The conflict in Ukraine and ecclesiastical diplomacy. A fundamental element is contained in the charioteer virtue of prudence: that silence unknown to a certain Russian Orthodox Caesaropapism


Moscow Patriarch Kirill I added a religious war to the war, paradigm of the war that has characterized orthodoxy internally for ten centuries. Let's try to ask ourselves: what would happen, within the Catholic Church, if during the First World War the Austrian bishops had turned against the French ones and the German ones against the Italian ones, fearing reasons of a metaphysical nature?



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4 replies
  1. Iginio
    Iginio says:

    Apart from the slip of the tongue “auriga” per “aurea”, and given that NATO is a defensive alliance (the need for which has become evident precisely with current events), point out:
    to read everything; in particular: “[…] the danger of NATO at the borders is clearly only a propaganda pretext, because the Alliance has certainly not arrived in the Baltic countries now, in Poland and Hungary, and why the entry of Ukraine was never on the agenda.
    Not only: when Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania asked NATO to allocate its forces permanently along the Russian borders, Obama explained his refusal with a willingness to respect the treaties, starting from the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997 with which the Alliance renounced new permanent troop deployments in Eastern Europe. A decision revoked only after the escalation triggered by Moscow first in Crimea and then in eastern Ukraine. Putin therefore has no alibi, e, the invasion of a sovereign state by a regular army that kills the civilian population unequivocally certifies who is on the wrong side of history”,

    • father ariel
      father ariel says:

      Be the garment with San Tommaso d'Aquino, it's all his fault for having defined prudence "the driver virtues ":

      «Prudence is the driver of virtue» [Summa Theologica, I-II, q. 57, a. ; I-II, q. 58, a. 5]

      I am honored to be a donkey as much and as much as the Angelic Doctor

  2. Santino
    Santino says:

    The autocephalous nature of the Orthodox churches inevitably led to the birth of many national churches, often not independent from political power. This explains the position taken by the patriarch of Moscow.
    However, I believe that the Catholic Church must also make a serious reflection, because today on the throne of Peter does not sit Benedict XV or Pius XII, but a pontiff who, rightly or wrongly, it appears linked to the values ​​of a certain part of the world, often very unspiritual values. It is not nice to hear the one who should be the vicar of Christ (although this title, apparently, it disappeared from the papal yearbook and probably not for reasons of humility) repeat the nonsense of Greta Thunberg or advertise the vaccine as not even the Pfizer CEO would. Let me be clear, the world was created by God and man has no right to destroy it, but that global warming causes climate change is only a theory, refutable like all scientific theories. As for vaccines, a powder’ prudence would have been desirable, because if in a few years serious side effects should appear, he wants to talk about “act of love”. Whereby, it becomes more and more difficult to see God when whoever should tell us seems too engaged in human battles. In the same way, it becomes difficult to invoke peace in Ukraine in the name of Jesus Christ when those who do so divide the contenders into good ones (the born) and bad (the Russia).Forgive me for being daring, but this is what many Catholics perceive. I hope I was wrong…

  3. Stefano Delle Chiaie
    Stefano Delle Chiaie says:

    On the metaphysical plane we are all fighting a war between two opposing armies (Is there a man on earth). It is beyond question that this war is fought with spiritual weapons, ma, if that is the place that God has assigned us at a given moment, it cannot be ruled out that it can also be done by holding a rifle; otherwise it would have to be concluded that there is a moral obligation to desert the call to arms, what is not. In what way and with what merits it is possible in such situations to continue a spiritual battle only God knows, because the heart has reasons that reason does not understand, it is an area in which one cannot theorize, you cannot do the theology of the slaughterhouse. When thinking with the right hemisphere, necessary, one's battalion becomes the host of saints fighting against the forces of evil. However, this is the limit that our humanity wounded by sin runs into, wars of religion are not involved, except to the extent that the homeland and the nation, as divine archetypes, they are religious elements. I don't know for sure, but I would say that, rather than configuring a religious war, precisely the presence of these elements can justify on the human level, at least in part, an act of war. An overall assessment of the conflict in Ukraine should perhaps also consider this aspect. In the end, if the metaphysical element is always improvised, what about the invocation "in the name of God" to censor all fake news on the web, therefore also the fake news par excellence, according to the world, the Good News?

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