With the truth and our apostolate we will always protect the People of the faithful whom Jesus Christ has entrusted to us from snipers




Venezuela, civil war, a priest protects a young soldier from sniper shots

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To all the benefactors to whom we could not write, our most sincere and grateful thanks.


the Island of Patmos, 21 September 2020


«You will know the truth and the truth will set you free» [GV 8,32],
but bring, spread and defend the truth not only of
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3 thoughts on "With the truth and our apostolate we will always protect the People of the faithful whom Jesus Christ has entrusted to us from snipers

    1. I have to disappoint her, because our readers have us sensibly, promptly and generously helped.
      Rather tell me, the publication of this book of mine, you just don't intend to forgive me, true?


      I tell you this because your insults are monotonous and all have the same aggressive-destructive trademark.

      Finally do me the courtesy, the next time he decides to send valuable insults, don't put the fake email you used: [email protected]
      Unfortunately,, like all people who are as hateful as they are unintelligent, she ignores us viewing her IP.

      Greetings Kiko!

    2. Caro Nsn,
      his language and his insulting attitude are the antithesis of what a Christian vision of oneself and neighbor requires. But beyond this (in any case not a small problem for a conscience that wants to be Christian), if you don't like the content or style of this online magazine, you can safely refrain from reading it, without needing to hurl unnecessary curses. He doesn `t think?
      If he feels personally offended by some words or acts of Don Ariel or other contributors to the magazine, do this (in a civil manner) to those directly concerned.

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