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Once a week our philosopher will select a script to offer our readers a comment. Hypatia, Roman cat, he received his bachelor of philosophy at the Pontifical Lateran University under the guidance of Rev. Mons. Prof. Antonio Livi with whom he then depth studies on the philosophy of common sense. He later received his doctorate in philosophy Thomistic metaphysics at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas under the leadership of Rev. Father Prof. John Cavalcoli. His book: "The mystery of creation in Genesis and the animals", Today is a best seller translated into 18 languages ​​and used between the texts of study at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. In Rome, he founded an institute of consecrated lay cats for the assistance of cats poor suburbs existential with the patronage of the Cardinal Vicar and the funds of Charities Apostolic of His Holiness.


Hypatia cat Roman
Hypatia cat Roman

The article I chose to comment is taken from the online magazine of Friends de The New Compass Daily: «Vendola against crucifixes, the cutthroat thank ». The author is Peppino Zola who writes in a very quiet but clear:

«[…] Vendola has called for the withdrawal of the crosses to avoid offending Muslims […] the release of our Vendola took place precisely in the same time as the Isis announced triumphantly that she arrived in the south of Rome, that would be the real place to be conquered, to destroy churches and break down crosses, which would take place without much regard for the offense to Christians and scope, probably, at the same Vendola » [full article WHO].

As Roman, Catholic philosopher and cat, never would express moral judgments about the person of Hon. Vendola, nor about his life and even about his sexual habits private, because the salvation of souls remains a mystery. Through the revelation given to us is a law with the rules, containing guidelines to follow and practice, together with the effective ordinary instruments of salvation: the sacraments of grace. But, as he wrote in an article my trainer Ariel S. Levi Gualdo, with whom I studied the elements of fundamental theology and the history of dogmatic theology:

"God can use, as and when he wants, certainly without asking our permission, extraordinary means of salvation, because he can only read the profound consciousness of man and he can only judge it " [see WHO].

Deepening this speech he continued to tell me:

"The Church must invite us not to sin, or to get rid of certain conduct that could compromise the eternal salvation of the soul; can then, The Church, indeed must say to the faithful to pay attention because through certain sinful conduct you could go to Hell. He did not, however, faculty, even the Church itself, to determine who goes and who does not go to hell, or who it is and who is not, because the judgment of souls is only of God ".

Premise this necessary by an epistemological point of view to say that we can challenge and judge the ideas of Hon. Vendola, we can, indeed we must fight with all the tools of Christian charity his deadly ideology gender linked to public and dangerous errors moral, but we can not judge his heart, his intimate and profound consciousness.

It is touching and really friendly, multi-ethnic and multi-religious, remove the poor old Christ not to offend those Muslims that we are preparing to welcome in droves in Italy, despite the exhortations unnecessary by some protagonists of shocking events and bloody, for example, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Mosul Chaldean, S. AND. Mons. Amel Miss, that in dramatic tones said:

"Our suffering today are a prelude of what you will incur even European and Western Christians in the near future. Please try to understand. Your liberal and democratic principles here are worthless. Must rethink our reality in the Middle East, because you are receiving in your countries an increasing number of Muslims. You are also at risk: you have to take strong decisions and courageous, at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think that men are all the same, but it is not true. L’ Islam does not say that all men are equal, your values ​​are not their values. If you do not understand in time, become victims of the enemy that you welcomed into your home » [see WHO].

Faced with certain human tragedies and social upheaval, I have no answers to give, I would, however, a question for Hon. Vendola: if in the future we were to find ourselves in a Europe Islamized, how this ideologue gender think you can carry on the ideology homosexual? Why in the great space before the church of St. John Lateran, inside which is the Chair of the Bishop of Rome, Today it is possible to remove the gay pride with all its irreverent masks against the Catholic Church [see WHO, WHO, WHO]. But if one day, similarly to Sophia in Istanbul, this Roman church were to be converted into a mosque, how will you make you pull out before crowds of gay bishops' mitres instead of dressing up with shades of pink, you mascherassero irreverently with carnival headdress imam?

In this regard, just remember that when the trio Solenghi-Lopez-Marchesini the Italian state television staged in the eighties one satirical sketch that touched the then Ayatollah Khomeini, autocratic political-religious Iran, There was a terrible diplomatic incident: flights from Italy and Italy nell'areoporto of Taheran were blocked and was about to be expelled from the country the diplomatic legation Italian retreat and that of Iran in Italy. Or maybe, l'On. Vendola, plans to organize in the near future gay pride near Mecca on the occasion of Ramadan, as in Rome was organized and paraded provocatively own during the Great Jubilee of the 2000?




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  1. Dear Fathers, You have not only a sense of irony, more … yours is elegant irony, refined, instructing readers, above all, intended to express and transmit, sometimes even with a smile, truths of faith and moral doctrines. And, to do this, even with a wry smile, it really takes a lot of art and wisdom. Congratulations!!

    1. Dear Father Luigi, as they say … The class is not water, and the writings of the three fathers, Class abounds, including the writings of their philosopher cat.

  2. Dr. Hypatia, sono Fritz, and I like her are a gattolico, to be exact is the cat of Benedict XVI. Years ago I was also interviewed on various theological subjects by Dr.. Tornielli, this link can find my old interview
    If you want to reach an agreement to organize a conference of the studies Lateranensa.
    I still know his devoted


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