"Swords will be drawn to show that the leaves are green in summer", for this we provide the official biography of Father Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



Your Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo false news spread on the net by various people forum of discussion and then finished in various social network. To protect his public figure, this official biography has been disclosed to clarify that certain biographical information is not attributable to the person concerned who is totally unrelated to their arbitrary disclosure.


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When using the social media unpleasant consequences may arise for pastoral and doctrinal purposes, if in the face of certain problems or moral drifts a presbyter and a theologian refuses to call evil good and good evil, as many would expect. Like this, subjects unable to sustain comparisons and debate on a scientific and cultural level, they hide behind nickname of fantasy engaging in actions of killeraggio and packaging to the detriment of the affected person false news that often continues to circulate on the internet over the years, generating the effect of the stone thrown into the pond. And the more you are known public people, the more these risks increase, with all the often very unpleasant consequences that can ensue.




Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

(short official biography with related documents)


Father Ariel S.. Levi di Gualdo, archive image, photo of the month of november 2020

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, Stefano Levi di Guald registered in the civil actsO (Grosseto, 19 August 1963), receives the Holy Baptism on the 5th day of life in the chapel ofHospital of S. Mary of Mercy, ubicato in capital of the Tuscan Maremma, is a Tuscan-Roman Catholic presbyter and theologian.

(from the priestly ordination to follow)

Father Ariel S.. Levi di Gualdo, born to a Roman paternal family and a Tuscan maternal family, grew up between Rome and lower Tuscan Maremma, And consecrated priest in Rome by H.E. Mons. Luigi Negri May 1 2010 in the Church of Santa Prisca at the Aventine for the Diocese of San Marino Montefeltro. It depends on the canonical jurisdiction of H.E. Mons. Andrea Turazzi and is a presbyter residing outside the Diocese with the approval of the Bishop for reasons related to the sacred ministry and research studies. At the sacred ordination takes the name of Ariel (from biblical Hebrew Lion of God), following an ancient tradition of the Fathers of the Church, who by changing their name severed any link with their previous life. He then carried out the entire formative cycle in Rome and received sacred orders there and began to exercise the sacred ministry. He is a specialist in dogmatic theology and history of dogma, with recognized scientific expertise in history, philosophy and law. He is enabled to the ministry of exorcist (2010) and to postulation of the causes of the saints (2011). Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish; reading and translation: German, Portuguese; Reading and translation of ancient languages: Jewish, greco, latino.


Pastoral activities carried out in the last decade

preacher, confessor, spiritual director, private adviser to ecclesiastical and civil authorities


Socio-cultural activities carried out in the last decade


Publicity activity

He is the author of several hundred historical articles, philosophical, theological, juridical and socio-ecclesial published mainly in the journal The Island of Patmos

Books (non-fiction)

Books (narrative)


Participation in television programs

Public Service, conducted by Michele Santoro, season 2013/2014

Straight and Reverse, conducted by Paolo Del Debbio, guest-columnist ina season 2019/2020 and in season 2020/2021

Domenica Live, conducted by Barbara D’Urso, season 2020/2021

White area, conducted by Giuseppe Brindisi, guest-columnist ina season 2021


Among the main recent interviews

Rodrigo Craveiro, Braziliense Mail, edition of 23 February 2013, edition of 26 February 2013, edition of 27 February 2013, March 1st edition 2013 (in which he anticipated the election to the sacred throne of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio before the conclave), edition of 14 March 2013, edition of 21 June 2013, edition of 7 October 2013

Roberto Marchesini, The New Compass Daily, edition of 14 January 2013

Stefano Filippi, The truth, edition of 9.12.2019

Francesco Boezi, The newspaper, edition of 5 July 2020; edition of 12 December 2019; edition of 28 November 2020; edition of 25 December 2020;

Francesco Curridori, The newspaper, edition of 22 November 2020


lessons teachers, video lessons and video conferences

See archive of YouTube channel of The Island of Patmos




Your Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo totally false news circulated on the net by various people forum of discussion and then finished in various social network. To protect his public figure, this official biography has been disclosed to clarify that certain biographical information is not attributable to the person concerned who has always been totally unrelated to their disclosure..

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5 replies
  1. father ariel
    Tuscan cappuccino says:

    Dear father Ariel,

    in your CV with accompanying documents that no one can deny or deny that you are really a priest, you even indicated the hospital where you were born on 19/8/63 and in whose chapel you were baptized 5 days after birth.
    Be careful! In 1964 that hospital was closed and changed its intended use. Expect the comment of the inevitable compulsive moron who will accuse you of lying for declaring that you were born in a hospital that no longer exists.
    Also expect someone to claim that you have not even been baptized, because in addition to the hospital no longer existing, the chapel where you said you were baptized no longer exists.
    Thank you for the apostolate you carry out, I love you.

    A Capuchin priest brother from Tuscany

  2. father ariel
    Don Stefano (Rome) says:

    Father Ariel does not need to publish a short resume because his books and articles do not speak, but they sing in four voices! If you have published this short curriculum with the certificate of order attached, Celebret and other documents, it is evident that it is due to the fact that on the internet various unspeakable and always strictly anonymous subjects have come to question its existence first, then to affirm that he is not a priest, then not being able to deny that it exists and that it is a priest who affirms that “it's just a maverick dog” etc … etc …
    Having to come to this is certainly not Father Ariel's failure, but of a society in which the man who boasts modern and advanced does not know how to use logic, reasoning, what Msgr. Antonio Livi called the philosophy of “common sense” , but above all he does not know how to communicate, just offend and destroy anyone who dares not think like him.
    Sad years await us, sad years …

  3. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    In a terrifying ecclesial situation, a clear voice, net, clear like that of P.. Ariel probably bothers many.
    He anticipated of 10 years everything that is being experienced today (see the trial of these days on alleged homosexual abuses at the pre-seminary Pius X, inside the pope's house).

    God keep it.

  4. Lara
    Lara says:

    In a world of ignorance, culture, discipline, intellectual and moral righteousness and honesty, the consistency of a Minister in firm faith and with a sharp tongue as a sword in defense of the Supreme Truth, and also of simple human common sense … Yes, nettle intelligence.

    There is little to do, the malebolge turns to whom “part” bring them some’ of Light. And let's leave them there in their non-holy, but sulphurous ignorance.

    Thanks to you and to Father Ariel.
    Unfortunately, the populace wants it record of the holy men and gods miraculous, compulsive rosaries, of the “messages” from who knows where. They don't want to study, just sink into the sofa.

  5. David Maria Caprano
    David Maria Caprano says:

    I will read it with great pleasure and great attention; not because I need to “clarifications”, on the professional integrity of a true “Lion of Judah” which convinced me from the very first readings.
    Rather poor ones “diverted” or uninformed, always thirsty for second-hand information, not able to approach the “Source” to drink “clean water”.
    Go father Ariel you are very strong!

    Follow Christ and live without persecution, of what kind they always are,
    It is not possible! Ma…
    ” … blessed are you when telling falsehood, they will speak ill of you because you are my disciples, how great is your reward in the kingdom of heaven!”
    ( I have reported here in my own words a passage from the Gospel, which I don't remember literally, I hope I have not made serious mistakes).


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