War of Hamas terrorists against Israel: «The statements of the Israeli Ambassador to the Holy See are false and defamatory»


For certain political Zionists who have little or nothing to do with the Jewish world and with Judaism, there is no worse humiliation than having to be grateful to those who did good to him and saved his life.

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Under certain circumstances words must be measured and limited, especially with the exponents of a young country in which it is difficult, a rough ex-colonist from some kibbutz can be inserted into the diplomatic corps and sent around the world completely lacking the level and class required by the office entrusted to him, but above all of prudence and knowledge.

I was Padre's student Peter Gumpel who together with Father Paolo Molinari directed the General Postulation of the Society of Jesus for half a century (cf.. Federico Lombardi S.J. WHO), they themselves initiated and trained me in the causes of the Saints. The process for the cause of beatification of the Supreme Pontiff Pius XII was entrusted to them, periodically attacked by circles that have nothing to do with the Jewish world, because they are all linked to the fringes of radical political Zionism, which is completely different from Judaism. All with all due respect to those who would like to brand anyone who wishes to profess or be anti-Zionist as an anti-Semite. Be against any nationalist ideology, such is political Zionism, it's legal, provided that it displeases it never leads to forms of violence or damage to the dignity of others.

In democratic countries you are free to be anti-communist, anti-fascists, anti-clerical... they are all freedom of thought and speech protected by the law itself. However, it seems that this is not how it works in what some continue to call "the only democracy in the Middle East"..

In my book Herbs Amare – The century of Zionism published long ago 2006 I also dismantle this legend about the "only democracy" piece by piece, explaining and documenting that certain political forcing aimed at equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism are in and of themselves aberrant. It would be enough to remember that the most severe anti-Zionists have always been the most famous Jews in the world for having been leading exponents of science, of culture and the arts. I will mention just one of many: Sigmund Freud, who always showed strong opposition to the creation of the State of Israel. And when the Zionist Movement asked for his signature, received a firm refusal, by him as by various other Jewish personalities.

Political Zionism was born from characters full of Marxism and inspired by real Socialism, of which Pius XII was an opponent, as were his other Predecessors and Successors. Starting from the end of the 1950s, black legends came to life in Zionist circles about the figure of this Supreme Pontiff who was active and industrious for the salvation of the Jews persecuted and wanted by the Nazis, but to whom certain ideologists decided to serve a terrible cold revenge in the post-war period.

The political Zionists have finally reached the grotesque: the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the direct protagonists who were saved by the massive intervention of the Catholic Church - so much so that after the Second World War they wanted to put up plaques on convents, monasteries and religious institutes where their lives were saved - have begun to deny their grandparents and great-grandparents with "historical" statements which if they were not tragic would border on the comical: «In the immediate post-war period, our grandparents and great-grandparents were not yet clear about what had really happened». That means: approximately six million Jews exterminated throughout Europe, but the direct protagonists who saved their lives were not yet clear about the extent of a huge tragedy unique in its own way in the history of humanity?

In these books of mine, I refer you to reading which, I define everything with this joke:

"Not no, because you believe what you have seen and experienced as a protagonist, instead of believing what your Zionist grandson born in the early 1970s tells you?».

One of these grandchildren he is the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Holy See, who, irritated by the calls for peace from the Bishops of Jerusalem, has once again brought up the Supreme Pontiff Pius XII:

«It is not out of context to remember that today a conference will begin at the Gregorian University 3 days on the documents of the pontificate of Pope Pius XII and their meaning for Jewish-Christian relations. Apparently – concludes the note – a few decades later, there are those who have not yet learned the lessons of the recent dark past" (see WHO).

All this confirms that for certain characters "being grateful to those who saved your life is a humiliation that some cannot bear".

The book Herbs Amare - The century of Zionism he asked me 5 years of intense work and historical research. Afterwards, from its central body, I made another stand-alone book entitled Pius XII and the Shoah.

I cannot cover topics in a short article which required years of study and research, but who is interested in history, not to the legends of certain political Zionists, he can read them and ascertain how different reality is from the wickedness constructed around the table with rare political malice by the supporters of a nationalist movement born from a heresy of the most degenerate Marxism. This movement is called Political Zionism and anyone can claim the right to be anti-Zionist without anyone being able to accuse them of being a dangerous anti-Semite, especially those grandchildren and great-grandchildren who, lacking the basic sense of decency, claim to deny their grandparents and great-grandparents who paid devout gratitude to Pius XII through whose work about a million Jews were saved in religious structures throughout Europe, including the Vatican City State and all the buildings of the Holy See which in Rome enjoy the regime of extra-territoriality according to the laws and treaties of international law.

the Island of Patmos, 10 October 2023



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