The miracle of Advent: born again.




And new presbyter, particularly we theologians do not recover a metaphysical dimension of philosophy and Christian life we ​​could never do real pastoral evangelizing, solo mera filantropia, mutandoci shortly priests assistants-social-surrogate; nor will it be possible to do theology according to the etymological sense of Teos-logos but only religious sociology. In either case, it will not be possible to support, carry on and develop a spiritual and ecclesial Christian.



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2 thoughts on "The miracle of Advent: born again.

  1. Rev. Father,
    Christmas celebrations at school: cribs, Christmas trees, traditional songs?
    PADOVA. "I'd do many steps back in order to keep us in peace and even mantas Nerci in friendship". He said the bishop of Padua Claudio Onion talking about the celebration of Christmas in schools to Network Veneta microphones at the end of the Mass celebrated in the Cathedral.
    "We must present ourselves pretending anything that maybe our tradition and our culture would see as obvious – he added -. If it were necessary to keep the peace and fraternal relations between us I would not be afraid to back down on many of our traditions ".
    A monsignor Onion is fated to state the obvious, that is not to be against the "presence of religion in public space, nor against religious traditions ", but neither the one nor the other can be "instruments of separations, conflict, divisions ".

  2. Rev. Father,
    The advent miracle – a beautiful metonymy: A certainty to become a reality rather than an omen, get ready (to prepare the sheep of our flock) the Lord's coming in the next Christmas, rediscovering in us (to lead to a rediscovery) in retreat and penitence, in meditation on Sacred Scripture, the clarity of the words of the Gospel of John and the Pauline letters the gift "miracle" of His Divine Grace.
    we priests, November theologians – the exhortation, addressed to the limited circle of those present, It should be extended to the whole Church, all anointed with the sacred order, to the service of God's people: we are, we have to be strictly faithful to the spiritual mandate:
    (MC. 16, 15) Jesus said to them,: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature"
    It does not appear philanthropists, Sociology, ecologists ...

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