest of ecclesial movements, where there is the good and the less good. After all, even the Humiliated to give a historical example, at a certain point they deviated from the main road and radical measures had to be taken.
    I confess, after the vitriolic pages on the NC, that I would be curious to read about his analyzes also on other subjects of the movementist galaxy.

  9. Dear Father Ariel I am very happy that you have written this article. I read the book, I bought his book in October 2020 Great. ? I am happy that you wrote this article because on Sunday I met some of my neocatechumen catechist relatives who feel so important but then never know, they never know anything about what happens in the Church, every time I let them know, that I inform them of something they say they didn't know, which they do not follow…
    In short, all this makes me understand as if they had become autonomous, closed circles. MAh… In fact, they didn't even know about this decision of Pope Francis.? I told him that the Pope has decided to stop the unlimited mandates for those who govern the international associations of the faithful recognized or erected by the Apostolic See ( and therefore also Kiko Argüello, of which they have also bought many paintings, must pack) and subject to the direct supervision of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life. Bewildered!!! Boh… Thanks for the article don and I hope to see you on TV tomorrow night. ???

    1. Mr. Giovanni, As Don Di gualdo knows, the provisions of the Holy See ARE NOT VALID for the founders of lay assaults which CAN be extended for life as the Pope's intention after the resignation presented by Kiko after Carmen's death ( and even before these provisions) and rejected by the Pope.

      Greetings to Don Di Gualdo may the Lord bless him.

      1. If you are not informed, I will enlighten you that this news circulates and is widespread in Neocarechumenal circles:

        «This decree does not affect us because Kiko is not a founder, but an initiator of a reality that comes directly from heaven, which the Pope knows very well. Through Our Lady God has chosen Kiko and no man can go against God's will. Kiko has not founded anything! We are not a movement! We are not a separate thing!»

        There is a cartoon that summarizes this rumor immediately circulated in your rooms by the magacatechists:

      2. Themselves. Would want, I would like to point out that you, perhaps in the grip of a Freudian slip, wrote “founders” of “Lay AGGRESSIONS” instead of, as he probably meant, “lay aggregations”.
        Here you see, unknowingly it has condensed one of the most painful points of the Way: the “aggression” (that is, behaviors deliberately contrary to the Christian spirit), operate yes “Lay” (that is people who, at least until today, they have no ministry to pontificate on their peers).
        I suggest the idea that, even if the Argϋello is not replaced, there is Christian charity towards people by now at the turn of the journey of our life, from which nature is expected to carry out the removal in an acceptable time.
        Not to wish anyone anything, but only to evaluate the objectivity of the facts.

    2. Ariel: keep priests out of money….ps….don't forget to donate…
      HA HA HAAA

      1. … the fool never imposed the payment of tithing on anyone, that was done by the initiators of your Neocatechumenal Way. And the higher was the tithe paid, fewer sins sought and saw the megacatechists in the course of the ballots, or so-called “public confessions”.
        And God help her!

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